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A Sleek Gown + White Florals Make for a Surreal Swedish Wedding

Having just traveled in Sweden earlier this month, I am so in love with this wedding planned by TagerDu and captured by 2 Brides Photography – it’s making me want to hop on a plane straight back! The bride’s sleek Carolina Herrera gown paired with the classic all-white florals by Anna Gouteva and the almost surreal beauty of Norrviken Gardens capture that certain stylish something that seems to pervade Sweden.


From 2 Brides PhotographyGustav married his fiancé, Danielle, on the rainiest day of the summer in Sweden. I was fortunate enough to photograph this lovely event, and I couldn’t have asked for a more gracious couple. The groom’s mother drew the map on the invites, illustrating the area where the groom is from. They had a local printer in the US print the suite, and the bride and groom assembled it together. The bride chose to have a first father/daughter look that was very emotional, and they exchanged gifts. It was the rainiest day of the entire year, but the ceremony was held ouwtdoors under an old oak tree where floral designer Anna Gouteva decorated the area in the chic, minimal style that perfectly matched Danielle’s Carolina Hererra gown. Later the couple was blessed with a stunning sunset while having dinner in the Orangerie at Norrviken Gardens.



Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Event Planning: TagerDu | Floral Design: Gouteva | Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera | Ceremony Venue: Norrvikens Trädgårdar | Bridesmaids' Dresses: BHLDN | Groom's Attire: 1701 Bespoke

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Embracing the Cold for a Romantic Winter Wedding Held Outdoors

I want you to close your eyes and imagine the most romantic spot on the planet. I’m betting money it isn’t anywhere outside during the winter in Sweden. Well this beauty captured by 2 Brides Photography just might change your mind. Starting with a brisk yet wildly beautiful outdoor ceremony, Fanny Staaf Events transformed Hedenlunda Castle into a sea of white drapery and candlelight. And the gallery is proof that an outdoor winter wedding just might be the most romantic of them all.

Amanda and Jesper got married in February and they really embraced the season. Inspired by ice, snow and pine forest trees this wedding was an absolut plwasure to photograph! They decided on a wintery outdoor ceremony and when guests arrived they were being served hot apple cider made from Hedenlunda Castle’s own apple orchards. Bride and groom sealed their vows with a kiss under the February sun and the pretties arbor that resembled freshly fallen snow. The dinner was held in the Orangery next to the castle. The stairs leading down to the dining area was lit up by a lots of candles and the hall was decorated as an imaginary winter wonderland. Flowing fabrics, branches of pine and hundreds of suspended glass lanterns. Later closest family and friends gave heartwarming speeches and laughter filled the room. It was truly a magic winter day that will be remembered for a very long time.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Invitations: Elins Art Studio | Wedding Venue: Hedenlunda Castle | Event Planner & Floral Design: Fanny Staaf Events

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Breathtaking Beachside Wedding Inspiration

Are you in the midst of planning a beach wedding? Then we suggest you peek the pretty that is this inspiration from 2 Brides Photography to help plan your big day. It’s ethereal, elegant and totally chic, and thankfully we’ve got every beautiful bit waiting for your to fall in love with via The Vault!

From 2 Brides PhotographyThese shoots were both inspired by the unique landscape of rocks on this famous island of Fårö, where Ingmar Bergman well renowned film director, lived and worked. Fårö’s unique light has attracted artist, painters and film makers throughout the years. Fårö is a small, 113 km-square, island in the Baltic Sea, linked by ferry to its larger neighbor, Gotland. Its landscape is distinctive: the entire island is made up of limestone rock, with areas of agricultural land interspersed with areas of scrubland. Ingmar Bergman about Fårö: “If one wished to be solemn, it could be said that I had found my landscape, my real home; if one wished to be funny, one could talk about love at first sight.

We did the sessions on 2 separate occasions. Day one we let the light and the colors of the early morning inspire us with it’s shades of brown, blue and grey. Day two we were embedded by the mist and late evening lavender light and had that lead our way.

From Elins Art Studio about the blue, “Diva Maris” shoot…Picking out items for styling is often how the idea of the styling concepts unfolds for me. The delicacy of the porcelain hair accessories like the clay flowers reminded me of seashells from the ocean. So an ocean setting seemed necessary and our photographer Isabelle from 2 Brides Photography knew the perfect one. I chose a deep heavy petrol color to illustrate the foaming ocean on the printed goods and on the table wear. Accompanied by florals in light purple and blue, the color palette was set. And when choosing to just have an elopement just you and your groom, you need to make the wedding dinner memorable, and dine in a way you probably never will again.

About the yellow, “Golden Island Light” shoot…Being inspired by the ocean is such a wide concept and we have such marvelous colors on the beach! In this styling we decides on the brownish and yellow colors from the seaweed, clams, and the lichen on the raukar. And the golden sun came out to cooperate with us. A fierce goddess of a woman, standing tall and strong as the stone pillars surrounding her. The dresses fitting her perfectly and flattered her feminine curves. The headpieces reminding me of coral fern and the printed suite resembles sandy beaches.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Event Design: Elins Art Studio | Floral Design: The Wild Rose | Wedding Dress: Truvelle | Invitations: Elins Art Studio | Hair Accessories: The Wild Rose Accessories | Model: Filippa Jarnebratt | Rentals: Grönbergs Interiör | Skirt: SensibleM | Top: Deviyani Cockcroft

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The Chicest Shoot at a Castle We’ve Ever Seen

Inspired by the idea of contrast – and the striking beauty often found there – this styled shoot captured by 2 Brides Photography leaves us breathless. From the gorgeous, chic big bun on this bold bride to her jumpsuit that is making us green with envy, every single bit is on point. And we haven’t even gotten to the florals! The colors! The wild abandon! We could go on forever raving about these pics but save yourself the time and head to our Vault for all of them – it’s totally time well spent.

From 2 Brides PhotographyMaybe, sometimes love isn’t always about being as one. Maybe sometimes it’s about allowing each other to be unique? Finding harmony in the contrast between your different personalities. This conundrum is something we’re incorporating into the styling of this shoot. The contrast between two persons can be visual, much as the contrast between high-end fashion and an medieval castle. Or as between tin and lace, plexiglass and solid rock. Contrasting materials and colours, displaying how two people can come from different worlds but still fit perfectly together.

Set in the historic castle of Brahehus, located in between the two biggest cities in Sweden, is where we choose to play out the story. This fortress, built 1637 by Count Magnus Brahe, is now house of the crows. From the castle’s fascinating history we spun a vision of legends and fairy dust put in modern day Sweden. A table set with tin plates that contrasts beautifully with the plexiglass in chairs and invitations, the concept starts to unfold. The bride is from a different town, a different class, and dresses in a jumpsuit and lace cape. The groom dresses up beautifully in the midnight blue tuxedo, and their different personalities are equally shown.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Styling: Elins Art Studio | Floral Design: The Wild Rose | Cake: Sockersöta smulor | Invitations: Elins Art Studio | Hair + Makeup: isa Larsson Bröllop & Event AB | Antique Rings: FÅFÄNGANS ANTIK | Bride's Pantsuit: Efva Attling | Concept + Idea: 2 Brides Photography | Concept + Idea: The Wild Rose | Concept + Idea: Elins Art Studio | Film Processing: Carmencita Film Lab | Hair Accessories: The Wild Rose Accessories | Lace Cape + Veil: LILLY | Location: Brahehus Castle Ruin | Models: Angelica Niemi + Adam Lindquist | Rental Chairs: Kartellen | Ring Box: Artilleriet

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Contemporary Summer Stockholm Wedding

Some weddings don’t fit into just one single “box.” Rustic. Modern. ClassicWhimsical. Some weddings perfectly blend those categories for a style mashup all their own, and this celebration is a prime example. It’s natural and organic with greenery galore, but also sleek and minimalist with contemporary edge. It all comes together seamlessly, and there’s more to see in The Vault from 2 Brides Photography.

From 2 Brides PhotographyIt was such a pleasure to photograph Sandra and Gabriel’s visually lush outdoors wedding at Ekensdal. Their wedding was super relaxed, fun, and filled with adoration. The bride and groom are the sweetest people ever and they were so laid back, it really felt like we were family. The bride got ready together with her bridesmaids at Ekensdal and the guests and the groom arrived by boat just before the ceremony. The ceremony was heartfelt and lots of music were played by amongst others, the groom’s sister. During recessional the guests tossed rose petals and cheered for the newlyweds, the bride was simply glowing, a very romantic moment.

We are beyond thankful that we got to be there to witness their union and to celebrate together with Sandra and Gabriel, the entire day was just enchanted. Also, Mattias at Ekensdal, floral designer Linnéa at The Wild Rose, and stylist Elin from Elins Art Studio, are the best of the best to work with. They can create the most perfect setting for any style aware bride and we can not recommend them enough.

From the Bride…He proposed in London, Hyde park. Gabriel had secretly booked an appointment in advance at Tiffany’s later that day. The bride-to-be felt like a princess picking out the right ring and diamond.

We planned everything ourselves and we chose to have an outdoor wedding. As you know, you can not control the weather. We were nervous for weeks. We were really lucky having a rain-free day with some sun but with quite strong winds. Some of the outside details we had to remove due to the wind. We were also supposed to have sheets over the benches but they just blew away. (However it turned out even more beautiful without!)

When the wedding ceremony started. After months of planning we could finally let everything go and just enjoy. What wasn’t done didn’t matter anymore, and we realise that OUR wedding was actually beginning. The music began, the bridesmaids left one by one. A deep breath, I’m next, walking, and then the first look at each other. That was my favourite moment of the day.

We used Pinterest for inspiration, you can find almost everything there. Really easy to be swept away for hours. However we wanted a clean and unembellished feel to the day and we felt that inspiration for that was a bit harder to find.

The dinner with speeches and surprises was a delight and so much fun. We didn’t know anything in advance what was going to happen, except of course for the food and servings. Our toast master and toast madame had done such a great job planning everything without us finding out. Also, It’s a pure joy having people you like everywhere you turn and that they are there for you. Our best tip as far as planning a wedding is to don’t care about what you should or shouldn’t do or who you have to invite, this is your day. Just do as YOU like. Then take time to really enjoy.

Vault CTA

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Floral Design: The Wild Rose | Wedding Dress: Ida Sjöstedt | Bridesmaids' Dresses: H & M | Catering: Ekensdal Catering | Transportation: M S Evert Taube | Venue: Ekensdal Catering | Event Styling & Planning: Bride & Groom | Film Processing: Carmencita Film Lab | Floral Design Assistant: Elins Art Studio | Hair Accessories: The Wild Rose

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Elegance-Drenched Sweden Destination Wedding

I spent an especially long time in this gallery freshly added to THE VAULT, friends. And I plan to visit again to soak in every heart-achingly beautiful capture from 2 Brides Photography that much more. It’s not the details that caught me this time around (although they sure do work their magic), but moments like this and this and well, this. Pretty incredible, right? Dive in here.

From 2 Brides PhotographyA gorgeous and sunny day Matilda and Svend tied the knot and celebrated in style together with family and friends at Bjertorp’s Castle in the South of Sweden. This bride and groom looked crazy beautiful and throughout they day they just gave each other glances with eyes filled with love. So, so, so romantic. Such a pleasure to photograph their day, we are beyond thankful to have been invited to witness their union.

From The Bride…Our wedding was all about having a good time with our friends and family, our favourite hobby! The spontaneous wild dancing during the dinner was fantastic and the atmosphere pure magic! The toastmaster made some had some spot on introductions that we still laugh at the memories of. He really set the tone for the evening. We encourage you to go the extra mile when planning your wedding, it’s so worth it. When the day comes, sit back and enjoy the ride. We are so happy with our photographers. The fantastic ladies of 2 Brides Photography, Isabelle and Sabina. They were absolutely fantastic to work with and truly contributed to an even more amazing wedding. We are already recommending them to all our friends and we will definitely call them again if we ever do anniversary or family shoots in the future. Everything about the wedding exceeded our already high expectations!

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Floral Design: Tess Floristdesign | Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Sadoni | Groom's Attire: Oscar Jakobson | Venue: Bjertorps Slott

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Romantic Summer Swedish Wedding

Sometimes the ceremony is what really shines, or the tablescapes are just so unbelievably amazing, it’s all I can focus on. But once in awhile a wedding comes along where I just want to jump in and live among every single second of every single image and this Swedish celebration is just that. Simply elegant and beautiful, Lina Roos captured it all for our lucky eyes to feast on right here in our VAULT! Enjoy!

From the Bride… Ivo and I met while we both worked in Spain, we worked together at a Swedish company and we hit it off from the moment we met. I loved his laugh and his self security, how he could mix humour and seriousness and how safe I felt with him. After two months of dating we became a couple and a few months later we moved in together.

Even though we both loved our life in Spain, we missed home (primarily me). So after two years we decided to move to my home town, Malmö. Without a second thought Ivo agreed to move to Malmö with me even though his home town is Göteborg.

We spent a few weeks in Croatia, where Ivo’s father lives, during the summer of 2013. It was a warm summers evening on the 15th of August when Ivo got down on one knee in our hotel room by the sea in Brela. It was a beautiful sundown, and Ivo had opened the terrace windows so we could look out on the sea. I was quite taken by surprise and said “Are you kidding me?!” I had expected a proposal at our favourite restaurant in Brela, but when Ivo told me that he had been too anxious and nervous to do it in a public space, I felt that this was the best proposal I could think of. Especially since he never gets nervous and always keeps his cool in any situation. Afterwards we went for a stroll in the sunset and celebrated at a quaint restaurant by the beach.

We decided to get married two years later in Malmö. We wanted a venue that was in the city centre as we were having guests from all over Sweden and Europe. We wanted a Mediterranean feel to reflect my Spanish and Ivo’s Croatian roots. As soon as we entered Ljusgården in Malmö Börshus we both knew that this was the place. It felt like a courtyard even though it was inside, the ceiling was made of glass with light shining through and a beautiful marble floor.

On the wedding day I was preparing with my bridesmaids at our suite at Elite Savoy. The maids’ dresses were nude and pale pink. I had a lace dress by a Danish designer and a cathedral veil from Copenhagen Bridal, and silver grey shoes from Badgley Mischka. The bouquets was made of different white flowers and lots of green by Cecilia Ericson at Patcys Blommor in Göteborg. This was one of the details I was most satisfied with during the day, they were beyond my expectations.

Ivo was very handsome in a grey three piece suit from Hugo Boss with a silver grey tie and shoes from Tiger of Sweden. His Best Man matched him in light grey suit, and they both wore a white peony corsage.

We were married at St. Petri church, just five minutes from the venue. We knew from the moment we saw it that we should be married there, with its grand white arched ceiling and majestical altar. I was led by both my mother and father, and the moment Ivo and I looked at each other is something I’ll never forget. This moment is the one I will cherish the most from that day on. My best friend and bridesmaid Emma sang Beyonce’s version of “Ave Maria” and few eyes were dry.

After the ceremony we went for a photo session in Kungsparken. It was a magical moment in front of the camera, newlywed and still a bit tense but very happy. It felt good to hug and show emotions before dinner and the party. As we entered the venue the song “I Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas was blasting through the speakers, a song that reminds us of the time when we fell in love.

The menu was a Mediterranean inspired buffet, selected by Ivo as he loves buffets. Unlimited amounts of food is probably every man’s dream. The dessert was white chocolate panna cotta which was immensely popular. We were surprised with different games held by the toastmaster during the dinner. After the dessert we snuck off with our photographer to take a few photos in the evening light, and it was nice just to be the two of us for a moment.

When we came back we mingled with our guests before the dancing began. Our photo booth with props was very popular during the evening, so was our candy bar with our favourite snacks. We sliced the cake around ten and then the party really started; we danced the night away and had a fun and crazy night.

During our wedding day I couldn’t take it all in due to being too nervous so we’re both very glad we hired Lina Roos as our wedding photographer. She was with us during the entire day and captured all the magical moments. Her photos makes us remember that day and she’s given us wonderful, emotional photos that reflects the day to a tee. We enjoy looking at the photos and remember how beautiful it was to be married to one’s soulmate and to celebrate this with those one cares for.

Peruse more destination weddings here!

Photography: Lina Roos | Floral Design: Cecilia Ericson | Wedding Dress: Cláron | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Nelly | Hair + Makeup: Rudy Ahmet | Groom's Attire: Hugo Boss | Wedding Venue: Malmö Börshus | Accomodations: Elite Savoy

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Elegant Black Tie Castle Wedding

When you ‘date’ someone for ten years before marrying them, the proposal and wedding that follow is bound to be a beautiful bash, and a truly meaningful day. Having been with my Mr. for nearly ten years before we said our I do’s, my heartstrings are dancing over this gorgeous duo for their similar length of love before the Big Day. They SO rocked every beautiful black-tie inch snapped up by 2 Brides Photography. See it all here in The Vault!

From The Bride and Groom…We visited New York in november 2013 to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, at the day of our anniversary we hade made a reservation at the NoMad for dinner. Then after dessert the waiter came over to our table and asked if we were interested of seeing the bar upstairs, then I was starting to get a feeling that something was going on so I tried to look over at Viktor to get a clue but he was to nervous to meet my eyes. The waiter escorted us to the elevator and followed us up several floors until we reached a roof top bar, then she “disappeared” and Viktor lead me in to the empty room, filled with candles, and got down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to marry him, of course I said YES!

We knew early on that we wanted a classic black tie wedding type thing and to celebrate in style with our family and friends. We have very fond memories from every part of the wedding day. The ceremony off course, when we first saw each other, the dinner was magic with all the amazing speeches, and the fireworks at midnights, the list could go on and on.

All vendors involved did a great job, Rånäs Slott who catered the whole even with a menu created by us. The stationery was designed by the best man, and brother to the groom, in our colours. Favors for the guests was customized bags ordered from Etsy filled with chocolate truffles. Our photographer, awesome 2 Brides Photography! Would totally recommend them to everyone we know for any occasions that you want to capture. The fact that everything turned out exactly the way we wanted is just beyond anything we ever could imagine.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Floral Design: Makalösa Blommor | Wedding Dress: Garamaj | Cake: En Nypa Socker | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Sofia Moore | Hair and Makeup: Leticia Tavares | Groom's Attire: Lund & Lund | Venue: Rånäs Slott

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Another Royal Wedding! Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist Say, “I Do”

It’s no secret that here at SMP, we’re slightly obsessed with Kate Middleton—I mean, could she be any more perfect? But her Royal Wedding and even her seriously stunning Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen lace dress have competition from this weekend’s Royal Wedding between Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and former model Sofia Hellqvist. From the Bride’s long-sleeve lace gown, created by Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt, to the flower-filled ceremony and the balcony kiss, this wedding is an absolute fairytale and we’re completely in love.

Vintage Elegant Swedish Wedding Inspiration

I love exploring new places, and luckily, my job sort of comes with a little virtual taste of that through all the weddings and shoots that we feature on the daily. Today? We’re diving into the charm and beauty of Sweden thanks to 2 Brides Photography and Vintage Wedding by Sweden. It’s vintage pretty at it’s finest, from the hairstyles to the sweet gowns and all that lies in between.

From the vendor team… In an old attic in the south of Sweden, two cousins found a hidden treasure. An unused and long forgotten about lot of vintage wedding dresses from a bygone era. When Frida and Emma chose me to shoot their campaign images I was so stoked! I mean I love old lace, vintage fashion and the idea of what they where all about. To have the opportunity to photograph dresses like these and working with a fab team of wedding business professionals doesn’t come around too often. All I can say is it was truly a dream gig!

Vintage Wedding By Sweden was founded in 2015 by Emma and Frida, both living and working on the little island Hönö, situated outside the west coast of Sweden. In two old charming houses, unique showrooms have been built and is open to meet and greet brides with champagne and fittings. Enjoy this taste of West Coast Sweden with it’s unique archipelago nature and fisherman’s culture as we incorporate today’s and yesterday’s beauty and craftsmanship in a lovely mesh.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Floral Design: The Wild Rose | Wedding Dress: Vintage Wedding by Sweden | Cake: Sannas Tartor | Makeup Artist: Jessica Fahleson | Hair stylist: Hale Koa phineas Estate | Showroom: Vintage Wedding by Sweden | Stationery & Calligraphy: Miss Papperista | Stylist: Linus Hermansson

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Sweden Farm Engagement Session

Engagement sessions never fail to turn me into a sappy mess. They are such a sweet look into a couples’ beginning, and when we get to see it through the lens of Clean Plate Pictures, we all benefit. The Bride to be’s family farm turned into the sweetest of backdrops, leaving us with some serious sweetness.

Clean Plate Pictures

From Clean Plate PicturesI was lucky enough to photograph a dreamy engagement shoot with Londoners Helen and Sam on a family farm in Sweden. Helen spent her childhood summers on the farm so it was a really special place for the two of them. We had a perfect summer afternoon to wander the fields, explore an ancient viking grave site and play house in a 1930s farm cottage. Helen and Sam will be getting married this summer in an art gallery in London – I’m so looking forward to photographing more memorable moments.

Photography: Clean Plate Pictures | Venue: Family Farm

Seaside Pastel Wedding Inspiration

Ethereal and romantic, this is the type of shoot that you could really spend some time with.  Imagine a soft, pastel color palette intertwined with lush blooms from The Wild Rose, beautiful antique tableware from Atmosphere Antik and a darling duo practicing for their own upcoming nuptials.  It’s breathtaking beaches meets a whole lot of pretty… see it all captured by Kristina Malmqvist right here.

From Kristina MalmqvistCreamy, soft, subtle and airy are words that were spinning around in my head when I thought of creating a styled wedding environment for this photo shoot. I wanted to create something new, reflecting elegance and romance, but still in it’s simplicity.

Smithska Udden is one of my favorite places in Sweden: it’s a perfect spot by the sea with breathtaking tranquil surroundings that embraces beach, sand and rocks with it’s delightful unexpected gust of wind, soft airs of pastels and beauty.

Giselle and Pontus, as styled bridal couple, gladly took on this opportunity as trial shots prior to their real upcoming wedding in September 2015!

The romantic bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, table setting and centerpieces were assembled and created by talented floral designer Linnéa Bergqvist.

Gifted Nicole Ossowska styled the bride with makeup in natural colors going with soft long wavy hair with some little white flowers intertwined on the side.

Our styled bride Giselle wore a magical dress from Zetterberg collection, an effortless but elegant creation with sewn silk chiffon and handmade lace. Her look was together with a twist of sophisticated jewelry, made by Lily and Rose, who transferred my vision into the perfect reality.

I am very pleased with how the photos turned out. Cold climate and raw environment combined with rustic wooden furniture, soft peachy flowers and table settings with a naked cake someway reflected the Swedish-Nordic mood I wanted to capture. I was so glad for all the positive energy and love that everybody put into making this day as perfect!

Photography: Kristina Malmqvist | Film: Fuji Film | Floral Design: The Wild Rose | Wedding Dress: Zetterberg Couture | Cake: Giselle Pahlevani | Invitations: Kristina Malmqvist | Make up: Nicole Ossowska | Hair: Nicole Ossowska | Groom's Attire: Oscar Jakobson | Antique Tableware: Atmosphere Antik | Bridal Jewelry: Lily and Rose | Film Processing: Carmencita Film Lab | Location: Smithska Udden | Stylist: The Wild Rose | Veil: Zetterberg Couture

Romantic Swedish Coastal Wedding

I have a confession to make, I’m marrying a Swede, which makes this gorgeous harbor wedding on the Swedish coast an all-time favorite. Photographer Les Productions De La Fabrik beautifully captured the Swedish countryside, the gorgeous white and pink tablescapes and of course, the stunning couple. This wedding is a mix of elegance and simplicity at its finest. You can see all the details here!

From Les Productions De La Fabrik … Céline is French, Carloskar is Swedish and they met 6 years ago in Singapore. After long hesitations between France and Sweden, they finally decided to celebrate their union in the small and magical harbour village Mölle in the South of Sweden.

From The Bride ... The whole idea for the wedding was romantic and shabby chic style with a natural feel. The color scheme was blush pink and light beige. Print material were very important to me, therefore I chose Veronique Deshayes in Paris for the creation of the Save the Date, Wedding invitation, Escort card, Menus… We also created a conversation guides and a map for our guests to be able to discuss as it was a quite international mix of people. The decoration was made out of peonies, ivy leaves and old roses, arranged by the local florist Camilla from Mine Blomster in Höganäs. Camilla and the wedding coordinator Charlotte from CH Bröllop Event worked together on the venue decoration and decided to use as main colors light pink, nude and beige to match with the bridesmaids’ dresses. It took me a long time to decide upon my wedding dress, but finally I chose a custom made dress in laces from Celestina Agostino. The ceremony was held in Grand Hotel Mölle with the 180 degrees view on the harbor and the sea as backdrop. The refined dinner consisted of discovering local food tradition from the Skåne region. We really had our dream wedding and the magical week-end has been pictured by the talented wedding photographer Peggy from Les Productions de la Fabrik. She has been a dream following us throughout the week-end, understanding exactly our personalities and styles. She was always there to catch important moments, though we barely notice her presence. We are very thankful that she managed to keep all the beautiful memories on paper.

Photography: Les Productions de La Fabrik | Event Planner: CH Bröllop Event | Floral Design: Mine Blomster | Wedding Dress: Celestina Agostino | Stationery: Veronique Deshayes | Reception Venue: Grand Hotel Mölle | Bride Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Romantic Cultural Infused Swedish Wedding

I have this theory. When wedding pros become brides we get some of the most talked about, swooned over, crazily pinned weddings to grace the webpages of SMP. It’s brides like this Swedish wedding photographer who knew exactly what she wanted when it came time to plan her own special day. Think country charm meets organic minimalism with nods of Middle Eastern influence woven in along the way. Sit back and see it all unfold from the lens of 2 Brides Photography


From The Bride…I had the best time planning our wedding. As a wedding photographer myself, I was eager to get all the details right, but still wanting to keep a very relaxed atmosphere… So I started off the wedding planning by deciding on a color palette and searched for inspirational images. I knew that I wanted to have a country feel themed wedding, combined with Middle Eastern inspired pieces such as the fabric used in the decor, Arabic food (cheese filled dates), as well as the use of Arabic scent. We even had a Mexican band playing after the ceremony (our family is half Mexican). It was important for me that even though I wanted to keep our wedding simple and rustic-chic, I wanted to make sure that it still incorporated the essence of who we are.

A good friend of mine (Moirai Style) designed the bridesmaid’s dresses, the groom’s suit, as well as the bow ties for the groomsmen. I gave her fairly free reign – and she went above and beyond with the outfits, really exceeding my expectations. I especially loved the design she chose for the bow ties which tied in well with my original vision for the wedding and color palette.

My wedding dress was designed by Ida Sjöstedt, an amazing Swedish designer – I absolutely adored my dress! It was simple and delicate, and fitted me perfectly.

I designed the stationary (save the date/invitations etc.), using light green and beige colors with a simple font, as I wanted it to be a simple affair. I found a local printing shop in a town next to Stockholm that seemed to have a good understanding of the artistic side as well (which is very important), and she was able to print the desired requirements within the limitations of my budget.

We got married in a small town just out of Stockholm, at a beautiful little venue called Facienda. I absolutely loved the charm of this industrial location and the ladies (who together with their husbands are co-owners of the venue) helped so much with the decoration as well as assisting in catering options. They even cut branches off their own pear and apple trees from their backyards to add to the decor! They really put as much of their heart and soul into the wedding as I did, which is worth gold when you don’t have a planner.

I also had 50 pillow covers made in traditional Middle Eastern fabric as I felt like I wanted to scour the place in pillows and hay bales. I think it worked out quite well in the end to say the least – even my dad was very impressed. We even went to buy a second hand bike a few days before the wedding to add to the rustic decor; and it was the one thing we kept from the wedding, our wedding bike will stay with us forever – it was even our mode of transport back to the hotel after the wedding!

For the flowers, my mum, sisters and I went to purchase them in bulk and used them for the venue. My flower crown (made from baby’s breath), the flower bouquets, and boutonnieres were all made by a local florist who understood exactly what I wanted and delivered right on time.

Together with an extremely helpful and creative mum and sisters (who also involved their own partners – and my dad), we were able to put on a magnificent wedding. I could never have done it without them as my husband-to-be had to stay behind for work until just a few days before the wedding. The wedding was a combination of love and hard work from those closest to me – and I own huge amounts of love and gratitude to them for the success that it was.

All-in-all, the day was unforgettable, it was everything I imagined it to be and more.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Floral Design: Burges Blommor | Wedding Dress: Ida Sjöstedt | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Morai Style | Catering: Facienda | Groom's Attire: Morai Style | Wedding Venue: Facienda | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Music: Fiesta Mariachi | Print: Papper

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Swedish Seaside Winter Wedding Inspiration

Equally gorgeous and contrasting in the most stunning way, this Swedish slice of pretty from 2 Brides Photography is the best of both worlds. Ethereally romantic with a touch of boho vs. bold, fierce high fashion—each look paired with petals from Linnéa Bergqvist and graced with Zetterberg Couture gowns. My jaw is on the floor and I might just hide out in this gallery all afternoon.

From 2 Brides Photography… Our inspiration for this winter seaside shoot came from the beautiful location Kallbadhuset by the sea in Varberg, Sweden. The building with it’s lovely old time exotic look, beautiful shapes and varm colors was perfect for our styling ideas and the gorgeous wedding gowns from Swedish designer, Zetterberg Couture.

We created a bold yet elegant look with a short black dress, from the Swedish wedding dress designer Zetterberg Couture. And by adding a gorgeous full length tulle skirt we gave the look a high fashion bridal feel. Black details as the silk ribbon in the bouquet and boutonnieres, as well as a gorgeous black cake complimented the black dress beautifully. The red and purple floral had the perfect intense colors to all the black. We really love how it all turned out.

For the second look we aimed to create something romantic and ethereal with soft colors and a bohemic feel. The ivory dress was beautifully combined with an antique pearl embroidered bolero and a big organic bouquet with luxurios silk ribbon. A delicate floral crown was placed in the brides long lightly curled hair. Together it created a glamouros yet organic look which complimented the seaside location wonderfully.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Floral Design: The Wild Rose | Cakes: Sannas Tartor | Makeup & Hair: Nicole Ossowska | Venue: Kallbadhuset | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Jewelery: Lily and Rose | Models: Filip Berg & Helena Hedberg / NMG Models | Silk Ribbons: Silk and Willow | Tableware: Atmosphere Antik | Wardrobe: Zetterberg Couture

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Rustic Swedish Summer Wedding

My absolute favorite part of weddings are the personal touches that really speak of the bride and groom, and this one is bursting with them, from the perfect venue to fit their distinct style to locking their vows in a wine box to keep for years to come. 2 Brides Photography captured the spirit of the whole celebration beautifully, and whenever I need a mood boost and a smile, this gallery is where I’ll come.


From The Groom… After getting engaged Johanna and I spent several months looking for a wedding venue that felt like us. We wanted to be somewhere relaxed where you could easily move around, we didn’t want the party just to be in one place considering we both got restless legs and so do our friends and family.  A year came and went and in the beginning of summer 2012 we went to Gotland for a motorcycle vacation with some friends. One day we went out looking for a place to eat lunch and found this lovely stone-oven-bakery and restaurant called Leva Kungslador. It didn’t look like much from the road but when we went inside it had this rustic, artistic feeling combined with the most amazing food and warm feeling to it. And then we went outside to the back and there lay this beautiful, relaxed garden with wild flowers, an apple-orchard, a green house where you could just sit down and take a cup of coffee. No need to say we fell in love with this place instantly (the charming employees and their awesome mudcake!) and decided that this was the place. From that moment begun an intense year with us juggling the planning of our destination wedding, with us moving, career changes, studies, you name it – we did it.

It was challenging sometimes but also fun and amazing at the same time. And god was it worth it. Looking back now we kind of miss sitting together at night discussing dessert choices and which font to use on the escort cards.

My favorite part of the wedding was our vows. It was a very sentimental and special moment. Even though we were standing amongst all of our friends and family it felt like we were the only ones there. The moment felt so natural and we said what we truly felt. I also love that we decided to put our vows in a locked wooden wine-box, for us to open and read if we ever would doubt our relationship. Another favorite part was seeing Johanna for the first time, walking down the aisle in her wedding dress. She was/is truly the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. 

From The Bride… After finally finding our wedding venue the rest of the pieces just fell in place along the way. Leva Kungslador is such an amazing place with lots of personal details on it’s own and we found out later the owner of Levas is the same person that started Granit. (Which has been my favorite decorating-store for the past few years, so it was a match made in heaven from the start). Tobias and I agreed from the start that our top priorities considering our personal interests were photography and music (food would have been included but we already knew Levas eco-friendly menu was a gastronomic fantasy). 2 Brides Photography was an obvious choice, their work is just stunning. And they really helped us in the planning process, giving advice and recommending different people. I remembered the day Isabelle answered my email and told me they were available, I was so happy I did a little a victory-dance. We struggled a bit with finding the right entertainment though, but then we remembered these talented, funny guys that were playing on an mc-event on Gotland the year before, and we are so happy they agreed to play. We worked with such wonderful people, Isabelle, Sabina, Susanne and everybody else.. We wouldn’t change a thing!

When the wedding weekend finally arrived we were mostly nervous about rain since it had been pouring down the days before and we were getting married under a bare sky. But come Friday morning the sun came in over Visby and stayed all weekend, providing us with beautiful sunsets and a warm summer feeling.

Our wedding contained a lot of DIY projects such as the invites, save the date, menus, lemonade-stands, photobooth, a cigar/whiskey bar, signs, a polaroid guestbook, backdrops, portrait-trees, tattoos, ceremony-fans etc. And I really enjoyed getting together with my bridesmaid creating these personal touches that made the wedding feel like “us.”

It’s really hard picking a favorite part of the wedding. It was all so wonderful, the music, the speeches, walking down the aisle with my father looking at my soon-to-be-husband, and to feel all the love around us. But I think one of the most memorable moments for me was when our friends surprised us during the dinner with a special appearance. The bridesmaid was holding their speech, and when they got to the end they said a quote from one of our favorite songs, and in the mean time in walks the artist who’s made it, playing our song in an acoustic version. It was a VERY sentimental moment (lots of ugly-crying), one I will keep in my heart forever.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Ceremony Venue: ST Karin's Church Ruin | Reception Venue: LEVA Kungslador | Favors: Kränku Tea And Coffee | Groom's Attire: J. Lindeberg | Film Lab: UK Film Lab | Guest Transportation: Visby Hyrcykel

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Stockholm Wedding from Alicia Swedenborg Photography

This is sort of the end-all, be-all of weddings.  A crazy beautiful day that gets prettier by the minute featuring soft pastel hues, an eternally happy bride and groom and all kinds of amazing images (and I mean amazing) captured by the always-wonderful Alicia Swedenborg.  In other words, it’s the literal definition of lovely… and you can bask in every last ounce of goodness right here in the full gallery.

From the Bride… Tom is a design engineer and I am doing my PhD in Psychology, we first met in London when working together and it was love at first sight (at least for me!). I ran home to tell my brother that there was a really hot guy at work, I put down some moves and he finally asked me out! At the time Tom rode a motorcycle and had a shaved head, I was still doing my undergraduate degree We moved in together after a month and got engaged 2 years later in Stockholm where I am originally from and my parents still live. Life happened around us, Tom changed jobs, I continued studying, we moved 5 times and it took us just under 3 years to plan the wedding.

We always knew we wanted to get married in Stockholm, I was born there, we love it there and most of my family live there. Its an absolutely stunning city and since we visit so often we thought it would be nice for all of friends and family from London to be able to finally see what we keep raving about.

When it came to planning the wedding we knew we wanted it to be intimate and personal. We wanted to be surrounded by the very closest family and friends to celebrate our special day. We chose Fjerholmarnas Krog because we not only loved the island, it had sentimental importance to both of us and my parents as it was where Tom asked my them for my hand in marriage just 3 years ago. We chose our church because we knew we wanted to ceremony and our vows to be in English, we did however have a reading in Polish as my grandparents dont speak English. Our reverend could not be more accomodating, kind, warm and funny.

The first thing we did when we got engaged was look for a photographer, I always knew I wanted stunning wedding photographs as I felt it was the one thing that really allowed you to remember the day as it happened. I found Alicia and it was like love at first sight – her photos were and are always stunning without fail. The second thing we did was secure the venue and make sure that all the dates lined up – we were pretty flexible with our dates, however, we knew we wanted to get married in June because it is the month of love and marriage. The June birthstone is pearl which I chose to wear as my only piece of jewelry in the form of earrings.

We wanted our wedding to encompass all of our nationalities and traditions, I myself am Swedish, Greek and Polish and Tom is English and Irish. It was fun trying to incorporate all of the different aspects as well as languages. We did so by personalising each persons menu to their native language and our speeches were filled with different languages. It was amazing to hear some of our English speaking guests tell us the foreign speeches made them cry even harder than the English ones!

Once we had finally set the date we began looking for stationery, we came across Cardlab who do gorgeous personalised invitations that are timeless. We wanted to convey the feel of the day in our invites so they had a touch of colour (navy blue ribbon), they were romantic, delicate and personal. Cardlab also helped us with our order of the day which was really important to me as it included all our different nationality traditions in it. We also included translations of cheers in every language and selected customs we chose to incorporate into the day.

We didnt start planning with a theme in mind, rather we just had key words we kept telling everyone we met with which were intimate, delicate, fresh, natural, summery and classic. We conveyed that through the really fresh and clean look of our venue, the table settings and our flowers. We wanted pops of colour throughout and for our flowers to look like we had picked them ourselves.

The girls wore navy and each of them got to pick any dress they wanted. We really wanted our bridal party to feel comfortable and natural so we didnt want to put any restrictions on them. The guys wore black suits and we bought them each their own individual ties from Duchamp and Union Jack socks to have a little bit of England with us on the day.

Tom wore a gorgeous navy Jacquard Duchamp tuxedo with bridal white lining, custom shirt with his initials and a black jacquard bow tie. I bought my dress at Mirror Mirror Bridal in London, I always knew I wanted a cap sleeve lace gown. Of all people I could have taken dress shopping I knew the one person I could really trust was Tom so he was there from the first appointment to my final fitting. He really was the one thing and person that was able to ground me and stop me from becoming bridezilla!

We wanted to make every guest feel special and welcome at our wedding as we knew how many of them were travelling to Stockholm especially for us. Each guest received a welcome tote bag when they arrived at their hotel filled with our favorite Swedish treats, drinks and some other gifts.

We spent a lot of time deciding what we wanted as our wedding favours. We chose DIY White Peanut M&Ms in jars instead of the more traditional (less tasty) White Sugared Almonds as our wedding favours (koufeta) as they are traditional in Greece. They symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. The white symbolizes purity and the shape symbolizes never-ending love.

They are traditionally given in odd numbers because they are indivisible, this symbolizes that the newlyweds will share everything and remain undivided. The bittersweet peanut taste is symbolic of life itself and the sugar coating is the hope that life will be blessed with more sweetness than bitterness.

We tied a Traditional Greek charm in the form of a small eye (mati) to the jar in order to protect the wedding celebrants from bad luck. We told guests to keep their evil eye after the wedding and put it in their home or on a necklace/bracelet to ward off any evil eyes!

Tom designed the tags on the favours and cut them himself on a laser cutter. We spent a whole night tying each individual eye onto each jar and then the tags. It was a labour of love and each guest took their jars home and we have since seen many creative ways of keeping their evil eyes! As an extra favour we didnt want any of our guests getting cold so we provided each guest with a navy pashmina and white fleece blankets. They really came in handy for the midnight BBQ when it got a bit chilly outside!

Can’t forget about the children! Each child got their own lego toy that they were able to assemble during dinner and each baby got their own rattle as well as a dummy (red lips for baby girls and moustaches for the boys!) which made for some great photo ops.

The morning of the wedding I got dressed at my parents home and Tom was staying at the Diplomat hotel where we spent our wedding night. The boys were surprised with Segways as their means to get to the church and explored Stockholm for an hour before they arrived. We chose to have our wedding photos done before the ceremony as we wanted to really allow ourselves to be with our guests after the ceremony. It was probably the best choice we made as it really started the day off well and we were able to mingle, chat and laugh with our families before the guests arrived.

One of my favourite parts of the day was when I walked out with my dad and I saw all of our closest friends and family standing there just for us. I only looked at Tom about half way down and tears started running down my face. I dont think I had ever been happier to see him, it really symbolised the beginning of our new chapter together.

After the ceremony we walked over to our boat which took us to Fjderholmarna (the Island), the boat ride itself was wonderful as we got to see the national parks of Stockholm and really show our guests how breathtaking Sweden is. We were so lucky with the weather and the sun shined all day long – I think I had obsessively been checking the weather forecast since early April!

It’s so hard to pick one favourite part of the day, but if we had to choose it was probably the dinner at the reception as it not only included lots of incredibly delicious food and amazing company of our guests but it also was when the speeches happened! My dad who is Greek did his whole speech in English and I was just so proud of him – he was so nervous but managed to make everyone laugh and cry all at the same time. Each and every one of the speeches brought the room and us to tears, it was so incredible to hear all of them and to share our personal stories with everyone that was there.

Tears probably ended up being the theme of the day as we cried before, during and after the church and continued well into dinner! There was just so much happiness and joy throughout the day, everyone was so in love with Stockholm and us which was the most amazing part. We really felt like we celebrated us and our new life as Mr and Mrs.

Advice for other couples planning: Dont start planning too early, try and make it a focused amount of time because weve had to change our plans 3-4 times resulting in about 3/4 different weddings! Try to remember that the day is about the two of you and celebrating your love so do what makes you happy.

Try and find a guestbook that you feel you will really be able to enjoy for the rest of your lives. We chose our guestbook tree so that we could put it up in our house and be able to remember that day forever and it really does make us well up inside to think of each and every fingerprint on it and how much it meant to us that each person was there to share the most amazing day with us.

Photography: Alicia Swedenborg | Floral Design: Blombyrn Nyfiken Grn | Wedding Dress: Intuzuri | Cake: Fjaderholmarnas Krog | Stationery: Cardlab | Ceremony Venue: Engelska Kyrkan Stockholm | Shoes: Louboutin | Tuxedo: Duchamp | Wedding Venue: Fjaderholmarnas Krog | Boat: Strmma Kanalbolaget | Bridesmaids Gifts: Kate Spade | Dress Store: Mirror Mirror London | Groomsmen Gifts: Duchamp | Guest Book: Bleu De Toi | Segways: Upp & Ner Upplevelser | Veil: Pronovias | Wedding Rings: Tiffany & Co.

Modern Swedish Beach Wedding from Annevi Petersson

This is the kind of wedding you just can’t help but fall in love with; a wedding where modern details mix and mingle with a laid back meets elegant vibe and mojitos are served in place of cake.  It’s the kind of day where every last person is having the time of their life, and celebrating love is the most magical thing you’ll do all week.  I adore weddings like this… and the gallery?  Sooo pretty.  Join me there for every beautiful moment captured by Annevi Petersson.  It’s as amazing as you think.

From Annevi Petersson… Louise and Joakim met in Oslo, Norway seven years ago, when they were neighbors. This summer, they got married on the beach outside Louise parents’ summerhouse in Yngsjo, in southern Sweden.

Louise said they were so happy they got married at the beach, as a church wedding wasn’t for them. Appetizers and champagne were served at the summerhouse after the ceremony. They were very lucky with the weather. The rain started to pour down just as everyone was leaving to go to the reception venue.

Louise is a designer working with fashion and she did all the design of the venue, all the stylish stationery and the flower decorations. She also designed her beautiful wedding dress, as well as the pink bridesmaids dresses.

All the guests had travelled from far away and the couple was especially happy to have many American and British friends at the wedding. The bride has lived in Los Angeles and she was so grateful to have her American “sisters” there. Louise got ready with her (Swedish) best friends and Louise said it was just like back in the days.

The reception was held in the nearby village Ahus, hometown of Absolut Vodka. No cake was served at the reception; the cake was instead replaced by Mojitos. Of course! There were also a fair bit of the Scandinavian drinking songs (Snapsvisa).

Louise said it was extra special to have a day that was just for Joakim and her. They have a darling boy who is 1 1/2 years old. Louise said “I’m really happy we stayed in a wedding suite at Angshyddan the night before the wedding. We got a good night sleep and time together. It also worked out to be a perfect venue for the girls and me to get ready in.”

I asked the groom of his special moment from the day he answered without any hesitation. “The moment Louise and her dad came over the corner and walked down the aisle.”

Louise and Joakim went to Taormina, Sicily for a week on their honeymoon.

From the Bride… Joakim opened the door when my friend and I were returning some things to his roommate. Later that night, Joakim and his friend knocked on my door and asked if we wanted to come up for a drink. We exchanged numbers that night, and I gave him a call the weekend after to see of he wanted to meet up for a drink. After that we have spent every night and day together.

Joakim proposed to me in 2001 when we were in Aspen on a family skiing trip. Joakim had asked my father earlier on the trip, and on one of the last days Joakim had planned to ask me in the lift on the way up the mountain. For some reason, we ended up in different lifts, and kept missing each other in the slope.

We decided to race down the mountain on our way to the restaurant for lunch. Somehow we managed to crash into each other and I ended up in the hospital. So instead of proposing, Joakim was in the hospital with me, holding my hand, with the ring in his pocket. It was just a sprained ankle, though and he proposed the following day in the hot tub by the cabin. Just as romantic, and we have a good story!

My brothers, who were the toastmasters, made the dinner into the crazy party we really wanted. They are such amazing entertainers.  We really just wanted a fun and relaxed party and we hoped everyone would enjoy himself or herself the whole time. We didn’t want any boring or slow parts. We didn’t want people to have to worry about any transfers, so we had rented buses to take everyone back and forth to the ceremony. We chose a reception venue that also had a hotel, so the guests could stay the night there.

Photographer: Annevi Petersson | Flowers: Dennis Flowers | Reception Venue: Ahus Gastgivaregard | Shoes: Aldo | Makeup artist: Fredrik, Skagg & Lockar | Hair Stylist: Fredrik, Skagg & Lockar | Groom's Suit: Hugo Boss | Bride's Bracelet: Bjorg | Bride's Getting Ready Venue: Angshyddan | Grooms Shoes: Filippa K | Wedding Rings: CB design sharp

Seaside Stockholm Wedding from Annevi Petersson

I’ve been dreaming of this Stockholm wedding since I first laid eyes on the beautiful images from Annevi Petersson, and I am so excited it’s finally time to share it. With elegance that will stand the test of time, and a love that is equally lovely, every image sitting in this gallery is just plain gorgeous. So trust me when I say you’ll want to spend some time with them right here.

From Annevi PeterssonCaroline and Stuart live in Melbourne, but they decided to get married in the bride’s hometown Stockholm. They rented the international styled house, Villa Soludden, situated in the Stockholm archipelago.

Villa Soludden offers hotel, restaurant, spa, private beach and a large jetty in an enclosed environment in the fashionable area Varmdo. This arrangement worked well as the groom’s family had travelled from Australia as well as many of the guests. But furthermost, Villa Soludden has stunning ocean views of the archipelago. Caroline is a graphic designer and she had done all the stationary. She likes her design to be clean and minmalistic and you could tell by the way she had styled the wedding, the clothes and stationary. The theme colours were white and peach and details like Caroline’s shoes and flowers all went in this colour.

The guests arrived at Villa Soludden and the small outdoor ceremony was held at the jetty. It was mostly Australian music playing throughout the day and Caroline’s father walked her down the aisle the song Two way street by Kimbra. Drinks were served at the large outdoor terrace after the ceremony. The sun was shining and the water was glittering and Caroline and Stuart couldn’t have picked a better day to get married. The reception was held indoors at the same estate.

Caroline said that one of the special moments of the day was her father’s speech. He mentioned Swedish princess Madeleine’s upcoming wedding, then turned and said to his daughter that the real princess is getting married today, referring to Caroline. Caroline said that the fact that he welled up and almost cried, something he never does, made it very special to her.

Photographer: Annevi Petersson | Flowers: Blomster Boo | Ceremony Venue: Villa Soludden | Reception Venue: Villa Soludden | Makeup artist: Lisa, Bjorknassalongen | Hair stylist: Lisa, Bjorknassalongen | Groom's Suit: J.Lindeberg, Swensk | Bride's Bracelet: Ahlens | Bride's Dress: Thurley | Bride's earrings: Sno of Sweden | Groom's Shoes: Ted Baker

Sweden Wedding from Sara Norrehed Photography

If I’m being totally honest, I’d actually never heard of Gotland until now. But come to find out, it’s a total gem off the coast of Sweden (thank you Google) and the setting of this pastel stunner from Sara Norrehed. Think industrial warehouse meets beachy shores meets perfect romance with one gorgeous bride and groom stealing up the show. It breaks the wedding mold in the best of ways, and we’re loving every second in the gallery over here.


From the Bride… When I first met you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. Well thats Shakespeare, but he must have read my mind! And when the most beautiful person Ive ever met proposed to me on a Christmas morning I was the happiest girl in the world! I still am.

Before I met Gabriel I had never been to Gotland, which is the largest island in Sweden located off the eastern coast. He is born on the island and the first time we went there together I fell in love with this magical place. So when it was time to find the perfect spot for our wedding we knew it had to be here. We were on a last minute search for a venue and one windy day in April we found the most amazing location at an old lime-pit. The colors, the light, the nature. Everything was pure magic. Like a dream.

The surroundings and the buildings of this re-modeled, old industry called Fabriken Furillen are very bare and raw with lots of concrete and rusty metal. This turned out to be the perfect contrast to the romantic theme I had in mind for the wedding. Being a crafty, DIY person I wanted all the details to be personal and homemade. Many hours and late nights were spent on folding paper roses, turning vintage tablespoons into place cards and making burlap buntings. The result was more than I could ever have wished for! I love that every table setting was different, with old lace scarves used as table runners and thrifted candleholders my mum had collected for me since the day the wedding date was set.

The evening before the big day we had a barbeque and all our friends and family were there to mingle, wine and dine and celebrate. Such a great way to start off the weekend! On the big day the weather was luckily in our favor. The ceremony was outdoors on a small porch with the ocean next by. The dinner was delicious with locally grown produce, our friends and family made some unforgettable speeches and we all danced the entire night. I wish we could do it again! We had an amazing photographer who managed to capture all the precious moments and I love how the photos turned out, absolutely beautiful and very artistic. The entire wedding was warm, loving and fun. And the best thing about all of this? I am now married to the love of my life!

Photography: Sara Norrehed Photography | Floral Design: Vaxthuset Linds | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Jewelry: Jarl Sandin | Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. | Hair: Nyans | Lighting: Edge Design & Technology | Groom's Attire: NK Stockholm | Venue: Fabriken Furillen | Hair Band: Etsy | Wedding Dress ("Aglaya"): Elie Saab