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A Celebration of LOVE in All Its Form at a Breathtaking Castle in Austria

The most important aspect of a wedding day is not the blooming flowers that decorate your table or even the attire you wear, it’s the celebration of the LOVE you and your S.O share. We adore today’s styled shoot for that reason and more, it’s the perfect example of a celebration of love in all its form. Further proving that there is no “standard” when it comes to weddings – it’s all about creating an event that stays true to what makes you beautifully you! To see the magic Natalia Denegina of Event Austria and Aiola Graz created at Aiola im Schloss St. Veit in Austria, head on over to the full gallery captured by Liliia Chuba. Oh, and for the record… balloons are back! 

From Liliia Chuba… The inspiration for this wedding was: a celebration of LOVE in all its form. We wanted to create an exquisite event and, at the same time, create a celebration that would fit our couple – Chris & Fred. The location of the wedding was an old castle near Graz, Austria. 

The florist and decorator did their best to feature the venue’s beautiful sides while trying to bring a new modern feeling into it. Chris & Fred were wearing elegant classic suits for the ceremony and the main photo shooting. The session’s details were meant to highlight the classic look of the early 20th: old bottles of whiskey, cigars bar, bow ties, black cutlery, old wooden tables, and golden plates. 

We chose a semi-moon-shaped floral arrangement and a couple of pillows to add color and a more comfortable vibe for the ceremony place. Chris is a professional drag queen. Therefore the wedding party was close friends, transformed into drag queens. And in the evening, when the sun went down, Chris himself transformed into a wonderful drag queen. The party moved into the courtyard, and the grand finale was golden confetti and dances in the fountain! We believe that there is no “standard” when it comes to weddings. Our big day should represent who we are and celebrate true love!

Photography: Liliia Chuba Photography | Event Design: Event Austria | Floral Design: Event Austria | Stationery: VD Collection | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Boutique Traumkleid e.U. | Hair and Make up: Haarmanufaktur | Suits: Pilatus Fashion Graz | Wedding Venue: Vera Lipnik | Balloons: Party Wien | Drag Queen: Drag Queen Mademoiselle Giselle (Valentin Gambino) | Drag Queen: Drag Queen Ginger Red (Klaus Hager) | Drag Queen: Drag Queen Uschi Straight (Kevin Tuider) | Drag Queen Costumes: Thomas Bucher | Event Production: Aiola im Schloss St. Veit | Film lab: Lighthouse Film Lab | Jewellery: Schullin | Make up Artist: Make Up Artist | Model: Fred Pichorner | Model: Christoph Skoff / Miss Gloria Hole | Wedding Cakes & Sweets: Lisa Eberdorfer, Süße Boutique

A Luxury Persian Wedding Weekend in Europe Fit for the Royals

William and Kate who? This gorgeous couple’s weekend in Vienna is rivaling the royal wedding. A grand palace venue, three long banquet tables that will make your jaw drop, and steal-worthy centerpieces from Zweigstelle. The entire weekend was planned to perfection by A Very Beloved Wedding and captured by Sotiris Tsakanikas. For all the can’t miss details from their day, head on over to the full gallery and get inspired!

From A Very Beloved Wedding Sophia and Ehsan are a couple to remember. They met at Yoga class and their life has been that Zen ever since. Both are lovers of good food, travels, water, Rumi and life memories. Their relationship has many aspects in common with the city they got married in: Vienna. It is strong, dreamy, refined, mystical, magical, unpredictable, filled with romance and meant to be. All these elements where incorporated in the Design of the welcome event, the ceremony, and the reception, creating first a vivid, fun, elegant and romantic experience and then a second a chic, sophisticated, floaty, and clear experience. 

The ceremony took place in the mirror salon on a mirrored table with crystal clear décor, a Persian traditional Sofreh with symbolic elements, dispersed flowers and candle lights. The Welcome Event and Ceremony venue, Palais Coburg, is a former bastion built in the 16th century and renovated in neoclassicist style in the 19th century. The historic rooms are of diverse interior design filled with gold leaves and stucco marble pillars. Colorful, vivid, fun, young, contrasting the imperiality of the historic palace. We made use of burgundy, emerald green, yellow, grapefruit pink and blush. It was a fun evening for gathering old friends and family all together to witness the traditional ceremony and to toast on the couple’s behalf. A colorful, fun, and young night, full of contrasts and interesting moments. The floral design gave a reminiscence of festivity, grandness, timeless beauty, leaving a great impact in the memories of the couple and their guests. Guests enjoyed the historic rooms, the terrace and the garden. Crème baroque furniture was displayed on the terrace with flowers and candles.

The garden was magical, with candle lights everywhere to generate a romantic feeling. As guests entered through the garden we displayed the wedding weekend program with greens. After the ceremony and cocktail guests were guided to the original wine cellar of the Palace where the party took place. The Reception venue on the next day was the Garden Palace Liechtenstein. Over 300 years, as part of the princely family of Liechtenstein, the Palace is deeply rooted in Vienna’s history. It is a perfect symbiosis of history, art, and nature. Baroque interiors, artful frescos, and a dreamy garden make this place memorable and honest. The private art collection shows masterpieces of Rubens, Raphael, and Rembrandt. Among others, amazingly artful furniture is also displayed. Among the antique furniture of the collection, the most expensive piece of furniture in the world can be found there. It is an armoire decorated with the most precious gems. 

The dinner took place outdoors in the princely gardens of Liechtenstein, among diverse greens, roses, trees, and a beautiful lake. The color palette of the reception was greyish blue, crème and all in all soft, elegant and chic. We used clear and light elements, giving a reminiscence to water. After arrival at the Garden Palace Liechtenstein, the guests were guided to the cocktail in the Hercules room. Lounge furniture and flower décor were displayed. While guests were enjoying finger food and drinks, they were able to visit the Museum’s pieces of art. The groom together with the guests welcomed the bride and her family at the entrance area. Afterwards, the dinner took place in the beautiful rose gardens of Liechtenstein Garden Palace, surrounded by architectural sophisticated greens and flowers. A lake shadowed by an old, big tree that has been part of the palace for many centuries will be the backdrop of this dinner. The tables were long creating a royal outdoor feeling, the linen greyish blue and the flowers romantic. The cutlery was of old silver, the crystal-clear charger plates, and the glasses with clear lines, created a sense of lightness. The candles were of diverse heights and of glass. The party started after the cutting of the cake surrounding and historic horse carriage.

Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas | Photography: A Twist Of Lemon | Cinematography: With Heart Films | Florals: Zweigstelle | Cake: Demel | Reception Venue: Palais Liechtenstein | Make up and Hair: Alma Milcic | Bridal Gowns: Rami Al Ali | Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Destination Wedding Planning and Design: A Very Beloved Wedding | Getting Ready: Park Hyatt Vienna | Welcome Event Venue: Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant im Palais Coburg Vienna

This Underrated Destination Wedding Locale in Europe Is a Music Lover’s Dream

If you ask us, Vienna is one of the most underrated wedding destinations in the world – it’s teeming with old world charm, inspiring art and most of all… the sound of music. It is coined the “City of Music” after all, with big names such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Straub who have filled the city with beauty at every turn. Not to mention our personal favorite – Julie Andrews ;) Today’s wedding is centered around the timeless tale of music and love in the city of Vienna. And lucky for us, we get to live vicariously through their unforgettable wedding weekend at the full gallery – all captured by Stefanie Kapra Photography and planned by A Very Beloved Wedding.

From A Very Beloved WeddingLea and Avo complement each other in every way. He`s a vivid spirit with a wonderful aura and energy, a talented violinist and warm soul. She is a big hearted and incredibly unique lady, with a talent for understanding and living the world’s reality. Both are lovers of art, of history and especially music. That is how they decided to get married in the City of Music: Vienna. Big names, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Strauß and many more extraordinary musicians have filled this city with joy, love and change. Being in Vienna makes you experience art and music in each and every corner. Getting married in Vienna, like Lea and Avo did, makes you experience the timeless and forever lasting notes of the biggest musicians transform in this timeless love. 

Lea’s and Avo’s wedding theme was all about music and art. It was an elegant yet young wedding, refined and warm, traditional yet simply original, memorable, sharing, surprising, entertaining, and graceful. A unique experience full of love and beauty. A romantic fusion between art, traditional elegance, and entertaining originality. Lea and Avo’s wedding had colors of white, grey, soft and blush purple/blue. White stands for the pureness, honesty and meaningful relationship of the couple and the blue/purple/grey stands for their happiness, solidity, fusion, and strength. The flowers were soft and romantic in different shades of whites, greys, purples and greens, depending on where they were displayed. Their design was timeless and grand. We used diverse types of roses and orchids. The stationery was timeless and elegant. It was of fine art Letterpress and 100% cotton paper. The design of the font was classic, such as the Save the dates and the website. The paper color was white and the font color grey with gold ornaments. The design of the ornaments was classic and romantic. The envelopes and additional are calligraphed in gold. The Welcome Event venue was the Natural History Museum is home to world-famous and unique objects, such as the 29,500-year-old Venus of Willendorf, the Steller’s sea cow that became extinct over 200 years ago, and enormous dinosaur skeletons. The museum building opened in 1889 at the same time as the Museum of Art History. The two museums have identical exteriors and face each other across Maria-Theresien-Platz. The Museum was built to house the huge collection of the Habsburgs. Thus the Welcome Event took place at one of Vienna’s most prestigious, original and beautiful History Museums. The stunning façade welcomed the guests and the couple, leading into a round black and white entrance with a gold painted violin performance on a black podium. Lights and sound (violin) transformed the ambience into a festive performance, making reference to the golden Statue of Johann Strauß that is found in one of the most famous parks of Europe “Stadtpark”. The violin player will perform each time guests pass by him. Black and White lounge and bar furniture was displayed on the second floor for guests to enjoy the flying buffet and the Jazz band. Guests were guided to the second floor of the museum. Columns were light, a jazz band was playing on stage, high tables and lounge furniture were displayed. A flying dinner and drinks were served. As per the ceremony venue: for over 300 years, the Garden Palace of the princely family of Liechtenstein is deeply rooted in Vienna’s history. It is a perfect symbiosis of history, art, and nature. Baroque interiors, artful frescos, and a dreamy garden make this place memorable and honest. The private art collection shows masterpieces of Rubens, Raphael, and Rembrandt. Among others, amazingly artful furniture is also displayed. Among the antique furniture of the collection, the most expensive piece of furniture in the world can be found there. It is an armoire decorated with the most precious gems. The ceremony is going to take place outdoors in the princely gardens of Liechtenstein, among diverse greens, roses, trees, and a beautiful lake. 

Guests arrived at the Garden Palace Liechtenstein and were welcomed by a string quartet on the front terrace. A carpet lead to the main entrance. Guests went through the main entrance enjoying one of the 3 Marie Antoinette horse carriages that are left in the world, surrounded by flowers, until arriving to the second terrace and ceremony area. The string quartet turned into an octet in the garden. The ceremony took place in the beautiful rose gardens of Garden Palace Liechtenstein, surrounded by architectural sophisticated greens and flowers. The groom welcomed the guests and was standing together with the 3 priests under the ceremony arch. The bride arrived with her father on a horse carriage. Afterwards she entered with Pachelbel’s Canon in C Dur. After the ceremony, the cocktail took place on the terrace. White baroque furniture was displayed with one bar surrounded by flowers. The Reception Venue was the Royal Palace of the Habsburgs. From the 13th Century up to 1918 the extensive palatial complex at the heart of Vienna was the political center of the Habsburg Monarchy. 

The rooms where house of several Emperors of the monarchy. The beautiful ceiling painting of the main ballroom shows the reign of the Habsburgs, Maximilian I., Karl V., Ferdinand I., Rudolf II. And Ferdinand II. Of Tyrol, Leopold I., Karl VI., Prinz Eugen and King Jan III, Sobieski, and the slogan of the emperor Franz Joseph I “Viribus Unitis”. Guests arrived at the Hofburg enjoying the light façade. After entering they were welcomed in the stairs hallway decorated with a carpet and several flower arrangements. Playing violinists were positioned on the stairway leading the way up to the second floor. Guests received drinks on the hallway in front of the closed ballroom. Background music was playing. The lighting was festive and generated a mood of grandness. The flowers were according to the color palette. As soon as all guests have arrived at the hallway in front of the ballroom on the second floor, the doors of the ballroom opened simultaneously, and guests enjoyed a grand violin concert while getting to their seats. Each table name is a name of an important musician, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Strauß, Bach, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn etc. The couple entered dancing with a light show on stage. The dinner was alternated with dancing. The table setting was elegant, traditional and perfect for the venue and grandness of the day. The cutlery was gold displayed on the sides of a glass charger plates with gold. On the charger plates the napkins with the fine letterpress menus were placed. Tall flowers in glass vases were displayed in the middle of the table, surrounded by low flower arrangements and candles. The table clothes were white as well as the napkin. The menu card was part of the letterpress stationery suite. After the last course, the cake was brought into the center of the dance floor to be cut by the couple with a special knife. The cake was a big white cake with natural flowers and music notes on it. Two bars were part of the big party. The brunch venue was the Schönburg Palace, a baroque Palace from the 15th century built by Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt and belonged to the noble family Starhemberg. The brunch was the perfect closing of this marvelous Vienna Wedding Weekend. In one of Vienna’s most famous private palaces with a private garden we displayed a Monet picnic with diverse food stations, picnic areas, lounge areas and seating tables. Not only the garden was open for the guests, but also the historic rooms at the beletage with antique lounge furniture to match the historic heritage of the rooms. Standing umbrellas, hand umbrellas (for ladies) and fans were also part of the set up in the garden and hand out to the guests. Cool background music was played. An ice cream card and cotton candy cart was in the garden, too.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Stefanie Kapra Photography | Cinematography: Sequence Five | Florals: Zweigstelle | Cake: Demel | Stationery: Herz&Co | Ceremony: Palais Liechtenstein | Reception: Hofburg | Bridal Gown: Elie Saab | Brunch: Palais Schönburg | Destination Wedding Planning and Design: A Very Beloved Wedding | Give aways: Baccarat | Music: Inspiration Live Music | Welcome Event: Museum of Natural History

This Couple Got Married at a Castle in Austria and Its Giving Us Major ‘Sound of Music’ Vibes

The hills are alive with the sound of wedding bells! We couldn’t be more obsessed with today’s romantic real wedding from A Very Beloved Wedding, set in the hills of Southern Austria. The three day celebration began with a lakeside welcome dinner in typical Austrian attire and ended with a jaw-dropping firework show! Hana Holdener blew us away with her floral installations, from the ceremony staircase to the towering table centerpieces. Don’t miss out on the full gallery to experience all the beauty this destination wedding weekend has to offer – taken by Sotiris Tsakanikas!

From A Very Beloved WeddingJulisa and Stefan met during their MBA in Harvard and immediately fell in love. Julisa comes from Dominican Republic and Stefan from Austria. Both decided to get married in the South of Austria, region of beautiful lakes. The three day Destination Wedding Weekend started with a Welcome Event on a Castle with an overview of the region, typical Austrian attires, food and drinks followed by an unforgettable party. 

The wedding ceremony took place on an island and antique church, followed by a boat trip and a beautiful alfresco dinner and party reception in one of the most exclusive hotels by the Woerthersee lake. The reception was all about white and greens, very classic with a lot of glass elements, representing the element water. So was the stationery design. It was all very light, like the summer nights we had those days. 

The never ending firework at the reception was incredible and stunning, followed by the Dominican Hora Loca and lots of dancing. The Farewell brunch took place at the pool and lake with typical Dominican food. As you see it was all about bringing Dominican Republic and Austria together, with one element in common: the love for water. “As rivers and oceans, as waters so deep. As roundness of love words, as kisses so sweet. Water keeps going, keeps touching until you weep. Waters illusionary sharpness of one’s truth, makes grounding so complete.” – E. Cardich

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas | Florals: Hana Holdener | Stationery: Atelier Federleicht | Jewelry: Cartier | Make up and hair: Alma Milcic | DJ: Crizz La Cos | Hotel: Schlosshotel Velden | Bridal gown: Pronovias | Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo | Cinematorgraphy: With Heart Films | Destination Wedding Planning and Design: A Very Beloved Wedding | Furniture: Rotfuchs | Light and Sound: Markus Virgolini

A Floral-Filled Wedding at Leopoldskron Palace – the Castle from The Sound of Music!

The hills are aliveee, with the sound of wedding bells! Today’s beautiful couple tied the knot with the help of A Very Beloved Wedding at none other than Leopoldskron Palace, also known as the castle from The Sound of Music… umm, how dreamy is that?! The bride stunned in an off-the-shoulder Monique L’huillier gown, the floral design by A Very Beloved Bloom and Ponk Rentals was a heavenly array of blush and cream blooms and every detail was perfectly captured by Greg Finck Photography! We’re just warning you now, this one will absolutely take your breath away.

From their wedding planner, A Very Beloved WeddingFarah and Mark complement each other in every way. He`s a cautious thinker, with a pragmatic sense of the world and a loving husband to be. She is a vivid spirit, big hearted and elegant lady. Together they are strong, fun, lucky, vivid and compatible. Their wedding was romantic, dreamy, timeless, and elegant. It was all about the romance found in flowers and in love stories such as “The Sound of Music”. Thus, the floral element and the emphasize of the musical in several details was very important.

The wedding’s hashtag was #FarahEverMoses. The venue, Schloss Leopoldskron is a rococo palace build in the 18th century by Archbishop of Salzburg Count Leopold Anton von Firmian. It is surrounded by a wide park with an amazing view from the romantic garden on the lake Leopoldskron. This palace is one of the world most famous places, due to the musical “The Sound of Music”. The color palette was romantic and dreamy, with light pastel colors, sage, blush, soft whites, cremes, ivory, and touches of gold.

The grandness of the venue with elements such as marble and stone were softened by romantic touches of colors and flowers. The ceremony took place between the legendary horses with the beautiful lake as a backdrop. To welcome the guests to the ceremony a sign in an antique gold frame was placed on a wooden easel, mentioning the hashtag #FarahEverMoses and the words “Pick a seat not a side.” Guests enjoyed a get together and greet the couple in the garden and terrace area of Leopoldskron, close to the ceremony. Garden furniture with pillows and romantic flower arrangements on the tables made the festive décor highlights of the cocktail complete. A sign in a gold antique frame on an easel described the program of the day and mentioned the hashtag #FarahEverMoses. The seating chart was placed on an easel and had the title “Sounds like love” according to the Sound of Music theme and also some ornaments of the stationery according to the floral theme. The hashtag was also mentioned. The chart itself was adorned with flowers and greens and presented during the cocktail.

The dinner took place in the main salon of the palace among marble columns, gold stucco and golden chairs. Flowers diverse heights where placed, saluting the ceiling, in gold vases. The setting was classic and dreamy, with blush tablecloths and ivory napkins of French brocade. The tall and big candles in nude/blush are in gold candle holders of diverse heights or on the tablecloth to create a sense of movement, the cutlery was matt gold. The table names of the letterpress flowery stationery suite where also displayed on the table. Letterpress menus where placed on the folded napkins on the charger plates. The glassware was classic with gold. The table names recreated the Sound of music theme “a few of my favorite things”: e. g. Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens, cream-colored ponies, crisp apple strudels, silver-white winters, schnitzel with noodles, doorbells and sleigh bells.

After the last course, the cake was cut in the Venetian room and served together with other sweets on a round sweet table. The room was filled with mirrors, candles, paintings, and gold. After the bride changes her outfit the party starts downstairs with party light and candle light. An open bar was also displayed indoors. The stationery was timeless and elegant. It is of fine art Letterpress and 100% cotton paper. The design of the font is classic, and the ornaments are floral. The give aways where heart shaped cups of tea with the signs “Keep love brewing” on them. They were presented with blush and white flowers on antique table during the party.

Photography: Greg Finck Photography | Videography: Sequence Five | Floral Design: A Very Beloved Bloom | Flowers: PONK Rentals | Stationery: Herz&Co | Engagement ring: Jean Dousset | Ceremony music: Hochzeitsmusik | Bridal Rehearsal dinner dress: Gössl | Bridal gown: Monique Lhuillier | Bridal jewelry: Damas | Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo | Cufflinks: Montblanc | Decoration: A Very Beloved Wedding | Destination Wedding Planning and Design: A Very Beloved Wedding | Furniture rentals: Rotfuchs | Groom shoes: Christian Louboutin | Groom tuxedo: Salvatore Ferragamo | Make-up and Hair: Alma Milcic | Palace: Leopoldskron Castle | Rehearsal Dinner Headpiece: Miss Lillys Hats | Rehearsal Dinner Venue: St. Peter Stiftskulinarium | Sweets and Cake: Cake Couture | Tabletop rentals: Cañigueral

See the Start of a New Chapter in This Beautiful Love Story

“Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read, which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.” This C.S. Lewis quote was the inspiration for today’s gorgeous feature, planned by A Very Beloved Wedding, and just like a good book, we cannot “put down” this love story. From the guest book to the seating arrangement, each detail of this Vienna wedding is straight out of an epic romance, and we’re so lucky Ashley Ludaescher and Sequence Five captured it to share with all of us.

[iframe 600 338]

From A Very Beloved WeddingThe couple is the inspiration. Jodi and Thomas had a long, bonding friendship before they realized it was love. They created and now hold an intimate, honest, fun, true, and natural relationship. Together they are the best versions of themselves.

A few words to describe their wedding: historic, organic, true, natural, honest, fun, simple, elegant, accomplice in life, sharing, green, beginning of a lifelong together, a new chapter. Jodi and Thomas’s wedding reminds of the importance and timeless beauty of books and words. Theme that was recurrent throughout the entire wedding. The color palette includes shades of green, grey, earthy tones, blush, and stronger pinks with a bit of yellow and browns.

Schloß Eckartsau is a historical palace situated not too far from Vienna, in the southern Marchfeld region. The palace itself is simple yet elegant and romantic surrounded by beautiful garden architecture and sceneries. The ceremony took place in the woods with the palace in the background, surrounded by nature. There was no artificial arch, but an organic looking garland of greens and flowers as if it would be coming out of the tree. Two urns with flowers and greens were placed at the beginning of the aisle. Guests sat on wooden chairs and tree trunks. Everything was kept organic and in flow with nature. When guests arrived, we handed over a stationery piece. The C. S. Lewis inspirational quote was printed on one side and the dinner area on the other side: Prologue, Story, or Epilogue. Left to the couple, there was a table with wine and 6 wine glasses. An area of remembering the loved ones was placed close to the ceremony with a candle and a stationery piece on a wood branch. The rings were presented in an antique glass box.

After the ceremony, the guests were guided to the ballroom – the artful and historic part of the evening. The dinner area was closed and kept as a surprise. The first toast took place in the ballroom, where baroque antique furniture, flower arrangements, greens, and leaf branches were organically placed. During the cocktail hour, a typewriter on several books was displayed next to the guest book as well as feathers for writing. Displayed was this message: “Your words are part of our story.” The cake was displayed and served during cocktail on an antique wooden table. The cake was a vegan cake, decorated with organic flowers and greens, placed on an antique table in the main salon.

The reception dinner took place in the inner patio of the palace. The table area at the entrance is the Prologue, the couple was the Story meaning the table in the middle, and the third table area near the exit was the Epilogue. Organic and natural tones of centerpieces were displayed along the middle of the tables. On each sand colored linen napkin which was arranged as an old reading tape fabric, we placed the menu with Jodi and Thomas’s logo and the name of the guest. Light bulbs were hung across the area, and candles were floating in the middle fountain to create a romantic ambience.

After dinner, the guests moved to the party at the entrance hall of the palace. The giveaways, which were small Schnaps bottles, were presented on an antique table for the guests to grab before leaving. This is the perfect end of the beginning of a story.



Photography: Ashley Ludaescher Photography | Cinematography: Sequence Five | Event Planning + Design: A Very Beloved Wedding | Floral Design: A Very Beloved Bloom | Wedding Dress: Alexandra Grecco | Cake: Nom Nom Vegan Bakery | Stationery: Christina Dear | Stationery: Christina Goldstein | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Ring: Anna Sheffield Bridal | Rings: Bario Neal | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Amsale | Catering: Motto | Hair + Makeup: Alma Milcic | DJ: DJ Intuitive | Groom's Attire: Custom made | Groomsmen's Attire: Custom made | Venue: Eckartsau | Groom's Shoes: Magnanni | Headpiece: Twigs & Honey | Light + Sound: Vienna Light and Sound

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Why Vienna Should Be on Your Must-Visit List This Winter

Vienna is a great under the radar spot for travelers since there are so many easy routes to Europe from all the major East Coast hubs. Step into the cultural European getaway of Vienna, Austria with blogger J.Q. Louise.

Vienna is a city filled with culture and cafes. Fill your winter with art, history and fashion with a trip to this eastern European gem. From strolling through the Stephansplatz to exploring the Schönbrunn Palace, you will definitely have plenty of Instragrammable moments. And that combined with the ease of accessibility from the USA, makes Vienna an under the radar hotspot for 2018. Read on to find out why!

What to See

Vienna was home to Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud and as a result, this is one of the most sophisticated cities in Europe. For centuries, it was the seat of the Hapsburgs and they left behind plenty of gorgeous architecture for the rest of us to enjoy. Four places that any architecture lover just cannot miss while visiting Vienna are: the entire Stephansplatz area, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Schönbrunn Palace and the Albertina.

Stephansplatz is named after the St. Stephan’s Cathedral and is really the center of the historic part of Vienna. Take some time to stroll through this area and enjoy the architecture. There is also some great shopping nearby! St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a 700-year-old cathedral that Mozart was actually married in! The inside and outside of the building is filled with nooks and crannies of beauty! If you have time to take a guided tour, you’ll get to see more of its hidden treasures. But if you don’t have time for a tour, then just take your time to walk through the church on your own, it is open to the public on most days.

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the great European summertime palaces. Similar in scope to Versailles, Schönbrunn is located just outside the heart of Vienna. Even though I visited in the wintertime, its beauty is impressive. From the palace itself to the grounds, it is something you just have to see for yourself to fully appreciate.

Vienna is also a city for art and history lovers. Not lacking in the museum department, Vienna is full of culture everywhere you turn. If you only have time for one, you must visit the Albertina. Home to the “largest and most valuable graphical collection” in the world, the Albertina is also part of the Hapsburg Imperial Palace. And so not only do you get to visit a world class art museum, but you also get to tour a beautiful imperial palace.

Where to Eat

Vienna is a certainly a foodie city! Here are a few hotspots that are worth checking out!

Hotel Sacher – The original home to the Sacher Torte, this classic hotel is a must for afternoon tea. Labstelle – A trendy, modern eatery, Labstelle is perfect for a chic night out! Their cocktails are fantastic and the dishes are creative!

Café Bar Bloom – Located inside the Hotel Lamee, Café Bar Bloom is a perfect spot to take a break after shopping or touring the beautiful Stephansplatz area. Ra’mien – If you are looking for a quick, delicious meal, Ra’mien is the place to go. Serving up some delicious Asian cuisine, their curries and soups will certainly do the trick.

Vestibul – And for your last meal in Vienna, you just must go to Vestibul. Located inside the Burgtheater’s old entranceway, this restaurant is the best example of modern Viennese cuisine. And you just have to dine in their beautiful dining room, which used to be the royal entrance to the theater.

Where to Stay

Vienna is a world-class city and is filled with world-class hotels, both large and small. We were able to find a lovely hotel room at a trendy boutique hotel in the stylish Neubau area!

Hotel Ruby Marie – We stayed here on our visit and it was a lovely, funky, cool hotel in the artsy neighborhood of Neubau. The Guesthouse – Located right near the Albertina, this has been a recent favorite. Hotel Sacher Wien – As a mentioned above, this historic hotel is home to the Sacher Torte and is also in a prime location near all the major attractions. Do & Co – Offering views of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, this is another luxurious hotel choice.

Getting There

Vienna is a great under the radar spot for travelers, especially from the Eastern USA this year due to the ease of access. There are so many great routes to Europe from all the major East Coast hubs. We got to Vienna seamlessly with British Airways — we traveled from Boston to London to Vienna and the whole trip was flawless. Aer Lingus and Lufthansa have similar quick 1-stop routes from Boston as well, connecting through Dublin and Munich respectively. And it’s possible to get a direct flight from Newark with Austrian Airlines. Vienna is so easy to get to, it definitely belongs on your list for 2018!

We’re Kicking Off the Year of Royal Weddings With This Regal-Worthy Affair

Twenty eighteen has promised to be the year of royal weddings, so what better way to get the ball rolling than with a regal looking wedding in the majestic city of Vienna? From the cake by Demel (the official royal patisserie) to the magnificent and historic venues, A Very Beloved Wedding expertly crafted a wedding fit for a queen. Press play on the film by Sequence Five and then head to the beautiful gallery where each image captured by Love Is My Favorite Color will make all your fairytale wedding dreams come true.

[iframe 600 338]

From the groom…We met four years ago at a professional event at World Bank. We were both working there but in different organizations and happened to have mutual acquaintances. It was not love at first sight but a destiny. Ije was sitting on the opposite, strategic position in the conference room. A friend introduced us to each other and told Ije she stole my chair. She apologized and continued apologizing afterwards. I told her it was okay, but only if she had lunch with me. Some weeks later, we went out for lunch, in the best Indian restaurant in Washington.

From the bride… My first impression: He was very tall, very impressive when he walked into the room….and so charming. Our first date took us a couple of weeks. It was at a lovely Indian restaurant, a very expensive one. We had wine there, too. Time passed by. We met in April and had out first date in May. We also had a lot of smaller dates – jazz night, coffee, etc. Then we had a long distance relationship as I relocated. We kept meeting half way in cities in between. That’s how we ended up in Vienna.

It was clear to us that we needed not only a wedding planner but also a designer, and A Very Beloved Wedding is the perfect team for this. They captured our essence and made the wedding style ours: classic, elegant, rhythmic, and fun. Our wedding was, of course, imperial as we got married in one of the most imperial cities of Europe: Vienna. Our cake was made by the royal patisserie, and our décor was historic and timeless. Vienna is the hidden gem of Europe for us. We fell in love with the city and of course with each other on one of our visits. From then on we knew, we had to get married in Vienna.



Photography: love is my favorite color | Cinematography: Sequence Five | Event Planning + Design: A Very Beloved Wedding | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Cake: Demel | Ceremony Venue: Charles Church | Reception Venue: Schloss Belvedere | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Rings: Tacori | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Catering: Motto | Band: Ola Egbowon | Groom's Attire: Brioni | Getting Ready Venue: Imperial | Groom's Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

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Say “I Do” in an Austrian Castle

High Emotion Weddings is on a mission to showcase the many beautiful options for weddings in Austria, and this princess-worthy editorial photographed by Daniela Porwol is but one! The concept was inspired by the words written by the heir-apparent to the Austro-Hungarian empire in the late 18th century to his wife: “I would do anything for you. I will forever love you!” Romantic, right? From the gorgeous castle venue, Schoss Eckartsau (the home of the very same heir-apparent) to the contributions of many talented Austrian vendors, we cannot help but get swept up in this fairytale shoot.

I chose a beautiful baroque castle, about one hour drive from Vienna, to show couples one of the different options this beautiful country has to offer when it comes to celebrating love in a romantic, luxury setting. This time I decided to create an exquisite love story in a history-filled imperial jewel: Schloss Eckartsau. We were inspired by the love story of Franz Ferdinand – the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne – and Sophie Chotek, and a letter he wrote to her in this castle, ending with this beautiful words:
“I would do anything for you. I will forever love you!”

We chose to immortalize these words on leather and incorporated leather from Mike’s Creative Factory, beautifully calligraphed by Tintenfuchs, into our stationery concept, in remembrance of the castle also being a hunting chateau for the imperial family. We decided on a blush, brown, and copper color palette at dinner, with pops of coral and orange to adorn that majestic staircase. Our bride, wearing an amazing peach and crème beaded dress by Ukrainian designer Oksana Mukha and matching headpieces by Viennese designer Edita Rosenrot, takes us on a trip to a previous century, when ladies were strolling through the castle park whispering poems of love behind lacy parasols and fans.



Photography: Daniela Porwol Artful Weddings | Cinematography: Cinerava | Event Planning: High Emotion Weddings | Floral Design: PONK Rentals | Wedding Dress: Oksana Mukha | Wedding Cake: Betty's Bakery | Reception Venue: Eckartsau | Hair + Makeup: Adriana Holban Make-up Artist | Calligraphy: Tintenfuchs | Groom: Marino Kriftner | Groom's Attire: Brautsalon Flossmann | Bow Tie + Hankie: STRAUB Vienna | Bride: Tempo Models | Headpieces: Edita Rosenrot | Leather Stationery: Mike's Factory | Parasol: Delicouswedding | Tableware: J.&L. Lobmeyr

Vienna Wedding with an Imperial Vibe (and a Jaw-Dropping Dress!)

There are dress trains and then there are dress TRAINS. This one is my darlings, is next level. The Bride’s entire look is perfection for this imperially beautiful fete planned by A Very Beloved Wedding. From the historic venue to the gilded reception, your inner princess will light up when you feast your eyes on it all, captured by love is my favorite color.

[iframe 600 338]

Words from the sister of the bride… Alena & Josh are a very special couple. They’ve known each other for a very long time and found their way back to one another in recent years. Their relationship has weathered many storms up to this point, which is a good preparation for what lies ahead in marriage.

Alena is a very special girl – my only sister. She likes pretty things, adores horses and is passionate about helping and caring for others. Josh is a thoughtful man of God who is willing to continuously improve himself and those under his leadership.

I believe through their marriage, their love, their passion and hope for life, their care and their willingness to share their lives – many will find their way back to God, not for religion’s sake but for the transformation of lives and the discovery and fulfillment of purpose. We were blessed to be able to take part in the union of these two lovebirds, and may their love story inspire and encourage us all.

Words from A Very Beloved Wedding… A truly unique couple, with so much love and positive energy for each other and the world that surrounds them with a true conviction to make this world a better place for all of us. Great human beings that will stay in our hearts for ever.

We created a timeless romantic fusion between imperial classic elegance and intimate fun. Both the ceremony and the dinner were held in the place that guards Ruben’s treasures in Vienna: the Garden Palace of Liechtenstein. The dinner took place in the grand baroque Hercules Hall. The colors of the wedding and style of the blooms were chosen to bridge and fusionate the colors found at the classic baroque Garden Palace of Liechtenstein and set the tone of the couple’s loving relationship.

Photography: love is my favorite color | Videography: Sequence Five | Floral Design: A Very Beloved Bloom | Cake: Demel | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Biyan | Catering: Motto | Make up and Hair: Alma Milcic | DJ: Face II Face | Groom's attire: Frack & Co. | Hotel: Imperial | Bridal gown: Biyan | Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo | Ceremony and Reception: Palais Liechtenstein | Ceremony arch: Fiori | Destination Wedding Planner and Designer: A Very Beloved Wedding | Film lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Give Away: Imperial | Groom's shoes: Alexander McQueen | Invitation Design: Lena Hoschek | Letterpress: Herz&Co | Mother of the bride dress: Biyan | Rentals: A Very Beloved Wedding | Wedding rings: Cartier

From the Sound of Music to a Wildly Romantic Wedding

After growing up with The Sound of Music on repeat (seriously, it was my fave), it’s safe to say Schloss Leopoldskron, the Austrian castle featured in the film, is the end all be all of dream venues. And for this Bride and Groom, that dream venue turned into a stunning display of romance with the help of Signature Events. Watch this Salzburg celebration unfold one gorgeous image at a time all captured by Grace & Blush. Plus even more right here!

Hallie, a native Texan living in California, and Jürgen, a native German living in London, met in Nashville, TN, at a personal development retreat. With strict rules of no cell phones, TV and portable electronics, the two were stripped of distractions and assigned the same group for the week. They learned about each other’s strengths, weakness, insecurities, and saw the person for who they really were and fell in love. They managed a long distance relationship between San Diego and London for a year and half, and On March 27th 2016, Jürgen took Hallie to the beautiful town of Füssen in Germany, where he had spent countless childhood vacations. After shopping for traditional German outfits, Dirndl and Lederhosen, they went to the magical castle of Neuschwanstein, where Jürgen got down on one knee on the king’s balcony. 

The proposal set the tone – Hallie and Jürgen decided to celebrate their wedding with guests from all over the world in a romantic castle. And could you ever find more romance than in Schloss Leopoldskron, the Sound of Music castle located in beautiful Salzburg, Austria. To honour both their heritages, their three day wedding celebrations were kicked off with a Mini-Oktoberfest in a traditional beer cellar, overlooking Salzburg’s old town. Dress code “Tracht” – that meant that everybody got into Dirdls and Lederhosen, enjoying typical German games, great traditional music and, you guessed it, quite a bit of beer. On Sunday, the wedding celebrations was rounded off with a delicious American inspired brunch with pancakes, waffles and crispy bacon and a view of Schloss Leopoldkron.

For their wedding celebration on Saturday, Hallie and Jürgen had a vision of effortless, classy and organic feel that worked so well with the traditional elegance of the castle. Lot’s of greenery, paired with anemones, succulents and pillar candles created a feelings as if the woods had taken back a little piece of the castle. The ceremony aisle was lined with greenery arrangements and pictures of the couple’s parents and grandparents on their wedding day. The altar was framed with springy, blossoming twigs of pear trees, right in front of the famous horse gates from “The Sound of Music.”

Someone was watching over them, as an outside ceremony usually never happens in March in Austria – but at noon, the clouds were whisked away, the fog lifted and the sun brought out the beautiful view of the lake and the mountains. The ceremony had many emotional highlights: Hallie’s father, a pastor, officiated the service. Honoring the international background of their family and friends, Hallie and Jürgen incorporated 12 different languages into their ceremony, with friends from all over the world quoting Corinthians 13 “Love is patient” in their native languages. As a first task as husband and wife, Hallie and Jürgen cut their wedding cake, beautifully designed with their gold monogram and sugar greenery and then invited their guests to enjoy champagne, coffee and cake, a tradition amongst Germans.

For dinner, the great historic marble hall with the grand crystal chandeliers was opened, and guests found their seats at the tables which were named after milestones in Hallie and Jürgen’s love story. As spreading kindness is something very important to the bride and groom, a table was dedicated to this and had random acts of kindness hidden underneath the plates of 12 guests. Making the wedding a personal affair was also very important to the couple – so instead of gifts, they asked their guests to contribute a talent to their special day. The stationery was designed by a grooms friend together with the bride; Hallie’s girlfriend, a famous hair stylist, did her hair on the day of, a friend and singer from Poland treated them to a polish love song during the ceremony.

Hallie Heeg recently raised £1m to open up her own eating disorder centre in London. Being in recovery from bulimia herself, she wanted to create a program that would help others who were struggling. The theme of vulnerability and kindness was spread throughout the wedding weekend.

Photography: Grace And Blush | Event Planning: Kerrin Wiesener, Signature Events | Floral Design: Petra Müller Blumen | Wedding Dress: Alexia Designs | Cake: Alma Pasteles | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Makeup: Johanna Wild | Hair: Tatiana Karelina | Band: SMILE! The Band | Groom's Attire: Alfred Dunhill | Venue: Leopoldskron Castle | Cigar Rolling: Der Zigarrendreher | Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: Villamarts | Groom's Shoes: Crockett & Jones | Rentals: Alles Klar | Veil: Family Heirloom

Calling All Winter Brides…Let This Snow-Filled Celebration Be Your Guide

Don’t shoot the messenger but the holidays are going to be here before we know it and as winter brides are in the thick of planning, this Austrian celebration crafted by A Very Beloved Wedding is just what the doctor ordered. From the prettiest snow-filled landscapes to a candlelit palace and pretty pomegranate details, even the most ardent lovers of summer will find themselves dreaming of the coziness of winter. The wildly gorgeous images by Greg Finck certainly help too. See the full day here plus a film by MG Image below!

[iframe 600 338]

It was love at first sight when Magdalena and Sebastian met. Serendipity was the phenomenon that united them. Their winter tale wedding happened in the most musical and romantic city of Austria, Salzburg. And not in any Palace, it was the Sound of music Palace. The ceremony was held in the historical St. Peter’s Abbey, a Benedictine monastery and former cathedral. Followed by the cake cutting and first toast at The Stiftskeller nearby the church. Christmas and love was definitely in the air. A breathe-taking winter wedding filled with romance, elegance, happiness, togetherness and rhythm. The Leopoldskron Palace’s lake was frozen and set a very special scenery for the couple shoot. The flowers were designed to both enhance and stand out from the winter scenes: Organic Christmas and love feelings with white, green, deep purple, deep red, and Marsala tones.

Photography: Greg Finck Photography | Cinematography: MG Image | Floral Design: A Very Beloved Bloom | Wedding gown: Rosa Clara | Cake: Cake Couture | Stationery: Wald & Schwert | Ceremony Venue: St Peter's Abbey | Bride's shoes: Jimmy Choo | Rings: Cartier | DJ: DJ Ramin | Band: Jazz Pop Soul | Wedding Venue: Leopoldskron Castle | Destination Wedding Planning and Design: A Very Beloved Wedding

High-Fashion Wedding at an Austrian Palace

Right on the border of Austria and Slovakia lies a magnificent palace that’s the setting of this truly unique wedding day. It’s a style mashup of classic, modern, and eclectic that makes for a one-of-a-kind celebration and we can’t get enough. One of our favorite photographer duos, Peter & Veronika told the story of the day, and we’ve got every moment of this high-fashion lovefest right at your fingertips.

From the bride… Our wedding was everything we could ever dream of. From amazing engagement with an incredible sunset in one of Tuscany’s wineries until the final goodbyes with our closest friends after the wedding party in the early morning. We chose everything to happen close to our new home in Devin, Slovakia, so the place is forever soaked with the memories and atmosphere of this day.

After several weeks of discussions and various options we agreed, that it will be the best to keep the wedding preparations at our new home. However stressful it looked like few days before the wedding, the minute our house started to fill with our family and closest friends, we knew it was the best idea.

For the church ceremony, we decided to be a bit serious – we chose to put the right amount of importance to this day and we went to St Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava, in which coronations of 11 kings and queens took place, including Maria Theresia of Austro-Hungarian Empire. The ceremony was performed by Monsignore Hajdu, and we will be always thankful to His Eminence for being part of our big day.

The venue – Schlosshof’s Orangerie was just a dream come true. High ceilings, amazing window wall, palm leaves, park with a fountain and all that accompanied by a sunset, champagne, many laughs and light October breeze. It was a true blessing to see all our closest family and friends in this amazing place enjoying themselves, dancing, chatting and laughing.

A very important secret to maintaining the spontaneous feeling of our wedding were many vendors, who happen to be our lovely friends and who made even the preparation perfectly enjoyable at all times – talented and wonderful photographers Peter & Veronika, designer of the wedding dress His Majesty Boris Hanecka and his team, super-cool makeup artist Janka Olsinska and our sweet friend Vanessa, who agreed to be our wedding coordinator and made the day incredibly smooth with a non-stop smile on her face.



Photography: Peter & Veronika | Cinematography: Martin Kacvinský, Eliška Judová | Floral Design: Moruska Design | Wedding Dress: Boris Hanecka | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Makeup: Jana Olsinska | Hair: Bibi Chic | Groom's Attire: Armani | Venue: Castle Niederweiden

A Romantic Destination with Edible Details

Who said wedding details couldn’t be delicious (literally)? Thankfully, A Very Beloved Wedding just so happens to share our mindset because this incredibly chic celebration is filled with fruit, veggies, and even a few sugary sweets sprinkled in. It’s sentimental and seriously stunning and thanks to Ashley Ludaescher Photography we’ve got it all waiting for you to dish up in The Vault!


[iframe 600 338]

From A Very Beloved WeddingSabine and Jacob met almost ten years ago due to a common interest: Shisha. Always interested in the foreign, in the fun and in a free life, they are happy, light and freewheeling. Their passions in life are food, all kinds of flavors, traveling and having fun time with the people they love.

The wedding inspiration theme is “The flavor of life”, and the Keywords are flavors, tastes, fragrance, natural, nature, romance, happy, free, curious, relaxed, mixed, fun, enjoying the moment, and enjoying life.

We included a lot of flavors, colors and fragrances in the decoration, in the flowers and food. We had different food islands, with diverse flavors and colors. Those islands were displayed as market stands: fruits, salads, sides, herbs and spices, meat, vegetarian food, cheese, charcuterie. We had herbs, greens, inviting smells, fruits, nature, diverse colorful foods, colors of nature, great tastes, in order to create a feeling of long lasting moments in mouth. We presented this in a dreamy and romantic atmosphere.

Photography: Ashley Ludaescher Photography | Cinematography: Redsheep Photo X Cinema | Event Design: A Very Beloved Wedding | Event Planning: A Very Beloved Wedding | Floral Design: A Very Beloved Bloom | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Cake: Das Tortenstudio | Stationery: Milia Ink | Rings: Nowak | Catering: Theuer und Punzet | Hair + Makeup: Strahlkraft | DJ: Face II Face | Venue: Nikitsch Castle | Bridal Shop: Fine Dress | Decoration Rentals: A Very Beloved Wedding | Furniture Rentals: Rotfuchs | Ice Cream: Hoxton and Hill | Market Stands Rentals: Party Rent | Shisha Lounge Rentals: Föhr

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What It Looks Like to Wed at an Austrian Castle

I’ve traveled through my fair share of Europe, but there’s not a single place that’s captured my heart like Austria. It’s a country that feels a bit like a fairytale, so it’s no surprise Katie and Markus chose it as the backdrop for their wedding day. They brought along Tracy Enoch to document their exchange of vows at a 13th century castle that every hopeless romantic will adore.

From Tracy EnochDeciding to wed in Markus’s home country of Austria, Katie and Markus began their week-long wedding celebration with a culinary tour for friends and family.

The tour began at the home of Markus’s parents, with notable stops including the Zotter Chocolate Factory, Vulcano Cured Meats, the Thaller Winery, and ending at Buschenshank Posch with a casual dinner. The festivities began in earnest the following evening, when wedding guests arrived to the welcome party at Moarpeter Schielleiten wearing traditional lederhosen and dirndl and were treated to authentic Austrian cuisine while being entertained by a local 4 piece accordion and horn band.

The weekend concluded with a beautiful ceremony and 4-course dinner and dancing reception at the stunning Gartenschloss Herberstein; a 13th-century castle tucked in the Austrian hillside. As parting gifts, guests left with miniature bottled Schnapps, courtesy of the Schloffer Distillery, owned by family members of the groom.

Photography: Tracy Enoch Photography | Floral Design: Blumen Kubat Anger | Wedding Dress: Yaki Ravid | Cake: Konditorei Ebner | Catering: genusshandwerk | Groom's Attire: Hugo Boss | Venue: Gartenschloss Herberstein | Bridal Boutique: Bridal Reflections | Bridal Salon: Stardust Celebrations | Welcome Dinner: Moarpeter Schielleiten

159 Photos That’ll Have you Saying YES in Vienna

Ask me and I’ll tell you that Vienna is at the tippy top of my dream destination list, and this inspo from Melanie Nedelko Photography? To simply state that it has increased my wanderlust by tenfold would be putting it lightly. So if anyone asks, I’ve got High Emotion Weddings to thank for my overnight booking of a plane ticket to said destination. Complete with A Very Beloved Wedding Rentals Collection cutlery, we’ve got the entire day set to inspire your celebration in The Vault!


[iframe 600 338]

From High Emotion WeddingsI am thrilled to present an extremely romantic story in the heart of Vienna, Austria. A thoroughly planned project involving 22 “creme-de-la-creme” of Austria’s wedding industry, aiming to present a small part of the imperial flair of this charming European city. The love story of Olivia and Philip is immortalized right in the famous Sacher Hotel and continues on top of the Albertina Museum with an amazing view over Vienna State Opera.

In our set of photos and the lovely 3 minutes’ video, brides and grooms-to-be can start dreaming about their perfect day in the imperial city of music, with old little streets, opulent castles, art events, delicious cuisine and charming coffee houses.

Our motto: Vienna, Vienna you alone/ will always be the city of my dreams/ there, where I am happy and delirious/ is Vienna, is Vienna, my Vienna (Rudolf Sieczynski).

Next to the breathtaking wedding gowns by Eva Poleschinski, we incorporated some lovely symbols of Vienna thanks to vendors with a long tradition on the Austrian market. For example, our groom has accessories of the FREYWILLE Klimt collection, they dine with porcelain from Augarten and glassware from Lobmeyr. Their initials where carefully embroidered on their napkins by Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau, and the cake bar is accessorized with laser cut ferry wheels by Die Macherei.

After a highly emotional free ceremony conducted by Herzensworte (English “words from the heart, for the heart”), Olivia Catherine Rosewood and Philip Alexander Carlton dined in the gourmet restaurant Anna Sacher, and enjoyed the oh-so-sweet apple strudels and Guglhupfs – so carefully prepared by Dagmar from KUCHENmitSTIL to round out the Viennese charm. Our couple danced the night away in the marble room of the Sacher Hotel, with waltzer sounds by our very talented quartet Art4Strings.


Event Planning, Concept, Coordination + Design: High Emotion Weddings | Photography: Melanie Nedelko | Cinematography: Visual Elegance | Cake: Kuchen Mit Stil | Stationery:Herz&Co | Bride’s Shoes: Brautsalon Flossmann | Jewelry: Juwelier Wagner | Hair + Makeup: Gilbird | Calligraphy: Tintenfuchs | Groom: Marino Kriftner | Groom’s Attire: Brautsalon Flossmann | Officiant:Herzensworte | String Quartet: Art4Strings | Bow Tie + Handkerchief: STRAUB Vienna | Carina Timmel: Tempo Models | Cutlery: A Very Beloved Wedding Rentals Collection | Floral Design + Styling: PONK Rentals | Glassware: J.&L. Lobmeyr | Groom’s Accessories: FREYWILLE | Hair Accessories: Edita Rosenrot | Linen Rentals: Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau| Location: Hotel Sacher | Location: Vienna State Opera | Porcelain: Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten | Signage: Die Macherei | Wedding Dresses, Cape + Hair Accessories: Eva Poleschinski

A Romantic Morning Stroll in Vienna Engagement Session

Is there anything more romantic than a morning walk through the picturesque streets of Vienna hand in hand with your new fiancé? This stunning photoshoot from Peter & Veronika is all our dreams come true and has us wishing we were packing our bags for the next flight to Austria. See more of this stylish couple’s destination engagement session in The Vault!

From The Groom…We planned a trip to southern England to location called seven sisters which is a very beautiful cliff area. To set a good mood I played her video of our memories with romantic music. She cried after that so things were going well that morning. When she is feeling cold I put her hand in the pocket of my jacket. This time ring was suppose to be there. That was the plan. But better opportunity arrived. We just walked up the cliff for the view. Couples left some stones on the ground that they were using to write their love notes. I immediately got an idea and made a sign of ring and our initials…

Photography: Peter & Veronika | Floral Design: Ponk Rentals | Location: Vienna Austria

All the Convincing You’ll Need to Have an E-Sesh in Vienna

Peter & Veronika Photography has completely convinced us that European engagement sessions are the best engagement sessions. Ancient architecture? Check. Crazy chic cafes? Oh you bet. Cobblestone street strolls complete with sweet kisses? Of course. We’re completely in love with every single detail of this gallery and we invite you to get in on the obsession via The Vault!

From The Couple…We met each other about three years ago at work in Vienna. The beginning of our relationship was really turbulent, as we differed – and still differ – about many topics of life. However, we think the same about the “great things” in life and so we decided to get married soon.

With Peter & Veronika we found excellent and lovely photographers, who pictured us in the very heart of Vienna, our hometown, exactly in the style and the mood we felt and wanted it! We really love those pics and used them for the save-the-dates and the wedding invitations! For our actual wedding we found the perfect location which represents a kind of opposite of the old center of Vienna: the fresh, green but still stylish Wiegerova Vila in Svätý Jur in Slovakia. We can’t wait for June!!!

Photography: Peter & Veronika | Venue: Vienna Austria

Beautiful Blues Winter Wedding Inspiration

Whisk me away to the mountains of Austria! This magical land must hold some sort of superpower because I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beauty. Manuela Kalupar captured it all, thanks to the talents of A Very Beloved Wedding who created the scene before us, inspired by the bridal tradition of including “something blue” on your special day. And what a special day this was – see it all in our Vault here!

From A Very Beloved Wedding… This couple’s shoot is inspired by the wedding tradition of “something blue”, which stands for purity, love and fidelity. We find purity in the white snow, love between the couple and the reason for getting married and trust, fidelity in the color blue and in the longevity of a traditional place like Tirol in Austria.

We have different blues, gold and white with some other color details in the flowers. We presented three different types of wedding gowns: the classic white like snow, the dark blue like a romantic sky at night and a golden typical Austrian gown called “Dirndl.” The flower crown (headpieces) provide different color touches as well. The stationery is fine letterpress and the paper has the same structure as wood, an element we find all around this location.


Find more Austrian wedding inspiration here!

Photography: Manuela Kalupar | Floral Design: A Very Beloved Bloom | Wedding Dresses: Lena Hoschek | Cake: Kuchen Mit Stil | Stationery: Herz&Co | Hair + Makeup: Lisa Buchner | Venue: Maierl Alm & Chalets | Creative Direction, Production, Design + Styling: A Very Beloved Wedding | Hair Accessories: Miss Lillys Hats | Props: A Very Beloved Wedding

Winter Wedding in Austria

Well, this is my dream. It’s basically winter wedding perfection. The perfect amount of snow fall? Check. A day filled with love? Check. A seriously stylish couple? Check. A dreamy Austrian setting? Check, check and check. Add in horse drawn sleighs, a dreamy barn wedding, and these images from Birgit Hart Fotografie and film by Sequence Five and I’ve just set a new level for winter wedding goals. See even more in the VAULT.


[iframe 600 338]

From Birgit Hart FotografieMiri & Christian had the most stunning winter wedding I have ever seen. The couple from New York City chose Miri’s home town for their wedding: Seefeld in Austria. It couldn’t have been more romantic, everything covered in snow, horse carriages, an old barn in the woods…Miri wore a breathtaking gown by Marchesa and red lipstick. Christian a suit by Saint Laurent Paris. And the first look was during a snow blizzard on top of a hill!

Christian designed the wedding stationery and they put so much work in their individual invitations and place cards: They took tons of photo booth pictures holding signs with the name of each guest!

After the ceremony a whole bunch of horse carriages was waiting outside to bring the wedding party to the dinner location. A barn in the woods. An Austrian band played traditional music and then the couples favorite DJ from NYC got everyone on the dancefloor until morning hours. A perfect wedding!

From the Bride… Miri and I met eight years ago in Barcelona, lived in New York for the last several years and after our wedding then honeymoon in South Africa and some time off, we moved to London where we now reside. Traveling is a deep passion we have in common so when it came time to think of a location for our wedding we were torn. I grew up near the beach in Southern California which is a very beautiful part of the world but in the end we thought that a winter wedding near Miri’s home would be the most magical experience for our wedding and our guests.

Miri grew up very close to Seefeld, a down-to-earth town that is full of gracious people, delicious cuisine, excellent spas, incredible skiing and all in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the Austrian Alps. We spend our holidays in this winter wonderland each year and decided it would be the best location if we were going to have a destination wedding. We wanted to share this special place with those we love most. Given that we had many people traveling from around the world we wanted to make sure that everything was as easy and enjoyable as possible. The time put in to organizing was satisfying when 120 guests (95% of invites) found their way to Seefeld from California, New York, Australia, Asia and all throughout Europe.

As I am a creative director in design and Miri is a creative strategist, planning such an event came second nature to us but not without the help of Miri’s family who live near Seefeld. Miri and I started with very articulate mood boards of what we wanted to create and then art directed and designed everything from the invites, the website and the decorations. It was a lot to juggle with everything else including our jobs and moving our lives from New York to London but with a lot of team effort and organization we made it through relatively unscathed.

We loved the idea of a formal black tie wedding within a cozy, wooden and warm environment. Our wedding was held in the Hotel Klosterbräu, a former 16th-century monastery. Our ceremony was spoken in both English and German as were our vows to one another, Miri spoke in English and I in German. Miri’s sister and my brother read excerpts from The Alchemist, a significant book in how we met. Miri wore the most beautiful Marchesa dress and I wore a Saint Laurent tux. The formal attire made the occasion feel even more magical as people were whisked away by sixteen horse drawn carriages from the ceremony that took place in a century-old hotel in the middle of town. Everyone drank from our customized schnapps bottles as they moved through the forest to where our reception was held in The Triendlsäge, a wonderfully preserved 150-year-old sawmill owned by family friends.

Miri’s step father is kind of like the unofficial mayor of the town and many people went out of their way to make our wedding day a wonderful experience. We love music (and dancing) and so he arranged for a local traditional Tirolean “orchestra” to play for us when our horse carriage arrived. We didn’t know that he had it planned and so when we arrived it felt like we had entered Narnia. There were log fires and Glühwein (hot mulled wine) while everyone socialized and enjoyed the music. Afterwards our guests moved into the sawmill and found their seats. The place setting photos were held by gold safari animals as Miri and I would later head to South Africa for our honeymoon on a two week safari. Each seat had a customized photo booth photo that Miri and I made. We spent six hours in the photobooth to create the custom invites and place settings. That was a real test :) Our cake topper was also customized for the occasion.

During speeches and dinner we had a traditional Tyrolean band play both classic Austrian songs and more contemporary pop staples. We had also flown in a friend from New York who is a DJ and who we had thrown parties with in Brooklyn. It was crucial to have consistently good music and a full dance floor for the party to go well into the morning. We wanted to end our special day dancing with all the people we love most in the world. The songs were back-to-back jams and we danced until 4 in the morning. It couldn’t have been more perfect way to end such a magical day.

We knew it was a success by the amount of people who kept telling us how much love they felt through the entire long weekend but especially on the day of our wedding. We both wish we could relive that day over and over.

Our photographer Birgit Hart delivered everything we had hoped for and more. She was hardly even noticed by guests but somehow she captured the most intimate moments of the day. We didn’t want traditionally posed photos but instead we desired them to be very candid and natural and therefore authentic. Birgit is an incredible photographer with an amazing eye as well as instinct. We also absolutely loved the fact that she shot all the daytime photos on film, something many wouldn’t dream of doing these days. She believes, as do we that film has more texture and soul to it than digital. That said, due to the low light of the evening she switched to digital and captured an immense amount of awesome moments on the dance floor for which we are eternally grateful. On top of all this she is lovely and kind and patient. We couldn’t of asked for more.

We’re so happy (and proud) that we had arranged for videographers to capture everything. We not only have a beautifully preserved film capturing the day but we also have hours of raw footage. In retrospect it was a very small price to pay for the time capsule that we have already watched a hundred times since receiving. Our videographers Jakob and Ben from Sequence Five in Vienna did the most incredible job and are such kind and patient souls. They have such good eyes and instinct for where people will be and are extremely quick on the draw. They then edited all the footage and chose the music based on our interests to create two edits (both highlight and a longer 20 minute version) that we are in love with. We couldn’t recommend them enough.

Vault CTA

Photography: Birgit Hart | Cinematography: Sequence Five | Coordination: Creativ Hochzeit | Floral Design: Blumen Hajny | Wedding Dress: James Galanos | Stationery: Christian Cervantes | Bride's Shoes: Sophia Webster | DJ: John McSwain | Band: Inntaler Alpengaudi | Groom's Attire: Tribut Ives Saint Laurent | Venue: Triendlsäge | Film Processing: Carmencita Film Lab | Location: Hotel Klosterbräu | Photography - Assistance: Vanessa Ernst

Abby Capalbo

Design, Styling, Parties