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The 5 Important Steps To Check Off Before Beginning Your Venue Search

Congratulations,  you’re getting married! This is a time for joy, so definitely take it all in – pop some champagne, get all blissed out on your soon-to-be boo for life, and welcome everything that comes with him or her putting a ring on it, but get ready for some big decisions, too, starting first and foremost with a pretty big necessity: the venue.  In addition to being one of the biggest investments you’ll make while wedding planning, the venue also sets the tone for the entire event. We see it as the glue that holds all the elements of your wedding day together, from ceremony all the way to send off. Needless to say, choosing a venue is a big decision! So, before you get down to the nitty gritty of finding your dream venue, let’s talk about the steps you need check off your list before starting your search. 


1. Find a Planner

If your budget allows for one, hiring a wedding planner can make the process OH so much easier. Having someone who can design and plan your big day, down to the last detail, not only takes some pressure off of you as a couple, it also helps to bring on an advocate, advisor, and all-around wedding pro who can make things more manageable ((and stress-free, which is major)). The right planner will be with you every step of the way as you narrow down your venue options, and can help negotiate the contract to get the most bang for your buck. Our full Wedding Planning Guide is the perfect resource for knowing exactly what you need in a planner and how to find the right one for you.

2. Set a Budget

Hiring a wedding planner might be to-do numero uno, but determining your budget is right up there in rank of  priorities.  Knowing who is going to be contributing to your overall wedding finances will help you set realistic expectations on every decision you will be making. Granted, that conversation, whether it be between the two of you or all of the parents (and even extended family members), could be a tough one. So, in our experience, it’s best just to bite the bullet, sit down with your beverage of choice, and figure it ALL out together. Keep in mind that exploring expectations vs. reality  can be a learning curve, and things may need to be adjusted down the road. Just try to stay nimble with those nuptials needs! 

3. Consider Dates

There are a few things to consider when looking at wedding dates. The first step is to sit down with your partner and determine what season works best for the both of you. You may ask yourselves:

  • Is there a particular season where life is less hectic for you?
  • Do any “must-have” loved ones have limited availability due to health, travel, or work? 
  • Is there a date or season that has particular meaning to you as a couple? 
  • What kind of climate, florals, menu and overall feel are you envisioning for your day?

Determining the answers to these questions will help you narrow down the range of possibilities. The overall feel you want will serve as a guiding light time and time again when planning the details for your day. If you want a cozy gathering with natural textures and warm tones, consider hosting a fall wedding at a venue with stunning foliage. A springtime soirée might be the answer if you want lush green grass and flowering trees in full bloom. There are advantages and disadvantages to all seasons, so be sure to weigh the options carefully. Check weather patterns and plan accordingly, from the beginning, for a pleasurable experience for guests, rain or shine.

If you’re not particular about a season or range of dates, there are a couple things you can do to save money. First, consider booking in the off-season. This will vary based on where you are located, but venues should be able to give specifics. In addition, booking a day other than Saturday ((which used to be the gold standard in wedding-perfect days of the week)) can also help the budget, but in return is a bit less convenient for guests. Holidays may also create some scheduling conflicts with guests, so consider avoiding those. Remember that dates that play with numbers (11/12/13, 08/18/18, etc.) tend to be popular and more expensive, so if booking one of those dates is important to you, reach out to venues sooner rather than later.

Above and beyond personal preference, the biggest factor in selecting the date is the actual availability of the venue!  Venues often book 12–18 months in advance, so keep those timelines in mind when setting appointments. Going in with several date options or a general season in mind may be best ((again, that flexibility can be SO important for keeping your sanity)). Keeping options open ensures you’ll be able to book a venue that truly speaks to you, rather than one that just one that just happened to have your date open.  

For more advice on how to pick your wedding date, check out our article, What to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Date.

4. Determine Guest List 

It’s easy to underestimate how many people will actually end up on the guest list, especially when you factor in whose parents (or other hosts) might want to take part in the planning, from a financial standpoint. Having a firm number early on of who you’d like to be invited will reduce the likelihood of squeezing people in a space meant for a smaller count, and will help determine what venues fit your needs. Knowing the size of the guest list will also help budget considerations, as the number of people invited will affect the cost of things like stationery, catering, rentals, centerpieces, etc. 

Of course, some invited guests will not be able to make it to the wedding. When estimating final count, it is normal for about 85% of invited guests to attend a local wedding, and 65% to attend a destination wedding. Keep in mind that it is best practice to be more generous with plus ones for destination weddings, or in any situation where a guest is traveling a long distance, so you’ll find that your guest count, here, will need to be increased. 

“99% of our couples are destination weddings so we typically see about 60–75% of invitees attend.” – Ashley Peterson, Sugar Beach Events

5. Location: Domestic vs. Destination

More and more couples are choosing destination weddings, and with breathtaking locations like Paris or Provence, Lake Como, Tulum, and Santorini increasing in popularity, it’s not hard to imagine why. When deciding between destination or domestic, think about what makes the most sense for you based on your style, budget, and schedule. In addition, you may consider:

  • Tourism Seasons: High tourist traffic can affect everything from transportation to accommodations.
  • Guests: It needs to be realistic for must-have loved ones to attend, financially and otherwise.
  • Budget: A destination wedding is more costly than a domestic one, especially considering transportation to and around the location. Given all the nuances of planning nuptials abroad makes things even harder to navigate if you’re doing it sans expert counsel (in a wedding planner), so you might also want to consider enlisting the help of a destination planner. These professionals know all the ins and outs of curating celebrations in your coveted locale(s), so they can handle a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Again, this requires extra spending against, but it’s a completely worthwhile endeavor (if you have the means!) 
  • Culture and Language: Planning a wedding remotely necessitates a different approach than planning domestically, so think about potential language barriers, laws and cultural differences.
  • Safety, Health, and Politics: Dive deeply into research (and we mean deep!) to make sure guests have easy access to information regarding safety, health, and political issues. The extra thought and consideration given to your guests might take more time and planning, but it will pay off in spades when navigating any potential sticky situations. TSA reports, friends who’ve visited, planners, and other couples who’ve gotten married at the location are great resources for this research.
Fairytale Scottish Wedding at Chateau de Varennes

Today’s Scottish wedding is nothing short of a Disney fairytale! In front of their closest family and friends, Fiona and Andrew exchanged vows at Chateau de Varennes on a sunny Summer day in Burgundy, France planned Peony Moments. The bride donned a sleek Suzanne Neville gown while the men wore traditional Tartans from each of their clans. Lilas Wood decorated their day with delicate blooms in a classic color scheme, while guests dined under a canopy of string lights at the reception. See all the pretty captured by Valery Villard at the full gallery of inspiration!

Because of Covid, Fiona & Andrew had to postpone their wedding 2 times, they lost of few guests along the way but ended up doing a gorgeous intimate Scottish wedding at the beautiful Chateau de Varennes in Burgundy, France. Fiona did her own hair and make-up while men were getting ready wearing traditional Tartans from each of their clans. They held the ceremony in the Chapel where Lilaswood did an amazing job with flowers.

Cocktail by the horses was followed by an outdoor dinner in front of the Chateau. We created a tunnel of light around the long table for a more intimate and convivial feeling. After dinner, they cut the cake on the dance floor surrounded by sparklers and they danced under the fairy lights with a live band until the end of the night. Fun facts, it was one of their friend’s Birthday on the wedding day so they let him cut the cake with them! Fiona & Andrew had a baby that year and baby Roderick wore a custom-made family Tartan like his dad and cousins, it was super cute! Some of the flowers are from Lilaswood’s garden, she grows her own flowers!

From the Bride… Andrew and I met 15 years ago when Andrew was 18 and I was 17. We were introduced through mutual friends and hit it off straight away. We have the same sense of humour and continue to make each other laugh on a daily basis. We got engaged in August 2019. Andrew proposed on the Isle of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides, where he grew up. It was the perfect setting and very sentimental to us both. After waiting 12 years for a proposal I often joke that I should win the award for most patient bride, but all jokes aside, we were just too busy having the best years travelling and socialising. Once we were engaged we knew we didn’t want a long engagement so started planning the wedding straight away. We had always thought about an abroad wedding as the weather here in Scotland is pretty unpredictable and we knew we wanted a small intimate wedding with just our close family and friends. We loved the idea of getting married in either France or Italy after being on numerous holidays over the years.

After hours of online research we found the most perfect venue “Chateau de Varennes” We had a video tour around the chateau in December 2019 and instantly fell in love with it, even on a cold misty day in winter it still looked beautiful. We booked it for the 7th August 2020. We were soo excited. The planning was underway when in March 2020 covid hit! Two cancelled dates later it was planned for May 2022 only to find out we were unexpectedly expecting a little bundle of joy. Our beautiful baby boy Roderick arrived on the 14th April and we couldn’t have been happier. Now we were on to our fourth and final wedding date, 23rd August. The planning was easy thanks to our incredible wedding planner Aurelie, Peony Moments. She took care of everything and took all the stress out of the planning. I will never forget the moment we arrived at chateau de varennes. The feeling of complete joy being surrounded by all our favourite people who had travelled so far to be here with us for our special day. I will be forever grateful.

The chateau was better than we could have ever imagined. The wedding day was planned to perfection. Everything flowed seamlessly. I had the most chilled morning getting ready with my mother, mother-in-law and sister. We had the ceremony in the chapel, it was filled with the most beautiful flowers, it was everything we could have wished for. I just wanted to put a pin in that exact moment and stay in it forever. The staff at chateau de varennes went above and beyond to make sure everyone was happy and enjoying the day. The food was also a high point with all our guests. We danced into the night with the extremely talented bright lights. I didn’t want it to end so stayed up until 5am! We all just had the most magical time and wish we could do it all over again.

Photography: Valéry Villard | Floral Design: Lilas Wood | Dress: Suzanne Neville | Cake: Cakes In The City | Reception Venue: Chateau de Varennes | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Catering: George Winterford | Crown & Earrings: Megan Therese Couture | Custom made Kilts: Ben Wyvis Kilts | Live band & DJ: Brightlights | Planning & Design: Peony Moments | Rentals: Joli Bazaar

Pretty in Pastels with Caitlin Wilson

Editor’s Note: Literally EVERY single time we scroll past one of Caitlin Wilson’s photos — we save it. Between the gorgeous patterns, perfect pastels and feminine whimsical details, we can’t help but drool. In honor of her new kid’s line launching, we got a chance to hear straight from the pro a few of her tips and tricks to creating gorgeous, yet functions, kid’s spaces. Take a read!

Here’s her philosophy:”We believe that our homes are our sanctuaries, and children’s rooms in particular should be a safe haven where they can explore, create and imagine.”

With that in mind, Caitlin wanted to share her tips for decorating kids’ rooms, whether or not you can leave the house.

1. Foster Creativity:

A child’s room should be a place where they are free to use their imagination and explore new ideas. When I design a kids room I create nooks and areas where they can build, play or be inspired by whatever they want. Our new Playhouses make for a great canvas that helps initiate creativity and imaginative play.

2. Use Kid’s Art:

Incorporate your child’s art, along with other fun art prints, when you create an art wall. This is a fun project for them to work on with you and can even create new art projects just for the wall!

3. Super Soft Bedding:

For our precious little ones (and even us too) our beds are where we feel safe, cozy and dream. When I created our new bedding, I wanted each item to invoke these feelings every time they go to sleep.

4. Consider Personalities & Ages:

My four children are all so different. I decorated each of their rooms based on their interests. The football wallpaper has my heart because I created it with my 8-year-old in mind and the Bows & Blooms wallpaper, a feminine pattern in blues and pinks, is now hanging in my 2-year-old’s nursery.

5. Lots of Pillows:

While they might feel only meant for the other rooms in your house, kids love pillows too! I always include throw pillows for softness in children’s rooms — on the bed, in chairs, even oversized pillows in the corners. They can create a fort, or cuddle up with a book.

Cait Kids includes new signature patterns designed by Caitlin that are adorable and so perfectly Caitlin Wilson — soft blues and pinks in whimsical designs like “Game Day,” “Posy Petal,” “Horse & Jockey” and “Sailing.”

Categories include bedding, pillows, rugs, wallpaper, furniture, art & decor, even playhouses! About the launch, Caitlin says: “We are in very unusual and uncertain times right now. We’re spending all day, every day at home with our families, which is equally wonderful and challenging. With that in mind, we thought it was actually the perfect time to share our vision for Children’s Spaces.

Cait Kids: Caitlin Wilson | Caitlin Wilson Design: Caitlin Wilson

Kids Welcome at This Easter Inspired Tablescape

Peter Rabbit was given a fresh twist and oh is it cute. Complete with real life furry friends, this 2nd birthday dreamed up by Megan Wappel designs has the most gorgeous grown up tablescape in pretty pastels paired with cute activities for the littles like seed planting favors and a floating cake wall. Get inspired with the full gallery captured by Simply Lace.

Taking inspiration from the beloved children’s classic, Peter Rabbit, we created a sweet and fresh birthday celebration.

Our gorgeous tablescape and pastel color palette of soft peaches and blues created the feel of a perfect Spring day, while our thoughtful details delighted our guests.

Always thinking outside the box, our team created a stationery suite with a modern twist, by incorporating a lucite engraved invitation and the cutest wooden carrot RSVP card.

It was amazing to see our little guests’ eyes filled with awe as they walked by our floating cake wall made to resemble a vegetable garden, and to watch them get their tiny hands dirty at our “plant your own seeds” favor table. And a special visit from the cutest little rabbits was the cherry on top!


Sweet Treats Perfect for Your Next Party

Dark Chocolate Cookie Shots
Cake Batter French Macarons
Chocalate Tarts with Salted Caramel

Photography: Simply Lace Photography | Cake: Truffle Toronto | Backdrop: Dance Floor Decor | Chair: Detailz Chair Couture | China: William Ashley China | Creative Direction/Planning: Megan Wappel Designs | Floral: Stemz | Ice Cream: Sweet Sammies | Linens: Susan Murray International | Printing: Hot Pop Factory | Stationery Design: Megan Wappel Designs

DIY Gold-Dipped Marble Eggs

These gold-dipped marble eggs are so easy you could honestly do them blindfolded. With a few ingredients (that you probably already have on hand), and some gold paint (you know how much we love our sparkle) you can instantly add some luxe to your Easter eggs. I promise you’ll be feeling fancy with these bad boys in no time flat. Check out the full-how to below!


Grape juice
White Vinegar
White eggs
Glass or metal bowl
Gold paint

step-1Hard boil or blow out your eggs. (If hard boiled, keep in mind these eggs will not be edible later. If blown out, you will need to place something on top of the bowl to keep the eggs covered in the dye).

step-2Mix equal parts grape juice & vinegar in a bowl, enough to submerge your eggs. Place eggs in the bowl and leave overnight.

step-3The next day, remove eggs from the bowl and rinse off. Use a paper towel to rub away the foamy layer, revealing the marbled surface.

step-4Dip egg partially into a cup of gold paint. Place upside-down in egg carton to dry.

step-5Place in a bowl on your Easter table to enjoy!

Jacquelyn Clark

This Mudroom (and the Rest of the Home) Will Stop You Dead in Your Tracks

Welcome to your dream home. It’s a stunning mix of pattern and pastels designed by Bria Hammel Interiors. The wallpaper is insane, the periwinkle is abundant and the mudroom will stop you dead in your tracks…it’s that good. Take the full tour of this Minneapolis home captured by Spacecrafting and just try to pick a favorite room. It’s pretty much impossible.

Nested in highly sought after Minneapolis neighborhood, this 1925 Tudor was completely restored and updated for a young, vibrant, family. The owners, Taylor and Mark, were not afraid when it came to bright colors and playful prints and hired us, Bria Hammel Interiors, to bring their vision to life!

The Living Room
By keeping the walls a neutral white, we incorporated color into the space through the furniture, window treatments, large area rug, and accessories. This space had so many great features built-in (like the bookshelves/window bench and fireplace mantle) that our main focus was to highlight these beautifully crafted areas. It’s a little eclectic, a little preppy, a little traditional and a whole lot of gorgeous!

The Kitchen
Can we just say that we are in love with the gold lanterns? Because we are. They are such a statement piece in the kitchen and pull out the golds in the cabinet hardware as well.

The Dining Room
Taylor and Mark love to host their family and friends over (and how could you not with a home like this?!), so the built-in buffet is a perfect space to place trays and food/drink and also creates a spot for fun accessories when they’re not entertaining. 

The dining room sits aside of their french doors that lead to their backyard which they can open during the warmer months and embrace indoor-outdoor dining.

Guest Bathroom
The most amazing part of small spaces is that you can really put the time and attention into all the details and their guest bathroom is the perfect example of that. There isn’t one detail that we don’t love.

The Master Bedroom
With a baby on the way, Taylor and Mark will definitely need their own cozy, tranquil space to get as much shut eye as they can. In contrast to the other rooms, their master bedroom was truly designed with a calmness in mind and so we went with cool blues, whites, and grays.

The most amazing detail in the room? Mark had Taylor and his wedding vows transcribed by a local calligrapher and framed. Such a thoughtful touch.

Outside of the guest bathroom is their small mudroom that leads to their backyard. Keeping with the eclectic tone of the rest of the home, we had custom tile placed spelling out “hello” that greet guests when they walk in. 

We also added a fun dutch door in blue and built in bench with hooks where they can set a few of their items! We truly love this home and find it so uniquely refreshing!

Photography: Spacecrafting | Bathroom Wallpaper: Caitlin Wilson | Bedroom Chandelier: Restoration Hardware | Blue Tufted Bench: Serena & Lily | Builder: Stephen Longman Builders, Inc. | Gold Mirror: Four Hands | Interior Design: Bria Hammel Interiors | Kitchen Lanterns: Visual Comfort Lighting | Living Room Rug: Caitlin Wilson | Pink Velvet Chair: Anthropologie


A Rainy Forecast Couldn’t Stop This Couple From Celebrating

A forecast of rain couldn’t damper the shine on this couple’s special day! Vanessa Noel Events planned the celebration done in green and white, and thinking fast had the reception under a stunning sailcloth tent in case of rain.  Floral design by Noonan’s Wine Country Designs is utterly romantic, and the incredible imagery captured by Ashley Rae Studio will sweep you off your feet.  See it all inside the full gallery.

From Ashley Rae StudioWhen you plan an early September wedding in Los Olivos, California, you expect sunny skies and warm, late-summer breezes! Rachel and Steve were no exception.

However, when a rainy forecast presented itself the week of the wedding, this couple was determined to pivot as needed to host the most stunning wedding celebration, perform an epic first dance for their guests (you have to see her sequin dress), and throw the most memorable after-party!

You can see from the photos, that although there was a slight drizzle that abated right before Rachel walked down the aisle, this couple’s spirit was not dampened, and their guests were still able to enjoy the most elegant al fresco dinner under the sailcloth tent the couple had installed last minute on the day before they wed!

Photography: Ashley Rae Studio | Cinematography: Ashley Rae Studio | Floral Design: Noonan's Wine Country Designs | Cake: Solvang Bakery | Ceremony Venue: Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard | Reception Venue: Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard | Catering: Pure Joy Catering | DJ: Dart Collective | Transportation: Elegant Image Limousines | Beauty: Samara Beauty | Lighting + Power: SPARK Creative Events | Linens: BBJ La Tavola | Linens: Nuage Designs | Planing + Design + Stationary: Vanessa Noel Events | Rentals: Bright Event Rentals | Rentals: Theoni Collection

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Master the Perfect Touch of Gold like this Design Pro

I usually start making plans to move in to each and every Studio McGee gem that we feature. Their latest and greatest is absolutely no exception. With the softest pastel color palette and a signature touch of gold, the formal living room is just the beginning. Tour the home that starts with a gilded bang, and proceeds to get better and better. Plus, see even more captured by Lindsay Salazar in the VAULT.

Formal Living Room

Wall Color | Trim Color | Coffee Table | Garden Stool | Vases


We painted the walls and trim Simply White by Benjamin Moore and it made a world of difference. We wanted to brighten the room but keep it masculine, so we played with a few different ideas…charcoal, black, navy, etc. Ultimately we went with Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore. It is the perfect navy/charcoal blend.

Powder Room

Sconces | Art | Cart and Mirror are available to order through Studio McGee

Great Room

Walls are Benjamin Moore Classic Grey | Gray Sofa | Console


Cabinet Paint | Rug is vintage from this shop | Barstools | Lights | Kitchen Chairs

Basement Kitchenette

Photography : Lindsay Salazar | Interior Design: Studio McGee

What is “Grandmillennial?”

photo by: River Spencer

We’ve talked about it, you’ve seen inklings of it — but what really is the “grandmillennial” style?

We referenced that it just might be a trend making some headway in the upcoming decade, but to embrace the trend you must know the trend. Are you a grandmillenial?

We took the liberty of diving into this topic with full speed ahead. For a long time, clean lines, neutral colors and subdued patterns have ruled the roost, but that is starting to shift.

But clean lines aren’t going anywhere. The best part about this style is that it’s really not *replacing* so much as it’s bringing to light a whole new perspective of intentional style.

So, if any of the following characteristics apply to you, you might be a grandmillennial!

by: Caitlin Wilson Design

No Fear Of Colors Whatsoever. But In Tastefully, Of Course

Pastels are essentially neutrals. Every room could use a little pop of color, but obviously in a tasteful, mature way. The grand millennial style recognizes the beauty of white paired with the graceful use of color.

by: Clary Bosby Shell 

Tight Floral Patterns Are Appropriate In Every Room

Target just released a new line of Opal House with “Italian Hand-Painted Floral Pattern” and if that’s not an indicator that this style is catching wind than we don’t know what is. The tighter the pattern, the better. And why not tastefully mix it with another gorgeous, tight-knit pattern in coordinating colors?

by: Jenny Keenan Design

A Reverence To Traditional Style

A true appreciation for the detailing that comes with older homes is a key characteristic of the grandmillennial style. We’re talking crown moulding, original hardwood floors, pocket doors, antique chandeliers…. a formal dining room!

by: Amy L Berry 

We Say “Whicker!” You Say “WE’LL TAKE MORE!”

Whicker is a true treasure, and the older the better. Whether it’s a chair or a basket it’s something you spend time collecting as much of it as you can.

by: The Dolphin Fine Linens

Needlepoint, Monogramming And Custom Embroidery Makes You Swoon

The more handmade and personalized it is, the better. A pillow doesn’t really seem at home unless it has your initials on it.

by: Bailey McCarthy

Materials Matter

You know the different uses of cotton and linen. You wouldn’t dream of re-painting a piece of solid oak furniture, the more worn the better! Teak furniture properly weathered outside is dreamy. You pick your furniture by how sturdy it is and your linens by how breathable they are. To you, what it’s made of matters a great deal.

By: Morgan Hunt

Drapes Are Simply Necessary In Every Room

A room just wouldn’t feel complete without them! And yes we extend this clarification past simply just recognizing the need for curtains. Again, we reiterate that there is no fear in choosing color OR a pattern in this category as well. (or both!)

by: Sasha Nichols

A Full Set Of Your Very Own China Is The Highest Achievement

The dream is to have a fully decked-out set of china complete with coordinating chargers and napkins. And sure, you COULD by the set all at once and have everything matching from the bread dish to the soup bowl. But there is joy found in the hunt! Finally tracking down that matching gravy boat after hears of searching is met with pure elation.

by: Traci White Designs

Wallpaper Is Always The Right Answer

There really is no need to elaborate here. Wallpaper is always appropriate.

So if any or all of these apply to you, you’re not alone. This style embraces feminine details and pink florals, and we fully embrace it. Bonus points if you read this in a matching pajama set.

The Bachelorette’s Lesley Murphy Gets Married At A Must-See Maui Wedding

Destination wedding dreams come true at this Maui must-see. Lesley Murphy of The Bachelorette marries the man of her dreams at this fairytale day planned by Mauna Creative.  Utterly romantic blooms designed by Asa Flowers will have you head over heels in love, and every picture perfect moment is elegantly captured in exquisite imagery by Chris J Evans Photography.  You won’t want to miss a single detail inside the full gallery.

From Lesley MurphyIt’s funny to think that a decade ago, I went on The Bachelor to try and find love. While it didn’t work out, it did set me on a path that would eventually lead me to Alex. Cut to 2018 when we were both living in LA and I had a broken drone (that a previous boyfriend flew into a palm tree! Truly, every circumstance that happened in my life was so purposeful, leading me straight to a path for Alex). I DM’d a drone pilot in LA, and he ended up messaging me back saying that he could meet the next day to try and fix it. Even though he couldn’t repair it, he lent me one of his to use for my shoot (because he knew I’d have to come back and return it; thus seeing him again!). I think it was our 9th date when we traveled to Norway together for my work. To this day, that trip is still one of my favorites after almost 30 countries together! Here’s a write-up on The Story of Us, and here’s the proposal with a drone, a United plane, and the ring box.

We’d dated a year and a half before he proposed on February 4th, 2020, with a drone (an ode to his work, of course), a model airplane (an ode to my work, of course) and a ring box – a month before the pandemic began. Thankfully, we’d spent most of February in New Zealand which doubled as a celebratory trip and a work trip. We hadn’t booked anything by the time the world shut down which I was really grateful for. Alex hails from Australia, a country that had one of the strictest shutdowns in the entire world. We decided that we wanted our favorite people by our side during our special day, so we waited… And waited… And waited some more until the world opened back up and we could begin planning! Where do a travel blogger and a drone pilot who span two continents get married?! The search spanned 8 countries and after thinking long and hard (and even canceling some plans and a planner in Argentina), we decided it made the most sense to meet halfway between Little Rock, AR and Sydney, Australia: Maui, Hawai’i at a property we knew and loved so much: the Ritz Carlton Kapalua. Back in 2016, I went on a press trip to this exact property. I brought my mom as my +1. On the trip was a drone pilot named Adam. Cut to 2018 when I was living in LA with a broken drone. I texted Adam to see if he could help me troubleshoot. He said he couldn’t, but if I was in LA to DM a drone pilot named Alex. Adam was our matchmaker on that fateful day, and had I not traveled to the Ritz Carlton Kapalua for that press trip, I never would have met Adam, nor would I ever have met Alex. With that being said, plus the fact that this hotel was our daughter’s very first trip in 2021, we decided it made perfect sense to say our vows on the property that meant so much to us. What was the best part of planning? I loved being able to plan my wedding side by side with my mom. I had no idea what I was doing, but she’s always been my rock. My weakness is her strength – she is so decisive whereas I’m incredibly indecisive. It’s a character flaw, but we got there in the end with Jennifer’s amazing help! She had so much vision and presented great options for our island wedding. Every time I felt anxious about a decision, her calm and confident demeanor came through and immediately I felt better. What memories from your day were unexpectedly amazing or those you hold most dear? What stood out? So much about October 14th was unforgettable. I’ll never forget seeing the ceremony and reception setup for the very first time. During the planning process, I always had a really hard time picturing it because a lot of what we had planned had never been done/built before including the canopies over the tables. Seeing it for the first time took my breath away. It was a scene out of my dreams! When it came time for everyone to walk down the aisle, I was worried if my 20 month old daughter (at the time) would walk with her cousins or not.

I remember Jennifer saying the day before during rehearsals that whatever happened, happened! She laid the groundwork that no matter what Nora decided, everything was going to work out. When push came to shove, Nora wouldn’t go with her cousins. I looked at my Dad, he looked back at me. I bent down to scoop her up, like it was supposed to happen this way all along, and he said in his enthusiastic tone, “Here we go!” It wasn’t the moment I’d always pictured, but it was perfectly us and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll never forget looking over my shoulder during the ceremony towards the sea. It was golden hour. The sun was setting. Sea mist was in the air. Islands rising tall in the background. It was jaw-dropping scenery out of a storybook and truly perfect weather. What was really fascinating about the weather that day was around 8pm when everyone was on the dance floor, it started to sprinkle. I got so nervous that I grabbed Alex’s hand and headed for the photo booth. I think I was looking for a distraction of any kind. We didn’t have any sort of tent or cover that night. If it rained, the reception was ruined. When we got out of the photo booth, the sprinkling had stopped and all was well. What I didn’t know until the next day was that just a few hundred yards away at the hotel (we were down on the beach lawn), it was pouring rain! I thank my lucky stars that it decided to skip over us on the beach lawn that evening. One last standout memory was when we were all seated for dinner. I was in the center of the entire set up with our guests on either side of me, my family next to me, and the band in front of me. I sat there stunned for a few seconds, taking it all in, creating a memory. I wanted to live in that moment forever. Any vendor experiences worth noting from your team? My wedding planner, Jennifer Pletcher, from Mauna Creative, deserves so much praise for bringing this wedding to life! I couldn’t have done it without her direction and guidance, and for that, I’m forever grateful. Asa Flowers, my florist, just got it. Without having to overly explain myself, he knew exactly how to execute what florals I wanted and where. The venue and the staff from The Ritz Carlton Kapalua are topnotch and can’t be replicated. Chris J Evans Photography is the definition of PRO. Jordan Kahn Orchestra- Walton Stout Band out of Dallas is the best wedding band that money can book! If you’re in need of an elite team in Maui, these are your people. Then honestly your wedding to me  meant so much because you three were already a family the moment Nora was born, but became official that day which I thought was so special, if you want to close with your feelings on that and your family? I think society tells you there’s a proper order to life. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.” I absolutely love that we started our family in the middle of a pandemic when we couldn’t have a wedding anyway! We would’ve been waiting three years to welcome a child otherwise. The fact that she was earthside and could be a part of our special day as our flower girl made all the difference. I will cherish the moment she walked down the aisle on my hip and the moment we all became the Kavanaghs!

Photography: Chris J. Evans | Videographer: Wes Larsen Media | Event Planning: Mauna Creative | Floral Design: Asa Flowers | Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Invitations: By Invitation Only | Reception Venue: Ritz Carlton Kapalua | Hair And Makeup: Maui Makeup Artistry | Officiant: Ealae Weddings | Ceremony Music/Rehearsal Dinner Entertainment: Manutea Nui E | DJ/Cold Sparks: Maui DJ Services | Day of Papery: Miss B Calligraphy | Photo Bus: Maui Photo Bus | Reception Music: jordan kahn orchestra | Rentals: Accel Rentals Maui | Rentals: Artisan Events

[iframe 600 338]

Dress Your Easter Table to the Nines

Mariée Ami, one of the nation’s top event planners and designers, collaborated with a creative group for a stylish take on an Easter celebration. The group of creatives – all local to the Alabama region – came together at Shoppe, a local garden fan-favorite shop with entertaining, landscaping and home essentials, to create a sweet scene inside their beautiful greenhouse. Today, they are sharing with the SMP Living readers how to host a memorable Easter celebration at home, and the importance of creating new rituals as our day-to-day lives change.

Despite the call to social distance, we believe that human connection is ever present. This is an opportunity to start new traditions that help you and your family connect on a new level. Get crafty and encourage your children to get involved with planning the menu and preparing the meal with you. Let everyone find a favorite passage from a book they love to read around the table.

When it comes to design, reach out to a local vintage seller and see if they will rent you some beautiful china to bring in a fresh aesthetic. Support local textile makers or shop linens from an independent brand, like those in our Ami Á Vie collection – they’ll brighten your home for many days to come!

You can also support a local business by purchasing potted plants or centerpieces from them and getting them shipped or arranging a pickup. This could also lead to a fun afternoon activity should you choose to spend some time in the garden outdoors.

In my home, we are going to try and set up a neighborhood egg hunt where everyone participates at the same time so we feel connected, even when trying to keep our distance. — Neillie Butler, Mariee Ami

Photography: Catherine Taylor | Event Planning: Mariée Ami Wedding Planning Studio | Florals: Southern Posies | Venue: Shoppe | Linens: Mariée Ami Wedding Planning Studio | Styling Partner: Ragan Cain | Vintage rentals: Tea and Old Roses

An All-White Minimalist Wedding at The Inn at Willow Grove

One thing’s for certain… an all-white wedding palette will always be in style – and today’s monochromatic affair at The Inn at Willow Grove planned by IDA ROSE EVENTS proves just that. From the bride’s sleek, elegant gown to the spicy margarita escort display that will without a doubt blow up Pinterest, there’s so much to love about the full gallery of details, all captured by Hana Gonzalez Photography.

From Hana Gonzalez Photography… Mimi and Nigel went with an all-white, minimalist wedding. They were married in September at the unique and intimate Willowgrove Inn in Orage, Virginia. Willowgrove Inn has multiple locations to get married, have your reception and enjoy your intimate wedding.

Their wedding flowers were all white, which creates an elegant, modern, and sleek look. Mimi’s wedding gown was the perfect fit of modern and romantic and matched aesthetics perfectly.

The morning of the wedding, after everyone was ready, Mimi and her dad shared an emotional first look; there is something so beautiful about a father seeing his daughter for the first time before walking her down the aisle to begin the start of her new life.

Mimi and Nigel opted to say their vows to each other that they had written to each other at the ceremony; they were raw and real, and you could tell they love each other so much. After the ceremony, the guests and newlyweds enjoyed a Candlelit dinner followed by a fun reception filled with lots of dancing and a real band; Mimi even changed out of her wedding gown into a reception dress.


Photography: Hana Gonzalez Photography | Cinematography: ValCinema | Event Planning: IDA ROSE EVENTS | Floral Design: Springvale Floral | Wedding Dress: The Bridal Room | Cake: Fluffy Thoughts Bakery | Invitations: Minted | Calligraphy: Jessica McSweeney | Wedding Venue: Inn at Willow Grove | Beauty: Caitlyn Meyer | Music: Bialeks Music | Music: DC Synergy | Rentals: Social Supply Design | Rentals: Select Event Group | Rentals: MS Events

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Rich Tones And Classic Details Wedding Inspiration

You’ll love the lux colors and timeless details captured inside this dreamy inspiration shoot.  Sarah Landon Design planned the style-forward day, and free-flowing floral arrangements by Zuri Floral Design elevated the elegance.  The love story is forever captured in time in artful imagery captured by Adriana Klas.   Visit the full gallery for a closer look at all the lovely.

From Adriana KlasThis beautiful wedding inspiration created at Sunstone Villa was dreamed up and designed by Sarah of Sarah Landon Design: “Designing this day was so much fun! I wanted to play with rich tones with a classic feeling, and bringing in the deep green shades felt so natural for the setting.

Soft hues in the floral pieces kept the design light, while adding tons of texture from the fresh blooms. The simplicity of Lauren’s Liz Martinez gown was mirrored with clean lines, minimalist paper details and a small yet chic bouquet.”

As the photographer (Adriana Klas Photography) I really wanted to play off Sarah’s design aesthetic with a classic approach to the photos as well as keeping the feeling organic and natural to the couple.

Photography: Adriana Klas | Event Design: Sarah Landon Design | Event Planning: Sarah Landon Design | Floral Design: Zuri Floral Design | Cake: Autumn Cake Design | Invitations: August + White | Groom's Attire: Friar Tux | Arch: Celebration Party Rentals | Bridal Dress: Liz Martinez | Bridal Hair: The Queens Bees | Bridal Make Up: Estialchemy- Katy Hunter | Bridal Salon: En Blanc | Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Rentals: Theoni Collection | Rentals: All About Events | Specialty Rentals: Lola Valentina Design | Styling Items: Locust Collection | Veil and Jewelry: Untamed Petals

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A Spring Romance Wedding at Borgo Stomennano In Tuscany

Spring is in full bloom at this tasteful Tuscan wedding.  The Tuscan Wedding planned a day that pulled out all the stops, and blooms by Flowers Living brought the couple’s love story to life.  Every magical moment is elegantly captured by Purewhite Photography, each detail is better than the last inside the full gallery.

From The Tuscan WeddingWhen Lucy and Anton had begun to think of their dream destination wedding, there was only one place they kept coming back to: Italy. The beautiful landscapes, the exquisite cuisine, the beautifully preserved ancient architecture, the friendly people – all that and more had the couple dreaming of their perfect Italian wedding. Once they’d begun researching, they found the incredible Borgo Stomennano, a tiny village with a classic beautiful villa overlooking the hills of Monteriggioni in Tuscany, built over the ancient ruins of Etruscan and roman cultures before. Once they’d seen the photos of the hills that had once inspired the Poet Dante Alighieri himself, Lucy and Anton knew they’d found their location – but how to find all the rest of their vendors? How to organize and plan for a wedding with all of their friends and loved ones, not a small number in the slightest – while making sure they found the best Italy could offer in florists, caterers, even photographers? It was then that they found The Tuscan Wedding, and all their prayers were answered. With so many years of experience in wedding planning and connections with some of the best wedding services to be found in the country, Lucy and Anton knew they could count on The Tuscan Wedding so their special day could happen without a hitch.

When the day finally came, Lucy and Anton had only to worry about getting themselves ready for their big day – The Tuscan Wedding took care of the rest! Of course, getting ready for the ceremony is just as important as the rest of the day – and when Lucy appeared from the stone steps in a long-sleeved, long ivory dress that sparkled with silver sequins and pearls, 3D tulle flowers, and a modest illusion neckline, it was clear she had done an incredible job. The bride glowed as she walked through the courtyard toward the romantic front garden where Anton awaited, with soft pink cheeks and lips, a cat-eye liner look to highlight her bright blue-green eyes, and her long hair loose and waving gently under a simple but beautifully long flowy train embroidered with lacy flower motifs. Anton waited for by the charming stone pond turned into a fountain, a cheeky angel grinning in the center and surrounded by terracotta vases on stone pedestals full of white blooms. The guests watched from the side as Lucy followed the white flower petals scattered along the grass to form a dreamy, romantic aisle, while the musicians played the guitar and sang gently for the couple as Lucy finally reached Anton’s side. It was a breathtakingly sunny day, with guests sporting complimentary white parasols while they watched the ceremony and cheered for the newlyweds when they finally shared their first kiss.

The fun had only just begun, however; as Lucy, Anton and their bridal parties took fun and romantic photographs with Purewhite Photography along the grounds of Borgo Stomennano, the guests were treated to a full bar by Mercury Events and the incredible catering of Galateo Ricevimenti in the back garden. The décor was exquisite, with Wedding Music And Lights having set up endless strands of fairy lights and sparkling golden chandeliers hanging from the trees that surrounded the single, incredibly long dining table, while Flower living had created exquisite garlands of woven white and blush roses, mini white carnations, and foliage of lemons leaves, Italian ruscus and baby blue leaves as a centerpiece, with long white candles in golden candleholders scattered between. Once Lucy and Anton had returned to their guests from a special photo session in the Borgo’s spectacular olive groves and vineyards, the speeches and dedications began with laughter, tears of joy, and endless smiles abounding from all, all recorded by the expert videography by Vertigo Wedding. The night ended with music by DJ Matthew carrying on through the night as the guests danced, sang along, and partied, celebrating Lucy and Anton’s love and making the night unforgettable for all.

Photography: Purewhite Photography | Cinematography: Vertigo Wedding | Event Planning: The Tuscan Wedding | Floral Design: Flowers Living | Stationery: Red Berry Print | Ceremony Venue: Borgo Stomennano | Reception Venue: Borgo Stomennano | Catering: Galateo Ricevimenti | Makeup artist: Sue Brophy | Lighting: Wedding Music And Lights | DJ: Dj Matthew | Bridal Gown: Eisen Stein Bridal | Bridal shoes: Badgley Mischka | Groom's parfume: Tom Ford | Music: The Chain Du

[iframe 600 338]

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A Fabulous Fall Wedding In California Filled With Inspired Ideas

This fabulous fall wedding is full of special touches. Starting with a neutral palette for the ceremony and ending with bold bright colors at the reception, Morgan Events planned a day filled with style and fun.  Floral design by Michael Daigian Design helped bring the couple’s Big Day vision to life, and Larissa Cleveland Photography captured every breathtaking moment beautifully in imagery that is sure to stand the test of time.  Visit the full gallery for a closer look at all the lovely.

From Larissa Cleveland PhotographyEmily and Essam met in 2015 when a friend of Emily’s invited her to try the cool new restaurant in town and said that she “knew the general manager so they could easily get in”. Emily jumped on the opportunity as they were both working in the restaurant industry at the time. Emily learned during that meeting that they actually had a lot of friends in common, but Emily was seeing someone at the time so never really considered Essam as anything but a new friend. Over the next two years Emily and Essam ran into each other frequently, remaining friendly, and always made sure to send a gift when one dined at the other’s restaurant. In 2017, two years after meeting, on Labor Day weekend, Emily and Essam ran into each other, each with a group of friends. The groups converged and Emily and Essam spent the entire night deep in conversation – maybe the first real time that either of them really connected. A few weeks later, Essam asked Emily to dinner, though she actually said no as she was focused on moving to New York. To which Essam responded, “its free dinner, how bad could it be.” Emily really could not argue with his reasoning and once he suggested her favorite restaurant and her favorite food, the yes came easily. After their first date, Essam turned to Emily and said, “Does this feel really comfortable to you?” two year later, they moved in together in February 2020, right before covid hit. But covid brought them closer together – spending their time hiking mount tam, cooking at home, and staying connected with close friends. In September 2021,5 years after they started dating. Essam embarked on a 450 mile hike with Emily’s brother and their close friend. From the hike, they called Emily and told her to prepare for a big welcome home feast with both families. Disguised as a slideshow, put together beautifully by Essam, he surprised Emily and proposed that evening in front of their families.

  • About the food and beverage…
    • With 20 collective years between us in the restaurant industry, Friday night
    was catered by a good friend, someone both Essam and i worked with. And Saturday night was catered by our friends and favorite restaurant
    • The bar was tended by our friend Jackson and one of my best friends’
    brothers! And technically also the reason Essam and I met
    • Friday nights food was Spanish themed because exactly two years prior,
    Essam told Emily “i love you” in Spain over the best meal of our lives
    • The food was inspired by Essam’s Arabic culture and Emily’s Jewish and
    Armenian culture – the goal was to find the intersection so we settled on
    dolmas, hummus, and and kitbeh as well as baklava and kanafeh, foods
    both the bride and groom grew up with
    • Every single bottle of wine was handpicked by Essam and purchased
    through his friends and community and sat in our basement for the entire
    year, slowly growing in size!
  • About the music…
    • Emily grew up singing, so the first dance was sung by three of her best
    friends, all of whom she sang with at different parts of her life. Middle
    school, college, and high school
    • The Arab music was specifically handpicked by Essam’s father who grew
    up in Nazareth
    • Our first dance song was Tennessee whiskey because about a month into
    dating, Emily and Essam were walking down an alleyway, and he
    stopped, put the song on his phone, and we danced. From that moment
    on, he would always randomly put the song on and we would slow dance
    to it – we even did it in a snowstorm in New York one time.
  • About the venue…
    • Bringing our own wine was a MUST since Essam is in the wine industry
    • Hiking and the outdoors is extremely important to us so we knew we
    wanted to get married outside. We wanted something beautiful, organic,
    but not manicured. We also wanted it to be a little quirky to fit our
    playful personalities!
    • We really wanted to be able to relax and the bride specifically didn’t
    want to have to get in a car for the entire weekend, so onsite
    accommodations were also a necessity – the hope was for it to feel a little
    like summer camp for adults

  • About the decor…
    • Essam loves color and Emily prefers muted, so we made sure to do a little
    of both. The ceremony was white and green with small bits of pink, Emily’s
    favorite color, and the reception was brighter colors with yellows, oranges,
    blues and greens.
    • Essam always wanted it to be like “Gatsby meets the ranch” so that it felt
    beautiful and sophisticated but very natural and organic. It needed to be
    refined, but also effortless.
    • Nothing is more special than when your FATHER and his team, people you
    have known your entire life, and even worked on some weddings with,
    are in turn designing YOUR wedding.
    • The invitations were handled by my friend Lauren and purposefully
    captured how playful we are
    • In fact, it really started with an offhand comment from Essam “how about
    dancing chickens”
  • About the vendors…
    • Morgan Doan of Morgan Events, our fabulous, extraordinaire wedding planner has been a household name in my family, so getting to work with her was like fate
    • Larissa Cleveland of Larissa Cleveland Photography, our amazing photographer was chosen specifically because of her history with my father and her stunning work
    • The entire floral team at Michael Daigian Design were people I have
    known my whole life
    • All the food was from close friends in the restaurant industry
    • We didn’t do a wedding party, but rather chose people to contribute in
    different ways, through speeches, singing or officiating.
    • The invitations were design by my friend, Lauren Brigham Design!

Photography: Larissa Cleveland Photography | Event Planning: Morgan Events | florals: Michael Daigian Design | dress: Monique Lhuilier | Catering: Valley Bar and Bottle | Catering: Abiocco Catering | lighting: Lux Production | DJ: Namhab | band: Lucky Devils Band | grooms suit: Isiah | Rentals: Encore Event Rentals | Rentals: Theoni Collection | bar: Brass Tacks Bar

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A Perfectly Pink Wedding In Park City

Pink lovers are sure to swoon for this picture perfect Park City day.  Every carefully curated moment was artfully designed by Stylish Details, and the bright and cheery blooms are sure to take your breath away.  You can feel the love and joy of the garden party bursting through beautifully imagery captured by Natalie Bray Studios. Each minute is better than the last inside the full gallery.

From Natalie Bray StudiosA countryside garden party set the tone for this destination wedding in the Utah mountains, guests were greeted with a colors of bright pink and tons of flowers. Betsy and Michael had the vision to create a summer getaway for guests. Knowing that 100% of them were flying in specifically for the occasion, they wanted it to be an experience to remember. The wedding day started with the sweetest first look between Betsy and Michael. She gave him a hug with tears in her eyes and they both lit up when they saw each other.

Betsy glowed as she danced in the fields wearing an ethereal off-the shoulder gown with layers of blush and sparkle by Galia Lahav. Betsy is a wedding photographer herself, taking photos for artists such as Trevor Noah, Lizzo, and many more. She enlisted industry talent from California (her home) to make magic at River Bottoms Ranch. Betsy photographed a wedding at this venue years ago and knew immediately it was where she wanted to get married. Michael and Betsy are high school sweethearts and truly best friends.

Guests were immersed in the countryside with views of the snow covered mountains, aisle of pink blooms, string quartet, and parasols in hand as they witnessed the couple say their personal vows, which is one of M & B’s favorite memories from the day. The couple’s golden retriever, Poppy, even matched the setting with flowers around her collar. She ran down the aisle and then took a nap. It was priceless. The reception kicked off with a choreographed first dance to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” that wowed their guests! The band was incredible and brought everyone to their feet as they danced the night away.

Photography: Natalie Bray Studios | videography: Emma Lynn Cinema | Event Design: Stylish Details | Floral Design: Bushel and a Peck Floral Design | Wedding Dress: Galia Lahav | cake: Flour and Flourish | Stationery: Dominique Alba | shoes: Loeffler Randall | make up: Phoebe Dawson | Hair: Kali Chris Hair and Makeup | Location: River Bottoms Ranch | rentals: ARCHIVE RENTALS

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How to Choose a Wedding Stationer That’s Right for You

Deciding between custom, semi-custom, and mass-market invitations often comes down to what you value and prioritize most. However, the formality of the event and level of investment in other areas should also inform your plan for stationery. If you’re hosting a black tie destination wedding weekend on Lake Como, mass-market stationery will probably not be able to properly communicate what your guests should expect. These destination affairs typically have intense, weekend itineraries that require a lot more than traditional invitation suites can convey with simple accommodations, reception, and RSVP cards. Likewise, a backyard picnic wedding with casual attire doesn’t necessarily call for custom, foil-printed invitations on handmade paper. Consider what works best for you and your partner in the grand scheme of things and plan accordingly. 

Photography by Anya Kernes Photography | Stationery by Olive Saint Lily

Once you’ve decided which general direction best fits your needs, it’s time to choose a specific stationer or retailer. Consider the atmosphere and feeling you want on your wedding day, and find a stationer that matches the tone you’re looking to achieve. If you’re dreaming of handmade paper, look for a vendor who is experienced in working with that material. Our Real Weddings and LBB Directory, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google are all great places to find vendors that fit your style if you don’t have a wedding planner to make recommendations. Just like we mentioned earlier, you can find something that truly gives you ALL those heart eyes just by taking a peek of our Instagram feed and following the tagged trail to the stationer of your dreams. 

Photography by KT Merry Photography | Stationery by Paper Birch Designs


“Ask yourself, what is the feeling you want your wedding day to have? If you want your wedding to be clean, modern and minimalist, don’t choose a vendor whose style is feminine, elaborate and romantic. Not only do you want someone who matches your style and taste, but your vendor wants to work with someone who will allow them to showcase their best style of work.”  –Emily Mayne, Emily Mayne Studio

Photography by Katie Grant Photography | Stationery by Veronica Halim Calligraphy

When you narrow down your choices to a few vendors, inquire with them to receive a quote. If you’re ordering custom, the designer may want to schedule a phone call or ask you a few questions to get to know you better before putting options together. When you receive a quote and see what they can offer, consider if their process, pricing, and availability fits your needs, and feel free to ask them questions! Vendors appreciate when clients engage in some Q&A, it shows how seriously they take their services. 

Photography by Luna de Mare Photography | Stationery by Plume Calligraphy 


“Ask questions! And then also be sure to ask if the vendor if they have their own ideas to contribute. The best invites are a team effort, not a one-way conversation.” -Michael Musser, Anticipate Invitations

Custom and semi-custom stationery involves a vendor relationship, so become familiar with who they are and how they work. When you’re confident that a vendor is the one that will bring your stationery dreams to life, book them! 

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Chic Caldera View Destination Wedding in Santorini

Today’s styled shoot from AMV Weddings has us daydreaming of hot summer vacations on the islands of Greece! With jaw-dropping views of the Aegean sea, a soft white palette, viral-worthy fashion moments, and blooms by Maria Voudouri – the full gallery by Sophie Kaye is definitely one you won’t want to miss!

From Amanda at AMV Weddings… With the stunning Caldera Views as our backdrop, this editorial was set at the gorgeous Rocabella Resort in the heart of Santorini and was designed to provide swoon-worthy destination wedding inspiration from one of the most romantic islands in Europe. With a beautiful soft white palette to compliment the jaw-dropping views surrounding the venue, the team at AMV Weddings designed a chic, playfully styled wedding complete with a pre-wedding swim in the resort’s infinity pool, featuring bridal swimwear by Karen Sabag Rever. The entire day was captured flawlessly by Sophie Kaye Photography and video coverage by Love Story Films.

Our Ceremony was staged at the stunning Infinity Kiosk with perfectly unobstructed views of the Caldera and dripping white lush florals by Maria Voudouri. Our bride, Zara, wore a gorgeous gown by Wona Concept with a detachable cape train which flowed beautifully in the soft island breezes.

Following the ceremony, the reception table was set on the lower Infinity Pool Platform along the rocky cliffsides of the Caldera. The bride wore a second dramatic yet playful reception look, the Zephyr Gown by OM Couture, paired with a gorgeous bow and earrings by Botias Accessories. To end the day, the couple enjoyed a walk along the cliffside as the sun went down!

Photography: Sophie Kaye | Cinematography: LOVE STORY FILMS | Event Design: AMV Weddings | Event Planning: AMV Weddings | Floral Design: Maria Voudouri | Wedding Dress: WONA NYC | Wedding Dress: OM Design Studio | Cake: Monika Kos Sweets | Invitations: Laura Elizabeth Patrick | Groom's Attire: Bucco Couture | Beauty: Madeline Eleanor | Rentals: Spicy Bites | Rentals: Weddings and Whimsy | Rentals: Spark Events | Weddings Rings: Victor Barbone Jewelry

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Pretty In Peach Coastal Wedding In California

This peachy keen wedding along the coast of Malibu is sure to delight.  The Blushing Details planned the dreamy day, and Flower Allie filled it with a plethora of the most romantic blooms. You’ll love every special moment all artfully captured by Ether & Smith. Visit the full gallery to ooh and aah over every carefully curated detail.

From The Blushing DetailsDesigner and planner, The Blushing Details worked with passion for planning, design, and styling this love-filled romantic coastal wedding for this stunning couple, Eyenne and Paul. At our design meeting, our lovely bride wanted a peach-tone color with an essence of pink and a pop of raspberry color palette. As you see, peaches, pink, and raspberry can transition into each other quite easily. I created coastal romantic weddings with these soft hues, but also embody the essence of the color palette, especially to reflect in the smallest details.

Such elements were designed with pressed flowers for the table number and bar sign by Darling Daydream. The gorgeous floral by Flower Allie featured vibrant pop of raspberry color along with some fresh roses, ranunculus, and other fresh blooms with a combination of natural green foliages placed throughout our tablescape, bar, seating display, fountain, and arch. I wanted to effortlessly use flowers & push the boundaries to create a more elaborate sweetheart table filled with flower elements and candles. The same flower element is displayed throughout the reception table creating this romantic feeling of overlooking the coast.

Each corner had a romantic element that included hanging escort cards by Sea & Sun Calligraphy off of champagne glasses for the guest seating, and an invitation suite customized overseas in the Philippines all the way down to the napkins by BBJ La Tavola wrapped with a delicate chiffon ribbon. And the same flower element was created on the dancefloor to create a more cohesive design. We topped it all off with a stunning wedding cake with pressed flowers designed by Lila Cake Shop. As a wedding planner and designer-The Blushing Details, wanted to help the couple by crafting a truly romantic coastal aesthetic filled with fresh blooms; something key to the essential part of the romantic fairytale story.

Photography: Ether & Smith | Videographer: Lace and Lapel | Planner: The Blushing Details | Florist: Flower Allie | Cake: Lila Cake Shop | Bridesmaids' Dresses: SHow Me Your Mumu | Makeup and Hair: Beauty by Bon Bon | Calligraphy: Darling Daydream | DJ: DJ Wrex | Officiant: Great Officiants | String Quartet: Gemini Strings | Ceremony Dress: Enzoani | Ceremony and Reception: Bel Air Bay Club | Escort Cards: Sea and Sun Calligraphy | Invites: Neo Novelties | Lighting, Drapery, & Dancefloor: TMMPRO | Linen: BBJ La Tavola | MC: Mitchelle Guzman | Photobooth: Triumph Photobooth | Reception Dress: Galia Lahav | Rentals: MTB Event Rentals

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French Country Aesthetic With a Palette Inspired by Nature

When Rebecca Rose Events and Anne Rhett Photography team up for a french country-inspired wedding, you know the results will be nothing short of breathtaking. The beautiful bride kicked tradition to the curb with the epic Monique Lhuillier “Bloom” gown in a sage green hue while her ‘maids donned all white. See the full gallery of details of this southern inspired fête at full gallery, all captured by Anne Rhett!

Ann Bennett loves a French country aesthetic and wanted the wedding to feel like a breath of fresh air and effortlessly beautiful. We leaned into a palette of blues and greens – all inspired by nature – with a few very playful hints of her favorite color: orange.

Her sister, Janie, the maid of honor, wore a pale blue gown and all of the other girls wore white. Ann Bennett wanted her sister to be distinctive, and it was such a unique spin on the old traditions since her own dress was patterned with green floral details, and the only white gowns were worn by the bridal party. Janie’s dress was such a fun “something blue” (in addition to the blue detailing on Ann Bennett’s Manolo Blahnik heels, of course.)

We used fresh, seasonal flowers to create a soft, garden aesthetic, including peonies, garden roses, sweet pea, ranunculus, larkspur, tweedia, and greenery such as gardenia foliage, hosta leaves, Italian ruscus, and variegated pittosporum.

The welcome gifts contained some fun local favorites: Moravian sugar cookies, a treat unique to Winston-Salem (Ann Bennett’s hometown, and the location of the wedding), and Chicago’s famous Garrett popcorn, a staple from the city where AB and Ryan have made their home.

Photography: Anne Rhett Photography | Videography: Clayton Film Co. | Design: Rebecca Rose Events | Event Design: Rebecca Rose Events | Wedding Gown: Monique Lhuillier | Cake: Sugar Euphoria | Ceremony Venue: Centenary United Methodist Church | Reception Venue: Old Town Club | Bride's Shoes: Monolo Blahnik | Hair and Makeup: Glass Door Salon and Spa | Calligraphy: Carole Murray | Band: Big City Rythm - East Coast Entertaiment | Transportation: Triad Trolleys | Linens: Nuage Designs | Linens: Stradley Davidson Linen Collective | Tents and Tabletop Rentals: Professional Party Rentals

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