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Elegant Loft on Pine Wedding

This is the sort of wedding where every last detail is almost too pretty to believe.  From the stunning florals from Designs By Marina to the breathtaking candlelit ceremony.  But peel back the layers of gorgeous and this is a story of two high school sweeties; a duo soooooo seriously adorable, you can’t help but love every last second of their day captured by AndySeo Studio.  See it here.


From the Groom… Some would call it chance, others fate. Either way, I was one of the lucky few who would find the person I would spend the rest of my life with at a very early age. I first met Nancy at a cross town rival high school’s club event. We had mutual friends who introduced us briefly; I don’t think I said more than two words to her that first night. It wouldn’t be until months later that I mustered up the courage to say “hi” to her again. I fell in love with her personality way before I fell in love with her gorgeous features, and that’s how I knew that the connection we had was something real. She was witty, charming, goofy, and above all else, surprising; constantly keeping me on my toes. I had never met anyone like her before in my life (or since then for that matter).

Throughout the course of those first couple of months, I must have asked her to be my girlfriend at least three or four times, and she mercilessly shot me down each time. I knew she wasn’t quite ready for a relationship just yet, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying nonetheless. Ironically, it was she who finally asked me out one cold night in December. Like a mastermind, she had orchestrated an elaborate scenario at the beach filled with heart shaped candles in the sand, and balloons that symbolized our soon to be relationship. Suffice it to say, we’ve been together ever since.

I’ve been with my then girlfriend, and now wife, for 12 amazing years. In that time, we’ve made countless memories together, from our high school prom to our college graduations. She’s even cracked my shell enough to show me how amazing it can be to travel around the world, experiencing new adventures together every step of the way. Because of her, I’ve had dinner on the beach in Fiji, jumped out of an airplane at 14,500 feet in Hawaii, watched the cherry blossoms fall in Japan, and ate the best pizza of my life in New York. She is my better half, constantly challenging me to live my life purposefully; making me look forward to each new day.

Last November, I made the decision to ask my high school sweetheart to be the woman I spend the rest of my life with. I wanted to surprise her in all the ways that she had done for me over the years. What she thought was a celebratory reunion for my birthday was in fact just an excuse to gather all of our friends together so that I could pop the big question. As everyone gathered around for what she assumed was the surprise birthday cake, I instead dropped down to one knee and asked the most important question of my life. What followed was a tumultuous chorus of tears, laughter, cheers, and congratulations; it is a night I will never forget.

The rest, as they say, is history. We were married about a year after our engagement on our 12th anniversary. The celebration was as much for us as it was for all the family and friends who have supported us along the way. These past 12 years have been a blessing. And yet, I know that the best is yet to come.

Photography: AndySeo Studio | Videography: Scenemotion | Floral Design: Designs By Marina | Hair & Makeup: Kelly Zhang | Wedding Venue: The Loft On Pine

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Romantic Rancho Las Lomas Summer Wedding

Any wedding that has a gorgeous display of homemade jam (not to mention a groom who is game to rock a superman suit and make it look good) is A-okay in my book. Add to that an absolutely stunning design from A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production filled with the prettiest of peaches and a rustic-meets-alfresco elegance against a backdrop as pretty as Rancho Las Lomas, with a menu from 24 Carrots and photographs by Studio EMP … well whew! You can be certain that here at SMP, we’ve already fallen head over heals.


From Joel Maus + Lorely Meza For Studio EMPAfter seizing the opportunity to take her last teaching credential class in Madrid, Spain during the summer of 2008, Michella decided there had to be some way to get back to the country she was so fond of. She completed her elementary teaching credential in California, and then in January 2009 she hopped back on a plane headed for Madrid. With high hopes of improving her Spanish enough to obtain a Spanish teaching credential, Michella had no idea what more was in store for her on the other side of the Atlantic.

After many intensive Spanish classes, private English classes, Google translations, tapas, and fiestas later, Michella found herself with an amazing group of Spanish friends whom she actually met through talking to a Spaniard named David sitting next to her on her first plane ride to Madrid.
On December 5, 2009, Michella was getting over a cold when she got a call from the group, saying there was a party that night. It didn’t take much for her amigos to convince her to go, and that’s when fate stepped in. It was that very night at a nightclub when her friend Alberto mentioned that his old friend from elementary school, Alejandro, happened to be there too. He introduced them to each other, telling Michella that he was very kind and extremely good-looking while telling Alejandro that Michella was a blue-eyed blonde from California who spoke Spanish. Alejandro took Michella by the hand, and they talked and danced the night away. At the end of the night, he even walked her home when it started to rain, and they danced some more. Sure enough, Alejandro was successful in getting Michella’s number.

It didn’t take very long before they fell in love. Alejandro and Michella got to know each other better while sharing their languages, cuisines, and cultural idiosyncrasies. The couple took advantage of every opportunity they had to travel the world. It was on one of those trips, three years after they met to the day that Alejandro decided to propose in Rome, Italy. As soon as they dropped off their suitcases at about one o’clock in the morning, Alejandro persuaded Michella to visit the nearby Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately, a Japanese film crew that was shooting a movie spoiled Alejandro’s plan, and he had to wait one more day! The following night after a romantic dinner at the top of the Spanish Steps, they walked through the city admiring the Italian Christmas lights and made their way back down to the Trevi Fountain again. Alejandro proposed, and Michella said “yes” about a hundred times, followed by a hundred more of “si,” just to make sure!

From the Bride... I wanted something vintage, yet classy and very summery. Natalie came up with the term “rustic elegance” which really captured the vision. I also wanted to incorporate summer fruits and berries. One of my favorite summer memories is of my Dad and I picking blackberries in our backyard, then making jam. We ended up making 140 jars of blackberry jam for favors! Natalie came up with the idea of adding fresh peaches to decorate the tables, which not only gave the centerpieces a summery touch, but also smelled wonderful!

I wanted to have a beautiful wedding, the kind you stare at in wedding magazines and dream of every since you watched your first Disney movie. I love entertaining and working with themes, color palettes, and décor, so I could hardly wait to plan my special day! Especially since I married a Spaniard and was having family and friends fly over from Spain, I wanted a traditional American wedding, but one with enough pizazz to wow my guests and make sure they enjoyed themselves. Alejandro and I wanted a vintage theme, yet classy and elegant. I also wanted to play up the summery southern California theme too since to our guests from Spain, this was going to be like “a wedding in the movies.”

A special touch that made my wedding very meaningful was incorporating both Castellan Spanish and English. We had a bilingual ceremony and recited our personal vows in both languages. We even had my father’s welcome speech, the best man’s speech, and my matron-of-honor’s speech translated. The music we played was from both countries as well. I think it really made everyone feel like part of the celebration and I know they appreciated it.

The monarch butterfly release in memory of my mother was very touching. Instead of feeling sadness because of her absence, I felt happiness knowing she was right there celebrating with us. The butterflies landed on the flower arch above us, in my bridesmaids’ bouquets, and among the guests. There was even one under my veil that stayed during the whole ceremony. Ever so often, the butterflies would gracefully fly around and choose a new spot to sit. It was quite magical.

I loved all the vintage pieces Natalie found– from the antique windows on either side of the flowered arch, to the shoe racks that displayed the our blackberry jam favors, to the mint and blush furniture used during cocktail hour and later on during dancing. However, the details I adored the most, hands-down were the elegant chandeliers that dramatically encircled the ceremony and reception. Everything looked absolutely perfect!

When Alejandro and I walked back from taking couple pictures, I teared up when I saw how gorgeous everything was for the reception. We were both taken aback and thinking, “Wow, this is OUR wedding?” We loved the wooden tables, the beige linens that had just a touch of gold sparkle, the lovely flowers, the glass jewelry boxes filled with roses, the romantic mercury votive candles, and of course the fresh peaches!

My favorite DIY projects were the favors, the postcards, the flip-flops, and the photo booth props. Since Alejandro and I love to travel (and I’ll admit that I have kept a postcard collections since I was 12!), we started collecting vintage postcards from all our favorite places we’d visited for the wedding. Instead of having a guestbook, we asked our guests to “send us some love” by choosing a postcard, writing a message, and addressing it to us in Spain. My dad and sister have been sending us a few postcards every week. It’s really fun to receive them and relive the day a bit!

I searched every Old Navy from Orange to LA in search of mint, pink, and beige flip flops. Our female guests really appreciated them and they were great favors, especially since they were very “California.”

We had an amazing photo booth that already came with fun hats and disguises, but wanted to spice things up a bit by adding a dose of our Spanish and American cultures to the mix! In Madrid, Alejandro and I purchased Spanish flags, flamenco and bullfighter aprons, castanets, pretty fans, and other knick knacks. In California, I got American flags, swimsuit aprons, colored sunglasses (that were also favors) and silly 4th of July headbands and hats. Everyone said one of the best things about the wedding was our photo booth!

The biggest piece of advice would be to start your ceremony early so you have enough time to greet and chat a little with each table.

My best moments were during the ceremony. As I stood next to my father at the end of the isle looking up at my husband-to-be and our best friends on either side, I was absolutely blown away by the monarch butterflies released in memory of my mother. It was such a special moment because I knew she was there celebrating with us.

My other favorite moment was when Alejandro and I exchanged our personal vows in both English and Spanish. Hearing Alejandro speak from his heart in the language we fell in love in living in Spain and then him speaking in my native language was endearing and very meaningful. It was not only a way for all of the Spaniards and Americans to all involved in the ceremony by understanding everything, but also a way of showing our commitment and the unifying of two different families, backgrounds, and cultures.

From the Groom… The best moment of our wedding was when Michella and I expressed our feelings for each other in English and Spanish during our personal vows. Although we were surrounded by people, it was an intimate moment between the two of us, and it seemed as if we were all alone.

Photography: Joel Maus + Lorely Meza For Studio EMP | Cinematography: Lovebirds Film | Floral Design: Stems Floral Design | Floral Design: Stems By Kate | Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara | Wedding Cake: Sweet Art Fine Swiss Confectioner | Bridesmaids' Dresses: David's Bridal | Catering: 24 Carrots | Lighting: Honored Occasions | DJ: Honored Occasions | Groom's Attire: Friar Tux | Wedding Venue: Rancho Las Lomas | Event Design And Planning: A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production | Paper Goods: Lion In The Sun - Huntington | Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals | Rentals: Rrivre Works | Rentals: Town And Country

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Elegant Coastal Wedding Inspiration in Santa Barbara

I don’t even know where to begin with this gorgeous piece of inspiration from the lovely Peony and Plum and photographs from Natalie Franke. The color palette? That is so beautiful I want to live inside of it. The models? Who are so pretty in their gowns and gorgeous makeup from Lindsey Jones? I just don’t know. What I do know is that I have been completely swept away with all of the pretty. And there is more right here!


From Natalie FrankeThere are few things in this world more beautiful than the soft white sands of the Pacific Coast at sunset! Adorned with three stunning Enaura Bridal gowns and a bountiful bouquet from LA’s talented floral studio, Peony and Plum, this Airy Beach Editorial Shoot took my breath away!

Light, soft, floral hues of cream and peach from the beach mixed with the navy blue waters of the Pacific were our color inspiration for this shoot! We wanted to create something ethereal, achievable, and genuine. Our amazingly sweet models are three best friends and dancers from Los Angeles who had us laughing and twirling our way around the spectacular coastline! Add in a stunning invitation suite from Annapolis calligrapher, Poppy and Scooter, and this shoot was a bi-coastal collaboration that left my heart dizzy with excitement.

Photography: Natalie Franke | Floral Design: Peony And Plum | Wedding Dress: Enaura Bridal | Invitations: Poppy And Scooter | Makeup: Lindsey Jones Makeup | Models: Megan Kinney, Jocelyn Cruz, Brooke Burgstahler | Models: Megan Kinney, Jocelyn Cruz, Brooke Burgstahler

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Elegant Bel-Air Bay Club Spring Wedding

Show me a gorgeously elegant spring wedding and I’ll show you one happy lady. I could soak up these beauties all day long and this gem from Koman Photography is just what I was craving. Held at the beautiful Bel-Air Bay Club and full of blush, cream and champagne sparkle, I’ll be looking through this gallery on repeat. And come Monday, the pretty continues with a post-wedding shoot not to be missed!

From Koman PhotographyJulie and Sam’s wedding day was filled with all of the best things you would wish to have; a stunning couple SO in love, perfect colors, the most spectacular flowers and decor, loads of their closest family and friends, and tons of happiness and joy. The Bel Air Club was the perfect location for their dreamy wedding. Julie and Sam are a perfectly paired duo of gorgeousness and sweetness. The rain that came down during their wedding day went unnoticed because they are the kind of people who bring sunshine with them wherever they go! We feel so honored that they chose us as their wedding photographers!

From the Bride… The first night I met this silly guy who let me apply my lipstick on him, I had no idea that a year later we would be planning the rest of our lives together. It was on our one year anniversary that Sam proposed to me while traveling through Italy, a place I’d been planning to go for the last 10 years but never did. He wanted to show me the world and I truly felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Shortly after our engagement, we started on our hunt for the perfect venue. On our first day of appointments and last stop, it was it! When we walked into the Bel-Air Bay Club, it was reminiscent of the rustic romantic charm that we just experienced in Italy. It is classic and elegant, with a touch of rustic and vintage. It was the perfect day, perfect venue, and perfect everything. Despite the fact that it rained on our wedding day, which means good luck anyway, the switch from outside to inside minutes before the ceremony was effortless by the amazing staff, and it was a blessing in disguise when we were able to walk down the aisle to such an intimate setting amongst our loved ones, and where we truly felt the presence of God.

For the day of details, we chose blush pinks, cream, and champagne gold for a soft and classic, romantic feeling to complement the natural tones of the venue. Because Sam and I love photo booths, we were very excited to discover flip books. Our guests made short videos that were turned into miniature books that you flip through to show your clip. And for wedding favors, we had macaron pops because who doesn’t love a macaron!

Although Sam and I were both raised in Southern California, we also wanted to keep tradition and therefore we performed a traditional Korean tea ceremony (Paebaek) on our wedding day. It was a way for us to give thanks and respect to our parents while also receiving some words of wisdom.

To top everything off, our photographers are the sweetest and most generous couple… I thought the rain already brought so much good luck, but they offered a post-session to make up for some loss of photo time! When deciding on a location, the Komans knew another breathtaking place (a place that it likely wouldn’t rain!) in Joshua Tree.

The entire day (and extra day) came together perfectly and created unforgettable memories to start our lives together, and we are blessed to have had all these precious moments captured so naturally and beautifully by the Komans.

Photography: Koman Photography | Videography: Fish Eye Studio | Wedding Coordinator: Ilana Ashley Rosenberg | Florist: Tea Rose Garden | Wedding Cake: Susie Cakes | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | DJ: JK Wedding Events | Groom's Attire: Beautiful Day Wedding | Wedding Venue: Bel-Air Bay Club | Bridal Boutique: Bella Wedding Bridal | Flip Book Booth: Hello Flip | Groomsmen Attire: Beautiful Day Wedding | Hair And Make-up: Make-up By Sung | Korean Traditional Dress And Ceremony: LeeHwa Wedding And Traditional Korean Dress | Macaron Pop Favors: Mr & Mrs Creamery | Wedding Programs, Menus And Escort Cards: Minted

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Rime Arodaky + A Giveaway!

Honeymoons are awesome; there’s no doubt about that.  But a honeymoon spent rockin’ Rime Arodaky’s chic new line, “La malle de la mariée” (“The Bride’s Suitcase”)?  Even better.  Imagine a boho meets California-inspired collection of delicate lace cover-ups, fab swimwear and beautiful dresses in some of the richest fabrics you will ever lay your eyes upon.  This is honeymooning in style, loves.

From beautiful white and blush hues to delicate French lace, each and every piece in the “La malle de la mariée” line is pure fashion magic.  Think fresh and flowy frocks perfect for your rehearsal dinner, going away brunch and honeymoon, all designed by one of the world’s leading bridal designers, Rime Arodaky. It’s Coachella meets wedding with that same edgy, rock ‘n’ roll vibe that appears in every gorgeous piece Rime Arodaky touches, whether it’s a sweet “Marry Me?” sweatshirt or the custom fitted gown of your dreams from Rime’s stunning bridal collection.

For more information on Rime Arodaky’s breathtaking, custom-fit gowns, click here to make an appointment.  And for that perfect honeymoon or summer look, visit the Rime Arodaky eshop.  And don’t forget to follow Rime Arodaky’s Instagram for even more inspiration!


What: Rime Arodaky is giving away one fabulous tote bag! (Value $70)

How: To enter, simply visit the Rime Arodaky shop and leave a comment below telling us which fabulous piece you can’t to rock on your honeymoon!

Who: One lucky winner, chosen completely at random, will be announced right here on SMP on Friday, May 15, 2015! For terms and conditions, click here.

Good luck, lovelies! xo

Photography: Greg Finck | Videography: Pascal Delé Filmaker | Flowers: Oak And The Owl | Jewelry: Harpo Paris | Hair And Makeup: Team Hair And Makeup | Campaign: Rime Arodaky | Photography Assistant: Brooke Merrill


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