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Summer Vermont Wedding at Mountain Top Inn

As a future Vermont bride, I’m instantly drawn to any wedding in the Green State. But this one, captured by the talented Cambria Grace stands out all on its own. From blooms by Pollen Floral Design to the most fabulous bridesmaids’ dresses I’ve ever seen, the photos in the gallery are guaranteed to make any rustic wedding lover’s heart skip a beat.


From The Bride… Greg and I live in Boston so, when we got engaged, we immediately started shopping around Boston for venues and vendors. The first vendor that I decided on was the florist, Krissy Price from Boston Pollen, who connected me with Cambria Grace Photography. After deciding on these ladies we actually started looking for barn wedding venues in Vermont which is how we stumbled upon the Mountain Top Inn. We visited the Inn and fell in love with the landscape, the accommodations, and the idea of a “destination wedding”. Thankfully Krissy and Cambria were willing to travel and we were lucky enough to score a summer wedding date. With only 7 months to plan, I got to work on all of the DIY projects that I had cooked up in my mind. Among other things, I painted the backdrop for our photo booth; made signs out of the lathe from our house (Greg operated the pneumatic staple gun); folded, painted, and strung 300 origami stars to be hung from balloons in the rafters, and collected the various other decorative items that we wanted to be represented on our wedding day.

As it all came together, the theme I had my heart set on was “enchanted forest” and Greg reluctantly agreed. We tried to plan out every detail and, unbelievably, our wedding was everything and more than we had hoped for.

The wedding day started a little hectically for us, the wedding party, and friends who had the task of hanging stars in the barn and placing signs. Shortly after blowing up balloons, the boys were allowed to retreat to a pre-planned game of frisbee golf while the ladies finished the decorating and started getting ready. Erin McKenna and Vivan Infantino were onsite for hair and makeup transformations and made us look more beautiful than I thought possible.

We ended up running a little behind on the hair and makeup and were barely able to get the first look in – I’m so glad we did! On the car ride down into the woods I was nervous. Once I saw Greg that all melted and we were able to enjoy the moment together. Next we separated once again to take our places on top of the hill with our friends and family. At this point I grabbed my bouquet that had the hand-dyed silk ribbons, that my Grandma Pat and I made my Prom dress out of, tied around the stems and joined my dad and our horse (that I would be hiding behind). The ceremony was beautiful. I was a little worried about the handwritten vows but it ended up being one of the highlights of the entire wedding. My vows were good, but I had no idea that Greg was a poetic mastermind! Everyone was laughing and crying and talking about his vows for the rest of the night.

The cocktail hour felt like a blur. We got to try our signature cocktail, the McBrady Margarita, and the delicious passed appetizers, and we took pictures with our families. Next was the dress change and our grand entrance into the barn. Is it always that loud?! Our reception was so fun! The food was delicious, the bartenders were handing out shots, and there were multiple surprises (for Greg) throughout the night that made our wedding a truly memorable experience for us and for our guests. The first surprise came from Greg’s mom, Linda. She spent countless hours creating a slideshow of Greg growing up that matched the song that she chose for their dance. It was touching and hilarious at the same time.

The planning for Greg’s second surprise started years ago when I decided that I wanted to sing to him at our wedding. After dinner, and unfortunately right after Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison” was played (how could I be expected to follow that?!), Greg and I got up to thank our guests for traveling great distances to share in our special day. Once I got the microphone, I invited my brother and friend up to the front at which point they dragged their guitars and amps out from under the DJ table. The look on Greg’s face was priceless when he realized what was going on (victory!). I sang “At Last”, by Etta James, for my surprised husband because he had mentioned that as being his favorite song that I had ever sang to him – also the lyrics are beautiful. Afterwards there was a lot of hugging, and dancing, and CAKE. We finished the night with a bonfire overlooking the moon’s reflection on the reservoir – a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Photography: Cambria Grace Photography | Floral Design: Pollen Floral Design | Wedding Dress: White By Vera Wang | Cake: Cakes By Irene | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Anthropologie | DJ/Band: Peak DJ | Inn: Mountain Top Inn | Makeup: Vivian Infantino | Reception Dress: Pronovias | Suit: Alabaster And Chess

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California Coast Engagement + Wedding Inspiration

Utilizing the coastal breeze as inspiration, this session from the Erich McVey Workshop raises the bar of beauty. Surrounded by the breathtaking California coastline, Jacque Lynn Photography perfectly captured the serenity of day. With the feminine styling of Ginny Au complimented by the soft arrangements of Sarah Winward, every detail has us feeling swept up in that gentle wind.

From Jacque Lynn PhotographyThis engagement session was styled by Ginny Au, and took place on the dark beach of Elk, CA. I loved the intimate feel of just the two of them and the windy beach. The light was falling down the horizon quickly, so we made the most of it and chased it down the sand, finding pretty pockets of light as they laughed and snuggled together.

Photography: Jacque Lynn Photography | Mens Attire: Billy Reid | Hair/Makeup: Mimi & Taylor Salon | Photo Lab: PhotoVision | Styling/Design: Ginny Au

From Jacque Lynn PhotographyThis vignette was created by Ginny Au, who used words to inspire her designs during the workshop. She used the word ‘Alate’ which means ‘having wings; lifted up in flight’. Using this word, Ginny imagined a lot of femininity and movement in the gown and veil.
Photography: Jacque Lynn Photography | Styling/Design: Ginny Au | Floral Design: Sarah Winward |  Hair/Makeup: Mimi & Taylor Salon | Photo Lab: PhotoVision | Bride’s Shoes + Men’s Attire: Billy Reid | Veil: Ivory And White Boutique | Wedding Dress: Samuelle

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Natural Outdoor Engagement Inspiration

We’ve had a full morning of dream-worthy photos by Jacque Lynn Photography from the Erich McVey Workshop, but I hope you’re comfortable because we’ve got a whole lot of pretty still up our sleeves. With this gorgeous shoot a beautiful couple takes the stage and between the sweeping landscape and that dusty blue dress, I won’t be leaving my couch anytime soon.

From Jacque Lynn Photography… This segment of the series was styled by Ginny Au, who used the word ‘Nubivagant’ to inspire her to design the vignette. This word means ‘moving among clouds’, and was inspired by the colors of the ocean and bluff at Cuffey’s Cove. The dusty blues and simple calligraphy by MK Sadler, paired with the unkept florals by Sarah Winward were the perfect touches to compliment the landscape.

Photography: Jacque Lynn Photography | Floral Design: Sarah Winward | Gown: Rick Owens From Net-A-Porter | Design/Styling: Ginny Au | Hair/Makeup: Mimi & Taylor Salon | Menswear: Billy Reid | Paper & Calligraphy: Megan Kay Sadler | Tabel Linens & Rentals: 12th Table

Vintage Chic Boudoir Inspiration

Ethereal soft light accented by gorgeous Gossamer Vintage gown, this session captured by Jacque Lynn Photography from the Erich McVey Workshop is pure loveliness. Complimented by the stunning stylings of Ginny Au, every aspect of Cuffey’s Cove Ranch appears magical. Revel in the beauty because there are more beautiful moments that await in the entire gallery here.

From Jacque Lynn Photography This series of images took place through Erich McVey’s workshop in Elk, CA where I captured these shots on medium format film. Styled and designed by Ginny Au, she used words to help her create a feeling for each of the vignettes she created for us. This particular vignette, she use the word ‘Cicatrize’ as inspiration. The word means ‘to find healing by the process of forming scars’. She wanted the mood of the session to reflect the energy of the old Cuffey’s Cove home we were shooting in. She asked the model to shield away and focus on still movement and placement of her body.

Photography: Jacque Lynn Photography | Design + Styling: Ginny Au | Hair + Makeup: Mimi & Taylor Salon | Linens: 12th Table | Lingerie: Gossamer Vintage | Venue: Cuffey's Cove Ranch