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#SMPWedding101 – Pro’s of Doing a First Look

While I love wedding photos of every sort, from bouquets to bridesmaids, there are ones that warm my heart more than others and those are the first looks. With the pure emotion, and usually the look of sweet surprise on the groom’s face, these pics are always amazing. David Lynn Photography is here to spread the word on the magic of this moment and tips for making it as special as can be.

We absolutely love when our couples choose to do a First Look! It’s such a special time for just the two of them; a time they may not get throughout the rest of their wedding day.

Some couples are afraid that a First Look will take away from the excitement of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. However, we’ve found that it can make that moment even more meaningful! When you see each other beforehand, it gives you a chance to react to each other, shake off any nervous energy, say all the things you want to share, and feel comfortable shedding some tears if you’re moved to do so! Then, you can be even more present with each other and your guests at the ceremony. What a beautiful way to start off your wedding day!

To make your First Look as fabulous as possible, we recommend: 

Find a Private Spot

For all the reasons we listed above, finding a private spot is ideal. We always scout out a great location for our clients, a place that will look great in photographs and be secluded from wedding guests and passers-by.

Rely on your photographers to choose the best spot for lighting

Since your first look will happen earlier in the day, harsh lighting from the sun may be an issue. Trust your photographer’s expertise to find a spot that puts you both in beautiful light!

Take your time

This is such a meaningful part of the day – don’t rush through it! It’s the last opportunity you will have to be together as an engaged couple before getting married, so relax and soak it all in!

Choose the way that feels best to you

We always tell our brides to do what feels the most natural and comfortable to them. You can walk up to your groom, tap him on the shoulder to have him turn around, or call his name and have him turn around before you get to him. We also have couples who want a less “staged” experience, so they both face each other as they meet. There is definitely no wrong way; this moment will be as unique as your wedding and the two of you.

As photographers and a married couple ourselves, we have David wait at the chosen spot with the groom, and then Lynn arrives shortly afterwards with the bride to meet him. We are always in contact beforehand to make sure that our bride and groom don’t inadvertently see each other before the First Look.

As a side note, if it is important to you to keep your dress clean for this part of the day, it’s sometimes helpful to have a bridesmaid walk out with you to hold your train!

Take advantage of the time to do family and group photographs before the wedding

Couples who do a First Look have the advantage of enjoying more of the day with their guests! The period right after your First Look is a great time to take care of the bridal party and family photographs. That way, when the ceremony is over, you can join your cocktail hour and spend more time with all the people you love.

Make this moment as special as you can

Take this opportunity to do something meaningful for your fiancé. We have had couples exchange gifts, read love letters, or just be completely present with each other during their First Looks. Tell your bride or groom-to-be exactly what you are feeling, and savor this moment.  Above all, enjoy this time and have fun!


Waldorf Astoria
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Photography Advice: David Lynn Photography

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Black Tie Palm Beach Wedding

I’m a big believer in the moments in between moments. A mother zipping up her daughter in that most important dress. A darling crew of littles totting down the aisle. The Groom whispering “I love yous” in his beloved Bride’s ear. They’re the moments great storytellers like Jessica Lorren capture with such care, and you can see each one waiting in The Vault.

Art Venue

From The Bride…George and I met my freshman year at Vanderbilt University and had been together for about 8 years before we got married this past April. We lived in Nashville, Charlotte and New York City before settling in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I was raised in Windermere, FL. His family is Greek and mine is a mix of Italian, Guatemalan, Venezuelan and British. On the night we got engaged, neither of us slept a wink. We stayed up all night talking about our future and how we were going to celebrate the start of that new life with our wedding.

We love traveling and entertaining around good stories and delicious meals. We knew we wanted to create a night that felt true to us, our families, and backgrounds. Florida will always have a special place in my heart so we started touring both coasts for the perfect venue. We wanted something tropical and true to the Florida lifestyle. However, we wanted the destination to be rich in history and also have a unique culture. We found that exactly in the town of Palm Beach, FL. The small barrier island off of the Southeast coast of Florida has just that: rich in history, and a truly unique feel. Once we had good vibes for Palm Beach, the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum was an easy first choice for the location of our ceremony and reception. The island was practically established by Henry Morrison Flagler and his home (now turned museum) is a reflection of the glamour and old world history that made Palm Beach what it is today.

Under the guidance of our fantastic wedding planner, Breeze Taylor, we crafted a night that felt completely unique to us. We wanted our guests to collaboratively feel like they were an integral part of the celebration all night. The band invited everyone to come out and dance with us at the end of our first dance. Dance sets were sprinkled throughout the whole night, and in between speeches and dinner courses. We wanted guests to constantly feel like they were part of making the celebration come to life. We worked with an incredible caterer that helped us custom create a multi course dinner that included old family recipes, dishes we loved to make at home, as well as some of our favorite NYC restaurant inspired creations. Our incredible floral design team brought my organically elegant, secret-garden inspired vision come to life in their creation of our bouquets, table arrangements, and ceremony archway. Our Earth & Sugar almond and vanilla buttercream cake was out of this world delicious and looked every bit as dreamy as well.

Our weekend was beautifully captured by the ultra-talented Jessica Lorren. Not only does she have the best eye for capturing moments in the most unique yet organic light, but she is truly a beautiful person with the most radiant personality. Having such a warm presence around us on such a special occasion truly made our day complete.

Photography: Jessica Lorren Photography | Event Planning: Dream Concierge | Floral Design: Dalsimer Atlas | Wedding Dress: Gabriella New York | Cake: Earth And Sugar | Invitations: Nota Bene | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Catering: Chez Gourmet | Hair And Makeup: Jennifer Cruz | Calligraphy: Brown Fox Calligraphy | Band: Tropics Entertainment | Venue: Flagler Museum

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6 Wedding Planning Secrets from Fashion Blogger Liz of Late Afternoon!

When the world of wedding vendors and fashion bloggers mix, the elevation of pretty is mind blowing. Yesterday, that combo came in the form of Liz of Late Afternoon and this citrusy slice of whimsy from Rebecca Yale and Twofold LA. Liz flawlessly fit the role as she is an engaged Bride-to-be herself. So today, we’re diving into planning tips she’s putting to use along her wedding journey!

Choosing Your Wedding Style

Focus on a main theme and don’t let all the possible options overwhelm you. Not everything you love on Pinterest should make it into your wedding.

Plan Together

Include your partner in the planning. It’s important for Sam and I that the wedding represents both of us. I’m lucky that Sam is an artist and shares my aesthetic.


Set your own timeline. Don’t let expectations dictate your schedule!


A great wedding photographer is worth the investment. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with a lot of incredibly talented photographers over the years and have seen first hand how difficult yet magical it is to capture the intimate moments of your most special day.

Floral Selection

Choose seasonal and locally sourced flowers. It saves money and is Eco-friendly.

Cocktail Hour

It’s all about the cocktail hour. My favorite weddings are always the ones that have a cocktail hour with light bites before the reception. It lets people mingle and enjoy the atmosphere.

Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Model: Liz Of Late Afternoon | Event Design: Twofold LA | Event Planning: Twofold LA | Floral Design: Emblem Floral Design Studio | Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Jewelry: Deanna Hamro | Ring: Trumpet And Horn | Catering: Haute Chef LA | Makeup: Marlaine Reiner | Hair: Alexis VonKuykendall And Lorien Meillon | Venue: Private Estate | Floral Installations- Staircase And Dessert Station: Celadon & Celery | Flower Crown: Wild Vase | Invitations And Calligraphy: Written Word Calligraphy | Linen Rentals: La Tavola Linen | Rentals: Archive Rentals | Ribbon: Silk And Willow | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Silk Fringe Napkins: Alexander Navas And Associates | Tableware Rentals: Borrowed Blu | Wardrobe Stylist: Ashley Zohar

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Spotted in The Vault: Blush Pink Protea

Happy Friday, loves! The week is almost over, but the endless inspiration on The Vault is just beginning. This week, I’ve been obsessed with all things protea, and can’t get enough of the unique contrast between their bold lines and soft blush hue. Take a peek at some of the protea inspiration I found below, then hop on over to The Vault to find some of your own!

7 Beautiful Blush Proteas
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7 Beautiful Blush Proteas
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Ready for more? Take a peek at all things protea on the vault here!