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Black & White Rustic Montana Wedding

You might believe black and white is only reserved for the ballroom weddings, but this rustic affair is out to prove otherwise. Set at Montana’s Flathead Lake, it’s a lesson in bringing formal elegance outdoors with no floral detail overlooked thanks to Beargrass Gardens. Follow me to The Vault for lots more captures by Rebecca Hollis.


From The Bride…. My favorite memory from our wedding day isn’t just one moment but just an overall feeling of love. All of our friends and family came to celebrate with us and to finally say “I do”, kiss and celebrate as husband and wife with all of them present was amazing. Being married to the person whom I love most and want to spend my life with is my favorite thing!

Growing up in Montana and spending my summers at Flathead Lake is part of who I am today and I really wanted to show our family and friends how beautiful Montana is. Many of our guests traveled to attend our wedding, so I wanted to make the location and trip a wonderful experience for them and show them why I have so much pride for where I am from.

Our wedding was an absolute dream for me. To see how everything I imagined for the past year play out perfectly in front of me from my dress to the bridal party attire to the decor and food I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Even before choosing the venue and location Joe and I decided we were not going to have any prominent colors such as blues or pinks for our florals or bridal party attire. I loved that idea since I really wanted to keep our theme classic.

For the ceremony Joe and I stood under an arbor that I had designed, which then my brother had made for us which was very special to me. It was decorated with dried hops vines and small white flowers. Even with the heat of the day they still looked great by the 5 o’clock ceremony. The entrance to the isle were wine barrels with stunning arrangements in gold vases. Once the ceremony was over those isle arrangements were then moved into the reception area for double duty.

I love the idea of texture and layers so I chose a classic style of neutral florals. There all different types of ivory flowers in clusters of vases upon each round guest table with gold, silver or a mix of mercury violets with candles glowing in each one. At the long rectangular head table were olive branches stretching lengthwise done the center and over the edges of the table with vases upon vase of gorgeous ivory flowers being lit up by more gold and silver violets and tall clear candle holders. Each table had a ivory tablecloth with a glossy taupe napkin with the an olive branch twig to add to the elegance of each table.

My bridal bouquet was nothing I could have imagined! It was absolutely stunning, it was full and beautiful with ivory, blush and light green florals. It was elegant with ribbon all the way from Paris tied around the stems. I will say it was heavier then I thought but I sure made my arms look great in photos!

The food that we chose was so delicious, I even had seconds. I never thought that I would have chosen a chocolate chip fudge wedding cake but It was the perfect choice. The whole night was a dream and it was such a wonderful way to start our marriage!

From The Groom…My favorite memory was watching my wife and our closet family and friends walk up and stand by our sides, while standing under the arbor her brother had made for us. Having the people we care about most all being there made me feel appreciation for how happy I was. I was so happy to be marring my wife and live the life that we will share together.

Photography: Rebecca Hollis Photography | Floral Design: Beargrass Gardens Florals And Events | Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven | Cake: Miss Patti Cakes | Makeup: Skin Chic | Hair: Kyla Kendal For Sugar Tree Hair Salon | DJ: Extremely Tuned DJ Services | Groom's Attire: Vera Wang | Venue: Brumar Estate | Beaded Belt For Wedding Dress: Willow Bride | Bridal Boutique: Velvet Bride | Film Processing: PhotoVision Prints | Photography Assistant: Stella Kelsie Photography

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Golden Hills Engagement Session

How do you savor summer? I’m taking note from this pair, who basically walked on sunshine. It’s a love sesh from the lens of Honey Honey Photography that’ll have you dreaming of fields of gold. Sharing sweet kisses and elegant outfits (an ode to their Viva Las Vegas beginning) the gallery is your jackpot, and it’s waiting for you in the The Vault!

From Honey Honey PhotographyTony and Diana met in Viva Las Vegas! Diana was traveling the world at the time and took a small break to go home to California for 3 weeks. Within that time, she went to Las Vegas with girlfriends while he was there for a bachelor party. Tony lived in Orange County while Diana resides in The Bay Area. 7 months later was when they reunited for the first time when Tony drove all the way to San Jose just so he can take Diana out on a date :)

First date went well and continued with weekly back and fourth traveling. 6 months later, he realized he couldn’t stay away so he packed his bags, rented a uHaul and moved to the beautiful Silicon Valley. 2 years later, he asked for her hand in marriage and she said yes!

Photography: Honey Honey Photography | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Makeup: Bride | Hair: Gwen Huyen Tran From BombSHELL Salon | Groom's Shoes: Hugo Boss | Venue: Orange County | Blue Dress: Virgos Lounge On Asos | Groom's Black Suit: Top Man | Groom's Second Suit: Zara Men | White Dress: Club Monaco

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SMP Submission Advice with Abby Larson

We get asked over and over again, “How can I get published on SMP” and we’re always happy to share our words of wisdom to help make your work shine (here, here and here!) but nothing can beat the magic mentoring from our own Abby Larson. But since we all can’t have a coffee date with this lovely lady on-the-go, this interview courtesy of Braedon Flynn of The Photo Report is the next best thing. Grab a notebook and pretty pen, there are lessons to be learned for photographers, planners and brides alike!

Videography: The Photo Report

3 Places NOT To Wear Your Engagement Ring

After recently hitting the 7-month countdown to my own nuptials, I started my search for the perfect wedding band. My first stop? NYC staple Michael C. Fina, which has been in business since 1935. There, I met Deena, Jewelry Sales Director who helped guide my search and offered some pretty awesome know-how when it came to caring for my ring. After chatting with Deena for a few minutes, I quickly realized I had a lot to learn…like where NOT to wear my engagement ring. Scroll on for tips below!

3 Places Never to Wear Your Engagement Ring

The Gym

“Platinum and gold are malleable metals and over time, whether you are weight lifting or spinning, a consistent grip while you have your ring on WILL bend it. Also, although durable, a diamond can still be chipped.”

The Shower

“It’s best to remove your engagement ring while showering. Soap and other cleansers can cause build up under or on your ring and make diamonds appear dull and cloudy.”


“Take your diamond off while sleeping; A prong can catch on the sheets and bend, causing you to lose your diamond.”

Deena’s advice for keeping that sparkler catching every light? “Use a bowl of warm water with a small amount of soap. I use Dawn and soak the ring for a few minutes. Then, use a soft toothbrush to clean off any buildup, especially under the diamond since that is where most soap and lotion builds up.”

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