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The 15 Things Every Bride Needs to Do Before Her Wedding

Even the most type-A bride-to-be can get caught up in the craziness, stress and last-minute tasks the week before her wedding. Sure, it’s easy to transform into a Bridezilla, but if you keep this check list in mind (and the 11 Things Not To Do the Week Before Your Wedding), your big day is guaranteed to go off without a hitch, and happily ever after will be a sure sight for you and your new hubby!

Your Pre-Wedding Checklist
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Your Pre-Wedding Checklist
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Stylish Miami Art Deco Anniversary Session

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this anni-sesh from Cody Hunter Photography has earned a spot at the tippy top of my favorites list. Bold statement, I know. But once you set your sights on this gallery, you’ll be ready to pin your heart out, too. From the striking black number ala Rent The Runway and happy stripes to palm tree heaven at The Raleigh with mojitos in hand, this magnetic duo sure kicked off year four in serious style.

From Cody Hunter PhotographyLauren & Tylor wanted something special for their 4 year anniversary. Not just a typical Florida beach session. Together with Elleson Events they created a completely out of the box anniversary session. Once they’d settled on spending their anniversary in Miami (they are from Sarasota, FL) – a fun art-deco, vintage vibe was created. Complete with a fun day roaming the streets of Miami with mojitos in hand and ending the night at The famous Raleigh Hotel on Miami Beach.

Photography: Cody Hunter Photography | Design: Hollie Raulerson / Elleson Events | Dress: Rent The Runway | Hair And Makeup: Salon Tease Naples | Tux: The Black Tux | Hotel: The Raleigh | Film Lab: PhotoVision Prints | Swimsuits: American Apparel

20 Wedding Photos That Prove Balloons Aren’t Just For Birthday Parties

There a few things more festive and fun than balloons. It’s why they’re used in almost every celebration ever, and now, balloons are making their way into weddings in seriously stunning fashion. From expressive love letters to whimsical, oversized balls of fun, balloons are the perfect accessory for any wedding photo. Check out the newest (and arguably most festive) wedding trend below!

Wedding Balloons
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Wedding Balloons
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#BridalBeautyBreakdown: Mattely in Love

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about how much easier it would be to be a boy, but then I remember how much fun it is to be a girl, especially when I see something like the stunning photo below. The look, photographed by Jose Villa for Aria’s wedding dress collection, is quite simply makeup perfection, and your beauty fairy godmother, Mar from TEAM Hair and Makeup and TEAM Bridal Extensions, is breaking it down step-by-step and product-by-product for you below!



This look is all about clean skin with a matte effect! But, it’s so important to use the right right moisturizer and primer first! If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer in a lotion or cream form; if you have oily skin, use a gel moisturizer first. After moisturizing, layer with a specialty matte primer, like Perfect Matt by Kryolan. Using the right products under the makeup will make for a smoother finish in the foundation and you won’t have to use as much product either.

Concealer + Foundation

This look was created with a secret airbrush formula to create a natural, matte appearance, but don’t worry, you can get the same look at home. Start with concealer, covering up any blemishes, unevenness and dark spots. Then, apply an airbrush foundation (Temptu is widely considered the gold standard in airbrush makeup, but if you want an easier application, try Diorskin Airflash by Dior) by spraying a light layer across your face in a zig-zag motion, after vigorously shaking the bottle first. After you’ve applied a layer, take a foundation brush and blend into your skin until you’ve achieved the desired coverage. Your photos will last a lifetime, so make sure you have the right foundation for your skin color with a quick swipe of the cheek with the foundation. If the color disappears in the skin then its the right hue, but if it looks light or too dark then your entire face will too.

Cheeks + Highlighting

This gorgeous look features a combination of two blushes to create depth—Nars Orgasm with Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty. Give your cheeks a natural-looking flush by applying the color starting at the apple and blending in a downwards motion while moving the brush up towards your temple. Then, highlight your skin with Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat, which creates magic on all skin tones. Using your finger (a pro should be using a brush) dab on the ocular bone under your eye and gently tap in until blended. This will create a soft glow, which will pop in photos and look amazing in soft light or a candle-lit reception. Finally, swipe a translucent powder across the whole face to buff away any harsh lines.


Powders are your best friend when it comes to brows—they give off a more natural and soft appearance—and using an eyebrow brush keeps the brow looking full without looking like fuzzy caterpillars! The stiff bristles grab the color and adhere it to the brow when you fill in your natural shape. To keep your brows looking natural and full, always go a shade lighter than your first choice. And, apply the color lighter on the inner corner of the brow, and intensify your color as you sculpt the brow towards the tail end—this will give your brows the look of dimension and fullness.


Swipe a touch of creme shimmer  across the eyelid that will brighten the eyes and look flawless all day. Then, apply a color like Bobbi Brown’s Rich Brown in a subtle cut crease to give the eyes a more earthy, natural feel. Finish the look with eyeliner, using an angled eyeliner brush to apply gel liner along your tightline and waterline and fill in. This technique allows for definition without the drama. Apply layers of volumizing mascara (waterproof, of course!) to make your eyes really sparkle.


Keep your lips looking pretty and totally kissable with a long-lasting lipstick like L’Oréal’s Infallible Pro Last Lip Color. Tap the color onto your lips and blend for a pouty, natural look. Finish with a little bit of gloss to ensure the color stays put.


The secret behind this model’s gorgeous, lush locks? Hair extensions! In fact, most brides and actresses you see are wearing some sort of hair extension—they allow you to have any hairstyle if you have a creative stylist and the right tools. This look features the TEAM Bridal Extensions in Felicia. Start with a simple wrap around the curling iron’s barrel going away from the face, let it cool, then added in an all-in-one hair extension. For product, less is always more! Set the hair with Big Sexy hair Whether Proof Hair spray and a little salt spray added in for texture. Tousle the hair and voilà—you’ve got beachy, romantic beautiful hair!

Mattely in Love Product Recommendations
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Mattely in Love Product Recommendations
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Tips: Mar of TEAM Hair and Makeup and TEAM Bridal Extensions | Photography: Jose Villa | Wedding Dress: Aria

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