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Pops of Pretty!

It’s no secret that we loooove weddings, but did you know that we also love a good sequel? Because when it comes to timeless celebrations layered with talent, you’re guaranteed moments of pretty that deserve a second spotlight. It’s what we like to call “the sequel of stunning”, and it’s all sitting pretty in THE VAULT! So get scrollin’ because we’ve rounded up a few of our regionals for you to rave below!


This utterly beautiful soft blue goodness from Sally Pinera is what dreams are made of. From the organic, stem-stretching bouquet to the intricately detailed dress, something from THE VAULT is bound to steal your heart.


If you’re looking for endless pretty to peek, look no further. Because when you marry the glamour of the Biltmore with the hands of Asheville Event Co., you’re guaranteed a wedding day goldmine.


This gallery is much more than a space filled with pretty pictures. It’s a mosaic of stunning moments from We Are Origami that will inspire ANY (and every) Bride! From a manicured garden graced with handfuls of bold vintage pieces, there are so many goodies to share, and we invite you to find your favorite moment!


This styled shoot couple? They’re actually a real life duo, and that “groom” had a ring hiding in his pocket the entire time Julie Paisley was snapping behind the camera. He ultimately decided to seal the deal a few days later, but that just made these captures of sweet anticipation all the better. The Vault is your go-to for more images and pinning that vintage Gossamer dress to your heart’s content.


Thanks to Clary Photo we’re going on an imaginary vacation. So pack some SPF because this tropical getaway is searing with stunning. Complete with a beautiful shoreside ceremony, we’re confident that you’re going to get completely swept away in the pretty.


Can we please discuss how ah-mazing this color combo from Three Little Words Paper Artisans is?! Pairing richly hued maroon with gorg gray has never looked so good, and this fresh take on a seasonal hue is bound to make any Bride happy.


A new display from Leslee Mitchell is reason alone to celebrate, but add in the craftsmanship of Big Events Weddings draped with Southern Events props and you’ve got yourself one perfect party. From the autumn inspired centerpieces to the unplanned hot air-balloon ceremony, it’s the type of day we’ve deemed dream-worthy.


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Bouquet Breakdown: Colorful Vineyard Wedding Inspiration

I nearly fell out of my chair when I set sights on this beauté of a bouquet that we featured last winter. It’s a gem that would shine any season, but I’m especially loving this distinctive palette of coral, huckleberry and peach for a pop at fall fetes. The talented team at Bows + Arrows is giving us the breakdown this weekend paired with imagery from Sarah Kate and Joshua Aull. See the whole shoot in THE VAULT.

  • 3 cafe au lait dahlia
  • 5 amber amaranthus
  • 10 freckled hellebores
  • 4 orange and white dahlia
  • 3 coral bougainvillea
  • 4 coral dahlia
  • 8 gomphrena
  • 2 coleus
  • 2 golden rain tree
  • 5 elderberry
  • 4 grasses
  • 6 yards of silk + willow ribbon

From Bows + ArrowsWe are dedicated to the creation of beauty via the art of floral design. Alicia works with her environment, gathering inspiration from the landscape and working with seasonal flora. Her philosophy is found in nature, she believes her work to be a reflection of what is natural, lush, relaxed and overgrown. She is in love with flowers.

Creative Director, Alicia Rico, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from TCU with an emphasis in Painting. Her formal art training informs decisions of composition, color, and texture and she gathers constant inspiration from nature, art, and everything beautiful.

From Alicia… I had the best time in California sourcing and creating this bouquet! I visited the LA flower market and the farmers market to find the variety of blooms and derived my exact color palette from what was in season and what was the most beautiful! Knowing that I was working with a vineyard as my setting, I wanted to create a look that was harmonious with the landscape and worked with the plump dark grapes that surrounded us.

Find more Bouquet Breakdowns here!

Floral Design: Bows + Arrows | Photography: Sarah Kate Photographer and Joshua Aull Photography | Event Design: Stefanie Miles Events

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#SMPWedding101 – Let Them Eat Cake: Tips on Tiers

If I had it my way, we would’ve had endless flavors of cake at my wedding, enough varieties to cover a table with creative confections. But as that would have been a bit extreme and unnecessary, my sweet tooth settled for a smaller, yet still tasty, treat. One cake or 100, we still had to figure out just how much was needed for our guests, and for this simple yet super important question, we have Lisa of Delicious Desserts. From slicing to serving, tips on flavors to counting the tiers, we have all the essentials below!


Not everyone eats cake! I hear it all the time and it’s so true! So when figuring out your quantity, the first thing to consider is…


Most venues offer two options: by the slice, as they would serve any other course, or at a dessert table, usually served along with coffee, and guests are able to help themselves at their leisure.

If you are going the slice route, and “serving and plating” the cake, then yes, you need a piece of cake for each and every guest, whether they eat it or not. Just like any other course. If you are “stationing” your cake, great news! You do not need a slice for each guest, since not everyone will eat the cake.


Spend some time thinking about your guests – you know them best. Are they big dessert eaters? Generally speaking though, serving for 20% less of your actual count works well.


Every baker is a little different, but there are charts that help us determine how many slices per tier: 100 servings = 3 tiers, 150 servings = 4 tiers, 200 servings = a bigger 4-tiered cake!


Sheet cakes for larger guest amounts are a great option, for a few important reasons. You want your cake to at least look like it will serve the total amount of guests at your reception. If you need 200 servings, doing a 4-tiered cake with an extra “back up” cake works great! Your cake looks like it will serve 200 people, but the venue or caterer can get a jump start on cake cutting, AND it could save you money.

Depending upon the total number of servings you need, and of course, the cost of your cake, doing a smaller cake and a back up cake does not always save a huge amount of money. Your decorated cake will cost more than the “back up cakes.” Have your baker “run” the numbers, and in the scope of wedding cost, sometimes the extra money to do a larger cake is money well spent. Trust your baker!


If doing a cake station, it’s great to offer choices. Guests can pick, and couples will take one of each flavor and share most of the time. Keep in mind though, each tier of the cake serves a different amount of cake, so choosing a different flavor for each tier doesn’t always serve the purpose, since you’ll get 15 slices of one flavor from one of the smaller tiers, and potentially 50 slices of another flavor from the bottom tier. It’s best to choose two different flavors for the most part, since it’s easier for your baker to provide equal servings of each flavor.

If serving and plating the cake to each one of your guests, it’s best to keep the same flavor of cake throughout, so everyone gets the same piece of cake. My advice is to keep it simple.


You should! Make sure your baker knows you intend to save the top tier!


Secrets Resorts + Spas
Artifact Uprising


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Cake Advice: Delicious Desserts

100 Wedding Cakes to Satisfy Any Craving
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100 Wedding Cakes to Satisfy Any Craving
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Exclusive! Backstage at Bridal Market with Marchesa

New York Bridal Market is officially underway, and lucky for you we’ve got a front row seat. We’re reporting from the Big Apple on all things bridal fashion, and making it our mission to give our favorites (you!) a behind-the-scenes look! First up – a backstage exclusive with the one and only Marchesa. Our girl Betsi Ewing came along to capture every moment, and you can get a full look in THE VAULT. Pssst: We’ll be trend spotting all week, so follow along on Instagram, PeriscopeTwitterFacebook  and Snapchat with #SMPBridalWeek for live runway coverage.

Click through every Marchesa look below!

Marchesa Presentation Fall 2016
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Marchesa Presentation Fall 2016
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Photography: Betsi Ewing Photography | Flowers: Stellar Style Events | Wedding Dresses: Marchesa | Makeup: Bobbi Brown | Hair: Moroccan Oil | Nails: Zoya | Shoes + Jewelry: Marchesa

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