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A Sensational Spain Wedding Filled With Iconic Style

[section title=”The Planning”]
[field title=”Wedding Colors”]

The wedding colors were peach, light yellow, dusty blue, white, and green.

[field title=”Design / Vibe / Vision”]

The vibe was romantic, ethereal, vintage, and religious iconography.

[field title=”Proposal Story”]

From the bride… In the summer of 2019, Sergio proposed to me on the first night of a trip to Mallorca. I have never been more surprised: he had a dinner set up in a treehouse that seriously felt straight out of Grimm’s Rapunzel, but it really didn’t occur to me that he was proposing until the words left his mouth. It was so special and romantic that it was just the two of us. And, we were able to spend the next week or so celebrating together! The days that followed were so perfect and filled with bliss that we knew that we wanted to bring the people closest to us back to our favorite Mallorcan town, Deià, for an intimate destination wedding.

From the groom… It was the best moment ever; I booked dinner in a tree house (at the hotel where we were staying). I asked the hotel to decorate in a romantic way, with flowers, petals, and candles. I told Brie I forgot my phone in the room and went back to get the ring. I gave the ring to the waitress and told her to come up with the ring, and a bottle of champagne. When she brought the champagne, I told Brie I loved her, I wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together, and I gave her the ring, a Brazilian emerald. When we were getting ready for dinner earlier, Brie had showed me two dresses she had in mind to wear. She had absolutely no idea what I had in store for this dinner, but one of the dresses was emerald green. Of course I steered her in that direction, but the color matched the ring so perfectly that looking back at the pictures, it seems too perfect to be true.

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[section title=”The Fashion”]
[field title=”Wedding Gown”]

For each of my individual wedding events, I had a very specific, distinct vision in mind, and of course, I wanted to wear a lot of vintage. Before opening my vintage shop Very Breezy, I spent my career working in fashion, including as a Market Assistant at Vogue, so I’m no stranger to devoting everything to finding THE perfect look. To our seaside welcome lunch at Deia’s iconic Ca’s Patro March, I wore a vintage Emilio Pucci bias-cut chiffon dress from Very Breezy. For this event, I referenced a lot of Slim Aarons photographs of poolside parties in Acapulco in the late 1960s— nothing would fit better than Pucci’s iconic psychedelic prints. The colorful palette could not have complemented the setting better— since it wasn’t my actual wedding day, I was totally okay with not wearing white, and wanted to have fun with my hair and makeup as well. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a braid, and I kind of fantasized about creating this jeweled braid crown forever— the amazing pins are from my friends at Jennifer Behr. (I worked there for years and we frequently collaborate on projects.) Rebecca Spendlove created this amazing beauty look. It was also important for me to wear a gold bracelet from my late father; it’s so special to me and it was a way of remembering him. For our paella rehearsal dinner, I wore a vintage 1930s halter-neck lace gown from the Very Breezy collection, and I kind of built this entire look around 1930s Old Hollywood Glamour, mixed with elements of traditional Spanish style. The dress was the most incredible cobweb lace, with a halter neck, very low back, and a court train. I wore my hair in a low chignon, with a Jennifer Behr silk ruffle barrette, a nod to the floral adornments/mantilla combs traditionally worn in the hair in regions of Spain. My friend of many years and New York based designer Joy Cioci worked with me to create the custom wedding dress of my dreams. I had the idea for this dress in my mind for as long as I can remember, so seeing it come to life was a dream come true. I drew inspiration from late Victorian basque-bodice silhouettes, 1950s Merry Widow corsetry, and even Monica Bellucci’s iconic style and the unabashedly feminine 90s supermodels of my youth. I am obsessed with lace, so choosing the lace for my dress was a big deal. We used vintage French picot edge grosgrain ribbon to create movement, one of my favorite elements. Getting married in a Catholic church in Spain, wearing a mantilla veil felt basically non-negotiable, especially because I’ve always loved the romantic, traditional look of a mantilla. To complete the look, I wore antique Victorian Etruscan-revival gold earrings from Very Breezy vintage, which date to 1880. (One of many “Something Old-s”!) A few days prior to my wedding some very dear friends gifted me a vintage tanzanite ring, which I wore on my wedding day as my “something blue.” For shoes, I wore the Tabitha Simmons Covie Sandals— 10 out of 10 would recommend wearing these if you want to have fun and dance at your wedding, and not worry about your feet killing you. For beauty, I wanted to keep everything really romantic and soft. Shari Kramer flew all the way from Germany to get me ready; she is an absolute angel and was a huge source of calmness the days surrounding my wedding. I wore my hair down (wanting to feel most like myself) and we pulled smaller strands back with Jennifer Behr pearl hairpins. I wanted the hair to feel very ethereal, and a bit undone. Shari knew exactly what to do with my makeup to make me look like the best version of myself. Sergio and I worked with Martin Greenfield in Brooklyn to make a beautiful custom tuxedo. (They also made the gorgeous linen suit he wore the previous night.) He wore the tux with velvet slippers from Del Toro. After our engagement, for Sergio’s 40th birthday, I gave him a pair of emerald-set gold cufflinks, which were engraved on the underside with our original wedding date. Of course we had no idea that it would be the first of three wedding dates due to pandemic-related delays, but we left them inscribed this was as a reminder that obstacles are easier to overcome together. He wore them on this special day. A few days prior to my wedding some very dear friends gifted me a vintage tanzanite ring, which I wore on my wedding day as my “something blue.” For shoes, I wore the Tabitha Simmons Covie Sandals— 10 out of 10 would recommend wearing these if you want to have fun and dance at your wedding, and not worry about your feet killing you. For beauty, I wanted to keep everything really romantic and soft. Shari Kramer flew all the way from Germany to get me ready; she is an absolute angel and was a huge source of calmness the days surrounding my wedding. I wore my hair down (wanting to feel most like myself) and we pulled smaller strands back with Jennifer Behr pearl hairpins. I wanted the hair to feel very ethereal, and a bit undone. Shari knew exactly what to do with my makeup to make me look like the best version of myself.

[field title=”Bridesmaid Dresses”]

Because our wedding was so intimate and relatively small, we decided not to have a traditional wedding party, but involved some people closest to us by asking them to give readings, toasts, etc. What’s so crazy is that so many of my friends (without directly coordinating it) showed up in complementary, bright colors and in the pictures, it ended up looking like the coolest bridal party ever!

[field title=”Groomsman Attire”]

We didn’t have groomsmen.

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[field title=”Food & Drink”]

Sergio and I were so excited to provide our guests an immersive experience in Mallorca, and stuck to a menu of traditional local cuisine for our wedding events. We hosted our welcome lunch at Ca’s Patro March, the historical seaside restaurant known for its unparalleled views and straight-from-the-sea seafood. The following night, before our wedding, we hosted a big paella fiesta for all of our guests. We hosted our reception at a converted monastery dating back to the 13th Century, situated high atop a hillside in the Serra de Tramuntana, surrounded by ancient olive groves, with the most picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea. From the incredibly rich history to the sheep and goats that roam the property freely, it was like walking into a fairytale. Sergio and I stayed on the property with our families that week. The entire event took place outside, and we were very blessed with amazing weather the entire week. During our cocktail hour, we had a traditional Iberian jamón carver and everyone’s mouth is still watering just thinking about it. We had the most amazing band (Tinons and the Mopis) perform Bossa Nova; Sergio is from Brazil so this was one of a few different nods to his traditions. For dinner, we wanted to do a traditional sit-down dinner before the party really got started. We served a menu of really fresh local Mediterranean cuisine, served family-style, because we wanted our guests to be able to taste everything they wanted.

[field title=”Florals & Decor”]

After we got engaged in Mallorca, we spent the most magical, blissful day in the town of Deià, and it really shaped our idea of the perfect wedding for us. As a dealer of vintage and antiques, I am constantly looking to the past for sources of inspiration. Victorian designs have informed my aesthetic choices for most of my life and our wedding was no exception, from the velvet ribbon place settings to the brass candlesticks and the floral garlands. I referenced the Secret Garden (a favorite novel/film of my childhood) for that juxtaposition between the wildness of nature and the elegance of the decor. Everything felt very romantic and ethereal. I’ve always had an affinity for religious art and iconography, and I fell in love with the church where we wed, so we drew inspiration there as well. The ancient monastery where our reception took place is full of original altars, crosses, and Catholic icons. It would be impossible to not draw on that history! Especially because of the rich, centuries-old history of the property, we wanted everything to make sense in the context of the place and feel an extension of the surroundings. I knew I wanted a very warm-toned floral palette that reflected our sun-drenched surroundings. The natural light there is so warm! In the end, it was best to not compete with mother nature— Sergio kept reminding me that no amount of flowers will ever be more awe-inspiring than the reception view we were so lucky to have of the Mediterranean sea.

[field title=”Wedding Cake”]We had a Cookie Table in lieu of a wedding cake. In my hometown of Pittsburgh, “Cookie Tables” are a huge deal at weddings and pretty much any gathering. I was very persistent in my pursuit of making this Cookie Table happen in Mallorca, which proved to be no small feat. (I may have visited some local bakeries myself the days leading up to my wedding— lol).

[field title=”Readings, Ceremony Music, Reception Songs”]

Ceremony: Our Catholic ceremony took place at Parròquia Sant Joan Baptista which sits at the highest point in the town of Deià, with the most incredible views of the Serra de Tramuntana and the Mediterranean Sea. Wandering around the town of Deià after our engagement in 2019, we happened upon this church and wistfully fantasized out loud about how amazing it would be to wed in that very church. At the time, we never thought that this fantasy would materialize, but we definitely manifested it, and on my way to the church on my wedding day, seeing the church up on the hill in the distance made it all the more surreal. Destiny struck again. We truly feel so lucky! My father passed away when I was younger, and my brother escorted me down the aisle— such a special moment! Our priest was hilarious, and I don’t think there has ever been a funnier Catholic marriage ceremony, which felt very us: steeped in tradition, yet whimsical. We were also able to write our own wedding vows, and we will never forget the moment we exchanged them. As I walked down the aisle, an acoustic guitarist sang “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys and it was such an emotional moment. Of the two of us, I am without a doubt the “crier” in this relationship, so the ironic twist was that Sergio absolutely could not stop crying during the ceremony, especially when I read my vowels. About the ceremony from Sergio… It was the most magical moment in my life; seeing Brie entering the church in her beautiful white dress, the intimate ceremony with family and friends in that amazing church over the Mediterranean Sea. It was just a magical moment that felt like something out of a dream. From Brie… Full disclosure: I arrived very late to my wedding, and I was definitely nervous on my way to the church. That anxiety was truly wiped away as I proceeded down the aisle and saw Sergio at the altar, already crying tears of joy. In that moment I was so filled with love for him, and I had the biggest smile on my face that nothing could break. It felt totally surreal, and part of me was in disbelief that we actually made it to this day, surrounded by the most important people, in our favorite place on earth. (Like many couples, pandemic-related delays made us feel like perhaps this day wouldn’t materialize, but it was undoubtedly worth the wait.) The ceremony felt really intimate, and there were moments when we looked at each other and I really felt like it was a private moment between us, despite having all eyes on us. Above all else, I just felt so incredibly blessed in that moment. During the Reception: Our first dance was to “Like a Child Again” by The Mission

[field title=”Special Detail #1″]Special Details
Sergio is from Brazil, as were many guests, so we wanted to incorporate some Brazilian traditions into our celebration as well. My mom had the idea to give our guests Brazilian wish bracelets (bonfim da bahia) at our welcome lunch: you tie the bracelet in 3 knots and when it falls off, your 3 wishes come true.
[field title=”Special Detail #2″]Champagne tower[/field]
[field title=”Special Detail #3″]We also managed to bring a tradition from my hometown (Pittsburgh, PA) all the way to Spain, a “Cookie Table” in lieu of a wedding cake.

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Photography: Sandra Mañas Photography | Event Planning: Marga at Moments | Floral Design: Marga at Moments | Invitations: Audra Jean Calligraphy | Ceremony Venue: Parròquia Sant Joan Baptista | Reception Venue: Son Rullan | Catering: Tot A Punt | Makeup and hair: Shari Kramer | Band: Tinons and the Mopis | Groom's Attire: Martin Greenfield | Earrings: Very Breezy | Wedding dress customisation: Joy Cioci

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Destination Nigerian Wedding in Málaga, Spain

[section title=”The Planning”]
[field title=”Wedding Colors”]At the Nigerian Ceremony, family members donned traditional gowns decked in festive blues and reds. To embrace the vibrant summer weather for their special day, they chose a marvelous maroon-gold-ivory palette to bring out the beauty of their wedding day.[/field]
[field title=”Design / Vibe / Vision”]Tobi and Jenn have planned the most exhilarating destination wedding – all the way in enchanting Spain! They kicked off their festivities with an incredibly special Nigerian ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends, followed by a festive rehearsal dinner the venue’s beautiful terrace. On the big day they celebrated a romantic outdoor 3-course Spanish feast accompanied with lots of music & dancing.[/field]
[field title=”Proposal Story”][/field]
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[section title=”The Fashion”]
[field title=”Wedding Gown”]FROM THE COUPLE

Jenn: I found my wedding dress at Seng Couture, a boutique in New Jersey, not far from where I grew up. My mother and I were on the hunt for an elegant, form-fitting dress. I wanted something that sparkled but wasn’t too heavy which seemed to be the challenge with other beaded or sequined dresses that I tried on. My Kitty Chen dress was the first dress that I tried on that day, and my mother and I knew instantly that it was my dress!

Tobi: I had my tuxedo custom made by a tailor in my hometown of Lagos, Nigeria called Kimono Kollection. I wanted a classic black tuxedo for our black-tie wedding.
To honor Tobi’s Yoruba heritage, we also celebrated our Nigerian Engagement Ceremony, a traditional celebration of our families coming together and becoming one. We had custom outfits made for this occasion. Jenn wore a gold, beaded lace dress. Tobi wore a blue agbada with gold stitching. Our friends and family wore our family cloth called, “aso ebi,” which was hand-dyed in Nigeria and made into custom outfits for our guests.
[field title=”Bridesmaid Dresses”]Jenn’s bridesmaids were dressed in stunning maroon dresses that complimented their stunning pink and maroon bouquets![/field]
[field title=”Groomsman Attire”]The groomsmen wore black tuxedos, the perfect addition to a classy wedding celebration.[/field]
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[section title=”The Details”]
[field title=”Food & Drink”]In typical European fashion, we had an amazing, multi-course meal at their reception, including traditional Spanish meat croquettes and jamon serrano paired with amazing cheeses.[/field]
[field title=”Florals & Decor”]An array of vibrant hues maroon, pink and ivory flowers. Bouqets composed of roses and calla lilies provided a stunning contrast.[/field]
[field title=”Wedding Cake”]Tobi and Jenn celebrated their special day with a classic European wedding cake, decorated with red and pink roses.[/field]
[field title=”Readings, Ceremony Music, Reception Songs”]As the evening went on, we heard heartfelt toasts from friends and family, including a picture slideshow from the best man illustrating some of the history that had brought us all to Spain for this celebration. Once the dancing kicked off, it just didn’t stop! We left the party after midnight, and the guests enjoyed themselves for hours more.[/field]
[field title=”Special Detail #1″]Nigerian Ceremony – I loved that both the bride and the groom got a grand entrance. During these entrances, I was introduced to the Nigerian tradition of “money spraying,” where cash is literally thrown over the bride and groom. The wedding parties danced their way into the engagement ceremony, under a shower of cash. Jenn and Tobi’s parents prayed over their children together. Their families affirmed their support
of their engagement with great enthusiasm! Tobi and his groomsmen laid facedown before Jenn’s parents as he agreed to provide and care for her. And lastly, when asked for Jenn’s dowry, her mom responded “My daughter cannot be bought,” a truthful and modern twist on an outdated custom.[/field]
[field title=”Special Detail #2″]The Spanish countryside featured rolling hills, while the venue landscaping and architecture offered gorgeous trees, neutral walls, period architectural detail, and intricate ironwork. The walls of the wedding chapel echoed centuries of rich history and deep faith, a fitting setting for Jenn and Tobi. The cobblestone courtyard of the Convento de Magdalena was dressed in bistro lights and the dance floor was coming together as we arrived to photograph details.[/field]
[field title=”Special Detail #3″]Honeymoon – We spent six amazing nights at the Ritz-Carlton resort in the Maldives. We were able to do a little
travel hacking and booked half our stay on points which enabled us to be a little indulgent with all
the activities and amazing food experiences that the Ritz-Carlton Maldives has to offer. For the
first day and a half, we took it easy relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, and enjoying room service
and the amazing view from our overwater villa, after the excitement of the wedding. From day two
it was one activity or culinary experience after another. We enjoyed seven different amazing
restaurants on the island and their sister resort, went hoverboarding, met other couples at wine
and whisky tastings, enjoyed a couples massage, did a honeymoon photoshoot, and experienced
a bit of Maldivian culture at the resort’s Maldivian Night event. Did we mention that the food was
amazing? We even had a private dinner on the beach that looked like a date you would see on
the Bachelor. Everyone at the resort was so kind and accommodating during our stay and that
made it really hard to leave. It was wonderful![/field]
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[board_carousel title=”Reception”]


Photography: Hana Gonzalez Photography | Cinematography: Jeremy Standley | Coordination: Reviva Weddings | Floral Design: Anais Floristas Fuengirola | Wedding Dress: Kitty Chen Couture | Wedding Dress: Seng Couture | Cake: Marta Pino Postres | Invitations: Zola | Catering: Hotel Convento de la Magdalena | DJ: Grupo EJ Eventos | Groom's Attire: Kimono Kollection | Beauty: lucy pardoe

A Glamorous Ibiza Wedding With Out of This World Views

A couple with a love story that’s sure to inspire, breathtaking views of the Balearic Islands, and a dress that will leave you head over heels – these are just a few of the many can’t miss moments from today’s glamorous Ibiza wedding day. Eventoile planned their day to perfection while Bonphotage was behind the lens, capturing every last swoon-worthy detail. It came to no surprise when we found out Siloh Floral was responsible for the epic floral design, dripping in blush pink orchids. Don’t forget to check out the full gallery of inspo before you go and prepare to pin all your fave pics!

From the Bride… A mutual friend had suggested that Hunter and I meet one another after we both found ourselves single. So Hunter looked me up on Instagram and proceeded to tag me in a photo of himself having the time of his life out in NYC. His whimsical move worked, because I said yes to a date with a guy I knew literally nothing about.
I was really nervous about the blind date, and almost every one of my friends said the same thing to me: ‘It’s not like you’re going to marry the guy. Just go have fun.’ 

Well, they were right about one part! It has been nothing but fun with Hunter – my friends call him Funter – from the day we met a little over four years ago. And it’s his easygoing, thoughtful, problem-solving attitude that made destination wedding planning through a world pandemic not just manageable, but also really entertaining and fulfilling.
I never imagined I’d say this, but: thank goodness for social media and low expectations. Life has a way of surprising you in the best possible ways when it’s your time. And our wedding truly was a testament to the time of our lives ahead!

We like to think of ourselves as an unexpected pairing, because while we could not be more different, we really complement one another. And so, we wanted to bring that same unexpected vibe – by way of pairing contrasting but complementary elements – to our wedding experience.

We chose Ibiza, because we wanted to throw a truly epic party for our closest family and friends after the big, traditional Indian wedding my parents had hosted a month prior. That being said, we knew there was so much more to the White Island than the party scene. We wanted to share the beauty, magnetism and nature of the island with our guests, undoubtedly mixed in with the most memorable nights out!

Our venues, Hacienda Na Xamena and 7Pines, could not have been more mind blowing. The amphitheater at Na Xamena where we exchanged vows made us and all our guests feel like we were sitting on top of the waters; and we had the most stunning views of the mystical Es Vedra during our reception at 7Pines. People came to Ibiza expecting a beach wedding, and we wanted to give them the beauty of the Balearic Sea in an entirely different way.

I fell in love with Galia Lahav and her sexy wedding dress silhouettes after seeing so many gowns that made me feel like an imposter. Of course I chose the very first gown I tried on – the Maya gown – because it is daring without ever sacrificing style and sophistication. I wanted to be true to who I am, on my wedding day – a woman who likes to push boundaries but is also in love with love and traditions. Because I was wearing a sexy, sheer gown, I knew I wanted our photos to be incredibly classy and soft. I didn’t want to lose the romanticism of the day and what it meant for Hunter and I.

And so, I knew I had to work with Lynzie from Bonphotage. She and I actually went to high school together! And she is as beautiful, kind and talented now as she was then. Our venues were expansive and we had so many moving parts to our wedding day. Lynzie has an incredible eye for the big and small, while being able to make it all seem so intimate. She was able to capture the gravitas of this island with the same wow factor that she was able to capture the most subtle emotions on mine and Hunter’s faces. And the way she captured every element of our decor and entertainment makes me feel like I am truly reliving the day.

I worked with Lea from Eventoile to plan the Ibiza extravaganza. After our first meeting, she seemed to get who I am and who Hunter and I are as a couple. She described my style as sexy and gritty; and we landed on three words to capture our wedding style: Glamorous, Vibrant and Fun. Since it was an island wedding, even I expected that we may go a more Bohemian, pampas grass route for our decor and florals. But Lea pushed me to do what felt right for Hunter and I. And so, we brought black into our color palette in the most chic of ways; we mixed stone and granite into the tablescape; and Siloh Floral created the most sensual florals with modern and clean lines. For our reception, Lea and her team transformed the breakfast venue at 7Pines into one of our favorite Miami night clubs, complete with disco balls and hanging vines.

And from start to finish, we wanted to keep our guests delighted with entertainment that captured Hunter and my different personalities. We had a massively talented tenor from Barcelona perform my favorite opera aria as our wedding processional song. And as soon as our guests entered the reception, we had a shot bar set up for them to get the party started. We even had a separate Hierbas Bar where guests could be served hierbas liquor made specifically on the Balearic Islands by a traditional Ibizan bartender. All the guests got a bottle of hierbas to take home with them. During dinner, we surprised our guests with a group performance of The Bal Payes, a traditional Ibizan dance that displays a courtship between the man and woman. And as soon as we cut our cake, we had cowgirls and cowboys (to celebrate Hunter’s farming roots) come out and shoot shots of tequila and vodka into all our guests’ mouths, because now it was time to party!

[iframe 600 338]
[iframe 600 338]

Photography: bonphotage | videography: bonphotage | Event Planning: Eventoile Destination Weddings | Floral Design: Siloh Floral | dress: Galia Lahav | Invitations: LetterInk | Ceremony Venue: Hacienda Na Xamena | Reception Venue: 7 pines ibiza | shoes: Jimmy Choo | Hair & Makeup: Diva Borrelli

A Spanish Finca Garden Wedding Inspired by Frida Kahlo

A raven-haired beauty and her handsome hubby chose the beautiful country of Spain to host their destination wedding. To bring the Spanish flavor to life, Trille Floral created jaw-dropping arrangements lush with rich reds and deep pink blooms, and a Frida Kahlo inspired head piece for the bride to match! The bride looked absolutely beautiful, donning a wedding gown that was designed and sewn with love by her and her mother. We truly can’t put into words how much we love this vibrant affair! You’re just going to have to see it with your own eyes at the full gallery, all taken by Lilli Kad Photography.

From Lilli Kad PhotographyAnna & Thomas have chosen Spain for their destination wedding. Anna and Thomas spent a fair amount of time in Javea prior to this, as Thomas’ mother has a holiday house there, and so they decided to hire a private garden finca set in the hills of Javea overlooking the ocean. They chose this slightly quirky white washed finca which had lots of stairs and levels and although it made the set up a bit more challenging, they really loved the character it gave the wedding and made it a little bit more special. 

They loved the fact that every event of the day had their own little terrace of the property and a different feel of the location. The ceremony was set up on a palm lined driveway to the guesthouse which had steep but characterful staircase that ended up being the pathway the guests entered and the bride and groom walked into the ceremony from. The very first vendor they hired was Cara from Trille Floral. They infused their wedding with the richness of red and deep pink blooms to bring the Spanish flavour through! Cara designed a Frida Kahlo floral head piece for Anna which only adds to the vibrant style of this wedding. Both the Pool area with the white Spanish pool house overlooking the ocean and the old town of Javea were the backdrop for the after-ceremony cocktails where the guests relaxed in true Spanish style with antipasti and a Jamon Serrano station, before heading up to the second tier garden for garden reception under palms where paella was on the menu. 

The floral design on this wedding is stunningly created by Trille Floral. Their wedding had lots of little elements that are very well thought through and have special meaning to the bride and groom. Anna’s wedding Dress was a joint effort, designed and sewn by her and her mother. The satin slip for the gown was done with the help of a little boutique called Helena Kolan in Tel Aviv. Old Canadian gold coins (collected by Thomas’ grandfather) were melted and used to create Anna’s wedding band and engagement ring – all of the bride and groom’s rings were designed by Sian Evans in London. We adored the colour splash and vibrancy of this happy Spanish garden wedding and love that all the elements are a from different parts of the world. Photography from Austria, Floral design from Australia, Bride from Canada, Dress (partly) from Tel Aviv, Jewellery from London, Groom from Belgium, and entertainment and catering from Spain. A true global effort.

Photography: Lilli Kad Photography | Floral Design: Trille Floral | Wedding Dress: Helena Kolan | Rings: Sian Evans | Groom's Attire: Garrison Bespoke | Bride Shoes: Otaduy | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Groom's Shoes: Crockett & Jones | Ribbons: Song bird silk | candle holders: Kay Wright Creates

A Romantic and Dreamy Inspiration Shoot Inspired by Love Letters at Mas del Vent in Spain

Whether you’ve been daydreaming about your wedding day from the time you were a little girl or since that lovely new addition to your left hand, today’s inspiration shoot at Mas del Vent brings that daydream feeling to life! From the romantic cloister backdrop, the soft and delicate blooms by Rita Experience to the dreamy, short Carolina Herrera dress, everything about this is perfection! Check it out below and see how Erikawas Photography brings all of your daydreams to life!

From Erikawas PhotographyThis styled shoot at Mas del Vent, in the Spanish Costa Brava is magical, intimate, and picturesque with the romanesque style cloister in the background. Inspired by an antique book of love letters, a woman daydreaming and discovering every single detail of her idyllic wedding. This shoot channeled the desire that so many couples have right now to be able to plan and live their dream wedding in these uncertain times. These love letters have inspired us to keep the hopes up and the desire alive to plan the weddings of all those couples who are waiting for their magical day.

This well-styled editorial is sure to inspire with delicate details that are soft and elegant. Industry talent from Barcelona and beyond came together to make magic. The bride is wearing a stylish and chic short dress with gorgeous movement by designer Carolina Herrera. Soft and delicate blooms by Rita Experience set the stage for an intimate wedding celebration. This feature is the perfect fit for couples seeking stunning and show-stopping venues for their destination weddings in Europe.

Photography: Erikawas Photography | Cinematography: alCuadrado Videography | Floral Design: Rita Experience | Invitations: Milena Güell | Jewelry: Pere Quera | Wedding Venue: Mas del Vent | Art Direction: Andrea Llàcer | Beauty: Esther Carbonell Makeup | Bridal Boutique: Farah Novias | Bridal Shoes: Bella Belle | Cake & Sweets: MIRIAM | Candles: Ester & Erik | Earring: H. Stern | Fashion Designer: Carolina Herrera | Furniture Rentals: Opera lloguers | Model Agency: Fifth Models | Silks & Napkins: Pomegranatecolours | Tableware: Cañigueral | Veil: Homa Bridal

Fairytale Like Feels For this Barcelona Wedding Held At None Other Than A Castle!

The fairytale-like features of the Castell de Sant Marcal in Barcelona will have you yearning to watch a Disney movie as soon as you start scrolling through this morning’s wedding, brought to you by Just Married Barcelona and captured by KC Chan Photography! The stunning castle as the backdrop to the ceremony to the bride’s multiple wedding gowns are everything! With subtle but beautiful florals by Phlox, the focus is on the venue and the couple and their love! Take a look below, and fall in love with fairytales!

From KC Chan PhotographySharon and Samuel met eleven years ago and after nine years of being together, they tied the knot in beautiful Barcelona at the breathtaking Castell de Sant Marçal

The wedding ceremony was held in the magnificent gardens of Castell de Sant Marcal. Regal yet genuine – just like how you imagine it out of the pages off of fairytale books. It was such a precious moment when Sharon and Samuel exchanged their vows by the pond, surrounded by lush greenery and their loved ones like family; with the beautiful rose-quartz colored castle of Sant Marcal as the backdrop to top it all off.

Every detail of this Barcelona wedding was personal yet timeless. From the bride’s classic and elegant wedding gown, down to the minimalist all-white floral design of the reception dinner. All the elements harmonized to create a dreamy, unforgettable picture-perfect wedding.

Photography: KC Chan Photography | Cinematography: Alberto D'aria | Florist: Phlox | Wedding Dress: Classic Tina | Catering: Catering Sensacions | Wedding Venue: Castell De Sant Marçal | MUAH : Pinky Ku | Planning: Just Married Barcelona

How to Let Your Flowers Do the Talking with a Simple yet Lush Wedding Design

Simple yet stunning florals, mixed with jaw-dropping headpieces steal the show for this inspiration shoot by none other than Koman Photography at the beautiful La Baronia in Barcelona, filled with one architectural dream after the next.  From a floating arrangement above the ‘I Do’s’ to a colorful bouquet and whimsical centerpieces, Siloh Floral brought Event Styler and Planner, Scent of Orchid’s minimalist yet lush floral ideas to life! Take a peek at the full gallery and we’ll let you decide your favorite detail of this shoot because we simply can’t decide!

From the Designer & Stylist, Chiara of Scent of OrchidThe overall design and inspiration for this shoot started with the rustic elegance provided by La Baronia and the Barcelona surroundings, a typical Spanish style. When the amazing photographers The Komans asked me to join them in Spain for an editorial, I instantly fell in love with La Baronia’s architecture and view and proposed it to them.

We thought the best choice for the shoot would be to have a minimalist yet lush floral design. Liz of Siloh Floral was the perfect option when it came to choosing the floral designer who could create something beautiful and unique for our project. I wanted everything we brought into this shoot to represent Sandra and Mario’s love story while completely harmonizing with the architecture of the mansion – from La Baronia illustration that is included in the wedding invitation suite created by great professionals Ana and Alessandro from Carissimo Letterpress, to the vibrant and soft palette that contrasts the stone facade.

For the bridal styling, the bride wore a first look for the ceremony, with a long lace dress with a deep slit and Spanish style sleeves by Atelier Penhalta paired with exquisite lace décolleté by Bella Belle Shoes. My most favorite bridal accessories were the custom made crowns by Eden Luxe Bridal that perfectly framed the elegant beauty of Sandra. For jewelry, I wanted to keep it very simple, so I chose small, drop earrings by Eden Luxe paired with a simple gold engagement ring with a beautiful green gem from Italian artisan My Golden Age. The reception look is an Atelier Zolotas gown that enhances the sensuality of Sandra, with sheer and lace details and a soft tulle skirt.

For the ceremony and reception design, I wanted both spaces to be very simple, letting the couple be the eye-catchers. For the ceremony, Liz by Siloh Floral designed a beautiful hanging installation, under which the couple exchanged their vows. For the reception table, I styled a neutral and soft table set with gold accents, to allow the beautiful centerpiece by Siloh to be the focus of the table. Elegant chairs and table textiles from Nuovi Piatti complemented the flawless tabletop rentals from Canigueral. Claudia and Laura from Canigueral provided me all their beauties, allowing me to choose the delicate lace plates, the vintage glassware and gold vintage cutlery between their sophisticated collections. Each place was adorned with an elegant menu and calligraphy place cards. The celebration ended with a delicious cake by the very nice Eugenia by Lolita Bakery and a romantic last dance at sunset on the panoramic terrace of La Baronia.

Photography: Koman Photography | Cinematography: Koman Photography | Floral Design: Siloh Floral | Wedding Cake : Lolita Bakery | Shoes : Bella Belle | Ring : My Golden Age | Hair and Makeup: Arnau Mac For Oui Novias | Groom's Attire: Penhalta | Wedding Venue: La Baronia | Beige Wedding Dress: Atelier Zolotas | Headpieces and Earrings: EDEN LUXE Bridal | Long Sleeve Dress: Penhalta | Model Agency: Uniko Model Management | Rentals : Nuovi Piatti | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Scans : Richard Photo Lab | Silk Ribbon: Seidenband | Stationery and Calligraphy: Carissimo Letterpress | Styling and Planning: Chiara Bertuccio | Tabletop : Cañigueral

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You Need To See this Spain-Inspired Wedding Color Palette: Mimosa Yellow & Sky Blue!

There’s no question that blue and yellow are complimentary partners in crime. But today’s slice of Spain wedding inspiration from Muravnik Photography and DY Events gives that combo a twist, calling it mimosa yellow and sky blue. Doesn’t that sound whimsically colorful? It’s the perfect palette if you’re going for vibrant elegance and if so, there’s an entire collection of images below just calling to be added to your stack of inspo.

From Muravnik Photography… The minute we met Judit and Luka, it was clear that we would really need something special. Bright ginger hair and captivating beauty of the bride’s Catalonian face and Italian features of the groom gave us an idea to create something modern and fashionable but with some classic details.

It was crystal clear that only villa with peculiar interior and memorable style could convey their story. We were looking for a new wedding venue which would be yet unknown in the wedding industry. We were so lucky to have found not just the right place but also a real work of art – Villa Gran Villa Rosa with its harmonic fusion style. Villa complimented the visual perception of the couple and gave the right twist to their love story.

When we saw the venue, the first ideas that came into our mind were very classical and traditional for Spain. But we always love creating something new, especially for destination weddings, which are normally very classical. So, wedding designer Dina Yakushina decided to choose these stunning doors as a backdrop for the ceremony, but without adding any additional constructions like arches or chuppah as we didn’t want to fracture the existing geometry and pattern of these doors. She decided everything we needed here were flowers. But which ones?

So, we returned to the couple and to Spain itself, and more ideas came – it’s spring time, the time of bright and vivid colors, like yellow mimosa, and clear and limpid sky, fashion colors that many designers love. These colors are not common for weddings, especially yellow and blue together, so why not show how beautiful they are. Also, yellow is very traditional color for Spain, as well as the blue color that surrounds it – warm sea with beautiful beaches. So it all took shape – modern design, vivid colors, fashionable bride and groom and a historic Spanish villa.

Photography: Muravnik Photography | Floral Design: DY Events | Wedding Dress: Jesus Peiro | Stationery: Alexandra Kartamysheva | Shoes: SERENA WHITEHAVEN | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Wedding Land | Make up and Hair: Kateryna Usenko | Groom's Attire: Costume Code | Wedding Venue: Gran Villa Rossa | Rentals: Cañigueral | Robes: L' arca Barcelona

A Glamorous Pastel Wedding at Villa Padierna Palace Hotel in Spain

In today’s glamorous Marbella wedding planned by Soul Events, guests dined underneath a canopy of white wisteria and enchanting fairy lights – just the sight of it will completely take your breath away. It’s safe to say Pedro Navarro is a floral genius. The gorgeous bride changed out of her stunning Monique Lhuillier gown to surprise all of their guests by performing a traditional Bollywood dance with a few of her bridesmaids at the reception – how amazing is that?! The entire day of celebrations was all captured by Julia Kaptelova Photography, don’t miss the magic in the full gallery.

From the bride… Amidst the perfect tranquillity of Palazzo Versace in Dubai, our favourite holiday destination, we entered our luxurious suite to a spectacular display of rose petals lit by candlelight overlooked by countless elephant teddies. I had joked that I wanted elephants present if I was proposed to. As my mind rose to realize what might be happening, I turned to see my love on bended knee with my idea of the perfect engagement ring.

We celebrated that night in Burj al-Arab watching the sunset over the Persian Gulf with the twinkling lights of the city as our backdrop. We started looking for venues and in the search for it we came across an amazing image of a beautiful amphitheater. This gave way to shot after pristine shot of a venue that happened to be right beside our holiday home in Marbella, Spain to which we had spent many a summer in.

Within a few weeks we had arranged to visit Villa Padierna and within minutes of being there, we could not be swayed and knew that this Tuscan inspired palace with its courtyard canals and palm sprinkled, manicured grounds, nestled in the hills of Andalucía had to play host to our wedding. The rosy hues of the hotel inspired the pastel palette of blushing peach and pink shades that graced our ceremony. 

Our theme was elegant and glamorous but classic with hushed tones and gold accents. It was important for us to have a strong family element and as such, framed photos of family were favored throughout the venue. In front of our nearest and dearest, we exchanged vows we had written ourselves and solely for each other. Throughout our day music played a huge part of the experience and over dinner our guests were serenaded with classical music played on an ivory grand piano.

Under an immense canopy of white wisteria and magical fairy lights, we took to the white, star lit dance floor for our first dance which ended in the roar of fireworks. Our best memories from the day included a Bollywood dance with two of the bridesmaids choreographed to surprise the guests and incorporate a traditional aspect. Having Pakistani routes, it was important to blend both cultures into the wedding day. The rolling scenery that acted as the backdrop to the perfect toned aesthetics brought to life by our wedding designer Pedro and the staff of Villa Padierna is another fond memory.

The advice we would give to future brides and grooms is that you can never plan enough especially when it comes to the people you chose to bring your wedding vision to life. These people get to know you so well and once you find the right ones to work with, everything becomes doable. Writing your own vows is a special way to share promises and memories with your partner. When the day is over the moment that stands out the most and will be eternally cherished is standing in front of the person you love reciting the deeply personal vows from your own heart, committing to one another wholly and forever.

Photography: Julia Kaptelova Photography | Event Planning: Soul Events | Floral Design: Pedro Navarro | Gown: Monique Lhuillier | Cake: Be Sweet Marbella | Wedding Venue: Villa Padierna Palace Hotel | Decor: Pedro Navarro

An Intimate Wedding at Barcelona’s Villa Catalina

There is something so sweet about today’s featured wedding. Set against a Barcelona backdrop is the most endearing couple with the most adorable little girls, who came together to celebrate with an intimate group of only their closest friends and family. It has that dinner party vibe – designed by Spectrum Agency – while still feeling deeply special and is kissed with the most beautiful florals you’ve ever seen. Thankfully, the photographs from Muravnik capture this moment in time to absolute perfection.

From the bride & groom…Vicky and I met in a friend’s birthday party 6 years ago. We fell in love with each other instantly. In 2015, we travelled to Barcelona to attend a friend’s wedding. Both of us were immediately attracted by the beauty of the city, wonderful people, rich culture, and of course, the delicate food. We promised ourselves we would come back to Barcelona one day.

Six years went by fast, we have two beautiful daughters (3 and 4 years old). We decided that it is time to celebrate our unity and have a wonderful wedding ceremony in our favorite city, Barcelona. On July 27th, 2018, our dream came true. Friends from more than 10 countries came to our wedding and gave their blessings to us. Out of 70+ guests, 20 were children.

From Spectrum Agency, Wedding planning & Styling…The vision of Vicky & Alan was very clear: they wanted an intimate and natural wedding. Vicky loves flowers so this was a very important part for her. We found this beautiful Masia from 18th century, nestled between mountains & wineries, just out of Sitges, it would be the perfect venue for their destination wedding.

The couple flew there for a week stay with their family and closest friends. After discussing with Vicky her preferences in style and colors we went for a vintage, antique style. We used antique pink, vintage violet, terra cotta and dark red colored flowers matching with antique décor we sourced all over Spain and Europe. The floral style was very organic and natural, we played with twigs and branches to bring more height to arrangements and make make it more airy.

We used one of a kind elements of décor and furniture to bring this rustic vintage feel and matching the villa décor. We used different styles of chairs to mix and sourced a beautiful vintage door as the support for the arch. Flowers and vineries creating a frame around the couple in the background. Sourcing furniture was very important to bring coherence to the design as we wanted to use different types of sofas, tables to make the cocktail area as a relaxed environment.

[iframe 600 338]

The dinner was set in the beautiful courtyard overlooking the ceremony, Light bulbs and tall candelabras brought this romantic atmosphere. We worked with Yolanda from Best day Ever to source the most suitable flowers and colors to create intricate designs. We chose different types of flowers to make it very organic yet refined. The table setting from Canigueral was matching perfectly with centerpieces and grey cotton tablecloths.

Photography: Muravnik Photography | Videography: AnkerProd | Event Design: Spectrum Agency | Event Planning: Spectrum Agency | Floral Design: Best day ever | Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara | Cake: Lolita Bakery | Invitations: Pi Calligraphy | Rings: Tiffany & Co. | Catering: Cloud 9 Barcelona | Make up & Hair: Nikoleta Make Up | Groom's Attire: Calvin Klein | Wedding Venue: Villa Catalina | Tabletop Rental: Cañigueral

This Bride Didn’t Let A Forgotten Wedding Dress Stop The Fun!

This Bride wins awards even before she walked down the aisle. After forgetting her dress as she jetted off for her destination wedding, she went to work and got the gorgeous Inbal Dror gown back to her, safe and sound the night before her “I do’s”  – it had traveled through five airports! Relieved? Oh yes. Worth it? Totally. It’s one beyond beautiful bit from this whole stunning celebration in Barcelona, captured by 2 Brides Photography and Ankerprod. A Spanish I Do planned it all and the results are just jaw dropping. See it all right this way!

[iframe 600 338]


From the Bride… We wanted to ensure our guests let loose and had an unforgettable evening. They were, after all, traveling a long way (flight commute times ranged from 7.5 hours to 25 hours). We incorporated various modern references that we love in our lives in our wedding such as have a string quartet perform the Game of Thrones opening song for the bridal party’s walk down the aisle and EDM music for our entrance.

We are also very big foodies so food and drink played an instrumental part of our day. Charles wouldn’t let me have a wedding without traveling to Barcelona (after 30 hours of flying and five airports later) to taste the food and sample the wine list. We greeted our guests with specialty cocktails of our favorite drinks, jamon leg station, a paella booth, along with 13 other appetizers… all before their three-course dinner (in case they were hungry).

What was your favorite moment?

Let me start with the fact I actually left for my destination wedding forgetting to bring my wedding dress. After much stress, my favorite moment would definitely be when I received my wedding dress the night before the wedding. After it’s made a pit stop through five airports and two days in Munich during Oktoberfest.

My other favorite moment was seeing the reaction of my guests’ faces as they arrived at our venue. We had kept the location a secret (no sneak peek Google pictures) and arranged for bus shuttle service to pick everyone up (I also had to ban my bridal party from social media posting before guests arrived). Our guests’ stunned faces as they arrived, just filled our hearts with joy! The ceremony was also absolutely amazing where we could declare our love in such a romantic flower-filled arches and hear each other’s vows.

Tell us about your flowers, your gown, your favors, your cake, etc.

I wanted white, cream and green colors for my flowers to match my theme as well as my dress.

I wore this amazing Inbal Dror mermaid dress with detailed beading with a long nude colored train. I tried on quite a lot of dresses (and fell in love with many) but I think you need to choose a dress that you look best in photos as the dress can come out very different on film!

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

Hire a planner! I really enjoyed working with my planners who had such excellent taste and incredible organizational skills. My planners sorted out all the coordination during the day with details such as ensuring we didn’t accidentally bump into each other during getting ready shots. Due to weather, we had to scrap our original plans for the wedding in the garden but they pulled everything together on the day better than we could have hoped for.

Another tip is, please book a few days off work before needing to fly to your destination wedding. I didn’t take any time off and I felt so rushed in the end – I filled six suitcases to carry for my wedding and honeymoon in Amalfi Coast and as a result, I accidentally left my wedding dress at home as I left for the airport!



Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Videography: AnkerProd | Event Planning: A Spanish Do | Floral Design: Alblanc Atelier | Wedding Dress: Inbal Dror | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Hair + Makeup: Nikoleta Makeup | String Quartet: Quarteto Gaudi | Wedding Venue: Finca Mas Solers

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Tour a Home That Will Kick Ibiza to the Top of Your Travel List

If you are a lover of travel, island destinations or modern design, then this home captured by Ana Lui is going to be right up your alley. Tour the mod digs of wedding and event planner, Gemma Bowman of Ibiza Wedding, plus read up on Gemma’s tips for navigating life, family and weddings on Ibiza.

From the photographer… I remember meeting Gemma Bowman back in 2008 at one of her weddings. She was fearless, confident, stylish and smart as hell! An absolute perfectionist. I literally wanted to be Gemma! I wanted her experience, I wanted her confidence, her natural charm and pretty much all her wardrobe. Gemma’s wedding planning company, Ibiza Wedding, has become the first stop for stylish, newly engaged entrepreneurs, ambitious young brides and grooms to be looking for a hands on wedding planner who could take over and help them simply enjoy the real Ibiza experience.

When Gemma teamed up with Kerry-Anne, a fun, energetic, kind, South African beauty, they became the dream team for anyone looking to throw an unforgettable Ibiza wedding with a sweet and sexy dose of whimsical boho elegance. Gemma and Kerry love the island so much and as permanent residents (fluent in Spanish) they know every corner, every supplier and all the hidden spots.

I had a chance to photograph Gemma and her gorgeous family (three stunning kids and very handsome hubby Jack) on many different occasions. We took some beautiful photographs during Gemma’s pregnancy as well as doing a winter family shoot and a spring session at their favourite La Paloma restaurant and interior editorial session of their fabulously styled Ibiza home.  A few weeks ago I chatted with Gemma about weddings, family and life in Ibiza….

Mum of 3 and successful business owner! What’s your secret?

Delegation, patience and not sweating the small stuff!! Also I am really lucky that I have amazing people on my team, who I respect and trust and also have a wonderful, very hands on husband as well as help in the house that leaves me with more time to focus on the kids and work.


3 things you love about Ibiza?

The weather, the beauty of the island, and that inexplicable, intangible magic and feeling of possibility…

What’s your formula for a perfect wedding?

A great crowd of people, delicious food, plenty of alcohol and a bloody good DJ

What are you proud of?

My 3 children, my husband and making the life we have here

What’s different about weddings in Ibiza?

The feeling that anything goes, that you don´t have to conform to what a wedding should be…we have organized some amazing, unique celebrations here very different from many destination weddings.

3 tips for future Ibiza brides and grooms?

Take some time just the 2 of you on the wedding day to soak everything up and have a little moment for yourselves. Organize a pre or post event as you and all your guests will really love to all come together at least a couple of times whilst here and remember that every wedding should be an expression of you and your love for each other so try and bring your personalities into the day as much as possible. Oh and don´t stress… get a planner!

Best song for driving around the island?

I do A LOT of driving around the island, be it with clients or ferrying children about so it depends who I am in the car with…currently playing Imagine Dragons and Lily Allen

Ibiza summer must have?

A Panama, a big old straw bag from one of the amazing shops in Ibiza Town, lip balm and 2 months off the island in July and August to escape the madness…too much!!!

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Wedding Planner: Ibiza Wedding | Hair & Makeup : Jessie May Young | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Villa : Can Rio

A Colorful Wedding in Barcelona

Does it get any better than a stunning wedding in Spain? Short answer: no, no it doesn’t. Just take one peek at the pretty Diez & Bordons captured as proof. Because when you’ve got the talented Detallerie on hand planning every detail to perfection you know you’re in for a real treat. See it all in The Vault!

From DetallerieGrace and Chris a truly genuine couple, the bride from Hong Kong and the groom from London, who were looking for a wedding which was far from the classic English style celebrations. So they chose Detallerie to be their wedding planners to make their dreams come true.

Grace was radiant with her two Otaduy pieces which Detallerie helped her find and they also styled her with a blue and peach bouquet: the chosen colours for the rest of the wedding. Detallerie created a space for the ceremony in the shade of a mulberry where they left Chinese parasols as a nod to Grace’s family heritage. Following the ceremony, they celebrated with the ‘tea ceremony’ in a more intimate setting for close family, which is a tradition in China.

They enjoyed canapes, in particular the Jamon which was adored by all, in the garden. Detallerie also prepared an area where they could play a game of petanca, a game that has become a tradition in their family. They had dinner out on the patio of the house, making sure the blue linens and the peach colours were at the center stage of it all. Detallerie designed the graphics for them and used peaches to support the hand written calligraphy place cards. As a surprise, an animated and fun live band were waiting for them in the dance area to kick off the dancing! They danced to the best pop-rock songs until the early hours of the morning.



Photography: Diez Bordons | Event Design: Detallerie | Event Planning: Detallerie | Wedding Dress: Otaduy | Stationery: Detallerie | Catering: Sibaris | Venue: Sibaris

The Chicest Bridal Boudoir Shoot We’ve Ever Seen

The older I get, the more I believe in slowing down. There’s beauty in the process, just as much as the destination, and that rings true on your wedding day. This shoot by Audra Wrisley captures all that and the details are to die for. With a variety of looks (this chic leotard is my favorite) and a halo braid, the style of this whole shoot is hitting high note after high note. See it all in our Vault right this way!

From Audra WrisleyA wedding day takes so much preparation, and once the day arrives it often passes in the blink of an eye! Slowing down to soak in all the details is crucial. This fashion editorial from Barcelona portrays those quiet moments of a bride getting ready, before going out into the whirlwind of her wedding day.

For this shoot, we had the pleasure of photographing the stunning new designs by Spanish fashion house Cortana, paired with luxury lingerie pieces by the renowned Andres Sarda. These Barcelona based brands are the epitome of the city’s forward thinking fashion scene for brides, that has brought impeccably designed but wearable creations to the international stage.

The Monument Hotel hosted our shoot, located in the heart of the city on Passeig de Gracia, which provided a modern backdrop for the shoot full of charming Catalan architectural features. This recently opened 5 star luxury hotel presents a similarly progressive vision, and also treasures Barcelona’s heritage by incorporating pre-modernist influences in their beautiful spaces.

All pieces are accompanied by sophisticated floral designs by Gang and the Wool, accentuating the garments’ fabric, textures and colors.

Photography: Audra Wrisley Photography | Floral Design: Gang And The Wool | Wedding Dress: Cortana | Hair + Makeup: Le Salon | Venue: Monument Hotel | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Lingerie: Andres Sarda | Model: Alba Puigvert

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A Destination Wedding Planned From Across the World

If you’re intimidated by the idea of planning a wedding abroad, take notes from this couple, DJ and Lauren. They coordinated their big day on the Spanish island of Mallorca via emails and Skype and did it all without breaking a sweat. Ana Lui captured the pretty from beginning to end with even more to see inside The Vault.


[iframe 600 338]

From Ana Lui PhotographyDJ and Lauren met through mutual friends while out in Chicago (where Lauren is originally from). They both were in relationships at the time but stayed in touch and reconnected a couple of years later when the timing was right. DJ was living between Dallas and Chicago and Lauren was living in Chicago. They had a long-distance relationship for a year before Lauren decided to make the move down south (to Dallas) to be closer to DJ.

They chose to get married in Mallorca at beautiful Belmond La Residencia in Deia, which is a small village in the mountains. DJ took Lauren to Deia a few years back and she fell in love with the place.

Since the wedding took place in Spain and was mostly outdoors, the bride and groom really wanted to have a rustic feel. The hotel was an old olive press so they have chosen olive branches incorporated into everything from the bouquets to table settings to the bridesmaid’s headdresses.

For flowers, Lauren chose white roses and freesia flowers with olive foliage. Lauren is more of a minimalist and didn’t want anything to take away from the beautiful backdrop and location. The dinner area was decorated with fresh lemons hand picked from the hotel gardens.

When I asked Lauren about her experience with getting married abroad and planning the wedding via emails and Skype she said it wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. Deia is a small village, so allocating the guests and getting everyone out there was pretty straight forward.

From the Bride…To say I was surprised when DJ proposed is an understatement. I had absolutely no idea, which made the day incredibly special and memorable. The proposal took place at DJ’s parent’s house in the country in Scotland. We were taking a walk through the forestry on their property, which is a common activity we both enjoy when we are in Scotland when I noticed he was being a bit quieter than usual. The sun was close to setting and we came to a beautiful little lake. I turned around and he held out the box with the ring. The rest of the evening was a blur.

I never experienced anything like it. It was so peaceful and beautiful yet unpretentious. After thinking of places that had a special meaning to us, Deia stood out.

The best decision was to get married in the church. There were other places we could’ve had the ceremony on the property and around Deia that would’ve been pretty but the church was incredibly historic and beautiful.

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Cinematography: Ana Lui Photography | Event Planner: Undercover Events | Floral Design: Joanna Walton Flowers | Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Amsale | Catering: Belmond La Residencia Mallorca | Entertainment: Velvet Music | Groom's Attire: Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon | Groomsmen's Attire: Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon | Venue: Belmond La Residencia Mallorca | Earrings: Kenneth J Lane | Film Processing: Carmencita Film Lab | Furniture Rentals: VL Lounge | Lighting + Production: Velvet Music | Stationery + Invitations: Southern Fried Paper

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Bridal Beauty 101: Finding That Perfect Style for Your Gown

You’ve found that dress of your dreams and now it’s time to focus on putting the entire look together with hair and makeup.  Need help? Well, we’ve got you covered, because today we’re joining forces with Jennie Kay for a quick run-down on all things beauty with tips + tricks on achieving that glam wedding day look, no matter the gown or style you’re dreaming of. Let’s get started.


Your style? Laid-back with a big ol’ side of sophistication. Which means rocking a stunning gown that shows some skin and hair + make-up that is just as sleek and glamorous. Jennie Kay suggests pairing your dream dress with a rope braid pony or soft low bun that is dressy enough for a wedding, but is also completely effortless.



You’re a vintage-inspired lady looking to rock that elegant lace number, but still maintain a modern, yet sexy edge. Jennie Kay’s tip? A bright red lip for that much-needed side of sophistication and a stunning updo that frames one side of the face, plus sweeps across the back in a beautiful style that is reminiscent of the past.


“Look at the way you wore your hair at your initial dress fitting. It usually mimics your initial idea on how your hair should be.” – Jennie Kay Beauty



Crave a look that is soft, romantic and free, just like you and your wedding? Then this fab boho look from Jennie Kay Beauty is sooo for you. Simply keep your hair natural in wave and texture and add three gorgeous braids for a little pop of WOW.  Want to add a little glamour to the look? Really make those eyes stand out with just the right shade of shadow and mascara.



For those of you who want to keep it sweet + classic on the Big Day, Jennie Kay suggests a low twisted ponytail that is equal parts show-stopping and wholesome. Pair it with subtle makeup (like a light pink lip) and a gown that has just a pop of sass and the results are absolutely timeless.



Waves are a girl’s best friend and when it comes to a wedding day look that is equal parts laid-back and sophisticated, Jennie Kay keeps those tousled waves down with just a few sweet strands pulled back for a look that is all sorts of romantic. Add some soft pink lips and some barely-there makeup to complete the look.


[iframe 600 338]

Contact Jennie Kay Beauty to create a seamless, stunning look from head to toe… you won’t regret it.

Countryside Rustic Ibiza Wedding

It should be recognized that Ellie and Mark planned an incredible wedding. Said wedding? Well, it just so happened to take place on the magical island of Ibiza. Need we say more? Captured by the massively talented Ana Lui Photography, we’ve got it all waiting for you in The Vault!

From Ana Lui PhotographyAs soon as I met Ellie and Mark I knew their wedding will be simply amazing. They are such a lovely couple! Laid back, full of love and appreciation for our little island of Ibiza. They chose to get married on Ibiza because they feel like home in here. As much as they enjoy the sun and the sea, they also love the wild and rural countryside and Ibiza’s Mediterranean vibe.

And their wedding location was just that, wonderful countryside agroturistic hotel in quiet little village of San Mateo. Ellie and Mark chose Hotel Astarte because of it’s fab grounds. Stoney walls, wooden ceiling beams, almond and carob trees. They said” I do” surrounded by the family and closest friends at the top terrace garden of Astarte.

Lucy from Mambo Weddings, their wedding planner, made sure everything run smoothly. Decor and flowers matched the mood of the wedding day, with freshly cut rosemary, gorgeous succulent mini plant pots and overflowing bouquet made with love by amazing Kristin at Flowers Ibiza. Throughout the wedding day I always follow the natural light. For Elle’s and Mark’s couple shoot I’ve decided to shoot around on of the hotels fields, few meters away from sheep wondering around. The light was perfect. The sun started to set behind the olive and almond trees, we caught the last rays just in time. Ellie swapped her head piece for beautiful flower crown. And after the dinner all the guests joined the young couple by the pool with life music and cheese cake!

From The Bride…Why did you choose to get married in the Mediterranean?

Ibiza is such a stunning island and the perfect place for our guests to enjoy a holiday around the big day. Traveling abroad for a wedding allows people to properly relax and escape the hustle and bustle of home. It also meant that we were lucky enough to extend the celebrations, visiting one of our favorite restaurants, La Bodega, for tapas in Ibiza town the night before the wedding and welcoming people back to Rural Astarte for a pool party the day after to reminisce the day previous. It worked out perfectly.

How did you find the venue and your wedding coordinator (if applicable)?

We were recommended Lucy Dyer at Mambo Weddings through a friend of a friend who got married on the island the previous year. Having spent a January weekend looking at a number of venues last January, Lucy promised us that Rural Astarte was worth seeing. We hadn’t heard much about it, but totally fell in love with it’s beautiful natural setting in the peaceful Sant Mateo valley.

Did you incorporate anything handmade or DIY in your wedding?

We created a website to incorporate RSVPs, best places to stay, best airfares, photos and general information about the day. We also painted wooden signs to help guide guests throughout the day.

What advice would you give brides to be regarding organizing a destination wedding?

No matter how important small details feel in the lead up, it’s amazing how on the day none of it matters. You are surrounded by your favorite people in the world and, as long as you feel great and relax then everything falls in to place. That’s not to say planning an overseas wedding comes without it’s stresses. If you, like us, feel guilty about the cost implications for others, then try and give people as much notice as possible. Our save the dates went out over a year before the wedding and we were so lucky and overwhelmed by the number of people that joined us. If possible, make a few visits before the big day, it’ll put your mind at ease and is also incredibly special and fun.

What was your best idea?

Getting married abroad!

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Event Planning: Mambo Weddings | Floral Design: El Ramo De Flores | Wedding Dress: Laure De Sagazan | Bride's Shoes: Zara | Bridesmaids' Dresses: ASOS | Hair + Makeup: Smack Ibiza | Groom's Attire: Reiss | Venue: Astarte Ibiza

This Clifftop Ceremony Will Make Your Jaw Drop

It’s not every day you see a wedding set on the edge of the world. Or an Ibiza clifftop, to be exact. But thanks to Ana Lui we’ve got just that, will an entire gallery of images that’ll give you Mediterranean wanderlust in a serious way. Scroll on for lots, lots more.


From The Bride…

Why did you choose to get married in the Mediterranean?

We fell in love with Ibiza from the first moment we visited the island. It has everything you need for a perfect holiday – from sun, sand, incredibly blue waters, fun nights out, delicious cuisine and relaxation. You can have a great night out in the south of the island or you can hide yourself away in the corners of the island for some peace and tranquility. There is a special energy on Ibiza, and you feel it as soon as you step outside. We wanted to get married on Ibiza so we could share the love of the island with our friends and family, so they too could experience the beauty for themselves.

How did you find the venue and your wedding coordinator?

After a few trips and searching for all different locations, we decided we hadn’t quite found the perfect place for the wedding. We really wanted to have the activities at a private villa, so everything could be in once place. After much searching (and Googling) we came across Cardamom Events – who were able to find a location, provide the catering and help us plan the wedding so it was a perfect fit.

What advice would you give brides to be regarding organizing a destination wedding?

Be patient. Be clear on what your vision is before you communicate to anyone supporting you because ANYTHING is possible, it’s just how to bring to life your vision within your budget, so be prepared to make compromises. And plan your budget based on 80% of you actual budget, because you WILL go over.

Most importantly, the day goes by so fast make sure to take some time away with your newlywed to enjoy the moment and take some pictures. Make sure to eat, and try not to think about the schedule. If possible, don’t get too involved in the timing and scheduling of everything on the day because if it doesn’t go according to the exact timing (which it never does), it’s best that you don’t pick up on that and can enjoy each moment.

From Ana Lui Photography… Alexandra and Bono were my dream couple! Super laid back, fun, happy and full of life! We had so much fun on the day and throughout the night – they partied like crazy and kissed like crazy. It was a wedding full of positive energy, happiness and music! Set around perfect location in Ibiza, private villa close to quiet sleepy town of San Juan, with clifftop ceremony and gorgeous sun setting over the hills of Ibiza.

I think film photography totally captured the beauty of the palace. Getting all the blues, greens and warm colours of the island out in every photograph. I am super happy with the peach skin tones and softness of all the images.

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Cinematography: Ana Lui Photography | Coordination: Cardamom Events | Floral Design: El Ramo De Flores | Wedding Dress: Jenny Packham | Stationery: Idlewild Co. | Bride's Shoes: Prada | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Joanna August | Hair + Makeup: Smack Ibiza | Groom's Attire: Custom made by Thomas Baldwin | Venue: Casa La Vista Ibiza | Catering + Cake: Cardamom Events | Film Processing: Carmencita Film Lab | Grooming: Tailored & Groomed Ibiza | Lighting + Sound: Ibiza Pro Dj

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The Sweetest Spanish Wedding We’ve Ever Seen

And just like that I’m ready to get married all over again, but this time? I’d jetset off to Barcelona with just my sweetie and recreate this stunner of an inspo. Overflowing with elegant amber hues and fab florals, Muravnik Photography captured it all to share and believe me – it’s gooood. See it all for yourself in The Vault!

From Muravnik Photography Preparing the shoot for Muravnik photography Barcelona workshop we decided to work with a real couple – Lisa and Claudio, getting inspiration from their story. Lightness of flowing silks and buff masonry walls of a Spanish manor of the 16th century, noble shine of gold and magical gardens of the Renaissance, blinding glow of diamonds, frozen in the color of burnt sugar, luxurious floral arrangements of orchids, ranunculus, roses, peonies and jasmine, caressed by copper rays of the setting sun – Our story breathes the air of a languid late afternoon in Spain. The story, created under the notes of pale golden Chardonnay, retained aristocratic elegance and refined luxury, all tied up by the sweetness of a vanilla Spanish sky.

Lisa’s morning began in the garden of a Spanish manor writing a letter to her beloved Claudio, tracing calligraphic monograms on handmade paper. A cream dessert colored boudoir lingerie made of natural silk, soft hair, a slight touch of make-up to emphasize the natural beauty of the bride created a gentle romantic image.
The bride’s vanity table was decorated with a composition of garden flowers, with noble accents of peony-roses and peonies, which complemented a vintage perfume bottle containing the bride’s favorite honey aroma.

Oneness with nature and harmony is felt in every detail, starting with the weightless style of bridal gown in contrast with the groom’s more classic looks, finishing with sophisticated orchids decorating the backs of forged iron chairs. The emerald-green landscape of the Santa Clotilde Gardens in Cataluniya, boasting classic sculptures, old staircases covered with wild ivy, mesmerizing views of the sea create a powerful equilibrium between luxury and finesse, the beauty of the moment frozen in time, under the rays of a setting sun.

Antique silverware was chosen for the table, classic patinated gold plates, decorated with 24-carat gold ornaments, crystal glassware and bronze chandeliers on a silk tablecloth. Plated steel vase with floral arrangements of orchids, peony-roses, peonies, jasmine and other garden flowers. The gentle sounds of classical music and the light of the candles top off the wedding dinner with a dreamy, romantic atmosphere.

When we created the wedding story of Lisa and Claudio, our main reference point was harmony, a combination of elegance and luxury in every detail while retaining a sense of proportion to emphasize our couple, their feelings and emotions of the moment. Love, romance, tenderness are some of the most recurrent themes in the fine-arts. Our classical approach to the art of wedding composition makes it so each one of the stories we create are filled with beauty, elegance and pure feelings.

Photography: Muravnik Photography | Event Design: Muravnik Photography | Event Design: Elena Goryainova | Event Planning: Oh My Love Wedding Planners | Floral Design: Elena Goryainova | Ceremony Venue: Santa Clotilde Gardens | Jewelry: Art Jeweller | Hair + Makeup: Kateryna Usenko | Stationery + Calligraphy: Varvara Novgorodova | Cake Pedestal + Tray: Bon Renom | Ceremony Wedding Dress: Eleganceallure | Chairs: Cromons | Floral Design Assistant: Floratelie | Lingerie: White Chic Lingerie | Model: Lisa Veltman | Plates : Vista Alegre | Reception Venue + Accommodations: Mas Mauri | Runner + Ribbons: Silky Rivers | Seaside Wedding Dress: Cathy Telle


Copy this Bride’s Soft Natural Waves below!


When You’re a Fashion Industry Bride, One Designer Wedding Dress Simply Isn’t Enough

When I get married, it’s going to be all about the dress. So this gorgeous Bride, with her not one, but two, stunning designer gowns — one for the rehearsal dinner and one for the wedding — is a woman after my own heart. After all, I’ll take any excuse to wear a Carolina Herrera or Delphine Manivet masterpiece. See all the pretty, captured by Jimena Roquero and Helher Escribano, in The Vault!

From Jimena Roquero…Elena & Eduardo’s wedding in Ibiza was the event all their families and friends were waiting for the whole year. A three-day wedding with live music, cabaret show, sunsets from a boat, paella in the beach and all happening in the amazing island of Ibiza!

Elena works in fashion so she couldn’t resist to pick a gorgeous Carolina Herrera gown even though she thought it was not the most Ibiza look. Instead, she picked a total Ibiza look for the rehearsal dinner on the boat with a light and delicate design from Delphine Manivet.

Elena & Eduardo organized a fun rehearsal dinner at the beach and the invited all their guests on a ride on the boat where they were able to enjoy the magical Ibiza sunset. The day of the wedding, Elena got ready at her family house. The ceremony was celebrated in a very typical Ibiza church, with a completely white facade and they even had local dancers performing for them on their way out.

The cutest part was when Elena drove a vintage yellow citroen all the way to the reception venue, La Escollera. A chic and trendy restaurant by the beach that they decorated with color lighting and where they fed and entertained almost 400 guests until the party was over!

Photography: Jimena Roquero Photography | Cinematography: Helher Escribano | Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera | Venue: La Escollera | Bride's Rehearsal Dinner Dress: Delphine Manivet | Children's Shoes: A Gatas | Flower Girl Dress: Nanos | Quartet: De La Purissima | Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Ses Roques Restaurant | Ring Bearer Attire: Neck & Neck

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