Romantic Cultural Infused Swedish Wedding
February 5, 2015
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I have this theory. When wedding pros become brides we get some of the most talked about, swooned over, crazily pinned weddings to grace the webpages of SMP. It's brides like this Swedish wedding photographer who knew exactly what she wanted when it came time to plan her own special day. Think country charm meets organic minimalism with nods of Middle Eastern influence woven in along the way. Sit back and see it all unfold from the lens of 2 Brides Photography
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From The Bride...I had the best time planning our wedding. As a wedding photographer myself, I was eager to get all the details right, but still wanting to keep a very relaxed atmosphere... So I started off the wedding planning by deciding on a color palette and searched for inspirational images. I knew that I wanted to have a country feel themed wedding, combined with Middle Eastern inspired pieces such as the fabric used in the decor, Arabic food (cheese filled dates), as well as the use of Arabic scent. We even had a Mexican band playing after the ceremony (our family is half Mexican). It was important for me that even though I wanted to keep our wedding simple and rustic-chic, I wanted to make sure that it still incorporated the essence of who we are.

A good friend of mine (Moirai Style) designed the bridesmaid’s dresses, the groom’s suit, as well as the bow ties for the groomsmen. I gave her fairly free reign - and she went above and beyond with the outfits, really exceeding my expectations. I especially loved the design she chose for the bow ties which tied in well with my original vision for the wedding and color palette.

My wedding dress was designed by Ida Sjöstedt, an amazing Swedish designer - I absolutely adored my dress! It was simple and delicate, and fitted me perfectly.

I designed the stationary (save the date/invitations etc.), using light green and beige colors with a simple font, as I wanted it to be a simple affair. I found a local printing shop in a town next to Stockholm that seemed to have a good understanding of the artistic side as well (which is very important), and she was able to print the desired requirements within the limitations of my budget.

We got married in a small town just out of Stockholm, at a beautiful little venue called Facienda. I absolutely loved the charm of this industrial location and the ladies (who together with their husbands are co-owners of the venue) helped so much with the decoration as well as assisting in catering options. They even cut branches off their own pear and apple trees from their backyards to add to the decor! They really put as much of their heart and soul into the wedding as I did, which is worth gold when you don’t have a planner.

I also had 50 pillow covers made in traditional Middle Eastern fabric as I felt like I wanted to scour the place in pillows and hay bales. I think it worked out quite well in the end to say the least - even my dad was very impressed. We even went to buy a second hand bike a few days before the wedding to add to the rustic decor; and it was the one thing we kept from the wedding, our wedding bike will stay with us forever - it was even our mode of transport back to the hotel after the wedding!

For the flowers, my mum, sisters and I went to purchase them in bulk and used them for the venue. My flower crown (made from baby's breath), the flower bouquets, and boutonnieres were all made by a local florist who understood exactly what I wanted and delivered right on time.

Together with an extremely helpful and creative mum and sisters (who also involved their own partners - and my dad), we were able to put on a magnificent wedding. I could never have done it without them as my husband-to-be had to stay behind for work until just a few days before the wedding. The wedding was a combination of love and hard work from those closest to me - and I own huge amounts of love and gratitude to them for the success that it was.

All-in-all, the day was unforgettable, it was everything I imagined it to be and more.
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