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"Wedding Now"

Backyard Barrington Wedding from Keren Sarai Photography

Some backyards were just meant to host weddings. Case in point, this gorgeous 16 acre property complete with a lake and a home that the groom just so happened to have built. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get more romantic than that. And to top it all off, this crafty couple DIYed almost everything you see in these pretty images from Keren Sarai Photography.


Cafe Iberico Wedding by Nika Vaughan + J Wiley Photography

I seriously need to be friends with this lovely Chicago bride and groom, because they. are. awesome.  They took a simple slogan, "friends, food and music," and turned it into one of the most amazing days that I have ever seen.  I kid you not, I have literally been blown away by the fabulousness that is this wedding.  From a Beatles cover band (I can't even begin to tell you how amazing I think that is) to a circus marching band (ditto), this was one fun and uber-gorgeous soiree. ...