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"Victor Zerga"

Sedona Wedding at Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge from Victor Zerga

When I tell you that you are about to fall head.over.heels for this next stunning Sedona affair, believe you me, I have never been more on the money.  Because any wedding that boasts two adorable high school sweethearts, one vintage-inspired detail after another (all styled by the beautiful bride!) and a breathtaking Sedona setting is most definitely a fall crazy in love kind of affair.  Victor Zerga snapped up every last heartwarming...


Chehalis Wedding by Victor Zerga

Your lunch hour is about to get a whole lot prettier with this sweet and simple vintage chic meets rustic DIY fete. These adorable high school sweethearts got engaged on the top of a mountain in Alaska, where the groom was stationed, far away from their life together in Washington. But that didn't slow down their plans to marry at all. Captured by Victor Zerga, this charming wedding is totally the bees knees.