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"Titanium Knights"

Beverly Wedding at The Estate at Moraine Farm by Dreamlove Photography

I love a bride with a vision for her wedding day - especially when the vision is full of New England charm, DIY touches and 90-gallons of home-brewed beer! So, naturally, I'm head-over-heels for this lovely outdoor affair by Dreamlove Photography. But don't stop here, inspiration is coming out of the woodwork in the full gallery!


Austin Wedding by stella alesi/photography

This interior designer by day bride takes DIY to another level. How so you ask? Well she not only designed the bridesmaid dresses, boutonnieres and so much more but she also designer her own gown. Yes, her own gown. How amazing is that? I am just in awe of all she was able to accomplish, and still make it such a fabulous party at the end of the day. My party hat is off to this couple for sure! For even more inspiring images from...