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"Springloaf Catering"

Backyard Danville Wedding from Angie Silvy Photography

We're total suckers for how-we-met stories and we just love it when our brides and grooms, just like this couple, are best friends. Because not only do friendships make for the best marriages, they make for the best DIY weddings ever. Long nights spent crafting and creating beautiful details for your wedding truly make for the best times. And when you're as talented as this couple, well, you've got casual, DIY wedding style on lockdown. ...


Pleasanton Wedding by Annie McElwain Photography

Today has just been FULL of lovely. F.U.L.L. And to think - we aren't' even done yet! Up next is a blush-filled backyard beauty by Annie McElwain Photography that will surely sweep you off your feet this evening. I've fallen in love with each dream-like image, and all the darling details are just be-yond divine. I would say that makes for a wedding we'll all spend the night swooning over, don't you agree?