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"Mr. Ned"

Stonover Farm Wedding by Orchard Cove Photography

This is what I love about Massachusetts - you can be at the beach, in Boston or in the Berkshires with just a quick little trip down the Mass Pike. And if you have to be anywhere, the Berkshires are not a bad place to be. Time stops still, main street always bustles and the scenery is something that brings people from all over the country. So it obviously makes for the loveliest of lovely places to get married. And this Berkshire beauty by...


New York City Wedding by 4Eyes Photography

Two high school sweethearts turned into one adorable married couple, and 4Eyes Photography was there to capture all the fun! And capture it they did, with loads of style and personality in the couple's new home of New York City. The Bowery Hotel provided the duo with the stylish backdrop close to home they were looking for and the rest is, as they say, history.