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"Leanne Marshall"

Portland Cambodian Wedding from Stott Shots Photography and Videography

I hope your manners are nice and polished, because after spending all morning with this Portland wedding, you are going to be profusely thanking the talent of Stott Shots Photography and Videography. I know I have been since I first laid eyes on it. There are so many fantastic pieces to this soiree, but they are all made even better by the couples' obvious love. It's beautiful.


Mexico Wedding by Michelle Turner

If today's first little number doesn't make you want to jump for joy and then board a plane to Mexico, you might wanna check your pulse! The impromptu limbo contests with suspenders (Sure! Why not?), the shots of tequila, the fireworks, the super chic couple...the blue dress! I'm in destination wedding heaven! Captured by the obviously amazing Michelle Turner, this wedding is the fiesta that just won't quit! Go ahead, check out my...