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"Cake Couture"

New Zealand Wedding from Sergio Mottola

I've always wanted to jet set to New Zealand and this sunny, happy wedding is definitely adding to that wanderlust. It's a great combo of beauty and smiles and really great wedding fashion. That Elie Saab number has a lot to do with it but the images by Sergio Mottola maybe even more so. They just scream "we are happy and in love and have a gorgeous wedding to prove it". See...


Honolulu Beyer Estate Wedding from Anna Kim Photography

Oh, Hawaii.  I love you.  Your perfect temps, your clear blue skies, your breathtaking scenery... it all makes for such a stunning backdrop for THE big day.  Not to mention the cute as can be couples that seem to flock to your gorgeous locale.  They have a way of always, ALWAYS delivering the pretty - and this beautiful Bayer Estate affair?  Well, it's a prime example with its sweet vintage vibe, vibrant pink blooms from...