Inspiration Board Builder FAQ

* How do I build an inspiration board on Style Me Pretty?
Glad you asked.  Start by watching this very short video.

* Where can I access the images on Style Me Pretty?
Two ways. If you fall in love with the images in a particular post, click on the photos in the board. You can also just head on over to the galleries. The galleries will show you recently tagged/categorized images on SMP. You can browse through the images using categories, tags, and colors. If you’ve saved images on SMP they are available under the “Favorites” tab. *For more info on favorites see below.

* I can’t find the images I want.
Sorry about that!  If you’re not finding the right image using the categories, tags, and colors, try to use the search bar. Another great way to make sure that you’re accessing the perfect images is to save them to your “favorites” as you explore SMP.  Anytime you’re in a post or gallery, click the “favorites” button underneath the images to save it for easy access later. We recommend that to find certain colors, you use the color finder vs typing the color name into the search bar.

* What kind of information can I put in the search bar on the Board Builder?
Anything! You can also enter any of the following:

– A tag or category or subject from our galleries.
– A vendor’s name.
– A designer’s name.

We recommend for the most accurate image search you navigate our galleries and posts to find images to add to your boards.

* How do I upload my own images and use them in a board?
When you’re in the board you’d like to add the image too, hover over the black and white “Drag/Drop Image” button. The image will look like this:

Click the upload arrow (the arrow on the far right). A pop up window will appear. Select the image on your computer. If you are uploading someone else’s images get their permission first. Make sure you credit vendors when you upload their photos and create a board. Please review our terms of service.

* How to access my “favorites” in the Board Builder?
You can access your favorites a couple of ways.

– If you’re on the SMP homepage or in a post on the site, make sure you’re logged in, then go to the top right of the page, click on your name. A drop down menu will appear, click “favorites”.

– If you’re in the SMP galleries or on a board builder page (again make sure you’re logged in), click the “Favorites” tab. You can also click on the drop down menu which will show the tags and categories you’ve created as you saved images.

* How do I find boards I’ve already created on SMP?
To view all your boards, make sure you’re logged in then go the the SMP homepage. Hover over your name in the top right, then click on “Inspiration Boards”.

* Is there a way for me to edit a board once I’ve saved it?
You bet! Just go to view your boards (instructions in previous question). Then click on the board you’d like to edit. Click the “Edit” button on the top left of the board. Make any changes to the images and click save. Once you save the board, you can then edit the title and/or tags to that board in the final step.

* What browser should I use to build an inspiration board on Style Me Pretty?
We recommend using the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome to create inspiration boards. We don’t recommend using earlier version of Internet Explorer.  Please don’t run IE8 in “Compatability Mode” when creating an inspiration board.

* How do I create a board from the images in a certain post?
You should first access the gallery for that particular post. You can do this by click on any of the images in the post or by clicking on any of the links to the gallery (there is one at the end of the first paragraph of the post and one after all the images). Once you’re in the gallery for that event, click the “Board Builder” button on the right side of your browser.

* Can I share the boards that I create on SMP?
Absolutely. Please make sure that the images you’ve used properly credit the vendors. If you used images from the SMP galleries, they will be credited automatically. Sharing your boards is easy. Go to all your inspiration boards, then click on the board you’d like to share. There is a unique link and embed code available on each board.

* A few of the cells in my newly created inspiration board are blank.
We believe we fixed this issue on Wednesday March 17th.  However, if you are still having this issue please email info {at}  Please include the URL of the board you created and we’ll take a look.

If you created a board before St. Patrick’s day 2011 which has white cells where photos should be, simply opening the board, clicking edit, then saving the board should fix this issue.

* I just created a board and I don’t see it.
First make sure you’re logged in. In IE7 or IE8 Compatibility mode, when you save a board you won’t see it immediately. Please restart browser. We’re not sure what causes this issue.  Right now the workaround is to use a different browser.  Firefox, Safari and Chrome run on Mac and Windows and are all free.

* I’m having an issue with the board builder that’s not covered by this FAQ
Please email us at info {at}  Include as many of the following as possible.

– Tell us what browser (and version of browser) you are using.
– Give us the URL of your inspiration board (i.e. ).
– Take a screencast or screenshot of yourself building a board.  We recommend Jing for simple, shareable screencasts.

We’ll do our best to answer all emails sent to info {at}  However, we can’t guarantee support for the board builder.  Including the information requested above will drastically increase our ability to help you. Please be patient with us as we receive lots of questions about SMP each day. Thank you SO much.