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Why You Need These REAL Booze-Free Cocktails From Curious Elixirs At Your Wedding

Now, more than ever before, couples are putting the emphasis on guest experience when planning their weddings. That means thinking through everything from travel and transportation and anticipating their guests’ wants and needs to ensure that everyone leaves with some incredible memories that they can cherish for years to come. Let’s face it, when you think of a good time, your mind immediately goes to good food, good company, and of course, good drinks. Chances are you have your wine list picked and your custom cocktails crafted by a renowned mixologist, but what do your booze-free options look like? If you were just planning on going with whatever soda comes with the open bar package, we’ve caught you just in time to prevent a terrible mistake. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of couples completely forget to consider their sober or “sober curious” friends when they are planning their bar menu. Or, perhaps, like a lot of people, you simply didn’t know there was an alternative to club soda and sparkling cider. Thankfully, there is a brand that crafts unique booze-free cocktails that all of your guests can enjoy, Curious Elixirs!


First, let’s talk about who these Curious Elixirs are for. There are a lot of different reasons that your guests may be opting to go booze-free at your wedding.


Designated Drivers

Some guests may be sober because of a lifestyle choice. But, another huge group that needs to be taken into consideration is the number of guests that have signed up to be DDs for the night. Not only will they feel more seen and appreciated by you offering a real cocktail that they can enjoy, they will be less tempted to stray from their responsibilities.


Sober & Sober Curious

As people learn more about their health and the negative effects of alcohol on the body, more and more people are turning to a sober lifestyle. Whether that means avoiding alcohol entirely or just limiting their weekly intake, it’s nice to have a sophisticated cocktail option to offer these guests so they can join in on the fun.


Pregnant Guests Or Guests With Other Medical Conditions

There are usually a few pregnant guests at every wedding, and for them, watching everyone enjoy their wine and cocktails and dance the night away can be hard. It’s easy for these guests to get FOMO. But, even though a drink isn’t alcoholic, doesn’t necessarily make it safe for pregnant people. Thankfully, Curious Elixirs has already thought of it all and they even have a list of which cocktails pregnant guests should avoid and which cocktails do not contain ingredients listed as foods to avoid while pregnant by the FDA.



If you’ve ever had to say no to booze at a celebration, then you know the feeling of watching everyone else get their cute custom cocktails in their special glasses with their fun-shaped ice cubes and garnishes while you’re stuck sipping club soda from a water glass. Not so fun, right? There’s something about the ritual of having a real cocktail–the complex flavors that allow you to sip it slow, the pretty presentation. Just because your sober guests don’t want the booze doesn’t mean they want to be left out of the rest of the experience. Not only does Curious Elixirs offer cocktails with incredible unique flavors crafted by world-class bartenders, herbalists, and food scientists, each cocktail is infused with adaptogens that can help your guests get that chill vibe without the hangover the next day. So remember, when you’re stocking your bar, sparkling cider and club soda don’t quite cut it, make sure your sober guests can get in on the celebration with a real cocktail.



Not only will your guests thank you, your bartenders will love Curious Elixirs too! Each cocktail comes in stylish bottles or cans for a more laid-back cocktail hour presentation or can be poured into a cocktail glass and jazzed up with a garnish of your choice. Whatever presentation you decide on, these “garnish and go” cocktails will significantly cut your guests’ wait time at the bar and free up more time for the dancefloor!



Oh, and did we mention that Curious Elixirs are not just booze-free, they’re actually good for you! Each cocktail is made with organic ingredients and has no refined sugars, so no post-wedding hangover (can you even?)! And the antigens that we mentioned before “bolster the body using the mysterious properties of plants–from an ancient botanical that increases serotonin and dopamine precursors, to another that increases circulation and was used in Mayan culture as an aphrodisiac.” Even if you aren’t planning on going booze-free on your wedding day, these babies are shelf-stable for up to one year, so keep the leftovers (if you have any) and sub them for your usual nightcap and wake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.



All of the cocktails from Curious Elixirs have something special to bring to the table, but here are some of our favorites inspired by classic cocktails that are sure to be crowd-pleasers on your big day!


No. 1

When you’re ready to get the party started, it’s time to break out the rhodiola-infused No. 1 that’s a booze-free pomegranate twist on the classic Negroni. Serve in a cut crystal glass with a decorative orange peel garnish.


No. 4

The No.4 is a non-alcoholic riff on an Aperol Spritz. This refreshing cocktail is perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour on a steamy summer day! Serve over ice and garnish with an orange slice and you’re golden.


No. 3

The No. 3 is a booze-free cucumber collins that gives us some major Derby vibes. Have your bartender muddle some cucumber slices at the bottom of the glass and garnish with a sprig of mint. 


Getting married now? It’s not too late, you can order cases directly through their website and they ship in 3-5 business days!


Follow @CuriousElixirs On Instagram For First Dibs On New Limited Releases



Photography: Brooke Nash Photography | Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Curious Elixirs

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Bourbon And Blush Intimate Wedding Inspiration

We love an intimate affair.  A smaller wedding presents the opportunity to fill the day with special touches, and focus on what matters most- being surrounded by the people you love.  For this inspiration shoot, Peninsula Events planned an idealized day for real-life couple Owen and Josh featuring lots of cute cameos from their oh-so-adorable son Leo.  The couple’s favorite things from local custom bottles of bourbon to their love of the Lowcountry helped to shape the vision, and The Happy Bloom captured every meaningful moment perfectly in their elegant imagery.  Sophisticated florals from Petaloso help to bring Owen and Josh’s love story to life.  You’ll love every dapper detail inside the full gallery.

From The Happy Bloom… Over the past few years, intimate weddings have really been the heart of the wedding industry. And I really hope this “trend” is here to stay. Real-life married couple Owen and Josh (and their adorable son Leo) were the true inspiration behind this shoot. We sat back and thought – how would these two celebrate their wedding in 2022. Lowndes Grove – known for celebrating weddings of over 200 – was the backdrop but how would this space be utilized for a more intimate affair? By scaling down the numbers, we were able to create some incredible personable details for these two. Local custom bottles of bourbon create a wonderful takeaway for guests AND allow them to find their seat at the reception. While the usual reception space at the venue is a large tented area – this wedding was able to utilize the gorgeous lawn and the sweeping oak trees as their dinner backdrop; NOT a bad trade out! We really wanted to capture the essence of an intimate wedding by putting family at the forefront. Having Leo there – right in the middle – was a must! 

From Peninsula Events… Very early on in the planning process, I always ask my clients to tell me about their everyday lives. From a slow, Sunday morning at home, to a wild night out on the town with friends, I ask them to describe the things in life that bring them the most joy, and from there, start building a design concept off of it. I always strive for my couples to feel like when they arrive at the venue on their wedding day, every detail (from the color palette to the vendor team) is an extension and a true reflection of themselves as individuals and also as part of a dynamic partnership.  When it came to Josh and Owen, their love for one another, their families, and the Lowcountry became the foundation for their intimate celebration. We created custom wood tags for the local whiskey that served as both place cards and favors for guests to take home, and also drizzled their favorite local honey over their hors d’oeuvres. These small, yet important touches of local Charleston flair enhanced their event and overall guest experience! What more could you want in your big day!

No matter the size, all weddings really involve the same planning process from start to finish, so I think it is really important for couples to be on the same page from the very beginning when it comes to their event priorities – like guest count, location, budget, etc. With a more intimate gathering, it allows creative or logistical elements, that may not have fit in with a larger event, to take place. So be daring and think out of the box – as long as the details of the day are intentional and authentic to you and your partner, I say go for it!

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: The Happy Bloom | Videography: Dock House Digital | Event Planning: Patrick Properties Hospitality Group | Floral Design: Petaloso | Catering: Patrick Properties Hospitality Group | Historic Home: Patrick Properties Hospitality Group | Paper Goods: Prairie & Sage | Rentals: Snyder Event Rentals | Rentals: Ooh! EventHaus

Escape to Summer in Napa Valley at This Chic Black Tie Affair

At this chic Napa Valley affair by Simone Lennon Events, Danielle and Garrett’s guests were greeted with lush gardens and bubbly libations as they languished in the balmy August wine country. The ceremony was abloom with roses in blush, cream, and deep maroon and Natalie Bowen Designs’ flower ceremony arch interwoven with enchanting wildflowers! Navy tones oozed classic sophistication while essences of art-deco and mid-century modern styles incorporated fresh modernity into Beaulieu Garden’s European charm! Kurt Boomer stylishly photographed this elegant escape to love, check out the full gallery here.


From the Bride… As a little girl, I always dreamed of getting married in Napa and wine country. My dad is very passionate about wine and owns a winery in Calistoga. We grew up going to Napa every summer for family trips and my dad would always teach us about wine. I started to get Garrett really into wine and we would book trips to Napa and go wine tasting. Garrett and I knew we wanted to get married in wine country and wanted a wedding that was outdoors. We also wanted something private and intimate, but spacious. We searched on Instagram and the internet to get an idea of the type of venue we were really drawn to. We kept finding that we really liked Beaulieu Garden (Garrett actually found this on Instagram), Black Swan Lake, and Meadowood. We told Simone that we are open to anything in wine country and similar looks and feels to the properties we mentioned above. When we did a weekend of site tours with Simone, Beaulieu Garden was the first property she brought us to. I will never forget driving down the driveway and I remember my mom, dad, Garrett and I all looking at each other with excitement. We were graciously greeted and took a tour of the property and it just got better and better. We were walking through the rose garden and I will never forget when Garrett whispered in my ear “I know we have more properties to see but I know this is the one –we are going to get married here.” I laughed at him and told him to keep an open mind because this was the first of a few properties we were touring, but deep down I knew it was the property too. We also found out later that my dad whispered to my mom the same thing Garrett whispered to me–that is when we knew the property was meant to be and we had to get married at Beaulieu Garden.

Classy, timeless, beautiful, intimate, elegant, memorable, formal, European influence. Beaulieu Garden is truly a magical piece of property– we feel so fortunate to have been able to have had our wedding at this venue.

Garrett and I asked my older brother, Eric, to be our officiant and we wrote the entire 30-minute ceremony together. We helped get Eric ordained online so he could be our Supreme Officiant/Officiant Supreme. Eric was living in Australia at the time so we would FaceTime once a week so he could understand our relationship on so many levels. We did exercises so Eric could help describe what our love is, what our love means (and will mean for eternity), and what we wanted everyone to witness at our wedding and ceremony. Garrett and I also wrote our own vows together for each other and ping-ponged them as we recited them for everyone at our ceremony to hear. Our ceremony was short—but very meaningful, special, unique, memorable, passionate, heartfelt, and comical. I could go on and on, but Garrett and I are very grateful that my brother agreed to get ordained and help write our entire ceremony. He absolutely killed it!!!

Even though Beaulieu Garden is in the Rutherford region of The Napa Valley, the private estate feels like a gateway to the South of France. Upon entering the property, guests experience a mile-long Birch tree lined road before being dropped just a few steps away from the gate of property’s Rose Garden. As guest stepped into the garden, Butlers with tray passed sparkling wine and minted iced tea greeted them. The Rose Garden is in full bloom in August and with several picturesque gravel pathways leading to the ceremony, most guests fully took advantage of the Instagram moment. As they made their way to The Sunken Garden for the ceremony, they were offered white parasols and ushered to their seats by bridal party Ushers. Ivory Tuscany chairs were configured around the garden’s water feature to bring attention to the landing ahead featuring the backdrop of the ceremony vows. Natalie of Natalie Bowen Designs installed a lush floral arch made up of several off-white garden rose varieties, vines, wispy wild flowers and Hydrangea. She also placed grand arrangements flanking the bridal party ensuring they intimately fit into the space. With the bridesmaids donning navy blue evening gowns carrying asymmetrical berry hued floral bouquets along with the groomsmen in tuxedos, they set an elegant and formal tone for the event while providing just enough contrast to the ceremony design.

The reception was full of good times, remarkable people, and exceptional food, wine, and drinks (open bar the entire time). My mom and dad had custom wine and bottles made for the wedding that they served during the cocktail hour and reception. We had spectacular DJ + 2 piece band members that kept people dancing the entire time. We also had a photo booth that was a huge hit because it made everyone look flawless–the entire day and night was magical.

The goal of the event design was to really capture the essence of the couple – stylish, modern, carefree yet totally timeless, formal and rich in family values. They also wanted to throw a party with high energy that could span all ages making the event memorable for a long time.

In choosing a color palette, we decided on using navy, berry tones and classic ivory.

For a day time wedding in August, we felt navy was the perfect color to anchor the formality of the event. We Infused it into our invitations, escort cards, cocktail linens and bridal party attire.

Danielle has a really eclectic style and gravitated towards a lot of art deco and mid-century modern elements in our mood boards so we decided to work in those vibes within our event furnishings. She also loves berry tones and lots of texture. Natalie Bowen, our floral designer, really nailed the entire vibe by creating asymmetrical treatments with pops of raspberry, currant, plum and blush.

The dinner reception featured long modern Kings tables mixing black ceramic, gold rimmed and etched glass elements with modern minimalist floral treatments enhanced with candlelight. Guests each found their name in handwritten script at the top of letterpress menus to designate their assigned seat.

The dance reception lounges that surrounded the dance floor were clusters of mid-century modern style furnishings that set the tone for the mashup of tunes performed by their favorite celebrity DJ, DJ Viceroy.

Event Planning: Simone Lennon Events | Floral Design: Natalie Bowen Designs | Wedding Dress: Vera Wang | Cake: Pretty Please Bakeshop | Invitations: PS Paper | Catering: Beaulieu Garden | Hair & Makeup: The Glamorist, Jane Kim | Lighting: Got Light | DJ: DJ Viceroy | transportation: Pure Luxury | Wedding Venue: Beaulieu Garden | Photo Booth: Mir Mir | Photog: Kurt Boomer | Rentals: Found Rentals | Rentals: Hensley Event Resources | Rentals: BBJ La Tavola | Rentals: Theoni Collection | Rentals: Standard Party Rentals

A Colorful California Soiree with Pops of Color and The Cutest Pups

If you’re looking for something bold, bright, and fun- look no further than this colorful California wedding.  Brimming with whimsy, and two of the most adorable pups, Jenn Robirds Events designed a unique day filled with unexpected details.  Lush free-flowing blooms in shades of citrus by Florals by Alana Marie beautifully bring the couple’s love story to life.  The beauty and joy of the day radiate in the imagery by Ash Baumgartner, take a closer look at all the lovely in the full gallery.

From Ash Baumgartner… You, Me and the Dogs. What brought this California couple together in a classic meet-cute moment would ultimately become the foundation of their relationship. Their dogs. Blending their lives together and becoming a family with their two pups remained critical to both of them.

As Amy and Matt exchanged vows under The Maples’ iconic teal barn doors, with bridesmaids adorned in carefully curated gowns to match the beautiful backdrop, their pups not only accompanied their wedding party down the aisle but remained an important facet of their vows. Their vows they promised to each other, the life they were building and one they will continue to look forward to – “you, me and the dogs”.

From extravagant and bright florals to tropical reception tones supplemented with citrus accents and summery wishbone chairs, this al fresco evening designed by Jenn Robirds Events events was not one you’ll soon forget. Despite hot weather, Amy and Matt, alongside their pups Howie and Lola, became a family.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Ash Baumgartner | Videography: Lens Of Lenox | Event Design: Jenn Robirds Events | Hair: Whitney Anderson | Transportation: Universal Limo | Venue: The Maples | Bridesmaid Attire: Dear Cleo | DJ / Sound: Extreme Productions Entertainment, LLC | Floral: Florals by Alana Marie | Groom Attire: Tom James | Linens: BBJ La Tavola | Rentals & Decor: Theoni Collection | Rentals & Decor: The Chiavari Guys | Rentals & Decor: Celebrations Party Rentals | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Styling Surface: Suzy Pierce Art | Wedding Gown Boutique: Grace and White Bridal

Stunning 40 Person Lavender And Rose Wedding In Champagne, France

This intimate chateau wedding is everything we love about destination weddings.  Filled with a lavender and rose color palette, and an epic champagne tower to pay homage to the Champagne region where the event took place, Before the Moon planned and designed this special day to perfection.  Soft, colorful floral installations by Linda Champenois have us feeling like we’re walking through a fairytale.  Sophie Epton Photography captured every elegant detail exquisitely in her imagery, take a closer look at all the lovely in the full gallery.

From the beautiful bride…Truth be told, we knew where we’d get married even before we were officially engaged. Champagne, France, holds a special place in our hearts because it’s where we actually went on our “second date.” I happened to be in Europe for a friend’s wedding and had planned a solo wine tasting trip to Champagne. Little did I know I’d meet my future husband just days before that trip – and that he’d spontaneously fly halfway across the world to join me for a life-changing weekend!

We got engaged during the pandemic and wanted to play it safe with a small wedding. And since it’d be small, we figured, why not make a whole destination weekend out of it? Chateau de Mairy has a really authentic, pseudo-bohemian-farmhouse vibe to it – even though the 17th century mansion is immaculately preserved. We wanted something old-world but not opulent – something elegant but endlessly intimate. It was important that we took the weekend to celebrate not only us, but all of the birthdays, milestones and moments that we had missed the past two years. It felt particularly poignant that each of our guests blessed our rings during the ceremony, as a symbol of our collective commitment to the life that we are building.

We knew we had to have a great, France-based planner, and Tatiana was the centerpiece of this journey. She understood the vision for our 3 day weekend immediately, and helped us orchestrate the mood from our pig-roast “sangeet” to the black tie reception. It ended up raining during our dinner, but that only added to the misty romance of the candlelight table arrangements. We were absolutely floored by the flowers, the food (oyster bar!), our band, and of course, the champagne tower. Each of our vendors felt like an extension of a dream-team and in doing so, allowed us to be fully present and enjoy each and every moment.

From Sophie Epton Photography… Our bride wanted a romantic wedding with lots of lavender touches, and Tatiana with Before the Moon planned and designed her vision to perfection for 40 of their closest friends flying in from all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Guests enjoyed a welcome bag that included local treats from villages nearby handpicked by the couple to kick off the weekend. On the morning of their wedding, the bride spent her time getting ready with her best friends and slipping on her amazing asymmetrical ruffled wedding dress while the groom spent a slow morning with family and enjoying a few sips of local wine of course! Their first look was so sweet and intimate, followed by a portrait session with all the smiles and laughs.

The ceremony was set with a gorgeous floral arch by Linda Champenois, with sweetheart chairs, lavender pillows, and ground florals that added a whimsical touch to this intimate wedding, followed by a petal recessional that only added joy to the “Just Married” energy! Guests enjoyed the champagne bar and fresh oysters during cocktail hour before the couple did their own “champagne tower” pour which was so much fun!

Before the Moon and Linda Champenois set up one long, gorgeous table in front of the chateau for dinner, full of soft colorful blooms, gold flatware, organic paper menus, and crystal glassware that added such a classic, romantic feel to the evening. While guests dined on their first and second courses, the unpredictable Champagne weather showed up with a downpour of rain, but E & C – our lovely bride and groom – took it in stride, eventually moving all of their guests inside for a cozy hour of cake and speeches. Dancing commenced under a tent outside, where the bride changed into her second crystal-embellished dress and danced the night away with her handsome groom and guests.

Photography: Sophie Epton Photography | Videography: Studio 80 | Event Planning & Design: Before the Moon | Floral Design: Linda Champenois | Event Rentals: Evenement Objet | French Chateau: Chateau De Mairy | Rentals: Maison options | Styling Details: The Flatlay Design

This Winter Wonderland Wedding Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Let it snow! Trust us, it will make your winter wedding even more wow-worthy.  With an all green and white color palette and a reception space filled with hanging greenery and wisteria, this special day planned and designed by Bello & Blue Events is not to be missed.  Our favorite part? An outdoor photoshoot amongst the snow-frosted trees all elegantly captured by Sarah Porter Photography.  One look at the full gallery and your heart just might be set on a winter wedding.

From Bello & Blue Events… Amber and Roland wanted to show their 75 guests a place that was near and dear to their hearts, so they hosted their guests, hailing primarily from Atlanta, GA, in snowy Vail, Colorado for a fabulous winter wedding weekend in December. Amber wore a beautiful backless Ines Di Santo gown with a detachable train, accessorized with a white fur stole. Roland wore a classic black tuxedo complete with a black and white polka dot pocket square, Salvatore Ferragamo cufflinks gifted by the bride, and velvet slippers. Their wedding party consisted of the siblings of the bride and groom, Amber’s sister served as her maid of honor, and Roland’s brother as the best man, and their children Hollin, Aubrey, Ayden & Stella stood next to them as bridesmaids, groomsman, and flower girl blending their family beautifully.  Roland grew up visiting the Sonnenalp Hotel all of his life, and the couple enjoyed many trips to Vail staying at the charming hotel throughout their courtship so this was the natural location for the reception. 

The ceremony took place across the street in the quaint Vail Interfaith Chapel. Amber walked down the aisle full of candles, garland, and white bows with her father to a string quartet playing contemporary love songs. Guests dressed in black tie attire sang Amazing Grace during the ceremony to honor Roland’s late parents. After the sentimental union, the couple exited the church and were led by a pair of horns playing joyously in second-line fashion as guests followed across the street to the reception. The reception space was designed with hanging greenery, wisteria, and white amaranthus garlands, textured linens, and timeless centerpieces full of white garden roses, orchids, and ranunculus surrounded by candlelight.

Their invitation suite featured laser engraved acrylic, die-cut, blind embossed sleeve with cut-out for a custom monogram, and their welcome boxes and day-of details were all designed to coordinate.  A martini ice luge highlighting their monogram and a snowy mountainscape kept drinks frosty throughout the evening as guests danced to a 10 piece band and enjoyed white cake with fresh raspberries and buttercream.

Photography: Sarah Porter Photography | Event Planning: Bello & Blue Events | Styling: Sweet Zion Paperie | Floral Design: Bello & Blue Events | Invitations: Sweet Zion Paperie | Ceremony Venue: Vail Chapel | Reception Venue: Sonnenalp Hotel | Entertainment: Mannequin Dj | Beauty: LoLa Beauty | Rentals: BBJ La Tavola | Rentals: Wallflower Rentals & Decor | Rentals: Colorado Party Rentals

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The Bachelor’s Caila Quinn Burrello Shares Her Tips for Planning Your Dream Honeymoon!

Does planning your dream honeymoon sound more overwhelming than fun? Join the club. Lucky for us – Caila, from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, is here to share her tips for a stress-free honeymoon you’ll want to keep close. Take inspiration from her and her hubs’ Santorini escape, where they commemorated their newlywed chapter with a drop-dead gorgeous destination photoshoot, captured by Kostis Mouselimis. With cliffside views, volcanic beaches, and the island’s iconic white-washed buildings and blue domes, this mesmerizing island creates a magical setting to celebrate love and a new life together!

Where did you go for your honeymoon and how did you choose the destination(s)?

Travelers at heart, my husband and I booked a three-week-long honeymoon to Croatia and throughout Greece. We try to visit one new country a year as a couple and these bucket-list destinations had the ideal balance of romantic old city charm and breathtaking ocean views for us!

WEEK 1: We started our first week in Dubrovnik and spent our day’s hand and hand getting lost within its picturesque medieval limestone walls. After acclimating to the European time change & catching our breath after our 200 guest wedding, we were ready for adventure and headed to Athens for 5 days!

WEEK 2: Rich in culture, we loved staying in the heart of Athens with a view of the Acropolis from our balcony. Spending most days exploring by foot, Athens truly mesmerized us with its Greek pride and history. But the most impactful day in Athen was actually an excursion we booked outside of the city. Truly a bucket list item for us, we took a day trip to Meteora to see the monks that live in the sky. It still brings me to tears thinking about this honeymoon memory that imprinted on both of our hearts as a couple. You need to visit Meteora once in your life to see these mountain top monasteries! They will leave your soul in awe of their ability to live on a cliff overlooking the world, but never needing to be a part of it.

WEEK 3: Once we had our fill of history, my husband and I were ready to be romanced by the Greek islands! We spend our final 10 days in both Santorini and Mykonos. This is where we had the pleasure of meeting Konstantinos and capturing these breathtaking memories from our honeymoon to remember for decades to come!

While it may be fun at times, honeymoon planning can also be super stressful – any tips you’d be able to share for future newlyweds who don’t know where to begin?

I could not agree more, planning a honeymoon can be dreadful at times, especially while juggling planning a wedding! I would say, start by taking a deep breath. My biggest tip when planning a honeymoon would be to think about what kind of experience are you hoping to have? When you close your eyes, do you envision yourself… relaxing by the beach, adventuring in the jungle, restaurant hopping to try local foods, or romantically never leaving your hotel room? Let this be the seed of inspiration for your trip. 

For Nick and I, we always envisioned our honeymoon being a jet-setting love affair with culture where we tried to check off as many bucket list items as we could. So from there, we wrote down some of our bucket list countries, and within those countries our bucket list activities. Croatia and Greece were the overlapping destinations calling us. And bucket list activities included: A Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik, Staying overnight in a Windmill on the cliffs Santorini, visiting the monks in the Meteora mountain-top monasteries near Athens, and lounging on the beaches of Mykonos with a local cocktail in hand. From there, the honeymoon kind of planned itself as we made these bucket list items the pillar days of our honeymoon with every travel day in between being relaxed & unplanned. 

What were some of the most memorable moments from your trip?

One of the most memorable moments from our honeymoon was waking up in our own private windmill that we booked on Airbnb for 2 nights. Located on the cliffs of Santorini, our two-floor 200-year-old windmill faced the inner ocean crater with views of tip to toe of the entire island. The pink cloudy sunset sky lulled us to sleep as we relished in the romantic views with a full glass of wine in hand. It felt like it was only us in the world & heaven was under our feet – here, in the country of Greece. (All of the photos Konstantinos took are of this windmill and this feeling.) 

Would you recommend booking a honeymoon session!? If so, what advice would you give to couples to get the most out of their shoot?

Yes, I would 100% recommend booking a honeymoon session when you travel. For us, we may never be able to visit Greece again, and what better way to frame our travels in our home than with professional photos of this dream destination. If you do book a session I would recommend only booking an hour and bringing 2 dresses/outfits. The benefit of booking a local photographer is they know the best locations & the best time to shoot for lighting, so you can make the most of your time. And if your partner isn’t convinced this is a good idea, tell them the shoot is a date activity that will be romantic. And if that doesn’t work bribe them with a special dinner after to make it worth their while, if you know what I mean. 

Is there anything you would do differently if you could go back?

If I could do my honeymoon again, there is not a single thing I would change. Well… maybe one thing. I wish we were a little bit more organized with understanding the Covid Regulations of each country. We went on our honeymoon in June of 2021 and the regulations in Europe were changing on the daily, so I think having a document with a list of the Country Travel Forms we needed to fill out would have helped relieve a little travel stress. The only reason I say that is because we were stuck in Croatia an extra day on our way to Athens, Greece. The paperwork to enter Greece at the time was emailed to you 24 hours after you fill out their travel form. We thought we could fill out the form at the airport, which was our mistake. Not a big deal, but now we know for next time we travel in between countries in Europe.

Photography: Kostis Mouselimis | Event Planning: Think Happy Events | Florist: Marias' Flower Wedding Decoration | Film Lab: 645lab | Location: Remezzo Villas Santorini | Rentals: Spicy Bites

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English Garden Inspired Wedding Exuding Charm

This English garden-inspired wedding officially has us in the feels.  With a classic ivory color palette made modern with hints of sage and blush, and incredible floral details at every turn by The Posh Posey it’s easy to see why.  From the alfresco garden ceremony to the incredibly chic reception, Kristina Elyse planned a day that brought this couple’s Big Day dreams to life.  You’ll fall in love with every image expertly captured in time by Liz Zimbelman, see the full day unfold in the full gallery.

From the bride… We met through mutual friends back in 2011 when we were in community college but neither of us made the first move. Fast forward to 2016, he was living in Colorado with his son and me in California. We reconnected via social media, had a long-distance relationship, and eventually, he asked me to move in with him. After two years of living together, he asked me to marry him. Our amazing wedding planner met with us to begin the process of a December 2020 wedding. We were so incredibly happy that we had Kristina Elyse, our wedding planner, in our corner and had hired her before the pandemic. When the world shut down she knew exactly what to do, almost as if this wasn’t her first time dealing with a worldwide pandemic! After we moved our date to summer 2021, she helped us redesign the entire wedding, from a winter wedding to a summer English garden-inspired wedding.

My mother is from England, and I grew up fascinated by Royal weddings: Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Megan Markle. I knew that I wanted that traditional, royal, ethereal feel to our big day. It’s also what inspired my amazing Lily of the Valley bouquet. My florist actually made me two perfect bouquets; one for the photos and another for the ceremony! I knew I would wear ivory and I’d want my bridesmaids in ivory too (goes back to a very old tradition) so ivory was our main color. Ken wore a white jacket to contrast his groomsmen who wore traditional tuxedos. But to make it feel more ethereal and like you were in a summer English garden; we threw in hints of sage green and blush. Flowers are my love language, which is why I knew it would be our main decor/focus of our day. Our florist elevated the venue by hanging greenery from the chandeliers in the reception hall, flowers surrounding our cake table on the dance floor, and encompassing our sweetheart table with candles.

The heading on our seating chart was titled with our first dance song “Can’t Help falling in love” by Elvis Presley. The seating chart, menus, and invitations all included a wax seal. I opted for a beautiful sheath dress by Calla Blanche and added a customized overskirt for the ceremony. I added a 6-foot train with extra beading down the back for the skirt, then took it off for dancing and fun! After everything we had been through during the last two years of the pandemic, we could not thank our vendors enough for making this day so perfect and beautiful!

Photography: Liz Zimbelman Photography | Cinematography: Darin Reyes | Event Planning: Events by Kristina Elyse | Floral Design: Posh Posey | Cake: Palette CakeS | Invitations: Little Bird Paper Company | Wedding Venue: Morgan Creek Club | Beauty: Makeup by Susie | Beauty: Lea Buehler | Rentals: Celebrations Party Rentals | Rentals: Shimmer & Stain | Rentals: BBJ La Tavola

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Head to Toe Outfit Inspo That’ll Have You Winning Best Dressed Wedding Guest at Every Spring 2022 Wedding
Sunshine Inspired Maui Wedding

Love radiates like the sun at this bright and beautiful Maui wedding.  Ning and Zach worked with Taryn Stark Wyant Event Planning and Design to plan and design a day filled with a warm citrus color palette and an abundance of style.  From the oceanfront ceremony arch to the alfresco reception, romantic blooms by Dellables help bring our couple’s love story to life.  You can feel the joy shining through in the imagery by Dmitri & Sandra Photography, say ‘aloha’ to all the fun in the full gallery.

From Taryn Stark Wyant Event Planning and Design… Ning and Zach wanted an elegant and romantic oceanside Wedding on Maui. In choosing a private home on the Pacific, they were able to entertain their guests beneath hues of butter yellow and soft coral while hearing the waves crash along the shore. They wanted to honor their family traditions with both Chinese and Jewish nods, so they had their ceremony spoken partly in Mandarin and broke glass as is the Jewish tradition. 

The most special part of their event surrounded the pre-wedding traffic, of all things! Just a couple of hours prior to the ceremony, there was a road blockage on the only road leading to the venue. While Ning had arrived early for pre-wedding photos, Zach was not scheduled to be there until shortly prior to the ceremony starting. Instead of leaving his beautiful bride-to-be waiting, Zach and his Dad hopped out of their rental car in the middle of the road and began the 2-mile trek to the wedding venue dressed in full suits in the warm Maui sunshine! They were honked at and applauded by other people waiting in the traffic, hopped a fence, journeyed through a cow pasture, and made it to the waiting Bride. Ning and Zach then enjoyed their first look, some pre-wedding cocktails, and some alone time prior to the rest of their guests arriving an hour late due to the blockade! If that doesn’t spell dedication, I don’t know what does!

From the couple… Ning is originally from Shanghai, China. She grew up just outside of the downtown area and came to the US at 21 for grad school. She went to Berkeley to study computer science for her PhD. After that, she moved to LA where she worked at Snap. Now she is an entrepreneur working on artificial intelligence. Zach is from the bay area and went to LA for College. He worked in a variety of business jobs in entertainment before eventually working for Google. We met online and had our first date at a coffee shop, Intelligentsia, in Venice CA. We’ve since recreated the date at least a few times each year! We always wanted a smaller fun wedding. From the beginning, we knew we wanted a destination wedding. We chose Maui as it’s our favorite Hawaiian island, and we really love it in Hawaii. It’s so relaxing, calm, and fun. We always have a great time, whether standup paddleboarding or just dunking in the water.

Photography: Dmitri and Sandra Photography | Design: Taryn Stark Wyant Event Planning and Design | Event Planning: Taryn Stark Wyant Event Planning and Design | Floral Design: Dellables | Catering: Aloha Bars Maui | Catering: Sugar Beach Events | DJ: Maui DJ Services | Bea: Maui Makeup Artistry | Rentals: Artisan Events | Rentals: BBJ La Tavola | Rentals: Let's Entertain Maui | Rentals: Set | Rentals: Reve Maui

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Elegance At Sudeley Castle In England

Sarah and Brandon’s English fairytale wedding was worth the wait! After overcoming obstacles of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and guest limitations- true love prevailed for a picture-perfect wedding day.  The couple worked with The W Studio to bring their vision to life, and the result is an abundance of style and elegance.  Blooms by Vervain Flowers in ethereal white and crisp green make us feel as if we’ve wandered into the most spectacular of English gardens, and Jacob & Pauline Photography & Films exquisitely captured every magical moment in their imagery.  Visit the full gallery to fall in love.

From The W Studio… Exquisitely captured by photographer and filmmaker, Jacob & Pauline Photography & Films and designed, planned, and styled by The W Studio, this English Castle Fairy-tale Wedding of Sarah and Brandon was a day to be remembered for its style, elegance, and love in abundance. Sarah and Brandon waited a long time for their English fairy tale wedding! Lockdowns, wedding guest limitations, and UK/US travel restrictions all contributed to postponement, a lengthy lead-up and multiple changes of plan. But with the travel corridor opening in late July, we made the firm decision to push forward with their wedding plans, and they finally married in August last year. As Americans living in the UK, the vast majority of Sarah and Brandon’s guests were traveling from the US to share the celebration of their marriage, and they wanted to give them a truly memorable ‘English experience’. Sudeley Castle, nestled in the breathtakingly beautiful landscape of The Cotswolds, provided the perfect quintessentially English backdrop for such an experience. Including personal touches in their design was imperative to ensure their day was not only distinctive but a true reflection of their story as a couple. Of great significance was a beautiful sketch drawn by Sarah’s Father, of St Mary’s Chapel – not only the place where Sarah and Brandon would say their vows, but also the resting place of Queen Katherine Parr, the last wife (and widow) of King Henry VIII. This sketch was incorporated into their invitations and onto their guest’s individual menus by Stationery designer, Ash, from Pale Press London. Their ceremony, set within this incredible building, was all the more special to them as it was led by Hubert, their dear friend, and Father of Brandon’s late best friend.

Sarah was exquisite in her intricately laced gown, with bold red lips and makeup by Sylwia Kunysz Bridal Make Up, surrounded by her beautiful bridesmaids, wearing chic slip dresses in champagne gold and all carrying delicate bouquets of white summer flowers with trailing silk ribbons. Brandon and his groomsmen looked fittingly dapper, dressed in classic, chic black-tie dinner suits with contrasting white floral boutonnières. In keeping with their English vision, we designed their day with stylish simplicity and refined elegance. An abundance of greenery and bountiful blooms of white from Vervain Flowers, provided a fresh, summery English garden aesthetic. Subtle accents of soft, pastel grey/blue completed their color palette with flowing chiffon table runners, linen napkins from Just 4 Linen, tall Ester and Erik dinner candles, and touches of bespoke calligraphy on their menus and hung fabric welcome signs. A true English experience would not be complete without a rain shower or two and The Cotswolds did not disappoint! Although not entirely what was hoped for, a last-minute change of location for their drinks reception did not dampen the spirits of their guests. As Sarah and Brandon were chauffeured through the castle grounds in a beautiful, classic English Bentley from Barringtons, their guests were led from the chapel to the Grand Banqueting Hall by the Viola player from The Hills Quartet. The indoor reception soon became a hub of lively chatter and laughter as friends from around the world were reunited to embark on an incredible evening of love and celebration. An English sit-down wedding breakfast was served in the glass-walled Pavilion of the Castle by Relish, with tables built from historical reclaimed floorboards paired with modern Philip Stark Ghost chairs, both from The W Collection, and elegant tableware and flatware provided by Duchess & Butler. Bountiful floral meadows from Vervain Flowers, lined the center of the tables and table ends, whilst garlands of foliage climbed the walls and cascaded informally from the ceiling. The setting was brought to life by an abundance of romantic candlelight, with tall, tapered candles from Ester and Erik.

A trio of wedding cakes from Anna Lewis Cake Design, took pride of place, displayed upon clear, acrylic plinths and set against a pure white, candlelit backdrop and an abundance of low-level floral meadows. With intermittent dry spells, dramatic skies, and multiple rainbows, guests explored the grounds of this amazing venue and soaked up the all-English experience before dancing the night away to the sounds of The Blue Lion Band.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Jacob & Pauline Photography & Films | Cinematography: Jacob & Pauline Photography & Films | Florist: Vervain | Cake: Anna Lewis Cakes | Catering: Relish | Makeup: Sylwia Kunysz | Hair: By Neecol C at MACH Management | Lighting: Knight Light | Band: Blue Lion Band | Classic Car: Barrington Chauffeur Services | Furniture Hire: The W Studio | Linen hire: Just 4 Linen | Planning, Design & Styling: The W Studio | Reception Venue, Ceremony Venue: Sudeley Castle | Stationery Designer: Pale Press London | String Trio: The Hills Quartet | Tableware Rentals: Duchess & Butler

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This Timeless Wedding Is the Epitome of ‘Understated Yet Elevated!’

Ashleigh and Jack’s intimate nuptials added a modern feel to a timeless wedding style! Events by Talissa blended classic wedding elements of soft blue hues and crystal glassware with contemporary details. Think streamlined flatware and minimalist tablescape accents. We can’t get over the beauty of Carla Kayes’ floral focus –  lush white garden roses! These natural beauties were the perfect complement to the color palette and organic décor details. Catch a glimpse of this day in the full gallery by Dear Lovers and the heartfelt video by Black Shutter Media

From Dear Lovers… Timeless with modern romantic elements – the perfect way to describe this wedding. When I initially met with Ashleigh and Jack, it was apparent they wanted an elegant but relaxed wedding surrounded by their loved ones and were really excited about the overall experience. 

We went with a modern linen charger, streamlined flatware and added texture with cut crystal glassware & a linen hemstitch napkin for some softness. We tied it together with hand calligraphed name cards on vellum atop a beautiful menu. 

White garden roses on both the tables and growing in the surrounding gardens leant to a organic and natural feel, as if the florals had just been hand picked from the venue. 

The motto was: understated by elevated. A beautiful August day in San Diego with the loveliest family and couple. They were relaxed and happy throughout the day and it was truly a stunning and beautiful wedding.

Photography: Dear Lovers | Floral Design: Carla With Enchanting Blooms | Cake: Jenny Wenny Cakes | Invitations: Shine Wedding Invitations | Hair and Makeup: Blush and Adore | DJ: Bruce Battleson Entertainment | Wedding Venue: Rancho Bernardo Inn | Paper Goods and Signs: Sugared Fig Paperie | Planning and Design: Events by Talissa | Rentals: ARCHIVE RENTALS | Rentals: Bright Event Rentals | Video: Black Shutter Media

Classic And Carefree Santa Fe Wedding

Saddle up, you’re going to love this refined ranch wedding.  Banks and Leaf planned a day filled with personalized touches, like including the bride’s grandmother’s 1940s saddle in the seating chart display! Floral designs by Floriography filled the day with crisp greenery and lush blooms for designs that delighted.  Every incredible moment was impeccably captured in the imagery by Rachel Havel, you can see each and every dreamy detail in the full gallery.

From Rachel Havel… The wedding of Lauren and Ben took place in the bride’s hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. While Santa Fe can draw a lot of southwest inspiration, it was important for the couple that their wedding reflect their classic and laid-back style.  

Hints of blue were brought into the crisp white and green palette. Personalized illustrations reflecting the bride and groom were added to the invitations such as skis, chili peppers, and swim goggles.

The ranch they chose for their venue was the perfect location that offered a lot of space to create different experiences for guests to mingle and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Photography: Rachel Havel | Cinematography: Logan Bonwell | Event Planning: Banks & Leaf | Floral Design: Floriography | Stationery: Ink Revival | Catering: Walter Burke Catering | Hair & Makeup: A Salon | Entertainment: Mannequin Dj | Wedding Venue: La Mesita Ranch Estate | Tent: Sperry Tents | Day of Styling: Sweet Zion Paperie | Draping & Lighting: Little Mad | Linens: Nuage Linens | Rentals: Colorado Party Rentals | Staging: Metamorphosis

A Modern Interpretation of Indian Bridal Fashion

In a beautiful homage to Indian culture, Radian Photography and Joy Proctor teamed up with an incredible team of vendors to create endless inspiration.  With whimsical floral designs in full bloom by Bows & Arrows Flowers and a modern vintage aesthetic, we can’t help but fall in love with all the artful imagery.  You can take a closer look at every dreamy detail in the full gallery.

[iframe 600 255]

From Joy Proctor Design… In celebration of her Indian heritage, photographer Radhika McDiarmid of Radian Photography worked with Joy Proctor and an incredible team to design and shoot this fashion-forward editorial to highlight Indian bridal fashion. 

The looks featured a whimsical, floral-focused aesthetic that more and more Indian brides are embracing as they opt for weddings that are less large and formal.

Shot against vintage Indian fabric and a hand-painted backdrop designed with her grandparents’ farm in mind, lush floral installations, and a modern henna design added to the dreamy aesthetic.

Photography: Radian Photography | Videography: Carly Rae Film | Design: Joy Proctor Design | Floral Design: Bows and Arrows | Cake: Sugar Euphoria | Invitations: Inquisited | Hair & Makeup: Wink Beauty & Lash Studio | Venue: Sunnyside Trading Company | Backdrop: Sundari Ferris | Henna: Julie Becker Art | Henna: Henna By Nadia | Model: Rachel Hegner from Salt Model & Talent | Sari: Kynah | Sari: Sani Designs

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Kissed With Love and Limoncello, An Intimate Positano Elopement

With a kiss of warm hues and vibrant citrus accents, Federica Beni turned “lemons into limoncello” for Misoo and Charles’ Positano elopement at the cliffside Villa Treville. Malafronte Fiori’s florals emulated the Amalfi Coast sunshine and added a burst of color against the venue’s crisp backdrop and panoramic coastal views. This intimate elopement was infused with oh-so-sweet touches – like the exquisite hand-illustrated invitations by Debbie Wong Design. Immerse yourself in this marriage of luxe Italian style and true amore in the full gallery, captured by Lace & Luce, and the video, filmed by Luigi De Gregorio

From the bride… As we said in our vows, “This day was not exactly what we had in mind when we started planning two years ago for our 2021 wedding”… but our Positano elopement was absolutely perfect and unforgettable nonetheless!

We got engaged in Santorini, and we’ve traveled to Europe together every year since we started dating. So while we were disappointed to have had to postpone our big wedding closer to home, planning a destination elopement in Europe still felt very “us.” Especially after all the COVID-related disappointments from the past year, we really wanted to “pivot” and plan something special and romantic, just for us. Not to mention, we literally could not think of a more perfect place to “turn lemons into limoncello” than the Amalfi Coast!

Planning a destination elopement was admittedly a little nerve racking at first, especially after having postponed another wedding. Once we found our photographer and wedding planner though, the rest of the pieces seemed to fall so easily and naturally into place. We loved each and every vendor who was part of our day, and everyone was so kind and supportive throughout the whole process (not to mention incredibly talented).

We exchanged vows in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places that we have ever seen. From tearing up as our ceremony musicians played Zeffirelli’s “Romeo and Juliet” theme song against the backdrop of his former home, to our boat ride during which so many people on passing boats loudly cheered and clapped for us, to dining under our stunning lemon-covered ceiling while watching the sun set over Positano… this day was full of so many incredible memories that we will treasure forever.

From the planner Federica Beni… It was not an easy season for lovers who had planned their special day for months and months. The uncertainty pushed many of them to postpone their celebration (for the first time and in many cases even twice) but the idea of having to wait further 12 months for living such a special emotion has not been an easy one to cope with.
Italy was Charles and Misoo’s destination for their honeymoon this past September, following their Canadian wedding which was unfortunately postponed to 2022. Why give up the idea of having a romantic Italian tour and to taste the romance of a special love celebration for just the two of them? 

This adorable couple opted for a beautiful and emotional elopement in Positano, in one of the most exclusive venues of the Amalfi Coast, Villa Treville, once owned by the famous movie director Zeffirelli. When couples contact me to explore the options they have to elope in our beautiful country of Italy, finding the perfect solution is not so easy as it may seem, because the venue they like might be too big to be rented only for two people and at the same time they don’t have a secluded and intimate area where to have a small private celebration and dinner to follow. I found them the perfect option with Villa Treville, a cliffside estate, from where you can enjoy a spectacular and captivating view on Positano, private and super luxury accommodations, each one with a private outdoor area, which was the perfect solution to celebrate in style.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Lace & Luce | Videographer: Luigi De Gregorio Filmmaker | Event Design: Federica Beni | Event Planning: Federica Beni | Florals: Armando Malafronte | Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera | Stationary: Debbie Wong Design | Wedding Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Celebrant: Carmela Cesarano | Hotel: Villa Treville | Earrings: Ippolita | Hair/Make-up: Alessandro Mancino & Marco Carpentieri | Rental Company: Preludio Noleggi | Silk Ribbons: Stella Wolfe | Veil: Noon On The Moon

A Romantic Garden Party Dripping With Details

This Texas wedding turns on the charm! Brimming with warm hues, romantic blooms, and a luxe lounge setup- you can’t help but fall for this perfect fall day planned by Bird Dog Wedding.  Clementine Botanical Art created relaxed elegance with stylish floral installations at every turn, and every dreamy detail was artfully captured in the imagery by Courtney Leigh Photography.  See all the beauty unfold in the full gallery.

From Courtney Leigh Photography… This stunning wedding was dripping in details and warm inviting hues on the most beautiful day of the year in Texas. Knowing they would have a larger guest count, the couple still wanted their day to feel like a romantic garden party while maintaining a relaxed, elegant feel. 

The color palette and textures included ivory, butter, dried grass, goldenrod, pale peach, blush, rose, and leafy greens; perfect for an outdoor, fall wedding.

Lounge furniture sprinkled throughout the reception created an inviting setting for the guests to mingle and sip signature cocktails on the lawn and dine under the stars.

Photography: Courtney Leigh Photography | Event Planning: Bird Dog Wedding | Florist: Clementine Botanical Art | Dress: Whittington Bridal | Cake: Morgan Peral Cakes | Invitations: Percolator Letterpress | Reception Venue: Witte Museum | Catering: Rosemary's Catering | Hair and Makeup: Etoilly Artistry | Band: Royal Dukes Band | Rentals: Loot Vintage

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A Romantic Summer Wedding at the Pinterest-Viral Abbey of Saint Galgano

You’ve probably seen this venue many times before during your late night, endless Pinterest scrolling sessions – but may have never known exactly where it was! The Abbey of Saint Galgano is a breathtaking Gothic style church from the 13th-century, situated in the beautiful province of Siena region in Tuscany. Flowersliving brought the couple’s dreams to reality… dressed in a pastel palette, overflowing with heavenly blooms, and blanketed by rows of twinkle lights. Trust us, you’re going to want to spend some extra time on today’s full gallery captured by Facibeni Fotografia.

From Flowersliving… A romantic yet modern destination wedding in Tuscany in the most beautiful church nearby Siena.
San Galgano Abbey is a breathtaking venue and the colors of the flowers really complement the beauty and the uniqueness of the church. 

Sara & Marcello from Emilia Romagna Region decided to tie the knot in the beautiful Tuscany looking for the perfect rural countryside but choosing a romantic and elegant colors palette of light pinks and dusty blues.

After the civil ceremony at the abbey they decided to celebrate in the beautiful maremma area surrounded by cypress and olive trees.

The aperitive at the sunset overlooking the tuscan hills was a magic moment for all the guests who enjoyed the tuscan breeze and the dreamy view. A tripude of candles to lighten up the dinner area as a frame to celebrate the newlyweds.

Photography: Facibeni Fotografia | Floral Design: Flowers Living | Cake: Sweetiepie | Stationery: Tuscan lab | Reception Venue: Conti Di San Bonifacio | Bridal dress: Pronovias

A Boston Public Library Wedding With A Charming Candle Covered Staircase

Welcome to modern romance in the heart of Boston.  Haley and Justin created a day as special as their love, working with Urban Soiree to bring their unique story to life.  Inspired by the architecture of the Boston Public Library, they created magical moments like a wildly romantic candle-lined staircase and a 12-foot-tall greenery escort wall to sweep guests off their feet.  Fabulous flowers by Beach Plum Floral in blush and white fill the day and Jenny Moloney Photography artfully captures every dreamy detail in her imagery.  Visit the full gallery to watch the whole day unfold.

From Jenny Moloney Photography… Haley and Justin are a case of when a friend’s setup turns out to be “the one.” A mutual friend planned for the two to meet at Justin’s annual fundraiser for his Boston marathon. The connection was instant, a moment the two will never forget, and they went on their first date shortly after.  On a summer night in July, Justin and Haley walked down the steps of their Marlborough Street apartment to head to dinner. Justin started talking about how Back Bay and Marlborough Street represented the start of their story as a couple, with so many meaningful moments together. He then got down on one knee and proposed where it all began. Haley, of course, said yes, and as another surprise, he took her for a private helicopter tour of the city skyline. The special night ended with a celebration dinner with their entire families to toast their engagement. 

When they started planning their wedding, the first thing they knew was that they wanted to get married at the Boston Public Library. Haley fell in love with the romance of the breathtaking Library courtyard, and Justin, an avid history fan, loved that the building held historical significance in Boston as the oldest library in the country, dating back to 1848. They wanted to create a feeling of modern romance blended with the ambiance of the heart of the city of Boston.

They kept things timeless, taking inspiration from the architecture, with whimsical touches like the romantic candle dotted staircase. Their courtyard ceremony was family-focused, with Haley’s brother officiating and readings done by her mother and Justin’s father. The 12-foot-tall greenery escort wall was a favorite detail, with each guest’s name handwritten on acrylic. Their first dance to their band’s rendition on Leon Bridge’s “Beyond” was magical, with them both feeling like they were the only two people in the room.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Jenny Moloney Photography | Cinematography: Some Fuzzy | Cinematography: New England Creative | Event Planning: Urban Soiree | Floral Design: Beach Plum Floral | Dress: Reem Acra | Cake: The Catered Affair | Stationary: Rosebud Calligraphy | Ceremony Venue: Boston Public Library | Reception Venue: Boston Public Library | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Catering: The Catered Affair | Makeup: Amanda McCarthy Beauty | Hair: Noella Luxury Beauty | Lighting: DesignLightCo. | Entertainment: Night Shift Entertainment | Groom's Attire: Suit & Supply | Ceremony Music: Boston String Ensemble | Cocktail Hour Musician: Jeremy Green | Escort Wall: Art of the Event | Rentals: Peak Event Services | Save the Date: Fete Collection

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Cross Cultural Micro-Wedding Honoring Family and Heritage

This intimate affair has officially stolen our hearts.  With special ceremonies honoring both the bride and groom’s cultures and the inclusion of their adorable pup, Bev and Jordan’s special day proves that love really is in the details.  Bowties and Bouquets brought the couple’s vision to the life in a beautiful color palette of soft blue, blush, and white.  Organic floral arrangements by Kenia Z Florals are wildly romantic popping up in artful installations throughout the day.  The love and elegance of the event was beautifully captured in the imagery by Alison Brynn Photography, see it all in the full gallery.

From Bowties and Bouquets… From the very first moment with Bev and Jordan, they wanted their wedding day to be highly intentional, thoughtful, and loving towards their families. They wanted a wedding that would be in full celebration of their love but also ensure that everyone in attendance had a beautiful and wonderful experience! The majority of their family as well as Bev and Jordan were from out of state so SoCal became the beautiful destination location for the wedding experience that Naomi dreamed up and designed for them. This exquisite wedding day was about honoring family and the special way that we got to do this was by including their very different cultures and backgrounds. To celebrate Bev’s Chinese culture and background, we included a lovely tea ceremony that invited both families to partake in and learn the tradition and beautiful meaning. As a way to honor Jordan’s German roots, they opted to have a unique German beer unity that combines beer with coke.  There is nothing more beautiful than seeing two beautiful cultures and families blending together in a celebration of love!

From the bride… When we began planning our wedding, our driving point was finding vendors who shared our vision and who we connected with. Out of all the things that came out of our wedding, our favorite aspect would have to be having all of our family members with us to celebrate. With what has been going on in the world, our wedding day was really a big leap of going somewhere exciting for everyone. We went into wedding planning not knowing what was going to happen a year down the line and we are so blessed to have had a pocket in June where everything was normal and we were all at ease. That was the beauty of having just immediate family at our wedding. While it wasn’t an easy decision, we know that we made the right choice with the love and support of our family and friends. We wanted to honor our cultures blending together with intention. We decided to do a Chinese tea ceremony and beer unity. With our tea ceremony, it allowed Jordan’s family to get a glimpse of my family’s culture as far as weddings go. This is something that I have participated in growing up as a child. For me, to have such a symbolic ceremony at our wedding was a way to honor my parents and ancestors. With our beer unity, this was something suggested by our officiant. Jordan has German roots and he loves to look back on our 2019 trip to Munich. It was fitting to honor something he loves and is a part of his culture. Our families are spread out across all over and having these components in our wedding allowed our families to blend together as one.

My one piece of advice for engaged couples who are planning their wedding is to trust your vendors. These are the people who pour their heart and soul into their craft and want the very best for you. With the details from paper goods, florals, photography, and designing, they know what they’re doing and what works. At the end of the day, there’s a human being behind that business, and who knows, they just may become your lifelong friends!

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Alison Brynn Photography | Cinematography: Sumulong Cinema | Floral Design: Kenia Z Florals | Wedding Dress: Truvelle | Cake: M Cakes Sweets | Jewelry: Olive + Piper | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Birdy Grey | Catering: Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa | Officiant: Great Officiants | Wedding Venue: Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa | Beauty: Kylee Hudson | Bespoke Cookie Favors: Hello Cookie Baker | Bridal Boutique: Grey Pearl Bridal | Bridal Headpiece: Bo & Luca | Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Dessert Rentals: The Luminarie Co | Doughnuts: Sidecar Doughnuts | Engagement Ring Designer: Blue Nile | Flatlay Stylists: The Luminarie Co | Flatlay Surfaces: Chasing Stone | Furniture Rentals: Adore Folklore | Groom's & Groomsmen's Attire: Friar Tux | Invitations, Paper Goods & Signage: Honest Type | Planning, Design & Styling: Bowties and Bouquets | Ring Box: the mrs. box | Tabletop Rentals: Catalog Atelier | Wedding Rings: D & R House of Diamonds

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Stylish San Antonio Wedding Filled With Bright Bursts Of Color

Looking to make your big day pop? This San Antonio wedding has all the bright and beautiful inspiration you need.  Filled with blooming bougainvillea and the prettiest patterns throughout the day, Sweet August Events brought our bride’s vision to life in the most stylish of ways.  Freesia Designs and Events filled the event with chic and colorful flowers to energize the space, and Caroline Lima Photography perfectly captured the love and joy of the day in her elegant imagery.  You’ll love every daring detail featured in the full gallery.

From the bride… I met my husband in Virginia and most of his family and friends are from the Mid-Atlantic area. I knew I wanted to show off San Antonio and embrace the culture I had grown up around. I am so inspired by San Miguel and seeing other weddings in that area, and knew there were so many parallels to San Antonio it would be a great combination! The riverwalk is a huge draw for San Antonio, and I was familiar with the venue of Southwest School of Art. The old mission look with all the stone and dark woods really embraced the San Miguel feeling and reaffirmed my vision.

With the darker/neutral setting, I knew I wanted bright colors. I LOVE color. The main focal points revolve around the bougainvillea arch, and the blue and white Taleveras seen throughout Mexico. I talked about my vision with Katherine, and she immediately embraced it and hit the nail on the head when creating my vision boards. She had a picture of a bougainvillea type arch and I immediately fell in love and knew I wanted that to be a focal point.

All of our vendors were amazing at bringing their own touches and tying in my personal style and the feel I wanted to create. I was pretty hands-off with the bridesmaids’ dresses and it worked out perfectly! I told them a warm, floral print dress they were comfortable in and it was perfect. I already knew the “theme” and vision I was going for when I went dress shopping. I loved the combination of the classic silhouette, with a fun, textured, movement-like pattern. The laser cute lace reminded me of papel picado and that sold the dress for me.  As much as I loved my wedding dress, I knew I would want to be more comfortable to dance around to Taylor Swift. I stumbled upon the two-piece Alexis set and fell in love with the blue embroidery. I actually think I bought the set before my wedding dress- it was too perfect with the Mexican theme and Talavera tile to pass up. 

Photography: Caroline Lima Photography | Floral Design: Freesia | Stationery: The Girl General | Catering: Absolutely Delicious Catering | Band: Danny Ray and The Acoustic Production | Transportation: Elegant | Beauty: Veil Artistry | Ceremony and Reception: Southwest School Of Art And Craft | Dress store: Julian Gold Bridal San Antonio | Planning and Design: Sweet August Events | Rentals: DPC Media | Video: Squinted Cinema

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