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This Shoot Is Giving Us Major Chuck and Blair Vibes and Every Gossip Girl Fan Needs to See Why

Any Gossip Girl fans in the house? Because this gorgeous wedding inspiration from Ulvia Mammadova is giving us major Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf vibes. Every inch of this shoot is romantic beyond words. The bride’s Galia Lahav dress looked like a fairytale against the dramatic fountain at Bethesda Terrace. Precious Flowers created an ethereal blue and white bouquet that made our hearts skip a beat. It’s truly the most perfect “classic New York” wedding inspiration we’ve ever laid eyes on. See it all for yourself at the full gallery!

From Ulvia Mammadova4 years ago my own wedding in Azerbaijan got published on Style Me Pretty, and now I would like to share an editorial shoot how it would be look like if it was in New York.. This is a story of two young people who fell in love with each other in the magical city New York: Anna, a model and contemporary artist, and Ryan – professional latin dancer.

In order to create clean and intimate shots in the most touristic spot – Central Park we’ve been ready and all set up by early dawn. And here it is – time stops and fairy tale starts right here on Bethesda Terrace, free of people. Though it was an inspirational shoot, I enjoyed how it turned out so real and true emotionally! I wanted to make something alive, free and effortless, just like the New York city itself, something more than just beautifully styled shoot, to show the beauty of youth and spontaneous love.. That chemistry and connection, how they were looking at each other, I was getting inspired by them during the shoot!

Oh, and Galia Lahav wedding dress.. – an endless inspiration for every bride to be! Sparkly gown with an embellished corset, embroidered with silk flowers and crystal accents – was love at first sight. When we were choosing the dress together with Bridal Reflections team, I was so lucky to see and to talk with Galia Lahav head designer – Sharon Sever, who creates these pure pieces of art.. Thanks to an incredible team of very talented people, who stand behind this shoot. Nude and glowy makeup done by Liza Ray. Unique and timeless rings from Victor Barbone, which always has a history behind of every piece.. Jennifer Behr earrings in the shape of leaves were nothing but the perfect match with petals on the dress, completing the look inspired by the grace of nature..

Photographer: Ulvia Mammadova | Florals : Precious Flowers Houston | Wedding Dress : Bridal Reflections | Stationery : Chavelli | Groom : Ryan Raffloer | Bride : Ariel @ New York Models | Creative Director: Ulvia Mammadova | Earrings : jennifer behr | MUAH: Liza Ray | Wedding Rings: Victor Barbone Jewelry

Chic Modern Inspiration with Wild Florals at the Top of the Rock

The second we saw this ridiculously chic, golden-toned inspiration from Kylee Yee Photography we were IN LOVE. I mean, how could we not be? With soaring Manhattan skyline views, perfectly imperfect blooms from Sarah Saunders Studio in mustard and auburn hues and not one but two stunning gowns from The Law Bridal and Dan Jones Bridal – this heavenly NYC day is everything. Hey, modern brides, prepare to be swept off your feet…

From Kylee Yee PhotographyWith the bride and groom coming from different countries and backgrounds, this union was a love they had to fight for.

Having met while on vacation in NYC during the Fall, they decided this is where and when they are going to marry; in an intimate rooftop ceremony with only their closest inner circle. How romantic is that?

After the wedding, NYC is to be their home where they will lay down their roots.

We wanted to mix a clean, translucent modern vibe with wild fall flowers embracing amber and mustard Fall tones. Sarah Saunders Studio did such an incredible job bringing this vision to life through her gorgeous floral arrangements. 

The images are inspiration for the modern chic couple, with a focus on modern fashion-forward pieces, and a real love strong enough to overcome major challenges and transcends race, religion and borders.

Photography: Kylee Yee | Florals: Sarah Saunders | Wedding Dress: The Law Bridal | Cake: Nine Cakes | Invitations: Erin Braun Design | Shoes: Bella Belle | Ring: Bliss Lau | Make Up: Stacie Ford Weddings | Hair: Frank Giacone | Groom's Attire: The Black Tux | Bridal Dress Shop: SPINA | Bridal Stylist: Madly Bride | Concept/Design: Kylee Yee | Earrings: lele sadoughi | Film Lab: The Find Lab | Linens: Nuage Designs | Rentals: borrowed BLU | Ribbon: Silk and Willow | Shoes 2: Manolo Blahnik | Top of the Rock: Top Of The Rock | Wedding Dress 2: Unbridaled by Dan Jones

High School Sweethearts Who Overcame Tragedy to Celebrate Pure Love

Taylor and Brenden’s anniversary session, and entire love story, fully embodies the ‘for better or worse‘ in ways most people could never imagine! From meeting in high school (seriously, it was meant to be), to a terrifying and grim cancer diagnosis, to truly experiencing a medical miracle and surviving… their story, captured by Brenden’s sister Mikaela Marie Photography, has my whole heart. You can feel their undeniable love in these photos and I adore their sweet and simple details celebrating a big move to the city. You HAVE to read Taylor’s recollection at the bottom of this post!

From Mikaela Marie PhotographyWhere to start with these two? Brenden is my brother and Taylor is my sister-in-law and I am just so proud of these two. When they moved to the NYC area for Brenden to attend law school I just knew that I needed to set up a shoot for them! It wasn’t long ago that we didn’t even know if Brenden would survive, let alone move to NYC to attend law school as a happily married, fully healthy 25 year old! Capturing Brenden and Taylors unwavering love for each other was a breeze. These two haven’t always had it easy but they handle life with grace, strength and a wonderful sense of humor. It rained the morning of our shoot and in true Brenden and Taylor fashion, they rolled with the punches with smiles!

From Taylor… Having someone who dreams your wildest dreams with you isn’t something you expect to find at 15, yet somehow here we are, almost a decade later living the dreams that provided a foundation for what we both thoughts was only going to be a ‘first love’. Brenden and I met each other for the first time, three different times.

When we first met as high school students in driver’s education, and that meeting didn’t go to well. I was a bubbly freshman and Brenden was a sophomore who frankly, would have rather been asleep. Long story short, we exchanged not so pleasantries without even introducing ourselves, and went our separate ways.

The next time we met, Brenden was surprising a friend and he jumped around a corner to surprise who he thought was his friend which Just happened to be me. Embarrassed, we ran separate ways, only to find out later that this was the second time we met. The third time we met was just a matter of days later. As a freshman, Our teacher partnered us up for a practice, round and by the end of class I felt so drawn to this dark haired and eyed boy, compared to my very blonde and blue eyes. But more than anything I was drawn in by his passion for debate, he was well read and he had a knack for masterfully articulating complex details.

From there we started talking nearly 24/7 and haven’t stopped, trust me if you know us you would agree. We bonded over our ambitions that felt too big for our little farm town, and our individual dreams of big city living. We entered our relationship responsibly, as all 15 year old’s obviously do. We agreed that when we were no longer having fun together we were done, no questions asked. Then one week became two, and that became a month, and then all the sudden we were racking up years of photos in the couple’s page of our high school year book.

Like any other Friday in late March, Brenden and I went out on our standing Sushi and dessert date. Brenden had a terrible toothache and we called the date short, so he could rest. The next day he was driving 13 hours to Georgia where his parents had just moved while he stayed behind to finish the last month of high school. Brenden’s pain became unbearable over the drive, and after arriving he went straight to an emergency dentist to see what was wrong. From there it kind of snow balled, the dentist sent him to the ER, the ER ran about every test under the sun and he was admitted to pediatrics for observation because while they still didn’t have any official diagnosis yet, they did know that he was that he was very sick.

On March 21, 2011 Brenden was diagnosed with advanced T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL for short. From there he started chemo and began his 4-year battle with cancer. Through the first year, and hardest part of Brenden’s chemo he lived in Georgia. His abrupt move to Georgia meant that he would not physically finish his senior year and that we would begin a long-distance relationship at 17 years old, which is a uniquely challenging situation before you even factor in his diagnosis.

During the beginning stages of treatment Brenden was in a clinical trial. Due to the combination of drugs they were using in the trial, he suffered an incredibly rare set of complications. Brenden was giver less than a 5% chance of survival in early June of 2011. We were told if he did survive, his quality of life would leave hi his severely handicapped. We were also told to prepare for the significant possibility that he would die and if he did indeed survive that he would spend the remainder of his life in a vegetative state and needing around the clock care. A major stroke, a craniotomy, and another brain surgery later I stood huddled over the virtually lifeless body of the boy that I had fallen in love with not so long ago.

As I was told after the fact, I stood unwavering and afraid for 3 days strait watching what we were told to assume were the final hours of life for this beautiful boy of mine who had given me his class ring and a promise ring just a few months earlier. In a miraculous act that rewrote medical books, we watched Brenden slowly get better. Over the course of a year he continued a high regimen of chemotherapy while learning to walk, talk and live again. While the summer of 2011 came crashing down around me far away from all of this at home in Kansas, I clung to the notes we had written each other and the promises we had made to one another. After the fact, Brenden and I would later come to find that summer, more than ever we would both loose ourselves in the dreams we had dreamed together. Our idealistic dreams as high school sweethearts like traveling the world and moving to the big city far, far away where we would live, Brenden as a lawyer and I as a child life specials. Dreams of one day having a beautiful home, 4 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, all which had pre-selected names, because that’s type of wanderlust dreams and ambitions you have at 16 before you give up on your dreams and settle for what comes easily.

On the night before his last chemotherapy appointment Brenden told me to dress up to celebrate his final appointment with a dinner at his favorite steakhouse. What he didn’t tell me, was that before dinner we were going to a rose garden and arboretum, and he just happened to have an engagement ring to replace my promise ring from years ago. After he was given a clean bill of health we packed up and moved to attend Missouri State University and being a new chapter of our lives together. Before we knew it, we were wrapping up our bachelor’s degrees and preparing to begin master’s degrees. We did take a break from our near contestant mounting to do lists and go back home and get married in Kansas.

On our wedding day, the majority of things that could go wrong did. It rained all day and night on June 24, 2016 accept for one golden hour that somehow lined up perfectly with our outdoor ceremony. I had dress issues, nearly half of our venders had major issues and our wedding ice cream cake melted before we could cut it. Yet somehow all of this chaos just fell into the background because we were finally, and blissfully living out the first of many dreams we had once clung so tightly too for hope.

When we got married, had you told me we would celebrate our second anniversary in NYC I would have laughed at you. Brenden applied to Seton Hall Law School along with nearly 20 other schools. Seton Hall has a unique program opportunity called the Legal Education Opportunity fellowship. When applying perspective student write an essay on hardships they have overcome in their life. Brenden of course submitted a summary of the last 7 years of his life and was fortunate enough to receive this scholarship. In June of 2018, the weekend of our second anniversary at that, we loaded all of our earthy belongings into our tiny car and a rental truck and then drove two days east to move into our tiny city loft sight unseen.

I truly believe our meeting not once, not twice but three times before it actually stuck and laid the groundwork for our relationship was an adventure that you only see in romantic comedies. I know that the way our lives and relationship changed in 2011as two scarred kids was an unlikely heart break with a hiding blessing at the end that we are still reaping benefits from. Now we are here, in the busiest city in the world, starting the life and living the dreams we dreamed nearly a decade ago. This leap of faith we are taking together in the fearless pursuit of what sets our soul on fire is our greatest adventure thus far, and little did we know that we were being prepared for this very adventure in what felt like the most hopeless time of our lives.

Photography: Mikaela Marie Photography | Floral Design: Mikaela Marie Photography | Dress: Morning Lavender | Film Lab: The Find Lab

Classic NYC Romance + Glamour at Top of the Rock + Central Park

NYC may be a thoroughly modern city but there is something classic, something old school New York about this shoot. The glamour, the romance, we love it all. The only way to make it even better? Infuse it with a bit of fun, and that’s exactly what Rebecca Yale did (I mean, how adorable are these two!?). Add in Face Time Beauty Concierge helping this bride-to-be shine her brightest, and this gallery is absolutely picture perfect.

From Rebecca Yale… Paul and Dakota were introduced through their roommates at Penn State in the summer of 2011. After dating throughout college, they moved to Manhattan together so Paul could work in finance and Dakota could work in entertainment. Through busy schedules, they always made it a point to go back to Penn State for football games. Paul proposed on Penn State’s campus a few hours after the Penn State victory over Ohio State in 2016. They chose to do their engagement session on the top of New York City, Top of the Rock, that is. With magnificent views of the city they’ve come to call home, they enjoyed a beautiful summer morning on the roof of 30 Rock followed by a walk through Central Park.



Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Dress: Betsy & Adam | Hair + Makeup: Face Time Beauty Concierge | Venue: Top Of The Rock

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Modern Garden Romance for Urban “I Dos”

We’ve unofficially deemed today a celebration of NYC. Beginning with this morning’s real wedding set in Central Park South and ending with an inspiration shoot at the Four Seasons downtown, we’re deep-diving this modern take on a hotel affair all designed by Classic Events NYC. Think clean lines, garden blooms, and moments of quiet romance amongst the bustling city captured by the incomparable Judy Pak. Get your city wedding fix with even more this way in the gallery.

From Classic Events NYC… When the venerable Four Seasons Hotel opened its new downtown location, we just knew it was a perfect match for our classic and timeless style. Our vision for this shoot was to complement the venue, featuring a modern garden-inspired table setting.

We called in expert floral designer, Belle Fleur NY, to create a floral-scape of dreamy whites and crisp fresh greens with soft delicate accents of pale periwinkle that softened the look of the contemporary ballroom and celebrated the beautiful spring season. The table design incorporated formal footed crystal vessels with potted Myrtle topiaries and faceted tumblers with a bevy of mixed florals including fluttering Sweetpea, Muscari, Patience Garden Roses, button Ranunculus, white Lilac, Parrot Tulips, and Hellebores.

Although the look felt very much as if we cut from the most exquisite European garden, we stayed true to a more refined and controlled silhouette to embrace the juxtaposition of a city-country style.



Photography: Judy Pak Studio | Event Design: Classic Events NYC | Floral Design: Belle Fleur | Wedding Dress: Marchesa | Cake: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes | Invitations: Fourteen-Forty | Reception Venue: Four Seasons New York Downtown | Bride's Shoes: Valentino | Hair + Makeup: Face Time Beauty Concierge | Groom's Attire: Sene | Bridal Salon : Gabriella New York Bridal Salon

This Bride is a Real-Life Cinderella Beauty

I think a little part of every bride longs to feel like a princess. Whether her style leans modern, boho, rustic or classic, there’s something about the Cinderella moment that makes all our hearts skip a beat and today we’re seeing how this bride pulled it off. Kristin married her love Kevin in a jaw-dropping Pronovias gown with hair and makeup magic by Face Time Beauty and her ‘maids outfitted in Jenny Yoo. The entire day, including invites by Laura Hooper, is a New York dream and we’ve got it all from the lens of Rebecca Yale.

Kristin and Kevin were married in the most classic of NYC venues, at the historic Essex House Hotel, right on Central Park. The day began with both of them getting ready at the hotel with their friends and families before meeting at a bridge in Central Park for a romantic first look moment. As if it were straight out of any NYC rom-com musicians popped in under the bridge to serenade them and a group of tourists gathered on the other side of the bridge to watch their love story unfold. We walked around the Southern part of the park taking a few portraits before being joined by their wedding party for photos amidst the lush green trees of the park in June. Kristin’s bridesmaids sported mismatched Jenny Yoo dresses in both solid and patterned pink shades and were the perfect helpers with her gorgeous ball gown as we walked through the park. They each carried large lush bouquets created by Poppies and Posies. On the way back from portraits it began to drizzle and everyone huddled under the NY Athletic Club awning next door which made for a cute photo moment.

After portraits, everyone headed inside for some much-needed air conditioning on the humid summer day and we captured some family portraits in the beautiful ballroom, including some adorable moments with the bride and groom’s nieces and nephews who made some of the cutest flower girls I’ve ever seen! The couple said their I Do’s in the ballroom followed by cocktails next door before returning to the ballroom for an evening of dinner and dancing with their friends and families. The bride and groom have a very sweet dachshund named Georgia, who was included in their engagement session, and they decided to honor her on the wedding day by including her in their cake topper as a gold silhouette with them atop their cake.



Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Videography: Kiss The Bride Films | Floral Design: Poppies & Posies | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Invitations: Laura Hooper Calligraphy | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Rings: Tiffany & Co. | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Hair + Makeup: Face Time Beauty Concierge | Band: Hank Lane Music | Venue: JW Marriott Essex House | Bride's Purse: Furla | Flower Girl Dresses: David's Bridal

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Timeless NYC Ballroom Wedding

As one of the pros behind Intrigue Design and Decor, you better believe this bride was prepared for just about anything on her wedding day. Including a complete dress malfunction that required an emergency trip to the Garment District only minutes before the ceremony. Luckily, the rest of the day unfolded just as she’d envisioned thanks to the incredible Claire Duran working behind the scenes, and we’ve got every photo from Kenzie Victory waiting right here.

From the Bride… As the leader of the business side of Intrigue Design and Decor, I have been spoiled by witnessing countless weddings with decadent flowers and romantic decor. When it came time to plan my own wedding, I felt paralyzed. How would I compete with all of the breathtaking weddings that I have seen brought to life over the years?

After weeks of touring venues in my hometown of Washington, DC, I received crushing news. The temple that I had dreamt of getting married in since the time I was a little girl was preparing for renovations and would be closed the entire month of my wedding. Being sealed in the temple on my wedding day was vital, which meant I needed to find a new venue near the closest temple to us, bringing us to Manhattan. Finding just the right venue in New York City seemed like a daunting task; however, it ended up being easier than I could have ever hoped.

I drove to the city accompanied by my mom and best friend with a 2-day schedule packed with tours and meetings. First on our list was the J.W. Marriott Essex House. Upon arrival, we immediately felt welcomed as the doorman opened our car door and signaled his hand towards the entrance. We stepped through revolving doors and into a well-appointed lobby, complete with the most beautiful floral displays. Beyond the florals stood a tall, smiling gentleman that seemed all too familiar.He walked towards us, shook my hand and introduced himself as “Jason.” The next hour felt like a dream as Jason walked us through the Petite Salon, the Grande Ballroom and up elevators adorned with the most beautiful metal work. It was everything I had been looking for and Jason’s helpful demeanor and expertise was just what I needed to successfully pull off a destination wedding in this massive city.

The dress was the easy part. I called my friend and designer Sohil, creator of Enaura Gowns, and he crafted a custom dress with impeccable detail for me on my wedding day. The entire bodice was adorned with hand beading that traveled down the tulle skirt and across the sheer sleeves with a series of fluttering fabric flowers. The cathedral veil, equally as grand, emulated the detail of the gown with a series florets and subtle sparkle.

With so much experience in the wedding industry, you would imagine that finding a photographer should be a no brainer. However, the last thing I wanted to do was ask one of my photographer friends to work my wedding rather than be a guest. So, I began doing what most millennial brides tend to do and scoured Instagram, eventually falling for the feed of @KenzieVictory. Her images were soft and natural and instantly appealing. With this crucial piece in place, the wedding planning was almost complete.

Of course, every great wedding needs a great planner/stylist. So, we brought Claire Duran Events up to make sure all the details were in place, that the images were styled and that each of the day’s details unfolded precisely according to plan.

The Wedding Day

When the big day arrived, I felt giddy with excitement. After so much planning and coordination, all that was left to do was enjoy the day. I remember waking up feeling full of anticipation. Dressed in a silk robe, I gathered with my bridesmaids and the pampering ensued. It was a splendid morning with freshly squeezed orange juice, New York bagels and delicious fruit. Then the moment came to get dressed and meet my groom for our “first look.”

I stepped away feeling excited. Today was the day. Today I was marrying the love of my life. When I went to unveil my dress, I immediately knew something was wrong.

It was at that moment that the advice my sister-in-law gave me kicked into place. Two weeks prior to the wedding, Melanie quietly sat me down and counseled, “Ten things will go wrong on your wedding day. If you prepare for that, you won’t be anxious. When the first thing happens, start counting.”

The room froze. Everyone looked at me in disbelief. My custom Enaura Bridal gown went from being a dream come true to completely unusable. The zipper had become unhinged to the dress, creating a massive hole in the back. Panic filled the room, yet I remained calm. I counted one.

It felt like a scene from a hospital, people were on the phone, running around and panicking trying to figure out the next move. Amidst all the commotion, I remained calm and steady. My family and friends looked at me in utter disbelief. Meeting my soon-to-be husband in time for our “first look” was out of the question, and with my temple sealing quickly approaching I had to think fast.

Having a wedding in New York City has its advantages. After a few phone calls, I was able to reach my friend Sohil, the designer/owner of Enaura Bridal. I explained to him my situation and he immediately told me to meet him at his studio in the garment district. Along with both my photographer and videographer, we hopped into a cab and made our way towards the studio. Upon arrival, Sohil worked tirelessly to have my dress completed in time. With no time to waste, I headed back to the Essex house just in time to respond to a very confused groom. While I had been dealing with the dress, he had been patiently waiting in Central Park for my arrival. After some much-needed explaining, we took a moment to laugh and express how much we loved each other.

The time is now 12:00. With our temple sealing at 1pm, I had to quickly make my way to the Manhattan, New York Latter-Day Saint Temple. Together with our families and in one of the holiest places on earth, we were married for time and all eternity. We promised to always stand by each others sides in what was one of the most beautiful ceremonies imaginable. After the ceremony ended, my gown was waiting for me in the bridal suite. It was then that I was able to share a beautiful, uninterrupted moment with my mother as I finally put on my wedding gown.

As the day unfolded, each detail flowed beautifully into the next with surprises at every corner. While taking our formal pictures at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, my groom surprised me with a small group of local NYC talent performing the most beautiful rendition of John Legend’s All of Me My heart was overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness and kindness.

As we made our way to the ballroom, my heart was racing. I couldn’t wait to view the masterpiece that Intrigue Design and Decor had designed. As I walked in, I was speechless. Blooms adorned every table and place setting. Lush, grand centerpieces welcomed me as I glided through the ballroom. It was a room meant for a princess. The doors were then opened to the ceremony space were I was greeted with the most stunning flower wall. Roses and moss spiraled into the most whimsical design you could possibly imagine.

What a day to remember, family and friends traveled from near and far to celebrate our love and marriage. The night, thanks to Jason, went without a hitch. From the dancing to the toasts, every moment was perfect. Entertainment by On The Move was spectacular. We couldn’t have asked for a better fusion between DJ and band. Together with On The Move, my two brothers and father sang our first song. It was a moment I’ll never forget. To be dancing with my groom, while the other three most important men in my life sang to us, was enough to bring me to tears.

As the night drew to a close, the master of ceremonies announced that there was one surprise left. I was completely shocked as I looked towards my groom, just standing there with a grin. As I was lead out the ballroom with my family following close behind, we made our way to the entrance of the hotel. Waiting out front was a vintage yellow cab for Morgan and I. I could barely contain my excitement. After so many surprises all day long, he seemed somehow to top it all off with the greatest of them all. The people cheered, our families may have cried, but as we drove away into a new chapter in our lives, I knew one thing – September 6, 2016, was the best day of my life.



Photography: Kenzie Victory | Wedding Dress: Enaura Bridal | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Azazie | Hair + Makeup: Up Dos For I Dos | Calligraphy: Corbett Frazier | Band: On The Move Entertainment | Groomsmen's Attire: The Black Tux | Venue: JW Marriott Essex House | Catering + Cake: JW Marriott Essex House | Florals + Design: Intrigue Designs | Getaway Car: The Checker Cab | Groom's Tux: Your Suit Guy | Invitation: Fossil Letterpress | Veil: Blossom Veils | Wedding Rings: Forge Jewelry Works | Wedding Styling: Claire Duran Weddings And Events

This Is Why We Love At Home Engagement Shoots

Meeting the second time around might have been the charm for these two but there’s absolutely no delay in sensing the love between them now. Alicia Swedenborg captured their love as bright and beautiful as can be in their Greenwich Village home and once again, we have an engagement shoot that makes us completely obsessed with at home sessions! See all the reasons why in our Vault right this way!

From Alicia SwedenborgAli and Sammi met (twice) in the fall of 2013, when they were both students at NYU Law School. Their first meeting took place at an event at the Stonewall Inn, hosted by the law school’s LGBT student group, aptly named “OUTLaw”, where, according to Ali, her very obvious romantic advances were rebuffed, and according to (apparently oblivious) Sammi, a cute girl with a cool haircut was trying to make friends with her. When the ladies rendez-vous’d a second time (at – where else? – a school dance), thanks to the help of some mutual friends, the sparks were much more obvious. Sammi proposed first, just over two years later, while bringing Ali her weekly Saturday morning coffee in bed, and Ali returned the favor a week later, popping the question at the Met, in front of a gorgeous wall of windows looking out onto Central Park.

The couple, now both lawyers, live together in Greenwich Village, and wanted an engagement shoot that captured the spirit of the neighborhood where they live and where they fell in love. With the help of photographer Alicia Swedenborg, the ladies were able to realize their vision of a cozy downtown NYC winter wonderland shoot.



Photography: Alicia Swedenborg | Event Planning: ever swoon | Hair + Makeup: Glamsquad | Ali's Blazer: BCBG | Ali's Coat: Ted Baker | Ali's Dress: Club Monoco | Ali's Jeans: Madewell | Ali's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Ali's Top: Vince Camuto | Engagement Rings: Orr's Jewelers | Sammi's Coat: J.Crew | Sammi's Dress: Club Monoco | Sammi's Jeans: Gap | Sammi's Shoes: Sam Edelman | Sammi's Sweater: Ann Taylor

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We Found the Ultimate New York City Wedding

Every now and then a wedding comes across your desk that stops you dead in your tracks. I call them the weddings with the trifecta of pretty – beautiful photography, fresh design moments, and a bride and groom whose love practically leaps off the page. The incredible Heather Waraksa and ever swoon joined forces for this Manhattan affair and the result is ALL of the above. Scroll on for taxi cab place cards, cronut favors, and don’t miss the sweet words written by the groom.

From the Groom… Arielle and I got engaged at the Plaza Hotel under the guise of a very over the top staycation. Having grown up in New York, I felt like it was only appropriate for our engagement and later our wedding to touch upon iconic New York if possible. I had the hotel set up our room to include champagne and originally had asked the concierge to just throw a few flowers about the room (nothing spelled out or anything) as I continued to think that the proposal part would be a surprise for Arielle (I should have realized that how do you sell the woman you are dating that a staycation at The Plaza hotel after dating for years wouldn’t have something more to it!) We walk into the room and spelled out on the bed is “I ❤️ u” in rose petals…well if I thought there was any surprise left, I immediately got down on one knee and asked her to marry me!

When we started to look for our wedding venue, that same New York sentiment kept playing in our heads. We looked at quite a few venues that definitely had that New York vibe but once we saw the rooftop where we would hold the ceremony at TriBeCa Rooftop, we knew it was the spot for us. Now as you can imagine, the rooftop is located in TriBeCa, and it has the most amazing view of New York in both directions. To the south, there is a backdrop of One World Trade Center and to the north the Empire State Building. The idea of getting married while surrounded by the entire New York skyline at sunset was all we needed.

From there, we put everything else together with a similar theme – from our invitations, which was a custom watercolor drawing of the street we live on in Greenwich Village, to the taxi cab place card holders. We decided that as our last piece to the wedding, we had to have Dominique Ansel Cronuts (a cross between a croissant and a donut, for which people usually wait on line for hours to get!) at our wedding as we love Dominique Ansel and thought that it would be a super fun NYC gift to all of our guests who most likely would never be able to get one otherwise. Arielle was so intent on making this happen, that while at his store in the West Village she wrote him a note on the back of a receipt begging to find a way to have 250 fresh cronuts at TriBeCa Rooftop on the day of our wedding. To our amazement, the store manager came over and told us that it would be their honor and the rest was history!

Arielle wanted to add a serious fall vibe to our fall wedding and with the help of Amy Febinger of Bourgeon picked out an entire scheme to decorate the wedding. The evening started with cream and peach hued flowers that made up the chuppah at the ceremony. Beautiful hand-made copper silks tied all of the bouquets together matching the copper lanterns lining the aisle. As we got ready to hold the ceremony, the skyline was set afire by the light from the setting sun over the Hudson River to our west. Simon and Garfunkel started playing and we were ready to take our stroll down the aisle.

As most people who have been a bride or groom will tell you, the wedding goes by incredibly fast. Like lightning fast. A week or two before the wedding, we had both been told this numerous times and given advice like “make sure you don’t miss it while caught up in everything”. After hearing this enough times, we made sure in the middle of the wedding while everyone was out on the dance floor to sneak away for just two minutes and to have it all by ourselves. We snuck up the stairs to the balcony overlooking the entire venue and sat just the two of us watching. I remember soaking in the music and watching all of our friends dancing, noticing where all of our family members were scattered about the room. It was the first moment all night that we felt like we really had to ourselves to hold hands, to actually take a moment and to see everyone who was there even if it was from a distance. I am so glad I actually listened as its the clearest memory of the entire whirlwind of a night.



Photography: Heather Waraksa | Event Planning: ever swoon | Floral Design: Bourgeon | Cake: Tribeca Rooftop | Brides Shoes: Tabitha Simmons | Rings: Heirloom | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Ralph Lauren | Makeup: Kimara Ahnert | Hair Stylist: Styles On B | Favors: Dominique Ansel | Grooms attire: Tom Ford | Groomsmen Suits: Suitsupply | Officiant: Jill A Kreitman | Venue: Tribeca Rooftop | BM Dress: Novis | Bridesmaid dress: Adrianna Papell | Decals: A Sign of Sucess | Grooms and Groomsmen Shoes: Nike | Grooms and Groomsmen Tie : Salvatore Ferragamo | Musicians: Eturnity Band | Photo Booth: The Bosco | Stationery and Paper goods: Lion in the Sun | Wedding Dress and Veil: Mira Zwillinger

In search of your dream dress? Don’t miss these four trunk shows.

We hold a very special place in our hearts for bridal fashion, and when it comes to a boutique that never fails to deliver on gorgeous gowns and accessories, Designer Loft is IT. From their talented + totally knowledgeable staff to their never-ending lineup of amazing Trunk Shows (hello, 10% discount), they’ve been wowing us from day one. Find out about their upcoming events below.

Located in Midtown Manhattan (226 West 37th Street, Second Floor Loft) and known for their relaxed approach and intimate space, Designer Loft is all about making your dreams come true with their top-notch service and well-curated selection of awe-inspiring gowns. Think awesome April Trunk Shows with talented designers like Matthew Christopher (April 1-3), Eddy K of Italy (April 7-9 + April 14-16), Pronovias (April 21-23) and Rosa Clara (April 28- May 1)…you are sooo on the right track. Which means that dream gown you’ve been searching for? You’ll most definitely find it. We promise.

From the traditional with a twist gowns of Matthew Christopher to the stunning new Milano Collection from Eddy K to the trademark lace and romantic details of Pronovias and Rosa Clara, don’t miss your chance to experience some of the most beautiful gowns you will ever lay your eyes upon by booking your appointment using Designer Loft’s online reservation system or contacting them at 212.944.9013 or And don’t forget that you’ll receive 10% off the featured designer’s collection on the weekend of the trunk show, plus Designer Loft even offers amazing on-site alterations and are extremely flexible with customization and tailoring. It just doesn’t get any better.

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A Blind Date That Ended in Forever Love

Laura and Will met on a blind date and the rest, as they say, is history. They quickly knew they’d found “the one” and when it came time to plan their dream wedding, New York City was the only place to be. They exchanged vows in Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park and we’ve got all the images from Levi Stolove Photography.


From Levi Stolove PhotographyLaura and Will wanted to get married close to home on the Upper West side but also feel like they weren’t in the middle of the city. Fort Tryon Park with it’s Hudson River views is a perfect melding of city and country.

It was a blustery day which added to the drama, rain threatening, dramatic clouds overhead but it all seamed to work so well. Laura started the day downtown at The High Line Hotel and Will started the day at his parent’s home in New Jersey.

We met at the park with an outdoor ceremony and got to wander around the gardens for their portraits. They both love to dance so the dance floor was jumping. The two of them beamed all day and danced all night.



Photography: Levi Stolove Photography | Wedding Planning: Color Pop Events | Floral Design: G! Designs | Wedding Dress: Johanna Johnson | Cake: Butterfly Bakeshop | Make-up: Wedded Kiss | Hair: Styles On B | DJ: Sugartown Industries | Officiant: Jesse Hendrich | Ceremony Jazz Band: The Seth Myers Group | Invites & Paper Goods: Bonomo Paper Co. | Photo Booth: Classic Photo Booth | Restaurant: New Leaf Restaurant

Cozy Chic Central Park Winter Wedding

Cozy and chic, romantic and warm; when it comes to winter weddings, this one hit the nail on the head. From the beautiful bride and her stylish maids, all the way to the magical nighttime moments, all captured by Betsi Ewing, this is one elegant affair that takes the chill out of this season’s celebrations. More in our Vault right this way!


From the Bride… Now that the wedding has passed, everyone’s question to us has been “Was it the best day ever?!”and we both look back at the night and smile because it was everything we envisioned and then some. We always said throughout the entire planning process, that the wedding is just six hours of the rest of our lives, and those six hours should be a celebration of our marriage and commitment to one another. We were surrounded by our loved ones, shared a beautiful and perfectly timed first dance to Johnnie Taylor’s “Just the One” after being dance class drop outs, survived a tumble off our chairs during the Hora, managed to tear the under arm of my dress, and are still waking up to that newlywed feeling… so yes, it was the best beginning to the rest of our lives.

As many couples know, wedding planning can be overwhelming when all you want to do is start the rest of your lives together the second he pops the question! Sam and I got engaged bright and early on a November morning and waited until after the holidays to begin next steps. We planned our wedding the same way we go about living our everyday life – as a team. The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park was the first (and only) venue we looked at. The second we walked in it felt welcoming, cozy, and most importantly, intimate – we picked our date right then and there. That January night we walked home, freezing our butts off while envisioning what our wedding would be like.

If only finding my wedding dress was as easy as confirming our venue! Shortly after those big items were crossed off the “to do” list, I rallied the troops (aka my mom and sister) and off we went to find “the” dress.

At the end of the first day I found myself with hives, in dresses that weren’t “me”, and stress I didn’t think I’d have. I decided to start over but without intentions of saying “yes to the dress”. Shortly after, I booked an appointment at David’s Bridal in my hometown after going to nearly every Manhattan bridal boutique and retail store known to (wo)man. At David’s, I tried on dresses that were not my style (think crazy bedazzled, poufy dresses), that would ease the stress and put a smile back on my face. I found my dress thinking it would be another “no”, I actually called it the “Icescapedes” dress. When I walked out of the dressing room, my mom’s eyes welled up – it was the last dress I tried on. I went home to over-think about it and ordered the dress over the phone a few weeks later while on a business trip in Paris. Because it wasn’t 100% my style, I sought out to find the best seamstress team (Sew Elegant) to re-design and reconstruct my dress.

Every last detail of our wedding from the amazing floral arrangements and altar (Cress Floral Decorators) to our dog Riley’s bow tie and yellow lab seating cards (Etsy), to refurbishing a forty year old cake topper from Sam’s parents’ wedding day, we conceptualized together. We didn’t have a “theme” for the wedding; it was more about the feeling. Our hope was that our guests would walk in and have a glimpse into what every day feels like… happy!

That morning it rained; Sam went for a long run and got ready at our apartment, while my sister and I sweated it out at the gym and grabbed coffee nearby. My mom, sister and I all got ready together at Le Parker Meridien, having the same hairstylist who did my mother’s hair for her wedding do mine.

Throughout the day, my bridesmaids trickled in to all get ready together, all wearing a black gown of their choice that made each of their individual beauty stand out. Sam met his groomsmen at the hotel for a scotch (or two), and they too arrived in a dark suit or tuxedo of their choice. It was important to me and Sam to have our favorite people feel like themselves and be comfortable for the long night ahead; we’re so lucky to have each of them in our lives.

The weather cleared up and next thing we knew it was time for our first look, captured by the remarkably talented and lovely Betsi Ewing. From then on, time flew by, it was as if we blinked and we were walking down the aisle hand in hand after reciting our own vows in front of 125 guests. The ceremony was our favorite part, although we were in front of all these people – for that moment it felt like only us. The evening was beyond spectacular and wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of our parents.

Truthfully the details now all seem like a blur, I think we’re still hoping we spent time with each of our guests to tell them just how thankful we are that they were there to share in our love and excitement…



Photography: BETSI EWING STUDIO | Floral Design: Cress Wedding Flowers | Wedding Dress: David's Bridal | Cake: Momofuku Milk Bar | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Their own | Makeup: Faye Dodic | Hair Stylist: Cynthia Varon | Calligraphy: Allyson Bainbridge Riccardi | Band: Silver Arrow Band | Groom's Attire: Brooks Brothers | Groomsmen's Attire: Their own | Hotel: Le Parker Meridien | Wedding Venue: The Central Park Boathouse | Bridesmaids' Gifts (Bracelets): Alexis Bittar | Bridesmaids' Gifts (Totes): Tumi | Dog Trainer: Drew Watson | Hotel Room Blocks: kleinfeld hotel blocks | Invitations + Menus: Minted | Photo Booth: Sweet Booths | Seamstress: Sew Elegant

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Two Ceremonies. Two Sites. One Wedding Day!

Can I just say that Kathleen and Justin deserve some kind of wedding planning medal for pulling off a day in two parts? Beginning with a traditional tea ceremony in midtown Manhattan followed by a Brooklyn celebration beneath the cherry blossom trees, they made a multicultural wedding look effortless as can be. DESIGNS BY AHN worked her floral magic and Sawyer Baird photographed the entire affair, and there’s much more waiting this way.

When planning a spring wedding under the cherry blossom trees in the city your heart skips a beat, in all of the right directions. Right? Kathleen and Justin shared a beautiful day at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. From all the small details to the big ones, Kathleen spent hours working on her wedding to make sure it was absolutely perfect.

On the wedding day we woke up to the coldest and stormy weather that was completely not ideal for the outdoor ceremony that was planned, our fingers remained crossed for the best and we made what we had work, as you do. The bride and groom had a traditional tea ceremony in midtown Manhattan that was surrounded by their closest family and friends. Later we all rode together to Brooklyn – making the ride with their the cutest thing. Justin had not seen Kathleen yet, as they did a first look when we got to the gardens. So the entire ride, he was blindfolded with Kathleen not even five feet away. It was one of the cutest wedding day experiences that I have had the honor of being a part of. Can you even imagine being less than five feet away from your future spouse and not even peeking to see them? Easy to say – I think the rest of us would have failed that task!

As we arrived at the garden the weather began to clear, it was amazing. Though it was still cold, Kathleen’s dream of being married under the cherry blossoms was underway. Proving that even when things aren’t perfect, they actually really area. As their closest family and friends gathered around at the ceremony you could tell how much these two were loved. The outpouring support to keep the ceremony outside, regardless of the cold weather, was just the icing on the cake. Besides, the arch by Designs By Ahn was beyond stunning under the cherry blossoms and I truly think it had no other place, expect to be where it was! It was so fitting, elegant, and simple.

Later on that evening Kathleen and Justin celebrated by laughing, dancing, and even bringing the band out to the dance floor. Proving that weddings are honestly just about a good time, love, and laughter.



Photography: Sawyer Baird | Floral Design: DESIGNS BY AHN | Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Wedding Cake: Cafe Pinot | Brides Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Adrianna Papell | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Amsale | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Makeup Artist: Reiko Utsugi | Band: Silver Arrow Band | Mens Attire: Balenciaga | Hotel: Park Hyatt New York | Venue: Brooklyn Botanic Garden | Bridal Hair: Reiko Utsugi | Groom's Bowtie: J.Crew | Grooms Shoes: Allen Edmonds | Ring Box: The Mrs Box

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The Classic NYC Engagement Session

When these two Southerners began dreaming up their engagement session, they called on their love of travel to inspire photos set in NYC. From Washington Square Park to the pretty streets of Soho, they let the city set the scene and James A. of Judy Pak Photography did the rest. Head this way for every last bit of the fun.

From the bride-to-be… Our engagement photo session in New York City was a fun and joyful experience that I will cherish for years to come. Both born and raised in Mississippi, Brian and I are Southerners through and through, but we love traveling and we LOVE New York City. When it came time to decide on a location for our engagement photos, we wanted to go somewhere unique and memorable. It just had to be New York.

Brian is a photographer himself, and I had tagged along with him a little over year prior when he was shooting an engagement session in New York. I carried the bags, suggested some shots, and just took in the enchanting experience of walking around the city. It was so special to go back to this wonderful city for our own engagement session. We had a blast being on the other side of the camera!

We took the photos early on a Sunday morning so there were very few people around. We started off in Washington Square Park getting some lovely photos around the fountain, then we changed into more casual outfits and headed to SoHo. Our engagement photos are special, a testament to our love for each other and “the greatest city in the world”! We can’t wait to go back!




Photography: James A. of Judy Pak Photography

Glam Manhattan Wedding Planned in 3 Months

I have to give MAJOR props to this gorgeous duo for planning their wedding in three months. Yes, you read correctly: three months. I planned mine in 16 and can’t imagine crafting a day as beautiful as this one in less than 20% of that time. But they sure did and the results captured by Julie Bulanov are incredible. Thanks to Rachel Cho Floral Design, the day was sprinkled with the dreamiest blooms and city backdrops like this elevate the whole scene. There’s more right this way in The Vault!

From the Bride (Pinsi Lei)… Our backgrounds couldn’t be more different, yet we knew from the first time we met that we could not complement each other more perfectly. I was born in China and raised in Guam. Richard (Lorenzen) was born and raised in Long Island, New York. When we met online in 2014, we were both living in NYC and things just clicked. We talked about books we’ve read like “Outliers” and “Tuesdays with Morrie,” and what it meant to be an entrepreneur.

On December 22, 2015, Richard made reservations for us at the Pool Room in the Four Seasons. As our food was about to be served, he asked the waiters to move the table so he could stand up. I was so confused, but as I looked up, I saw a photographer standing in the doorway and knew what was about to happen. The entire restaurant went silent as he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. The night ended with a huge champagne toast between us and the one hundred other diners in the Pool Room.

Since we were both running our own businesses, his in public relations and mine in digital marketing, I told him that the wedding had to be in 2018 so we would have enough time to plan. Well, things didn’t quite fall into that timeline.

In the summer of 2016, as I started brainstorming wedding venues, I remembered seeing a gorgeously manicured rooftop garden in the middle of New York City in a White Collar TV episode. It overlooked St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Fifth Avenue and even had a huge indoor space with large windows that overlooked Rockefeller Center. NYC perfection! After some serious online digging, I found 620 Loft and Garden! We toured the venue in July 2016 and loved it so much that we booked it on the spot… for October 2016… two years ahead of schedule.

Ladies, it is definitely possible to plan a wedding in three months, so don’t fret if you’re in a similar position. It was helpful for me to confirm the three major pieces first: venue, caterer and florist. The next was the: photographer, cake artist and wedding planner. These were difficult decisions, but I ultimately chose my vendors because I loved them as individuals and knew they understood my vision for the wedding.

One of my favorite parts of the planning process was designing our wedding cake with Madison Lee. We spent over two hours sketching, painting and coloring my dream cake. The four-tiered cake was painted in a blush and silver metallic ombre with a large sugar flower tiara in the center. The flavor was as unique as the design, and I can still taste the spiced fig filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.

The wedding dress was a little difficult to find, but I finally found it in Ohio of all places! I was there for a business trip and happened to reconnect with an old friend from study abroad. An impromptu decision to go wedding dress shopping led to us finding THE dress at the first store! It came back to NYC in the carry-on compartment of the airplane. Everyone in the airport was wishing me congratulations because the garment bag was so massive and very obviously a wedding dress.

Our wedding was on October 22, 2016. Guests arrived at 5PM to 620 Loft and Garden, and they sipped hibiscus guava iced tea while a string quartet played familiar classical and contemporary music, from Mozart to Taylor Swift. After the wedding party was seated on the rooftop, Perry, our King Charles Cavalier puppy, made his grand entrance in a tuxedo led by Kaitlyn, Richard’s sister. Richard’s hometown pastor officiated the ceremony. He had the crowd laughing, crying and pondering life’s greatest questions in the 30 minute ceremony. We exited to the quartet playing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz while bubbles flew all around us.

I was surprised at how calm I was on my wedding day despite Murphy’s Law manifesting at every turn. Instead of a 70°F Saturday like it had been the weekend before, it was 38°F and rainy. I’m so glad I had my wedding planner Sophia there by my side because we had to move the ceremony off the lawn and into the tented area, which meant the cocktails setup had to change which meant… you know where this leads. I had been warned that things might not go as planned, but having someone you trust to handle surprises was key to keeping the CEO in me from not turning into bridezilla.

The moments right after the ceremony were so special. After Richard and I signed our wedding license, we had a chance to enjoy each other’s company and process what had just happened.
We sat down for the first time in what seemed like days and actually got to taste the amazing appetizers and cocktails we designed. This little bit of precious time was possible because we took all the group and family photos before the ceremony, another decision I highly recommend to brides. While we had our alone time, guests were entertained by an amazingly talented singer and guitarist. The live music created such a dynamic and energetic atmosphere and we couldn’t help but peep from behind the curtains to watch the show.

Our food was one of the most unique parts about our wedding. We incorporated our favorite cuisines: Asian, Island, and American comfort food. We had eight uniquely different bite-sized appetizers ranging from bbq short ribs on grit cakes to ceviche tuna tacos and duck banh-mi rolls. We designed signature cocktails too: the Guamanian Kiss (prosecco, elderflower liqueur, club soda and a strawberry slice) and the Fifth Avenue, a classic Manhattan. For the reception, I wanted guests to feel like they were at a large, overly-glamorous dinner party with two impeccably dressed hosts. Seated in two long tables, each guest had a place cards with a quirky fact about them like “modern art genius”, “island girl”, and “secret contortionist”. These were great conversation starters!

Our gift bags were quite spectacular because all the items were flown in internationally! My parents brought with them luggage full of gifts from Guam: hibiscus shaped candles in seashells; bojobo dolls made from coconut husk; Guam coconut chips; Hawaiian coffee; and Chinese red envelopes with brand new $2 bills for luck. We also included mini bottles of Schlumberger Sparkling Wine, which we discovered on a recent trip to Austria.

Our wedding was elegant and intimate. Guests described it as visually stunning and very Manhattan. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing! (Except, maybe the weather!)



Photography: Julie Bulanov Photography | Videographer: NST Pictures | Wedding Planner: Spotted Elephant | Floral Design: Rachel Cho Floral Design | Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo | Cake: Madison Lee’s Cakes | Stationery: Minted | Ceremony Venue: Rockefeller Center | Reception Venue: Rockefeller Center | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Azazie | Catering: Great Performances | DJ: That Perfect Pair | Groom's Attire: Book A Tailor | Groomsmen's Attire: Ralph Lauren | String Quartet: Maria Im Quartet | Bridal Hair/Makeup: Whitney Garcia | Bride & MOH Flats: Talaria Flats | Bridesmaids' Robes: Wedding Prep Gals | Furniture: Party Rental LTD | Furniture: Taylor Creative | Guitarist: Rob Baione | Wedding Party Makeup : Stephanie Dorr

Rooftop Wedding with a Gorgeous View of the New York City Skyline

A rooftop wedding on its own gets all the wedding oohs and ahhs. But when said rooftop has a view of the New York City skyline like this one? Romance is taken to a whole new level, my friends. Plus, with Ang Weddings and Events at the planning helm, it’s sure to be a stunner event. See more captured by Belathee Photography in The Vault!

From Ang Weddings and EventsChelsea and Kevin were married with an intimate outdoor ceremony on the rooftop of The Surrey Hotel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As guests stepped off the elevator to the penthouse level, they were greeted by a mirror welcome sign with hand calligraphy, and the sounds of a string trio. Lush white and green floral arrangements in white urns added a romantic feel to the stunning New York City skyline. The bridal party walked down the aisle to “At Last” by Etta James. Guests were provided with little “toss me” sachets of dried lavender to shower the married couple with good luck as the ceremony ended, to the sound of “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. Chelsea looked so elegant in her embroidered Monique Lhuillier gown with a cathedral length veil. She held a timeless bouquet of peonies and ranunculus, with a few touches of dusty miller.

The reception followed a few blocks away at Daniel. The guests enjoyed Maine Peekytoe Crab Salad with Coconut and Lime, Pineapple, Celery, Fennel Pollen Tuile, followed by Black Angus Beef Tournedos, Porcini, Pickled Ramps, Swiss Chard and Green Peppercorn Sauce. For dessert was alternating Pineapple, Brioche Feuilletée, Lingonberry Confit, Bay Leaf Ice Cream and Vietnamese Single Origin Dark Chocolate Mousse, Sandalwood Smoked Cocoa Nibs Crémeux, Biscuit Macaron. When you can’t decide between two delicious desserts, why not serve your guests both! Being at a 2 michelin starred restaurant, we had to bring Chelsea and Kevin into the kitchen where all the magic happens for some portraits.

The music transitioned from an instrumental jazz trio during the meal to a DJ for dancing later on. The bride and groom’s first dance was to “I Only Have Eyes for You” by The Flamingos. At the end of the celebration, guests took home canales from Daniel as wedding favours. It was such an intimate and joyous celebration, filled with much love from family and friends! Captured so beautifully by Belathee. I particularly loved the beautiful save the date, invitation suite and day of wedding paperie that Written Word Calligraphy designed for Chelsea and Kevin. The gold foil on ivory was so sophisticated and classic, and there is nothing like modern calligraphy to keep it fresh and unique. An escort card table of hand calligraphy cards in metallic gold sent my heart aflutter.



Photography: Belathée Photography | Event Planning: Ang Weddings and Events | Floral Design: Elan Flowers | Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Cake: Nine Cakes | Stationery: Written Word Calligraphy | Ceremony Venue: The Surrey Hotel | Reception Venue: DANIEL | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Hair and Makeup: MG Hair & Makeup | Tuxedo: Brooks Brothers | Officiant: Kim Worley | Jazz Band and DJ: Jack Morelli Music | Strings: Elan Artists

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Monet Inspired New York City Wedding

They say that you can find inspiration around every corner. In a shop window or an old storybook, perhaps tucked inside of a painting. And this couple did just that…taking their cue from Monet then allowing a team of amazing vendors including – photographer, Charlie Juliet | planner, Ang Weddings and Events | cake designer, Nine Cakes | hair and makeup artist, Facetime Beauty | DJ, 74 Events – to turn their vision into its gorgeous reality. Click here for even more!

From Photographer, Charlie Juliet… Lindsey and Alan are two Princeton graduates who fell in love and decided happily ever after was the next chapter for them. After Alan proposed and the two started wedding planning, they quickly fell for The Harold Pratt House on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It’s old world charm and architecture was the perfect fit for their classic and glamorous wedding.

Ang Weddings and Events planned the whole celebration to a T and helped Lindsey and Alan orchestrate their dream “Monet Inspired” Summer wedding. Lindsey took my breath away walking the streets of the Upper East Side wearing a stunning Ines Di Santo gown paired with a gorgeous lace cathedral veil. She was just the most beautiful bride and so glamorous.

The entire day was like a dream come true, I remember gasping every time I walked into a different room. Quatre Coeur created the most beautiful Monet garden inspired flower arrangements filled with hydrangeas, ivy, lilacs, and roses while green ivy lined the staircase leading guests up to a private intimate dinner.

The night didn’t end there, guests got to enjoy Lindsey and Alan’s favorite desserts by Creative Edge Parties while they danced the night away. It was a picture perfect day and one of my favorite portraits of Lindsey and Alan is when we snuck outside together at the end of the night and got some classic New York City nighttime portraits as the cabs passed them by. It was the perfect ending to their romantic wedding day!



Photography: Charlie Juliet | Planner : Ang Weddings and Events | Floral Design: Quatre Coeur | Gown: Ines Di Santo | Cake: Nine Cakes | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridesmaids: Dessy Group | Caterer: Creative Edge Parties | Hair and Makeup: Face Time Beauty Concierge | DJ : 74 Events | Officiant: A New York City Wedding by Rev. Will | Wedding Venue: Harold Pratt House & Peterson Hall | Rentals: Party Rental LTD | Strings: Elan Artists

NYC Elopement Straight Out of Vogue!

There are elopements, and then there are elopements like Emily & Johann’s epic day. With an emphasis on iconic scenery, designer fashion and endless love, it’s no wonder the images by Katie Grant left our jaws dropped. Dive right into the full gallery here.

From Katie GrantAfter legally marrying in Hong Kong in a traditional ceremony, Emily & Johann decided they wanted to actually start their marriage in style by eloping to NYC for the celebrations. Vows were exchanged in Grammercy Park (where photos couldn’t be taken) and the two then roamed the famous streets of NYC for various iconic shots.

Lyndhurst Castle hosted their wedding meal while the NYC skyline set the stage for their portraits. Emily embraced the Grammercy feel and wore a Netta Benshabu gown for the ceremony with quirky teal Dolce & Gabanna shoes and red lip and then changed into a more classic look for the remainder of her day; sporting a stunning Inbal Dror gown and Louboutin shoes.



Photography: Katie Grant Photography | Event Planning + Design: Lacy Geary | Floral Design: Saipua | Gown: Inbal Dror | Wedding Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Ring: Susie Saltzman | Calligraphy: Plume Calligraphy | Venue: Lyndhurst Castle | Accessories: Percy Handmade | Banner: Linen & Leaf | Bridal Salon: Audella Bridal Hong Kong | Cape: Jannie Baltzer | Grammercy Gown: Netta Benshabu | Grammercy Shoes: Dolce & Gabbanna | Hair and MU: Jennifer C Nieman | Silk: Silk and Willow | Veil: Bride La Boheme

4 Reasons Why Vintage + Antique Engagement Ring are the Best

Finding the right engagement ring is a tricky business. Especially if you want something that is unique, timeless AND eco-friendly. Enter Victor Barboné Jewelry + a stunning lineup of antique and vintage engagement rings that check every. last. item. on your “wants” list. Need even more proof? Here’s a fab list of reasons vintage + antique engagement rings are the absolute best.


Besides the fact that vintage engagement rings are gorgeous in ways that can’t even be described in words (seriously), purchasing an antique or vintage stunner from Victor Barboné Jewelry is the very first step towards that eco-friendly wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.  It’s your something old AND something new with a crazy cool history tucked into each sparkle. We love that.


Absolutely Timeless

Sure it’s fun to giggle at those crazy 1980’s bridesmaid gowns, but when it comes to your wedding jewelry, timeless is always best. And what’s more classic and enduring than a piece of jewelry from Victor Barboné Jewelry that has already stood the test of time for decades? I think we all know the answer to that.


Completely Unique

You and yours have a love story that is all your own, so why should anything in your engagement be cookie-cutter? With an antique or vintage e-ring from Victor Barboné Jewelry, you’ll be guaranteeing a look that not only matches your personality, but stands out against the norm. (Bonus points for having a crazy cool story to go along with your ring. I mean, this is a piece that has been through centuries. That’s sooo cool.)


Just. So. Stunning.

Vintage + antique engagement rings from Victor Barboné Jewelry?  Seriously stunning. That pretty much goes without saying. From clean and classic to ornate and detailed, they are more than perfect for those of you looking for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you can cherish for always.


Contact Victor Barboné Jewelry TODAY to talk to their knowledgeable staff about your engagement ring options. You’re going to love them, friends.

Photography: Sophie Kaye Photography | Photography: Rachel Red Photography | Jewelry: Victor Barbone Jewelry | Pink + Tan Linen Styling Boards: Lux Bindery | Ring Boxes: The Mrs Box

This trunk show? An absolute MUST.

I probably don’t need to tell you just how much we adore the team over at Designer Loft, because, well… we shout it from the rooftops whenever we can. So to say we’re excited for their upcoming Pronovias Trunk Show running from Friday, November 18th – Sunday, November 27th? An understatement. It’s stunning gowns meets an exclusive discount. We’ll see you there.

From the luxurious fabrics to the intricate (+ drop-dead gorgeous) embroidery to the flattering silhouettes that will make you feel like a complete rock star (honest), the Pronovias 2017 Collection is basically everything you’ve ever wanted in a dream gown… and so much more than that. Think classic ballgowns, sassy, yet elegant sheaths and fit and flares that are all sorts of amazing. And did I mention that you’ll have TWO WEEKENDS to soak in all of the pretty? We’re so excited.

Whether you’re tying the knot in a grand affair or saying “I do” in a smaller setting, contact Designer Loft TODAY to book your Pronovias Trunk Show appointment and find that perfect gown of your dreams. You’ll even receive an exclusive 10% discount during the trunk show ONLY.  Make an appointment here, loves. It’s going to be awesome.

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