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The Best ‘Second First Date’ That Lead To These Two Love Birds Tying The Knot!

For these two, their first date should have been their last, but they gave it another go and their ‘second first date,’ was one to remember. Fast forward and they are tying the knot in a romantic and elegant outdoor wedding, photographed beautifully by Harwell Photography. From sunset shots to gorgeous tablescapes with overflowing florals from Andy Beach, the day was perfectly planned by Chancey Charm! Take a look below and be sure to read that ‘second first date’ story that ended at sunrise!

An interview with the Bride and Groom…

Tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from, what are your interests/hobbies, where did you go to school, etc?
Bride: I am from Brooklyn, New York. I enjoy reading, helping others reach their potential by being their best selves, and meeting creatives. Oh! I am also obsessed with herbal teas and all things HGTV!

Tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from, what are your interest/hobbies, where did you go to school, etc?
Groom: I am from Macon, Georgia. I am passionate about education and mentorship. I enjoy traveling, running, golfing with friends, and volunteering.

Tell us about a date you’ll always remember.
After an awkward first date of silent pauses and sweaty palms, all signs suggested that it should have been our first and last date. Yet knowing intuitively that we saw something special in each other, weeks later, we decided to give it another go. Our second date, affectionately known as our “second first date” and “the best date of our lives” is one we will remember forever and still think of fondly to this day. After a night of laughs and great conversation over dinner, I was relieved when Jamaar had the courage to say exactly what I was thinking -that he did not want the night to end. We decided to go dancing, but somehow we never made it inside. Instead, we found ourselves sitting side by side on a ledge outside of the nightclub, talking about relationships, life, and everything in between until we realized that the club was closing! We discovered that night that we found each other more interesting than anything any around us could offer. Still not wanting the night to be over, we went to the nearby Hammond Park and talked for hours on a park bench underneath the stars into the early morning. Feeling completely at ease in Jamaar’s presence, I felt unusually free to show him my silly side. So I challenged him to a foot race on the soccer field, where he met me with the sweetest forehead kisses and gentle embraces at the finish line. (We still disagree about who actually won the race that night!)

Describe the proposal: Complete synergy! Neither one of us knew that the other was planning a surprise. After weeks of secretly planning a romantic getaway to the Bahamas for Jamaar’s birthday, I was the one that ended up with the surprise of a lifetime! At the end of our one-week vacation stay in the Bahamas, Jamaar proposed on the shore of the beautifully secluded LOVE BEACH (actual name of the beach). Apparently, the proposal was a long time in the making! He had the ring for a while and had asked for my parents’ blessings in advance. Jamaar bending down on one knee and me crying tears of joy was all secretly captured on video as part of his perfect plan! There was no better way that my husband could have proposed, choosing to have the moment to be a shared personal experience with just the two of us.

Tell us about your beautiful engagement ring and how/why your husband (or the two of you!) chose it: Jacqueline’s engagement ring is rose gold with an oval diamond center in a halo setting. I chose to have that ring made for her because it reflects her personality and style with features that are simple, elegant, and unique.

How did you prepare for marriage while planning your wedding? The union of our marriage is very sacred to us; one which we were intentional about entering into reverently. We read his and her companion books by Tony Allen- For Married Men Only and For Married Women Only. We also completed pre-marital counseling.

Tell us all the basics of your wedding! Season, location, venue, time of day, city and state, etc. Why did you choose these things? Did any of these details hold special meaning for you as a couple?
We were married on September 9, 2016, in Alpharetta, Georgia. The evening ceremony was held outdoors underneath a beautifully decorated gazebo overlooking a small river. Being outdoors is when we feel the most connected to one another, so we knew that was where we wanted to say our “I do’s.”

Three adjectives that describe the day are: Beautiful, Loving, and Emotional

What was the weather like on your big day?
Amazing- upper 80s with a light breeze. Clear with plenty of sunshine.

How many guests attended your wedding?
100 guests

What was the design inspiration for your wedding? Why was this design special to you as a couple?
Inspired by nature, we wanted to design a wedding that was filled with as much beauty as we feel love for one another. It was also important to us that our guests felt surrounded by the joy and happiness that we wanted to represent for our new beginning as husband and wife.

Bride’s favorite detail of the wedding:
The highlight of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing Jamaar waiting for me. Leading up to the wedding, my matron of honor told me to “remember to stop and smell the roses and bask in the moment. It will only be about the two of you on that day.” And she was right! I focused on my husband the entire time I walked down the aisle, and I will never forget the way he looked at me with all the emotion in his eyes.

Groom’s favorite detail of the wedding:
The pre-ceremony gift experience. Jacqueline surprised me with a personalized gift that included a pocket watch and a handwritten letter. The letter inspired me with overwhelming gratitude and love. My heart was activated in a special way, inspiring an expression of emotion that was uncontrollable, authentic, and unprecedented.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress. What was your favorite thing about it?
I wore a mermaid style wedding gown with off white Alencon lace by Matthew Christopher. After having tried on several dresses, I knew that it was the one because it made me feel like the most beautiful version of myself! The champagne lining ended up being my favorite thing about the dress. Choosing a dress with a hint of color, over a traditional white gown, represented my courage to be uniquely me. I finished the entire look with an off white lace-edged veil, pearl jewelry, and peep-toe shoes from Badgley Mischka.

Describe your bridesmaids’ dresses. How did you choose them?
My bridesmaids wore blush-colored wrap dresses from BHLDN. I chose a dress that I hoped would be easy, light, and make them feel beautiful.

What did the groom and groomsmen wear?
I wore a blue shawl lapel tuxedo with a black bow tie, covered placket white shirt, black patent leather shoes, and a white pocket square. The groomsmen wore a navy blue suit, black tie, covered placket white shirt, black patent leather shoes, white pocket square. We all wore a black rosebud flower lapel pin for a modern take on the traditional boutonniere.

Tell us about your wedding flowers. How did you choose them? What did you love about them? Your wedding should always be infused with things that you love….and I love flowers! It was the center of the wedding design. We wanted to create an atmosphere that was classic and romantic. I was inspired by my engagement ring to use shades of blush, cream, and white. I chose to incorporate my favorite flowers which included orchids, garden roses, and hydrangea.

Bride’s bouquet:
I carried a beautiful bouquet of orchids, spray roses, and garden roses. The stem of the bouquet was wrapped in cream silk ribbon and cream lace ribbon with accented pearls.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets:
The bridesmaids carried a fluffy bouquet of white hydrangea wrapped with blush satin ribbon with a petit double loop bow with tails.

How did you spend the morning or afternoon before your ceremony?
Groom: I picked up roses to decorate our honeymoon suite, listened to special gospel songs to prepare my mind for the day, and had a quiet lunch alone. The groomsmen and I later spent time together coordinating grooming activities.

Bride: I wanted to be sure that I cherished the final moments of my singlehood bonding with my dearest friends, who are like sisters to me. So I had a mini spa day with my bridesmaids to help get us relaxed and ready for the big day!

Did you have any special pre-ceremony activities?
Being of Ghanaian descent, it was important to me that I acknowledged my heritage during this special time in my life. Prior to the wedding, we held a traditional Ghanaian engagement ceremony that involved our parents.

Tell us a bit about the wedding ceremony. What part was most special to you? Did you include any special readings?
The most special part of the wedding was having a ceremony that reflected our faith and reverence for God that brought us together.

Were there any family traditions you included in the ceremony?
We included Kente cloth in our ceremony for the officiant to wear. I wanted to highlight the Kente cloth as part of my culture and as symbolism for the occasion.

What songs did you use for your ceremony? Processional, interlude, recessional?
The string trio played Canon in D Pachelbel (processional), A Thousand Years (Bride entrance), I Surrender All Hymnal (interlude), and Signed, Sealed, Delivered (recessional)

What was the most memorable or touching moment of your wedding day?
Groom: Reading the personalized letter from my wife and experiencing her walking towards me during the ceremony.
Bride: The entire day was so special but the one lasting memory was having all of our loved ones celebrating our union. It is an amazing way to start your life together.

Who was one of the most special guests at your wedding?
On the most special milestone of our lives, we wished to lovingly remember those close to our hearts who were no longer with us, or unable to attend. We did this by honoring our grandmothers by placing their photos in special reserved seating in the front row of the ceremony.

What was your reception like?
Romantic, Elegant, yet comfortable.

Tell us a bit about your first dance.
For our first dance, we danced to Lalah Hathaway’s cover of the Anita Baker song “Angel.” The moment was amazing…it felt as if we were the only two people in the room.

Tell us about your wedding cake or sweets.
We chose individual almond cupcakes with buttercream, adorned with a blush petal flower with a gold center. We also chose a non-traditional 8” tall carrot cake decorated with fresh ivory and blush colored roses.

What advice would you give to someone currently planning his or her wedding?
The best advice we can give to other couples is to consider that there is life after your wedding. Plan accordingly, budget, be flexible, consider each other’s feelings during the planning, and remember that life begins after the “I do’s.” To future brides, when you make a major decision- go with it and move-on! You can drive yourselves nuts if you are constantly doubting and re-thinking every decision. Be yourselves. Your guests love you and are there to celebrate you. Incorporate as much of your personality and culture as you can. Finally, be as present with the experience as you possibly can every step of the way, because it goes by fast!

Photography: Harwell Photography | Event Planning: Chancey Charm | Floral Design: Andy Beach | Wedding Dress: Matthew Christopher | Wedding Dress: Bridals By Lori | Invitations: Studio LMC | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: BHLDN | Catering: Talk Of The Town | Makeup: Paulette Cooper | Hair: Marlena Mendez | Groom's Attire: Suitsupply | Groomsmen's Attire: The Black Tux

When Rain on Your Wedding Day Is Actually a Blessing

This Bride had two dreams for her wedding: to hold the ceremony in the backyard of her childhood home and to wear her mother’s wedding dress. And while the carefully preserved gown fit her like a glove, rain threatened the other dream. At the last second, the weather looked like it would clear, so the sweet Bride decided to delay the ceremony – which ended up being her best decision! She quietly waited in her parent’s bedroom for the sun to reappear, and for the first time in months, she was able to sit and soak in all that was happening that day. Ashley Baber Weddings and Legendary Events are the duo who pulled off this outdoor wedding just minutes after the rain, and we’ve got the pretty photos by Virgil Bunao Photography to share with you here.


From the Bride… William and I had our wedding in my parents’ backyard, which had always been a dream of mine growing up. It is a magical backyard: eight acres of beautiful valley filled with green grass, big trees, fragrant honeysuckle, merry creeks, and dragonfly ponds. So the morning of my wedding day, I woke up in my childhood bedroom. It felt right. The walls that had seen so much of my life story so far were now sending me off into a new chapter.

Two lovely young women from Aura Hair & Makeup arrived bright and early to do up the ladies. William and I decided just to have our siblings in our bridal party, so my future mother-in-law, Rose, my future sister-in-law Jordan, my mother, and I gathered in the kitchen for beautification. I also asked my dearest friend, Meghan, who has been my surrogate sister since middle school, to come and hang out with us. She brought her brand new baby girl, Elizabeth, with her, and everyone took turns cooing over the baby when they weren’t in one of the hot seats. There were some very happy moments of exchanging gifts, working on last-minute homemade crafts with my little brother, Tanner, hugging beloved grandparents as they arrived, and watching the final preparations under the tent outside. At some point, the boys arrived, and I hid on the kitchen floor behind the island while they headed down to the basement for their own preparations. Don’t worry; it is a very sexy basement, with a pool table and ping pong table to keep them occupied. But I loved the idea of William and I getting ready for our big day in the same house. Once it came time to change, I dressed in my parents’ master bedroom while William donned his suit directly below in my dad’s office. The nearness was such a fun tease.

In addition to getting married in my parents’ backyard, my second childhood wedding dream was wearing my mother’s dress. I grew up looking at pictures of my mom in her bridal gown and thinking she was (and is) the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Well – would you believe it? – that dream came true as well. We took the dress out of the sealed box, where it had been residing under my parents’ bed for over 30 years, and it fit perfectly. Perfectly! All we did was add an inch or so of lace to the hem because I am taller than my sweet mama. And I wore flats, which I would have done anyway because of the whole backyard wedding thing. (And the I-hate-heels thing.) So it was a very special moment when my mom helped me into the same dress that she had worn on the day she married my father. I also wore a pearl necklace from my paternal grandfather who passed away in 2013, a sapphire ring from my maternal great-grandmother, and a pearl bracelet that William sent up to me from the basement that very day. I felt quite literally wrapped up in love and family. Also, I will add this nifty suggestion from my mom for any Brides or Grooms reading: Find a perfume or cologne that you love but which you wouldn’t wear every day. Only wear it the week of the wedding and on your honeymoon. Then, if you ever wear it again in the future for an anniversary or special occasion, that scent will immediately take you back, since your sense of smell is the one most closely tied to memory! I chose Jo Malone’s Peony and Blush Suede, and that scent now magically conjures some of my happiest memories.

Once we were all dressed, it came time for the father-daughter first look. We had a tradition in my family that my little brother and I always sat and waited at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning until my parents gave us official permission to come down. At various intervals, we called out, “Is it okay to come down yet?” until they replied “Alright!” with camcorder in-hand. It seemed fitting to sneak upstairs in all my bridal glory and call out, “Is it okay to come down, Daddy?” He followed tradition and replied, in a chipper voice, “Alright!” I descended that stairwell and felt so much love and appreciation for my family waiting below that I thought I would burst. My paternal grandfather, who is normally a tough teddy bear, probably lost it the most. I was doubly glad to be wearing my mother’s dress, knowing how much it meant to the man who bought it the first time around.

The weather predicted rain, and the sky sure looked ominous, so I resigned myself to the “Rain Plan” and quickly moved on. After months of worrying about the weather, it suddenly wasn’t important now that I was hours away from marrying William. That was all I cared about. I just wanted to get married. Pictures were a bit of an improvisation because the rain started coming down and coming down sideways. But Virgil Bunao and his photography team worked wonders. I am forever grateful to have had Virgil by my side throughout the day. It was imperative to me that I feel comfortable, relaxed, and myself with our chosen photographer, because in some ways, that is the person you see the most on your wedding day. When I met Virgil, I immediately fell in love with him. And when he journeyed to New York to shoot our engagement photos, William did, too. Virgil filled our day with laughter, joy, fun, and calm, and he let us be one hundred percent us, one hundred percent Hanley-and-William. And he took some gorgeous, unparalleled photos while he was at it.

Once guests began arriving, I went back into my parents’ bedroom to hide. Originally, the guests were supposed to head straight down to the ceremony site – a bridal path lined with enormous oak trees that formed a natural cathedral– but because of the rain, they all ended up in our living room and kitchen. I could hear the chatter grow and swell as more and more people arrived. Then my dad came in and said something unexpected and a little miraculous: “Hanley, I think this rain will pass if we delay. Do you want to get married down on the path if possible?” I hesitated for just a second and then gave him a fervent yes. So we delayed! And I entered into one of my favorite memories of the day. I got to sit quietly in my parents’ bay window, all ready to go, and just wait. It was the first time in days, maybe weeks, that I had sat still and basked in the moment. I could hear all those voices in the living room, the voices of people I loved, who had come just to support us, to witness for us. William and I are both actors, and it felt a little bit like what we call “half hour,” when the audience is taking their seats and you are getting ready to go on. I was in a real-life dressing room, sitting through a real-life half hour, waiting to go on for the most real-life of performances. And somewhere nearby, William was waiting, too. I cherish that moment so deeply. The moment before. And sure enough, the rain stopped.

The incredible team of Ashley Baber Weddings and Legendary Events, who between the two companies did everything from planning to tenting to catering to portable restroom-ing, rushed down to the ceremony site and dried off all of the seats, pulled tarps off of seating areas, got the outdoor bar ready, set out the lawn games, and basically did their best to hide the fact that we had just endured several hours of torrential downpour. Slowly the living room got quieter as guests made their way outside. I could hear our two dear friends, Trevor and Andrew, playing guitar and singing through a setlist that William and I picked out together down on the path. I watched from the bay window as our co-officiants, William’s best friend, Quin, and a beloved minister from my childhood, Reverend Wolf, headed down. Soon, only my father and I were left. After a moment of panic when we realized I had left William’s ring in my bedroom and my poor dad had to race back into the house to get it, we headed down. I hid behind a lace parasol that my mother bought for me since there was no way to disguise our approach. Once we arrived, I handed off the parasol and hid behind my father instead. The music changed, and the ceremony began.

William didn’t want us to see each other before the ceremony so that he could get an undiluted emotional wallop as I walked down the aisle to “Sweet Thing” by Van Morrison. I clung to my dad’s arm, shaking all over with the importance of the moment, and tried to take in all the faces as I walked by. But the face I was most excited to see was waiting at the end of the aisle, beaming at me. William and I wrote our ceremony script together, a mixture of traditional liturgy and our own ideas, a balance of the secular and the sacred. The best example of this: When Revered Wolf said the traditional “If anyone here can show just cause why these two people should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace,” Quin countered with “Conversely, if anyone here can show just cause why these two people absolutely SHOULD be married, please reach below your chairs and do not keep your peace at all, but make a joyful noise in support of their union!” And guess what? We had taped kazoos to the bottoms of all the chairs. It gave us a wonderful chance to really look back at our guests and soak up the sight of them, feeling their positivity and blessings pouring over us. William and I also said both traditional vows and our own vows that we wrote independently so as to surprise each other. Holding William’s hands, staring into his beloved, beautiful eyeballs, making promises to each other, and feeling the loving presence of our guests, our witnesses, our village… That was my favorite moment out of the entire day. I LOVED our ceremony.

Unbeknownst to our guests, the Big Fun Brass Band from New Orleans snuck up behind them during the ceremony, and as soon as we kissed and were announced husband and wife, they struck up a rendition of Saint-Saëns’ Symphony No. 3 in C Minor, more popularly known as “If I Had Words,” as our recessional. Once William and I reached the end of the aisle, I picked up my parasol, the trumpets really blared, and we danced our way up to the house in a good, old-fashioned, NOLA-style Second Line Parade! We had bought white umbrellas for the guests as their party favor to protect them from rain or sun (or both, as it happened), so everyone grabbed one as they left their seats and we paraded to the reception. Along the 5-minute route, we had a drinks stand and passed appetizers, because eventually William and I stopped, turned around, and made the Second Line Parade into a Receiving Line so that we could greet all of our guests. This way, everyone had sustenance while they waited. We took our photos while the guests enjoyed a very Hanley-and-Willliam-esque cocktail hour. There was a Bacon and Biscuit Wagon (two of our favorite things) with multiple kinds of bacon, biscuits, and spreads. In addition to the regular open bar options, we offered two delicious craft beers specially-made for us by our friend Matt Curling, who will soon be opening up his own brewery called Variant Brewing in Roswell, GA. William’s beer was a Centennial-style IPA and mine was a raspberry gose. There was beer pong, corn hole, etc. and all with the fabulous brass band music bouncing along in the background. Thankfully, my childhood friend and professional videographer, Chandler Mays, of Bright Elephant Productions, beautifully captured the whole day, so I have a sense of the fun that was had while we were elsewhere.

William and I took a moment to ourselves so that I could change into a reception dress – a fabulous, lightweight gown by Modern Trousseau with pockets that looked like the playful baby sister of my mom’s dress – and so that we could just be alone for a second to revel in our newly-married state. Then we made our grand entrance into the big tent and ran straight onto the dance floor. We commissioned the brass band to compose a version of “Clair de Lune” as William and I both love that song, and it turned out to be a great, jazzy, danceable rendition and a very unique first dance song. Then we bid a grateful farewell to the wildly-talented Big Fun Brass Band, and the truly show-stopping Atlanta Showstoppers took over for dinner and dancing.

The two things I hear the most from our guests about our wedding are: 1) I loved your vows, and 2) THAT BAND, THOUGH. The Atlanta Showstoppers are the best wedding band on the planet. They can play anything and everything and sound like the original band while they do it, and they are as kind and lovely as can be as human beings. I barely got to speak to anyone because we were all so busy dancing like maniacs. My favorite mishap: William danced so hard that he literally ripped his pants open, from belt buckle to crotch, and he had to borrow a pair of my little brother’s khakis for the rest of the night! Thank goodness the wedding was in the backyard!

If it isn’t apparent already, William and I really wanted our wedding day to be filled with our personalities, and I think the way we exited the wedding is one of the best examples of that. We had discussed a fun, old car, but that was a little more expensive than it was worth, so William came up with a brilliant Plan B. We are both runners, so what if we literally ran out of the wedding? I loved it, and we decided to go whole hog. We created a hand-painted “Start” banner; we made “race bibs,” mine with the number 64 and his with the number 16, for our wedding date, 6/4/16; he wore a “Just” sign on his back and I wore “Married” on mine; we tied penny-filled PBR beer cans attached to strings to our waists and they dragged along the ground behind us; we replaced our wedding shoes with running shoes; and we wore headlamps on our foreheads to light our way into the dark. Our guests lined up with sparklers, creating a kind of runway for us, with the start line at the end, and with a big huzzah, and maybe a bit too much speed, we ran off into the night and into our lives as a married couple! In a kind of perfect circle from the beginning of the festivities when I could hear our guests in the living room, we could hear people cheering in the distance behind us as we jogged through an otherwise quiet and still evening. We traveled a full mile together, and it was actually magical to have another chance to soak in the moment, to revel in what we had just done, to honor the fact that we were now an official team, and though we had our village behind us, our marriage was now ours. The wedding was just the beginning.

I cannot thank my parents, our families, our friends, or our vendors enough for that day. While things went awry and some balls were dropped and it rained off and on the whole day, none of that matters. It is forgotten in the glow of all the things that went absolutely right, often in ways I could never have predicted or planned. That would be my last piece of advice to any Brides or Grooms: lay the foundation and then let the day happen. Live it. It really is just the beginning! Many blessings to you!



Photography: Virgil Bunao Photography | Cinematography: Bright Elephant Films | Event Planning: Ashley Baber Weddings | Floral Design: Legendary Events | Wedding Dress: RL Couture Bridal Design & Alterations | Catering: Legendary Events | Hair + Makeup: Aura Hair | Officiant: Reverend John Wolfe | Officiant: Quin Gordon | Ceremony Musicians: Trevor Vaughn and Andrew Pastides | Ceremony and Reception: Bride's Parents Home | Cocktail Hour Musicians: Big Fun Brass Band | Decor: Legendary Events | Photo Booth: ShutterBooth | Reception Band: Atlanta Showstoppers

The Magic of This Southern Wedding is All in the Details

Just like it’s the little things that make you fall in love with someone, it’s the little things that will make you fall in love with this Georgia wedding because for Megan and Adam, the dream wedding was all in the details. From a playlist carefully selected to ensure a packed dance floor to alternative guest activities (like cornhole), this day wasn’t just about the bride and groom, it was about making sure everyone was as blissfully happy as the newlyweds! Scroll on down for all the special moments, captured by the one and only Amy Arrington Photography!

[iframe 600 338]

From the bride… Our story began in 2011 during football season while attending Georgia Southern University in the small southern town of Statesboro, Georgia. Fast-forward to four years later in November 2015, and we were happily engaged at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Within a week or so after our engagement, Adam and I were already visiting a potential venue, “Little River Farms.” The moment the tour ended, we canceled our appointments everywhere else and never looked back. Little River Farms immediately gave us this feeling of “home” which was really important to us since our goal as a couple has always been to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.

Choosing details that allowed people to feel like they were celebrating “with” us was a huge priority. We had an incredible catering company that allowed us to taste all of our food beforehand so we knew what our guests were being served. We listened to every single song on our band’s list to determine which ones would connect with our family and friends and keep them on the dance floor the longest with us. Seating charts were a huge deal to us because we wanted our family and friends to not have to worry about finding a spot to sit or not fitting their large family at a table together. We setup corn-hole boards outside for the guests whom preferred the fresh air and perfect Georgia weather. All these small things (and more) truly allowed us to connect with all of our guests in different ways.

Speaking of details, one of the aspects of our big day that has an interesting story behind it was my wedding dress, or should I say dresses? If you’ve ever seen a Hayley Paige dress, you know they’re irresistible and are all so perfect it’s hard to decide on just one of them. So I didn’t. My mom and sister still laugh about it because my perfect dress was actually two. I took the top half of The Ellie Gown and had it sewn on to the bottom of The Elysia Gown. It may have been a total diva move, but the end result was more than worth it. I was a little nervous having not been able to try on the actual dress before it was created, but it was truly a masterpiece and something I will never forget.

Looking back at our magical day at Little River Farms, if there’s anything I could pass on to future brides, my biggest advice would be: don’t be afraid to step out of the box or go the extra mile to follow your heart. It may sound cliché, but looking back I realize that focusing on the details is what truly made the difference; we wouldn’t have had it any other way.



Photography: Amy Arrington Photography | Videography: Imagine Video Production | Floral Design: Boukates | Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige | Cake: Cakes By Anna | Invitations: A&P Designs | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bari Jay | Catering: Event Wise Catering | Hair + Makeup: Veronica Sitterding | Band: The Moxie Band | Groom's Attire: Macy's | Groomsmen's Attire: Macy's | Venue: Little River Farms | Bridal Boutique: Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique | Day of Paper Goods: The Brumby Nest | Event Planning + Coordination: Then Comes Marriage (Morgan Hereth) | Groom's Shoes: Cole Haan | Groom's Tie: High Cotton Ties | Linen Rental: Cover Ups

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Whimsical Bridal Portraits from Julie Anne, Wedding Photographer

I think we can all agree that bridal sessions are all sorts of awesome.  I mean, an entire day dedicated to frolicking around the countryside (or beach or city) wearing your Big Day duds and capturing every moment in beautiful imagery?  That’s what we call the best day ever, and when it’s a gorgeous sesh like this one captured by Julie Anne, Wedding Photographer, well… seriously amazing.  See it all right here in the full gallery.

From Julie Anne, Wedding Photographer Lauren is a professional dressage and eventing instructor and owns Bigtime Eventing in Alpharetta, Georgia. Her dream was to have her bridal portraits with her horses and her dog Punch at Wilson Farm where Bigtime is headquartered. To make it extra special, I brought in Flowers by Holland and Posh Hair by Lindsay. The shoot was designed to highlight Lauren’s natural beauty and her whimsical Nicole Miller gown. We chose a fall color palette that matched well with Lauren’s brown hair. We decided to give Lauren two different looks – one for each horse! We even decorated the horses and pup to make them look dressed up! I believe all women should have a portrait session as lovely as this when they get married!

Photography: Julie Anne, Wedding Photographer | Floral Design: Flowers by Holland | Wedding Dress: Nicole Miller | Alteration Specialist: Rodica Lazarian | Farm: Willson Farm | Hair & Makeup Stylist: Posh Hair by Lindsay

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Little River Farm Engagement from Kelly Anne Photography

Duos this cute make me happy.  From their “can’t stop smiling” faces to their pure, unadulterated love for one another, it’s like a shot of joy with my morning cup of coffee.  And when you start off your day like this, you know it’s going to be amazing… seriously amazing. See every gorgeous moment captured by Kelly Anne Photography right here in the full gallery.

From Kelly Anne PhotographyThis couple was just so fun to shoot! Their love, glow, and personalities really made these photos come alive. These two are true southerns, and are proud of it! Oh, and they love their football!

Photography: Kelly Anne Photography | Venue: Little River Farms

Alpharetta Photo Shoot from Happy Kiss Photography

Born from the simple (but totally beautiful) idea of an arched ribbon ceremony backdrop, this styled shoot is a rustic + romantic loving bride’s dream. Conceptualized by Chancey Charm Weddings and captured by Happy Kiss Photography these sweet details are sure to fill your inspiration board…and your DIY project list! Click here to see even more.

Click here for the FULL photo shoot!

From Chancey Charm WeddingsWe had a lovely time working together on this shoot. It’s one of those situations where you feel like you’re throwing a party with close friends. Everyone working on this was completely committed to its success and had a positive attitude during the entire process, even day-of with 30 mph winds.

As a designer, I always take pride in sketching out fresh concepts for my inspired shoots and clients. I then take the vision I’ve sketched to other industry professionals for detail specifications and execution. I knew that I wanted to create a ceremony scene to highlight The Berkshire House’s gorgeous backdrop of rolling hills, miles of dark brown fences and charming weathered barn. I came up with a romantic, vintage concept of an arch backdrop filled with ribbons for the bride and groom to recite their vows in front of. I presented the concept of the ribbon-laden arch to the amazing ladies at Stylish Stems, and they took off with it! They really brought the concept to life in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of.  They incorporated lace into the arch, which we coordinated with the dress and overlay on the cake table that I personally picked out at Lewis and Sheron Textile Co. in Atlanta. Stylish Stems suggested that we bring in a chandelier over the cake table. I instantly feel in love with the idea. Event Rentals Unlimited was more than happy to provide rentals for the shoot, and the ladies at Vintage Vogue Event Rentals provided a gorgeous mercury glass cake stand for the ruffled cake, lovingly made by Eileen Carter of Eileen Carter Creations. The handmade details of custom-made earrings and a bow tie that coordinated with the ribbon sealed the feel for an adorable couple, who graciously provided us with their evening. Gisele of Happy Kiss Photography brought the shoot to life with unique angles and images full of detail and romance.

Photography: Happy Kiss Photography / Photo Shoot Venue: The Berkshire House in Alpharetta, Georgia / Design + Planning: Sarah Chancey of Chancey Charm Weddings / Floral Design: Stylish Stems / Cake: Eileen Carter Creations / Invitations: Katie Woodard of Twigs Print Studio / Cake Stand: Vintage Vogue Event Rentals / Rentals: Event Rentals Unlimited / Cake Table Overlay: Lewis and Sheron Textile Co. / Wedding Dress: Originally Casablanca + Extensive Alterations Designed by Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique / Earrings: Emmaline Jewelry / Bow Tie: Family Ties


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Alpharetta Wedding at Chukkar Farm from Laura Birney Events

It could be my Southern roots coming out here, but this wedding sure has knocked me off my barn-lovin’ feet. Nothing can put my heart aflutter more than the rustic barn at Chukkar Farm with amazing green, green farmland that goes on for days or the lovely images from Photographs by Anjuli that capture so perfectly the soft palette and atmosphere of this vintage-inspired wedding. With every moment of the day flawlessly expressing the personality of this creative couple, Laura Birney Events has really enchanted and delighted this Southern blogger. Click here for even more vintage wonderfulness in the gallery.

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From Laura Birney EventsChurch pews in a field? Chandeliers hanging in a rustic pavilion? Sign me up! This wedding had all the elements of a perfect event and, oh, the fabulous details! Christina and Dan envisioned a vintage, rustic affair, and Chukkar Farm was a beyond perfect backdrop. For the ceremony, guests sat in church pews set in an open field. The altar was decorated with a vintage, four-pane window set adorned with hanging vases of beautiful blooms. A dear friend of the couple, Dwight Haymon, delivered a beautiful and touching ceremony.

Guests then made their way up to the farm’s pavilion area for the reception, and there was no detail left undone! Christina is an artist and a graphic designer, and she custom-made the invitations and all the beautiful paper products. She tied everything together perfectly, from the seating chart placed on vintage window panes to the table numbers to the hand-painted welcome signs. The pavilion was decorated to perfection with chandeliers, burlap and beautiful drapery. We used a variation of round and long tables and dressed them with clean, white linens. Christina provided a variety vintage bottles, vases and bowls that were set atop burlap squares. They were filled with beautiful blooms of ranunculus, anemones, godetia and astible in shades of pink, peach, coral and ivory.

Christina and Dan served amazing Korean and Thai food, which was delicious! The meal was complete with yummy vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. The guests partied on the dance floor and took pictures in the DIY photo booth until the couple’s grand exit through a sea of sparklers. The evening was filled with joy, laughter and lots and lots of love for this beautiful couple.

Wedding Photography: Photographs by Anjuli / Wedding Venue: Chukkar Farm in Alpharetta, Georgia / Wedding Planning: Laura Birney Events / Floral Design: Design House Weddings & Events / Event Design, Wedding Invitations + Paper Products: Christina Yoo Ketmayura, The Bride / Officiant: Dwight Haymon / Bakery: Publix / Ceremony Musicians: Quartet Led by Courtney Dow, A Friend / DJ: Matt Keller, A Friend / Wedding Dress: J.Crew / Makeup: Veronica Sitterding