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"Linda Asaf"

Austin Wedding from Christina Carroll Photography

You may recognize this lovely bride's smile from American Idol. She was a finalist on Season 8, and her wedding? We'll let's just say, it's weddings like this that will live on the pages of SMP forever, known simply as stunning. Pretty as a picture (and oh Christina Carroll Photography's pictures tell quite the beautiful story), I can't help but file this one away in my wedding-brain-catalog under the heading of Gorgeous.


Austin Parking Garage Wedding from Geoff Duncan

One look at this couple's wedding website, and you know you are about to see a wedding that will set the style bar higher than ever before. I mean seriously? How amazing is that site? One look at the images below by Geoff Duncan, and you'll realize that this couple just has style seeping from their souls. They couldn't shake it if they tried, and why would they want to? The result is a...