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Yuri Yatel

Wedding Photographer

PhotographyLBB Since 2017
I learned from the primary sources. I remember hours strolling about the Prado museum in Madrid. I was completely absorbed by the masterpieces of Spanish, Flemish and Dutch masters. Then, there were museums of Barcelona, Lisbon, Kiev and Athens. I loved the natural light, pithiness, naturalness, and brilliant simplicity.

Since then, I am in love with photography, and people in the pictures. It is a special pleasure to be a part of art. Photo completely absorbed me. I shot and shot. More and more. The streets of Amsterdam, where I’ve shot several times intoxicated me forever.

My favorite Milan brought me a sense of style and manner. Oh, these Italian streets! Walks with my camera in places with the scent of rosemary and pastry.

Then there were fishy Portugal, hot Spain and drowsy Greece. Everywhere I’ve been with my camera. I studied and shot, shot and studied.

North Europe gave me a sense of sufficiency. South Europe filled me with infinite love.

Today, I am doing my favorite work, and it makes me very happy.