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XOXO Weddings

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We're a bunch of gals that LOVE love and phenomenal parties!

Xoxo Weddings has become a name that stands for teamwork. When working on any event, the main goal for all vendors is to make the day run as smoothly as possible. We accomplish this by being friendly to everyone involved. From photographers to brides, janitors to guests we treat everyone with the same level of kindness. On wedding day we are alert and attentive which makes us run our events on time. The timing is extremely important because time is money. Our job is to be one step ahead in order to make the day run seamlessly.
Leading up to wedding day, our team has a well organized planning process. No matter what package you book with us, we know what we have to do to make your day perfect. During this process, we come to care about our clients like they are family. We are invested in them as people, and not just a paycheck. Wedding day means as much to us as it does to you. Which is why we take our job so seriously!!