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Pyrgos Petreza

Ceremony & Reception

VenuesPublished on SMPLBB Since 2017
“Pyrgos Petreza” is family owned winery located just outside Athens & near International Airport. It is in perfect harmony with the environment, built of materials that carry –literally- memories of the region, while cultivating olives, grapes, figs, and producing traditional products of the area.
Stone and wood are its predominant materials and the result is eye-catching and allows visitors to concentrate on the nature and travel into time.
Petreza Tower was originally built to serve hospitality purposes. Today it is open to family and social events, banquets, business lunches, cocktail parties, corporate events, conferences, seminars, workshops, wine tasting meetings, art events, etc
Pyrgos Petreza also offers guests a genuine culinary voyage of the senses. Our Chef, Miltiades Kioukas & his team, will surprise you throughout the seasons with his unique & playful gastronomic experiences. He is passionate about his method of cooking & cook with the philosophy of fresh ingredients, simple prepared.
Since the initial aim was to build a place for the gatherings and the entertainment of friends and relatives of the Belbas family that would keep the memory of the area’s tradition alive, the Petreza Tower stands out for the family atmosphere which creates intimacy and comfort for its guests. The current hostesses contribute greatly in this and their reception service is pure home hospitality, which is not short of efficiency and professionalism.