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Orange Photographie

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"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone." - Katie Thurmes

That perfectly sums up our photography philosophy. In essence, that is the number one reason we are photographers; to create images that will take us back. A photograph is the closest thing we have on earth to a time machine; when we look at images, we are transported into the past and are able to catch little glimpses of the events and people who have shaped our lives and impacted the people we have become…moments that have fallen between the cracks of our memory.

From the time we were little, we were drawn to the power of photography and its ability to stir up long-forgotten memories and emotions. Although, let's be honest, as little people, “the power of photography” isn’t something we really thought about. We just liked looking at old pictures of ourselves as babies (were we really ever that tiny?!), family, friends, birthdays, Christmases, vacations…you get the picture. We liked how they made us feel.

As adults, the importance of photography has become even clearer. We understand that life is precious, people should be cherished, time is fleeting, and that life’s moments, big and small, should be captured with this in mind.

We are hopeless romantics who are drawn to simple elegance and natural beauty, and we strive to capture your wedding day from that point of view. We don’t think weddings have to be over-the-top, fussy affairs. We’re more inspired by intimate embraces, smiling people, beautiful light, and the innate beauty of this big, beautiful world. Our style is romantic and classic…with an artistic twist. In 60 years, we want you to be able to look back at the images we created with you and still have laughter in your heart and tears in your eyes.

While we may be a bit biased, we're not alone in believing that photography is perhaps the most important investment on your wedding day. Your memories will be fresh for a while, but with the pace of everyday life, they will fade with time. Photographs help bring those memories back into vivid focus. We look forward to creating them with you.