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Nate Puhr (photo + cinema)

Wedding Photographer

PhotographyPublished on SMPLBB Since 2017
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Hi! I'm Nate. A photographer & filmmaker based in Norther Cali. I never really intended to be a wedding photographer, it just kind of happened. I grew up thinking that music was going to be my career but God had different plans. I've always had an obsession with stories and the first time I picked up a camera I was immediately drawn to the possibilities. I shot my first wedding in 2011 and the rest is history. My style is very candid and I hope that you can see that through my images. I'm not there to get in the way or run things, I'm there to tell your story through photos and video. I believe that God and family are the most important things in life. I have an amazing wife (Lori) and the sweetest little daughter (Lenora). Besides spending time with them I love good coffee, movies, and road trips. Oh, and I love traveling. So yes, I do travel for weddings ;)