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My Darlin'

Wedding Invitations

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My Darlin' is a design and paper goods studio based out of Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in type, pattern, color, and language-driven wedding invitations, greeting cards, stationery, prints, and Notevelopes.

A love for pretty pastels, bold typography, vintage novelty prints, 1940s banter, 1980s irreverance, and a susceptibility to love at first sight are at the heart of the company.

We offer a line of customizable wedding invitations called The Classic Collection. Why Classic? 'Cos they so chic they'll never go outta style baby. (At least not in our very biased book.)

FAQs: You offer letterpress? Yep. How about foil? For sure! Flat Printing too? Um, obvi.

Check out our work then get in touch for a quote!

Stay special, snowflakes.
Priyanka Darlin'