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Michael + Anna Costa Photography

Wedding Photographer

PhotographyPublished on SMPLBB Since 2011
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Michael & I (Anna) are photographers who believe in making our clients look and feel amazing for the camera. We care about the moments, details and aesthetic of your wedding. Our work is genuine, artful and easy. We are constantly geeking out over amazing music, movies and design- ("You're true blue, Ethel, true blue.") Name that movie! Michael's constant journey into finding new, original music is like the conquests of Don Quixote trying to find chivalry in an ever changing world devoid of virtue. Michael, having graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography suffers from an affliction called, "details, details, details," in which no detail (and I mean NO detail) is left unnoticed. A common phrase in our house is, "Honey, do you like this one (clicks on an edit of a photo), or this one?" (clicks on what appears to be the exact same photo).

When it comes to the wedding day our clients are constantly commenting that our calm demeanor and positive energy make their day super relaxed. Above all, our true and sincere love for photography supersedes any other amazing trait we have. The countless times we have been published in various magazines, books and blogs are a testament to that. We are honored you are looking at our work. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing about the vision you have for your wedding day or portrait photo shoot!