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Laurel & Fey

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Event PlanningLBB Since 2018
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Laurel & Fey is a boutique event planning company based in Pasadena, CA. Creating intimate parties and endless memories.

Laurel & Fey began as a passion project for friends and family, but quickly turned into much more. Lauren began to realize she was quick, efficient and creative on a budget. Our passion for delivering unique experiences to every client, no matter their schedule or budget, makes Laurel & Fey a gem in Southern California.


Laurel & Fey strives to be an eco-friendly service and will not work with plastic or straw. We collect all recyclables after every event to make sure to do our part to eliminate waste. Donation of all un-used food will be given away to the homeless after every event. By becoming more conscience about the way we celebrate, we can make a difference!