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Katia Casprini Videography

Wedding Cinema

CinematographyPublished on SMPLBB Since 2017
Vendors Worked With
Wedding Planners
Lighting & Sound Design
Venues Worked At
Ceremony & Reception
A story told through sounds, images and emotions.
An authentic, genuine memory of a pure romance.

We love to frame and tell your story with a discreet and attentive eye,
while catching every detail and carefully reporting it.

We capture real life moments, fleeing movies, sounds and emotions that are framed in an an image.
Each time the story changes, and remains unique with its personal and timeless touch.

We are dedicated and committed to the latest videography techniques and equipment, and offer state of the art videography gear and professional editing; in order to deliver the best service, we regularly attend professional videography courses in Italy and abroad.
Despite being up to speed with the latest, our goal is to film with authenticity and we therefore avoid the use of special effects or artefacts.
Every film is recorded on camera and edited in our studio.
As we invest all the time and creativity necessary to produce each film, we do not commit to more than one event a day.