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Julie Deffense Artistry


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Julie Deffense Artistry has recently expanded from Lisbon, Portugal to Sarasota, Florida. Julie Deffense is recognized as the leading luxury cake designer in Portugal. Now, after almost 20 years in Portugal, Julie’s talent for high-end cake artistry has attracted a loyal following and she is continually featured in many top European magazines, on wedding and lifestyle blogs, and as a baking and cake design expert on Portuguese television. Julie is also the author of three popular cookbooks in Portugal and is currently at work on her first English-language edition. As of 2016, Julie expanded her business to U.S. and started accepting wedding cake commissions in Sarasota, FL and Boston, MA.

Julie Deffense Artistry creates custom, luxury wedding cakes that vary in price depending upon the complexity of the design, the number of guests and the size of the cake. Prices range from a minimum of $500 for a small, simple cake to $10,000+ for an elaborate, multi-tiered cake. Julie divides her time between the glorious, wedding destination coastal areas of Sarasota, Florida and Cascais, Portugal. Depending upon the season and circumstances, she can fulfill special commissions across the U.S. or in European countries with close proximity to Portugal.

Julie Deffense is also an international book author of three successful cookbooks (in Portuguese). Julie is currently working on her fourth book, an English-language edition work, to be entitled, JULIE DEFFENSE ARTISTRY: A Life of Romance, Beauty, Culture and Cake.

When contacting Julie Deffense Artistry for a wedding cake request, please include the following information:

- date and location of wedding
- estimated number of guests
- if you are working with a planner/designer, please provide the contact
- if you have any photos (cakes, florals, decorative details, etc) you'd like to send for inspiration, please feel free to do so
- if you have an approximate budget you'd like to work with, please let us know
- any other relevant information

For more information or to book a cake consultation with julie, please go to