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Wedding Photographer

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We like to believe that we are hunters. Hunters of emotions, hunters of moments, hunters of stories, inspirations and dreams …Our passion gives us the possibility of making eternal moments, which will never be repeated, small frames, small images that give us so much of you but which are also filled with us.

We place on each image the passionate way we envisage and live life. We like to perpetuate in time what is only registered by memory. Photograph and cinema are much more than a profession, they are a passion that lives in us on each moment and we are very thankful to be able to take part in such strong stories. We search constantly the detail, the smile, the look, the touch … only this way we manage that each registration contains your essence.

We are Jose Teixeira, Catarina Goncalves and Rogerio Goncalves and together we are hunters of stories and dreams