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Angelica Braccini

Italian Wedding Designer

Wedding Planner

DestinationEvent PlanningPublished on SMPLBB Since 2017
talian Wedding Designer will accompany you in the choice, planning and personalization of your destination wedding in Italy. Our team of expert wedding planners will help you find the wedding venue that fits your reception with the romantic location that you have always dreamed of for your Ceremony and will relieve yourself of the bureaucratic work.
Furthermore we will present you with professional experts for every part of your day, from the Classical Musicians to the Wedding Photographer and Videographer, from the most qualified DJ’s and Barmen to the best Florists, Caterers or Cooks from the regions in which you celebrate your wedding.
Our team is not only built from passionate wedding planners in Italy but above all from a team of the cleverest designers that will help you create the atmosphere of your wedding.

Contact us! We cannot wait to get started to make your dreams become real!