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Glace Cakes


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Glace Cakes originated in NYC in 2012 and quickly became a sought-after cake studio where clients immediately recognized the beauty combined with extraordinary taste. In 2017, Glace started a new journey in a new city, as it relocated to Austin, Texas.
Each cake created at Glace is a work of art. There is careful consideration and planning involved, and no two are alike. This is the advantage of having a professional Pastry Chef craft your cakes and desserts. You're guaranteed an amazing service and product.
At Glace, your cake is made from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. Our Master Baker is constantly perfecting the recipes to obtain the ultimate cake texture. Our custards are smooth and sinful. Once you take a bite, you'll agree that it's the best cake you've ever tried. Be warned, though, Glace's cakes are almost too pretty to eat!