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Frank Giacone

Hair Stylist

BeautyPublished on SMPLBB Since 2018
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Born in Nottingham, England. Raised by a father who loved collections and a mother who brought creativity and style into every aspect of life.

Fell in love with hairdressing at an early age, trained with the best salons in England, Florence and Milan. In 1988, he joined the renowned spa hotel 'Terme di Saturnia' and became Head of Salon three years later up until present.

An Award-Winning, International Hair Stylist, that now lives in Tuscany one of the best Wedding Destinations, travels the world following his passion and is launching a new range of hair products.

His work is seen by thousands of fans all around the world, in the media and in person.

Frank Giacone is a Destination Hairstylist, Wedding Hair Designer and Image Stylist for the Elite.