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Blanc Coco Photography

Wedding Photographer

PhotographyPublished on SMPLBB Since 2017
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“Collect moments, not things". My vision of weddings and portraits is an artful and very sensitive approach. I love using natural light to compose simple, elegant, and timeless photographs with an acute awareness of detail, color, and movement. I’m film and digital french photographer and I’m currently based in Grenoble – French Alps.

My clients value their love story and want their unique story told in a natural way. I know that those simple yet profound moments that you and your fiancé have experienced together will be cherished by you forever. I want to be the one to represent those moments and memories fully and completely from engagement to the send off. I want to show you how tangible those moments can become and lived over and over again. My clients are comfortable with showing each other affection and they express it in a natural and beautiful way. This gives me the opportunity to capture the essence of you and the depth of your unique story.