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Bee's Diamonds


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Bee's Diamonds is Hong Kong's multi-award winning full service jeweller and one of Asia's leading diamond wholesale suppliers.
Specializes in bespoke high jewellery, Bee's Diamonds stocks on all variety of diamonds and gemstones of highest purity and prides on its team of gemologists designers, artisans and craftsmen to create one of a kind engagement rings and wedding bands for couples all over the world. From vintage engagement rings to bridal diamond stud earrings, Bee's Diamonds' personalized customer service offers unique diamond experience that has been highly acclaimed on Tripadvisor and other review sites.

We tailor-make jewellery designs that match with bridal gowns, travel abroad to meet and understand your needs and deliver internationally for the most seamless and personalized after sales care. Contact us for more information for a once in a lifetime diamond journey.