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Bougainvillea San Miguel De Allende

Wedding Planner

Event Planning
In Bugainvillea Weddings we share the dreams that the brides have for the big day.
Our mission is to see you happy and for this reason we use our talent and experience so that you can enjoy every moment of your wedding, reaching the perfect event we start from your personal vision and essence. We search your own taste and personality so that we can create the most beautiful event specially for you.

Our services can be choose from a single service to a totally organized event. The thing that never changes is the grade of excellency that characterize every service that we give.

“Delicious memorable events” is the definition to the work that we have been doing for the last 9 years with our own team of special chefs how by the way are specialist on diverse culinary areas. Our Master Chef, Sofía Sahagun is an experimented lady and well known for her expertise.
Our passion for the service makes us able to attend any kind of requirement that you may have.

We offer the open bar service for your wedding or event. The Barman on our team is a master on innovation who is very carefully with the details. (We add some pictures of our mixology style)

We have the best Mexican and international desserts, crafted from masters on the art of creating magic flavors.
We have the support from many different chefs from the region

In Bougainvillea Weddings we are lovers of the nature and trough time we found that the flowers are an universal language in which the people can express feeling and emotions. The flowers tell many histories about love, joy, knowledge. Now with ten years of professional experience in this beautiful art of telling stories with the flowers is a pleasure for her to help you in your own story