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This Couple Will Inspire You to Stay True to You Throughout the Entire Wedding Planning Process

From the bachelor and bachelorette parties to the age-old wedding traditions – this couple did their wedding, their way. And we can’t say enough how important it is to follow in their footsteps! Don’t ever be afraid to step outside of the typical wedding box and change things up – the more personalized your wedding planning process and big day is… the BETTER. Check out how their gorgeous day turned out at the full gallery captured by Weddings by Scott and Dana, all thanks to A Savvy Event for planning every thoughtful detail and Marion Moss who provided the most beautiful blooms!

From the Bride… We met as juniors in college, introduced by mutual friends at an improv comedy show. On our first date, Jason confessed to me that he would get up around 6am and go to bed around 9pm, which was unusual from a college student’s perspective. However, he happened to be on a date with maybe the only other student on campus who kept the exact same schedule. It was the first of a lifetime’s worth of discoveries about ourselves that we were meant for each other. We’ve been inseparable since. Since I was young my family has been going to Sea Ranch, CA, which is a small, peaceful community along the Northern California coast. It has always been my favorite spot in the world. In particular, there is a bluff that juts out from the walking path and offers the most spectacular sunset views. That bluff has always been my most sacred spot. When Jason and I started dating, I was nervous he would not like Sea Ranch! He loves to be busy and active, and Sea Ranch really entices you to slow down, cozy up with a good book and reflect. But just like he fell for me, he fell for Sea Ranch too. Throughout our relationship, we’ve gone to Sea Ranch and made wonderful memories there as a couple.

When Jason decided to propose, there was no place more meaningful than that bluff at sunset. He took me out to the bluff, got down on one knee as the sun set and said the most beautiful words I will cherish forever. We had been together almost 7 years so while the proposal was not particularly unexpected, we were both struck by how emotional we were. After he proposed, we held each other and laugh/cried tears of pure joy. We wanted our wedding day to feel like us! We wanted it to reflect the things that matter to us and to be a really enjoyable experience for our guests. We intentionally kept our guest list relatively small (100 people), so we could focus on spending time with the people who matter the most to us. We are both foodies, so we knew we wanted food to be a big focus of the event. We also knew we wanted our wedding to reflect the very best Northern California has to offer. I am from Sacramento originally, and we’ve lived in Northern California together since we graduated college. We love Northern California, and we wanted to wedding to be a quintessential Northern California experience. We decided to keep our wedding party small, which worked really well for us! My brother is my best friend, and I knew I needed him to be beside me that day. Jason selected two of his closest childhood friends as his groomsmen. Other than that, we wanted our friends to just enjoy the day, without having to worry about getting up early for hair/make-up or wearing a certain outfit. We also opted not to do a bouquet toss or garter toss. For us, those traditions did not hold much personal meaning.

This is slightly off topic, but we also opted to do a different kind of bachelor/bachelorette experience. My brother and I both love to hike, and we have a particular affinity for the American Southwest. For my bachelorette “party,” I decided I wanted to accomplish something memorable alongside my brother. We spent a long weekend hiking in the Grand Canyon and slot canyons in Arizona/Utah, and it was absolutely perfect for me. Jason and his groomsmen travelled to Havana, Cuba for a long weekend! They drank rum, smoked cigars and reconnected. Definitely not the typical Las Vegas experiences, but I would highly encourage other couples to define the bachelor/bachelorette experience in whatever way works for them! Do something authentically you, and don’t be afraid to mix up tradition. It was important to us to choose a venue that really captured the Northern California spirit. We looked at lots of outdoor venues, but nothing fully resonated until Bear Flag Farm. My paternal grandparents were farmers in the Central Valley, and I’ve always had a strong connection to the farmland of California. Furthermore, we love good food, especially the fresh, plentiful produce we are fortunate to have so readily accessible in Sacramento. Bear Flag Farm offered a personal connection that felt true to who we are. And, of course, Bear Flag Farm is undeniably stunning. From the perfectly manicured citrus garden to the flowing lavender fields, it is effortlessly romantic and elegant. We loved that it highlighted the natural, organic beauty of California, but it has an elevated and sophisticated feel. We also loved that we could use some of the olive oil produced on-site to create our guest favors. Bear Flag Farm is private, which we loved. We loved the idea that our guests were the only ones on the property that day, so we had the place to ourselves to enjoy.

We were able to create three distinct, separate experiences to delight our guests, from the ceremony in the lavender fields to cocktail hour in the citrus grove to a true farm-to-table dinner in the sunken garden. With so much to offer, the property really acted as a canvas we could create on. Finally, Bear Flag Farm is a distinctive experience. There are plenty of fantastic options for venues in California, from hotels to wineries, but we were interested in offering something our guests had not experienced before, and likely wouldn’t again. An organic farm in Winters with lavender fields? Yeah, that fit the bill. And our guests loved the venue! Don’t tell the owners, but a few guests could not resist the gorgeous fruits, and snagged some cherries, grapefruits and apricots from the gardens on their way out. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Tina, the owner of Bear Flag Farm is great to work with. The pride and care she takes in her property is unmatched. It is everything we ever hoped for and more. We wanted to lean into the natural beauty of the surroundings and keep our decor and design elements fairly simple. We went with a rustic elegant farm vibe, and it came together so perfectly! Kelly from A Savvy Event did an exceptional job taking our vision and turning into reality. My paternal grandfather had a Ford 47 truck that he, and his father before him, had used on their farm in central California. My dad and grandfather had the truck fixed up as a project they could share. My grandfather passed away several years ago, and we felt it was only right to have the truck at our wedding, and back on a farm, to pay tribute and remind us of him on that important day. The truck helped create the ceremony space, and it ended up being a fantastic photo opportunity for guests.

Given the heat in Winters in June, we knew we needed to provide some relief from the sun, so per Kelly’s recommendation, we opted to provide simple parasols for our guests. They turned out to be a huge hit! Not only were people grateful for them during the ceremony, but they used them throughout the reception as a photo prop. We also created custom cornhole sets for the cocktail hour, which were so popular! Jason loves to play cornhole, so we though adding the game during our cocktail hour would be a nice nod to one of his favorite games. We wanted to keep our colors within a fairly neutral palette that would align with the gorgeous greenery and natural surroundings. We opted for a navy blue, pale pink, champagne and light grey. Other than the guy’s suits, we did not overemphasize the colors, and instead used them to enhance our design elements. For our guest book, we ended up using a coffee table book that features Sea Ranch, where we got engaged. It was a great way to incorporate a personal touch on a traditional element. My maternal grandmother passed away before I was born, but my mom has a lovely collection of some of her pins. I added one of her pins, in the shape of a butterfly onto my bouquet, which was a lovely tribute to her and my mom. 

[iframe 600 338]

Our favorite moment of the day, by far, was a final moment under the chuppah. We had a Jewish wedding, and our rabbi had been a friend, teacher and mentor for several years. Navigating family and personal matters to get to the wedding day was not always easy, and our rabbi was a big part of that journey. At the end of the ceremony, she invited our parents to wrap us in a tallit that my father purchased for us in Israel, and she offered a private blessing while our parents stood around us. In that moment, it felt like we were the only three people in the world, and we both were tearing up. It was overwhelming in the best of ways. When you’re planning a wedding, it’s so easy to get caught up in the details and stress about every little thing. Trust me, I’ve been there. But at the end of the day, what matters is that you get to commit your life to your partner in front of everyone you care about. When we let that sink in, which happened for us under the chuppah, it’s the most remarkable feeling. Another memorable moment happened at dinner. We stood up along the top of the sunken garden and looked down at all our guests talking, laughing and eating. We had hoped that all our guests from the different parts of our lives would enjoy meeting each other, and it turned out better than we had hoped. Watching all our friends and families enjoy an elegant, rustic farm-to-table meal in a sunken garden as the sun was just starting to go down was a dream. The best advice I can offer to brides and grooms in the midst of planning a wedding is this: Remember that it is your day and it should reflect who you are! As everyone says, the day goes by so quickly. Do the best you can to stay in the moment. When your day comes, trust that you’ve done all you need to do, so let go of all the planning and logistics and just enjoy.”

Photography: Weddings By Scott and Dana | Videographer: Kindlewood Films | Wedding Planner: A Savvy Event | Florist: Marion Moss | Cake: Palette CakeS | Catering: Jessica Lasky | Hair and Makeup: Christi Reynolds Beauty | DJ: Boutique DJs | Suits: Suit Supply | Wedding Venue: Bear Flag Farm | Dress Design: Enzoani | Dress Shop: La Soie Bridal | Invites: Minted | Linen : BBJ La Tavola | Rentals: Encore Events Rentals | Signage/Paperie: Blushtype Designs

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How to Create a Boy + Girl Shared Bedroom!

I have three little kiddos. 2 Girls and a Boy. The two that get along like peas and carrots and that would do really well sharing a room are the boy, 8, and the girl, 5. But I couldn’t ever figure out how to design a space that aesthetically suited both of them, that could capture their individual spirits, that they would both fall in love with. Enter: Erica Bryen Design. And this amazing boy/girl BUNK room. Yep, a bunk room. Meant to house the fun of playtime, the magic of sleepovers and the essence of all three children who share it. In one foul swoop, Erica has taught me how to design a gender neutral space that stands the test of time. Photos by Jessica Bodas.

From Erica Bryen DesignWe had so much fun designing this ‘bunk room’ for the three lucky children that live in this gorgeous home – one boy (4), and two girls (6&8). Finding a balance in decor that suited all of the children was important so we stuck with a bright happy theme.

Our goal for the bunk room was to create a playful space for the kids to enjoy that was completely separate from the rest of the house. 

The room has bunk beds for friends to sleep over (complete with their own reading lights), a window nook/bench area that serves as a great place to cozy up and chill, and lots of storage (baskets and a dresser to hold toys, clothing, and more!), as well as a TV above the dresser for movie nights.

The cactus wallpaper by Harsey & Harsey really centers the room and makes a bold statement when you walk in – you know it is a youthful, bohemian-inspired space and still on-trend with the rest of the home.

Our goal was for this space to grow with the children into their teen years as a homework/hang-out space, and we know the ‘bunk room’ will get a lot of use the entire time they live in this home!

Get the Look: The bad news? Not everyone can have their own designer to provide design concept, execution and access to showrooms and to the trade only products. The good news? If you view the room as a launching pad, an inspiration board, a color palette guide…you can totally build a room that has the same vibe using products found around the web!

Wallpaper: Home Depot | Chandelier: Pottery Barn | Macrame Wall Hanging: World Market | Faux Succulent: Pottery Barn | Basket: Etsy | Sconce: Pottery Barn | Bean Bag Chair: PB Kids | Fringe Pillow (top of 3): Anthropologie | Peach Graphic Pillow (center of 3): Society6 |  Fringe Pillow (bottom of 3): Anthropologie | Chair: Rug:

Photographer: Jessica Bodas | Interior Designer: Erica Byren Design

How to Tell Your Story and Confidently Celebrate It Through Your Wedding Elements

There are so many components that make up your wedding day and so many beautiful memories that make up your story, memories that you’d like to represent throughout your wedding in meaningful ways. The thought is so sweet, but putting the pieces all together to properly celebrate your story might seem like a daunting task. Luckily, Clary Pfeiffer Photography and Krissy Campbell are here to walk you through it, with gorgeous imagery and heavenly neutral hues sprinkled along the way. For all the dreamy inspiration – check out the full gallery!

From Krissy CampbellHave you ever come to a place in your life where you can look back and recognize the small steps that got you to where you are? As a wedding planner and designer, I’ve looked back at my childhood and young adult years to find those little moments of inspiration that culminate to my love for curating timeless and thoughtfully inspired celebrations. I quickly recall the cozy hospitality of my childhood home and the flickering candles of the long dining room table where neighbors, friends, and family often gathered…the hustle and bustle of my grandmother’s preparation as she managed to pull together each detail of an intricate celebration week after week, fueled by the laughter and life of her guests enjoying her home. I think of the spaces we curated and created through my family’s local catering business, pulling together the many details and unique qualities of each client and their guests. As a young girl, I could hardly contain my excitement as I watched a bride walk down the aisle, each in her intricate gown, a reflection of the woman that was and the hope of a new season before her. I loved watching as people of all kinds gathered together for celebration, often finding camaraderie in the shared connection to the newlywed couple. Something flickered in me growing up in spaces that inspired warmth and thoughtfulness with delicate and refined detail in even the most simple of spaces. I had the privilege of living among people that valued making sure others felt intentionally cared for in the spaces we had the opportunity to create. These are the memories, the sparks of inspiration that continue to fuel my creativity and thought behind every celebration, every gently curated space.

The overarching style and experience of this editorial was to draw from adjectives that would describe the inspiration I found in the hospitality of my family, and especially in my mother and grandmother…adjectives like timeless, thoughtful, delicate…refined, yet refreshingly simple. These words led me to elements for the space, like the softly textured walls, natural light, neutral linen tones, and the clean yet cozy accents of the fireplace.

As I dreamt of this shoot, I couldn’t help but draw from the timeless images of my past (and now present!)…images of the brides I watched walk down the aisle, sophisticated and refined, silencing guests with her grace and the sentiment of the moment. I chose to include two different bridal models that remind us of the unique qualities of every bride (and woman’s) story and celebration. Mine is a journey of discovering what it means to display and celebrate the beauty of each client we encounter and connecting all within the beauty of space shared. The stories and spaces we work with have purpose and intention of what is and what is hoped to be.

We want to inspire women, often brides, to find their story and confidently celebrate it through their wedding elements and spaces.

The two women in this shoot show the tender, yet bold aspects of each bride, no matter skin color or hairstyle. Our stylist did a phenomenal job of enhancing their natural physical qualities while adding striking and sophisticated elements in the different shots of their hair, eye makeup, and lip color. We absolutely loved adding soft and feminine accents to each one through the hair florals, the flowing silk hair ribbon and wrapped Claire Pettibone veil around the shoulders. I intentionally chose handmade jewelry for a personal and romantic touch as well, adding to the subtle intricacies of each gown. Clary did an exceptional job of capturing the experience of each woman on film as she reflects, laughs, and embraces the depth of who she is. She flows within the space that reflects her just as much as the florals or tablescape details do.

When thinking of the table, I couldn’t stay away from the warm colors of late summer and early autumn, my favorite time of year for festive gatherings and inviting hospitality. The terra-cotta rose, and glimpses of gold in the flowing florals were a must alongside the soft glow of candlelight, the copper flatware, wax seals, wooden accents and bubbling champagne in the hands of the joyful brides. Our favorite pieces of the centerpiece arrangements were foraged, a natural reflection of the Midwest, where our shoot was held, and many of my aforementioned memories were made in my childhood hometown. The florals could not have been any more perfect, displayed on the velvet table linen and against the softly textured walls or colored fabrics.

I also chose to bring in a cooler color accent with the grey, blue and soft green hues of the intricate handmade jewelry, Bella Belle shoes and invitation suite, which also set the stage for the Old World paper details and cushioned chairs that remind me so much of long dining table gatherings and curated meals. Each place card was handwritten and hand-rolled for another personal detail alongside the table menus at each place setting. The china, glassware, and flatware were simple and clean, giving us space to accentuate the paper goods and draw the eye to the floral.

And last but not least, we incorporated the traditional element of a cake to bring the celebration together. The lace-like motif and texture were woven into the dress, floral, and table details seamlessly. The added soft ribbon and unique setting and structure of the tiers push the limits of the traditional, tiered cake as well.

All in all, I hope that this shoot not only reflected the inspiration of my own journey but inspires the modern bride and woman to celebrate her story, to take pride in her unique beauty and revel in the fleeting moments of this special season. She is one of many, yet is defined by no one else. She is brave, gentle, spirited, and lovely. She (and her marriage) stem beyond the celebration day but are worth making magic for.

Photographer: Clary Pfeiffer Photography | Floral Design: Kelly Lenard | Shoes: Bella Belle | Jewelry: Katie Carder Fine Jewelry | Hair and Makeup: DanielleStyle | Venue: Pfeiffer Home | Gown & Veil: Claire Pettibone | Linens: BBJ La Tavola | Model Agency: 1930's Model Management | Paper Goods: Ink & Press Co. | Planning & Design: Krissy Campbell | Rentals: Burns

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The Venue: A Historic Auditorium, the Vibe: Old School Glamour, the Results: Spectacular!

As you can probably tell from the title, this wedding is truly something special – so it came as no surprise when we found out the bride is a wedding expert herself, having worked in the industry for many years at Design Cuisine!  Everything from the unique auditorium venue to the bridesmaid dresses in various blush hues – each detail was thoughtfully curated by the bride and her amazing planner, Etc Coordinators. Don’t miss out on the full gallery captured by Kir Tuben to see all the old school glamour this wedding has to offer.

From Kir TubenFrom start to finish, Jesse and Haley were a dream to work with. Their engagement session launched a litany of clients wanting Cherry Blossom engagement photos so I can’t imagine all the requests for elements from this wedding day. From this couple’s amazing style to Haley’s insane organization skills cultivated from working in the wedding industry at Design Cuisine, every little detail of this day was perfection. Even the walk-through was a well run event.

Even more noteworthy than throwing an incredible event is the beautiful support system of friends and family these two created. Every single image I look at brings me so much joy in remember this day and all who made it a reality. Wedding morning began at the brand new Intercontinental at the Wharf. This bride is super stylish so it is no wonder she selected this brand new trendy spot for her morning events. Haley had adorable custom made little champagne bottles to celebrate the anticipation with her bridesmaids (including her twin sister!) The only person that rivals Haley in style is her now husband, Jesse. He couldn’t wait to show off his very own red bottom shoes all day. Haley did a back to back first look with her dad and her groom in the lobby of this chic modern hotel. After a quick summer shower, the weather cleared for photos all around the auditorium! White blooms and a draped chuppah made this Jewish ceremony one for the books. The two danced underneath their custom monogram and were toasted in this stunning elegant room before cutting the cake and eating custom cake pops to end the night on a sweet note. 

Write up from Bride… Jesse and I are college sweethearts that met at the University of Maryland, College Park over five years ago (March 2014). We now live together in the Apollo apartment building on H Street in Northeast Washington, DC. Jesse is in commercial real estate and I work for Design Cuisine (who catered our wedding). Working for a caterer made it a little easier to plan the wedding, since I get to see so many spectacular DC events and weddings on a regular basis. Once I got engaged I knew exactly what I wanted and which vendors I wanted to work with. I also knew I wanted a big, old-school glamour style wedding with a champagne, ivory and gold color palette (I had my bridesmaids all wear champagne but let them pick their own floor length gowns). I knew that the historic Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium would be the perfect Beaux Arts canvas to work with.I also made a decision very quickly about my wedding dress – I actually found it online then located it in a store, tried it on and knew it was the right one immediately. It was the only store I had to visit and I bought it on the spot. We quickly were able to select our officiant too, as Jesse’s Boca Raton family’s rabbi had married into the Mates family last December, wedding Jesse’s uncle Mitchell. The wedding planning lasted from February 2018 to June 2019, so we had a solid 16 months to make decisions, which I felt was crucial! We also had plenty of time to plan our bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding shower. My shower was a high tea for about 50 ladies at the Watergate Hotel in DC, with Jesse and a few other male family members showing up at the end for some shower games. 

Jesse held his bachelor party in LA in May 2019, visiting Dodger stadium, The Bungalow and Laugh Factory. I opted for a spa weekend and vineyard tour with my girlfriends the following weekend at the Salamander Spa in Middleburg, VA. We also planned out our rehearsal dinner, held the night before the wedding at the Palm in DC, and our brunch at the hotel the morning after (The Intercontinental at the Wharf). As a surprise from Jesse’s aunt and uncle, they arranged to have our faces painted up on the walls at the Palm in time for the Friday night dinner! Three years ago, Jesse and I operated a dessert business together out of Union Kitchen (a communal kitchen incubator space in Washington DC), and we brought back the cake push pops for one night only to use as our wedding favor. Our wedding also included a sparkling grapefruit specialty cocktail named after our apartment building “The Apollo”, a strolling sushi cart during cocktail hour (my favorite food), and a first dance to Helpless from Hamilton on Broadway (Jesse proposed after seeing the play with me in NYC). Our 235 guests also enjoyed other passed bites such as Truffle Mac & Cheese Spoons and Baby Lamb Chops before enjoying a plated salad and dual entree (Chilean Sea Bass & Tenderloin with Gruyere Potato Gratin and Asparagus). This was followed by passed desserts such as Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bon Bons, as well as a slice of our six tier wedding cake (half Swiss Chocolate with Dulce de Leche and half Mocha Tiramisu). Jesse’s Girl was the final song before everyone headed back to the Intercontinental at the Wharf for an after-party at Kith + Kin (+ 30 pizzas from Union Pie!). 

Our wedding was the best day of our lives, but the proposal was a close second! Jesse – hardly able to ever keep a surprise – was able to pull off the surprise of a lifetime, arranging for about 40 family and friends to surprise me during a weekend trip to see Hamilton on Broadway in NYC. I was excited already because we were finally able to score Hamilton tickets and were planning a fun weekend getaway to NYC the weekend after my birthday in February 2018. The evening after seeing the show, Jesse took me to Catch NYC, one of my favorite sushi bars (even though Jesse doesn’t eat raw fish). Following dinner, he persuaded me to head up to the roof for a drink. Written in chocolate on the restaurant’s signature dessert was “Haley Will You Marry Me?”. Shocked and thrilled, I tried to call my parents and sister to share the good news, but no one was answering me. My dad even texted back “We’re in the middle of watching a movie, we’ll call you back later!”. It wasn’t until we walked over to Buddakan, a bar next door (“to meet up with 2 NYC friends”) that I realized all of our close friends and family were actually in NYC ready to surprise me. It was so surreal!

Photographer: Kir2ben | Coordination: Etc. Coordinators | Florals: Amaryllis | Wedding Dress: Essence Of Australia | Cake: Fancy Cakes By Leslie | Invitations: Creative Parties | Ceremony Venue: Andrew Mellon Auditorium | Jewelry: Cartier | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Birdy Grey | Catering: Design Cuisine | Makeup: Kelley Unthank Makeup | Hair: Karma By Erwin Gomez | Entertainment: Washington Talent Agency | Suit: Hugo Boss | Hotel: Intercontinental Hotel | Hotel: Intercontinental Hotel | Venue: Andrew Mellon Auditorium | Bride Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Groom Shoes: Louis Vuitton | Linens: DC Rental | Video: Washington Talent

Style Me Pretty Launches a Fall Home Decor Line!

It’s a big day on SMP! After literally a year of design + development, we are finally ready to share the official peak at our brand new Harvest by Style Me Pretty Collection! What is Harvest, you ask? Well, you Kings of Chic, you Princesses of Fabulous, let’s settle in shall we? Harvest by Style Me Pretty is the thoughtful SMP style, the “simple is always better” motto to which we live by, the careful design and exquisite craftsmanship that our readers crave, all bundled up into the prettiest line of home decor moments you’ve ever seen! Pillows, wreaths, adorable little stuffed pumpkins and so much more, all available at Wayfair right here! Read on, my loves, read on!

How great, right?! Harvest is everything to me and I cannot WAIT to take you down memory lane to share a little bit more of the inspiration, the process, the design and ultimately the finished collection… then let you loose on Wayfair so you can snatch it all up before it’s gone!

When I started SMP Living many moons ago, I envisioned a space where people could come after their I Do’s…where they could find ideas for growing their homes through thoughtful design, where they could cook the kind of meals that made people smile, where they could learn to host a dinner party or DIY an ottoman or learn to choose the perfect shades of white paint, the easiest way to update an apartment rental or foolproof ways to mix and match patterns.

I envisioned a place to celebrate life’s simplest, most every day of moments. Without judgement or boundaries. And today, we’re so excited to share a sneak peak of our new line of Home Decor “moments” that embody exactly that… a collection that embraces and honors well-made, well-designed, easy to mix + match products that simply make life a little more beautiful!

Okay, so rewind about 12 months. Style Me Pretty cozied up with the amazing team that produced our line of Wedding Decor for Michaels (which if you haven’t seen… so good!), Garter Studios. Together with their design team, we began thinking through what a home decor line for SMP might look like. It’s a tough question because you really have to think about all of the other millions of brands out there and how ours might realistically slot in – how it might look, how it might feel, how it might perform in a way that would set it apart from the other gorgeous stuff already sitting on shelves around the country.

Together, we chatted about seasons and settings and really determined that some of the most fun decorating happens as the weather changes and we tend to get that itch to make our homes match the feeling we get when we walk outside. If you’ve spent any time in New England in the Fall, you know what I mean. And thus, our new little baby, Harvest by Style Me Pretty began to really take shape, to find its voice and to grow into a cohesive, home-transformable collection! Oh and pssst… we also have a Holiday line coming in just a few months (shhhh, don’t tell, it’s sort of a secret b/c it’s real REAL good and we want it to make a big splash, too).

Harvest celebrates Fall in New England. Because every home in the world should have Fall in New England. And if you’ve never experienced it for yourself, go ahead and do it. Book that trip, find that apple picking slice of heaven to visit. It’s the gorgeous red and orange leaves, so beautiful they take your breath away. A crisp but not too cold air when you walk outside that begs for hot apple cider and warm donuts. A roaring fire, a plaid blanket. Riding boots and really really good jeans. Fall in New England is a sensibility and whether you are still battling the temps in Texas or it’s a wee too cold in Minnesota, it’s a sensibility that everyone should embrace.

Upon completion, the entire Harvest Collection was photographed by yours truly in my own home. With my trusty 5 year old and our little puppy, Winston, as my dedicated assistants. We had a little too much fun, ate WAY too many “props” and basically transformed our home – in the middle of June – into the prettiest, coziest, Fall inspired wonderland you’ve ever seen.

The color palette for our collection was super important to me – black was our foundation color as I truly believe that black grounds every space, no matter how modern or rustic it may be. A matte black metal became our launch pad, then we took a long hard drive through texture and color… and the “sparkle” to which SMP is known. I’m talking to you Gold-y pants.

The result is a palette that feels simultaneously traditional and yet fresh. One that feels warm and cozy and basically all out begs you to cuddle up with a good book and a mug of something yummy (spiked, because duh).

We’re going to do another fun feature soon breaking down ALL of the behind the scenes goodness but for now, I don’t want to go too crazy so I’m going to dive a little deeper into the standout pieces that make me so very happy. First up, pillows! Because I’m a SUCKA for pillows. And these? BEEEYOND. With both masculine and feminine touches, leather accents, bold prints, pretty patterns, big fat tassels…you feel me right? Oh and with total craftsmanship, they are soft, sink-in-able and absolutely gorgeous. Love them all.

Next fave? Tiny pumpkin salt and pepper shakers. Because um, TINY pumpkin salt and pepper shakers!! I’m 99% sure this is my very favorite piece from the entire collection – and you can buy 2 or 3 sets of those adorable ceramic pumpkins alongside the shakers and make a whole thang of it! Buy the Salt + Pepper Shakers right here!

Speaking of adorable, Don’t get me started on the fabric pumpkins that look just as darling on a mantle as they do on a coffee table/kitchen island/front porch/insert your favorite space. My daughter used one as a pillow the other day. It didn’t look comfortable at all – but she loved it. Buy them here! Buy the Fabric Pumpkins here!

Okay, let’s talk about the genius of this tray. First, A. how cute!? Love the black and white plaid lining. But B. even better, we divided the tray into sections because for god’s sake, a girl needs sections! It’s awesome for the practicalities but it also is beautiful lined with parchment and filled with something delicious. Buy the Divided Tray right here!

One of the very most charming parts of the Harvest Collection is the typography and the sweet little sayings that we’ve embroidered onto the prettiest of textiles. We kept it very simple but wanted to elevate small ways in which you can truly convey that feeling, that sense of intimacy and that moment of gratitude to the people you love most. Buy the Napkins here and the Table Runner here!

Perhaps my favorite piece from the collection is the laser cut (see how I keep saying this? it’s like choosing your favorite child… it changes daily), gold “thankful” hoop. You can dress it up with greenery or pretty blooms, or you can just thread a chic ribbon through it and hang it on your mantle. Aside from the fact that this little hoopty hoop (well, not exactly little clocking in at 18″) is just plain pretty, it’s also a touch of glam that adds a sense of modernity and femininity to any space. And that makes me very happy. Buy the hoop here!

For me, the Magnolia Leaf accents were a must. I have been using magnolia leaves in my decor since the beginning of time (see here!) and I wanted both a wreath and a garland that were elegant, simple, well made and entirely realistic. Buy the Magnolia Garland here!

Moving on! We have a couple of super chic, super versatile candlesticks in our Harvest Collection. We paid very careful attention to the lines, to the simplicity and to the perfect heights so that they would have presence if placed on the mantle, but were also see-over-able when placed on a dining table. Buy the Matte Black Candlesticks Here and the Wooden Candlesticks Here!

So there you have it! Just a few of our many, many favorites from the new Harvest by Style Me Pretty Collection at Wayfair!

Excuse the blurry picture. This is real life kids.

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See How This Couple Showed Off Their Charleston Neighborhood and Everything They Love About It!

I love a good Charleston, South Carolina wedding – the venues, the vendors and, the details are always perfectly thought out and heartfelt. For this Bride and Groom, Charleston happens to be ‘their neighborhood’ and they couldn’t wait to show it off to their family and friends! Boutique Planning had The Gibbes Museum of Art as their canvas to design and delight and did they ever! From blue floral linens from La Tavola mixed with stunning floral arrangements by Flora and a neon, calligraphy sign (a gift to the bride, from her groom) to the cutest cocktail hour set up, all photographed by Julie Livingston Photography. Go ahead and scroll and take a peek into this couples Charleston neighborhood!

From the Bride…

How We Met:
Hampton and I met in college in 2009 at the College of Charleston. We wouldn’t officially begin dating for a couple of years but I am forever grateful for the night that my friend, Emily, dragged me from my dorm to introduce me to some of “her best guy friends”. I was extremely reluctant as I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and to be honest I was not in the mood to be social. After about an hour of making boring small talk with other new freshman girls telling their stories about how they ended up at College of Charleston, I noticed a guy wearing a Kentucky Football shirt laughing with his friends. 

Still to this day, I will never know what came over me—but I immediately started walking straight towards him and his friends. To ensure my introduction was more than memorable, I accidentally knocked over 5 glasses that were sitting on the kitchen counter. As they shattered on the floor and knowing I couldn’t ruin my stride, I reacted as anyone else would and simply stepped right over the broken pieces—finally making my way to the guy in the Kentucky shirt and his friends. And because introductions are overrated, I just jumped right into criticizing this stranger’s football team (never even mentioning my name). As a true Georgia football fan, they would learn my opinions on Kentucky football (whether they wanted to or not). All three boys were silent until the boy in the Kentucky shirt (a little confused) said, “Well then, thanks for sharing your thoughts! My name is Hampton by the way…I don’t think I ever caught what your name was?” With my face bright red, I slowly reached my hand out and introduced myself then quickly walked away to return to my freshmen friends. Years later when Hampton and I were dating, Kelly (one of the first-hand witnesses to our first meeting) told me that he commented to Hampton; “no one has ever talked to you like that, I think you are going to marry that girl”.

Planning Our Dream Wedding:

Hampton and I wanted to ensure that every detail authentically represented our relationship and what we will value most in our marriage. We knew that we wanted to put a big emphasis on our friends and family getting to experience Charleston and what makes it so special to Hampton and I. Before we even started planning our wedding, we agreed that more than anything, we wanted to be carefree and relish every moment during this special time in our lives—from proposal all the way up to the big day!

My future sister-in-law and one of my best friends actually had used Boutique Planning for their weddings—so it was a no brainer on who to choose to plan our special day. In one of our first initial meetings, we designated what our biggest priorities would be to help guide our decision-making and ensure we stayed dedicated to our shared vision. For us, it was all about the band, the photographer, and the atmosphere.

From the first conversation we had with Julie, we knew that she would be the perfect person to capture our wedding day. I truly believe one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding is the person behind the camera! Julie and her team made sure that they captured every single exceptional moment from our wedding day. She was such a joy to work with and not only did she make Hampton and I always feel comfortable and relaxed; she made it a priority to give the same attention to our families and wedding party—something that meant so much to us!

If there was one “special” request that Hampton wanted to be responsible for during wedding planning it was choosing the band—which I didn’t mind at all since he and I share a love for dancing! The Atlanta Showstoppers did not disappoint and gave me one of the best surprises when they played one of my favorite songs Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. I had added it to their list of song choices, thinking they wouldn’t notice (they even had someone rap Kendrick Lamar’s part in the song—I was elated!)

When deciding on which venues to use for our ceremony and reception we only had to look a couple of blocks away from where we live! For the ceremony, we fell in love with St. Michael’s Church (the oldest church in Charleston) and cherished the fact that my parents were also married at a St. Michael’s Church (in Richmond, Virginia) almost 30 years before we said, “I do!”

Down the street and just a short walking distance from St. Michael’s is The Gibbes Museum of Art (it was even so close that after the ceremony the majority of our guests walked down Meeting Street to the venue!) The Gibbes Museum is an idyllic location that would showcase, to our friends and family, our deep love for “our neighborhood” in downtown Charleston. This setting is rich with history and includes a magnificent glass dome Rotunda on the second floor and a stunning outdoor garden on the first floor. Our guests were welcomed with lively music by The Plantation Singers singing Oh, Happy Day, which was the perfect introduction to what was to be an incredible night. Cocktail Hour began on the second floor in the Rotunda where the music followed and our wedding team put the final touches downstairs in the garden. Our wedding planner made sure to let Hampton and I see the tent before everyone else came downstairs (and I am SO happy she did!)

Some of my favorite highlights of our wedding décor was the custom made blue neon sign of our names mirroring the calligraphy on our save the date’s, (Hampton surprised me and gave it to me as a wedding present so we could have it forever!), to the magnolia leave centerpieces, the blue and white Latavola linens and the Lucien chandeliers—the list goes on and on! The best night of our lives ended perfectly with Hampton and I walking outside the Gibbes Museum where our wedding guests were lined up to send us off with sparklers in each hand. We then were chauffeured away in one of Hampton’s trucks from his landscaping business, Frazier Land Group LLC, ready to begin an incredible, life long journey together.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Julie Livingston Photography | Videographer: Sam Keel | Wedding Planner: Boutique Planning | Floral Design: FLORA | Cake: Ashley Bakery | Invitations: The Write Touch | Ceremony Venue: St. Michaels Church | Reception Venue: Gibbes Museum Of Art | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Catering: Cru Catering | Lighting: Technical Event Company | Band: Atlanta Showstoppers | Groom's Attire: Grady Ervin | Bride Assistant: Cacky's Bridal Aid | Bride's Dress: Lovely Bridal Shop | Bride's Hair and Makeup: Stefanie Simpson | Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup: Lashes And Lace Makeup and Hair | Cocktail Hour Music: Plantation Singers | Draping: The Social Spool | Linens: BBJ La Tavola | Rentals: 428 Main Vintage Rentals | Rentals: Ooh! EventHaus | Rentals: Skyline Tent Company | Rentals: Snyder Event Rentals | Save the Dates: mac & murphy

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When the Rain Stops Just in Time and You Get the Ceremony of Your Dreams

When it comes to your wedding day, rain and an outdoor ceremony tend not to mix, but for this lucky couple, the rain only lasted through the morning AND they had Rebecca Rose Events who not only planned the entire soiree but knew how badly the bride wanted that outdoor ceremony and ensured that it happened! Once the clouds parted, Rebecca and her team were able to create stunning florals from ceremony to reception which all took place at The Merrimon-Wynne House. Photographed by Ally and Bobby Photography, every moment was beautifully captured from a greenery draped staircase to the bride’s stunning attire! Take a look below and be sure to watch their heartfelt video by Muddy Trails Film Co.

From Rebecca Rose EventsBecky and Nick desired a joyful day of celebration and that’s just what they had. Their outdoor ceremony was a dream come true, even after heavy rains hit just a few hours before the start time. From the earliest stages of the planning process, Becky felt strongly about having their ceremony in the garden outside their venue. She loved the crisp white exterior of the house, with its exquisite trim and detail, set against the contrast of the green garden area.

The original plan for inclement weather was to hold the ceremony inside the carriage house and flip that space for the reception while guests enjoyed cocktail hour inside the main house. The more we pondered that idea, the more we felt it wasn’t the right call.

Thank goodness for clear top tents! It poured and drenched us the morning of the wedding, but everything under that tent was dry and gorgeous! We were able to create a beautiful flower-filled ceremony setting with abundant natural light, set against the background of the historic house structure, just like Becky had always envisioned, and it was so lovely.

One favorite detail… Becky has an extensive personal collection of antique milk glasses vases and vessels that she wanted to incorporate. We used over 100 of her vases and mixed them with delicate clear glass bud vases to give meaningful character to the dinner tables. It was such a special touch.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Ally and Bobby | Videography: Muddy Trails Videography | Wedding Cake: Ashley Cakes | Catering: Rocky Top Catering | Hair and Makeup: Tease And Blush | Calligraphy: Carole Murray | Lighting: Sound Illusions | Band: Souljam | Ceremony Music: Allegro Music | Cake Table Linen: BBJ La Tavola | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Merrimon Wynne House | Linens: Party Reflections | Planning, Design, and Production (including Floral Design, Graph: Rebecca Rose Events | Rentals: Party Reflections | Stationery & Gift Boxes: Rebecca Rose Events

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How One Couple Transformed Their Indoor Venue into a Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Whimsical, romantic, colorful, floral-filled – a complete and utter dream. These are just a few words we would use to describe today’s stunning Dallas, TX wedding planned and designed by The Wildflowers. The bride couldn’t have looked more beautiful on her big day donning a long sleeve Berta gown as she held a cheerful, cascading bouquet that will hypnotize you with its sheer beauty. Head on over to full gallery captured by Charla Storey Photography to see all the magic, including one of the most wow-worthy ceremony arbors that has ever graced the pages of SMP.

From Rebecca of The Wildflowers… Instead of an elaborate Pinterest board, Stephanie presented five adjectives that expressed her vision—among them “whimsical,” “modern,” “elegant,” “unique,” and “colorful.” As a designer, there is no better way to bring a new vision of what we are celebrating than with the inspiration of words, feelings, and the personal story of the couple. Getting to know Stephanie made creating a storied setting exceptionally easy. Immediately my mind went to the storybook landscape of The Cotswolds, the intricate French moldings of The Adolphus’ 19th floor ballroom, a Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a dreamy palette of inky midnight blues, emerald, thistle, and rose, all coupled together for a delightfully intimate feel.

The ceremony florals were whimsical and lush, taking cues from the gardens that provided inspiration. The almost-infinite growing aisle juxtaposed with a modern indoor ballroom is what truly made it a unique. What was even more magical was watching Stephanie cascade down the aisle to Henry Mancini’s choral version of “Moon River.”

Après-ceremony, guests were invited for cocktails among the historic hotel’s newly updated foyer, which was dressed in mid-century modern furnishings and Cy Twombly-like paintings throughout, with the sounds of soul and jazz scoring the evening. Guests were invited back inside the ballroom for dinner, greeted by tables dressed in cut glass and mineral tealight votives, floral-framed menus as a gentle nod to the French framed mirrors of the ballroom, miniature favor boxes tied in emerald silk ribbon bows, and bud vases of ranunculus, sweet peas, garden roses, clematis, peonies, and muscari nestled throughout.

After a treat of Charred Corn, Lump Crab and Poblano Soup, Petite Texas Filet Mignon, Cedar Plank Salmon, Rainbow Fingerling Potatoes, Wilted Arugula, Grilled Asparagus, guests enjoyed dancing, cake, and revelry. As the night grew darker, guests guided the bride and groom to their getaway car, signaling the end to a magical evening.

The Stationery:

The Adolphus’ 19th floor ballroom has beautiful, ornate gold framed mirrors in the space. I created a gentle nod to the framed mirrors by designing Stephanie’s save the date with simple gold writing and her invitations with frame details, this time of florals. Hand-calligraphed escort cards in dark teal with mineral tea light votives and bud vases welcomed guests as they entered the reception. The menu was displayed in a similar floral frame as the invitation, this time with different blooms, a butterfly, and a hand painted ribbon detail. I created a custom font that included digitized floral illustrations climbing throughout the letter, used as the first initial for the guest’s name, followed by hand-calligraphy to complete the full name for the place card.

The Cake:

Lemon cake, raspberry preserves, vanilla mousseline, Italian buttercream and red velvet cake, cream cheese icing with Italian buttercream!

The Bouquet:

The bride’s beautiful bouquet was a cascading bouquet of clematis, daffodils, sweet peas, peonies, muscari, and garden roses.

The Guest book:

Texas Wildflower Portraits by Lou Ellen O’Kennon

The Favors:

The favors were delicious Kate Weiser chocolates wrapped in white boxes and green silk ribbon, set at place setting.

The Welcome Gifts:

Welcome gifts for hotel guests included San Pellegrino glass bottles, Lammes Texas Pralines, and a welcome note with the wedding weekend itinerary.

The Proposal Story

From the Bride… After we graduated college I thought he possibly would propose soon after, though nothing happened. Then when my birthday came in June I thought it may have been then, but still nothing happened. Though, he really surprised me when on the 4th of July we had a casual day by the pool and said he got us some reservations to go to dinner that night at a seafood restaurant that was supposed to be really good. We ended up going to restaurant and I was thinking nothing of it – we order our food & drinks and before we could finish or even receive our food he popped the question since he didn’t want to wait any longer! We celebrated and finished our meal with a few glasses of champagne and then afterwards his family was there and we took pictures and had a very low key celebration.

What were some unique or special wedding details?

 I am the first in my family to get married and since Joe and I have been together for so long I felt there was a lot of excitement around the event. Since Joe and I grew up together our friend groups are the exact same – our high school friends have seen our relationship grow through the years but also our college friends grew to know us as a couple over several years. Since we are the first of our friend groups to get married there was even more excitement from our friends to celebrate!
[iframe 600 338]

What were some of your favorite moments of the day?

I think the most special thing we did during our wedding which we were so glad that we did was during our reception dinner – we walked to each table to greet each person and thank them for coming. It was so nice being able to see everyone we invited and give everyone the chance to feel special and part of our day. We ended up getting so many more candid photos and had many touching moments going table to table!

First Look – Both of us were very excited since I knew he was clueless about my dress (and he knows my obsession with fashion so the dress was super important to me). We were both so calm after seeing each other and everything was perfect. We could hardly keep a serious face when taking photos we were just laughing so much talking to each other about various things like our dogs and what our friends all were doing today. We last saw each other the night before when we all went out to a bar in Dallas with our wedding party and friends from out of town!Any advice for future brides/grooms?
The main thing we learned in the process is getting a wedding planner is the best decision you can make! With both of us working full time jobs, having two puppies, and trying to keep up with our social lives- we needed help planning & executing our vision. Finding someone who has the same aesthetic and taste as your own makes it even simpler when you both gravitate towards the same ideas and designs. Rebecca could not have been any more perfect for the vision I had!

Photography: Charla Storey Photography | Event Design and Planning: The Wildflowers | Dress: Berta | Cake: The Adolphus | Calligraphy: The Left Handed Calligrapher | DJ: Le Force Entertainment | Ballroom: The Adolphus | Catering, Cake and Hair and Makeup: The Adolphus | Floral: The Wildflowers | Lab: Goodman Film Lab | Paper Goods: The Wildflower | Rentals : Top Tier | Video: Peyton Anne Frank

This NYC Venue Is the Perfect Industrial Chic Space You’ve Been Searching For!

When industrial-chic meets enchanted garden – the results are truly breathtaking, and this wedding is proof of just that! If you’re in NYC, you know there’s no better place than The Foundry to pull off this timeless look, thanks to its charming exposed brick walls and climbing ivy at every turn. Vision Event Co. brought the bride and groom’s dream to life by bringing the outdoors in, with a little help from Ivie Joy Flowers who transformed the space with spectacular hanging installations and a wow-worthy arbor. Head on over to the full gallery to see the magic unfold – all captured by CLY BY MATTHEW!

From CLY BY MATTHEW… The couple met in the med school, started dating and finally tied the knot at the Foundry in Long Island City, NY. The industrial yet modern flare with lots of ivy, cobble stone, exposed red brick charm added so many layers of beauty to this wedding celebration.

The bride wanted to make a whimsical greenhouse-like setting by putting hanging greens and flowers and a beautiful arch at the ceremony site. Later on it became a gate for the reception where they walked through for the entrance.

Transforming from NY industrial chic to enchanting greenhouse with garden style offered an amazing atmosphere throughout the day. The bride and groom’s mothers wore a Korean traditional outfit, called Hanbok, to represent their cultural background.

Photography: CLY BY MATTHEW | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Cake: Lucky Bird Bakes | Bride's shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Pronovias | Catering: Bartleby & Sage | Hair and Makeup: VickyC5 | Groom's Attire: The Black Tux | Wedding Venue: The Foundry | Flower: Ivie Joy Flowers | Photo Booth: Cly Booth | Planning: Vision Entertainment

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See What Color Gown This Bride Wore For Her Farm Wedding in The Catskills!

And the bride wore…GOLD! And a stunning, gold Pnina Tornai dress at that! Hanna and Jimm said their ‘I Do’s’ at The Kaaterskill, a family farm that they visit each year, which felt just like home surrounded by family and friends, horse pastures and beautiful backdrops. The bride’s dramatic dress mixed with an array of colorful florals by Saipua made for the perfect pair and Karen Wise Photography captured it beautifully! Take a look and see why this wedding has us ready for fall and be sure to check out their gorgeous hand-painted wedding cake!

From Karen Wise PhotographyHanna and Jimm loved the idea of having getting married at The Kaaterskill because they travel to the property, owned by Jimm’s cousins, for family holidays and other escapes throughout the year.

An inn, pond, 15 acres of wooded land, horse pastures, and an array of animals comprise the estate. What’s more? Although dozens of weddings are held there annually, Hanna and Jimm were the first in the family to book the Upstate New York property for their big day…

Hanna envisioned herself in a colored gown before her first shopping trip. Since it was likely to be the most extravagant dress I’d ever buy, I wasn’t going to limit myself to only white, says the bride. She admits this gold satin dress that she snagged at a Kleinfeld sample sale was a tad dramatic for her “farm wedding,” but she says, “it made me smile.”

She admits this gold satin dress that she snagged at a Kleinfeld sample sale was a tad dramatic for her “farm wedding,” but she says, “it made me smile.”

Hanna went traditional with her custom veil—”a single layer, off-white, cathedral-length beauty.” – A quote from the bride. 

Photographer: Karen Wise Photography | Floral Design: Saipua | Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai | Ceremony Venue: The Kaaterskill | Reception Venue: The Kaaterskill | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Catering: Sonnier + Castle | Makeup and Hair: SB Beauty | Band: The Lowdown Stoppers | Groom's Suit: Michael Andrews Bespoke | Bridal Boutique: Kleinfeld Bridal | Film Lab: Chelsea Photographic

Amazing Race Winner Ties the Knot in Stunning Vineyard Wedding!

Although the bride and groom are avid world travelers, instead of having an adventurous destination wedding somewhere exotic, they opted for a meaningful, intimate wedding close to home in the mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia – and the results couldn’t have been more beautiful. As you peruse through a sea of coral dresses and white blooms, you may recognize a few familiar faces (including the groom’s – Amazing Race Winner Season 2!) Head on over to the full gallery to see all the pretty captured by Shannon Moffit Photography of their special day – planned by Amore Events by Cody!

From the bride… Alex and I currently live on the beach in Marina del Rey, California, but we decided to create a warm, memorable wedding weekend for family and friends in my home state of Virginia. We invited 160 guests to join us for the perfect 4th of July weekend celebration in the mountains of Charlottesville. Almost all of our guests had to travel to our wedding from around the world, so on the Friday beforehand, we reserved a mountaintop lodge and welcomed guests to “Camp Katie Alex.” Our guests experienced Virginia mountain life before heading to Early Mountain Vineyard for the ceremony and reception the next day.

From Shannon Moffit PhotographyThe groom, Alex Boylan, is the Co-Founder of DreamJobbing with an extensive career as an adventure travel producer and host. He is originally from Boston, but more comfortable on a surfboard on the beaches of sunny California. Alex started his career by winning The Amazing Race, Season 2. This opened up a whole world of adventure–he began producing and hosting shows all around the world. The bride, Katie Erlandson, is a fashion executive based in Los Angeles. She works with the leading fashion and beauty brands and sources talent. Katie and Alex first met in 2013, beginning their adventure together but taking their time to finally walk down the aisle. They spent a lot of time over the last six years traveling around the world together- from safaris in Africa to surfing in Thailand to sailing through the Bahamas. They are quite the adventurous power couple!

When wedding planning begun, their instincts were to follow their passion for travel and plan an exotic destination wedding with a weekend of activities and not just one night. Once the planning process continued, they realized that they wanted something very special that would be meaningful and closer to home. Growing in up Northern Virginia, Katie’s parents retired and built a beautiful log home near Charlottesville, VA, which has been the center of holiday activities for her family for the past ten years. The couple decided Charlottesville would be the perfect destination to create that special holiday environment with plenty of time together.

For the color palette, Katie drew inspiration from Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral with a nod to peaches and oranges from local Virginia farm produce. She has a strong passion for design and color, so it was important for her to create a warm and vibrant color palette that felt true to a late summer wedding. She wanted to stick to the classic Virginia aesthetic, but introduce a fresh perspective. Katie worked closely with Amy of Blue Ridge Florals to bring the floral vision to life and made sure her bridesmaid’s dresses complemented the overall color story of the day. The outdoor wedding ceremony was officiated by Alex’s father, Dr. Rev. William Boylan of Boston and took place against the beautiful blue ridge vineyard landscape.

Since Alex has been very involved and active in the world of reality adventure television, there were many familiar faces in attendance. Chris Luca, Alex’s winning partner from the Amazing Race Season 2, Brennan Swain, the winner of the Amazing Race Season 1, and Jeff Schroeder, current host of Daily Blast Live, and wife Jordan Lloyd, Big Brother and Amazing Race contestant. Alex’s current business partner, Burton Roberts, was part of Survivor Season 5. And Colin Guinn and Christy Woods, the most recent Amazing Race Season 31 winners (who were able to attend only days after the season finale and win was aired). Coincidentally, two of Katie’s bridesmaids were also on the Amazing Race- Debbie Cloyed and Bianca Smith, from Season 7. They both met Alex long before Katie and were beyond thrilled once Alex and Katie finally found each other.

Also in attendance was Giada Delaurentis, television personality and cooking host, and beau Shane Farley, a long time friend and colleague of the groom, and one of the top Talk Show Executive Producers in Hollywood with credits such as The Rachael Ray Show and The Steve Harvey Show. The actor, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his wife were also in attendance. Mark-Paul is most known for his television roles as Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell and Detective John Clark Jr. In NYPD Blue. Also in attendance, Anne O’Grady, the Executive Vice President of Marketing for CBS, and Scot Cru, the Head of International MGM Studios. And Lisa Hennessy, Alex’s close friend and business partner, who helped create reality TV executive producing and help launch shows like Eco-Challenge, Survivor, The Contender, Rockstar and The Biggest Loser.

Photography: Shannon Moffit Photography | Florist: Blue Ridge Floral | Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Invitations: Shine Wedding Invitations | Reception Venue: Early Mountain Vineyards | Catering: Harvest Moon Catering | Entertainment: Bachelor Boys Band | Donut Cake: Carpe Donut | Makeup/Hair: Avenue 42 | Planning: Amore Events by Cody | Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Lydia Mountain Lodge | Rentals: Upcountry Camp

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Every Modern Bride Is About to Fall in Love with This Gallery-Like Space in Austin

In case you weren’t already convinced – there is sooo much beauty in simplicity, and this wedding at our new fave Austin venue proves just that. With the help of Wild Sky Events, the bride and groom’s vision of a minimalistic wedding with a garden-like feel came to life – complete with romantic and warm touches at every turn. Color Theory Collective created the most beautiful arrangements in neutral hues that perfectly complimented the white walls and natural wooden elements. Head on over to the full gallery captured by Feather & Twine to see all the pretty!

The Design:

From Wild Sky Events… Our design goal was to create a minimalist garden vibe that still felt warm and romantic. We focused on a gorgeous floral color palette, natural textures for linens and fabrics, wood and leather accents and bringing those key elements into all aspects of the design. From the fabric ceiling installation to the fabric on the sofa and chairs, to the wood backing on the invitations or the leather accents on the seating chart. It was all about subtle details with this wedding. 

Where did you get married and why did you choose that location?

From the bride and groom, Amanda and Chuck… Chuck actually picked it out. We both really liked it for its interesting architecture. It is so simple and beautiful. My best friend and bridesmaid was still living in Austin. I actually had her go and look at it before we put a deposit down. I saw it in person a few months later and was blown away.

What was your design inspiration?

I wanted natural, clean colors. I wanted something that was organic and light. I really just wanted to highlight how beautiful Prospect House is on it’s own. I think we made good decisions on a few things and that made all the difference.

What did you learn throughout the wedding process?

I learned how important it was to have a great vendor team. Hiring a wedding planner was the best decision I made. Wild Sky Events (Kate) helped me find all my other vendors. I didn’t have to spend hours searching for a florist or DJ because she already had people she recommended. They were people she’s worked with before and I trusted her opinion. Before planning my wedding I did not think lighting or rentals were important or something to spend money on. Kate taught me how important lighting is! Every decision you make for your wedding can seem like the most important decision, but at the end of the day, you just want your wedding to reflect who you are as a couple. 

Photography: Feather & Twine | Event Planning: Wild Sky Events | Cake: Feathers & Frosting | Reception Venue: Prospect House | Catering: Royal Fig Catering | Hair and Makeup: Mindy Orsak | Lighting: Ilios | DJ: DJ Gatsby | Floral: Color Theory Collective | Rentals: 10th Collections

A French Garden, 4 Living Arches and Romantic Literary Touches at Every Turn!

Lovers of literature, poetry and romantic french gardens – Laura and Craig combined a few of their favorite things to create the intimate destination wedding of their dreams. Their weekend began with a sunrise stroll in Paris and ended with a fabulous garden fête, all planned by Jennifer Fox Weddings with floral design from Floraison. Check out the full gallery to see living arches galore, the most beautiful blush pink gown and so much more – all captured by Molly Carr Photography!

From Jennifer Fox WeddingsLaura & Craig traveled from New Jersey to celebrate their pre wedding and intimate wedding day in France! 

The goal of their destination wedding experience was to create a day that was as personal and meaningful as possible! The inspiration behind their pre wedding photo shoot and celebration was to create a classic, iconic, formal, romantic and fashionable memories in a country that they both hold dear. 

They arrived in the City of Light a few days early in order to have a sunrise pre wedding shoot at some of Paris’ most famous landmarks! They chose to have a sunrise shoot in order to have Paris all to themselves while capturing its one of a kind romanticism. Their wedding story came full circle since Paris was where Craig proposed to Laura! Laura chose an ethereal pale pink dress that floated in the wind and blended perfectly into the pale summer sky! 

Her blush pink diamond engagement ring paired perfectly with her gown! For their wedding day the couple was inspired by French lawns and green gardens which is exactly why they chose Château Bouffémont. We chose to have the wedding dinner on the lawn with arches of lush green foliage enveloping the long dinner table. It both looked and felt like a secret garden! 

Since the couple initially met in their college poetry class, they stressed early on their love of French literature and poetry! Because of this we made sure to have literary touches throughout the design. We found elegant and organic ways to incorporate this into the majority of the details! The welcome to our love story welcome sign, the weathered pages of vintage French novels, the chapters designating each course in the menu, the flower petal cones were made from pages of Ernest Hemmingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises” that the couple chose themself!

Photography: Molly Carr Photography | Floral Design: Floraison | Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara | Ring: ManiaMania | Catering: Grand Chemin | Entertainment: Jazz Around Midnight | Beauty: Onorina Jomir Beauty | Blush Dress : Nordstrom | Calligraphy & Stationery : Silent Word Studio | Chateau: Chateau Bouffémont | Dress Boutique: Elizabeth Johns | Gossamer Ribbons: Adorn Company | Linens: Madame de la Maison | Planning & Design: Jennifer Fox Weddings | Pre-Wedding Dress: Basix Black Label

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The Best Tips for Creating Your Wedding Seating Chart That Will Make Every Guest Happy

Nothing sounds like less fun than a seating chart, also known as an escort card display, especially if you have bad memories of your elementary school days of not being able to sit next to your BFF. When it comes to your wedding, you might be wary of the seating chart whether it sounds too formal, disappointing to guests, or simply too difficult to put together. Although it might not be your favorite wedding task, the seating chart is absolutely necessary for weddings to prevent guest stressing over where they should sit. If a positive guest experience is important to you, read on for tips for creating your wedding seating chart that will make every guest happy!

Be Mindful of the Table Groups

Cathy of COJ Events says, “As the couple hosting a wedding it’s easy to try to accept responsibility for everyone attending.  And as wedding planners our goal is to create a fabulous guest experience for everyone attending, but the truth is that when it comes to the seating chart it may not be possible to make everyone happy! And that’s OK!  Do your best to keep people together who will enjoy each other, allow family who have not seen each other for a long time to spend time together not with strangers, and work hard to make your floor plan well thought out so that there are not really any bad tables! Then relax and enjoy the time knowing that guests are only sitting at the dinner tables for 90 minutes max.”

Kaella Lynn adds another interesting perspective, “I advise clients to think not only about seating people with those they already know but to group people by common interests. This allows them to also meet new people and build more community along your guests. For example, those that studied abroad in the same city.”

The Best Way to Arrange the Names

“For a group over 75 guests, I recommend placing the guests in alphabetical order instead of by table. This is so much more convenient for your guests, making it easier to find their name and table number and also letting them enjoy more of cocktail hour. Also helps with transitioning to dinner more seamlessly.” Remarks Kaella Lynn.

Create a Gorgeous Display

Walking up to a plain table of folded cards isn’t nearly as fun as seeing a beautiful display of escort cards that ties into your wedding theme. Although it’ll cost more to have a custom display, it might be totally worth it for guest experience. For example, one of my past couples loves sports and their seating chart was a “seeding chart” with a tournament bracket indicating the tables. Guests absolutely loved it!

Make it Boozy

To make the seating chart more exciting, give each guest a refreshing cocktail or glass of champagne along with his or her escort card. Jeannie of Details Details suggests, “Seating charts that incorporate champagne or a signature cocktail are super fun. We line up the drinks on wall shelves with acrylic stir sticks that are laser etched with guests’ names and table assignments. It sets the tone for a festive reception. For example, for a Bali wedding, we offered a lychee mojito while in California we offered a refreshing Prosecco.”


Cavin Elizabeth is a wedding film photographer based in San Diego, California. Her wedding work has taken her all over the United States and abroad. In addition to being a photographer, Cavin is an educator and an avid blogger of wedding planning tips for brides and grooms. She authored the book A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding, which teaches couples how to make wedding plans that are best for photography. 

How She Upped the Cozy Factor in her Modern Loft!

Here comes Fall… sweaters, pumpkin spiced lattes and all. Is your home ready? With cozy layers and warm neutrals, Neelam Gurm of Patterns and Prosecco transformed this industrial loft into the perfect place for cozying up with a great book and a hot cup of your favorite sip. Get inspired to add cold weather comfort to your abode with images by MJay Photography plus our favorite pieces to snag the look below!

For this project I transformed an industrial space into a cozy space to welcome fall. My intention was to inspire and help readers transition their own spaces from summer into fall and winter.

The inspiration and most prominent piece in the space is the beautiful vintage Turkish rug. From the 1960s it’s hand knotted, vibrant and the perfect addition to the concrete floors. Area rugs and scatter rugs are an easy and inexpensive way to change up decor with the seasons. In a large space like this the rug not only defines the space, but also helps to absorb sound and reduce echoing.

Since I wanted the rug to be the star, I kept the rest of the furnishings neutral, choosing to play with texture over color to create interest. An oversized knitted throw, fringed pillows, and a knotted pouf keep the space from feeling boring, while creating a warm and inviting space.

Gorgeous caramel leather chairs offer contrast to the sofa, but blend in beautifully with the brick, keeping the space mellow. A sheep skin rug and cozy pillow help to soften the chairs and play well with the other textures in the space.

Natural elements like the raw wood nesting tables and warm tones like the bass accents help to warm up the space even more. Vintage art, books and candles complete the transformation.

Photography: Michelle Johnson | Design: Neelam Gurm | Brass Side Table: West Elm | Candles: Anthropologie | Chairs: Homesense | Fringed Pillow: Anthropologie | Knitted Throw: West Elm | Lamp: Homesense | Nesting Tables: Homesense | Pouf: Homesense | Rug: Etsy | Sofa: Homesense

The Floral Adorned Garden Wedding of Our Dreams!

Garden wedding lovers – this one’s for you! Blush and mauve hues decorated their day from the bridesmaids dresses to the floral ceremony arch created by Gather Design Company. The bride stunned in a V-neck Jusere gown and a delicate princess tiara (total royal wedding vibes). Later, FNMS Inc. Planning and Design brought the garden inside at their reception complete with a living staircase and lush pink blooms. See all the magic unfold at the full gallery – taken by The Ganeys!

From The GaneysDaisy and Jixiong had a beautiful Thornewood Castle wedding! The weather could not have been more beautiful and this couple couldn’t have been sweeter. Daisy and Jixiong opted for an intimate wedding with only 60 guests, allowing them to spend time with everyone that made the trip to celebrate with them! Daisy has impeccable taste – I could have photographed her all day! 

Her bridal shoes were absolutely stunning with the lace detailing and the jeweled accent. Her hair was pulled up neatly in a high bun, and around it, she wore a crown. She wore a ballgown that flattered her figure with ascending floral accents on the bodice. Her bridesmaids wore mauve gowns and carried garden bouquets filled with roses, dahlias and sweet peas. 

Jixiong and Daisy decided to do a first look up on the balcony of Thornewood Castle. They were so excited to see each other for the first time – all of the nerves melted away with that first embrace! The wedding ceremony was held in the garden. A harpist played classical love songs as guests found their seats – the aisles flanked by floral arrangements. 

The lush floral arch from Gather Design Company was the most romantic centerpiece to the ceremony. Daisy and Jixiong shared personal vows during the ceremony, and friends and family cheered as they were announced as husband and wife! The reception was held indoors in the main dining room. Each table was set with organic florals and each guest sat with a gold rimmed charger, gold flatware and a menu card. Daisy and Jixong’s family shared toasts and the couple made their way to every table to greet their guests. At the end of the evening, we walked down to the dock for some sunset portraits. As the sun set behind the mountains, Daisy and Jixiong had the opportunity to soak it in – this was their wedding day. Shortly after, they exited through a row of sparklers!

Photography: The Ganeys | Floral Design: Gather Design Company | Wedding Dress: Jusere | Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana | Bridesmaids Dresses: Vera Wang | Catering: Foodz Catering | Hair & Makeup: Tianyao Su | Harpist: The Solo Harp | Venue: Thornewood Castle | Crown: Qianse Bride | Dining Dress: Tadashi Shoji | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | MC: Lucy Meng Wedding MC | Planning: FNMS Inc. Planning and Design | Rentals: Cort Party Rentals | Rentals: Sweet Buffet Lady | Ring Box: The Mrs Box

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Codes

Planning a wedding means that there are a million decisions to make, and little details to iron out. One detail that often gets overlooked is the wedding dress code. Sure, you’ve thought about what you and your partner will wear, but what about your guests? We know, the idea of assigning a dress code may seem a little outdated, but trust us, it’s not! Dress codes not only ensure that your wedding guests look cohesive with the event as a whole, but it also helps your guests be confident and comfortable in the ensemble they decide to wear. There are dress codes available for any and every occasion – but for weddings, here are the dress codes you need to know:

Helpful Tip: When choosing your dress code, it is best to have a venue booked first, this way you can adjust the dress code to fit the venue accordingly.  

1. White-tie

White-tie is the most formal option and not very common–think royal ball. Men are required to wear tuxedos with tails, or a tailcoat, and of course–a white bow tie. Women are required to wear a floor-length ball gown-a gown that is fitted through the bodice and then flares out from the waist into a bell-shape. Some white-tie functions also request that the women wear long gloves, past the elbow. For a wedding guest, it would be acceptable for a woman to wear a floor-length evening gown with a little less fullness–it would be in poor taste for a guest’s gown to be more voluminous than the bride’s. That being said, if you are a bride and you are hosting a white-tie affair, be sure to go big! We’re talking princess-level ballgown with the dramatic train and cathedral veil complete with children to carry it.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Zosia Zacharia Photography


2. Black-tie

Though not the most formal dress code, black-tie is still a formal affair. Men are expected to wear tuxedos but may choose a more modern design (without the tails). Black ties are a must. Some sources will tell you that it needs to be a bow tie, but these days a black necktie will do just as well. Women are expected to wear a formal floor-length gown, there are no requirements on color or silhouette. If you are hosting a black-tie wedding make sure that you, your partner, and your bridal party adhere to the dress code as well: meaning, the men are in tuxes and the women are all in floor-length gowns. 

PHOTOGRAPHY| Luna de Mare Photography


3. Black-tie Optional or Formal

If you don’t feel the need to be super strict with your dress code, consider this option. Black-tie optional, or sometimes referred to as “Formal”, is a very considerate way to host a formal event without requiring your guests to purchase or rent an ensemble just for your wedding. It allows men to wear either a tuxedo or a dark suit. It is recommended that men wear a white shirt with their dark suit to mimic the look of a tuxedo. Women are encouraged to wear floor-length evening gowns or formal cocktail dresses. For a black-tie optional event, we would recommend that women opting to wear a cocktail dress go for a midi-length hem. For couples that are hosting a black-tie optional wedding, we recommend that you follow the black-tie dress code to ensure that you have the most formal looks at the wedding.

PHOTOGRAPHER | Oliver Fly Photography


4. Semi-formal or Cocktail 

Semi-formal is currently the most popular dress code for weddings. Men can wear a suit and tie ensemble or a sport coat. For women, it’s super easy, just wear a cocktail dress! The hem of the cocktail dress can range from midi to just above the knee. For formal events, in general, try to wear a dress with a hem that falls at your fingertips or below. Women may also wear formal pantsuits and separates. Men in the bridal party and the groom(s) should wear a suit while women in the bridal party wear a cocktail dress or a slightly less formal floor-length gown. Brides that are hosting a semiformal wedding can still wear a formal wedding gown or they can opt for something playful, like a gown with a high-low hem or a midi-length dress.  

PHOTOGRAPHY| O’Malley Photographers


5. Dressy Casual

This dress code is a great option if you are hosting an outdoor wedding but still want it to feel like a formal affair. For a dressy casual wedding, men should wear a sport coat or blazer with khakis or slacks; no tie required. It is still expected that men wear dress shoes or loafers. Women can wear separates or dresses at any hem length and in more casual materials like cotton or linen. For shoes, women should wear heels, wedges, or dressy flats. It is still expected that the bridal party will be the most formal, so the groom(s) and any men in the bridal party may still wear a suit. Bridesmaids can wear anything from a sundress to a less formal floor-length dress. The bride(s) may still wear a formal wedding gown, though some silhouettes lend themselves better to a dressy-casual wedding like A-line and mermaid. Brides hosting a dressy casual wedding may also choose to go with a less formal/traditional look like a pantsuit, jumpsuit, or a cocktail dress. 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Jose Villa Photography


6. Casual

A casual dress code can get a little tricky because it truly depends on how casual you want to go. If you are hosting the wedding, it’s a good idea to outline the specifics of the dress code for your guests so they aren’t stressing about being over or underdressed. Typically, a casual dress code means that men don’t need jackets, a nice button-down shirt and khakis or slacks is perfect. If you are getting married outside, maybe on the beach, and you would like to give men the option to wear shorts, make sure to specify that on your invitation. The same goes for sandals. Women can wear separates or sundresses. If you are hosting a casual wedding, linen is always a good look for the men, depending on the season, of course. The women in the bridal party can wear sundresses or casual maxi dresses. A couple hosting a casual wedding may dress a little more formal, with the groom(s) wearing a casual linen suit or sport coat and pants, while the bride still wears a traditional wedding gown with a slim silhouette. Brides hosting a casual wedding may also choose to wear a pantsuit, shorter cocktail dress, or sundress. 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Joel Serrato Film Photographer

Whatever dress code you and your partner decide to go with remember to outline as much as you can for your guests. It’s not necessary to put it all on the invite, just state the dress code and you can dive into more detail on your wedding website. It’s also a good idea to consult with your wedding planner on this topic. They will have a lot of great advice about which dress codes would coordinate best with your venue and how to word it properly for your guests. 

Now that we’ve laid out all of the rules, we just wanted to take a second to remind you that at the end of the day, your wedding is a party–try not to be too much of a stickler when it comes to enforcing the dress code. Just trust your guests to do their best and enjoy the day; it goes by so fast!

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Jackie O Would 100% Approve of This Chic & Timeless Ballroom Wedding

This stunning former NFL cheerleader and her handsome hub tied the knot in true Jackie O style at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in front of their closest family and friends. The bride was the epitome of elegance in her classic strapless gown while rocking a pair of matching opera-length gloves (#goals)! Callista & Company planned the entire day to perfection while O’Malley Photographers captured every chic detail. Head on over to the full gallery to see all the modern blooms from Sinclair & Moore and so much more… the arbor is truly EVERYTHING.

From the planner, Callista & Company, and the Bride, Brittany… As a newly engaged couple going into wedding planning, we already had a vision of our perfect wedding, which included a traditional base with modern twists sprinkled in. Luckily, Reid and I had the industry’s best of the best help bring our wedding dreams to fruition.

Our wedding was traditional with a Kennedy-esque flare to the evening – I wore a clean high bun, a full gown with delicate buttons down the back, accompanied with silk opera length gloves. Reid wore a classic black tuxedo with a white button-down shirt and black bow tie.

Our modern twists included all white bridesmaid’s gowns, an energetic little Flower Boy and all white floral arrangements. The all white ensemble was complemented with shades of grey and black accents and different textures to truly bring the room to life.

Being a former Seattle Seahawk’s Cheerleader (Go Hawks!), it’s tradition to perform a dance called ‘Turbulence’ at all former / current cheerleaders’ weddings. What made this tradition even more exciting was having Reid, an honorary Squad 5 member, show off his dance moves in front of friends and family and join in as the shared point of the triangle!

Guests roared and applauded and could not believe Reid was up dancing with former NFL cheerleaders – he fit right in! Another special moment happened just minutes before walking down the aisle. My bridesmaids and I had a “My Best Friend’s Wedding” moment and played the song “Wishin’ and Hopin’ as we danced around with the Flower Boy, sipped champagne and giggled as we prepared to walk down the aisle. It was the most perfect, unplanned moment of the entire day!

Photography: O'Malley Photographers | Cinematography: Green Attic Films | Event Planning: Callista & Company | Floral Design: Sinclair & Moore | Wedding Dress: Sareh Nouri | Stationery: Grey and Cake | Ceremony: Olympic Fairmont Hotel | Reception: Olympic Fairmont Hotel | Hair & Make-up: Geraldine Legaspi | Veil: Sareh Nouri

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A Floral Escort Card Display Unlike Any We’ve Seen Before!

A little bit of rustic romance mixed with a bit of sophisticated style made for the perfect wedding day for this music-loving couple! Held at The Full Moon Resort, Bride and Groom adorned the venue with a variety of stunning floral displays by Faye and Renee! From a jaw-dropping ceremony setup, allowing the bride to walk through a set of doors (while being completely outside,) to one of our favorite escort card display’s we’ve seen! Top off the day with the sounds of live band, Cafe Wha? Band and you have a wedding day full of all of the love and all of the dancing! Take a peek below, and see how Emily Wren Photography brought this couples whimsical day to life!

From Emily Wren PhotographyMarli and Zach brought a sophisticated sense of style and love of live music to their wedding weekend at the Full Moon Resort. The rustic romance of the Catskills provided an idyllic backdrop for this glowing couple, along with family and friends, to celebrate from the rehearsal dinner on Friday night to the farewell brunch on Sunday morning! 

The Full Moon Resort is situated in the heart of the Catskill Forest Preserve and offers both in-house catering and an array of accommodations and venues, making it the perfect destination for a summer wedding!

The floral design, courtesy of Faye & Renee, augmented the Full Moon Resort’s grounds, bringing heavenly floral arches (and dreamy french doors!) to the lush green lawns and decking the handsome golden barn in rosy sprays of summer blooms! While there were so many major moments of floral inspiration in this wedding, I was struck by the escort cards, nestled in the baskets of yellow and white wildflowers outside of the Wedding Barn. It was the sweetest way to transition from the cocktail hour in the garden to the reception indoors.

Music plays an important part in Zach and Marli’s relationship–Zach, who used to be a music blogger, actually met Marli at a concert– so getting a world-class wedding band was a must! They booked New York’s legendary Cafe Wha? band, who were absolutely amazing! The spirits were high in the Wedding Barn, and the golden lights hanging from the ceiling like full moons lit up the equally beaming crowd! Cafe Wha? read the energy of the room and kept the dance floor rocking until the end of the night, when Zach and Marli joined their guests for an after-party at the Roadhouse–a late-night bar on the premises!

Photography: Emily Wren Photography | Videography: Luxe Reel | Floral Design: Faye and Renee Floral and Event Design | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Invitations: Minted | Reception Venue: Full Moon Resort | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Catering: Full Moon Resort | Makeup & Hair: Tara Pross of Bella Trucco | Band: Cafe Wha Band | Groom's Suit: Enzo Custom | Groom's Wedding Band: Chris Ploof | Ring Box: Alwedo | Wedding Ring: Jemma Wynne

A Flower Themed First Birthday Party fit for a Little Lady!

First Birthdays. A chance to celebrate the little person that we’ve fallen so deeply in love with. A milestone where we recognize that our baby isn’t such a baby anymore. But more than anything? A holy-cow-we-did-it-sleepless-nights-and-all party where we can (and should) celebrate that being a parent isn’t for the faint of heart. That it truly does, take a village. Well, lucky for us, the creative and crazy talented village that surrounds floral designer Michelle Lywood and her precious little girl Livia, whipped together a first birthday party to end all first birthday parties. Planned by Lovely Time Weddings & Events with flowers by La Lavande and photos by Taralynn Lawton, this is one for the books!

From Tammy at Lovely Time Wedding & EventsBig congratulations to Michelle Lywood, our oh-so talented florist friend in the industry. After taking a break to spend time with her sweet daughter, Livia. It was so much fun to see Michelle come back to events though hosting a beautiful party for her friends and family! Michelle can never get away from her love for florals, so Livia in turn was born to bloom beautifully. This theme of the event came from Michelle’s hope for her daughter to blossom into a beautiful woman!

Michelle really wanted a cute, but high-end cake design, different from usual baby party celebrations. We also knew that she really loved the watercolor effect and peachy-coral tones that we were using as the main colors of the event, so La Vie Douce Design incorporated those themes into the cake design using white fondant applique to give a higher-end floral look. Inkinity Studio designed and executed the beautiful watercolor backdrop. 

We had two varieties of handmade cookies by Not Betty Cookies – one shaped into colorful florals and the other featuring handpainted farm animals which helped to tie in the petting zoo that we had. Having the cookie maker use black outlines for the animals with a pop of color to represent the color palette and floral theme made them feel fresh and modern.

Knowing both mother and daughter, the pair are always so happy and sweet, our design team found a quote that fit their family perfectly. “If I had a flower for every time you made us smile and laugh, I could walk in my garden forever,” fitting in with the floral theme. We used the quote as a backdrop and a focal point which was crafted beautifully by KLP Calligraphy

Along with the beautiful aesthetics, we worked to include many interactive and photo elements for the guests and the family with 3 photographable backdrops and plenty of food and activities!

The whole party was a great gathering of family and friends with activities that both the children and adults could enjoy in a homey backyard with personalized decoration.

Photography: Taralynn Lawton | Floral Design: La Lavande | Cake: La Vie Douce Design | Catering: Far Out Catering | Calligraphy: KLP Calligraphy | Art Direction: Michelle Lywood | Backdrop: Inkinity Studio | Balloon Design: Balloonatics Events | Bartender: Bartending Babes | Cookies: Not Betty Cookies | Face Painting: Happy Cake Face Painting | Lasercut Signs: Happily Ever Etched | Linen Rental: BBJ La Tavola | Petting Zoo: Little Explorers Petting Zoo | Planning: Lovely Time | Rentals: Abbey Rentals | Shave Ice: Annie Viv's Shave Ice | Vintage Rentals: One True Love Vintage Rentals