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Want to Elope? You Need to See this Intimate 18-Person Wedding on a Romantic River.

What percentage of couples do you think actually consider eloping? I have no hard stats for you, but I’m guessing that at some point, a good majority of us consider taking the first flight out to our dream wedding destination for a very intimate I do. Jessica and Chad were on team elopement to start, but eventually decided to expand their guest list to 18. With the help of Westcott Weddings, they celebrated in the sweetest way—on a riverside—with their closest loved ones by their side. It’s a truly beautiful union and I cannot wait for you to experience it all through the lens of Feather & Twine.

From Westcott Weddings… Jessica and Chad were married in an intimate celebration on the banks of the Blanco River over Memorial Day weekend. They were initially leaning towards a true elopement — just the two of them — but ultimately decided that they wanted to share the start of their new chapter together with their family, too. From there, the guest list grew to a total of 18 people — just immediate family (plus their sweet pups, who got to join in the fun all weekend, too).

Jessica and Chad share a love of the outdoors, and Jessica found a perfect spot on the Blanco River for a weekend-long celebration. The private rental home she ultimately booked was large enough to accommodate their full guest list for the whole weekend, and it was situated right on on the banks of the river. They could walk from the backyard down to the water to fish, wade, kayak, or simply sit and watch the water rush by. (On the evening of the wedding, we got to watch a whole family of deer cross the river to head into the hills for the night, and in fact, when I arrived for setup on Saturday morning, Jessica — and most of her + Chad’s family members — were down at the river fishing.

The inspiration for the day was an “elegant, Hill Country fiesta.” Warm spring colors and a mix of Southwestern and boho accents played together to create a homey, whimsical celebration. Their invitation suite — designed by Boarding School Collective — set the tone for the day and included a custom crest, which featured their love for all things outdoors (and their pets)! Boarding School also designed a custom otomi pattern, which we used in the day-of paper, too, to carry the Southwestern theme throughout.

Although the famous spring rain in Texas took out our first choice for the ceremony spot (a mere week before the big day!), the property provided many alternatives, and on the day-of, we found a perfect spot with a background of the river and the rolling Hill Country. Vintage rugs marked the aisle and led to a lush floral installation designed by Remi & Gold, which incorporated all of Jessica’s bright, fun colors. Chad wore his late grandfather’s cowboy boots, and Remi & Gold helped attach a locket in memory of Jessica’s mother onto her bouquet. The stone in Jessica’s ring also belonged to her mother.

During the ceremony, Jessica and Chad exchanged their own handwritten vows, and afterwards joined their family up around the pool for mocktails (and cocktails!) and fun, “backyard” appetizers including chicken wings, homemade guacamole, and Mexican street corn. Then, as the sun was setting, everyone moved to one long table for a family style meal, and it’s hard to pick what I loved most about this part of the evening: The gorgeous tablescape (the runners and napkins, the personalized menus with little milagros, the FLORAL, the place settings), the twinkling lights overhead, the fact that Chad gave the blessing before dinner started, or the “fancy” taco dinner that Contigo served. It was the warmest, happiest scene, and the image Feather & Twine captured of the table from above will forever be one of my favorites because it *felt* just like that — so much tangible love and joy in one place.

After dinner, everyone moved over to the fire pit for the duration of the evening. Chad’s mom (who I learned has made his birthday cake every year since he was born!) made their wedding cake (three delicious flavors), and Contigo provided all the fixings for s’mores. When my team left to head for home, everyone was still gathered around talking and laughing.

I think the full day-of team would join me in saying that it was truly an honor to play a part in (and get to witness!) such a special, intimate celebration. (And, for the first time in many years, we made it through a Memorial Day weekend wedding without any rain! So, smiles all around :)

Photography: Feather & Twine | Floral Design: Remi and Gold | Catering: Contigo Austin | Hair and Makeup: Rachel Hill | Lighting: Ilios | Officiant: It's A Wonderful Life Weddings | Design and Planning: Westcott Weddings | Invitations and Paper Goods: The Boarding School Collective | Napkins: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental | Rentals: Loot Vintage | Vacation Rental / Venue: Blanco River Retreat

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Undergarments Guide: Exactly What to Wear Underneath Your Wedding Dress

You’ve found your gown, yay! Congratulations, the hardest part is over! The only thing left is to make sure that it fits like a glove and that everything is where it should be. A great fit starts with a great foundation. Most of us have been buying the same styles of bras and underwear for years, so the thought of going shopping for specialty undergarments can seem daunting–fear not, we’ve got you covered!

The types of undergarments that your gown requires depend on two factors:

  •   The cut of your gown
  •   What makes you comfortable

As you will see below, the cut of your gown will dictate the majority of your undergarment decisions. However, you need to make sure that you are comfortable and feel your best. 

Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography

1. Get the Right Shade

Most wedding gowns are fairly light in color, which makes choosing the right color undergarments very important. The key is finding undergarments that are as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Most lingerie companies offer only one shade of “nude” that is definitely not one-size-fits-all. Here are some companies that offer a wide range of shades so that you can find the one that is just right for you:

These companies offer bras as well!

KT Merry Photography

2. When to Go Braless

Many gowns have corsetry built into the lining of the bodice. If this is the case on your gown, it means you can go braless; your gown is already equipped with the support you need – woohoo! That being said, not everyone is comfortable going braless. Whether you prefer to wear a bra for added support or for modesty reasons, the decision to ditch the bra is completely up to you. 

You may ask, “How do I know if my gown has a corset built in?”. If you look inside the bodice and can see or feel boning (rigid poles that trace the seams), then your gown has a built in corset. Some gowns even have an elastic bra strap inside that is adjustable, so you can make it as tight or as loose as you want. 

Photographer: Michelle Beller

If your gown does not have corsetry built in, you have a few options. You can go braless, and let the girls do their thing. Only go braless with a corset-less gown if this is something you are comfortable with and do regularly. If you normally wear a bra, and your gown doesn’t have a corset, we recommend finding a bra that works with your gown. You’ll be more comfortable if you have the coverage and support you need. 

There are bra alternatives if you don’t want to wear a full bra but aren’t quite ready to go without. 

  • Pasties– little, slightly padded, stickers that you put over your nipples. These do not provide any support, but rather add coverage if you want to leave a little to the imagination. These are especially useful in sheer slinky gowns. Here are some great barely there silicone pasties from Bristols Six! 

Photographer: Babsie Ly

  • Tape Strips- While we don’t recommend using regular tape, it has definitely been done, even by some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully there is a much better alternative. There are several companies that make tape strips just for this purpose and they’re even shaped like a bra. They’re not cute on, so you may want to remove them before your wedding night, but they do provide coverage and a moderate amount of support. These are great for backless dresses if you still need a little lift. Perky Pear sells cup-shaped tape cut outs and Booby Tape offers a similar product, but on a roll, so you can adjust it to fit the neckline of your gown. 

Amanda Nippoldt Photography

  • Stick-on Silicone Cups- These cups resemble flesh and are meant to blend in. They don’t provide much support at all and are mostly used for coverage and adding a bit of natural padding. Bergdorf Goodman sells some good adhesive silicone cups made by The Fashion Forms.

Photographer: Weddings By Scott And Dana

  • Stick-on Bra- Stick-on bras look like a regular strapless bra without the back closure. They provide more support than the stick-on cups but less than the tape strips. These are mostly used to add coverage and mild padding. All of these can be found at most lingerie or department stores! We recommend the NuBra Seamless model.

Photographer: Esmeralda Franco

3. Straps vs. Strapless

When shopping for undergarments to go with your gown, the most important thing to remember is that they shouldn’t be seen – duh! If your gown has thick straps or covers most of your shoulders, you may be able to wear a normal bra. Gowns that are strapless or have straps less than 1” in width, need to be paired with an undergarment that is strapless. 

If the back of your gown comes up to where your bra closure would normally rest on your back, you can probably get away with wearing a normal strapless bra with your wedding gown.

If the back of your gown is lower than where your bra closure would normally rest, you will need to consider some low back alternatives, like these:

  • Longline Bra – A longline bra looks like a regular strapless bra, but instead of stopping under the cups, it continues all the way down to the waist. Most longline bras have boning like a corset that helps to hold up the cups allowing them to cut the back lower than a normal bra. They also help to cinch the waist because the closure overlaps the waistline. This is a great style for a strapless gown with a low back that has a natural waistline. The Carnival Longline Plunge Bra is a great option for a supportive undergarment with a low back.

Photographer: Facibeni Fotografia

  • Corset- When you think corset, most of us think of the old fashioned, lace-up ones. There are actually many different types of corsets. The style that we recommend is a modern adaptation of an old classic. It is strapless and extends downward from the cups and covers the torso to just below the waist. Most corsets have boning to help support the cups. They also have a closure that you can adjust to make it as tight as you like. Corsets function as a bra and as shapewear creating a beautiful hourglass shape. We recommend wearing a corset with a fitted gown that does not have a seam at the waistline. VaBien makes a great full coverage corset

Natalie Schutt Photography

When shopping for a bra or bra alternative, purchase an undergarment with the same level of padding that you normally wear. 

4. Panties

You’ve invested so much in your wedding look; you don’t want your panty line stealing the spotlight! In addition to finding the right shade of panties, it is important to make sure you have the right cut and fit. Sizing is different for every company so if you aren’t able to try them on, consider buying two different sizes to make sure you get ones that fit. We recommend wearing seamless underwear on your wedding day. They are usually more forgiving and don’t hug your hips as much as ones with elastic waists and side seams. If your wedding gown is very fitted, you may want to wear a seamless thong to be extra sure that no one will catch a glimpse of your panty line. Also, consider high-waisted panties if your gown is fitted and has a natural waistline. This will provide a little extra support in your lower abdomen and create a nice smooth surface. Stay away from panties that have a print or texture; they may show through your gown’s delicate fabric. 

Photographer: Sydney Sweat

5. Shapewear

Undergarments can do so much more than just provide coverage. Shapewear contours and smoothes any bumps so that your gown can drape perfectly on your body. In addition to making you look incredible, shapewear can also add comfort-believe it or not! Gowns are hot…no matter what the weather’s like. Most shapewear incorporates wicking technology to move sweat away from your body and keep you cool. 

When shopping for shapewear consider what areas of your body you would like to smooth. Would shaping panties work, or would you prefer shapewear that covers the upper thigh as well? You will also need to consider the cut of your gown and the color of the shapewear when shopping. You don’t want it to show through when you’re wearing your gown or create unwanted lines.

If your gown is not super fitted below the waist, consider skipping the shapewear. While it can work wonders, it’s not worth being squeezed in all day if you’re not going to see the fruits of your labor. 

Spanx is the uncontested queen of the shapewear category, and for good reason. They have a cut for every shape and silhouette! While Spanx is the most known brand, other brands and styles can be found at most department stores and other online retailers like Yummie.  

Here are some examples of gowns paired with their ideal shapewear match:

Photographer: Ether & Smith

Photographer: Adrian Jon Photography

Photographer: Kristina Adams Photography

Photographer: Sara Weir

6. Tights

If you are getting married in the winter, consider wearing tights for an extra layer for warmth. They can also help prevent chafing and provide shaping and support. Wolford makes a great pair of nude tights!

7. Don’t Wear Your Wedding Night Lingerie

Resist the urge to wear your wedding night lingerie underneath your gown on your wedding day. This may sound like a romantic idea, in theory, but trust us on this! No matter what the weather is like, you will be dancing and sweating, leaving your lingerie less than fresh by the time you make it to your honeymoon suite. Stick to the minimalist nude undies for the day and slip into something a little more “comfortable” when you make it back to the room. 

Photographer: Winsome And Wright

Expert Tip! 

It’s super important to purchase your wedding undergarments before your first alterations fitting. Undergarments can drastically change measurements and posture; your tailor will need you to wear them while they are fitting you to ensure that your gown fits just right on your big day. 

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Not Your Typical Tropical Wedding with a Color Scheme That’s Sure to Surprise!

We love when brides aren’t afraid to be bold and experiment with never been done before styles! This gorgeous wedding at Vizcaya Museum and Garden blends modern eclectic vibes and tropical details with a traditional garden setting, not to mention an unconventional color scheme that will have you re-thinking everything. Masi Events and the talented team of vendors were up for the challenge of creating Gaby and Joe’s dream wedding – and boy did they deliver. Trust us folks, you’re going to want to see the full gallery of images captured by Gianny Campos to grasp just how special this personality-filled day truly was!

From Masi EventsGaby and Joe got engaged in the Fall of 2017 and Gaby immediately knew the perfect place to host their wedding. Gaby being from Miami had always dreamed of having her special day with Joe at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Gaby and Joe live in Portland Oregon and decided to work with us to help bring their wedding vision to life here in Miami. Gaby and Joe wanted to incorporate aspects of their current life inspired by their eclectic city and modern relationship to the overall feeling of their wedding. Vizcaya provides an impressively beautiful, yet more traditional garden backdrop. It was fun finding ways to infuse the competing styles of modern eclectic against the traditional french garden environment that the venue typically suites itself for. This wedding was going to be different, and we wanted to bring a style and decor not yet seen at the space. 

Gaby’s childhood home in Miami has a lush garden full of tropical flowers and foliage. We decided to use elements from her home garden in the floral elements such as Vibrant Red and Yellow Heliconia Rostratas, surrounded by tropical foliage like monstera leaves and rich undertones of deep muted colors provided by Croton Leaves. The floral decor was balanced out with touches Gloriosa, Proteas and Citrus Orange Accents. 

The ceremony was surrounded by modern lanterns and providing overwhelming candle light, with the main focus being a wooden arch with asymmetrical and lush tropical greens and overflowing hanging tropical floral. Gaby’s Bouquet was absolutely stunning, complementing the floral design, yet having its own personality with an incredibly intricate oversized weave of tropical leaves set off to one-side. All set in-front of the gorgeous back drop of Vizcaya’s Garden Mound. The cocktail reception took place in the indoor courtyard of the Vizcaya Mansion. We utilized modern linen-less wire cocktail furniture combined with low boy tables with modern bohemian Indigo Batik patterned linens. 

The escort display consisted of a green floral wall with hexagonal mirrors with the guests names calligraphed on each tile. For the dinner reception furniture we wanted to create a bohemian backdrop with a modern geometric flair. We combined exposed wood tables with gold wire frame chairs and elevated tropical arrangements with geometric vessels, against round tables with a deep rich indigo blue velvet linen and white modern wire frame chairs. A fun flair was added to each place setting with the use of modern white & gold flatware, a gold rimmed coupe charger and fun tropical Maui print napkins with humming birds. The event space was centered around the dance floor a smoked oak wood floor and modern oversized geometric hanging floral. The menu was reflective of Gaby and Joe’s favorite dishes and restaurants from Portland and the all from their favorite vineyards from Oregon. It was a truly special evening, one full of memories for the two of them, their friends and family. It’s a wedding that will always be a found memory for us, not only because of the relationship developed with Gaby and Joe, but because of the fun we had bringing their eclectic modern vision to a traditional and elegant venue.

Photography: Gianny Campos Photography | Cinematography: Hopemedia, LLC | Florals: Anthology Co. | Catering: Thierry Isambert Culinary + Event Design | Lighting : Evoga Events | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Vizcaya Museum And Gardens | Dance floor rental: Atlas Party Rentals | Getting Ready Venue: The Shore Club | Hair and Make-up: Carolyn Jones Makeup | Linens, napkins, Rentals: Nuage Designs | Music: Rock With U | Planning and Design: Masi Events | Rentals: Unearthed Rentals | Tabletop Rentals: Pialisa

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The Best Gifts To Register for At Every Price Point

Registry tip #37: Your wedding registry should include a variety of price points to please both you and your guests. (Who doesn’t love options?). But we understand that’s easier said than done. So we’re rounding up the top gifts, by price point, to help you out. Scroll on to get your shopping on.


Think of this category as the perfect way to fill your newlywed abode with lots of basics you’ll reach for in the years to come. Ideas we love? Measuring cups, quality utensils, decorative accents… you get the idea!

Hobnail Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set

Mercer41 Beck Coffee Table Tray


This next level still includes the essentials, but more items you want to up the quality on. Things like extra-plush towels, table settings, and small appliances make the cut when it comes to this threshold.

Togas Vinsanto Bath Towel


A practical tip here: Consider all of the items you’ll use for future entertaining, then add them to this tier. Durable cookware or products that make being a chef easier are high on our list! (Along with high-thread-count sheets… because who doesn’t love being comfy!)

Ninja Air Fryer

Le Creuset Signature Dutch Oven


If you’re looking for a chance to finally cross off a few splurge-worthy items, consider this the perfect time! A sleek bar cart, coffee table, or premium caffeine machine are all fair game here!

Mercury Row Distefano Bar Cart

Keurig K-Elite


Sometimes, you’ll have guests that want to go all out. In this event, equip them with ideas you’ve been dreaming about. Scan for that colorful KitchenAid, a fancy cordless wall-mount vacuum, or the pot and pan set of your dreams. Have fun here, girl!

KitchenAid 10 Speed 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Anolon Nouvelle 11-Piece Cookware Set

Looking for more registry ideas? Head over to our dedicated page full of tons of great content. Happy scanning!
Out of All the Wedding Advice for Future Brides We’ve Heard – This Might Just Be Our Favorite!

After two years of planning, this gorgeous couple tied the knot in an elegant destination wedding weekend with their closest friends and family in the most romantic city in the world – Paris! Loli Events coordinated every thoughtful detail, from the intimate ceremony to the indoor reception that looks straight out of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. Wild Blossom Flowers provided lush bouquets and heavenly arrangements, decorating their special day in white pillowy peonies and blush roses. Lucky for us, we get to live vicariously through the gorgeous full gallery captured perfectly by Oliver Fly Photography. To top it all off, keep on reading for the bride’s wise advice that every future bride-to-be needs to hear.

What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning ?

We had been engaged for two years prior to getting married which sounds like a long time, but in retrospect it gave us the time we needed to figure out exactly what we wanted to do—which was to host the trip of a lifetime for not only ourselves, but also our guests. We had heard that your wedding day flies by, and before you know it it’s over. Keeping that in mind we decided to do a destination wedding where we would have a few days to celebrate with family and friends leading up to and after our big day. Our must haves as foodies were food worth remembering and authentic cocktails. We also knew we wanted there to be lush greenery perhaps in a garden, as many flowers as possible, candlelight, music to keep everyone up on their feet, and a ceremony that truly spoke to us as a couple.

Why did you choose to do a Destination Wedding and why did you decide to choose Paris and La Maison des Polytechniciens as your final choice ?

My husband surprised me with a trip to Paris where we wound up having our engagement pictures taken! One very early morning we met our photographer, Oliver Fly, at the Trocadero and he not only gave us the most memorable experience, but filled us in on what a wedding in Paris could be like. We loved the idea and were quickly introduced to the woman who made it all possible, Coralie Prats, with LoliEvents. We must have toured over ten venues together and Coralie saved the best for last, La Maison des Polytechniciens. Upon arriving there was such a warm and friendly feel to the place as if we had been there before. It was comfortable yet so beautiful.

What was your color palette and your style vision ?

Our color palette was white and blush for a classic and timeless décor. Our venue had such beautiful, intricate gold walls that we wanted to keep our decor simple and play off the Parisian ambiance.

What unique elements or DIY details did you include?

Our custom napkins from On Three Designs were our only way of bringing our two Bengal cats to Paris with us! They were a special touch, but our favorite detail of the wedding weekend was replacing a welcome bag with a welcome boat cruise on the Seine.

What was your favorite moment ?

We asked one of our best friends, Dave Mathews, to officiate our wedding ceremony and he left us speechless. Dave customized the ceremony to speak to us as a couple taking everyone through what we loved about one another to moving in together, and eventually getting engaged. He spoke from the heart about the bond of marriage and facilitated a hand fasting made up of different color ribbons symbolizing purity, fidelity, growth and strength. The knot remains and we will cherish that forever.

What was your favorite detail ?

Our music! It’s always a hard choice deciding between a band or a DJ, but we were able to incorporate a little of both choosing a string quartet, JAM Trio, for the ceremony and cocktail hour and ultimately deciding on a DJ for the reception. Having been to countless weddings where you hear the same wedding music over and over again we were excited to break from the norm and play the music that mattered to us most. Having including different songs our guests weren’t expecting to hear it instantly set the tone for a unique and inspired wedding. From JAM Trio playing Feel It Still by Portugal The Man for our recessional music to us choosing Declan Donovan “Fallen So Young” as our first dance song we loved how customized our music felt. Everyone danced to Kanye West, Loud Luxury, and The Weeknd until the early morning.

Tell us about your flowers, your gown, your hair, your favors for your guests, your cake, etc…and others details that’s make your wedding so unique.

We love how French weddings are so genuine and center on the dinner reception. After cocktail hour we kept the wine flowing through a dinner full of speeches. The tables were filled with gold rimmed plates and glasses, white stem silverware, overflowing garden roses and an abundance of candles. The corner intricacies of the room were lit up and at the very center sat Steve in his Zegna tux and myself in my Pronovias Ribelia gown. After dinner came to an end we were surprised with a croquembouche lit up by sparklers and two glasses of champagne. We followed Johnny Balik’s “I Need It” down to the “party” cave where we danced the night away under a ceiling of balloons.

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be ?

Make sure to take time for just the two of you throughout the day whether it be to sneak away after the ceremony and digest your vows, or pull each other aside and take in the room full of people celebrating you. Another piece of advice we found helpful was making sure to stay together so we wouldn’t have different experiences.

If you decide to go the destination wedding route, or even still with a wedding in the US, find vendors you mesh with. We were so lucky to not only love the work of our vendors, but to consider them our friends. We respected their opinions and partnership and in return they delivered us the most perfect day. It was truly enjoyable and an honor for us to work with them all. It made our day that much more fun. Trine Juel made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world not only transforming my skin, but the way I felt. She gave me the perfect brushed out retro waves that gave me much needed pep in my step. Oliver (Oliver Fly Photography) and Guillaume (Studio80Production) made us feel like celebrities all day long behind the camera and in seeing the results we are blown away. Being able to hold onto those pictures and watch our wedding video is so surreal.. you can’t put a price on it! JAM Trio, Le Bar, Wild Blossom, our rehearsal dinner at Astair, and the Maison team made our celebration so special.

The proposal story:

It was the Saturday before Easter 2017 and I set my alarm for earlier than I would have liked on a weekend. I knew it would mean a lot to Steve if I woke up early enough to grab a coffee in New York City and wander around like we lived there. Little did I know how much the day would actually mean to me. We headed into the city to grab brunch at one of our favorite French spots, Claudette, but upon realizing we were the first ones there we took a stroll down 5th avenue and took a pit stop in Artizia. There was a geranium silk bomber jacket in the window that actually caught Steve’s eye. While I piled my wrists with hangers Steve was checking out with the jacket and flashing the ring to the cashier as she tried to slow play the check out. He whisked me out of the store before I could make it to the dressing room and back to Claudette we went. It was a brisk day and Steve kept his hands tightly in his windbreaker.. something I didn’t realize until we replayed the day back. At brunch I ate my eggs benedict, Steve’s pancakes, a shared charcuterie plate, and a basket of pastries.. accompanied by a few mimosas. Steve claimed the espresso he had turned his stomach and he was glued to his phone because he was “dealing with last minute tax questions from his accountant”. Instead of exploring around the rest of the day as planned I fell into a relaxed, very full state as we drove home planning out our sleepy day of movies and Netflix. We sang along to all of our favorite songs and when we got close to home Steve asked me to try on my new jacket (apparently my leather jacket wasn’t ideal for engagement pictures haha). Pulling into our driveway I noticed the shade to the right of our front door was pulled down to the floor, which was unusual since we always left it up for our bengal cat, Theo, to watch out. Steve saw this and in panicking threw my purse and previous jacket onto the front yard, grabbed my hand, and said “I have a surprise for you!” “Is it another kitty?!” I replied in anticipation. We both laughed and as soon as I saw through the front door to all our friends and family I knew.. this was it..the moment I always dreamed of was here. In front of Steve’s family in from Michigan and Maryland, my family, and our closest friends Steve got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. I said “yes please” and we spent the rest of the afternoon celebrating at our house. He completely caught me off guard! Later that night we all went to a big Italian dinner and the surprises continued with more friends. It was the best day of our lives, until our wedding day two years later.

Photographer: Oliver Fly Photography | Videographer: Studio 80 | Wedding Planner: Loli Events | Floral Design: Wild Blossom Flowers | Dress : Pronovias | Catering: Maison Des Polytechniciens | Bride Shoes: Louboutin | Cocktails: Le Bar | Getting Ready place: Private Parisian Apartment | Groom Shoes: Louboutin | Groom Tuxedo: Ermeneglildo Zegna | Hair & Make Up: Trine Juel | Invitation & Day of Papers: Pale Press London | Maison: Maison Des Polytechniciens | Musicians: Jazz Around Midnight | Napkins: On Three | Rehearsal dinner: Astair Paris | Ring Box: Je Promis | Welcome event: Bateau Mon Paris

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Who Needs Wedding Cake When You Have an Ice Cream Truck as Your Dessert?!

For this Mr. and Mrs., a modern, yet timeless venue with lots of natural lighting and endless photo opportunities was exactly what they envisioned and exactly what they found at Firefly Gardens. From decorative high ceilings to a field of wildflowers, this venue has it all and Stephanie Brazzle Photography captured all of it and more, including lush white and green florals from A Stylish Soiree to the couple’s out-of-the-box dessert idea….an ice cream truck by Mr. Sugar Rush! Check out the full gallery to see the couples other creative mobile detail!

From the Bride…Jonathan and I love to keep things simple and practical, and yet, think out-of-the-box when we can. We are both the planning type so we actually enjoyed the wedding planning process! My wedding vendors were attentive and really brought my vision to life. Jonathan and I chose Firefly Gardens as our venue for its modern touch, elegance, and timelessness. I particularly wanted a venue that had high ceilings and a lot of natural lighting. The bonus was that this venue had acres of land with lush greens and even a field of colorful dainty flowers. 

We kept our décor minimal and classic with clean lines which was easy to do with the white venue concept. I loved how the natural elements of the florals of white and green really complimented the rest of our wedding color palette of neutrals, whites, and light grays. Our mothers wore “hanboks”, traditional Korean attires typically worn in celebrations and ceremonies. Hanboks are characterized by their vibrant colors and simple lines. What was important to me on my wedding day was really taking in all the small intricacies for us to cherish and remember. It’s an amazing honor to have loved ones travel for our wedding and have everyone altogether in one place.

These memories were captured by the amazing Stephanie Brazzle! She really took her time to scope the area out to find the best photo spots. And of course, the day ran smoothly thanks to my wedding coordinator, Jade. She was personable, and most importantly, very trust-worthy of running such a special day. Everyone enjoyed The Photobus that was parked right in front of the fountain. But my favorite part? Enjoying my strawberry shortcake ice cream from the ice cream truck, of course!

About Firefly GardensFirefly Gardens is a family-owned and operated 8-acre wedding and event venue in Midlothian, Texas, just 30 minutes south of DFW. Run by a mother, daughter, and son team they are always in direct contact with their clients to ensure that their event is the one that they have always dreamed of! So many of their clients have said that they love working with their staff and it is because they are truly invested in their happiness and success of their wedding, party, or workshop. Unlike most venues, they offer a full-day, 9 am to midnight, 15-hour rental to guests and three rental packages based on the number of guests expected. They believe that they have thought of every little thing to make their guests’ experience as smooth as possible, such as a professional salon room and providing their own bartenders and security. When you hear Firefly Gardens, most people imagine their stunning white reception hall and its huge wall of windows, but there is so much more that the venue offers! A 4,000 sq. foot black and white home, rustic red barn, white pergola, and fish pond enable guests to fully expand their ideas for their event and are a photographer’s dream. There are so many options when it comes to ceremony sites at the venue: they’ve had everything from under the pecan tree by the limestone creek, on the lawn by the pond, and their favorite, the pergola. When they began building Firefly Gardens in 2016 they could never have imagined creating such amazing relationships with the vendors, guests, brides, and grooms that they have had the honor of meeting and becoming friends with along the way! They are so excited to improve Firefly Gardens in any way possible as they continue to provide a home for so many peoples’ best day of their life! 

Photography: Stephanie Brazzle Photography | Videographer: Shutter and Sound | Florist: A Stylish Soiree | Cake: Doolee's | Catering: Awesome Catering | Tux: Indochino | venue: Firefly Gardens | Bridal boutique: Circle Park Bridal Boutique | Dress Designer: Essence Of Australia | Hair/Makeup: Peony Hair & Makeup | Ice Cream: Mr. Sugar Rush | Photo bus: The Photobus DFW | Wedding Planner + Stylist: Jade Batangan

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How One Couple Turned a Blank Space into a Boho Wedding Dream

Looking for some wedding inspiration that blends boho style with timeless elegance? Look no further – because this couple and Samantha Dapper Event Design just perfected it! From hanging floral centerpieces by Ella Mah accented with pampas grass to the peachy pink color scheme that brightened up the entire room – it’s no wonder the bride cried when she walked into her reception space for the first time! Lucky for us, Megan Welker Photography was there to capture every moment, including the sweetest first look reaction EVER. Head on over to the full gallery to see all the pretty!

From Samantha Dapper Event Design I have to start by saying that Amber was possibly the sweetest and easiest client I have ever had. She was a true dream! 

There is nothing better when a Bride sees her reception for the first time and has tears in her eyes. 

She did an incredible job coming up with the inspiration and styling for her wedding day. It is the perfect mix of polished + bohemian, which can be hard to accomplish. Especially with their downtown LA setting, they didn’t let the location overwhelm their design aesthetic. 

When you walked into the reception space, it really felt like Millwick’s reception space was turned into an intimate dinner party among friends. 

The Groom’s father’s Argentinean catering company provided the spread for their dining experience and guests took home home made chimichurri at the end of the night, which was a sweet and personal favor. 

The day was beautiful captured by Megan Welker, a close friend of the family as well. The day was very family focused and it was couldn’t have been more couple for this darling couple. 


Photography : Megan Welker Photography | Videography: Eastbourne Films | Wedding Planner : Samantha Dapper Event Design | Florist : Ellamah | Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven | Wedding Cake: Cake My Day | Church: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels | Shoes : Stuart Weitzmen | Catering : The Gauchos Catering | DJ: Steve Mendez | Tuxedo : The Black Tux | Bartending: Mr. Bartender | Beauty : Lauren Partida | Bridesmaid Attire: Show Me Your Mumu | Charcuterie : Urban Radish | Getting Ready Location : Hotel Figueroa | Millwick LA: Marvimon | Photobooth : Flip Book LA | Rentals : Party Pleasers

How to Let Your Flowers Do the Talking with a Simple yet Lush Wedding Design

Simple yet stunning florals, mixed with jaw-dropping headpieces steal the show for this inspiration shoot by none other than Koman Photography at the beautiful La Baronia in Barcelona, filled with one architectural dream after the next.  From a floating arrangement above the ‘I Do’s’ to a colorful bouquet and whimsical centerpieces, Siloh Floral brought Event Styler and Planner, Scent of Orchid’s minimalist yet lush floral ideas to life! Take a peek at the full gallery and we’ll let you decide your favorite detail of this shoot because we simply can’t decide!

From the Designer & Stylist, Chiara of Scent of OrchidThe overall design and inspiration for this shoot started with the rustic elegance provided by La Baronia and the Barcelona surroundings, a typical Spanish style. When the amazing photographers The Komans asked me to join them in Spain for an editorial, I instantly fell in love with La Baronia’s architecture and view and proposed it to them.

We thought the best choice for the shoot would be to have a minimalist yet lush floral design. Liz of Siloh Floral was the perfect option when it came to choosing the floral designer who could create something beautiful and unique for our project. I wanted everything we brought into this shoot to represent Sandra and Mario’s love story while completely harmonizing with the architecture of the mansion – from La Baronia illustration that is included in the wedding invitation suite created by great professionals Ana and Alessandro from Carissimo Letterpress, to the vibrant and soft palette that contrasts the stone facade.

For the bridal styling, the bride wore a first look for the ceremony, with a long lace dress with a deep slit and Spanish style sleeves by Atelier Penhalta paired with exquisite lace décolleté by Bella Belle Shoes. My most favorite bridal accessories were the custom made crowns by Eden Luxe Bridal that perfectly framed the elegant beauty of Sandra. For jewelry, I wanted to keep it very simple, so I chose small, drop earrings by Eden Luxe paired with a simple gold engagement ring with a beautiful green gem from Italian artisan My Golden Age. The reception look is an Atelier Zolotas gown that enhances the sensuality of Sandra, with sheer and lace details and a soft tulle skirt.

For the ceremony and reception design, I wanted both spaces to be very simple, letting the couple be the eye-catchers. For the ceremony, Liz by Siloh Floral designed a beautiful hanging installation, under which the couple exchanged their vows. For the reception table, I styled a neutral and soft table set with gold accents, to allow the beautiful centerpiece by Siloh to be the focus of the table. Elegant chairs and table textiles from Nuovi Piatti complemented the flawless tabletop rentals from Canigueral. Claudia and Laura from Canigueral provided me all their beauties, allowing me to choose the delicate lace plates, the vintage glassware and gold vintage cutlery between their sophisticated collections. Each place was adorned with an elegant menu and calligraphy place cards. The celebration ended with a delicious cake by the very nice Eugenia by Lolita Bakery and a romantic last dance at sunset on the panoramic terrace of La Baronia.

Photography: Koman Photography | Cinematography: Koman Photography | Floral Design: Siloh Floral | Wedding Cake : Lolita Bakery | Shoes : Bella Belle | Ring : My Golden Age | Hair and Makeup: Arnau Mac For Oui Novias | Groom's Attire: Penhalta | Wedding Venue: La Baronia | Beige Wedding Dress: Atelier Zolotas | Headpieces and Earrings: Eden Luxe Bridal | Long Sleeve Dress: Penhalta | Model Agency: Uniko Model Management | Rentals : Nuovi Piatti | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Scans : Richard Photo Lab | Silk Ribbon: Seidenband | Stationery and Calligraphy: Carissimo Letterpress | Styling and Planning: Chiara Bertuccio | Tabletop : Cañigueral

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Would You Go for a 60s Inspired Wedding Vibe with this Stunning Color Palette?

If a 60s inspired wedding and a Jackie O vibe are right up your alley, you’ll want to get cozy with this collection of inspired imagery from Siren Floral Co. and This Modern Romance. In a day of neutrals reigning queen, this colorful peach, dusty blue and lavender palette is a refreshing take on the modern day colorful celebration—from the dresses to the blooms to the table settings. Take a peek below for more and let us know, would you go for this look?

From Siren Floral Co.… I was really loved the idea of playing with some 60s inspiration and a unique color palette I hadn’t seen combined before. I feel most inspired when we can mix it up with color, floral ingredients and push myself to do something new and fresh.

We decided to play with various peaches and dusty blues and threw in a touch of lavender into the florals. As a nod to the era, we wanted a subtle Jackie O look. The hair + makeup artist Bernadette absolutely nailed it with the thick blue eyeshadow and Emily’s short bob haircut and vibrant personality fit the vibe perfectly.

The beautiful sheer peach gown from Shop Gossamer and pale blue Sarah Seven dress from The Dress Theory helped achieve the full look and of course, Stephanie captured it all so perfectly!

Photography: This Modern Romance | Floral Design: Siren Floral Co. | Wedding Dress: The Dress Theory | makeup artist: Bernadette Nazie Durkee | blue dress: Sarah Seven | florist mentee: Laura Reynolds | model : Emily Ferguson | peach dress: Gossamer | ribbon: Silk & Willow | table top: Hostess Haven

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Paging Dr. Dreamy to the Dance Floor, Dr. Dreamy to the Dance Floor!

For these two love birds who grew up 5 miles away from one another, you would think would force them to cross path’s, but it wasn’t until Jeremie became a surgeon and Amy his scrub nurse that they found one another! Fast forward a few years later and they are saying their I Do’s at Winterthur, a historic estate surrounded by all of the natural enchanting elegance the grounds had to offer. Hudson Nichols Photography was called upon to capture the details from their stunning floral escort wall to romantic centerpieces with pops of color by A Styled Fete. Take a look below and see how a love story can start anywhere…even in the operating room!

From the Couple…Even though we are the same age, grew up 5 miles away from each other, and had mutual friends, Jeremie and I did not meet until we started working together in 2016. Jeremie, an orthopedic surgeon, had just moved back to the area after 10 years away for training. I have worked as an operating room nurse and became Jeremie’s scrub nurse. We always got along while working together and in early 2017, Jeremie asked me to go to Mikimotos for lunch after our workday. Pretty much the rest is history. We became instant best friends. Jeremie had a plan to propose down the beach in early October, but he changed his mind last minute and proposed the week before. We were at home, having sushi for dinner and Jeremie said he wanted to eat sushi because it is what we had for our first date. It was perfect, as our little pup Cade was able to be there as well. We currently live in Middletown with our boxador Cade, who is the most perfect, precious boy.

Describe your wedding vision: We wanted simple romantic elegance. Soft and warm, but a little pop of color here and there. For the florals, we wanted them a little more understated but beautiful. We had a very large wedding, so liked the idea of having greenery and candles throughout our table settings to make it seem more intimate. The venue grounds are beautiful and I did not want to take away from the natural beauty of Winterthur.

Special Moments, Traditions or Unique Touches: Amy was very close with her paternal grandfather. All he ever wanted was for Amy to get married. After he passed away in 2015, Amy kept a handkerchief of his which just happened to have a navy blue stripe on it. The seamstress cut a piece of the cloth in the shape of a heart and sewed it into the bust of the dress, so our hearts were touching. The moment I shared with my grandmother when I showed her the handkerchief was very special. The only thing I didn’t have the day of the wedding was a “something borrowed” but I didn’t know but my mom found her original engagement ring, so I wore that on my pinky finger.

The other big special moment was during our Father/Daughter dance. Growing up, Jim (my dad) was known for being the best SHOUT dancer at weddings. And I always wanted to do that dance with him at my own wedding. Midway through our song, it was interrupted (on purpose) by SHOUT and all the guests got up around the dance floor.

Event Planning: elevee and co | Florist: A Styled Fete | Wedding Gown: Jennifer's Bridal | Cake: The Master's Baker | Invitations: Minted | Catering: CxRA | Entertainment: Bachelor Boys Band | Groom's Attire: Calvin Klein | Wedding Venue: Winterthur Floral Dept | Photographers: Hudson Nichols Photography | Rentals: Dover Rental- Tents and Events | Video: Rose Candy Cinema

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An Intimate Lake Como Wedding Full of Surprises and Must-Read Advice from the Bride!

From the watercolor invitations to the post-ceremony boat ride to the romantic floral-filled fountains… this wedding blends all the best elements of our favorite wedding destination – Italia! Prepare for Figli Dei Fiori’s organic floral arrangements and ceremony arch to take your breath away, lush with hundreds of café-au-lait dahlias and English cream roses. My Lake Como Wedding planned every unforgettable moment and had the festivities running smoothly while Shannon Moffit Photography was the behind the lens, capturing every detail. Trust us, this full gallery is an absolute MUST. Oh, and don’t forget to read the bride’s wise wedding planning advice at the bottom of the post!

From the Bride… Our wedding was in Lake Como, Italy, and we could not imagine a more romantic destination. From the start, our most important item on the wish list was to keep our wedding small (around 50 people), so we could spend more quality time with our guests and with each other. One of the passions we share as a couple is traveling, so having a destination wedding was the perfect option for us. I started searching for places we might like to go and when I stumbled upon photos of Lake Como, I had the moment that brides get where you just “know!”

When vendors asked me about our vision for the wedding, it was hard to describe it succinctly, so I often painted this picture: The ceremony will be a personal and intimate lakeside moment when we will exchange our vows, surrounded only by our families and closest friends. An outdoor terrace for the reception lends itself perfectly to a romantic garden party atmosphere under twinkling lights and the stars. Forest green mountains surround the Alpine blue lake, painting one of the most picturesque backdrops imaginable for a wedding day. Accordingly, I want the wedding to fit the natural beauty of the lake and to possess an atmosphere that is quintessentially Italian. Organic, naturally occurring colors, textures, and styles—whatever those may be— will most appeal to us as we surround ourselves with the natural beauty of the lake. If I could think of words to describe how I envisioned the wedding, they would be: intimate, romantic, fun-filled, natural, organic, and Italian.

We are so lucky to have found Gemma Aurelius, our wedding planner, who understood this vision right away, even though we were more than 5,000 miles apart while planning! She recommended a beautiful, 18th-century villa, Villa Cipressi, nestled on the shores of Varenna—a small town on Lake Como. Standing here on the shores of the lake for the first time brought me to tears! The vision for our flowers was light and airy colors arranged loosely—kind of like they had always been growing there—for a natural look. Our planner works with a wonderful florist in Como, Figli dei Fiori, who created the most stunning flower arch, bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. We were lucky enough to be able to travel to Italy before the wedding, and on this trip we chose specific flowers we liked, including café-au-lait dahlias and English cream roses. The flowers lining the aisle were some of my favorite pieces; the perennials added height to the arrangements and they had the look of wildflowers growing right on the terrace.

One of my favorite elements of the wedding was working with Christine Ross, our invitation designer, and Cassie Schott, a calligrapher and designer, to create luxurious and vintage-looking invitation suites, menus, welcome cards, thank you notes, and place cards. Christine painted a custom watercolor image of our venue for us, which was featured on our invitation. Several guests actually called me to RSVP, saying they didn’t want to send the RSVP back in the mail because it was too beautiful to part with! Other guests told me they carried the invitation suite with them around in their purse all the time and showed it to people. I am so grateful we had this team of wonderful ladies to create such exquisite pieces of art! Finding my wedding dress was actually one of the most difficult parts of planning! I knew I wanted a v-neck style and an a-line skirt. I did most of the shopping with my mom, and we visited between 15-20 local salons and boutiques looking for the perfect dress—but came up with nothing! After searching everywhere else, I visited Kleinfelds in New York City, home of the popular TV show Say Yes to the Dress. We made an appointment and our consultant, Michelle, was able to find the perfect dress for me! My gown was designed by Michelle Roth and the Erinn style was everything I dreamed of—floral lace appliques and a long, sweeping train.

Favorite Moment…We chose to do a First Look at Villa Monastero before our ceremony and I’m so glad we did. Leading up to that moment, we were both full of nerves and excitement. Our first look was a wonderful moment for us to just be together and soak in the magic of the day. When it was time for the ceremony, we were able to be present in the moment and soak in the joy we all felt during that time. Plus, we got to spend more time together! Win-win in my book.

Favorite Details…Aside from actually getting married (of course), there are two things that stand out as highlights of our wedding day: 1. A boat cruise on Lake Como after aperitivo (Italian cocktail hour): Guests were whisked away to a Chicca sightseeing boat for a tour of the most beautiful sights in the mid-lake region, including Villa del Balbianello (Star Wars and James Bond movies have been filmed here) and panoramic views of the Italian Alps. Meanwhile, Matthew and I had our own Riva speed-boat; we surprised our guests by speeding past them on our Riva and the views of the lake were a sight to behold. 2. An Italian Tenor: My parents surprised us—and all of our guests—with an Italian opera singer as we cut the cake! Everyone stood mesmerized as he belted out several classics next to the grand piano on the terrace. It was a truly magical moment in which it felt like time stood still. I still get chills when I think about it!

Advice for Brides-To-Be:

· Create a new email address that is used only for wedding planning. It was so helpful to have everything wedding related be separate from my personal emails, especially since 95% of our communications with vendors abroad was over email. This is a great trick for all brides, not just destination weddings!

· Hire a great wedding planner. We could not have planned a wedding without someone who knows local vendors and can handle all of the day-of details for you without a hitch. I trusted Gemma, our planner, implicitly—meaning I could relax and enjoy our wedding day without having to worry one bit!

· Do your research on vendors. Spend time looking for vendors you “click” with. After we had our planner secured, we found our wedding photographer here on SMP—Shannon Moffit Photography. Knowing I wanted a photographer who shot film and digital photos, I found Shannon and the rest is history! It felt like the stars had aligned for us with each wonderful person we found to help us achieve our wedding day vision.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Shannon Moffit Photography | Videographer: Marco Abbatangelo | Event Planning: My Lake Como Wedding | Floral Design: Figli Dei Fiori | Wedding Dress: Michelle Roth | Ceremony Venue: Hotel Villa Cipressi | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Calligrapher: Dreams and Nostalgia | Entertainment: Blunotti Events, ASAP Band | Groom's Attire: Jos. A. Bank | Dress Shop: Kleinfelds | Film Lab: PhotoVision Prints | First Look Venue: Villa Monastero | Invitation Designer: EVR Paper Co., Christine Bellagamba | Makeup/Hair: Daniela Guanziroli | Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Bar il Molo | Rentals: Tableset

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A Charming Farmhouse Style Winery Wedding That Will Warm Your Heart

Today’s wedding will fill all of your simple, sweet and incredibly romantic wedding day daydreams! From the most elegantly structured gown by Carolina Herrera to neutral-colored parasols and THE ideal ceremony setting at Copain Wines, the perfect farmhouse style winery! This Love of Yours Photography captured everything from the bride’s infectious smile to the groom’s overwhelming love for his new Mrs. to the ever so charming details like understated florals by Chloe+Mint and a fig adorned wedding cake! Take a peek below and see why less is most certainly more when you have a venue that says it all!

From the Bride…The second Charlie and I visited Copain Wines, we knew it was going to be our venue. It was the most charming little farmhouse style winery on top of a hill with breathtaking views. 

The view really is stunning with the vineyards below and rows of trees and mountains far off in the distance. We just knew it was going to be an amazing backdrop for our ceremony and especially for our portraits during sunset. 

What was really cool was that none of our guests had been to Copain so our wedding became a destination wedding almost! It was such a fun and new experience for everyone attending.

The wine at Copain is also AMAZING. As far as the overall design elements— I wanted things to blend in with the beautiful surroundings of the winery grounds so I chose blush linens and white flowers.

I didn’t have to do much because the venue was already so gorgeous. The most important elements for our wedding planning process were good food and music. As far as DIY items, I made the welcome sign, seating chart, and guest name tiles which was an extra special touch that I was happy to do!

Photography: This Love of Yours Photography | Floral Design: Chloe+Mint | Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera | Ceremony Venue: Copain Winery | Reception Venue: Copain Winery | Shoes: Valentino | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Hair and Makeup: Makeup By Quis | Tux: The Black Tux | Veil: jinwang

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Here’s What You Should Do if it Downpours on Your Wedding Day (with no back up plan!)

Of all the wedding planning related worries, weather woes are probably at the tippy top of most couple’s worry list. But friends, I highly suggest you do what this duo did: don’t panic. It will all work out and this day planned by Classic Events and captured by Tenth & Grace is all the proof you need. Their entire reception was drenched after hours of downpour, but you’d never know it. Read the full story below!

From Tenth & Grace… The morning of the wedding, the day was bright and sunny. The forecast showed a 0% chance of rain. So the bride and wedding planner opted not to tent the reception, which was their rain plan in the event of inclement weather.

Fast forward a few hours and just as the bride is stepping outside to go to her first look, it starts POURING. For HOURS. The entire outdoor reception, which had already been set up (complete with linens and tablescape) was soaked. The ceremony chairs were soaked. Everything was completely drenched. We were able to do the first look and couples portraits under a covered porch.

Fortunately, it stopped raining after about two hours. The wedding planner put all the linens in the dryer and all the wedding guests grabbed towels to dry off tables, chairs, plates, etc. And the sun came out just in time for their (delayed) ceremony!

This wedding is the perfect illustration that the only thing that really matters on your wedding day is that you are marrying your best friend. The bride was so gracious and joyful even through some really tough circumstances.

From the Bride… Planning a wedding in only four months was scary, and at times even Ken and I did not think we could pull it off. Our wedding had so many sentimental details, and in such a short amount of time it all just fell into place. That was until the rain came, and when it came it poured. Most brides have at least a few days to both mentally and physically prepare for rain. We had about 15 minutes.

One hour before it was time to walk down the aisle the only rain in the entire state of Alabama was right over our wedding venue. We had no rain plan, no tents, and everything was already set for the ceremony. With the help of our bridal party, family members, vendors, and even some attending guests the moment it came time to walk down the aisle as the minister asked everyone to stand, they looked back and it was as if the rain had never happened. Everything was in its place. It truly was an amazing day.

Photography: Tenth & Grace | Florals: Lush Home Garden Event | Wedding Gown: I Do Bridal | Stationery: Ashton Rivera | Wedding Invitations: Ashton Daniels | Catering: Tyner's | Hair and Makeup: Zara McLaughlin | Band: Big Night Dynamite | Wedding Venue: Fort Conde Inn | Cake and Desserts: Flour Girls Bakery | Planning: Classic Events | Rentals and Lighting: Mobile Popcorn & Party Rentals

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We’re Calling It Now: Ochre Will Be the “It” Color of Fall 2019 Weddings!

Right now we’re living for all things ochre, and the talented team at Birds of a Feather Events is filling our minds (and feeds) with endless ochre wedding inspiration – from attire to stationery and even blooms arranged beautifully by Max Owens Design (that bouquet is everything!) We couldn’t be more excited to see where our Fall 2019 brides take this gorg wedding color. For now, head on over to the full gallery captured by Charla Storey Photography to see why we’re so obsessed.

From Charla Storey Photography The Olana is a 40 acre estate, complemented by its own lake. Inspired by French baroque architecture, this mansion was built as an homage to Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte in Paris. 

The estate features lush landscaping, a tea room modeled after New York’s Tavern on the Green, an indoor and outdoor pool, a tennis court, a bowling alley, a basketball court, expansive private suites and more. From the marble floors, to the gold-plated elevator, to the hand-carved spiral staircase –The Olana mansion is rich with elegant details. 

This brand new Wedding Venue in Dallas TX asked out team to help them tell a story at this gorgeous new Venue. It was the perfect location to host this shootout idea for The Elevate Series, we had been dreaming up. The colors and tones paired perfectly with The Olana, and added romantic, dreamy, vibrant vibes.

Birds of a Feather Events, Max Owens Designs created a colorful summer time shoot that both fit the feel of the property but also brought out modern, delicate details. We love color and we love venues with a European feel and marrying concepts a new with old world is one of our favorite past times! This wild ochre garden is right out of a dream!

Design: Birds Of A Feather Events | Floral Design: Max Owens Design | Gown: Lovely Bridal Shop | Shoes: Bella Belle | Hair and Makeup: Natalia Issa Hair and Makeup Artistry | Venue: The Olana | Charla Storey: Charla Storey Photography | Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab | Gowns: Marchesa | Host: The Elevate Series | Linen: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental | Paper Goods: Tie That Binds | Rentals: Bella Acento | Wedding and Events: The Olana

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Do You Want a Wedding Draped in Hundreds of Roses and Peonies? Check This Out.

THIS, friends. Can you even? File under: dream backdrop. I’m pretty sure this one will be plastered all over Pinterest in the coming months. Leave it to Holly Chapple and Chapel Designers, with Isha Foss and Shira Savada joining in all the fun, too. So, if you envision hundreds (or even thousands) of roses and peonies covering your celebration—head here for the full collection of images by Abby Jiu Photography.

This photo shoot took place during a workshop at Hope Flower Farm, taught by educator and wedding and event designer Holly Heider Chapple along with Isha Foss of Isha Foss Events. Support and styling came from former Martha Stewarts wedding editor Shira Savada and the shoots was photographed by photographers Abby Jiu and Lisa Ziesing, stylists in their own right.

This shoot was inspired by the abundance of peonies in the fields of Hope Flower Farm. The peonies were paired with an abundance of garden roses from Alexandra Farms and the most popular toned rose the Toffee Rose from GreenRose Farm in Ecuador. The golden tones of the toffee rose were an important influence in this shoot. This rose is the most sought after new rose on the market. The Toffee roses warm tone, works with all color palettes and is inspiring beautiful color stories throughout the wedding industry. The warmth of the golden rose was paired with rich velvet linens and furnishings. Luxurious rich fabrics are also on point with all all of these warm toned flowers. Modern accents of acrylic stationery and flatware were paired with antique spode china. The spode Chelsea Bird pattern plates pulled from the prop closet at Hope Flower Farm perfectly tied together the color story of golden tones mixed with deep pink garden roses and peonies. The plate while vintage has a very sophisticated and funky vibe.

We also like the idea of a smaller wedding hosted at a local bed and breakfast which makes for an intimate affair but allows for an abundance of beauty and decadent details. All installations and designs were created foam free which teaches our students and client how to be mindful of our environment.

The class and workshop was supported by Chapel Designers Cheri Taunton of Colorado Southern Charm and Mary Coombs from A Garden Party LLC. Chapel Designers: These student designers were intricate in creating this lush and lovely shoot. Samantha Wakelam, Nancy Armstrong, Nancee Kinzer, Noah Sanderson, Vicki Walker, Donna Claeys, Julie Swanberg, Tabatha Cantrell, Debby Mittelman, Mary James, Tracey Morris, Lori DeNicola, Kat Mullendore, MaryEllen Fairbanks, Kathy Bowen.

Photography: Abby Jiu Photography | Floral Design: Kathy Bowen | Floral Design: Nancee Kinzer | Floral Design: Ella & Louie | Floral Design: Mary James | Floral Design: Debby Mittelman | Floral Design: A Garden Party | Floral Design: Vicki Walker | Floral Design: Samantha Wakelam | Floral Design: Nancy Armstrong | Floral Design : Willrett Flower Co. | Floral Design : Southern Charm Weddings And Events | Floral Design : Cameron & Fairbanks | Floral Design : The Bearded Florist | Floral Design : Donna Claeys | Floral Design : Julie Swanberg | Floral Design : Tabatha Cantrell | Floral Design : Petaloso | Flowers: Pittsburgh Cut Flower Company | Wedding Dresses: Claire Pettibone | Cake: Buttercream Bakeshop | Makeup: Amie Decker Beauty | Hair & Makeup: Amie Decker Beauty | Venue : Hope Flower Farm | Additional Styling/ Education: Shira Savada | Event Design /Education: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD | Event Design/Education : Isha Foss Events | Flowers/ Toffee Roses: Greenrose Ecuador | Garden Roses: Alexandra Farms | Models: The Artist Agency | Organization of Floral Designers: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD | Paper Goods: Kara Anne Paper | Peonies: Hope Flower Farm | Rental Furniture: Blue Ridge Vintage Affairs | Rentals: Select Event Group | Ribbon: Honey Silks And Company

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Summer Wedding Essentials For Your Guests To Beat The Heat

There is no denying that summer is a great season for weddings, but sometimes keeping your guests comfortable in rising temperatures can feel like an uphill battle. We’ve got some helpful tips and tricks to help your guests beat the heat!

PHOTOGRAPHY | Oliver Fly Photography

1. Keep it Indoors

No matter where in the world you’re getting married, if it’s summer, chances are it’s going to be hot! The easiest way to ensure that you and your guests are as comfortable as possible is to have your entire wedding indoors in a space that has air conditioning. We know that sounds easy in theory, but depending on the size of your venue, this could get tricky. If you haven’t locked in your venue yet, express your concerns about the heat to your wedding planner and search for a venue that has enough space inside for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. If you already have your venue and it isn’t possible to host the entire wedding indoors, consider doing a “flip”. A “flip” is when your planner and their team transform your ceremony location into a reception space, preferably while your guests are enjoying cocktail hour elsewhere. This technique will ensure that your guests are in a climate-controlled space for the majority of your wedding and only have to brave the elements for a brief window of time. 

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2. Keep them Hydrated

It’s always important to make sure that your guests stay hydrated, but even more so if your wedding is outdoors. Make sure that water is available during every part of your wedding. For the cocktail hour, and the reception, this is easy because your caterer will likely have waitstaff passing or refilling drinks, or guests can help themselves by going to the bar. Don’t forget about the ceremony. Depending on what time your guests arrive at your ceremony location, they may be outdoors for an hour or more by the time cocktail hour rolls around! Consider having a water station near the entrance where guests can help themselves to a small bottle of water or perhaps some fruit infused water on ice. If the thought of having your guests sipping bottles or even glasses of water during your ceremony makes you cringe, ask your caterer or wedding planner if they can arrange to have the waitstaff collect the glasses or bottles fifteen minutes before the ceremony begins–win, win! 

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3. Get Shady

If any portion of your summer wedding is being held outdoors, it’s important to throw shade (in a good way). Some shade may be built into your venue like an awning or an overhang. If your venue does not provide shade naturally – bring it in. Shade comes in many different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Umbrellas and tents are great coverage options for larger outdoor spaces. To make sure that you have all of your guests covered, you may even consider giving out parasols that can function both as a shield from the sun and a sweet wedding favor! 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Luna de Mare Photography

4. Fans

Fans are a great way to keep the air circulating, minimizing the impact of soaring temperatures. If your venue is designed for outdoor ceremonies, like a patio or a courtyard, they may have fans built-in. If not, talk to your wedding planner about renting fans. Electric fans will offer your guests the most airflow, some may have mist capabilities (which is a definite plus). Paper fans are another great way to help your guests stay cool. Some printing companies even offer packages where they print your wedding program onto fans–you gotta love a 2-in-1!


5. Get a Late Start

Timing is everything when planning a wedding. For summer weddings, we always recommend starting later in the day when things have cooled down a bit. Consider having your ceremony just before sunset and your reception in the evening. The photos of the sun setting while you’re exchanging vows are guaranteed to be swoon-worthy and your guests will be SO grateful!

PHOTOGRAPHY |   Rebecca Yale Photography

6. Offer Transportation (even if it’s walking distance)

Standing or sitting outside can be rough if it’s hot, walking is even tougher. Even if your ceremony and your reception are what you would normally consider “walking distance” from one another, we recommend providing transportation for your guests between the venues. It can be something as simple as golf carts or a shuttle. Your guests will be thankful that you spared them the walk.

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7. Tone Down the Dress Code

If you’ve got your heart set on an outdoor summer wedding, opt for a less formal dress code, like dressy casual or just plain casual. This allows your guests to dress comfortably for the weather, rather than having to suit up in the sweltering heat. Encourage the men to wear light fabrics like linen and cotton and the women to wear comfortable sundresses or dressy separates. 

PHOTOGRAPHY | George Pahountis

8. Frozen Refreshments

What better way is there to keep your guests cool than serving frozen cocktails? From margaritas and piña coladas to champagne with a popsicle garnish–these frozen treats are sure to help your guests cool off. It’s a good idea to offer one or two non-alcoholic options to make sure that none of your guests feel left out of the frozen festivities.   

PHOTOGRAPHY | Amanda K Photography

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You’re Going to Want to Steal This Couple’s Genius Guest Book Idea!

If you’re thinking of having a tropical-inspired fete, look no further than today’s Maui wedding at Sugar Beach Estate! From guests being greeted by hula dancers and handmade flower crowns during cocktail hour to a surfboard guestbook and perfectly placed palm leaves, Platinum Weddings and Events outdid themselves with every single detail. Chris J. Evans photographed the celebration along with every moment between the bride and groom like those jaw-dropping sunset photos! Get ready to scroll and be sure to stop at that fabulous flower wall by Teresa Sena Designs!

From Platinum Weddings & EventsKia + Michael met on the Fourth of July in a beautiful cabin in the woods of Northern Minnesota. They refer to their love as a “you-know-it-the-moment-you-met type of thing” :-) Kia says that they “clicked instantly”! Although they did long-distance between Hong Kong (Michael is a pilot based out of Hong Kong) and Minnesota, their love only continued to grow. Michael proposed by taking Kia to a secluded beach at Margaret River down south in Western Australia. In honor of this memory, in conjunction with their Wedding in Maui, Kia + Michael’s Wedding Planner, Taryn, gifted the couple with two coffee table photo books on their Big Day (one of Margaret River and one of Maui, Hawaii), both with tailored calligraphy that read as follows: Margaret River
“Marry me, my wonderful, darling friend.” – Jane Austin and for the Maui book “Kia + Michael October 7, 2018”

Kia + Michael were married at the Sugar Beach Estate in Maui, Hawaii. The Bride + Groom enjoyed relaxing at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort while getting prepped for their Big Day, as a magnificent team of vendors selected by Platinum Weddings & Events brought their vision to life. Guests were lei-greeted by Hawaiian Hula Dancers before they made their way down a jungle path lined with tiki torches. Upon entering the Ceremony, they were greeted with lush tropical flowers and an incomparable ocean backdrop. Cocktails followed while guests enjoyed styling their own flower crowns for the celebration. A beautiful lounge was arranged with a congratulatory topiary wall, providing the perfect place for relaxing and photo ops. Guests transitioned to the Dinner Reception after signing the Groom’s Guest Book: a surfboard to be mounted in the couple’s new home! The Dinner Hall was dripping in tropical florals of pinks + greens; each table hosted a floral chandelier with glowing hand-blown glass bowls. The backdrop of the Head Table was an ombre wall of carnations. A beautiful, statement floral chandelier crowned the dance floor as guests celebrated into the night.

About Platinum Weddings & EventsPlatinum Weddings & Events Specializes in Full-Service Wedding Planning on the beautiful island of Maui. This all-encompassing service allows Platinum Weddings & Events to assist you with your Event from start to finish and provides you with customized care throughout the Wedding Planning Process. We are able to assist you with Event Design, Vendor & Venue Coordination, Budget Management and so much more! Planning a Destination Wedding is enough of a challenge in and of itself. Hiring a Wedding Planner on your Big Day ensures that your event runs smoothly and without hassle. You, your family members, and your friends can relax and soak in the unforgettable moments while your planner arranges all of the details that contribute to a flawless Maui Wedding.

There are so many things that make Platinum Weddings & Events unique! Most importantly, though, Platinum Weddings & Events is composed of real women living real life. We’ve got kids, mortgages, and to-do lists, just like you! We’re not interested in putting on a show for our clients or imposing our vision on your Wedding. Rather, we’re most interested in connecting with each of our couples in a genuine and considerate way so as to bring your vision to life. We understand the implications of hosting a Destination Wedding; as your Planner, we want to be your best friend throughout this process in the hopes of bringing your dreams to reality in a smooth and flawless way!

Photography: Chris J Evans Photography | Catering: Sugar Beach Events | Hair: Meili Autumn Beauty | Calligraphy: Miss B Calligraphy | Groom's Attire: MJ Bale | Bridal Gown: Katie May | Ceremony Musician: David Wolf Weddings | Chargers: Table Candy Event Rentals | Lei Greeters + Flower Crown Bar: Manutea Nui E | Linen: Reve Maui | Place Settings: Set | Planning + Design: Platinum Weddings & Events | Private Estate: Sugar Beach Events | Rentals: Hawaiian Style Event Rentals | Rentals: Signature Boutique Event Rentals | Rentals: Rio Event Design

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Edible Tablescapes Are Officially Cool for the Summer

This fresh new trend of incorporating fruit to your decor is taking the wedding world by storm – and we couldn’t be more obsessed. Type A Society and Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events joined forces to put a modern twist on traditional elegance (with a side of citrus!) Rich shades of blue, peach, blush, and emerald green graced the tabletop along with lush arrangements by Marigold and topped off  with delish summer fruits! Head on over to the full gallery to fall in love with this summer’s latest decor trend and so much more captured perfectly by Lynn Dunston!

From Lynn DunstonBrides with a love for fusing formal traditions with modern designs will fall head over hills in love with the details from this inspiration shoot produced and styled by Type A Society at the exclusive Beaulieu Garden, in the heart of Napa Valley.

The private estate is something quite spectacular with its old stone fountains, reflecting pools, and beautiful rose gardens. It was the perfect setting for this summer-inspired romantic wedding editorial. The color palette consisted of rich shades of blue, varying from pastel to navy, along with peach, blush, and green. Nothing screams summer like fresh fruit – pears, lemons, grapes, and papayas are just a few of the many fruits incorporated into the design.

An emerald green velvet table linen was used in the table decor, which contrasted beautifully against the blue and white floral-patterned china. The shoot featured three bridal gowns, each with a distinct bridal look. The first look included a classic off-the-shoulder Naeem Khan ball gown, which was paired with a Keren Wolf pearl crown, perfect for the elegant bride who loves a statement piece.

The second look, which featured a bow-backed Carolina Herrera gown completed with a pair of long gloves, was created for the glamorous bride who wants to add a modern twist to an Old Hollywood look. With its plunging front and back design, subtle lace details, soft ruffles, and lightweight design, the Rime Arodaky gown chosen for the third look is perfect for the refined bride or for the bride looking for a dress to transition from the ceremony to the reception.

Photography: Lynn Dunston Photography | Floral Design: Marigold | Wedding Dress: Naeem Khan | Wedding Dress: Rime Arodaky | Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera | Cake: Frosted Cakery | Stationery: Aerialist Press | Reception Venue: Beaulieu Garden | Shoes : Bella Belle | Rings: Erstwhile Jewelry | Catering: Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events | Hair & Makeup: Carrie Aldous | Backdrop & Styling Mat: JRD Artshop | Bridal Accessories: Keren Wolf | Bridal Shop: Little White Dress Bridal Shop | Candles: Creative Candles | Earrings: Stil Works Studio | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Producer and Stylist: Type A Society | Rentals: Scout Rental Co. | Rentals: Otis & Pearl | Rentals: Party Crush Studio | Ring Box: Voeu Du Coeur | Veil: Claire Pettibone | Workshop: Vero

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The Sweetest Wedding Gifts for Your Groom

With the sheer number of wedding decisions you’re currently making, you might be totally overwhelmed. The last-minute small details often become the hardest to finalize, such as what gift you’re going to give your groom on the wedding day. If you’re considering sending something special over to your groom’s hotel suite, we’ve got you covered with advice on the sweetest wedding gifts for your groom.

For the Groom Who Loves to Make Music

If your groom doesn’t care about the typical type of wedding day gift (i.e. a nice watch), then don’t feel pressured to go that route. Instead, think of what he truly values and cares about or even something he needs but hasn’t wanted to treat himself to. One of my recent brides, Mary, actually gifted an acoustic guitar to her groom, Nolan. You can tell by his smile how much the guitar means to him and it was certainly a unique surprise. If your groom plays an instrument, gift him either a literal instrument like Mary did, a new speaker set, personalized drumsticks or guitar picks, or perhaps even a music lesson with one of his idols.

For the Tech-Obsessed Groom

If your fiancé is anything like my husband, he always loves “teching” out our home whether it’s a smart lock for our front door, an Apple TV, or even a Nest thermostat. Take note if your groom has been mentioning a new tech product he’s interested in and tell him to wait until after the wedding to make house investments. He’ll be totally surprised when you present it to him on the wedding day and probably a little too eager to go home to test it out!

For the Outdoorsy Groom

Have a groom who loves to fish, golf, camp, or perhaps even surf? Think about his sporting equipment and what might need an upgrade or perhaps what could fill out his collection that’s currently missing. If you’re not knowledgeable about his particular hobby, ask one of his friends or family members what item or collection of items would make a great wedding day gift.

For the Groom Who Appreciates the Arts

If your groom enjoys theatre performances or art galleries, a unique and insanely thoughtful gift idea would be a private tour of a production or showing he’d love. If that feels too difficult to secure, then simply score tickets to a production he’d gush over. Sometimes experiences can be more impactful than material gifts, so don’t be afraid to gift him something nontraditional. That said, maybe he’d love a custom commissioned piece of art from his favorite local artist!

For the Groom Who Loves to Cook and Bake

Proper tools are a must for cooking and baking. If your groom is an avid cook, gift him a new set of high-quality knives from Wüsthof or Shun. For the groom who really loves cooking from scratch, I highly recommend the book Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza. It teaches you how to easily make bread with only four ingredients. I can personally vouch for the recipes as my husband has baked several and the bread is delicious!

If your groom is more into baking sweets, I’m sure he’d love the timeless and chic KitchenAid stand mixer. While I totally would buy it in pink, I’d recommend choosing a more masculine or neutral color for your groom! If you’d like to gift something more experience-based, book him a cooking or baking lesson with a local chef.

For the Athletic Groom

To be honest, I have little knowledge about sports-related pastimes, but I do know that men who love a sport really enjoy being physically present at their favorite team’s games. Gift your groom great seats to an upcoming sporting event and I’m sure he’ll be thrilled! Especially if that game is hard to secure tickets for, there’s no doubt he’ll find it a super sweet gesture. If you’re totally not a fan of the sport, you can tell him the second ticket is for a friend.

If your groom is more interested in the personal fitness side of the athletic realm, a great gift would be a couple of sessions with a personal trainer. Even frequent gym goers could use improvement in their form and an assessment of their workout routines and goals.

Since it would be impossible to cover every single hobby, pastime, or personality in this post, there’s a chance your groom doesn’t quite fit into any of my categories. Don’t worry because you know your groom better than most people. Take other categories as inspiration to get you thinking about the sweetest gift for your groom. Whether that’s gifting him a puppy, surprise vacation, Michelin dinner, something handmade, or fancy new shoes, your groom will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Cavin Elizabeth is a wedding film photographer based in San Diego, California. Her wedding work has taken her all over the United States and abroad. In addition to being a photographer, Cavin is an educator and an avid blogger of wedding planning tips for brides and grooms. She authored the book A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding, which teaches couples how to make wedding plans that are best for photography. 

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“More is More” with this Colorful, Bohemian Cyrpus Wedding

For this boho, Cyprus wedding Fresh Events went with the Bohemian philosophy of ‘more is more,’ when it came to design and decor! Mixing different flowers, textures and, colors to give the space a fun and eclectic feel with each table designed a bit differently and wicker baskets hung as lanterns! Theo Georgiades captured it all with stunning natural light and every perfectly planned detail….and of course that dress!! Check out the full gallery here for some of the best tablescapes we’ve seen!

From Fresh EventsThe wedding of Stalo and Zenonas turned out to be one of the most special and significant events in the year of 2018. The couple has been supporting us since the very first day. So, when they decided to tie a knot and they asked us to style their special day, we realized that we had to create something unique for them, which would really represent their personalities and above all, their bond.

Stalo and Zenonas met 13 years ago when both of them were working at the same gym. They immediately realized that sparks flew when they met for the first time. Eventually, they fell in love with each other. Only after 10 years, Zenonas proposed to Stalo. We were so endlessly happy for them, and right after celebrating that wonderful occasion, we started to get ready for the big day. The couple trusted us fully with styling, and only after a few meetings, the preparations began.

As summer in Cyprus lasts until the end of October, and the autumn weather in Cyprus is beautifully smooth and the surrounding natural colors turn more vibrant, we decided to use our imagination and go with a bohemian style.

The reception venue was overflown with a harmonious versatile mix of flowers, colors, and textures. We used various textiles and patterns to give the space a sense of fun and eclectics. Warm earthy colors were perfectly combined and layered with saturated deep shades of purple and blue. Edgy solid wooden details and geometric shapes, which we incorporated into setup, were smoothed by delicate wildflowers, such as anemones, eryngium, eremurus, protea and garden roses.

Our motto was a common Bohemian philosophy of ‘more is more’. We mixed and matched natural materials of wood, sisal and pampas grass with delicate silk and cotton. Fringe tablecloths and soft pillows made the atmosphere cozier.

We tried to embrace the natural world and created unique arrangements hanging from the ceiling. Pampas grass and palm leaves gave a very relaxing, calm feeling to the venue, which was located on the seashore. To tell the full story of Zenonas and Stalo, we added various items, which they really loved: vintage bottles, boxes, and vases, to bring some chic and glamour to the wedding, we mixed these items with sparkly candlesticks.

The couple wanted to be surprised, so they did not visit the venue during the setup days. But on the wedding day when they showed up at the entrance of the venue, they were mesmerized. Stalo said that it seemed like a fairy-tale, a dream that came true. As for us, we could not be happier when we saw the couple smiling and dancing under the moonlight on that warm magical night.

We are always overwhelmed with happiness and joy when we bring another beautiful event to life. We think of ourselves as creators of everyday magic. We are honest, reliable, committed, innovative, respectful and efficient. We are never afraid of challenges, as we see them as great opportunities to improve and become better and stronger. And we always give more than we promise.

We are always thirsty for beautiful things and creativity and never stop exploring and expanding our imagination. The team of ‘Fresh Events’ is passionate about every single event; we always listen to a client and pay attention to one’s personality, cultural background, tastes, and aesthetical preferences. Our clients come from all over the world to celebrate their events in Cyprus. And despite the fact we are based in Cyprus, we are always open to new discoveries and ready to organize inspiring and magical weddings and events in any part of the world, with a blend of freshness, vitality, enthusiasm, professionalism, and passion.

Photography: Theo Georgiades | Videography: White Leaf Pictures | Event Design: Fresh Events | Event Planning: Fresh Events | Invitations: Redgrass Invitations | Catering: Pandora Catering | Rentals: Mint Event Finds

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