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Everything You Need to Include On Your “Change the Date” Cards

When you’ve had a wedding planned for awhile, it’s hard to imagine the extent of circumstances that would move you to postponing or outright cancelling your special day. But with COVID-19 looming like an ever present rain cloud over all of the excitedly-planned 2020 weddings, that’s exactly where we are. It’s sad and deeply disappointing, of course it is, but couples are weathering through the storm and finding their rainbows in brand new wedding dates and totally clean slates. Having something to look forward to or work towards is a beautiful thing – and we’re happy that we can be a part of the “it will happen” hype – at 20 percent off, too!  

Our Style Me Pretty Collection stationery is stunning, especially the Save the Date cards – but just as beautiful are the ways that couples can take our designs and transform them into perfect (and powerful) Change the Date cards. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that our Change the Date tweaks might be a smidge even more special, just because changing the date shows a lot of strength and steadfastness, it’s celebration-worthy to a next-level degree – if you ask us! 

Officially changing the date with your venue and vendors is the hardest part of the wedding reenvisioning, because there are a lot of moving parts to making such a significant switch flip. But once you’ve done that, letting your guests know that things have been reshuffled shouldn’t have to be a big thing. Unlike couples who have had to cancel or postpone their weddings due to unforeseen circumstances that not all of their guests are privy to, couples making the decision to rearrange their nuptials this year can safely assume that their guests understand why. COVID complications, plain and simple. 

Before we share some customizable Save the Date designs that can be co-opted as Change the Date cards, here are just a few things to keep in mind:

1. Get something out quickly. Not like Anne Hatheway in Bride Wars hurriedly, but as soon as you start getting your new plans solidified (or, at the very least, make a concrete decision on your original wedding date), you should consider reaching out to ALL of your wedding guests via email or digital postponement announcement to let them know that coronavirus concerns have prompted you to delay your present wedding plans. In the same message, include a reminder about your wedding website and relay that of-the-minute changes will be reflected there, so they can refer accordingly! 

2. Get things in writing. Starting with all of your new arrangements and coordinating contracts. Once you’re all squared away with your new day, then you can begin sourcing your change the dates. Digital correspondence is absolutely doable (and there are several online stationers out there to help!), but we love the look and feel of a tangible change the date tiding – after all, this new date is something to be proud and excited about, your guests will be thrilled to receive it, and you’ll be happy you decided to stick one on your refrigerator! The countdown to your #idoround2 starts now! 

3. Get your guests up to speed. Yep, you’ll want to stock up on those signature wedding stamps again… because it’s time to let your loved ones in on the official details of the day. It’s a brand new day, so you can go with a look that’s brand new too (for instance, maybe your original Save the Date was photoless, so, this time, you want to go with a photo #stillengagedmentphotos, perhaps?!). Just make sure that you have all the right call outs on your card, peep them all below! 

Anatomy of a Change the Date Card.
Essentially, you’ll be sharing the same details you initially shared in your save the date, but you’ll be acknowledging that things have changed. Here’s exactly what you have to include, so that your guests aren’t kept in the dark about your delay. 

Your names.
For real, seeing your names together is an excuse to smile anytime, but this is your wedding – even higher stakes! 

Your reasoning for the change.
Again, it’s pretty much a given that your guests will anticipate COVID having something to do with your change, but it’s still nice to acknowledge the situation in some way. Something as simply-worded as “since we couldn’t celebrate the way we had hoped, we coped by changing our date” will work just fine! 

Your new date.
Just like your birthday, the day you started dating, your engagiversary, this new date signifies a monumental milestone. We promise, the more times you actually see the new date written, typed, texted, etc. the more you’ll get excited. You’ll be able to give a proper “days till I Do” count before you know it… 

Your new location.
If you have a new one, that is. You might very well be getting married at the same place, just at a different time.  

Your wedding website plug.
This is sooo important, especially if you aren’t sending out entirely new invitations (and just using the change the date for formal countenance). If you can remind folks about your wedding website, you can troubleshoot any queries, questions, and concerns just by directing them there for further explanation. 

For any Style Me Pretty designs that don’t have enough personalizable space to include as robust an explanation as you’d prefer, you can also use one of our equally-stylish + tailorable all purpose cards for overflow. Any of the headings and text box defaults can be erased to allow room for COVID-related decision commentary or to include your own notes like “more details to come” or “re-invitations to follow,” so that guests feel in-the-know about your nuptials.

While this new date might not have been your first choice, it’ll [hopefully] be the best choice – because you’ll be married by the end of it! Shop the Style Me Pretty Collection now for 20 percent off your favorite Save the Date (turned Change the Date) design, and change the date in style! 

Danielle Halibey is a writer, editor, and publicist living in New Jersey. She has been immersed in the world of weddings since planning her own whimsical, romantic affair in 2014. And isn’t that what they always say, “those who can’t do, teach?” Well, once her nuptials were over, she still had stuff in the ‘I Do’ industry to do. She writes regularly for top wedding blogs including Style Me Pretty and Wedding Chicks, and has garnered millions of press impressions for brands in the wedding space: fashion, beauty, wedding talent+tastemakers and more. 

A Wedding Planner’s Quintessential Southern California Wedding Weekend

From a sprawling vineyard setting to authentic local fare, today’s gorgeous wedding for this wedding planner and her handsome hub is the epitome of quintessential SoCal. To pull off this epic weekend in Santa Barbara, the bride enlisted the help of TOAST Santa Barbara and Jill & Co. Events – who absolutely turned her vision into a reality. For endless summer wedding inspiration, head on over to the full gallery captured by Lacie Hansen… and don’t be surprised if your Pinterest boards get a major upgrade upon viewing.

From the Bride… Erik and I both attended UCSB, but didn’t actually meet until after we graduated and were introduced through mutual friends! Being a wedding planner myself, after he proposed in February 2018 in Yosemite, my mind instantly started racing with the next steps. We spent the drive back home discussing what we wanted the wedding weekend to be like, what we wanted our guests to experience, what flavor cupcakes from Enjoy! We were going to serve; but the one thing we knew for sure was that it had to be in Santa Barbara and we wanted our guests to enjoy all of our favorite things about our hometown! With many of our family members living in the Midwest and East Coast, we wanted to create a quintessential Californian weekend for them. 

The rehearsal dinner and welcome party was at Santa Barbara Historical Museum, which honored the history and culture of Santa Barbara. We had a local Spanish guitarist, Chris Fossek, play during cocktail hour, authentic local tacos in handmade tortillas, and freshly made-to-order churros! The tables were filled with bright colors and lots of textures. Our Lady of Mount Carmel is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen. Again, so authentically Santa Barbara, and styled after the California Missions, it encompasses a beautiful, old-world feel. We loved the traditional nature that the church provided, but loved the uniqueness in its design. My sister, Theresa Kesser, who is an extraordinary opera singer, sang the Ave Maria during our ceremony and it was one of my favorite moments of the day. She and her boyfriend, Ben Werley, also sang Panis Angelicus as a duet, and Ben cantored the rest of the mass. It was so special to have them both be such an integral part of our wedding ceremony.

Grassini Family Vineyards felt like the perfect spot to bring all of our guests to as well! Having worked there once before, I instantly fell in love with the property, knowing its potential. When Erik and I pulled up to tour the vineyard for our wedding, the second the gates opened, we knew we had to have our reception there. The combination of the sprawling vineyards overlooking the gorgeous lake was reason enough, but imagining all of our tables filled with family and friends, under those gorgeous 400 year old California oak trees, how do you get more authentically California than that?! It felt like the perfect final piece to a central coast experience; an evening under the stars in wine country! The wedding we envisioned was elegant, formal, fun, and unique. We wanted to create an atmosphere for our guests that felt romantic and intimate, and also fun and comfortable. We asked guests to come in black-tie attire to create a level of formality from the start. Guests sipped on French 75s and Old Fashioneds during cocktail hour, and Grassini’s Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet for dinner. Velvet covered tables were topped with emerald vine Limoges plates from The Ark, vintage silverware from Theoni, and lush floral arrangements from TOAST! 

One of my favorite elements from the wedding was our print material. Being in the wedding industry, we see so many variations of invites! I was so excited to start the design on ours with local artist, Janice Blair. I’ve worked with Janice every year since I’ve been with TOAST so I knew she would capture my style immediately! She started with a watercolor floral piece that became the backing on our invites, escort cards, and liner on our programs. It was such an integral part of our overall design, incorporating the organic vines in the vineyard, on the china we used, and the colors in the bridesmaids dresses and floral. She also created a watercolor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel that we used on our programs, and now have hung in our home! There was a very subtle Loon theme strung throughout the wedding. We wanted it to be subtle enough that guests might only start to pick up on it once they got to the reception. 

Very early on in our relationship, Erik dubbed me “Loon” during my very late nights of wedding work. The nickname stuck for both of us, and so many of our friends are in on the joke, we thought it was only appropriate to pay the nickname some homage and have fun with it! The crest that Janice created for our print material had two small loons drawn into the bottom. That crest was used on our save the dates, invitations, programs, menus, and cocktail napkins. Each guest had an escort card hung with a small red bird call, engraved with our initials, and backed with the floral watercolor. The top of the board read, “Your Seat is Calling”! My bridesmaids dresses were another favorite detail!! My girls were so supportive as we looked for different options that felt unique. When I found the Needle & Thread dresses, I was sold! Each of the bridesmaids picked their favorite style and shade of blush, and it worked out perfectly! The sunlight against the beading and flowy skirts by Grassini’s lake was just breathtaking. Lastly, since the moment we got engaged, we had an outpouring of love and support from our friends and family, but also from the wedding vendor/friend community! We were so lucky to work with some of our favorite vendors that have become dear friends over the years, including our team at TOAST, Jill Remy of Jill and Co. Events, Lacie Hansen Photography, Lola Video, TEAM Hair and Makeup, Bella Vista Designs, Bright Event Rentals, Found Rentals, The Ark, Lazaro Press, and so many more.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Lacie Hansen | Videography: | Coordination: Jill & Co. Events | Cake : Lele's Patisserie | Cupcakes: Enjoy Cupcakes | Ceremony Venue: Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church | Reception: Grassinni Family Vineyards | Catering: Maili Halme | Hair & Makeup: TEAM Hair and Makeup | Calligraphy: Janice Blair | Lighting: Bella Vista Designs, Inc | Bar Service: Simply Cocktails | Coordination, Design & Floral: TOAST Santa Barbara | Linens: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Print Material: Lazaro Press & Design | Reception DJ: Gavin Roy | Rentals: Bright Event Rentals | Rentals: Found Rentals | Rentals : Theoni Collection | Rentals : The Ark Event Rentals

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10 Ideas To Celebrate Your Original Date, From Wedding Planner Sojourner Auguste of Erganic Design

As we all know, 2020 has been a year unlike any other. We have had to make a lot of adjustments, including making big changes in the way we live and the way we celebrate.

With everyone’s safety in mind, many couples have postponed their 2020 weddings to 2021. If you moved your wedding to next year, you can still find a way to celebrate or commemorate your original wedding date.  You did choose this special date in 2020, so why not do something special?

The following are fun ideas to help you celebrate your original wedding date. You can combine several of the ideas to create one wildly fun day! Or, do them all on different days. Have fun with it, and remember, it’s about celebrating your love and commitment to each other.


1. Have a Private Concert (virtual or in person)

So many wonderful musicians are sharing their gift of music with people, even during this time of social distancing. You can have your own private concert in the comfort of your home via Zoom. Or, you can arrange to have the musicians play for you in person. Be creative! If you have a balcony, or a porch, there are ways to have live music while incorporating all of the safety precautions you need.

Whether you’d like to hear strings, or a jazz ensemble, or want to hear sweet vocals, you can have your own private concert. 

Planning by Erganic Design | Photography by Echoes & Wild Heart


2. Photoshoot

Memorialize the day by having it professionally photographed. Just like with an engagement shoot, photographers offer mini photo sessions where you can go to a few of your favorite locations around your city, or you can even have a mini session right at home. Given social distancing restrictions that may be in place, you and your photographer should discuss and agree on where to go, and what necessary precautions you should take. They’ll likely already have ideas in mind, as many photographers have been offering mini photo sessions during this unprecedented time.


3. Have a catered dinner with special cake.

Caterers and bakers are your friend. With so many events being postponed, there are caterers and bakers who still want to make some special eats for you! It should not take much to find a good local caterer and baker who is offering delivery (or pick up). Create a special dinner menu with the caterer, and order a small celebration cake. Plan to fully set the table, with your best plates, flatware and glasses. Make it nice and fancy! Create a printed dinner menu, or if this is not an option ask the caterer, as they may be able to help you get the menus printed.
Ask the caterer for their recommendations on wine pairings and for specialty cocktail recipes using your favorite ingredients. Bonus, if the caterer can prepare the cocktails for you, and all you need to do is pour over ice (or into a glass).  


4. Write love letters and save them!

What’s more romantic than receiving a letter from your lover? Now imagine reading this love letter on your *new* wedding day, next year!

Since so much has happened this year (so far), there are likely, so many emotions you are feeling. Put those feelings into words and write your loved one the most amazing love letter ever. But then, put the letters into a time capsule of sorts, and agree not to open them, until the morning of your wedding. This will be such an amazing moment for both of you, to read the words you wrote the year prior.

Photography by Brian Hatton Photography | Planning by Erganic Design


5. Take Dance Lessons

You may have already been planning to take dance lessons in preparation for your first dance. Well, you still can! Many dance studios are offering virtual dance lessons. So go for it! One idea is to have your first lesson on your original date. Or, if you’re up for it, have a series of lessons before the original date, and then on the date, have a dance recital of sorts. Either record yourselves performing the dance routine and then share the video with family and friends. Or, you can host a Zoom with family and friends and perform your dance routine live.


6. Host a Virtual Dance Party with your family and friends

Speaking of dancing, why not host a virtual dance party! DJ’s are ready to spin for your family and friends, and you can still work with them ahead of time to curate the song list. You can also use Spotify and be your own DJ. With integrations between Spotify and Zoom, you can create the ultimate virtual dance party. Query friends and family ahead of time for some song suggestions. Then on the night off, dance away!


7. Words of Advice & Date Night

Ask close family and friends to write words of advice and date night ideas for you. The date night ideas should be for future anniversaries:1 year, 5 years, 10 years and 15 years, etc.

You can set up a special email address for the two of you (eg. and ask your family and friends to email the advice and date night ideas to that special email address. Ask them to do this before your original wedding date (try and give them at least a week or two to get it done). Then on the original date, read the words of advice to each other, as a way to celebrate the date. It’ll be fun to read what your family and friends write to you.

Design by Erganic Design | Floral by Designs by Ahn 


8. Wine Tasting

Have a wine tasting with just the two of you, or with some family and friends. Many wineries are offering virtual wine tastings, with a live wine expert on Zoom. You just need to purchase the wines ahead of time and have them shipped to you in prep for your virtual wine tasting. Some wineries have on-going virtual wine tastings with pre-selected the wines. Some wineries let you customize the tasting and you pick the wines you want to try. Either option is great, as it allows you to try great wines while at home.

A personal favorite is Gloria Ferrer in Napa Valley. They have excellent varieties of sparkling and still wines, so you can get a good selection of different types of wines to try.
For Mother’s Day, I picked some of my favorites from Gloria Ferrer and had them shipped to (5) five special ladies (mothers and sisters) and we had our own private virtual wine tasting party. There is some lead time and coordination to consider, but the fun is totally worth it! 


9. Ultimate Wellness Date Day

Spend the day unwinding and resetting, with your loved one. This will be a day where you’ll get to experience a virtual escape, so to speak, mentally, while physically relaxing. Below are suggestions for what to do in the morning, afternoon and evening. Be sure you are eating meals/snacks throughout the day too.

Morning Meditation or Yoga:
Start the morning out with a meditation (or virtual workout), led by instructors from, just about, anywhere in the world. From Koh Samui Island in Thailand, to a 15 minute yoga class in Turks and Caicos, there are so many great options out there which are perfect for couples to experience together.

Afternoon At home Spa:
Although you can opt for a virtual reality spa experience (yes, they have VR goggles for this), I suggest creating an actual at home spa with your loved one. It doesn’t matter if neither of you have experience with massages, or facials, or anything. The point is to spend time together. Besides, once you do a little online search for some at home treatments, you’ll be just fine. Think along the lines of:

  • Face – a nice deep facial cleanse, then mask treatment.
  • Body – have a nice bubble bath (for two), with essential oils and lots of candles.
  • Feet – a foot scrub, followed by giving each other a foot massage.

Evening Movie Night:
End the evening with a movie and dinner for two. Given how relaxed the day has been so far, I suggest ordering takeout so you don’t have to cook. Be sure to include your favorite libation.
If you have a backyard, rooftop or terrace large enough, watch the movie and eat dinner outside under the stars, picnic style. This does require having the necessary equipment, such as a projector and screen, or large monitor/tv that you can watch outside. If outside is not an option, then have a picnic on the floor of your living room.


10. Have A Virtual Wedding

One great way to celebrate your original date, is to still get married! Whether you have a legal ceremony or you opt to exchange vows without all of the paperwork, you can still have a great virtual wedding. 

Go ahead and get dressed up as you would have for the wedding day (wear a special dress, get dolled up, the whole nine). Hire a florist to create some beautiful arrangements. Think about adorning your place with florals in not so obvious places (like along the stairway if you have stairs). Be sure to have the florist create a wedding bouquet and boutonniere! Make it special.

And create a floral ceremony backdrop (if you have space outside, and weather permits, go for it!)

Photography by Shira Wein Photography | Planning by Erganic Design 

With family and friends attending virtually, you can add a few fun elements to the celebration.
Include music – virtual live music or a DJ (or Soundcloud playlist) will help set the tone.

  • Wine
    You can have wine shipped to your guests, so you can all toast at the same time. Of course, you can still all toast at the same time, even if you do not have the same exact wine.
  • Food
    If the budget permits, have food delivered to your guests. This can be a little tricky if you are not all in the same city. If you are not in the same city, pick out something fun (your favorite pizza, or sushi, or other type of food that your guests can find locally), and then you’ll all be having, essentially, the same type of food, together.
  • Have a virtual photobooth
    With a quick search, you’ll find a lot of great companies offering virtual photobooths for virtual events. It’s become a thing, and guests are loving it.
  • Hire a mentalist
    I have produced quite a few events with mentalists as secret guests. And the crowds love it. Thankfully, these awesome entertainers have created a virtual experience where you can incorporate them into your virtual wedding celebration. And the best part is, they can be based anywhere, and still provide their unique entertainment for your virtual wedding.

Above all, have fun! This day may not unfold the way you originally intended, but it can still be epic, and most importantly, its now part of your amazing forever love story.


Sojourner Auguste is the founder and Creative Director of Erganic Design, a wedding design and planning company based in New York City. She began her design career as an Architect for luxury retail brands, and transitioned over to weddings and special events 10 years ago. She has helped couples celebrate their unions in unique and big ways, on (4) four different continents.

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Find Out Why the Prospect House in Austin, TX Is Our Favorite Venue for Modern Weddings

If you’re looking for a blank-slate wedding venue with the bones to make your wedding vision a reality – The Prospect House is your dream locale. For today’s wedding, the overall design goal was to create a romantic garden look but with minimalist lines”, and thanks to the talented team at Wild Sky Events – they achieved just that! Clementine Botanical Art’s organic blush blooms looked so romantic against the bright white walls of the reception space, while the boho lounge decor made for a major personality moment! Check out the full gallery to watch the magic unfold – all taken by Feather & Twine!

From Wild Sky EventsFor this wedding, our design goal was to create a romantic garden look but with minimalist lines. We love working with Clementine Botanical Art on our weddings because her whimsical and natural floral style is so gorgeous. She is able to create a garden look without it feeling messy! For weddings that want to go with a more minimalist look, we always like to add candles and other texture elements so the tables don’t feel empty. 

For this wedding, we brought our lovely modern clear taper candle holders as they add dimension to the tablescape design but are simple enough that they don’t draw too much attention. Carta Plena created a wonderful minimalist stationery set and for added texture, we went with Birch and Brass Rental’s organic china, natural fringe napkins, and our favorite white and gold flatware. 

For the ceremony, we had a custom chuppah frame built to add on to the existing structure at the venue. We draped the frame in a lovely loose cheesecloth and Clementine covered it head to toe in greenery. The focal point for the ceremony is the gorgeous hill country view so but focusing on a simple white frame and greenery the view retains guests’ attention. For extra details, we brought in a fun neon sign, funky minimalist boho lounge, polaroid selfie guest book station and a hanging seating chart installation.

Photography: Feather & Twine | Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven | Cake: Feathers & Frosting | Stationery: Carta Plena | Catering: Royal Fig Catering | DJ: DJ Nixx | Venue: Prospect House | Chuppah Frame: Mancino Iron Works | Floral: Clementine Botanical Art | Jumpsuit: Stone Cold Fox | Music: Terra Vista Strings | Planning & Design: Wild Sky Events | Rentals: Birch And Brass Rentals

A Surprise Day-Of Venue Change Made for the Most Unforgettable Wedding Story of All Time

When a massive fire neighboring their wedding venue struck the night before their special day, friends, family, vendors and the entire community pulled together to make this couple’s dream day come true – no matter what. When I tell you this story is unlike anything we’ve ever heard here at SMP, please know we couldn’t be more serious… you’ll understand when you hear how it all went down yourself. Keep on scrolling and read every word from Everlee Event Studio detailing their day, it truly left us speechless. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the full gallery of imagery from Emily Foster Photo, when you see how gorgeous this day came to be – you would never believe the trials and tribulations it took to get there.

From Everlee Event StudioAugust 17th, 2019 was Danielle Bouw & Nate Mitton’s magical, life changing wedding day. Located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Danielle’s family owns a massive plot of land surrounded by vineyards and flower farms – a perfect and naturally stunning location for a wedding. Danielle had been planning her wedding day in her mind for as long she could remember. As her wedding planner and best friend, I can vouch for this as well. Her bedroom in her family home has wedding decor and inspiration pictures plastered all over her walls from when she was young – it looks identical to what you would imagine a young girl would create. Danielle & Nate’s wedding did not go as planned and there were many curves in the road leading up to and on their wedding day. With the help of so many family members, friends, community members and vendors, we worked together to create an unforgettable day. A couple of months before Danielle & Nate’s wedding day, the family received news that Danielle’s father had a recurrence of a rare sinus cancer that left him blind in one eye the year prior. 

The doctors alerted the family that the cancer was coming back stronger and that he was going to lose his vision in his second eye quickly. A few days later on Fathers Day weekend in 2019, Danielle surprised her father by revealing her wedding dress to him. Although what was left of his vision was blurry, Steve, Danielle’s father, was able to see his only daughter in her gown. Danielle chose to add butterfly appliques on the back of her dress so that her father could feel them as well. The week leading up to Danielle & Nate’s wedding day was full of activities preparing for their big day. There were so many DIY builds including a parking lot, seating chart, 16ft arch, signage, personalized thank you cards, a wooden bar, revamped wheelbarrows, and Nate’s proposal sign that he hand painted. The wedding was set to take place on the family property with the ceremony in their garden and the reception in their field under a beautifully lit tent. The evening before the wedding, all of Danielle’s bridesmaids and I were getting ready for bed when we heard a loud, booming noise outside of the family home. We didn’t think much of the noise until Danielle’s mother came out of her bedroom to look out front. The neighboring property is a flower farm called Pioneer Flower Farms and by an undetermined cause, caught on fire. The fire caused extensive damage to the 700,000 square foot greenhouse that was right next door. 27 firetrucks and 100 firefighters were trying to put out the fire and Danielle’s mother, brother and sister-in law stayed up all night trying to ensure their property wouldn’t be impacted by the blaze. Danielle & her bridesmaids left the property to sleep elsewhere and we all returned at 5:30am the morning of their special day! Unfortunately, the fire was still in full force and at approximately 6:30am the police came to the front door and told the family that the wedding would not be able to take place. It was a heartbreaking moment to experience watching all of the Danielle’s childhood dreams be torn away from her and the shock of her mother when Danielle told her the news. It was truly unfathomable. Without skipping a beat, the bridesmaids sprung into action to collect all of Danielle’s belongings. At that time, we didn’t know where they would be getting ready but we knew that this would not ruin their wedding day. Quickly, the bridesmaids, Danielle, the makeup artists and hairstylists changed locations to get ready at Danielle’s grandmothers home, only a few blocks away. The police allowed Danielle’s mother & father to stay at their home with me (the wedding planner) to gather the remaining assets. I called every wedding vendor to provide them the news and to let them know that the wedding was happening no matter what and to be prepared to arrive at their scheduled time and I would let them know the new location when we had one. While doing this Danielle’s father, fully blind, called all of his friends and connections, using Siri. They worked together as a team to find venues that were available on a popular day in a popular location. It was truly a remarkable experience to witness Steve finding a venue for his daughter without any worry. It took my breath away and I will forever remember it and treasure it. The police allowed the Maid of Honours husband to bring in his semi-truck so that we could collect as many assets as possible since we had fully set up the wedding the night before. All of the groomsmen and the grooms family came to assist. We gathered everything we could fit including all of the chairs, tables, tableware, candles, name cards, thank you gifts, florals, lounge furniture, seating chart, a family made pew, custom pew pillows that said “My Sunshine” and “Muscle Man”; their nicknames for one another and more. At this point in time, it had started to downpour and everyone was soaking wet but we made it work with a smile on our faces. We, unfortunately, had to leave the stunning 16ft arch that Danielle’s brother handmade. By a massive stroke of luck, the groom’s brother had his own wedding arch that he made for his wedding weeks prior with him in his truck. Everything was lining up in a way you would never expect. By the time we had gathered all of the assets, I received a call from Danielle’s mother with the new venue they selected, Lipa Park. 

Little did I know at the time, that this was the venue that Danielle’s parents got married at. With the help of the day-of assistant that Danielle & Nate hired so that I could enjoy the wedding day, we contacted all of the vendors with the new location to start setting up. The significant others of the bridesmaids made handouts for the police to give to the guests so that they would know where the wedding would take place as the police had blocked off all access points to their home. The set-up started and word had spread about the situation at hand. Family members, friends and even community members whom we did not know showed up to the new venue to assist. Men and women were moving tables and chairs and following floorplans to make sure it matched exactly what Danielle & Nate wanted. Within the hectic-ness of it all, I stopped for a split second to take it all in. There were men who had never heard of a laser cut place card placing them perfectly on each charger, there were women lugging around stacks of chairs, there was even a wonderful stranger who heard the news and brought all the extra rags she had to help us dry off the assets that got wet in the rain (and she brought us Tim Horton’s coffee & donuts). There was so much beauty happening despite the tragic experience. Nate arrived to the venue in complete shock. I walked him around and showed him the ceremony space where he would be marrying his best friend. As soon as we walked into the space, he burst into tears. No matter what life was throwing at Danielle & Nate, the fact that they were going to marry one another that day was all that mattered. 

The father of the bride’s best friend drove Danielle and her parents to the venue in his old-school convertible and even wore an old-school drivers hat. Every single person was rallying together to bring their day to life. We started the ceremony 15 minutes behind schedule but there wasn’t one dry eye the entire time. The MC was the groom’s sister and she altered her welcome speech to include the day’s experience and it left the guests and Danielle & Nate in tears from laughing. She and one of the groomsmen acted out an airline safety video and altered the words to reflect the explosion of the greenhouse. It was truly hilarious. The groom’s seven siblings also created a rap to welcome Danielle into the family that had the crowd in stitches. The night was capped off with an ice cream truck and a firework show that was a surprise for Danielle & Nate. Fast forward 6 months later, Danielle & Nate were reminded just how much their love for one another pushes them through the tough times. Danielle’s father passed away February 21st, 2020 and together, they have pushed through. Family, friends and the community have surrounded them with love and support. Just days before Steve passed, Danielle found out she was pregnant with her first child. She was able to tell her dad and he understood exactly what she said. It was a beautiful moment shared between the two of them to let him know that he was going to be a Grandpa. The rest is really history. Every single person involved was reminded exactly what a wedding and life is about. Love. At the end of the day decor does not matter, money does not matter, the love you have for one another is all that matters. No matter what life throws at you, you will have one another to get through. Their wedding day and the difficult times would not have been possible without the love of family, friends, vendors and the community and it was a humbling and beautiful experience.

[iframe 600 338]

Photographer: Emily Foster Photo | Videographer: Kochanka Visuals | Wedding Planner: Everlee Event Studio | Florist: Roses + Twine Floral Studio | Florist: Vermeer's Garden Centre | Catering: Brad Rempel | Makeup: Makeup Worx | Hair Stylist: June Lindenfield | Hair Stylist: Believe Hair Salon | DJ: DJ Airborne | Band: James Cameron Band | Banquet Centre: Lipa Park | Day-of Assistant: Elevate Event Planning | Dessert: GTA Softee Ice Cream Trucks | Family Property: Bouw Farm | Rentals: Gala Decor | Rentals: Guelph Tent & Event Rentals

How to Sprinkle in Subtle European Flair to Your Wedding Without It Feeling Too “Themed”

Having lived in the South of France (can you say goalsss), today’s gorgeous bride was inspired by the simple sophistication of French design for her big day. So, with the help of the talented team at Premier Planning Services, Inc., the couple was able to infuse subtle elements of Southern France to their wedding decor – from soft romantic florals by A Day in Provence to delicious macaroons – without the overall look feeling too heavily “themed”. The end result truly couldn’t have been more beautiful. Head on over to the full gallery by Laura Ivanova to watch it all unfold!

From the Bride… Scott and I met in May 2016 in New York City and still live in the area, however for our wedding, we wanted to bring our guests to my hometown in Wayzata, MN. With a majority of our family and friends coming from out of town, we really wanted to show off everything we love about Minnesota in the summertime. It was especially important we brought in elements of lake life as it was reflective of both our passions and upbringing with Scott growing up in Rye, NY on Long Island Sound. Our guests stayed at The Hotel Landing in the heart of Wayzata, enjoyed drinks lakeside during our “Long Island Sound Meets Lake Minnetonka” nautically themed Welcome Party at my parent’s home, and even took a tour on the historic Minnehaha Steamboat around the Lake. When it came to the wedding day, I knew I wanted it to feel timeless and classic, but also have elements that reflected our own personality and style. 

Having lived in the South of France, I fell in love with the simple sophistication of French design. Without making our wedding feel themed, I wanted to infuse a touch of Southern France to a classic Minnesota summertime wedding. With the help of Premier Planning and my mom’s influence, we brought together soft, feminine florals with light, summery greens, French blues, vintage vases, and of course macarons. 

Our invite suite even had a gorgeous French toile, created by Abby Holden, incorporating all of the locations of the wedding weekend. The flower girl dress, worn by Scott’s niece Charlotte, was one of my favorite details. It was actually the dress I wore to my own aunt’s wedding in 1992. I loved the sentimental touch it added to the day and felt the vintage floral print tied together with our colors and the subtle floral print on my Lela Rose wedding dress. The morning of the wedding was a complete downpour, but by some miracle, the second my makeup and hair was finished the rain stopped and the skies cleared. 

Our first look was on my parent’s dock at the exact location Scott proposed to me the summer before. From there, my dad drove us across the lake in his wooden blue, Chris Craft boat that he had restored from his own childhood. On the other side of the Lake, we meet up with our wedding party in a trolley singing wedding songs and having celebratory drinks with one another as we headed to the chapel. The ceremony was held at Wayzata Community Church followed by a reception at the Country Club – both of which places I grew up going to with my family. After dinner and toasts in the clubhouse, we ate cake and danced the night away under the tent. It was a magical wedding weekend filled with a lot of laughs, a few tears, and everyone Scott and I loved.

Photographer: Laura Ivanova Photography | Videographer: A.B. Rich Films | Planner: Premier Planning Services, Inc | Florist: A Day in Provence | Stationery: Letter Perfect | Ceremony Venue: Wayzata Community Church | Reception Venue: Woodhill Country Club (private) | Bridesmaids Dresses: Vineyard Vines | Hair Stylist: Julie Phaxay | Calligrapher: Rosann Konieczny Calligrapher | Band: The R Factor | Groomsmen's Attire: Suitsupply | Hotel: Hotel Landing | Baker: Country Cake Cupboard | Baquettes: Sun Street Bakery | Bridal Gown: Lela Rose | Bridal Gown Salon: M. Elizabeth Events | Easel Rental: Jill Elaine Designs | Farm Tables: Rudy's Event Rentals | Illustrator: Abbey Holden | Make-Up Artist: Julie Phaxay | Rentals: Apres Party And Tent Rental | Trolley: Stillwater Trolley Company

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One Simple Way to Cut Your Budget Without Losing Your Overall Design Goals

Not only does this gorgeous styled shoot from Pearl Events Austin include inspiring details, from terra cotta bud vases to white farm tables, but it also is perfect example of how to cut your budget without losing your overall design goals by repurposing items from the ceremony to the reception. A simple yet genius idea that you probably haven’t already thought of. Head on over to the full gallery captured by Honey Gem Creative for every last detail this shoot has to offer, not to mention the most swoon-worthy blooms from Botanical No. 9!

From Honey Gem CreativeThis styled shoot mimics an intimate ceremony and reception with natural light, and neutrals with careful pops of color. The ceremony may be in a small room, but the details are big! With the chandelier, fireplace, and antique mirror with florals crawling up, there is no lack of beauty. The bud vases and terra cotta planters line the fireplace with the perfect greenery to flower ratio. 

But, this is not the only place you will see these pieces! A great way to cut the budget without losing your overall design goals is to repurpose items from the ceremony to the reception! For example, in this case we moved the floral arrangements from the fireplace, to one of the guest tables in the reception hall. The natural light in Woodbine Mansion makes for an outside feel, while sitting comfortably inside the historic home. The pops of color in the florals contrast beautifully off of the white farm tables, and the place setting with the light grey chargers tied in the limewash king louis chairs. Another element of the design scheme is the stationery. 

The invitation suite remains on the simple side, while the envelope liner suffices the need for a pop of color against the white paper. The vellum paper placed on top of the invitation is tied off with a bow to complete the suite. Other stationery elements, the menu and the placecards, are similar to the invitation, but differ a bit with the raw edge. A good way to separate your design from others is a unique cake! With this cake in particular, we decided to keep the classic look of a white wedding cake, but leaned the cake to one side for a modern twist. The last element was adding flowers to the cake that tied in the florals on the guest tables! The last element of the shoot was finding the perfect wedding gown. Just as we repurposed the florals from the ceremony to the reception- this dress was used by a previous bride, but came to life again for our styled shoot!

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Honey Gem Creative | Event Planning & Design : Pearl Events Austin | Floral Design: Botanical No. 9 | Cake: Polkadots | Stationery : Klaine Design | Venue: Woodbine Mansion | Gowns: New Fashioned Co | Hair & Make-up : Adore Makeup Boutique | Rentals: Marquee Event Rentals | Tabletop: Table Manners

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This Is Exactly What We See When Picturing a “Secret Garden” Wedding Theme and We’re Obsessed.

To create a “secret garden” feel at this stunning November wedding at The Inn at Rancho Sante Fe, A Good Affair Wedding and Event Production thought of the genius idea to decorate their clear top tent with a massive ceiling instillation made of thousands of tinkle lights. I mean… it just doesn’t get more dreamy than that! Nisie’s Enchanted Florist blew us away with their lush arrangements full of loose greenery and crisp white blooms. It was everything the couple could have hoped for and more! To see all the magical moments from their day, check out the full gallery – taken by Brett Hickman Photographer!

From the planner, A Good Affair… Analise wanted a romantic and classic wedding design with crisp white and lot’s of greenery accented with a touch of dusty blue. Natalie Good, Creative Director of A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production set out to bring Analise’s dream to life! Creating a gorgeous dinner reception outdoors in November required some essential planning to make sure guests would be comfortable in falling night temps.

Natalie wanted to create an over the top ceiling installation in a clear top tent that was made of thousands of twinkle lights. The effect gave a feeling of a twinkly chandelier that was breathtaking to look at. Lush florals in shades of white and loose greenery topped the tablescapes along with potted Phalaenopsis orchids (the bride’s favorite). “I wanted to create rich looking tables that had a floating effect, we had them made with charcoal grey suede fabric”. 

An oversized bar was the perfect place to grab a craft cocktail. The stage front was crisp and clean with hundreds of candles on top to enhance the feeling in the space. Guests enjoyed beautiful etched crystal charger plates and stemware as they took their seats. Crisp linen hemstitch napkins were hand tied with dusty blue silk ribbon.

As guests arrived from the church ceremony they were greeted by servers wearing monogrammed aprons and trays offering them a fresh cocktail. The lawn adjacent to the tent was elegant and inviting with blush velvet lounge vignettes. Guests found their seating assignments on a vertical display of vases with candles. Denny White played live music as guests enjoyed small bites and bevvies while hot air balloons floated above in the sky. The whole day was perfect in every way!

Photography: Brett Hickman Photographers | Cinematography: One Story Weddings | Floral Design: Nisie's Enchanted Florist | Cake: Sweet Cheeks Baking Company | Ceremony Venue: The Immaculata At USD | Reception Venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe | Catering: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe | Makeup: Page Beauty | Hair: Katie Hamren | Band: DeBois Entertainment | Cocktail Music: Denny White | Planning, Design & Production: A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production

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Karli Woods & Robert Wickens’ Anything but Traditional Fall Wedding With Major Spooky Vibes

There’s nothing better than when a couple ditches tradition and truly makes their wedding day as unique and rare as their beautiful love! Karli and Robert did just that. They sprinkled in a little bit of Star Wars, a zombie apocalypse reference or two, racing elements to pay homage to Robert’s career, and tons of boho decor moments! Design the Day brought their fun wedding vision to life, leaving no detail unturned.

The most inspiring moment? After the groom suffered a terrible racing accident and was told he’d never walk again, he was determined to rise to the occasion and be able to dance at his wedding – and dance he did. To say his story is inspirational would be a serious understatement. And of course, his beautiful wife was right by his side through it all. Head on over to the full gallery for some major happy tears – all taken by Violet Short!

From the Bride… Creepy, geeky, and little bohemian. That was the vibe we were going for. I am pretty confident we ticked all the boxes off! We got married at the Lucas Estates in Carmel, Indiana on September 28th, 2019.

There was a little bit of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, zombies, racing, and romance! There was nothing traditional about our wedding, it was just a perfect mix of both Rob and I. I even referenced the zombie apocalypse in my wedding vows! 😛

Rob actually ran over my train when they announced us as Mr. & Mrs. Wickens for the first time. It was quite the ordeal haha! Luckily, our friend Max saved the day and got my dress out of his wheel without having to cut or rip it!

Another highlight of the wedding was getting to spend time with our amazing wedding party, everyone looked stunning! But the best part of the night was getting to dance with Rob, look how far he has come!

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Violet Short | Videographer: Bryan Starr Cinematography | Event Planning: Design the Day | Flowers: Old Forest Farm | bakery: Kristina Taylor | Caterer: Terina Perry at Lucas Estate | Makeup: Salon One Four | Hair: Salon One Four | DJ: DJ Gabby Love | Officiant: Design the Day | transportation: Antique Limousine Of Indianapolis | Lucas Estate: Lucas Estate | Rentals: Wow Factors | ceremony musicians: Kirkwood Strings | paper goods: Funky Olive Design | props: Scott Evans

Endless Summer Home

Editor’s Note: The title “endless summer home” couldn’t be more fitting here. It was carefully designed to maximize pool viewing, and we can truly appreciate that kind of attention to detail. Try not to be too envious when you take a look at that pool! 

This Minneapolis, MN urban cottage is characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive sliding doors that can open the home from either side. You can literally pass through the entire house – from the front porch, into the living rom, and out to the backyard.

Once on a popular summer home tour, its layout had an alluring effect on tour guests. This magical layout was also the main selling point for our clients, an entrepreneurial family that loves to host parties – whether it be happy hours with business colleagues or pool parties for their son’s little league team.

Its design maximizes indoor/outdoor movement, prioritized views toward the backyard pool, and seamlessly balanced a comfortably modern aesthetic. A metropolitan destination awaits just around the corner, yet this secluded lot with front-facing views of lush trees and rolling greens allots natural privacy in a home that has more windows than walls.

Every space boasts stunning views toward the backyard oasis where a 9-feet-deep salt pool is the focal point. The living room doorways are especially noteworthy because they open to both the front and the back yards. We chose swivel chairs because they can turn to face either direction.

Notable features in the kitchen include: stunning marble-like quartz countertops that can stand up to heavy entertaining, gravel gray cabinets that offer striking contrast, a locally-made table, and linear ceiling shiplap and black casings from the statement chandelier with curved glass. Though architecturally modern, we chose materials with texture – shiplap, stone a tufted couch – which helped to push the design toward a warm/inviting pool house vibe that the homeowners wanted.

These homeowners also prioritized a copy upper level where they could retreat to. This includes a separate parents’ wing that caters to their personal needs. So, we suggested moving the fitness room and a built-in refrigerator into that space. Soft neutral tones are in the bedroom, and dark stonework in the bathroom. To balance a white and black palette, natural-stain wood cabinets add additional warmth and comfort in an otherwise architecturally modern home. The parents’ wing also includes a private TV lounge. On the flip side, the kids’ wing is made complete by a gaming room with additional bunk beds for guests.

Photography: Spacecrafting | Architect: Peterssen/Keller Architecture | Builder: Reuter Walton Construction | Interior Design & Photo Styling: Martha Ohara Interiors | Select Photography: Troy Thies

The Ins and Outs of Setting Your Sweetheart Table in Style

This COVID world has turned the 2020 wedding season (and let’s be honest, it’s much more than a season when spring and summer celebrations have pretty much been scrubbed and upcoming fall weddings are hanging in the balance) upside down and then some. But as fans of the ever-elusive elopement experience already (have you seen some of our real life+styled elopement editorials? #purefire), we are thrilled to hear that so many couples are embracing the ‘love is not cancelled’ canon, saying “I Do” when COVID has all but said “don’t.” Whether you’ve decided to postpone the whole shebang for a safer time or couldn’t wait anymore and wanted to outright elope or sign off on something small now and put a pin in the party until later, your original 2020 date is still yours to celebrate.

We can’t think of a better time to embrace the special touch of a sweetheart table than now, when social distancing has become a total way of life. Our significant others are really the only people who we can disregard those six-feet-of-distance rules for, so why not snuggle up at a table that’s set for just the two of you? Granted, if you’re scaling back the extent of your nuptials, you might not have a full vendor team in place to bring all the over-the-top pretty to the table: flowers, candles, crazy background installs, etc. That’s okay, though, especially if you and your partner are a power couple with creativity pulsing through your veins – or you have friends or family members who want to help out!

It’s time to sit, drink, and be married, and Style Me Pretty has all the goods to set your [sweetheart] table in style. From clink-worthy toasting flutes to chair decor that upgrades your status from fiancé/fiancée to Mr./Mrs., it’s been a long road to the altar this year, so you are more than welcome to whisper “Our Day” all day…

A sweetheart table during non-pandemic periods of time usually shines with candles, flowers, flowers, and more flowers; however, since safe settings are limited and event pro sparkle is a little dimmer in lockdown, the table setup can be much simpler, yet still super special ✨.

Photography by Will Reid Photo

If you’re loving something like this, then get the look with this…

Photography by  The Great Romance Photo


If you’re loving something like this, then get the look with this…

Photography by Maricle Kang

If you’re loving something like this, then get the look with this…

These adorable personalized flutes work to toast however you tied the knot. Even if you want to have your first best day ever now and a second one later on…

And what’s cuter than a sweetheart table topped with a mini cake? Two things that make social distancing okay here – 1) You don’t have to pretend to smush cake into your new forever’s face (yup, we’re over that!) and 2) You don’t have to share #thebest.

Photography by Sandy & Odysseas Photography

If you’re loving something like this, then get the look with this… 

Oh! And about bucking convention. You can always save your sweetheart table for the morning after. Nothing says COVID wedding rockstars than a brunch table for two: bellinis (or bloodys, the vibe of these tassel chair signs kind of calls for them), the best breakfast food, and best friends who woke up with major smiles after the day before looked like this 👇. Get shopping for your sweetheart table toppers right now!

Danielle Halibey is a writer, editor, and publicist living in New Jersey. She has been immersed in the world of weddings since planning her own whimsical, romantic affair in 2014. And isn’t that what they always say, “those who can’t do, teach?” Well, once her nuptials were over, she still had stuff in the ‘I Do’ industry to do. She writes regularly for top wedding blogs including Style Me Pretty and Wedding Chicks, and has garnered millions of press impressions for brands in the wedding space: fashion, beauty, wedding talent+tastemakers and more. 

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Your Wedding Day Shot-list Guide to Make Sure Your Photographer Doesn’t Miss A Single Moment

Hiring a photographer to document your wedding is one of the most daunting tasks, and once you’ve found the one–you’re not quite finished yet! An experienced wedding photographer will have a general idea of what shots are expected but the only way to make sure that you are both on the same page is to make a shot-list ahead of time. A shot-list is simply a list of the moments that you want to have documented. It is important to think it through ahead of time because it is easy to overlook things when you’re caught up in all of the festivities on the day-of. Your wedding day flies by in a beautiful blur and you want to make sure you have every special moment captured–here’s our shot-list guide to make sure you don’t miss a single thing!



1. Getting-ready Shots

Normally, the thought of having someone document your getting-ready routine would be hair-raising, but on your wedding day, it’s a surprisingly pretty process. To make these moments as photogenic as possible, consider investing in an attractive robe for you and your bridal party or at least requesting that everyone wears matching or coordinating colors.  

PHOTOGRAPHY | Mary Claire Photography

Hair and Makeup

Getting your hair and makeup done on your wedding day is a great time to sit back and relax before all of the action. To make yourself more comfortable, you can ask your photographer to wait to start shooting until after you have your base layer of makeup on (foundation and cover-up).

The Zip

Whether you are having your mom do it or one of your bridesmaids, make sure that your photographer captures the moment that you get zipped (buttoned or laced) into your gown. It is a sweet moment and you’ll be glad you have it to look back on. 

Candids of Bride(s) and Bridesmaids Getting Ready

Ask your photographer to snag some candids of you and your girls are getting ready and sipping champagne.

Candids of Groom(s) and Groomsmen Getting Ready

Tying ties and clinking crystal glasses make for great candid shots of you and your guys getting ready for your big day!

Putting on the Jacket

Make sure your photographer is there when you’re ready to put on your jacket. 

Putting on Shoes

Shoes are usually the last accessory to be donned in your wedding-day ensemble, making that moment the perfect photo-op…bonus points if you’ve got a cute chair to sit in while you do it. 


2. Details

You spend so much time and money getting all of the details just right, so make sure you document them! 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Sophie Epton Photography

Accessories Bride(s) and Groom(s)

A lot goes into your wedding ensemble; those designer shoes you sprung for, earrings, your grandpa’s heirloom cufflinks–make sure you get detailed photos of them all.  

Invitation Suite Flat Lays

Not only is this a great way to remember your anniversary date, but invitation suites make for beautiful photos!


We recommend getting close-ups of the tablescape for your reception before your guests arrive, this way everything is still in the right place. This can be anything from china, to glassware, to floral centerpieces. 


Probably the most important close-up of the day–your rings! We recommend investing in pretty ring boxes that compliment the rest of your wedding decor. Don’t forget to get close-ups of the rings on your hands as well.

Written Vows

If you and your fiancé(e) are writing your own vows, get close-ups of those. Even if your handwriting isn’t the best or you’ve nervously crumpled the paper, that is a memory you’ll want to have down the road. 

The Cake

Who doesn’t like a photo of a wedding cake? Get close-ups of that baby from every angle! 


These probably make for the prettiest wedding photos. Remember to have your photographer document all of the florals: the bouquets, the centerpieces, aisle runners, installations, etc. 

Escort Card Display

Most couples get creative with their escort cards, so why not document that? It is also a great way to remember all of the guests that came out for your big day! 


3. Individual Portraits

It’s easy to remember the group photos, but it’s also important to get individual photos of the Bride(s) and Groom(s) in their ensembles. You also want to get one-on-one photos of the couple with each of the people that mean the most to them. 

PHOTOGRAPHYO’Malley Photographers

One-on-one with all bridal party members

Take a minute to grab a photo with each of the bridal party members on your side. Frame them and send them with your thank you cards to add an extra special touch. 

One-on-one with parents

These photos are always some of the most touching! You can pose or keep it candid, it’s up to you. 

One-on-one with siblings

This one is easy to overlook, especially if your sibling(s) isn’t getting ready with you. Coordinate with them to come to the room where you are getting ready at a certain time to make sure you don’t miss this photo-op!

One-on-one with grandparents

We can’t stress how important this one is! If you are lucky enough to have one or all of your grandparents at your wedding, make sure you get a photo with them. You will treasure it for the rest of your life and so will they!

Group photo with bridal party

Now that you’ve gotten all of the one-on-one photos out of the way, make sure to get a few group photos with your bridal party. Candids or walking shots are great for these!


4. First Looks

A first look is the first time someone sees you in your wedding outfit and they usually evoke some pretty strong reactions, so make sure you get it on camera! It’s also worth mentioning that these can be quite emotional, so make sure your makeup artist uses waterproof mascara and is on hand for any touch-ups. 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael and Carina Photography

Bridesmaid’s First Look

The first time your girls see you in your gown is always a sweet moment.

Parents First Look

This can be combined with the zip/jacket moment mentioned above or can be done separately, depending on how you roll, but either way, there’s sure to be a few tears of joy. 

Siblings First Look

Having a first look with your siblings is a great way to capture some sweet candids.

Grandparent’s First Look

Your grandparents have been dreaming of this day since the day you were born, so their reaction is sure to bring the waterworks.


Some couples do a first look before the ceremony and some are totally against it. If you do decide to do a first look, make sure you have your photographer right there with you to capture both of your reactions. 


5. The Venue

Chances are you and your fiancé(e) spent a lot of time selecting the perfect venue for your wedding, make sure to document it! 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Luna de Mare Photography

Daytime Outside Shots

Before everyone arrives get some outdoor shots of your venue.

Venue Details

Ask your photographer to get detail shots of the venue like chandeliers, design accents, etc. 

The Ceremony Space

Once your ceremony space is set up, ask your photographer to grab some shots before your guests arrive.

The Reception Space

While your guests are enjoying their cocktail hour, your photographer may have time to sneak in and get some nice photos of your reception space. 


6. The Ceremony

This is the most critical moment to document, the reason you and your family and friends are all together to celebrate…the ceremony! 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Blush Wedding Photography

Live Musicians

If you have live musicians like a band or a string quartet, these make for beautiful photos. Consider talking with them about what to wear to make sure that it is either neutral or coordinates with your wedding dress code. 

The Officiant

Whether you are having a religious leader that you grew up with or a friend or family member perform the ceremony, it is important to remember the person that made your vows official. 

The Procession

This is the moment when each member of the wedding party walks down the aisle, including the Bride(s) and Groom(s). Ask your photographer to get a separate shot of everyone as they walk down the aisle. 

The Reaction

This is by far our favorite wedding moment when you and your fiancé(e) lock eyes for the first time. If you have it in the budget to have two photographers, we definitely recommend it, this way you can capture both of your reactions. 


The moment you recite your vows to each other is a must for your wedding photos!


Ask your photographer to get a photo of each of you placing the ring on the other’s finger. These photos can be farther away for the ceremony and then you can recreate the moment later for close-ups. 

The Kiss

This is probably the most iconic wedding photo you will take, so take your time and make sure you give your photographer a few seconds to snap the winning shot. 

The Recessional

It may seem like these photos would be pretty similar to the procession, but they are a totally different vibe and worth getting!


7.Couples Portraits

Most photographers allow about an hour for couples portraits, either before or after the ceremony, depending on whether or not you and your fiancé(e) are planning on doing a first look before the ceremony or not. For these photos, you will likely move to several different locations around your venue while your guests enjoy the cocktail hour. Consider asking a family member or someone in your wedding party to come with you to help hold bouquets, trains, etc. as you two pose for your photos. 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Stephanie Gan Photography


8. Cocktail Hour

It’s a nice idea to document the cocktail hour if you have a second photographer. Ask them to get a few photos of the space, any specialty cocktails, and some candids of your guests. 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Oliver Fly Photography


9. Reception

Even though the ceremony is over, there are still some must-haves on the shot-list for the reception.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Jen Huang Photography

Wedding Party Entrance

After everyone is in the reception space, ask your photographer to get a photo of everyone in the bridal party as they make their entrance.

The Grand Entrance

Now it’s time for you and your spouse to make your grand entrance. This is always a cute moment so feel free to ham it up a bit. If you decide to do an outfit change, this is a great time to do it so you can show off your second look. 

The First Dance

This moment makes for some of the most frameable photos from the entire wedding. It may seem awkward dancing in front of all of your friends and family as your photographer snaps photos of you, but you will be so happy to have this moment to look back on forever. 

Dances with Parents

If you and your fiancé(e) are planning on doing Father-daughter or Mother-son dances, ask your photographer to stay and document those. They are special moments that last a lifetime. 


These sweet moments make for great candid shots of the people that you’re closest to. 

Guests with Couple

Ask your photographer to join you and your spouse as you make your rounds to the different tables to greet your guests.

Guests Dancing with Couple

If you’ve booked your photographer to stay through the reception, ask them to join you and your guests on the dancefloor. 

Bouquet and Garter Toss

If you and your fiancé(e) are planning on doing the bouquet and garter toss, these moments make for some fun photos. 

Cake Cutting

It’s time to cut into that precious pastry and hopefully feed it to each other in a civilized fashion (or not!). 


10. The Send-Off 

We love send-off photos, especially when the couple goes over the top with fireworks, confetti, or bubbles! If your photographer is still around, ask them to capture this epic moment. If you cannot afford to have your photographer stay until after the reception, consider staging your send off a little earlier in the day…it’s truly a photo worth faking! 

PHOTOGRAPHY | Lauren Fair Photography

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When a Wedding Planner Ties the Knot in a Classic Lake Tahoe Affair – Magic Happens!

Despite the snow in June forecast (yup, you read that right) predicted for their Big Day,  today’s gorgeous couple lucked out with the most perfect blue skies a bride and groom could ever ask for. And when the bride is a wedding planner herself, you know it’s going to be drop-dead-gorgeous. Elise Events had the day going off without a hitch while Golden Fields Floristry decorated every corner with timeless, organic blooms – including a few living chandeliers that are a total must see! For major mountain wedding inspo, head on over to the full gallery, all taken by Lynette Boyle Photography!

From Elise Events… Graham and I met our freshman year at UC Santa Barbara. I had the biggest crush on the surfer from the dorms, but it wasn’t until our junior year that we started dating! After graduating from college, we moved to Augusta, Georgia while Graham attended medical school. It was during one of our trips back home to visit with family in Tahoe, that Graham decided he was going to pop the question! He woke up unusually chipper our first morning of the trip and told me he was taking us up to one of our favorite look outs over the lake. 

He had sneakily packed a picnic lunch in the middle of the night. As soon as I saw the lunchbox, my heart started pounding, knowing that he must have something planned. Of course when he got down on one knee, I immediately said yes! We knew from the start that we wanted to gather our family and friends in Tahoe to celebrate our wedding. I had spent time there every summer growing up and Graham had grown to love it too. A wedding planner myself, I heeded my own advice and enlisted Danielle of Elise Events to help with the logistics of planning a wedding from across the country! Danielle was an invaluable resource during the planning process. 

She knew the best vendors in the area and helped us make some challenging calls not only throughout the planning, but most importantly, during the week of the wedding (Snow in June? Yup, that was the forecast!). With her amazing eye for design we knew she would help bring our vision of a beautiful, relaxed, Tahoe-wedding to life. We were lucky enough to have the most incredible team of vendors on our side. Natasha, of Golden Fields Floristry, created some of the most exquisite florals for us. Our videography team, LoveSpun, put together a film that encapsulates every emotion we were feeling on that day. And of course, we are immensely thankful to Lynette Boyle for photographing our day so perfectly. The images she captured will be treasured forever. 

The sweetness of our miniature ceremony tent nestled between two tall pines could only be beat by the dinner tent of tables topped with beautiful French-striped linens, Heath Ceramic tableware, & whimsical, delicate florals that filled the tent with the most gorgeous scent. Truly a dream come true. I know firsthand how much heart goes into producing someone’s wedding, we will be forever humbled and grateful to those who did that for us. To pick a favorite moment of the day would be near impossible. It could be that the rain held off until our guests were cozy under the tent listening to my dad’s incredible father-of-the-bride toast (to the tune of “Girls in White Dresses,” my first ballet performance), or during the ceremony when Graham was a little too early with the “I do,” making everyone erupt in laughter, or maybe it was every single wedding guest getting on the dance floor during the first song of the night, & me bursting into happy tears for the moment we had been dreaming about our entire engagement. Before we got married, I always told my brides that while of course, the planning and care that is taken into making the wedding beautiful & perfect is important, really, it is everyone the two of you love being all together celebrating YOUR love, that truly makes the magic. And now I know firsthand, that this is most definitely true.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Lynette Boyle Photography | Cinematography: Lovespun Films | Event Planning + Design: Elise Events | Floral Design: Golden Fields Floristry | Wedding Dress: Watters | Cake: Paper Heart Patisserie | Invitations: Arzberger Stationers | Ceremony Venue: Lahontan | Reception Venue: Lahontan | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Calligraphy : Sugar Pine Calligraphy | Band: The 415s | Beauty : Seven31 on Forest | Day of Paper Goods: Moochie Creative | Placecards: Heath Ceramics | Rentals: Theoni Collection | Rentals: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Rentals: Celebrations Party Rentals

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Everything Your Wedding Planner Wishes You Knew About The Planning Process

As a wedding planner, I have the privilege of helping couples celebrate their love. My team and I get to be a part of a couples “forever story” and with that comes a lot of fun, and a lot of work.

There are many components that go into producing a wildly successful wedding (designing gorgeous details, sourcing the perfect vendors, creating a logistically sound wedding day run of show, etc). 

We spend a lot of laser focused creative energy, to make each wedding celebration unique and specific to our couples. The end result is usually what people remember the most (understandably so), but there is so much more involved. So, here’s what we want you to know about the planning process.

Photography by Susan Elizabeth Photography | Planning by Erganic Design


1. It’s a process.

As wonderful and exciting as it is to be planning a wedding, it’s easy to forget that this is a process. A lengthy process at that! When you think about the proposal, it’s a big moment that feels almost instant (when compared to planning the wedding). The engagement is special and joyous. Even after it happens, you get to share the news with family and friends (post it to social media, etc), and the elated feeling continues on for days.

When you start planning for the wedding, things may not always feel like they are moving quickly. That same excitement and rush you felt during the proposal, may not continue in the same way during the planning process. The series of action steps required to successfully produce a wedding tends to be filled with ebbs and flows. You may even experience lulls from time to time. Just know that it’s ok to feel whatever you feel.


2. It takes a lot of time.

Planning a wedding can take hundreds (sometimes thousands of hours). It’s a full-time job. So, if you have a full-time job, you’ll either be working double time, or like many couples, you may not make much progress in the planning process at all because, well, you’re tired after your workday. This is where a planner helps greatly!

Planning weddings is what we do full-time. So, while you’re at work, we’re at work too. When we have our touch base meetings, we get to provide you with fresh information and updates so you can make decisions and move forward in the planning process.


3. Sometimes, the process will not be fun.

While some moments will certainly spark excitement, there are going to be some planning tasks that are not fun. Some of it will even feel tedious. For example, creating the guest list and compiling addresses (requesting addresses that you do not yet have) isn’t the thing most couples look forward to. Another “not so fun” task couples sometimes dread, is assigning guests to tables (or in some cases assigning guests to seats at each table). Sorting out who to group together, or who to keep apart, can feel like a modified “Game Of Thrones” board game (wedding edition). 

Photography by Echoes & Wild Hearts | Planning by Erganic Design


4. You get what you pay for.

Getting a good deal is great. Who doesn’t love saving money or stretching their dollar? But sometimes if the price is too good to be true, it likely is!

There are things we will suggest for our couples not to skimp on. For example, when it comes to photography, we always suggest to opt in for the second shooter. Even if the photographer says they can cover your wedding solo, the reality is, no one can be in two places at one time. From getting ready, to traveling to your ceremony (or first look location), there are so many special moments you will want the photography team to capture. Couples love seeing the “behind the scenes” photos of each other, curious as to what the other one was doing before they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. 

So much more ground can be covered with two photographers. With a team of (2) two photographers, they can capture more of the unique moments that take place simultaneously. Who doesn’t want to capture the couple’s laughter (or sometimes tears) while listening to a toast?  

Another example: sound systems. Please, do not think your band or DJ is trying to sell you extra equipment, for the sake of upselling you. Having professional sound is a requirement for a great wedding. This includes certain types of microphones based on the ceremony location and guest count, as well as having the right balance of sound for the dinner reception, based on the size and scale of the room (and any acoustical challenges there may be). Trust the vendors to advise on what is needed.

This is usually a non-issue for the couples we work with. For one wedding, the couple let us know that the bride’s father may want to join the band for a song or two (the bride’s father was actually in a band of his own). We informed the band, they were totally in to it, and made sure to have sufficient equipment (extra mic, etc). The end result was pretty darn cool. And hey, the bride’s father was a good singer!


5. “It’s not you, it’s them.”

We spend a significant amount of time and energy cultivating vendor relationships, so that our couples get the best services possible. This helps us to match the right vendors with our couples, taking into consideration personality, style, aesthetic and of course, budget.

Not everyone may be able to hire a wedding planner. So, if you are reaching out to vendors on your own, just know that sometimes, a vendor will not want to engage. Meaning, they do not feel they are the best fit for your wedding. While that may seem a little off putting, you should take that as a sign that this is just not the vendor for you. Most vendors who have years of experience know when it’s best to not force a situation where there may be a better fit for the couple (and for the vendor). It’s not you, it’s them. And it’ll be better for you to find the vendor who is the right fit.


6. Plan to take a break from planning.

Sometimes couples make decisions more quickly than anticipated (yay!). This may result in moving some tasks up, to be completed sooner than originally planned. Because of this, we may move through the planning process faster, which means, we may complete certain phases with time to spare. If this does happen, it is OK, to take a break from wedding planning for a bit. In fact, we actually plan for a break from planning with all of our couples. It’s written into their planning checklist. This gives couples a mental break from the on-going thoughts about the wedding, which can become consuming. It also helps keep their excitement about the wedding fresh! 

Photography by Echoes & Wild Hearts | Planning by Erganic Design


7. Creating a timeline, does not mean timestamps of 5 minute intervals.

When creating a run of show, itinerary, or whatever you wish to call this important document, it is imperative that it is realistic. After 10 years in the industry, we know a timeline with 5 minute intervals is highly unproductive, and really unnecessary. Allow your wedding planner to craft your wedding day timing. They will take into consideration the big timing moments such as the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner start time. They’ll layer in all of the necessary details (hair and makeup to start and finish, photo and video sessions), travel time to your venue, lining up the wedding party, and special moments during the dinner reception (toasts, first dance, parent dances, etc). Wedding planners comb through timelines over and over, until all of the details are fleshed out. We usually create a robust version that has all of the information (which we share with the other vendors) and then provide our couple with a modified version that does not list all of the vendor details (load in, set up, etc). A good timeline is realistic and logistically sound.


8. Enjoy your engagement season and know we’ve got all the bases covered.

Sometimes, as the wedding planner, we just need you to let go and let us do our job. We know how important everything is, and we’re fully committed to making sure your expectations are exceeded. So, there may be times during the planning process where we will remind you how important it is to enjoy the engagement season. This time in your life (being engaged) doesn’t last forever, and we want you to enjoy it! That means, trusting the wedding planner you’ve hired. It’s also supposed to help you relax, knowing you’ve hired a planner.

So when we say “we’ve got this,” trust us, we mean it.

Photography by Brian Hatton Photography | Planning by Erganic Design


9. If you’ve booked (some) vendors, great. But you’re not done.

I can’t count how many times a couple has reached out to us, and they say something along the lines of “we’ve booked most of our vendors, so we just need a little help.”  While it is great you have booked some vendors, the reality is, there is a still a lot of work to be done. And we usually find out that there are still so many other vendors the couple did not think about hiring (transportation for example, is one category that gets forgotten about until it’s almost too late to find suitable and available options).

While finding vendors is one piece of the “wedding planning puzzle”, the other pieces are very important. For example, creating a cohesive wedding design requires more than a Pinterst board (although, having a Pinterst board or photos of inspiration is a good starting point). A curated color palette coupled with a focused style in mind (eg. boho enchanted forest, modern whimsy, etc) are two steps on the path to creating a gorgeous and thoughtfully detailed wedding. Also, knowing what various wedding style terms mean will be useful (what does modern whimsy even mean?). Whether you work with a designer, or your planning team also provides design services, the process of creating the visuals for your wedding is as time consuming as finding all of your vendors. A complete wedding design incorporates flowers, stationery, linens, place settings, table types and furniture rentals, lighting, a thoughtful floor plan and circulation design, along with big statement moments throughout the space(s) of your wedding venue. There may be a group of (4) four or (7) seven or more vendors, just to execute your wedding design.

Another important thing couples may not think about is having a contingency plan. This is critical for couples who are planning to have any part of their wedding celebration outdoors (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner reception, or all of the above). Have a plan that includes exactly what will happen should the weather not cooperate, and also have a plan on when to make the call on whether everything stays outside or you’re moving everything inside. You have to make sure there is sufficient time to set up inside, without compromising the overall wedding design plan.  

We also create contingency plans for our couples when they are planning to take wedding party photos outside. Not only do we think about what needs to happen if the weather isn’t great, but also, depending upon what locations they are hoping to visit for the photo session, we need to be prepared for foot traffic, regular vehicular traffic, and plan ahead for any possible street closures.

Then, after all of the design is finalized, your contingency plan is solid and your vendors are all on board, the vendors will need information and guidance on what is going to actually happen on the wedding day. Aside from the run of show, they need to know:

  • Where they can load in.
  • What time they can start setting up (and when they can breakdown), 
  • There will be ample access to power, for all vendors.
  • Who on site will be there if any questions or changes need to be made to set up.
    • The venue coordinator will likely not know what design aspects are most important to you, so you can’t just leave it up to the venue to make those decisions (it’s not really fair to put that responsibility on them).
  • Who the vendors can speak to if the design no longer will work or if a modification is needed
    • This may not happen too often, but if it does, we know what modifications will be acceptable while keeping the original design concept intact. Imagine not having a wedding planning team, and then you walk into your reception, and it does not look the way you envisioned. That’s a big let down, and not something couples want to experience.

    These are just some examples of relevant questions that often come up, and in some cases, all of the vendors may have some of the same questions, simultaneously. Usually my team and I handle all of this, while our couple is getting ready, or taking photos. They do not have to worry about all of these behind the scenes moments.

    In general, this is why communication ahead of the wedding, a collective venue walk-through (or several walk throughs), and reminders to each vendor, go a long way! We are very detailed and communicative with your vendors so they have all they need, to best render their services for the wedding.


    10. After the wedding is over, you will have withdrawal.

    After your magical wedding day (and after you’ve returned home from the honeymoon), you will be getting back to some semblance of normalcy. But you may notice a strange, odd, feeling that something is a little off. That feeling is withdrawal. After months of planning, countless emails, phone calls and meetings, you may miss all of it! We often tell our couples to stay in touch with us, because we miss them too!

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This Is the Italian Countryside Wedding Venue You’ve Seen All Over Instagram

You’ve probably already came across this historic 12th century abbey while scrolling through wedding inspiration on insta, dying to know where it is! Well, you’re in luck – it’s called La Badia in Orvieto, Italy! Also known as heaven on earth. Today’s gorgeous wedding at La Badia planned by Jacqueline Hallgarth will completely take your breath away. From Janna Brown Design Co.’s elegantly organic blooms to the bride’s timeless Carolina Herrera gown. It’s all at the full gallery – captured to perfection by Kurt Boomer!

From the Bride… The moment we came across La Badia in Orvieto, Italy, a historic 12th century Abbey converted into a boutique hotel, our hearts were set. We fell in love with the rich history La Badia and Orvieto encompasses and how every corner tells a story. Since the venue has a lot of rich historic tones, I chose a classic and clean Carolina Herrera gown. 

I accessorized my gown with custom made emerald drop earrings and ivory lace Rene Caovilla shoes. My hair stylist, Frank Giacone, pinned back my hair into smooth low bun. John matched the classic look with an Italian Canali tuxedo and patent leather Ferragamo shoes. 

When it came to the design/aesthetic, we wanted something to feel natural and organic in the space. For the wedding invitations and stationary, Victoria Krav illustrated the iconic La Badia arch for our monogram all on organic cotton paper. For our linens, we chose La Tavola’s Velvet Tamarind Linen which gave a rustic yet polished Fall texture to our tablescape. Janna Brown Design absolutely nailed our vision for the floral and overall look. She used organic rustic loose floral elements while incorporating soft feminine blooms that complimented the stunning La Badia.

Photographer: Kurt Boomer | Videography: Petro Motion Films | Event Planning & Design: Jacqueline Hallgarth | Floral Design: Janna Brown Design Co. | Dress: Carolina Herrera | Invitations: Victoria Krav | Shoes: Rene Caovilla | Catering: Trip & Co. | DJ: Second Song | Tux: Canali | Hotel: La Badia Orvieto | Venue: La Badia di Orvieto | Beauty: Frank Giacone | Groom's Shoes: Ferragamo | Linens: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Rentals: Preludio Noleggi

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Here’s Proof That Intimate Weddings Are Just as Breathtaking as Lavish Affairs

If your guest count had to be majorly reduced due to COVID-19 restrictions and you’re worried your Big Day won’t be as beautiful as you once imagined… allow this stunningly intimate affair at Foxhall Resort to prove you oh so wrong. Just think – less of your budget on guest meals means more for heavenly blooms and jaw-dropping decor. Bloomin’ Bouquets absolutely blew us away with their whimsical dusty pink arrangements, from the circular floral ceremony installation to the centerpieces. Don’t miss out on the full gallery, captured by Amy Arrington Photography and planned by Shelley Legg of Chancey Charm, for all the intimate wedding inspiration.

From Amy Arrington PhotographyThe most inspirational small wedding! Nancy and Haoran envisioned their wedding day to be small and romantic. They wanted to be surrounded by their closest family and friends from both America and China. 

Their wedding planner, Shelley Legg, of Chancey Charm, brought their vision to life. They wanted a venue with a blank canvas, and chose Foxhall Resort in Georgia. They had their sweet ceremony in a field, and a perfect dinner party out on the patio at The Paddock Restaurant. 

Dusty pinks, whites, and lush greens were their floral vision, and Bloomin’ Bouquets created wonderful arrangements. The ceremony included a whimsical circular floral installation. The dinner tables included two long estate tables filled with simple and delicate floral arrangements. 

Borrowed and Blue created the most perfect place settings. Cakes by Carissa made their wedding cake, and Eltude Entertainment provided amazing ceremony and dinner party music.

Photography: Amy Arrington Photography | Videography: D.P. Weddings | Florals: Bloomin’ Bouquets: Unique Floral and Event Design | Cake: Cakes By Carissa | Catering: Foxhall Resort And Sporting Club | Calligraphy: Peach and Valley | Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies | Beauty: The Moore Agency | Ceremony and Reception: Foxhall Resort And Sporting Club | Furniture Rentals: collectioneventfurnishings | Linens: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Musicians: Etude Entertainment | Place settings: Borrowed And Blue | Planning and Design: Chancey Charm

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This Bride’s Cost-Cutting Ideas Look Like A Million Bucks

This pastel-inspired St. Louis wedding is proof that you don’t need to break the bank to have a beautiful wedding. Megan and CJ wed at The Venue at Maison du Lac, and took full advantage of the picturesque backdrop of woodlands overlooking a 4-acre lake and hillside. Drawing from her experience as a proposal planner for The Yes Girls, the bride carefully curated every detail and found beautiful solutions for cutting costs. Instead of bouquets, bridesmaids carried woven palm fans that perfectly complimented the aesthetic of the day. As the sun began to set behind a fence of wildflowers by Roses & Mint, a short and sweet lake-side standing ceremony was held to avoid worrying about fussy seating arrangements. Following the ceremony, guests were delighted by a picnic-style dinner featuring wicker baskets that were later used as favors guests could bring home. Justine Wright Photography captured all the fun in her beautiful pictures of the day. Head to the full gallery to see all the special moments unfold under the Missouri sky.

From Justine Wright PhotographyMegan and CJ tied the knot at The Venue at Maison Du Lac just outside of St. Louis, MO. The bride, a proposal planner for The Yes Girls, has a background in event planning and an impeccable eye for detail.

Each element of their al fresco affair was thoughtfully planned, from the standing lakeside ceremony to the quaint picnic-style reception dinner. Instead of going with a traditional October color palate, Meg opted for light pastels, which complimented the cottage-esque venue perfectly.

When it came time for dinner, guests were served picnic-style cuisine within beautiful wicker baskets, which then served as favors that guests were able to keep. Dancing and lawn games finished out a wonderful evening celebrating with family and friends.

Photography: Justine Wright Photography | Videography: Chosen Photography/Videography | Floral Design: Roses & Mint | Wedding Dress: David's Bridal | Ceremony Venue: The Venue at Maison Du Lac | Reception Venue: The Venue at Maison Du Lac | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Plum Pretty Sugar | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu | Catering: Ces & Judy's | DJ: House DJ | Ceremony Musician: Lou Peragine | Picnic Baskets: Lucky Clover Trading Co | Rentals: Grand Rental Station | Styling Board: Michelle Boyd Studio

A Surprise Hula Dance Is Just One Of The Unique Touches At This Pasadena Wedding

Olive tree-lined walkways, Mediterranean architecture, and cascading greenery make for one swoon-worthy wedding at the historic Caltech Athenaeum. Caley and Ben’s elegant Pasadena wedding was full of charm and personal touches, like the bride paying homage to her Hawaiian culture with a surprise wedding hula for her husband! The couple’s vision of an outdoor affair was beautifully produced by Honeyfitz Events. Little Hill Floral Designs made sure an abundance of flowers delighted guests at every turn. The joy, love, and beauty of the day was all beautifully captured by Molly Lichten. Visit the full gallery for all of the thoughtful details that made the day so special.

From the bride… I wanted our wedding to feel intimate, timeless, and romantic — something that we’d look back on in 50 years and feel like we wouldn’t change a thing. I had a clear vision of a formal outdoor California affair mixed with “Father of the Bride.” My own personal style is very minimalist and heavy on neutrals, so no one was surprised that I was drawn to white florals with pops of soft blush and greenery.

Little Hill Designs created the dreamiest floral landscape within the Athenaeum with greenery on the columns and strung amongst twinkle lights. Other details like the white seamless dance floor, abundance of candles, and the subtle pops of gold on the white table linens brought the whole space to life even further.

The planning process was as everyone says, wonderful and wild. Our wedding planner, Susan of Honeyfitz Events, was our fairy godmother and kept us on track and sane! Everything came out so spectacularly that in the end, it was 100% worth it.

Photography: Molly Lichten Photography | Videography: Boffo Video | Florals: Little Hill Floral Designs | Wedding Gown: Monique Lhuillier | Shoes: Bella Belle | Hair + Makeup: Ecco Hair Studio | Ceremony + Reception: The Athenaeum | Planning: HoneyFitz Events

This Last Minute Decision Ended Up Being One Bride’s Favorite Part Of Her Wedding

A weather report for “chance of rain” ended up creating this bride’s favorite part of her wedding day. A Cleveland Browns football player and his bride wed at the majestic Carmel Mountain Ranch Estate in San Diego. With rain clouds looming near Ever After Events seamlessly pulled together a last-minute decision to erect a clear tent over the ceremony space and the result was pure magic. The tented ceremony created an intimate feeling for guests who were surrounded by lush greenery and white florals by Carla Kayes Floral Design. Devon Donnahoo Photography captured the photos and artistic details of the wedding in a light yet meaningful way. Head to the full gallery for a closer look at this romantic ranch wedding.

From the bride… San Diego has been our winter home-away-from-home for the past several years, and we knew that’s where we wanted to get married. We decided on a modern garden palette with grey as the accent color. Bridesmaids picked their own dresses in varying textures, fabrics, and shades of grey.

I wanted an outdoor wedding and JC wanted an indoor wedding, so we picked, Carmel Mountain Ranch Estate, a venue that would allow us to break up different parts of the celebration across their property.

Our cake by Hey There Cupcake featured layers of funfetti and banana walnut, but the real highlight was the assorted dessert table – especially the Rice Krispie treats. It was the sweetest way to end the perfect evening.

Photography: Devon Donnahoo Photography | Videography: West Coast Wedding Cinema | Planner: EverAfter Events | Florist: Carla With Enchanting Blooms | Cake: Hey There, Cupcake! | Makeup: Shelby Mcelroy | Hair: Wendy Mcgill Julie Withers Heather Jackson | DJ: Still Listening Productions | Transportation : SD Charter | Venue: Carmel Mountain Ranch Estate | Bridal Boutique: Brides By the Falls | Bride's Gown : St. Patrick-La Sposa | Food Truck: Soho Tacos | Getaway Vintage Car: Rolls Livery | Groom's Tux: Balani | Hedges rentals: Hire Elegance | Invitation Suite: Sweet Paper | Lawn Game Rentals: Cedar & Pine Events | Linens: APR Event Rentals | Linens: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Music: Strings Attached Entertainment | Reception Games: Party Pals | Rentals: Hostess Haven | Signage: Wendy Ware | Tables & Chair Rentals: Bright Event Rentals

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You’ll Love This Unique Solution For Planning A Multicultural Wedding

Stumped on how to plan a multicultural wedding? For Anu and David, the answer was simple. They decided to host two ceremonies, two cocktail hours, and one ridiculously romantic reception all in one magical day! Elle Loren & Co. took to blending both Hindu and Russian Jewish cultures in the most beautiful of ways. With the help of A. Morgan Event Floral Design, organic floral arrangements gave the fusion wedding the perfect touch of romanticism. Nicole Cowell Photography captured all the picture-perfect moments. Head to the full gallery to revel in all the lovely little details.

From Blush Events Planning & DesignOn a sunny day, Anu and David wed blending cultures in front of of over 250 guests with two ceremonies; Hindu and Russian Jewish. The day included bridal and groom attire changes and two cocktail hours, all outside without a tent or roof in sight.

The unique wedding took place at Thomas Jefferson’s boyhood home on a southern Virginia garden nestled near the weaving James River. Rachael Curry Films and Nicole Colwell Photography effortlessly captured the aesthetic of the design that lent itself to an organic and classic garden oasis.

The charming reception featured a neutral taupe tablescape and pop of color with a dusty blue napkin from Glamour Linens, paired with taupe taper candles and gold accents. At the table, traditional cuisine from India and a bottle of Russian Vodka blended perfectly to delight guests and fuel a magical night of dancing under the stars.

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Photography: Nicole Colwell Photography | Cinematography: Rachael Curry | Floral Design: A Morgan Event Floral Design | Catering: Mosaic Catering & Events | Lighting: Lighting Professors | Band: East Coast Entertainment | Groomsmen's Attire: Generation Tux | Vintage Car Rental: First Class Limo | Beauty: Regan Wolfrey Makeup Artist | Beauty: Avenue 42 | Bridal gown: Kleinfeld Bridal | Dessert: Whisk | Dessert: Shyndigz | Desserts: Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe | Desserts: Proper Pie | Lettering: Susan Atkins Style + Design | Linens: Glamour Linens | Mandap rental & design: Gulmohar Weddings | Planning, design and creative direction: Elle Loren & Co. | Rentals: Paisley & Jade | Rentals: Classic Party Rentals | Rentals: Rent Equip | Stattoinary: Every Little Letter

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