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Are Greenhouse Celebrations the New Barn Wedding?

Sometimes the most out of the ordinary venues provide the most stunning backdrops. The Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm is a shining example. With ocean views, flowers and plants at every turn and a greenhouse perfect for celebrating, this wedding is laidback elegance at its finest. With King Protea infused florals by Tyler Speier Events and image after sun-filled image captured by Jodee Debes, you will be hopping on the greenhouse bandwagon by the end of this post. Guaranteed.

Sarah and Darren had a romantic wedding in their new chosen hometown of Santa Barbara, CA at the hidden gem, Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm. The two met in San Francisco although Sarah is a Pennsylvania native and Darren is originally from South Africa. Both families traveled across the world to witness the joyful celebration of their wedding ceremony set on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The bride wore a form-fitting dress and carried a bouquet made by the talented Tyler Speier who incorporated the national South African flower, Protea. Tyler eloquently tied these flowers into the decor of the reception space as well as natural greenery, pears, cream linens and gold flatware. The reception held within the grand greenhouse was the perfect setting for these two to carry on the celebrations. The night was brought to an end with Darren getting up on stage and serenading Sarah with a song that he had written for her. This is still one of the most heartfelt moments I’ve witnessed at a wedding.

Photography: Jodee Debes Photography | Coordination: Erika Hopkins And Kristian Pacheco | Florist: Tyler Speier Events | Catering: Savoir Faire | Make Up: Lisa Bassler | Hair: Style Me Kristi | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Hale Koa phineas Estate | Rentals: The Tent Merchant

10 Tips for Getting Your Best Night’s Sleep Consistently

As the mom of a one-year-old, I’ll take any sleep advice I can get. If I don’t get my solid 7-8, I’m junk for the day. But, it turns out that getting a good night’s sleep goes way beyond hitting the sheets on time. From what you eat to how you decompress and even what you’re sleeping on, we should all heed these expert tips below.

From Andrea at Mattress AdvisorFew things can derail your day as effectively as a night spent tossing and turning. Rack up a few nights like this and you’ll begin to run a sleep deficit that can cost you physically, mentally and financially. But you don’t have to accept your ever-growing caffeine addiction as a part of your daily defense against fatigue. The best way to combat fatigue is to sleep – and sleep well – consistently.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than a third of all Americans are not getting enough sleep, which for most adults is seven to nine hours of sound sleep each night. About 20 percent report sleeping far less than that, averaging less than six hours of sleep a night.

You might think you can get by on less sleep with a few more cups of coffee or an energy drink or two. Heck, you might even think you’ll get more done during those extra hours of wakefulness. Think again. While that may be true for the occasional late-nighter, habitual sleep loss exacts a high toll on your body, mind, and spirit leading to a loss of productivity in the long run.

1. Become a Create of Habit

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on the weekends. This will set your body clock so that your body is ready for sleep at the routine bedtime and ready to wake up at the same time every morning.

Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep. Determine how much is optimal for you then reserve the same seven to nine hours every night for sleep.


2. Decompress

You may not even realize how stressed you are until you give yourself permission to leave all your worries behind and get yourself prepared for sleep. Make winding down part of your bedtime routine, right after brushing your teeth.

  • Read a book
  • Write a to-do list to get those nagging tasks on paper and off your mind
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Do gentle yoga exercises
  • Pray or meditate

3. Set the Scene

Create a relaxing environment in your bedroom for sleep. Your room should be dark, quiet, and uncluttered. Yes, that means dirty clothes in the hamper, not on the floor. Keep the temperature on the cool side, between 67° and 72° F to promote sound sleep. Turn out all lights and eliminate outside light sources with blinds or curtains. If noise from the street disturbs you, use earplugs or a white noise machine to drown out the sounds.


4. Invest in the Proper Tools

If you are kept awake or disturbed by tossing and turning, your mattress may be the culprit. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every seven to ten years. If you’ve reached the seven-year mark, you should evaluate the health of your mattress. Mold and mildew can grow on older mattresses, and once they take hold, it’s hard to get rid of them. These fungi can cause respiratory problems that can ruin a good night’s sleep.

A mattress in good condition will support your spine and keep it properly aligned. You may not even notice that your spine is misaligned while sleeping and think you are sleeping well enough. But if your mattress is sagging and unsupportive, it could be robbing you of the best night’s sleep possible. Morning aches and pains, lower back pain, and headaches are all signs of a worn mattress that you shouldn’t ignore.

5. Improve Your Mattress Hygiene

Keeping clean sheets on your bed can actually improve the quality of your sleep. Clean sheets regulate your temperature better, smell better, and feel better. You’ll want to add vacuuming to your list of seasonal chores as well. This may seem like a task only people with OCD do, but they are actually on to something. Not only will your mattress last longer if you keep it clean, but you’ll sleep better if it is free from dust and the uninvited guests it attracts. Even if you sleep alone, you are actually surrounded by millions of microscopic dust mites that feed on your dead skin and enjoy the warm, moist climate of your mattress.

Vacuuming your mattress every few months will remove the dust mites’ favorite buffet and cut down their population. That’s good news for people who are allergic or have asthma. Breathing in the dust mites’ waste (eww…) can cause allergy and asthma symptoms that make it hard to sleep. Even if you don’t have allergies, you will breathe easier and sleep better knowing there are no freeloaders in your bed.

6. Power Down

Eliminate electronic devices from your bedtime routine. The blue light emitted from TVs, smartphones, laptops, even lighted e-readers disrupts sleep by signaling to your brain that it’s time to rise and shine. It also suppresses melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate your natural sleep rhythm.

Keeping your electronics away from your bed will also help you to resist the urge to check your text messages, email, or news feed that can overstimulate your brain just as you are trying to unwind.

7. Give Up Siesta Time

Babies do it; older people do it; people in other cultures do it. The afternoon siesta is not only a time-honored tradition; there is a physiological urge to shut down briefly in the afternoon in order to recharge and ward off the drive to sleep. And while that may be fine for people who generally sleep well at night, if you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, sleep experts recommend avoiding the afternoon nap.


8. Jump on the Essential Oil Bandwagon

Several essential oils have been known for centuries to promote sound sleep. Use in a diffuser or add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply to the bottoms of your feet or inside your wrists. (Most essential oils cannot be applied to the skin without being diluted. Be sure to test any oil for an allergic reaction before applying in quantity to your skin.) You can also dilute a few drops of essential oil in water and spray onto your pillow and sheets. Essential oils that will help you get the best sleep ever include:

  • lavender
  • roman chamomile
  • cedarwood
  • orange
  • valerian


9. Skip the Hot Tamales

Eating spicy food at night (and especially close to bedtime) can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Studies show that eating a spicy meal increases body temperature, making it harder to fall asleep. This also disrupts almost all of the five stages of sleep.

10. Switch to Decaf

You wouldn’t dream of facing your day without coffee, but it may be keeping you from dreaming at night. If you must have a jolt of caffeine in the morning then go ahead and treat yourself to a cup, but switch to decaf after noon. And don’t forget, caffeine comes in a variety of forms including:

  • coffee
  • hot and iced tea
  • hot chocolate
  • soda
  • energy drinks
  • chocolate

Tips: Andrea Pisani Babich for Mattress Advisor

20 Kitchen Basics Every Newlywed Couple Needs

You may have spent your entire dating life eating out for every. single. meal, but trust us: the moment you tie the knot, nesting mode totally kicks in. That means saying goodbye to those nightly meet-ups at your fave restaurant and hello to home-cooked goodness in your new dining room. But you can’t channel your inner Martha Stewart sans the right tools, so we’re turning to Wayfair Registry to make sure your kitchen is on-par with the essentials. Plus, they have an amazing list of benefits, like free shipping, a 10% off completion discount, free returns, customizable lists AND registry specialists, so that’s extra awesome.

1. A Tea Pot

Every fabulous morning starts with a nice cup of tea or coffee, so investing in a really great tea pot is definitely key. Plus, they always make your kitchen look so, so pretty. Our pick? This one from kate spade will add a sweet pop of color.   

2. A Utensil Set

You can keep digging around in every drawer for the right spoon, or you can register for a utensil set that will make everything that much easier. We vote the latter. Our pick? You can never go wrong with a bamboo kitchen tools from Wayfair, friends.

3. A Utensil Crock

Once you have those utensils, you’ll need a place to store them and when it comes to choosing a utensil crock, the prettier, the better. (It will sit on your counter, after all.) Our pick? This one is marble, so you know it’s going to make a statement.

4. A Spoon Rest

And as long as we’re finding the perfect spot to store your utensils, let’s add in a spoon rest, too. You’ll never realize how much you needed one until you have it. Our pick? We’re all for the marble, and this one mixes in a little Acacia wood, too.

5. A Coffee Pot

We probably don’t need to tell you why this is important, because, well… coffee makes the world go ’round. We’re all for registering for an amazing coffee pot, so you and your love can take time to catch up in the am, rather than standing in line at the coffee stand. Our pick? This Cuisinart beauty is programmable, so you’ll have a fresh cup of jo waiting every. single. morning.

6. A Canister Set

Whether you’ve been baking your heart out since forever, or you’re just getting started, a great canister set makes all of the difference. It keeps that sugar, flour, etc. handy while whipping up that banana bread AND makes a pretty statement piece, to boot. Our pick? We said statement piece, and these ceramic jars from Wayfair are IT.

7. Measuring Cups

These might not be glamorous, but if you’ve been using a drinking cup to measure out your ingredients (been there, done that), it’s time to register for the real deal. Our pick? These Le Creuset beauts are so professional, you should have your own tv show.

8. Measuring Spoons

Ditto on the above, but this time with a table spoon. Our pick? This set is sleek AND stainless steel, so you can’t go wrong.

9. An Oven Mitt and Potholder

We’re big fans of a cute oven mitt and potholder set, because they always, always come in handy and are also a super sweet addition to your kitchen. Our pick? This set is all pretty florals and mint hues and we love it.  

10. A Dutch Oven

From cooking up roasts to baking up your fave dessert, a dutch oven will quickly become your go-to for all things in the kitchen. Registering for one of these babies is basically a must – and you’ll love the versatility it gives you for all of those dinner parties you and your love will be hosting. Our pick? The Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven, of course.  

11. A Vase 

We obviously believe that no room in the house is complete without a beautiful arrangement of flowers, and the kitchen is certainly no exception. Try it – it’s like a little ray of sunshine every morning. Our pick? This kate spade beauty from Wayfair for its simple, yet lovely aesthetic.

12. A Cutting Board

You can’t have breakfast or brunch without a side of fresh fruit, so we’re all for finding the perfect cutting board to get you through every meal with ease. Our pick? This sleek board has non-slip edges, so it stays in place while you prep.

13. A Knife Set

Newlywed life means giving away those mismatched cutlery item and really investing in some pieces that will last a lifetime. Our pick? This stainless steel set from Wusthof for its easy grip and maintainability.

14. A Serving Tray

Once you slice up those yummy treats, you need a cute way to serve them, because finding an amazing serving tray is always the first step to impressing your guests. Our pick? You can’t go wrong with pineapples, you guys, and this Lenox piece is all sorts of fun.

15. Kitchen Towels

It’s the little things that make a difference and having durable towels on hand will make everything that much easier in the kitchen. Bonus points if they’re absolutely stunning. Our pick? We mentioned we love pineapples, right?

16. A Pan Set

No one tells you just how amazing a “real” pan set can be, so we’re letting you in on the secret: scrap those mismatched ones from college and register for the real deal. Your kitchen life will change for the better, we promise. Our pick? This 5-piece stainless steel pan set from Wayfair is giving us all the feels.

17. Jar Candle

Seems simple, but once you create that amazing meal, you’ll want to set the mood with a little candlelight and a sweet scent filling your abode. Which means you’ll need some candles. Our pick? Gardenias for the win, y’all.

18. Salt Cellar

It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you can’t live without it, but trust us on this one: a salt cellar will streamline your cooking life in ways you didn’t think possible. Our pick? Marble gets us every. single. time.

19. Lazy Susan

We know what you’re thinking – a Lazy Susan is for your parents. But you honestly couldn’t be more wrong. Add this to your registry for a convenient way to pass the condiments at dinner, or a beautiful centerpiece in your kitchen for herbs and such. Our pick? This one from Wayfair is amazing.

20. Salt & Pepper Shaker

It’s back to the basics with two tools you most certainly can’t do without – salt and pepper shakers. But don’t just grab a couple from the grocery store – we suggest registering for a pretty duo that will really impress your guests. Our pick? These kate spade pretties, because they are just that cool.

Whether you’re planning the next great dinner party or simply tackling breakfast for you and your hubs, registering for the right kitchen basics is key. These are the tools you’ll use on the daily, and you never, ever want to be lost without the right coffee pot. Wayfair Registry makes it so, so easy with their aforementioned benefits – and they literally have everything you’ll ever need for your kitchen (and more). Plus, you don’t have to be afraid of registering for those larger or more expensive items (we all deserve an upgrade, right?), because they offer Group Gifting. It just doesn’t get easier, you guys.

To check out all of our registry picks and even more kitchen essentials, visit our curated shop at Wayfair.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography

Where to Honeymoon By Month

When you’re planning one of the biggest vacations of your life, it’s important to consider the seasonality of potential honeymoon destinations. The time of year for many popular escapes around the world can impact factors like price, crowds, available discounts, availability and weather. So no matter if you’re taking a honeymoon immediately after the wedding, or postponing for a better time, here are some great suggestions of where to honeymoon during each month of the year!

January: Iceland

Yes, January is one of the colder and darker months of the year in Iceland, but for honeymooners that just means beautiful wintery landscapes, hours a day to watch the northern lights, and fewer crowds at the places you want to see!

February: Anguilla

Looking for a warm weather and a beach in the dead of winter? Anguilla is just the place for a honeymoon escape, as it’s a quieter island compared to elsewhere in the Caribbean, and one that’s home to luxury resorts, fabulous beaches and amazing food.

March: Thailand

You’ll want to visit Thailand when it’s sunny and dry, and avoid the crazy partying that happens over New Year’s and winter break. While weather can vary significantly based on where in the country you’ll be, in March you should be fine no matter which region you’re in or island you’re on!

April: Morocco

Climate-wise, this is the best time to go as it’s neither too hot nor too cold which is critical when you’re traveling to the desert! As an added bonus you’ll miss out on the heavy tourism during summer and winter so you’ll have the souks, the roads, and the palaces to yourselves!

May: Provence

Avoid Provence during the busy summer months where villa and hotel rates skyrocket and instead visit in May right before the influx of tourists arrive. You’ll still experience pleasant weather, fields of wildflowers, quaint villages and markets, and cozy evenings.

June: Tahiti

June is technically during Tahiti’s dry season, and while hotel deals are hard to come by year round, this is a great time to go to ensure sunshine and clear water. You don’t want weather cramping your style while you’re lounging in your overwater bungalow.

July: Croatia

Croatia has it all for honeymooners in July: historic and picture-perfect old towns and villages, fresh seafood, lively nightlife scene and beaches and coastline as far as the eye can see. Rent a yacht and go island hopping and bask in the sunshine on the Adriatic coast.

August: Greece

The Greek Islands are some of the most romantic in the world, and while some like Santorini and Mykonos can get crazy busy during August, you can still find amazing scenery, rich history and fewer crowds at Paros, Corfu and Rhodes.

September: Tuscany

Head to Tuscany in September to avoid the high-season crowds in the summer but still experience perfect weather, some of the best food and wine in the world, and the quaintest old villages nestled in the rolling hills.

October: Ireland

Ireland in October is full of rolling green hills, grazing sheep, breathtaking ragged coastlines, quaint villages and romantic old castles. The crowds will be gone in October, the weather will still be pleasant (though don’t forget an umbrella) and prices are much lower!

November: Sri Lanka

Home to elephants and leopards, luxurious resorts, perfect beaches and colonial history, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for those seeking a mix of adventure and relaxation. November is off-season so there are great deals to be had, and while it might rain, it will be scattered and followed by sunshine!

December: Rwanda

Go to Rwanda in December as it’s the start of the short dry season, and the best time to track the gorillas! Just make sure you book your accommodations and secure your gorilla tracking permits far in advance, as this is a popular time to go!

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Julia Hurwitz is a freelance writer and Marketing Manager based in New York City. Her interests include travel, global craft, healthy baking, entertaining and exploring the outdoors.

This Wedding Will Never, Ever Go Out Of Style

Fifty years from now, when this couple looks back on their wedding photos by Kayla Yestal, they won’t be able to tell if their big day took place decades ago or just a couple days before. Their rustic elegant touches and romantic details are absolutely timeless. They were beautiful on their special summer day in 2017 and will be in 2067, no doubt about it. Get ready to get inspired and jot down these stylish timeless notes right this way


From the Bride… Between the speeches, the dancing, and even the early morning swim in the pond our dog Simba took that messed up his blow-dry, every single part of our wedding day was beyond what I could have imagined.

When planning, my husband Josh and I tried to inject a little something special and keep things unique to us. Little did I know that all of these efforts would end up making it the absolute best day of our lives!

We wanted a classic, elegant and timeless wedding, and didn’t want anything trendy so we shied away from most colours and any sort of themes. Instead, we took cues from how we live as a couple. Josh loves hiking and the great outdoors so we knew we wanted to get married outdoors somehow. We also had guests flying in from Singapore who had never experienced a Canadian summer so the picturesque setting at Belcroft Estates was the obvious choice for us when we were searching for a wedding venue.

Playing off of the venue itself, we decided on whites, ivories, and greens as the colour palette for our decor. I grew up in Singapore so we had the bar serve Singapore Slings all night. Josh is Jewish and loves carpentry so he built the Chuppah that we got married under from scratch! It was beautiful and so special that we got married under the Chuppah that he built with his own hands. Even more special that our two fur babies walked down the aisle with us. Our golden retriever Simba helped with the proposal so it was only fitting that he was the official ring bearer for the ceremony!

There are so many things that we are especially thankful for while looking back on our planning process. If I could give brides any advice while they’re planning their day, I’d definitely emphasize how important it is to engage a skillful and amazing photographer like Kayla Yestal who can capture the beauty and essence of your wedding day that you may treasure in years to come. I cannot stress how important it is to pick the right photographer who shares the same style and aesthetic as you do. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and meet with different photographers to get a sense of their style and work ethic!

We realized through the planning process that a few things were at the top of our priority list. Food and music were super important to us, so hiring the right catering team to leave our guests happy was one of our highest considerations. We also made sure that our talented band entertained us the whole night and the dance floor was never empty! I wanted to make sure that neither of us were running around keeping things in order, so I definitely recommend to hire a wedding planner or a day coordinator at the very least. It felt so nice to be able to relax and enjoy everything that we worked so hard to plan for!

Besides all of the carefully planned details, by far the absolute standout of our day was enjoying the reception with our family and friends. My Singaporean family has been friends with a dear 92 year old lady (we call her Dolly) and her family for over 30 years. This long distance friendship spanning over three decades is remarkable given the lack of high speed communication and technology in those days! They were of course invited to the wedding and knowing that Josh’s favourite dessert is pie, Dolly baked fruit pies and other goodies that we could serve as late-night dessert. Finally, one of my bridesmaids sang one of her parents’ favourite classic Mandarin songs, accompanied by the band, during the dinner reception as a tribute to my parents and family members who flew in for the wedding.

But if we really had to pick a favourite part it was probably our first dance where we danced to “Love Me Tender” and our friends and family danced around us in the courtyard under the stars! We both love that song. We used to play it for each other at night before we went to bed and it was so meaningful to us as our first dance song.

Enjoy the day and don’t sweat the small stuff. Even if something doesn’t go according to plan – laugh it off! No one will even notice – trust me! Your wedding day is probably the only good excuse for you to gather all of your loved ones together in one place for one day. Make good use of that precious time! At the end of the night, Josh and I drove back to our hotel deliriously happy that we got to spend one of the happiest days of our lives with our loved ones.



Photography: Kayla Yestal | Event Planning: Lustre Events | Floral Design: Patchouli Design | Cake: Sweet B's | Invitations: Minted | Shoes: Aquazzura | Catering: Wildwood Hospitality | Makeup: Fancy Face Inc. | Hair: CE Bridal | DJ: Keep Them Dancing | Band: Magen Boys | Groom's Suit: Indochino | Officiant: Rabbi David Cooper | Wedding Venue: Belcroft Estates | Bowtie: Bridgetown Bowties | Bridal Boutique: Kleinfeld Bridal | Ceremony Wedding Dress: Badgely Mischka | Envelope Calligraphy: Flourish Calligraphy | Linens: Linen Closet | Perfume: Candles By Maison Francis Kurkdjian | Reception Wedding Dress: Yolan Cris Haute Couture | Rentals: Lizlyn Floral and Events Company | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Rope Dog Leashes: Highland Hounds | Table Numbers: Minted

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Lifestyle Blogger Haute Off the Rack’s Bridal Luncheon Is Granny Approved!

After attending the bridal shower, Jennifer Palpallatoc’s grandmother told the blogger that she should have just gotten married that day, because it was the most beautiful event that she’s ever seen. Looking at these photographs by Lance Nicoll, and we think Granny is onto something! Angela Maria Events crafted a gorgeous celebration at the White Magnolia Barn, including a flower crown station with Poppy + Mint Floral Company. From the centerpieces, to that work-of-art cake, to the ladies in their flower crowns, this is certainly one pretty event. Granny – and SMP – approved!

[iframe 600 338]

From the bride-to-be, Jenn of Haute Off the RackMy bridal shower was everything I had ever envisioned and more thanks to the amazing work of Angela Marie Events. The whole idea stemmed from a work trip that I attended last year at the MacKenzie-Childs headquarters in Aurora, New York, where we took pottery painting classes, floral arranging classes, and even learned how to make flower crowns. It was so much fun learning something new and getting to be creative while clearing my mind and enjoying snacks and rosé. I feel like that’s something we forget to do as adults. We get so caught up with work and daily life that we forget to take time for ourselves and create beautiful things just because we want to and not because we have to.

I loved the classes so much that I wanted to re-create the experience for my friends. What better time to do something new with your friends than when you have them all in the same place at the same time at your bridal shower!?

Angela loved the idea and put together the most beautiful floral themed shower that I’ve ever seen. The whole shower was perfect down to every little detail – from the dreamy invitations and vintage plates to the elegant, barn-style venue and the stunning floral centerpieces that literally cascaded over the tabletops. Not to mention the fact that Poppy & Mint provided us with most exquisite selection of flowers to decorate our crowns with, which we wore the whole shower.

In addition to the refreshing cocktails and arts and crafts, my friends know that I would never associate myself with a party that didn’t serve plenty of delicious appetizers and desserts. In fact, for dessert, we served three different cake flavors. Why have vanilla when you can have carrot, lemon, and strawberry!?

Last but not least, I sent each guest home with a pretty pink bottle of Flowerbomb Bloom perfume by Viktor & Rolf to serve as a little reminder of our fun, floral-themed day together. I made sure to keep a bottle for myself, which I spritzed on just before the party started. The sweet floral scent complemented my lace, open shoulder dress perfectly.



Photography: Lance Nicoll Wedding Photography | Cinematography: Lonely Eskimo Productions | Event Planning + Design: Angela Marie Events | Floral Design: Poppy and Mint | Cake: Chasing Wang | Shoes: Bella Belle | Favors: Courtesy Viktor & Rolf | Venue: The White Magnolia | Catering + Beverage Services: The White Magnolia | Glasses + Silverware: Event Rental | Painted Urn: Upstairs Paper Studio | Photography Assistance: Eddie Marroquin | Plates: Capital Vintage Charm | Purse: Zac Posen | Rentals: Lovegood Wedding & Event Rentals | Stationery + Signs: The Little Blue Chair | Welcome Book: Gigi New York

We Found the Perfect Dresses for Your Laid-Back Summer Soiree

If your summer celebration is more BBQ than five-course meal, we know that finding the right dress can be a little intimidating – for you AND your maids. But no worries, we’ve done all of the work for you. Because having a casual wedding doesn’t mean skipping out on your princess moment, so we have 12 dresses that are definitely bringing the wow factor, but still allow you to barn dance the night away.

We Found the Perfect Dresses for Your Laid-Back Summer Soiree
View Slideshow
We Found the Perfect Dresses for Your Laid-Back Summer Soiree
View Slideshow
Setting the Perfect Table: How to Layer Textures + Patterns With BBJ Linen

Want in on a wedding planning style secret? Linens, all their pieces – runners, place mats, napkins, and more – are often the magic touch you need to take an ordinary wedding and bump it up several beautiful notches. Not sure where to start? Well, the folks at BBJ Linen were kind enough to share some insider info on what to do to boost the design of your big day. Read on for all their inspiring ideas!

Photography: Kearsten Taylor

Use different decor pieces to create layered, rich, and textured looks. Think linens, runners, overlays, place mats, napkins, etc. Try out a solid linen as a base, then add a lace overlay, a metal or marble place mat, then finish the setting with a light and airy napkin.

Photography: Stephanie Brazzle

Just like you layer accent pillows in your home decor to add character to a space, you can use multiples of the same items to create a unique look for your table setting. Experiment with two table runners, adding overlays over linen, or pairing patterned and solid napkins.

Photography: Mikkel Paige

Try single-colored fabrics but in varying textures for a chic, streamlined look. We love faille linens with matching velvet napkins!

Photography: Heather Waraksa

Mismatched patterns all the way! We’re all for pairing stripes with sequins, florals with polka dots, or marble with herringbone.

Photography: Tenth and Grace

Take advantage of centerpieces and garland to help elevate the look of your table with their colors and textures, too. A garland of greenery on top of an airy runner is so light and fresh while still feeling elegant!



Linens Advice: BBJ La Tavola

5 Luxe Beauty Buys You Can Find at Target

My beauty arsenal is a mixed bag—you can find a $55 bronzer sitting next to a $6 makeup brush. Whether a splurge or a save, every single product in there works beautifully and that’s the point, isn’t it? If it feels luxe and you love it, it’s a win. Today, I’m sharing five of my favorite beauty finds from Target that’ll fool you into thinking they’re way more expensive than they are.

Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray ($14)

I always get suckered into drying the newest sea salt spray for my hair—but I’m usually left disappointed, with crunchy hair that looks nothing like I just walked off the beach and more like I was struck by a wave and left out on the beach to dry. Not this one though! Kristin Ess’ Beach Wave Spray is actually made to use after you style your hair and leaves a much softer finish. If I could describe it, it’s like a perfect mix of a sea salt spray and hairspray that will finish off your look. Plus, it smells amazing.

Sonia Kashuk Powder Makeup Brush ($12)

You know those drugstore makeup brushes that leave little hairs all over your face when you use them? This one isn’t one of those. Sonia Kashuk’s brush line at Target is my favoriteeee. They are so well built and last through washings and years of use. I recently upgraded a few I’d been using for years, for these pretty gold ones. They’re SO affordable, too. All around win!

Botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum ($11.99)

If you’re going for the dewy look, this is your serum. For someone with combination skin, I can go from dry to oily in a matter of hours. This stuff does the trick and helps to balance my skin out by keeping it moisturized without feeling greasy!

Milani Baked Blush – Luminoso ($6.39)

This blush has the perfect peachy hue with the slightest hint of shimmer for a beautiful glow. I decided to try it off of the reviews alone and I’m actually loving it more than my expensive blush.

Sonia Kashuk Slant and Point Tipe Tweezers ($10)

Clearly Sonia Kashuk is my go-to for beauty tools. These tweezers work just as good as competing brands that can run you 3 or 4 times the cost of these. I love that the set comes with two options; the classic slant tip and the point tip, which is great for getting those teeny tiny, fine hairs!

Grand total: all five products together would cost you just over fifty bucks. You can’t beat that! What are some of your favorite Target beauty buys?

Photography: Bisou Style

Bridesmaids Dressed in Ikat Printed Gowns? Yes, Please!

This romantic white wedding comes with a bohemian twist. That twist would be bridesmaids in mix and match ikat dresses. It’s stunning and only adds to the tropical, cultural vibes of this Bali affair designed by Flying Bride, along with planning by Luxury Weddings Indonesia. From layers of white florals, to that bold bridesmaid style and a cameo from the couple’s beloved pup who couldn’t make the festivities, there’s more than meets the eye with this celebration. Get cozy with the all the stunning details plus a welcome party to remember in the full gallery photographed by Angga Permana.

From the beginning, the bride Bianca had a clear idea of what she wants. A traditional style welcome dinner and an organic white wedding for the wedding day.

Welcome dinner
To create a totally different ambiance to the classic white wedding, we designed the welcome dinner to be bold and beautiful with color such as red, purple and lavender as inspired by the tenun ikat (traditional fabric) which we hung on the bamboo structure. The color of the flowers and the cushions were within these shades and created a very beautiful tone for the event. Since Bianca is a foodie, I decided to combine flowers with various tropical fruit to decorate the table on top of a green table runner made from woven banana leaves. To be truthful to the traditional culture, we used “kendi”, a traditional vase made from clay as vases for the flower arrangement. Some of the tables were low so people could experience sitting in the rattan carpet to eat, just like traditional villagers do. Cluster of bamboo lampshades in various sizes were hung to create extra drama overhead.

Wedding Day
Both Bianca and Kevin loves the nature and Kevin propose when they were having a walk in a botanica garden. Hence, we wanted the white wedding that Bianca dreamy of to have that organic, part of nature feeling with greeneries decorating the tent as if they gree there. We also added preserves butterflies on some of the flower arrangement. Bianca has a frenchie dog (soba) that she loves very much, and would love her to come to the wedding. So a statute of her dear frenchie dog was decorated with flower wreath and the writing “soba wishes she were here” near the registration table. An even smaller statute of soba were put as part of the decoration table which was so cute it became quite a hit with many guests taking picture of it and gushing about it. The final touch we added was the ikat pattern that Bianca loves. If for the welcome dinner the ikat pattern was in bold color decorating the bamboo structure, this time the bridesmaids wore various modern pattern of ikat in the shades of grey. It feels really special to incorporate your culture into your wedding.

Photography: Angga Permana Photo | Videography: Elleui Project | Event Design and Styling: Flying Bride | Event Planner: Luxury Weddings | Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo | Wedding Cake: Butter Bali | Invitations: Pemberley | Stationery: Pemberley | Wedding Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood | Catering: Pemberley | Men's Attire: Pemberley | Wedding Venue: Pemberley | Bridal: Pemberley | Decoration & Lighting: Pemberley | Dress & Attire: Pemberley | Favor & Gifts: Pemberley | Hair & Make Up: Pemberley | Wedding Entreatment & Band: Pemberley

27 Jaw-Dropping Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Views

Whether you’re getting married close to home or have jetted off to tie the knot in some exotic locale, the ceremony serves as a welcome introduction into what is sure to be the culmination of months of hard work for the best celebration you’ve had yet. While the vows are undoubtedly the most important aspect at the altar, it’s also the perfect spot to create some beauty that will define the style for the entire wedding. And that’s not to mention the inevitable barrage of pictures of said altar you’ll have, capturing that “You may kiss the bride” moment!

The possibilities are endless for arches, arbors, and the like, but there’s also something to be said for letting nature take its course. Mountain views, towering pines, and even oceanside ceremonies will make 2018 the year that “alt altars” rise to the top–and with views like these, I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

Outdoor Ceremony Inspiration
View Slideshow
Outdoor Ceremony Inspiration
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Style Me Pretty Contributor — Francesca Barger is a wedding enthusiast, freelance writer, marketer, and PR professional in the Midwest, where, in the last several years she’s worked with companies coast to coast. She’s more city slicker than small town girl, a bon vivant with a penchant for celebrating life’s little victories, like a dry cappuccino or a good hair day.

The Epitome of A Cozy + Chic Wedding

People may dream of Napa Valley nuptials and long for sweet Southern celebrations but these regions better watch out; the North is amping it up. Specifically, Wyoming. They are pulling out the wedding works and delivering jaw-dropping results. Look no further than this Jackson Hole inspiration shoot from Simply Sarah Photography. The epitome of cozy, chic and crazy romantic, it is making us crave more winter weddings immediately. See all the details right this way!

From Sami with Magnolia Ranch… It is always great fun to collaborate with fellow creatives and this was no exception! Inspired by the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, we were excited to pull in the vintage glassware in similar colors. The Top Montana’s tabletop items combined with La Tavola’s gauzy table runner and velvet napkins created the perfect reception table. Of course the flowers are our favorite part, and the Japanese ranunculus in the perfect muted tone of ultraviolet just made our hearts sing! We wanted to keep the florals loose and organic without feeling messy or too wild so we chose to incorporate Lunaria which is delicate and has such an ethereal feel to it making it perfect for a snowy wedding day! We love keeping ceremonies intimate, and the roaring fire and candles en masse, seemed appropriate for Snake River Sporting Club’s cozy indoor location.



Photography: Elizabeth Lanier Photography | Event Planning: Hitched | Floral + Event Design: Magnolia Ranch | Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine | Cake: Buttercream Cake Design Co | Shoes: Bella Belle | Rings: Susie Saltzman | Hair + Makeup: Athena Beauty Artistry | All Tabletop Rentals: The Top | Bridal Boutique: Bash Bozeman | Linens: BBJ La Tavola | Paper Suite: Lazywood Lane | Processing + Development: PhotoVision Prints

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7 Stylish Finds To Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis

Spring is here and dreamy summer nights are just around the corner. Create an inviting outdoor space for catching rays with modern patio furniture, a fun pool for the kiddos, and fantastic blooms. Check out these accessories to turn your backyard into a fun and stylish oasis.

7 Stylish Finds To Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis
View Slideshow
7 Stylish Finds To Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis
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Style Me Pretty Contributor – Ali Struhs is a freelance writer, blogger, and mama in Denver, Colorado. When not typing away on the computer, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, rocking out at Red Rocks, snuggling her new baby, and chasing around her toddler.

This Bride Evokes All the Audrey Hepburn Prima Ballerina Vibes

It’ll come as no surprise that Audrey Hepburn’s earliest career ambitions were to become a professional ballerina and the beloved actress will forever be known as one of the most fashionable women in history, and we couldn’t help thinking of Audrey the moment we laid eyes on this bride. Amy Cambell Photography captured Shannon in her Amsale gown, which looks like it was made for her with its crepe bodice and sheer back that fit the bride like a glove and the tulle skirt that harkened back to her own ballet days. Clearly, this would be a timeless, elegant affair, so don’t miss a second of it, filmed by Reel Special.

[iframe 600 338]


From Amy Cambell Photography Shannon and Colin’s wedding was planned to perfection. The couple wanted a formal day with neutral hues and lush greenery. Beige hues were found in the gorgeous floral details with greenery, the amazing paper suite, and even in both mothers’ dresses to seamlessly blend with the bridal party. The Apiary in Lexington Kentucky was the perfect reception venue blending the outdoor gardens with the indoor tablescape.

From the bride… In most aspects of my life, I appreciate elegance in its simplest form. That concept became the guiding design principal for our wedding. As I worked through details with my wedding planner, Camille Tucker, we defined elegant simplicity with a neutral color palette punctuated by soft gold accents. We worked alongside Elizabeth Earnest Floral Design, a master of highlighting the beauty and elegance found in a plant’s natural form. Floral design centered around layered white florals and an array of greenery textures. While formality was a priority in all of our events for the day, Colin and I also wanted our reception to exude intimacy. We kept the guest count to 165 and achieved an intimate setting through a plated dinner in The Apiary’s dining room, known as the Orangerie, on tables overwhelmed with tall arrangements of nothing but lush greenery, small arrangements bursting with white blooms, and an abundance of candlelight. The end result took my breath away.

Classical ballet played an important role in my childhood and teenage years and seemed to leave a lasting impression, as I found myself attracted to tulle and its ethereal quality. After a whirlwind weekend in Atlanta with my mother, sister, and future mother-in-law, I decided on an A-line Amsale dress composed of a crepe bodice with a sheer back atop a soft tulle skirt. For the ceremony, I completed the look with a floor length veil (because when else do you get to wear a veil?) and some fabulous hand-beaded earrings by Mignonne Gavigan.

Colin and I went back and forth on whether or not to do a first look. We were enamored by the romantic quality of seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle. After much discussion, however, we decided to do a first look. We were swayed by the idea that by doing a first look, when we walked out of the church as a married couple, we were done with all the formal obligations of the day and had the entirety of the evening to celebrate our new marriage. We experienced every second of our cocktail hour and reception alongside our guests, and I couldn’t have been happier with our decision.

Cocktail hour began immediately following the ceremony and took place in the formal gardens of The Apiary. In lieu of a signature cocktail, guests were greeted with champagne garnished with a lemon twist and were free to mingle as a harpist set the mood. Light, summery hors d’oeuvres were passed and consisted of a chilled cucumber soup, whipped brie, and fish tacos. Guests transitioned inside for toasts and the cutting of the cake, a lemon cake with vanilla swiss buttercream. Following the cutting of the cake, the Orangerie doors were opened, and guests flowed inside for the plated dinner. Our dinner consisted of a compressed watermelon salad, a pork tenderloin entrée, and our cake was cut and served as the dessert course. We danced the rest of the night away to a fabulous local band, Encore of Lexington.

Colin and I were married at Central Christian Church, a historic church in downtown Lexington that I have attended since childhood. Following our ceremony, we descended the front stairs of the church as our loved ones showered us with white rose petals. We drove away in a white vintage Bentley, listening to the cheering and laughter of all our closest family and friends. It was truly a magical moment.

After our engagement, Colin’s grandmother, Maxine, wrote a letter of congratulation in which she shared Shakespeare’s commentary on love, Sonnet 116. We invited Maxine to share these words with all of our wedding guests and had her read Sonnet 116 during our wedding ceremony. The words that touched Colin’s grandparents throughout their marriage were now a part of our marriage from the very start.

When Colin and I began dating, he lived in an apartment near the construction of what would become our wedding venue, The Apiary. We often took walks to nearby restaurants and bars, walking past what we heard would be a new event venue. One night, as The Apiary was nearing completion, we walked past and peeked through the iron gates, trying to steal a glimpse at the new construction. I found myself looking at a maze of formal gardens unlike any I’d ever seen. I knew I’d get married there as soon as I laid eyes on it. Two years later, when Colin and I got engaged, The Apiary was the first decision we made, and after we booked it, I knew everything else would fall into place.



Photography: Amy Campbell Photography | Cinematography: Reel Special Productions | Event Planning: Camille Tucker Events | Floral Design: Elizabeth Earnest Florals | Wedding Dress: Amsale | Cake: Kathy Martinolich | Ceremony Venue: Central Christian Church | Reception Venue: Apiary | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Dessy Collection By Vivian Diamond | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bridal And Formal | Catering: Apiary | Hair and Makeup: Ana Crane | Calligraphy: Marcardin Calligraphy | Band: Encore of Lexington | Ceremony Music: Michael Rintama | Transportation: Gold Shield Cars | Transportation: test | Hotel: 21c Museum Hotel | Bridal Boutique: Bridals By Lori | Cocktail Hour Music: Elaine Cooke | Paper Goods: Cardinal And Straw Fine Paper Goods | Rentals: Bryants Rent All | Rentals: All Occasions Event Rental | Rentals: Canvas Event Furniture

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We Think the Rain Made This Day Picture Perfect

Emily had been dreaming of an outdoor ceremony overlooking Lake Como accompanied by a celebratory boat ride for the months leading up to her Italian destination wedding, but when the forecast the day of called for rain, she had to make the tough decision to move things under a tent. Luckily, Happy Moments Collector was there to expertly execute plan B, and now the bride reflects, “Looking back, all I remember is that September 9th was the most beautiful and magical day of our lives.” And we have to be honest – with the mist over the mountains, the dreamy draping of the tent, and the lovely images by Thcablookfotolab, everything looked picture perfect in our book.


From planner Anastasia Aslanyan, founder of Happy Moments Collector…. This wedding was on the 9th of September, and usually we are still having summer on Lake Como, but last year it was something extraordinary – quite chilly, and the forecast was showing heavy rain all day long with wind. Of course, we had a plan B, but we were all a bit worried. And what can I say? All the guests and the couple were telling us that it was even more cozy, memorable, and special because of the rain. Not all weddings are on sunny days, and couples are always worried about this point. Usually it is their nightmare. But we assured Emily and Michael that rainy weather could still be beautiful and unique. The only thing is you must have a well-organized plan. You know, in Italy they have a proverb, ”Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata.” that means that rain on the wedding day brings good luck to the bride. And we are sure that Emily and Michael will have their happily ever after.

The theme of the wedding was elegant simplicity, with a color palette of white, ivory, blush, olive green, and touch of gold. You can see it starting with the stationery and finishing with the small details. We couldn’t help adorning the lovely dog of the couple with the wreath on his neck. It walked down the aisle with the groomsmen, opening the ceremony. 

From the bride… Michael and I have quite a love story. He is originally from Germany, and I was born in Canada, but we met eight years ago at a surf camp in Costa Rica. We fell in love and ended up dating long distance for four years before he moved to California to be with me. We got engaged in Big Sur, California, and had dreamed of getting married on the coast of California, but after a trip to Lake Como, Italy, we fell absolutely in love with the idea of an Italian wedding. It was the best decision we made as the food, wine, and romantic atmosphere can’t be beat.

I found our wedding planner, Anastasia, on Style Me Pretty, and all of her weddings were so beautiful, so I knew she would be able to execute our ideas perfectly. Every day for two weeks leading up to the wedding, I would check the weather reports. The night before, the radar was calling for 100% chance of rain, and I became so upset even though everybody told me not to worry. I had been dreaming of our beautiful, floral arch overlooking the lake, our guests enjoying cocktails in the garden, and us taking a sunny boat ride for photos. Our friends and family all traveled from far away to be with us, and I wanted it to be the perfect day spent outdoors. On the morning of the wedding, we had to make a decision, and I wanted to so badly have it outside, but our planner, Anastasia, suggested we move everything under the tent. Halfway through our ceremony, the winds picked up, and it started raining. Looking back, all I remember is that September 9th was the most beautiful and magical day of our lives. It didn’t matter that the rain ruined my hair and my dress was destroyed, because the only memories we have now are that everything felt perfect.

My advice to other brides planning an outdoor wedding would be to not panic when you see rain in the forecast because your wedding will be the best day of your life regardless of the weather. Your guests are there to celebrate your day, and the rain won’t stop them from having an amazing time. Also, don’t be afraid to take some chances in the rain. We almost canceled our boat ride when we knew it would be raining, but our favorite photos from the day were taken in the rain. The way the fog and the mist rolled through the mountains was truly stunning.



Photography: Thecablookfotolab | Event Planning: Happy Moments Collector | Floral Design: Flower Haute Couture | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Invitations: Sydney Beth Designs | Rings: Mark Broumand | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Needle & Thread | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Fame And Partners | Catering: Sunlake Catering | Groom's Attire: Loro Piana | Venue: Villa Geno

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6 Ways To Layer Color in a Home with All-White Walls

Time and again, I hear people talking about white behind it’s back… It’s too boring. Not enough character!, they say. But I see so much potential in a blank canvas. A fresh slate that allows you to layer in your style through colorful decor—not to mention, allows for easy updating as your look as your personal taste evolves. The gorgeous scenes below are proof and we’re sharing a handful of ways you can give your white room a pulse, with color.

Area Rugs

Not only are area rugs great for anchoring a room, but they are such a fun way to liven up your floors! If you’re working with a vibrant or loud pattern, let your rug be the statement in the room and choose more subtle, neutral furniture. This space designed by Barbara Town nails it.


Vice versa, if you incorporate happy hued furniture pieces, go for a neutral rug with more breathing room—or, go sans rug. Barbara Town let these blue beauties shine on their own and they truly command the room.


Feeling intimidated by art? I’m with you. I’ve found that including colorful art in a room typically works best if you keep the rest of the pieces in the same color family, like in this living room. It can also be really fun to frame fabrics as well if fine art or photography isn’t your thing!


From pillows to drapery, there are plenty of ways to weave in color through textiles. Not finding what you want? Have something custom made in your favorite fabric!


From books to beads and everything in between, use decor to infuse color into your space. Tip: Rather than adding colorful pieces into your existing design, remove all decor and start fresh by adding in vignettes one at a time.

Florals & Greenery

The quickest (and most pleasant) way to add a dash of color? With florals and/or greenery! You can also create really lovely long-term arrangements with silk flowers as well.

A Stunning Seaside Wedding With Brunch on the Menu

This seaside Miami wedding is taking brunch to a whole new level of beauty. Designed by Beauty in the Making, coral peonies, iron garden chairs and the chic backdrop of The Palms Hotel and Spa all prove that nothing beats brunch with an ocean view. But if you need any more convincing, the images captured by Gianny Campos should do the trick.

From the Groom…The last idea in my mind during my senior year of college as a bachelor is to find love. Originally, I had planned a trip to Puerto Rico in 2013 to visit some family members and enjoy my last moment of freedom in college. However, my life changed the moment I sparked a conversation with Charleen and her friends waiting in line for some coconut water. After the first day we spent time together, we just had to continue hanging out. To top it off, she went to school in Syracuse, which was only 3 hours away! After Puerto Rico, we could not resist talking to each other every day!

After about a month, I invited her to my salsa social in school, where she met my friends and had a tour of my school. Even though we were far apart, I could not feel any closer to her at this point. We started to discuss what our lives would be like after school. I would have never known that Charleen would have lived in a city close to me in my future assignment in North Carolina for our relationship. That sacrifice alone speaks volumes about how much she cares. It was at that point, I realized that I was the luckiest guy in the world that chose the perfect wife.

At this point, I helped her in every way to get into a master’s program. I also began to admire her family and traditionally visit China every year. I never knew how much China had to offer with its immense culture and beautiful historical architecture. Once I found out she got accepted into Carnegie Melon, I was ecstatic that Charleen would stay in the US a little bit longer just for me. I told her that my life in the Army would be temporary and I would move to Hong Kong for her in the future.

It was during her time in Carnegie Melon that I decided to ask for her hand in marriage during Valentine’s Day on 2016 in San Francisco. (Of course after I asked for her dad’s blessings, which I think he spoiled for her) Never did I regret making that decision and now I am proud to say that I am happily married to my wife and exited for our future endeavors and adventures!

Photography: Gianny Campos Photography | Videographer : Cool Coconut Studios | Event Design: Beauty in the Making | Floral Design: Beauty in the Making | Wedding Dress: Marchesa | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Bridal Boutique: Mark Ingram Atelier | MUAH: Carolyn Jones Makeup | Outdoor Ceremony/Reception : The Palms Hotel & Spa | Rentals: Love in Vintage

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Summer-Proof Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips From a Pro

Summer is right around the corner, so we can look forward to long sunny days, days by the pool, and of course, gorgeous outdoor weddings. But, with the warmer weather comes some beauty woes that even the professionals have to consider when making up their brides on the big day.

That’s why we spoke with Megan Garmers, Little Black Book member and  founder of mg hair & makeup, about how she handles brides in the summer season. So whether you are a summer bride or a guest at a summer wedding, she’s got the ultimate advice on how to keep your hair and makeup summer-proof.

1. What are a few things you do special for summer brides to keep their hair & makeup intact?

Depending on the type of skin/hair a bride has, there are different products and combinations that we use to help with longevity of the bridal beauty look. For oily skin, you don’t want to have too many thick layers of product on the face. For hair, you want to make sure the hairspray is a strong hold to last even through the humidity.

2. What hairstyles do you recommend to summer brides?

Generally, the hairstyle should be however the bride feels most comfortable. On a long day at work, if she would normally put her hair up, then we suggest to do a style that would be away from her face and neck. If she feels most comfortable with her hair down, we would suggest half-up or all down depending.

The only other thing to consider (and it sounds gross but it is an important factor…) is whether or not the bride sweats on her neck and back. If so, it is best to have the hair up and away from those areas because no matter how industrial-strength the product is, when the hair is being drenched in sweat, the curl and hair will go limp and the curl and body will be gone.

3. How do you keep makeup from melting/dripping off?

The most important thing to consider for makeup longevity is the skin type. Different types of makeup work better with different types of skin. Keeping the cream or liquid complexion products to thinner layers and using pressed powder as well as powder blush are generally better choices to avoid makeup meltdowns.

4. What are some things you tell brides to do after you leave to keep them looking perfect and sweat-free?

Having brides plan their day so they are not standing in the sun between 11 am-2 pm is the best way to stay sweat-free because those are the peak sun times and will be the hottest. If you feel like you are starting to sweat, it is best to have a paper towel (the cheap brown ones are great) and press the towel on the skin to absorb the sweat/water. It is important not to rub but instead press directly down and up from the skin so the makeup will stay intact.

It is most important to address sweat as it comes up instead of waiting. The longer it stays there, the more opportunity the sweat and oil can mix to start breaking down the makeup from below (at the skin’s surface) as well as from above (sweat dripping down in rivers).

5. What are a few things guests can do at home to keep their own makeup and hair looking great at a summer wedding?

The most important thing is to know your skin and hair type so you can purchase products that are best for you. Putting your hair up is generally going to be the longest lasting because it will be pinned in place. For makeup, if you are a guest, you don’t have the pressure of being in all the photos so you can really focus on one area of your face (eyes or lips) so you can use lightweight products on the other area. Primers can help but be careful not to go overboard or make it too thick. Setting sprays can also be helpful. The good thing is that makeup products today are a million times better than 20 years ago and there are so many options to choose from.

6. Do you have any specific products you gravitate towards in the summer?

Balmain Session Spray is a great strong hold hairspray and holds up even in humid climates. Living Proof Thickening Mousse is also a great choice to help add volume to fine or thin hair. For makeup, Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer is a great choice because it is alcohol-based and waterproof. For lips, Make Up For Ever Aqua Lips are great to use and fill in the entire lip area as a waterproof base to help your lip color last longer.

7. What are some go-to summer makeup and hair looks you recommend?

The best summer looks are ones that last and don’t look too heavy. You can do a smoky eye with a bronze or plum color to add some depth without making it all black or dark. You can also do a darker lip color in a gloss so it is more sheer and seems more summer-y.

Braids are still really popular and can add interest to a simple bun or updo. They also are fairly heat and humidity-resistant so you don’t have worry about if it will look the same by the end of the night.

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Jessica Tzikas is a freelance writer, editor, and content manager from South Florida, who recently moved back to the sunshine state after living in Philadelphia for the past few years. When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading by the beach, spoiling her black lab, and exploring nearby towns with her new husband.

Giant Floral Wreath – Making An Already Gorgeous E-Shoot Even Better!

I’ve already taken engagement shots. My wedding came and went. We don’t have any major anniversary coming up anytime soon. And yet… I’m trying to figure out any way possible my hubby and I can have a photo shoot with a hanging floral installation like this one here by Petals and Hedges. Just look at these pics – gorgeous, right!? Elizabeth Forgarty captured it perfectly for this adorable and fashion-forward e-shoot and thanks to this gallery, we’ll be dreaming of recreating this for the foreseeable future!

From Elizabeth Fogarty… This engagement session proves that hanging floral installations should totally be a thing for engagement sessions too! Petals and Hedges created an incredible floral design with a laser cut wedding date in the middle. It makes for the perfect save the date pictures!

And  who says you can’t have two fabulous dresses for your engagement session? Tricia wanted to get the bridal look with the white dress but also a little sexy look with the off the shoulder deep wine colored dress. She absolutely rocked both!



Photography: Elizabeth Fogarty | Event Planning: Tricia Christine Events | Floral Design: Petals and Hedges | Hair + Make up: JKW Beauty | Calligraphy: Leah Letters


This Unexpected Color Palette is Perfect for Your Easter Brunch

Planning an Easter brunch this Sunday? Take a cue from this pretty inspiration captured by Riley Starr and infuse that table with color and a little greenery too. Beijos Events is giving your typical Easter decor a fresh twist with a pink and gold color palette + green vine details that touch everything from the tableware from The Little Market, to the spring florals by Olive & Blooms, and even the deviled eggs.

When planning an Easter table the first thing that comes to my mind is color! Spring is a great time of year to add some pops of yellows, pinks, and all sorts of brightness to your life. That was my plan with this table, also adding in my favorite metallic accents.

The Little Market has such amazing pieces for your table and their new white and gold china collection is one of my favorites! That bohemian feel to it caught my eye right away and they’re simplicity makes them easy to use for multiple occasions.

Another stand out are their pink moroccan print cups. They’re so pretty and a fun addition to the table. I also used their wood cutting boards as chargers, glassware and a pop with their yellow napkin.

Another way to add a pop is with linens. I love using Party Crush Studio for this as they have so many amazing fabric and color options. There’s something about a runner that just adds a bit of elegance to a table.

Florals always make a table and this one is no exception. Olive and Blooms created the perfect Spring arrangement with colors that complimented our gorgeous table. I also love adding loose greens to any tablescape, it always work no matter the season!

Blot and Dot did the amazing calligraphy on the invite, menus and place cards. It’s always nice to add those personal touches to each event you host, and it adds detail and color! Of course every occasion that has food involved is an occasion I want to be at! Colette’s Catering created the most delicious and colorful spread. That’s another must, pretty food! You want your guests eyes and belly to be happy of course! 

Photographer: Riley Starr | Event Design: Beijos Events | Floral Design: Olive & Blooms | Catering: Colette’s Catering & Events | Calligraphy: Blot And Dot | Linens: Party Crush Studio | Tabletop: The Little Market