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Southern Spring Wedding at Canyonwood Ridge in Austin, Texas

I can say without hesitation that I am entirely ready to skip winter and move straight on to spring. Who’s with me? I know all of you spring Brides are probably SO ready, but maybe not-so-ready when it comes to the to do list. Thankfully, you have a few more months to plan, prep and soak in inspiration as juicy as this fete planned and designed by Westcott Weddings. With a citrusy palette and blooms by Clementine Botanical Art, the only natural thing to do is smile when you see the images from Jen Dillender. Ready? Let’s go.

From Westcott WeddingsDana and Sam were married at Canyonwood Ridge in Austin/Dripping Springs on March 28 in a sweet, colorful, southern springtime celebration. Guests gathered in the onsite chapel for their ceremony before heading to the lawn for cocktails, yard games and pre-dinner mingling. Following cocktail hour, guests were invited inside for a family style dinner, dessert, and dancing. We wrapped up the evening with a sparkler send-off. A few of my favorite details…

Dana and her mom collected all of the vintage china (and had enough for 300 full place settings — dinner plates, salad plates, and dessert plates)! Dana’s mom hand-selected the plates for each table to ensure a beautiful, unique collection.

The color palette! Love the way her sweet, springtime palette (brought to life by Clementine Botanical Art) popped in the venue, against their dresses, etc.

Her invitation suite designed by Boarding School Collective, which featured a custom crest, letterpress printing, and swiss dot details to mimic/introduce the table settings.

Those cakes! In addition to being downright gorgeous, they were absolutely delicious — Earl Grey Cake with Honey Lavender Buttercream and Carrot Cake with Brown Butter Buttercream.

And above all, Dana and Sam are some of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with — it was truly an honor to be part of their day!

Photography: Jen Dillender Photography | Videography: The Brothers Martens | Floral Design: Clementine Botanical Art | Cake: Feathers & Frosting | Catering: Royal Fig Catering | Hair and Makeup: Makenzi Laine | Lighting: Ilios | Cake Stands: Melody's Joy | Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Music: Terra Vista Strings | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Canyonwood Ridge | Design and Planning: Westcott Weddings | Getaway Car: Transportation Consultants | Linens: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Lounge Furniture / Vintage Rentals: Loot Vintage Rentals | Paper Goods and Signage: The Boarding School Collective | Photo Booth: Brooke Courtney Photography | Reception Music: Royal Dukes Band | Rentals: Marquee Event Rentals

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Mediterranean-Inspired Wedding at a Country Estate in Marbella, Spain

There’s something about Spain that screams for a bit of bohemian love, and today’s fete from A Very Beloved Wedding and Ashley Ludaescher is all the proof we need. From the charming country estate to the Bride’s delicate, lace-adorned dress to the poolside reception that knocks it out of the park… it gets a 10 on the boho scale and is right off the charts for beauty factor. Join us for the party, here in the full gallery.

How and when did Akemi and Matthew meet?

It was an accidental and spontaneous date thanks to Matthew`s manager. After the date he went back to London (he`s from Liverpool). Akemi: “I was definitely intrigued and so kept talking to him everyday after that day. We talked about our dreams and together we felt out of this world.” Matthew: “I thought she was the most beautiful woman I´ve ever seen!”


When and where was the wedding?

The guests were welcomed on October 6th and the wedding itself took place on October 7th We started the weekend with a full moon. The moon was with us at all times. This was very important to Akemi and Matthew as they belief in the energy of the moon. The wedding took place at a Finca in Marbella, Spain. The place was chosen due to the golf facilities and its charm. Matthew and Akemis father are devoted golfers.


Can you describe the style and theme of this wedding?

A wedding that shouldn’t feel like a typical wedding. A and M didn’t want it to be uptight, because they are the total contrary of that. Their wedding was free, unscheduled, unpredictable, spontaneous, perfect but imperfect, effortless, light, fun, playful, energetic, positive, creative and absolutely unique.

The theme and mood were set by A Very Beloved Wedding based on our love story, personalities and taste. As mentioned, the main wish we had is to not make it appear a wedding. We didn’t want to have common white wedding flowers, a stiff wedding program, a typical wedding cake. We wanted it to be very special, spontaneous and free. Just like we are. We had two color palettes on AVBW’s Design Concept that were similar to each other but different. On day 1 we had a Moroccan, very Spanish, colorful color palette and on day 2 we turned a little more elegant, softer, Mediterranean and “weddish” without being “weddish”.

The Welcome event mood and inspiration was Spanish, Moroccan, authentic, historic, unique, joyful, effortless and relaxed. Guests were sitting on the Arabic lounge furniture and were able to enjoy Spanish food and drinks, such as Spanish Cruz del Campo, red and white wines, paellas, diverse types of hummus, hams, cheese, bred, fruits, nuts, spices, and so on. The waiters didn´t look like waiters but like Moroccans, just helping out at the stations. Nothing was served in a stiff cocktail kind of way. It was all effortless and unique get together in old Spain. Spanish guitar music set the relaxed Spanish mood and tone. Candle lights of diverse shapes and types were displayed together with flowers and fruits throughout the entire area and lounge tables.

The color palette of the Welcome event was earthy, with spicy tones of red, yellows, orange and natural greens. No saturated colors or artificial accessories. Everything was organic, coming from earth, honest, meaningful and real. It was a historic and unique get together.

The flowers added a touch of festivity to the Moroccan get together. They are an organic, natural and free part unifying décor and furniture. No vase looked like the other and each of the flowers moved freely like in nature. The floral design enhanced natural variations and inconsistencies found in nature. Florals were also put together on diverse places in the Finca, matching the Interior Design colors, but already giving a hint to Akemi and Matthew’s wedding weekend.

As well as all the décor, furniture and attitude of the service personnel, the food were displayed in an effortless way. The food looked spontaneous and natural. Materials like wood and straw were used. No unnecessary décor was allowed, but the natural beauty of fruits, vegetables, diverse bottles, wooden pieces and interesting porcelain. The food was served in diverse stations dispersed in the inner patio of the Moroccan lounge.

The actual wedding event on Saturday 7th of October was still relaxed and untraditional, but clearly a festive, sharing and deeply energetic moment. We had a full moon night, with a changing energy and a night to embrace what comes next: a new beginning. A perfect time for new beginnings and next chapters in life. The mood was Mediterranean, elegant but relaxed, perfect but imperfect, spontaneous, unifying, original, energetic, deep, honest, meaningful and light.

The color palette was softer than on day one, going towards a more ethereal mood. The colors are Mediterranean, natural and soft. Shades of blue, white, diverse olive greens and some natural soft blush colors. Crystal and sky elements will be added into that day’s story.

The floral design on the Wedding day was made according to the color palette and suiting the Mediterranean full moon overall feeling. Flowers were moving freely, natural, creating a sensation of never ending. The flower theme as such was never ending, corresponding to never ending energy, never ending life, never ending sky, never ending universe and finally never-ending love. (There was always a never-ending connection of flowers from one table to another for example and the ceremony arch didn´t have endings and looked like it came out from the soil.)

The ceremony took place on the entrance level of the Finca overlooking the sea. This was the upper garden. The tree areas of the garden were the spaces for the guests to experience Akemi and Matthew’s bonding. Diverse furniture was placed in a very relaxed and chilled out way amongst the trees. The arch had a never-ending movement, meaning it looked like it came out from earth and ended up in the sky going back to earth. With movement on the left side and part of the right side. A special shape of bringing together two different sides, two different persons into one interesting everlasting energetic movement.

The cocktail took place on the terrace in front of the upper garden ceremony. Flowers and candles were already setting the mood for what came next, without revealing too much. The entire next part of the evening was a big surprise. During cocktail the guests found their escort cards on the dream catcher “seating chart” construction. The Seating chart construction making a “vow” to the full moon was made of a sort of dream catchers and ropes with crystals and the name tags. The construction was made of natural wood and the ropes are typical for dream catchers. The table area names will be the phases of the moon: New moon, Quarter Moon, Half Moon, Full Moon. In order to keep the connecting positive energy, all the areas are connected and part of a big ONE. Each guest got a stone and an escort card on a rope to cut. Each escort card had their names and the table area on it.

After the cocktail at the upper garden, the guests were guided towards the pool area. Each placing on the table had the same type of stone and the name “in” that stone and each table area has a cut crystal with the moon phase. We created an intimate dinner with a lot of good energy and feelings of connectivity. In that sense, the tables were connected to one another by nature: trees and never-ending naturally displayed flowers. The trees, emulating the sky were the columns for hanging lights, creating a sky roof/ceiling for the dinner tables. The area of the bars, lounge furniture and sweets were still dark during dinner, in order to keep a surprise effect. The table setting was Mediterranean, interesting, fun and festive. According to the color palette with shades of blue and white, cremes and blush, fun flowers with olive greens.

How was your wedding unique and special?

Akemi and Matthew: Our wedding was all about us, what we like, how we are, how we feel. In that sense it was special and unique. Our guests really felt “Oh this can only be Akemi’s and Matthew’s wedding!

As we didn’t want to have a “weddish” wedding, our planners came up with an “arch” for our ceremony that wasn’t an actual arch. So, it was perfectly imperfect and with many greens from the area that you can also see on my bouquet.

The cocktail hour was after the ceremony at 5 pm. It took place at the same spot were the ceremony was. The ceremony was not typical and didn’t have a usual chair setting, but diverse lounge set ups different from one another. Also, the flowers and vases were all different from one another. After the ceremony finished everybody was on the lawn, some standing on higher tables, some sitting on pillows on the lawn, some on couches etc. It was all very relaxed and pretty.

Akemi: As we are very playful people and our guests too and we love our dog Daisy (that couldn’t join us due to regulations for that long flight). So, our planners came up with this oversized game having grumpy cat as the opponent of our Daisy. This game was placed on another lawn close to the dinner area behind the stage. There we had a similar playful setting as at the ceremony for everybody to chill out after dinner and eat the sweets, that were dispersed on the different couch tables (we didn’t want to have a typical sweet table, so we got several small tables with mixed little, fun sweets).

As our wedding theme was not only about being spontaneous, fun, young and free, but also about having feelings of positive energy and enjoying the full moon, our planners got playful with the design of several elements. So, we had like a huge dreamcatcher like construction with escort cards hanging together with crystals. Each guest got a Crystal to keep and found the same Crystal with their names on the tables. Our table names were all about the moon phases written on big gems.

The dinner reception took place by the pool. The pool area of the Finca is very big, but we still wanted to stay connected. This was very important to us and our planners made it happen. So, we had flower arrangements and greens of the area connecting the tables with each other. Also, the lights were connecting lights.

As the color theme was Mediterranean we had nice blue and white ceramic plates, transparent and blue glasses and special cutlery. The napkins and the menus were placed asymmetrically to make it more interesting. As mentioned each guest had a crystal with their name on it and each table the name of a moon phase written in calligraphy on a gem.

We loved our peacock chairs. Our planners still wanted to make some emphasis on us but in a non-cheesy or “weddish” way. We all know typical bridal tables, so they came up with something more suitable to our style. As per the backdrop, it was very important to keep it fresh, flowery, a little bit dry like the area we were at and playful. And our planners had to cover a horrible bar that was behind that was not possible to move.

The flowers were made by Zweigstelle based on our design. Part of our team, as we are florists too (A Very Beloved Bloom) was hands on with the flowers, too. We had flowers all over the Finca throughout the entire weekend. The flowers at the Moroccan Lounge for the Welcome Event were more colorful and suiting the Arab theme. The flowers of the wedding itself were a little softer and more blush, without making them white or too romantic.

The cake was a vanilla crème cake, very soft and not too sweet. It was totally flat, because we told our planners we didn’t want to have a cake under any circumstance. So, they said, what about having a full moon as a cake? It even matched with the name of the dessert that was served during dinner. The flower décor of the cake was made by our planners and the cake was not really a cake. As it was flat it was huge. Very fun!”

Our first dance song was “You are the best thing” by Ray Lamontagne. Also, Matthew performed for me and sang “King-I´ll be here for you” by Robert Earl! We had a very talented band from Austria lead by a Nigerian Jazz and Soul singer, named Ola Egbowon. And yes, Matthew and his band performed too! This was not planned, but we all had a blast! He started with Tequila sunrise, then played, Let’s dance to joy division, “Moving to New York” and a song of his new album “Beautiful people will ruin your life”, that is about me. This song is called “Turn”.

The welcome evening before took place at an area of the Finca that had a patio filled with palm trees and a water fountain. It was very idyllic and timeless. It was a welcome cocktail party with several food stations and Moroccan lounge furniture, including all 120 of our guests. We had an acoustic Spanish guitar player, we had Moroccan décor, Spanish food stations and Moroccan lounges. The waiters were dressed with Moroccan outfits. The flow was just hanging out together having drinks at the bar, eating at the food stations and chilling on the lounge furniture listening to a beautiful Spanish acoustic guitar. At some point Simon, Matthew’s Band Manager, who is a counter tenor, performed a beautiful song for the couple.

Fruit drinks, cocktails, great wine and cava were served along with cheeses, diverse hummus types, nuts, delicious hams, lots of fruits, fish, meet and vegetarian paella rice, several dips, olives, bread etc. It was a lot of good food. A perfect welcome!

Photography: Ashley Ludaescher Photography | Videography: Sequence Five | Stationery: Jolly Edition | Engagement ring: Single Stone | Catering: Grupo Dani Garcia | Calligraphy: Rabbit Design House | Groom's Attire: Tom Ford | After ceremony dress: Bo & Luca | Bridal gown: Victoria Kyriakides | Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo | Destination Wedding Planning and Design: A Very Beloved Wedding | Floristry: Zweigstelle | Grooms shoes and accessories: Gucci | Hair Styling wedding: Clint Mattoni | Headpiece: Gossamer | Light and sound: Visionarea | Make up and Hair Styling Rehearsal dinner: My Wedding Mirror | Make up wedding: My Wedding Mirror | Music: Ola Egwoboni | Rehearsal dinner bridal dress: Zimmermann | Tablesetting rentals: Cañigueral | Wedding rings: Single Stone

Modern Spring Wedding at Silver Creek Valley Country Club

Every facet of this wedding threw me into double-take mode. Every detail is carefully curated and thoughtfully designed, as if the planner, JMK Events, were the Bride. Oh, wait… she is! Jessica poured her heart and and soul into crafting her own fete (as she does for all of her events), but this one, expectedly, had a little extra glow. Sara Weir documented every meaningful moment, from the decor to darling scenes like this. See it all here.

From the Bride (who was also the planner, JMK Events)… As a wedding planner, people assume that I envisioned my entire wedding before I was even engaged, but not true at all! Eric, my husband, was great throughout the whole planning process, and I just wanted to create something that reflected both of our styles and also let our personalities shine through. Our wedding-wish was to have an organic/natural and modern feel that gathered all of our loved ones together. I think our garden-style florals really came together and didn’t compete with the killer view but rather complemented the whole atmosphere. The week of our wedding had SO much rain and we could only pray it would stop. Our original plan was to be wed in the outdoor dome with elegant draping in front of the water, but we made a last minute call to go with Plan B to do a flip indoors and keep our guests warm and comfortable (of course I had a Plan B & C haha). Although I was initially so bummed that my plan of a golden-hour outdoor ceremony dissolved, in the end we really look back at our wedding day and are so happy all the more of how everything turned out. Designing and planning my own wedding was such a treat and it was such a magical day surrounded by all of our loved ones.

From Sara WeirJessica, the beautiful bride and planner for her own wedding really pulled together the most beautiful wedding! Full of beautiful florals Jessica had hoped to have the perfect garden wedding. Unfortunately, the rain had other plans!! But with stunning views the plan B ceremony was really special. It definitely helped having a wonderful team of venders who were experienced and could roll with the punches. Jessica and the florist worked together to create the beautiful ceremony installation which was the perfect backdrop while also allowing the guests to enjoy the amazing view. They say having rain on your wedding day is good luck and in this case it’s definitely true! So just in case your brides are planning spring weddings and need a contingency plan this is definitely a beautiful solution!

Photography: Sara Weir | Videographer: Etcetera Productions | Planner: JMK Events | Floral Design: April Baytan | Make-Up: Kat Tinney | DJ: Joel Barrera | Tuxedos: Groom's Tux | Bridal Boutique: Janene's Bridal | Bridal Gowns: TFNC London | Gown Designer: Maggie Sottero | Linens: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen

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Romantic Blush Fall Wedding at Quail Ranch in Simi Valley

When I begin putting together a wedding feature, I try to think of three words that describe the day, as a part of my writing process. Today, those words are warm, intimate and joy. Because these images we share on the daily are so much more than a detail that lives on a Pinterest board. It’s the feeling you want to have on your very own Big Day. Thanks to Lucy Munoz, Samantha Rae Events and the entire vendor team, we can feel the beauty of this day and it’s true meaning, with every capture.

Before you head into the full gallery of awesomeness from Lucy, you really should take 40 sec’s to watch this teaser of Channing & Conor’s send-off from Cotton Love Studios! (What a cool name is that!)
[iframe 600 338]

From the Bride… When I was a junior at Pepperdine, Conor was just starting his freshman year. Everyone knew him as the nicest guy around, and to be honest, I didn’t quite think we would hit it off. On one of the first nights we met, I found out he had lived in London, and I jokingly started talking to him in a British accent. To my surprise, he gave it right back to me throughout a full conversation. I look back at that moment as the beginning of a lifetime of him making me laugh no matter what anyone around us thinks.

Tell us about your proposal!
Before we officially started dating, I had a trip planned to New York. Conor’s family lives a train ride away from the city so he met up with me to explore one of my favorite places in the world. Every winter, my best friend and I would take a trip to New York, and we’d always go to this one rock in Central Park near The Plaza Hotel where you have this incredible view of the city. I decided to take Conor there, and we’ve made a stop at that rock every winter since. Last December, we were taking our annual visit into the city while visiting his family for Christmas. We missed our intended train ride due to my habit of hitting snooze a few too many times. When we arrived, I had to stop to take the same pictures of Grand Central Station that I’ve taken a dozen times already. Our plan was to go to “the rock” and then to breakfast at one of my favorite places, Sarabeth’s. However, I just “had” to have a hot tea to carry on our walk there. While waiting for my drink, I looked over to see Conor helping an elderly man put on his coat – OH BOY DO I LOVE HIM! When we made it to the rock, we took the same selfie we take every year, and Conor asked a stranger to take a picture of us. After handing him my phone, I turned around to see all of my dreams coming true – Conor on one knee asking me a question I’d already known the answer to three years prior. I then turned to see my parents standing there in 12 degree weather when I thought they were still enjoying the California sunshine at home. Little did I know, our missed train and my stops caused them to wait in the frigid weather for an hour more than expected, but I will forever be grateful they were there during one of the most special moments of my life.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding style?
I wasn’t the little girl who dreamed of her wedding all her life. In fact, I didn’t start thinking about how the actual wedding would look until we got engaged. All I could picture was seeing Conor at the end of the aisle. I wanted our wedding to feel romantic and intimate because I wanted it to be about our love and our loved ones.

What was the most memorable moment?
All of my nerves and stress over the day were washed away the minute I rounded the corner and saw Conor from the top of the stairs. Seeing the emotion on his face as I walked down the aisle to become his wife will forever be my favorite moment.

The week leading up to the wedding, our venue was in danger with the surrounding, devastating fires. Everyone continually commented on how calm I was considering the situation. At the end of the day, lives and homes were at stake, and that was way more important than our day going as planned. I was going to marry my best friend whether it was in a park or my own backyard. We were overwhelmed by people reaching out to us to help in any they could could. Everything did end up going as planned, but it wasn’t without the last-minute help of our friends and family. From my maids of honor and Conor’s groomsmen coming up with a solution to not having a sparkler exit to our friends and family driving countless miles for things I had forgotten, the day could not have happened without everyone around us. As I look back on our wedding, I see all of the physical details, but what I see more are the loved ones and vendors who made all of those details possible.

Photography: Lucy Munoz | videography: Cotton Love Studios | Floral Design: Unique Floral Designs | wedding gown: Anne Barge | Invitations: Minted | bride's shoes: Badgely Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Joanna August | Catering: Command Performance Catering | Makeup : Hailey Hoff | Hair : The Salon By Maxime | DJ: Vox DJs | Groomsmen's Attire: Friar Tux | Wedding Venue: Quail Ranch | Bridal boutique: Kinsley James Couture Bridal | Dj host: Malcolm Alexndr | Hair + Makeup (Bridesmaids): Brianne Dodd, Euodia Salon | Wedding and event planner: Samantha Rae Event | photo booth : focus photo suites | seating chart: Seniman Calligraphy | veil : Toni Federici

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A Floral-Filled Wedding at The Mayflower Hotel Fit for a Princess

Once again, our friend and floral design extraordinaire, Holly Heider Chapple Flowers WOW’d us with her unbeatable arrangements. Today’s gorgeous couple wed at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle with a reception to follow at the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. Lisa Ziesing was there to capture every memorable moment while Cheers Darling Events had the event running smoothly. Don’t miss a single detail at the full gallery!

From the Bride… In the Spring of 2014, Jim and Meg met at the Kentucky Derby. After a fun weekend of parties, ponies, mint juleps and betting, Jim decided to bet on his future and ask for Meg’s number. The following weekend, Jim conveniently found himself in Nashville for business where Meg lived. They were scheduled to meet for cocktails. Meg was casually running late and upon her arrival she literally fell “head over heels” at first sight. Meg no longer wears 4” heels.

A few dozen gourmet cupcakes, flights and even a pie on “Fourth of July” later they found themselves where it all began, amidst the chaos of the Lavin household on Derby weekend, Jim got on a knee and popped the question. The decided to be wed the following May in Washington D.C. at St. Matthews Cathedral with a reception following at The Mayflower Hotel just 4 blocks from their new home.

About the wedding: I am one of 7 girls. How do you plan a wedding that doesn’t resemble your 3 other sisters who had just recently gotten married? You have it in a different city! I felt that I was extremely lucky when it came to planning my wedding. I had items that made me very nervous, the size was going to be large – how do I not feel like I am among a sea of people? The Mayflower Hotel was the perfect answer. The ballroom was two stories, and it created the dimension I needed. Check. Next, I sat for hours going through Washingtonian Bride Magazine and highlighting photos of floral arrangements that I liked. When I went back, I noticed almost all of them were created by Holly Heider Chapple. I knew that I needed to meet this woman.

Most people have a parent with them when they start to meet with vendors, however I was all alone. I felt like I was going to an interview, would she like me, would I like her, how would our styles make sense of each other. Needless to say, Holly was the answer to my prayers. We chatted about me, my spouse and what I wanted for my wedding. All I kept telling Holly was that I wanted understated elegance. I wanted it to be romantic, yet playful. In the end, she executed the full design of my wedding and it was more than I could imagine. Weddings are about the couple and those around you on the day of your wedding. I had my husband, parents, family and a woman who was dedicated to putting a smile on my face.

Photography: Abby Jiu Photography | Event Coordination: Cheers Darling Events | Event Design: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD | Floral Design: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTD | Stationery: Designers Fine Press | Ceremony: Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle | Reception: The Mayflower Hotel | Hair + Makeup Artist: Amie Decker Beauty | Rentals: DC Rental | Rentals: Revolution Event Design And Production | Welcome Dinner: 101 Constitution Roof Terrace

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An Elegant Boho Wedding at Wente Vineyards

Today’s beautiful bride is the owner of her own floral design company, Willow & Magnolia Floral. So, when it came time to designing the blooms for her own wedding day… she knew exactly what she wanted. Kaylyn and Todd assembled an amazing team of vendors to help them turn their dreams into a reality at Wente Vineyards – from planning by Andria Leigh Events to photos captured by Taralynn Lawton Photography. It’s pretty safe to say her romantic, boho wedding dreams came true and it…is…GORGEOUS!! See all the stunning details of the day below.

Kaylyn & Todd’s wedding at Wente Vineyards was the perfect mix of a romantic, fall boho evening nestled in the vineyards. Kaylyn, owner of Willow & Magnolia Floral, had dreamt of her wedding from the moment she met Todd. Designing every detail was so important to Todd & Kaylyn because they wanted their guests to enjoy every minute of their wedding.

From the Bride… The day started with some light mimosa’s in the bridal suite along with some breakfast. Ashley and Brittany with Bay Area Beautiful started setting up for hair and makeup for the girls. The bridesmaids changed into their dresses first and I slipped into my Rue De Seine, Poppy Stardust gown last. I choose their bridesmaids dresses from Show Me Your Mumu because their dresses are so versatile. I wanted them to have the freedom to pick the style they wanted. On the day of, everyone had different dresses which was amazing! My sister, Chivon, only being 18 months younger, helped me zip up my dress and put on my Michael Kors Heels. This was so special to me because she is my rock and best friend. She also knows how to calm me down when I start to get nervous so it was good she was right by my side. After all she was my maid of honor.

The secluded bridal suite overlooked Wente Vineyards and part of the drive way. I would glance out the window every once in awhile to see which guests were walking up. Once the rentals started to arrive and I saw those amazing Peacock chairs from Pieces by Violet, it really started to sink in. More guests started to appear and we all knew it was getting closer to walking down the aisle. Andria, with Andria Leigh Events, also kept checking in to let me know how things were going. She truly made the day run absolutely smoothly. Once our bouquets were delivered, it was time to walk downstairs for our first look. We walked across the terrace lawn where I saw our reception for the first time and it was stunning. I felt so at ease that it was more than I could have ever imagined. As I turned the corner and walked into the open courtyard, I saw Todd for the first time. We were both a little nervous but once we saw each other all the butterflies went away. I originally didn’t want to do a first look but made the decision to so we could save time and get those little butterflies out. I am so glad we did!

We were placed up against these gorgeous white walls in the courtyard that almost took me back to Italy. Taralynn, with Taralynn Lawton Photo, truly had a vision with what she wanted to capture here. During our first look, Todd’s back was to me so I could walk up behind him. He slowly turned around and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces. It was like we saw each other for the first time when we first met. It was pure magic having our wedding party there and immediate family watching in the distance. Taralynn made it so easy and fun to pose for our photos. She made us feel the most comfortable while having fun. We took some wedding party shots that were all so with it. We definitely had fun with those because everyone got to be silly. We then headed back into our bridal suite and waited for our guests to be seated at our ceremony. Once Todd and the wedding party were all at the ceremony I was golf carted over with my dad. I remember holding his hand behind me as he held onto my long veil. It was important that we were the last to arrive to the ceremony because I wanted a grand entrance. We patiently waited on the cobblestone and slowly started to enter the ceremony lawn. The entrance from where we walked into our ceremony was about 200 yards to make a dramatic entrance. I felt this huge relief walking down the aisle and began to be more excited as I got closer to Todd. The pampas lined aisle and asymmetrical triangle arch framed the hills in the background perfectly. Our ceremony was hidden on a separate lawn to appear to our guests that the ceremony and reception were at two different locations. This was super important because I didn’t want our guest to see our ceremony and reception all on one lawn and ruin the surprise.

As we got closer to Todd, I kissed and hugged my dad and he put my hands into Todd’s hands. Our officiant, Chris began to talk about the meaning of love and marriage. He brought up how we met and the love we have for all of our family & friends. Jason, Todd’s cousin and best man, handed us our handmade vow books from The Bright Line Studio. I highly recommend these special keepsake books! I didn’t want Todd to write his vows on a piece of paper and uncrumple it from his pocket in front of everyone. These special books were gorgeous and we will have them forever to look back on. I read my vows first because I was more likely to cry at Todd’s vows and wanted to be able to read my vows to him. I teared up reading my vows and also cried through his! I saw a couple tissues out of the corner of my eye so I knew he did a good job. We gave our vow books back to Jason and he exchanged them with our rings. We went through our lines and placed our rings on each others hands. We KISSED for the first time as husband and wife and it was absolutely everything I ever dreamed of. Todd and I walked back down the aisle as Taralynn photographed our candid shots. Once our guests were escorted to cocktail hour under the large oak trees, we stayed behind and took our family photos. It was so nice to be able to talk to everyone as they congratulated us on our marriage. Our family photos took about thirty minutes and once they were escorted off to cocktail hour we stayed behind for our intimate photos. We were on a bit of a time crunch and had to be introduced as Mr. & Mrs. White for the first time before we started our sunset photos.

We were able to see our gorgeous reception and then headed straight into our sunset photos. Taralynn, Todd, myself and the golf cart driver all headed up through the vineyards to the ninth hole. We had to drive through the vineyards to get to it and it almost felt like we were in a movie. I also designed a second bridal bouquet solely for our sunset photos. The bouquet consisted of all pampas grass which I knew would contrast well with the natural landscape of the vineyards. Seeing & designing so many bridal bouquets, I knew I wanted to design something different. Pampas being one of my favorite wild flowers, I knew exactly what to use. Todd and I had so much fun posing for our sunset photos. Taralynn captured us exactly how we are and the pampas bouquet also came into play as well. Once the pampas is cut and fully dried it starts to shed, a lot! Taralynn’s second shooter shook the pampas bouquet over us creating this spectacular sunset photoshoot. With the pampas fluff floating all around us and the sun going down I have never felt more beautiful in my life. Taralynn knew how important all the florals were to me and she captured them perfectly. Once the sun was completely down we all had a big round of applause. We helped everyone pick the pampas fluff off each others clothes, especially Todd’s black tux. We got back in the golf cart and made our way back to our reception. 

We were escorted to our large peacock chairs and sweetheart table that over looked our seated guests. We had a little time to eat before the speeches commenced. My sister was the most nervous I have seen her. She doesn’t like speaking in front of a lot people but I knew she could do it. She went first and we both teared up a little. But she did such an amazing job and I was so proud of my little sister. Jason went next and made us both laugh. He is like a bother to Todd and has watched him grow up. My dad went second to last and really tied everything together. He knew exactly what to say and wished us a happy new marriage. Todd was the last to speak and we both thanked every single person who made this day possible. We also thanked all of our guests for being apart of our special day. Every person raised their glass and we all cheered to a lovely summer night in the vineyards. Todd and I were able to walk around to each table and talk to our guests before our first dance started. Our DJ nicely came over and moved us onto the dance floor. Todd and I picked our first song together. I would joke with him and ask if he would play his guitar at our wedding and he always said no. I didn’t hold him to it because we were always so busy planning our wedding. Our song came on and I knew it sounded a little different but didn’t think anything of it. Todd pulled me closer and said “Babe, really listen to the song”. My jaw dropped and I immediately started to cry. Todd had created his own version of “Say you won’t let go” by James Arthur. He recored himself and played his guitar and sang our song. It was the best gift any one has given me and I will remember that moment forever. Only a few of our family and friends knew so when our guests found out they were all so amazed. We moved over to our cake cutting while most of our guests were around us. We shared our cake with our guests and danced our special day away. It was truly all so surreal and unforgettable. A day we will never forget.

Photography: Taralynn Lawton | Floral Design: WILLOW & MAGNOLIA | Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine | Cake: Wente Vineyards | Invitations: The Bright Line Studio | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu | Catering : Wente Vineyards | Hair & Makeup: Bay Area Beautiful | DJ: 21st Century Sounds | Groom's Attire: Men's Wearhouse | Groomsmen's Attire: Men's Wearhouse | Officiant: Chris Thielen | Wedding Venue: Wente Vineyards | Bouquet ribbon: Silk and Willow | Bridal Shop: Swoon Bridal | Ceremony Guest Favors: Luxury Organic | Escort Card Display: The Alibi Interior Creations | Flatware: Pleasanton Rentals | Guest Favor Tags: Zazzle | Linens: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Lounge : Pieces By Violet | Planning: Andria Leigh Events | Reception Guest Favors: Big Paw Olive Oil Company | Table Numbers: Bride | Vow Books/Guest Book: The Bright Line Studio | Wedding Dress Tailoring: Mahtab Vatani

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A Charming Weekend Engagement in Provence

Destination engagement sessions always make us so happy, they combine our two favorite things: love and travel. What more could a girl ask for, am I right?! This sweet engagement session in Provence planned by Love & Provence and photographed by Oliver Fly Photography is a breath of fresh air. It’s complete with a classic getaway car, sweeping views and a champagne toast! We’re in love!!

From Oliver Fly Photography... Provence has so much to offer for Engagement Sessions. It is one of the most unique places in the world where, no matter the season, there are landscapes, colours and lighting that cannot be rivalled. You will never go wrong in choosing Provence as the backdrop for any shoot; be it with the lavender in the summer or the vines turning the most magical auburn colours in Autumn!

Last summer, I had the privilege and honor to capture the engagement session of this lovely couple during their glorious weekend getaway in Provence. Capturing those precious memories was a delight and especially during a fantastic sunset in the middle of luxurious nature, accompanied by the song of cicadas. My personal goal in every shoot is to ensure a memorable experience that reflects the joy, elegance and romance of the couple and the location.

A destination engagement shoot gives you the opportunity to getaway and create unforgettable memories for the two of you to start your journey together. Scouting the best locations is an important part of my work as a photographer, as I want to offer to the couples, the best unique sceneries to magnify their love. There is no better way to add the most unique twist to a shoo than with a classic car to cruise around in, adding that extra touch of colour and elegance to a romantic weekend.

There are certain elements that a photographer (especially a film photographer) needs in order to capture the perfect picture and some can only be given by nature, mainly, the light! And Provence has some of the most magical light around, especially at sunset. You can’t really get anything wrong when you have the best ingredients for an amazing engagement shoot, from the location, light, car and colours to work with; everything was naturally stunning making it effortless to get those perfect photos that you will keep forever.

Photography: Oliver Fly Photography | Event Planning: Love & Provence | Car Rental: Provence Classics | Hair & Make up: Karine Brossard | Processing Lab: Richard Photo Lab

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When Two Wedding Photographers Wed at a Romantic Tented Wedding in Upstate NY

If we had to choose one wedding that could be described as the perfect SMP wedding – it would without a doubt be this beauty of a day captured by Jessa Schifilliti! Think romantic blush blooms, lush greenery, a tented reception and the sweetest couple ever. Since the bride, photographer Meredith Jane Photo, and groom are wedding photographers themselves, the minute they got engaged… you better believe the wedding planning was in full swing (with the help of the bride’s friend and planner, Keri at Always Yours Events!) The Wild Dahlia made her fairytale floral dreams come true… you have to see archway she created at the entrance of the chapel – Heart. Stopping.

From the Bride… I cannot believe our wedding day has already come and gone — if only we could relive the day over and over again! As wedding photographers ourselves and after capturing so many precious moments together for our clients during their weddings, Chris and I reminded each other each chance we had to “take it all in”  throughout our wedding planning journey. Nevertheless, I look back on this past year and the four years we’ve been together prior and it feels like a complete whirlwind.

It all started when we went on an “epic” first date on Martha’s Vineyard where we rode a moped all the way around the island.  Three years later Chris took me back to Martha’s Vineyard to propose, and so I knew we had to incorporate that aspect of our love story into our wedding day.  About three hours after we got engaged I called my good friend, wedding planner and fellow wedding industry professional Keri of Always Yours Events to get a jumpstart on our wedding plans right away. As a wedding photographer myself, I knew who I wanted to photograph our wedding even before we got engaged, and so I immediately reached out to my fellow Syracuse University alum Jessa Schifilliti on our boat ride back to the mainland.

Shockingly, the only date the three of us had available was the most popular date of 2018 – August 18, 2018. Since Chris and I were both from upstate NY and living in Boston, it hadn’t occurred to me until about a year before he proposed, but I realized my high school just outside of Saratoga Springs would be the perfect backdrop for our wedding. While this school does not allow weddings anymore, they were so kind to make an exception for this milestone. This venue has a special place in my heart — not only had I attended high school and multiple summer camps there, but my mother had also taught language there for 40 years, and so it has become like a second home to myself and family over the years.

Our entire celebration was absolutely magical.  Keri helped add so many sentimental touches and fine details to our design that nodded to our four year love story including whiskey two ways as signature cocktails from our third date involving whiskey tasting, nods to the moped ride where we fell in love (including a vintage Vespa), and my love of watercolor. I knew the only florist who would make my fairytale wedding dreams come true was The Wild Dahlia. And boy did she deliver! Her vision to transform the archway in front of the chapel was incredible and was truly a highlight of our wedding design.

My gown was one of my favorite details. Christina from Head Over Heels along with Blue Thread Bridal helped create a custom gown and veil that was exactly what I had envisioned. Because I have seen so many weddings, I just couldn’t decide on some details leading to what many of my friends lovingly referred to as a “transformer wedding dress.” Detachable off the shoulder sleeves with floral appliqué replaced later with a boat neck topper to cap my then trumpet dress that was underneath my a line gown the entire day.

Guests danced the night away to Superfly Sounds‘ amazing mix of music and even enjoyed watching the Schenectady Pipe Band crash our wedding (another nod to Chris and my relationship and our love for our Scottish heritage). One Chance Media provided the perfect alternative to the typical photo booth with GIFs that printed into flip books that guests could take home as favors. So much love and thanks to our “dream team” who made our wedding so remarkable. As a wedding photographer I knew how much we would cherish this day, and so I chose a team of vendors who are are truly top notch — our celebration was executed to perfection by every one of them! Our wedding was such a dream and the best day of our lives. It’s a celebration we will never forget, and a day we have already grown nostalgic for these short months later.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Jessa Schifilliti, Photographer | Videography: Buell Productions | Event Design: Always Yours Events | Event Planning: Always Yours Events | Floral Design: The Wild Dahlia | Cake: Lauren's Specialty Cakes | Stationery: Amanda Day Rose | Bride's Shoes: Kate Spade | Catering: Old Daley on Crooked Lake | Hair and Makeup: Alexandria's Beauty Salon | DJ: Superfly Entertainment | Bride and Groom: Meredith Jane Photography | Brush Calligraphy: Emilee Ann Hopkins | Chairs + Bar Rentals: True North Rentals | Custom Robes: By Catalfo | Custom Wedding Dress: Head Over Heels Bridal | Custom Wedding Dress: Bluethread Bridal | Flipbook Photobooth: One Chance Media | Linen Rental: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | MOH Dresses: Adrianna Papell | Ribbons: Stella Wolfe | Tabletop Rentals: Peak Event Services | Tent + Table Rentals: Rain Or Shine | Vespa Rental: Cycles 128

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A Crazy Cute (and simple!) DIY Gift for your Most Favorite People

Rosé + chocolate + bubble bath essentials are the trappings of an insanely good gift and one that should be reserved for your most favorite of friends. Or at least those that deserve some serious rest and relaxation. Meet the DIY Bubble Bath Gift Box crafted by The Effortless Chic that’s worthy of all the heart emojis. And it’s easy to boot, making it the unicorn of DIY gifts.


  • Box: We used one that we had lying around the studio, but you can get them really cheap in bulk at your local craft store or Amazon.
  • Demi bottle of rosé
  • Candle: These mini candles are one of my favorites and super affordable!
  • Cute matches: A lot of local restaurants and hotels have cute matches. Pick up a few on your next date night.
  • Lavender Bath Salts: We picked up the glass bottles from Hobby Lobby and then poured the bath salts that we bought in bulk at Central Market (a local grocery store) into them.
  • Crinkle Cut Paper or Tissue Paper

Add crinkle cut craft paper or tissue paper to the bottom of the box to fill in and make it look complete. We also added a few sprigs of eucalyptus to ours. You can forage for Magnolia leaves, rosemary, eucalyptus, holly berries or whatever else you have near by!

Close the box, wrap with ribbon and voilá!

Photography: Katie Jameson | Design and Styling: The Effortless Chic

Elegant White and Gold Affair at the London West Hollywood Hotel

If you’re in search of a chic rooftop wedding with a backdrop of the Los Angeles skyline… look no further babes. Equal parts elegant and glam, this SoCal fete at London West Hollywood Hotel is city love at it’s best. Vera Wang, Prada and Valentino all make in appearance in the Bride and Groom’s style choices, while planner Kevin Lee (a childhood friend of the Bride!) dressed the day with his signature touch. And thanks to Caroline Tran, we get to be a virtual guest to it all, right here.

[iframe 600 338]

From the Bride… The wedding weekend kicked off with a formal Chinese Tea Ceremony to pay respects to the elderly and family. Since Eric and I were having a westernized wedding, we wanted to incorporate some key traditional elements to honor our Chinese heritage. Our wedding guests were a mixture of out of town-ers and Los Angeles natives so we wanted a venue that showcased the beauty of Los Angeles. The London Hotel West Hollywood provided just that with a touch of Hollywood glamour – a chic rooftop with a backdrop of the Los Angeles skyline. Eric and I have always leaned towards modern and classic designs, so we kept our colors very simple – white with gold accents. For my gown, I chose a contemporary yet timeless mermaid design from Vera Wang which I felt fit perfectly with our venue. The top half of the gown is simple and form fitting but the bottom half added an element of romance and flair that I loved. I accessorized it with a custom made belt and a few understated accessories to compliment the beauty of the dress.

I’ve known my wedding planner, Kevin Lee, since I was 11 years old. My first memories of Kevin were following him around while he planned fabulous parties for my parents. It seemed only fitting to have him plan my own wedding! For the reception, my husband and I wanted to create a warm and intimate environment for our guests. My favorite flowers are orchids, peonies, and hydrangeas which were incorporated in all aspects of the design. The ivory/gold tent along with a plethora of warmly-lit candles, lush floral arrangements, and long mirrored tables led to a very romantic and dreamy feel to the night. Even to this day, we’ve received so many compliments about how beautiful and fairytale-like everything was. We owe it all to Kevin Lee and his team for bringing our vision to life and orchestrating the day flawlessly.

While Eric and I loved the look of a live band, we also preferred dancing to DJ remixes. Kevin recommended another alternative, a DJ with musical accompaniments – a singer, a percussionist, and a violinist. I had no idea this existed! Our guests loved the energy and danced the night away with LED light up balloons. This option also kept us within budget, which is always a plus! As for dessert details, my husband and I have a penchant for anything sweet and delicious. Dessert has always been our favorite part of a special meal. In addition to an all-white theme candy bar filled with our favorite indulgences, our guests were treated to a Vanilla Panna Cotta dessert with Ice Cream and a 5-tier cake comprising of 2 flavors (Chocolate Almond Cherry w/ Cherry Cream Cheese Buttercream and Almond Cake w/ Toasted Almond Cream Cheese Frosting) designed by Butter End Creamery.

Our wedding day flew by so fast but we were so fortunate to have such an incredibly talented and attention to detail team of photographers (Caroline Tran and Husband) and videographers (Life Thru Frames) capturing every magical moment. Because of them, my husband and I will be able to relive our special day over and over.

Photography: Caroline Tran Photography | Cinematography: Life Thru Frames | Floral Design: LA Premier | Cake: Butter End Bakery | Invitations: Jen Simpson Design | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Vera Wang | Hair and Makeup: Yuri Sinata | Calligraphy: Calligraphy Katrina | Band: Livent Group | Wedding Venue: The London Hotel | Bride Attire: Vera Wang | Bride's Shoe: Valentino | Event Design, Floral Design, Planning: Kevin Lee | Event Rentals : Kevin Lee | Groom Attire: Custom | Groom's Shoe: Prada | Linen: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Photobooth: My Sociallite | Ring Box: The Mrs Box

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Big Sky Montana Wedding at Rainbow Ranch Lodge

I’m officially labeling today’s fete as ‘mountain wedding magic’. Big Sky really is incomparable when it comes to providing a beautiful backdrop for rustic romance… trees dotting the river line that would make Bob Ross do a happy dance, an elegantly rolling horizon line and such peaceful sounds of nature. Our incredibly talented Little Black Book Member, Simply Sarah, captured that atmosphere and so much more for Nikki and Kevin. With planning by BASH, there are plenty of steal-worthy details to experience in the full gallery.

From the bride… Planning the wedding was such a blast for me. I was never the girl who grew up dreaming of her wedding day and had it all planned out. I work events at my current job, where I see a ton of curated parties and weddings all summer and winter. Over the years, I’ve been able to narrow down what I didn’t want – and that helped start the process of planning for me. Over the years, I was also able to nail down all the vendors who’s work I loved, so I knew exactly who I wanted to use when the time came. They’re truly the ones who really helped bring it all my ideas to life. I knew I wanted the wedding to feel romantic but also “handsome” with greys, creams, greenery and tones of pink. In Montana, the scenery is so beautiful you can do a simple tablescape and let the mountains and giant trees do the rest of the work! I also knew a clear top tent would be perfect, so we could maximize the views and then stare at the stars all night while on the dance floor. A lot of our guests had never been to Montana so I wanted them to be able to enjoy the scenery the entire time! Also, having an amazing band from Detroit was something we knew we needed to incorporate. A piece of “home” for me, intertwined with our new lives in the mountains.

My favorite memory besides the ceremony was walking down the aisle with my mom and dad. That was really special for me. And having my 92 year old grandma there. That was so so amazing. Then I just loved dancing all night with our loved ones. It was so surreal to have all the people you care about, new friends + family and old all together with you! That never happens when you move 1700 miles away from your families.

Simply Sarah Photgraphy was the perfect fit for us! Sarah’s calm and collected demeanor were huge for me. Especially on the wedding day, having someone who is kind, organized, helpful and amazing at what they do is worth every penny. Everything was clear, outlined and planned from the get go. She’s organized and in communication the whole wedding planning process which is so nice! Kevin and I loved working with Sarah and Will and had a blast doing it! Absolutely would recommend to any and all brides- they were the perfect choice for us!

Photography: Elizabeth Lanier Photography | Event Planning: Bash Bozeman | Floral Design: The Flower Hat | Wedding Dress: JLM Couture | Cake: Elles Belles Bakery | Shoes: Splendid | Catering: Rainbow Ranch Lodge | Makeup: Fumi Makeup | Hair: Brooklynn Studio | Band: The Dan Rafferty Band | Officiant: Lorca Smetana | Wedding Venue: Rainbow Ranch Lodge | Cocktail Hour Catering: Dave's Sushi | Paper Design: Bon Temps | Paper Printing: Ice Pond Press | Processing and Development: PhotoVision Prints | Rentals: Montana Party Rentals | Restrooms: Montana Johns | Seating Chart: MFGR Designs

A Classic Wedding at Chateau St. Georges in the French Riviera

Grab your passports because this stunning wedding is taking you straight to a fairytale chateau in Grasse, France (also known as the perfume capital of the world!) Guests watched the adorable couple exchange vows in an indoor ceremony overlooking the French Riviera and dined al fresco at tables dressed to the nines with floral from Wayne Riley Flowers. Audra Wrisley Photography captured the celebrations perfectly and Wanderlust Wedding made sure the day went off without a hitch. See the all the magic at the full gallery, voila!

From Audra Wrisley PhotographyFrancophiles Ashley and Dustin worked for the same company, and there had been so much pressure built-up by people who told them they would be such a perfect match, that Ashley cancelled their first date because she was too nervous. Fate decided otherwise, and six years later Ashley & Dustin were engaged during a sunset drive up the coast of Monaco.

They decided quickly that the only place they could envision themselves tying the knot, would be in the French Riviera, and they invited an intimate group of friends and family to celebrate their marriage with them in the country of love. With the guidance of Wanderlust Weddings they selected the stunning Chateau St. Georges as their venue, right outside Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. Dustin went out the day before their wedding to create a custom scent for Ashley at perfume house Molinard – a perfect gift to remember their wedding for years to come. 

Embracing the elegant beauty of the chateau, Ashley and Dustin wanted to accentuate the amazing architectural and natural details and chose gold accents, french blue linens, lots of candles, and dreamy florals in ivory and greenery. Expertly designed by Wanderlust Weddings, their wedding day carried a classic french tone with a modern twist, which perfectly exemplifies their style.

Ashley and Dustin decided to have their wedding ceremony indoors, in front of a gilded window overlooking the countryside of the French Riviera. The intimate setting provided an incredible backdrop with an asymmetrical floral arch, lots of candles and ghost chairs as to not detract from the beauty of the space, The guests were moved to tears when the couple read their self-written vows, and the tears continued to flow during the beautiful toasts to follow. For the ceremony, Ashley wore a classic Anne Barge gown and later changed into a stunning Eve of Milady dress for the reception, and she wowed everyone when the couple joined their guests for dinner after a few sunset portraits on the terrace. Dustin wore a beautiful white dinner jacket with his tuxedo, and the bridal party wore black tuxes with the ladies accompanying them in gorgeous gray-blue dresses from Jenny Yoo. Music was provided by the acoustic band The Jukes, who welcomed their guests to a 5 course al fresco dinner under cafe lights, and had everyone on dancing under the stars until the early hours of the morning.

Photography: Audra Wrisley Photography | Event Planner: Wanderlust Wedding | Floral Design: Wayne Riley Flowers | Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Catering: Pavillon Traiteur | Makeup: Sophie Killian | Hair: Jennyfer Hillyard | DJ: Thomas Dusseune | Band: The Jukes- Sounds of Riviera | Groom's Attire: The Black Tux | Wedding Venue: Chateau Saint-Georges | Bride's Attire- Ceremony: Anne Barge | Bride's Attire- Reception: Eve Of Milady

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East Meets West at this Fairytale Empire Polo Club Wedding

We love when a bride and groom make it a priority to represent both of their backgrounds in the wedding traditions and decor – the result is always so special and sooo magical. To help realize their dreams of blending their individual personalities, cultures and passions into the wedding, this adorable couple hired an all star vendor team! We’re lookin’ at you Rebecca Yale Photography, RMBO Collective and Oak And The Owl. Be sure to head on over to the full gallery because, trust us when we say… every single detail is a must-see.

From RMBO CollectiveMallory and Surge couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to certain things — he’s a night owl and she likes to turn in early; she loves soft naturals and he’s drawn to bold color; he grew up surrounded by his family’s Pakistani traditions and she has strong Midwestern roots. Despite their differences, they are perfectly in sync when it comes to their love for one another and their sweet puppy Buffy and their desire to build an empire together — a strong bond of love, respect and joy.

These busy New York City residents visualized a relaxing weekend escape for their wedding and their first thought was Palm Desert, a special place that Mallory has visited with her family since childhood and that feels like home. After a tour of Empire Polo Club, the couple knew they had found their place and thus, our “Empire of Love” design concept was born! It was important for Mallory and Surge to honor their roots by blending elements of their backgrounds and identities into their wedding day. It was an East meets West blend of these two loving souls and their past, present and future together.

Upon arrival to Palm Desert, guests were treated to welcome bags curated by the mother of the bride and brimming with Mallory’s favorite Chicago treats, Garrett’s popcorn and Frango Mints, as well as local memorabilia and a map and guide to fun things to explore in and around Palm Desert.

The ceremony took place at the venue’s Rose Garden. Oak and the Owl took cues from the landscape and creating a dramatic hedge of white and blush roses to line the bridal aisle and lead to the altar of the in-the-round ceremony. It was important to incorporate Pakistani traditions into the non-denominational ceremony. Surge’s spirited processional was on horseback with a traditional Baraat ceremony with drummers, dancing and a parade of his family and friends. The tradition also encourages the bride to arrive in a horse and carriage and Mallory followed suit with her gorgeous chariot leading her to the aisle where her sisters and co-maids of honor straightened her veil and her father escorted her to her future husband. A flock of geese in v-formation timed their migration fly-by perfectly with the first kiss and could be seen in the distance at the tail end of the beautiful ceremony. That has to be a good sign!

Cocktail hour at Medjhool Lake was bursting with vibrant color, bold flavors and spirited music. Exotic lanterns, twinkle lights, brightly colored and patterned linens and vivid florals were a nod to Surge’s heritage. A jazz trio played American standards for guests. Miho Catering concepted a wonderfully eclectic menu of eastern and western flavors with spicy samosas mingling with mini lobster rolls and a comforting mac and cheese bar. The Pink Princess and Maharaja Punch, the two signature cocktails, were a big hit amongst the guests!

The transition to dinner kicked off with a high energy Bhangra dancing and drumming performance before guests sat down to an elegant plated dinner amidst the most lush and elegant tablescapes. Guests feasted on braised short rib, chicken tikka masala and butternut squash and pear agnolotti before making their way into the dancing reception tent to celebrate the final chapter of the night. As a nod to Surge’s clubbing days in the city, we decked out the reception space to feel like a vibrant lounge scene at his favorite club. Guests were treated to the most delicious dessert spread with five varieties of cake from Exquisite Desserts, and an array of Miho Catering mini desserts including cardamom and pistachio kulfi ice cream bars and Nutella ding dongs. The guests sent Mallory and Surge off to their vintage getaway car under a beautiful sparkler canopy. It was a colorful, eclectic, elegant night to remember!

Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Event Planning: RMBO Collective | Floral Design: Oak And The Owl | Cake: Exquisite Desserts | Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Catering: Miho Catering | Calligraphy: Laura Hooper Calligraphy | Lighting: Amber Event Production | Band: West Coast Music | Groom's Attire: Ermenegildo Zegna | Groom's Attire: Tom Ford | Groomsmen's Attire: The Black Tux | Officiant: Alan Katz | Transportation: Cardiff Transportation | Venue: Empire Polo Club | Ancillary Event Stationery: Yellow Bird | Baraat Dancers: Eventertainment | Beauty: All Tressed Up | Bridal Salon: Mark Ingram Atelier | Bride's Earrings: David Yurman | Bride's Gown: Mira Zwillinger | Custom Stamps: Minted | Getaway Car: Vinty Inc | Groom's Ring: Cartier | Invitation Design: Designers Fine Press | Invitation Design: Yellow Bird | Linen Rentals: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Lounge Rentals: Circa Vintage {Rentals} | Rentals: Town And Country | Save the Dates and Logo: Fourteen-Forty | Sound: Design Sound | Tabletop Rentals: Casa de Perrin | Vow Books: Seniman Calligraphy

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Fall Wedding Inspiration in Seoul at Deoksugung Palace

We’ve barely said adieu to fall, yet I’m craving it more than ever thanks to this absurdly beautiful photo shoot. I don’t doubt for a second that you will ooh and ahh over the color palette, the model bride’s impeccable style and the artful bouquet by Vessel Flowers, but you will also feel the intangible; the meaning behind this inspiration. As Honour and Blessing Events describes in detail below—at the root, it is about love, solace, balance, contrast and union—and that is where the beauty truly lies.

From Honour and Blessing EventsSometimes in the midst of all the chaos and stress in life, what we are looking to find is a place of solace. A place to escape from the rush and sound of life that seems to seep into all areas of our lives. In a place like Seoul where the latest technology, music and beauty trends is noticed internationally, everywhere is brimming with innovative designs. Contemporary structures and an abundance of activity and energy fill the streets. But amidst all of this, in one of the busiest intersections in the city, is a quiet and beautiful historical palace, Deoksugung.

Finding that quiet place in a hustle and bustling environment with the seemingly contradictions and contrasts is what inspired us to create this editorial. We wanted to create something that shows it is possible to bring seemingly contrasting elements together seamlessly and in harmony. From the historical palace settled amongst the modern high-rise buildings, to the couple for our shoot, we wanted to create a delicate and graceful balance. There is something so peaceful about this stonewalled palace with the towering skyscrapers behind it. Like a small but sturdy protection of something precious and traditional held close to the heart. As seen in our couple as well, it is a relationship between two very different cultures. It may seem hard to overcome the circumstance and language barriers, but love is what brings them together and protects this tie.

In Autumn, the air is crisp and cold but is often broken by the warm and inviting light that the sunshine radiates throughout. Playing with the textures and light, we were able to create a shoot that is full of warm tones yet brings a cool touch. For the suit, a darker colour with a thicker wool material was chosen to anchor the light and airy fabric of the wedding dress. Dusty pink and purple pastels with a touch of dark tones were used in the bouquet to complement the bold colours that are often seen in the changing leaves.

Following with the textures and differences, we used both vellum and hand crafted paper for the love letters. The smooth and translucent vellum settled against the soft but textured hand crafted paper brings out the distinctive feature of both while maintaining the balance with the similar natural tones. We also chose to use both Korean and English in the writings to symbolize their love and the difference in cultures.

With the picturesque and signature stonewall road surrounding this historic palace, it seems as if it is dividing it between the past and the present. But on a closer look, it also serves as something that ties together the urban environment with the serene beauty that hides within the walls. We hope that this shoot inspires people to find that retreat amongst the chaos, the warmth within the cold, the beauty among the ashes, the light in the darkness.

Photography: Mark Hong | Floral Design: Vessel Flowers | Hair and Makeup: Chico Makeup Artistry | Calligraphy: Ettie Kim Calligraphy + Design | Dress Rental: Jill Loves Lace | Model: Jeon SeungMin | Model : Dara Petrov | Planning and Styling: Honour and Blessing Events

An Elegant Bohemian Wedding on the Beach at Tambakio in Greece

Not only was this Greek destination wedding from Golden Apple Weddings, captured by Sotiris Tsakanikas, undoubtedly gorgeous – but it was also super on trend! That’s right, this seaside affair includes three of the top wedding trends of 2018: pampas grass, an intimate guest list and handmade stationary (aka all our favorites!!!) Keep on reading to see every dreamy detail this day has to offer including the bride’s stunning blush gown covered in floral appliqué … did we mention it was entirely made from scratch just for her? OB-SESSED.

From the wedding planner, Golden Apple WeddingsDreaming of a whimsical wedding on the beach, Petra & Tony decided to travel from Lebanon to the cosmopolitan Island of Rhodes-Greece, to experience this unforgettable wedding! With just twenty of their closest friends and families, they requested one simple thing from Golden Apple Weddings; to design a bohemian beach ceremony, reflecting their “ONE LOVE” as they used to call their relationship! So this was a sentence to escort them next to the location where they exchanged their vows!

BOHO & ETHEREAL ROMANCE: a journey of a summer love story with a unique style of boho yet ethereal decoration details! The use of sea shells give us the touch of a wedding located and inspired by our seaside venues, the addition of air-plants offer us a more free style and organic feel, the “proteas” flower comes to add it’s beautiful pink color to the total outcome.

Beach weddings are always a dream – walking down the beach aisle with breeze in your face was Petra’s vision, and pampas grass to give an extra boho touch to the location! The bride, having a very particular style in her mind about her bridal gown, decided to have it personalized and designed from scratch!

The color was a must for her and was totally harmonized with the surroundings! For the few guests being there, the couple wanted to offer something very special and local: two bottles of red and white wine were beautifully packed on a box covered with some fabric, and calligraphed labels that matched the wedding stationery!

Must have of the couple was classical music to surround their special moments; The beautiful violinist played during the couple’s ceremony, and a classical saxophone embraced the sunset time in the dinner venue while guests enjoyed their welcome drinks! 

One long table decorated with our flowers, air plants, succulents, Himalayan rocks and sea shells with an air-plant next to the plate completed the general feeling and the couple enjoyed a beautiful celebration with the most important people of their life!

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas | Videography : Artifact Project | Wedding Planning: Golden Apple Weddings | Wedding Dress: Raymonde Reaidy | Ceremony Venue: Lindos Memories | Reception Venue: Tabakio | Jewelry: Rossonero & Antoine Saliba | Makeup Artist: Makeup By Mika | Calligraphy: manousenia | Groom's Attire: Sacoor brothers | Cutlery Rentals : White Lilac | Hair Style: Sk Hairstyling | Saxophonist: | Violinist: Leida | Weding Cake & Desserts: Alicias Bake Shop

Hannah Polites Ties the Knot in STUNNING Bali Affair

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram at all, you’ve probably seen her stunning face glowing back at you with a sense of happiness and health rooted in everything she does. Her name is Hannah Polites and while she’s one of Instagram’s most beloved stars, she also happens to be a mother to a beautiful little girl and a now wife to a dashing husband. And today – with incredibly imagery by Jess Fontaine and a jaw-dropping design by Narelle Williams of Global Weddings – Hannah is taking us behind the scenes of her truly spectacular wedding.

What was your inspiration for your wedding design?

Whilst traveling in Bali together we came across the Ungasan Clifftop resort, we were simply blown away and immediately knew this was where we would get married. We both felt a strong connection with Bali and we wanted a destination wedding so that we had more time and a holiday with our friends and family, so booking Villa Tamarama was the first thing we did once engaged.

Tell us about your ridiculously gorgeous gowns!

I wore two custom Pallas Couture dresses that were created over 12 months, with 8 appointments. They also created my daughters matching flower girl dress. My first was a low square back, full skirt gown with a split in the front. The train was long and it was embellished with beads.

I did not initially plan on wearing a fuller gown but decided that I wanted the dress to feel more dramatic and fairytale-like and the dress did not disappoint. As the first gown was so long, I was unable to dance in it so I changed into a body hugging dress with a super low scoop back with a puddle train, in a lace that was almost like wearing nothing but beads tattooed to my body. It was very effective at night in the lights and was perfect to show a different side of my personality. Heels: YSL tribute pumps in nude!

From a health and fitness perspective, how did you prepare for your wedding?

I continued my regular health and fitness routine, not introducing any new diets or training styles. I just wanted to feel healthy and fresh and keep consistent. It was important for the fit of my custom gowns not to try to alter my body drastically as this is very hard in the design process and I wanted to feel like myself on the day. I really focused on skincare in the 6 months leading up, getting regular facials and microdermabrasion and also using homecare products.

Any tips for brides who are looking to not just get in shape or lose weight, but to truly look and feel their best on their wedding day?

Confidence is the best accessory that you can carry on your wedding day, if you feel great then you’ll be glowing. Make sure to drink plenty of water, go for daily walks leading up to the wedding and eat nutritious foods as you will feel amazing for it. I think it’s really important to let go of the planning and find healthy ways to deal with stress so that you can just focus on enjoying yourself on the day. There will be things outside of your control on the day so just make sure you relax, take it all in and have fun!

How did you want your wedding to FEEL?

Romantic, enchanting, modern, timeless, outdoor, glamorous, luxurious, cliffside, classic, fresh.

Walk us through your wedding inspiration and design style.

The colonial style villa is so tropical and white, with lush garden, open spaces and unparalleled ocean views so we just wanted the styling to enhance this. Guests were ushered through the villa, past the pool and giant greenery/white floral wall with our initials in rose gold and then walked down the aisle to be seated.

At the top of the aisle were two pampas grass/ white floral bouquets and white and green floral lined the aisle. The circle arch was just incredible and so romantic, with the backdrop of the ocean and cliffside. We also wanted the ceremony to feel very intimate and personal by writing our own vows and also writing letters to each other to read before walking down the aisle.

The reception was at Selatan Lawn, also cliffside and guests were invited to enter just as the sun was setting. It was the most enchanting space, it truly felt like a magical fairytale with the overhead structures, suspended blooms, garlands cascading the tables, rose gold candles scattered and rose gold signage.

Our French rose gold chandeliers were custom made for the event and created the most beautiful romantic lighting. Floral was one of the most important aspects of styling for us, we wanted it to feel like you were surrounded by blooms and there was an abundance to create the mood we wanted.

Every detail really reflected us as a couple, so attention to the little things was crucial. Our theme colours were ivory, greenery and hints of blush in the napkins and my first dress. We infused a touch of rose gold through all of the styling – signage, candle holders, wishing well, place cards, ring box, Garth’s ring, our initials monogrammed on the dance floor and cake to add a sense of elegance and luxury.

Any creative or unique ways that you infused your personalities into your wedding?

We love to travel. In fact, we backpacked around Europe, Africa and Asia for a year just 2 months after meeting and this really cemented our feelings for each other. With our destination themed wedding we really wanted to infuse our passion for travel through:

Naming the tables after our favourite destinations
Naming the seating chart “Find your destination”
Rose gold world themed coasters for the place cards
Engraved luggage tags as gifts

Tell us about your food and cocktail choices!

We started with a fun Passionfruit Mocktail to welcome the guests. After the ceremony we served canapés along with free flow champagne, wine, beer and our two favourite cocktails: Espresso martinis and Strawberry Caprioskas.

Our dinner service was a 4 Course International buffet and our cake!? It was a stunning 5 tier rose gold and ivory floral cake with raspberry and caramel mud flavourings.

How about Entertainment? Looked like a pretty epic reception!

For entertainment during the reception we started with a choreographed first dance (Perfect by Ed Sheeran) followed by another choreographed father + daughter dance … we began with Celine Dione’s “Because You Love Me” but then moved into a mash up of 80’s hits and classics. We also had Balinese Fire Dancers.

What did you find to be the most challenging part of planning your destination wedding?

Not being in Bali to see things in person and talk it through with the vendors. Luckily, I had an amazing wedding planner who made this a very easy process and I was able to visit twice during the engagement for cake testings and meeting with florists, furniture hire, etc. Traveling to Bali with a large amount of signage and the two dresses was also a bit of a challenge but we overcame all hurdles without too much stress.

Any regrets?

Absolutely none, could not have wished for anything more!

What is your most memorable moment from the wedding?

Other than watching everything come to life exactly as we’d planned, it would have been when Garth surprised me with fireworks at the end of our first dance as he knew how much I really wanted them but we had decided to cut back. It was such a magical moment as we stood, just the two of us, on the cliffside listening to one of our favourite songs, watching the fireworks and looked back to see all of our family and friends just having so much fun. 

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Fontaine | Cinematography: Point One Designs | Event Styling: Bali Event Styling | Makeup : Sheridan Meyers | Hair: Hideaway Hair Studio | Venue: The Ungasan Clifftop Resort | Design & Planning : Global Weddings | Luxury Furniture Rentals: Bali Event Hire | Signage & Stationery: Sketch n Etch | Tableware Rentals: Semeja | Wedding Gowns: Pallas Couture

Modern Meets Mediterranean Wedding at Private Estate in St. Helena

When names like Laurie Arons, Eric KelleyKathleen Deery, Elysium Productions and Paula LeDuc pop up in a submission, I know I’m in for a wedding delivery like no other. And those talents are just the start of the beautiful vendor team that made this modern-meets-mediterranean day come together. Complete with a Vera Wang gown and bridemaids in black jumpsuits (in loveee with this look), you’ll have a hard time not staring.

[iframe 600 338]

From Laurie Arons Special EventsJess & Kage are just one of those couples you can’t help but fall in love with – impossibly beautiful, adorably funny, stylishly chic, incredibly kind and so very family-oriented. They were early high school sweethearts and seemed destined for each other from the start. I would describe their August wedding as “modern-meets-Mediterranean”. The venue was a modern private estate in Napa Valley, where we utilized a neutral color palette and olive branches as our main foliage. Jess selected a Vera Wang gown with clean lines that she accessorized with two very modern touches – a gold chainmail back necklace and a bridal party in black crepe jumpsuits. Kage was equally well-dressed in white-tie and velvet loafers. They wed in a grove of mulberry trees among ample greenery of olive and white flowers by Kathleen Deery Design. Guests then sipped cocktails and took in views of wine country before dining and dancing under a sailcloth tent. We modernized the decor with Edison bulb chandeliers and new lounge furniture that Urban Parlour designed for the event. After heartfelt toasts from the best man and bride’s sisters, the group hit the dance floor with some of the best moves I’ve seen in years.

Photography: Eric Kelley Photography | Videography: Elysium Productions | Planner: Laurie Arons Special Events | Florist: Kathleen Deery Design | Wedding Gown: Mark Ingram Atelier | Wedding Cake: Perfect Endings | Catering: Paula LeDuc Fine Catering & Events | Hair & Makeup: Sherrie Long Makeup Hair & Effects | Calligraphy: Curlicue Designs Calligraphy | Lighting: Illusions Lighting | Band: Elan Artists | Venue: Private Estate | Tent: Zephyr Tents | Bridesmaids' Jumpsuits: Halston Heritage | Ceremony Music/DJ: Chris Clouse | Furniture Rentals: Urban Parlor | Photography - Assistance: Elan Klein | Printed Materials: A DAY IN MAY DESIGN | Wedding Attire Services: The Wedding Detailor

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The Sweetest All White Wedding at Muskoka Bay Club Resort

Nothing gets us all warm and fuzzy inside quite like a classic all white wedding. What makes this beautiful day at Muskoka Bay Club planned by Holly Matrimony so special are the emotional moments between the bride and groom, captured perfectly by Kayla Yestal. Instead of reading their own vows in front of everyone, they decided to exchange letters in the morning while getting ready – it made for the most memorable moment and the sweetest pictures. Check out the full gallery to see every magical detail of the day!

From the bride, Emily… It’s not a lie when people say that your wedding day is a whirlwind. Looking back, there really isn’t a single thing that either of us would want to change. From the very early stages of planning, we were told time and time again how much the day will fly by, which is why we both tried to be mindful throughout this entire process and take in everything as it was happening. Creating time for moments to be present and soak in the day was something that I will always be thankful for. We decided to write each other a letter to read in the morning while we were getting ready. It was such an emotional moment to read each other’s words and share our last thoughts and feelings before we met each other at the end of the aisle. We’ll have the cards as a keepsake and be able to reflect on how we were feeling in those final moments for a long time.

At the recommendation of our photographer, Kayla Yestal, and videographer, Up North Wedding Films, we decided to schedule in 15 minutes between the cocktail hour and the start of the reception to take off in a golf cart for sunset photos. Even the small moments like riding in the golf cart to the first hole is memorable because it was the first time it was just the two of us. We tried to comprehend that this was the start of the rest of our lives. Although it was only 15 minutes, it was 15 of the sweetest minutes as the sun set behind us. An all-star team of vendors can make or break your wedding day. We invested in the vendors that aligned with our style but that also shared the same vision and values. This paid off in the end. Our vendors delivered the wedding of our dreams because our vision was aligned from the very beginning. From stationary to photography, we put thought and time into selecting them. Our photographer and videographer were easy to get along with and a total blast to have with us all day! This makes a world of difference when you’re spending most of the day with them! It’s cliche but the day goes by in an instant and you will want to have the memories to look back on.

I can’t say it enough: it’s definitely worth hiring a wedding coordinator! The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is answer to the catering staff or worry about which friend you can recruit to pocket fold your napkins. Having a wedding coordinator is having someone in your corner who will deflect any issues that arise! We hired a coordinator, Holly Matrimony, who worked with us in the final three months of planning. She handled our logistics, vendor communication, and was with us the entire weekend to ensure everything was flawless. She was a total game changer! Plan your wedding with room for flaws, changes, or errors because they are bound to happen. Some you will see coming, some will come out of left field. But if you’re prepared to navigate rough waters while you’re planning they will be much easier to handle. I thrived on planning our wedding and loved thinking about every little detail. But having everything planned down to the minute means your ship can be thrown off course quite easily.

We chose Muskoka Bay Club in Gravenhurst for it’s stunning setting, perched on the edge of a rock face. The view from the clubhouse in the beginning of fall promised a sea of colour as the trees started to trade their lush green for autumnal tones. We were drawn to the charm of Gravenhurst for our guests traveling from all over the country to attend our celebration. Muskoka is one of our favourite places to be so Gravenhurst was a special piece of our love story to share with our guests. During our planning, it was really important to us that we picked classic elements that would stand the test of time. Although September is a season for rich colours, we opted for white, ivory, green, and grey to keep it minimal and as not to compete with the fall tones as the landscape shed its summer skin. We kept our decor simple with the main focus being our florals, full of lush greenery and textured white blooms arranged beautifully by Seasons in the Country Muskoka. The white lace trailing ribbon on my bouquet was made from my mother’s wedding dress which was special in it’s own way. These little details, although probably not widely noticed by all of our guests, are what made our wedding ours.

Our wedding rings were made by a jeweler in my hometown, but not just any jeweler–my best friend’s aunt. Wedding rings are sentimental in their own right but it feels special to know they were made by someone I’ve known almost my entire life. Andrew’s wedding band in particular is made with the gold from his late father’s wedding ring, so he will always have a special piece of his dad with him every day. Beyond all of the fun details of planning, if I could offer one piece of advice for future brides it would be to be mindful and live in the moment. The day is so incredibly busy, in the very best way. Soak up every ounce of love and joy that your family and friends serve you and use that to fuel the start of your marriage. Some of the best advice was what our minister shared during our ceremony: “Love is stronger than anything else. It’s stronger than sorrow. It’s stronger than death. But it needs to be nurtured, so I challenge the two of you to nurture it every day.” The wedding day is only the first page of your marriage.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Kayla Yestal | Videography: Joshua Up North | Floral Design: Seasons In The Country | Wedding Dress: Blue by Enzoani | Cake: CakeyBakey Boutique | Ceremony Venue: Trinity United Church | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Rings: Ron Henry Jewellers | Bridesmaid Dresses: Jealous Bridesmaids | Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Collection By Vivian Diamond | DJ: Spectrum Agency | Suits: Indochino | Bridal Party Hair and Makeup: The Art Of Makeup And Hair | Bride's Hair: Heather Ricker Hair | Bride's Makeup: Anna Hayward | Decor: Muskoka Party Rentals | Dress Boutique: Avenue 22 Bridal | Earrings: Kate Spade | Hairpiece: Sarah Walsh Bridal | Paper Suite: LaFabere | Perfume: Jo Malone | Planning and Coordination: Holly Matrimony Weddings | Reception Venue and Lodging: Muskoka Bay Club | Ring Box: The Mrs Box

A Destination Wedding at Khaygangan Estate, a Previous Royal Residence in Bali

Bali will forever by one of our absolute favorite locales for a destination wedding, and we can’t help but feel so excited about it’s growing popularity! This gorgeous day captured by Taylor & Porter Photographs was held at a previous royal residence, Khaygangan Estate – how amazing is that?! It’s complete with white orchids galore arranged by Paper Diamonds and not one but two stunning designer gowns. It’s everything we’ve ever wanted in a tropical destination wedding on our fave little island.

From Taylor & Porter PhotographsMatt & Anabel were married in the historic setting of the Khaygangan Estate, a previous Royal Residence, on the heavenly tropical island of Bali.

Hailing from Singapore, they flew their nearest and dearest to this sensational island to party in style in celebration of their love. It was the most magical day from start to finish. Their ceremony delivered a “wow” moment for their guests as they exchanged vows under a canopy of dripping orchids and greenery arranged by Paper Diamonds.

Anabel is a previous member of the Singapore Philharmonic Orchestra and a real highlight of the day was when she serenaded Matt with a surprise solo performance of one of their favourite songs. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place!

After the ceremony, Anabel changed into another gorgeous gown and guests dined al fresco under never ending strings of twinkly lights. The reception couldn’t have been more magical – it was something out of a fairytale. 

We finished the celebrations on a volcanic black sand beach with Anabel’s Reem Acra gown catching the last light of the sunset of a truly amazing destination wedding.

Photography: Taylor Porter | Shoes: Bella Belle | Catering: Dijon | Band: Lydia Rose | Celebrant: Heather Boylan | Venue: Khayangan Estate | Bar: Nunos & Co | Ceremony Gown: Noel Chu Atelier | Furniture: Bali Event Hire | Hair & Make Up: Yeanne Makeup Art | Main Venue: Khayangan Estate | Planner, stylist & florist: Paper Diamonds | Reception Gown: Reem Acra | Second Venue: Alila Villas Soori | Sound & Lighting: Hillmans Pro | Table ware: The Host Table | Wedding day stationery: Gigi Tang from Steady Hands Creative | Wedding invitations & name place cards: A Brush with Mel

Fairytale Wedding Inspiration at Chateau Challain in France

If you’ve landed here today hoping for a dose of uber romance, you’re in the right place. Or, I should say Chateau Challain is the right place… it’s like something out of a French fairytale and was the ideal spot for Mariel Hannah, Spectrum Agency, Floresie and the entire vendor team to craft this inspiring shoot. Even more awaits right here.

[iframe 600 338]

Photography: Mariel Hannah | Cinematography: Julien Duthe | Florals: Floresie | Hair & Makeup: Bonnie Chou | Calligraphy: Pi Calligraphy | Venue : Chateau de Challain | Accessories: La chambre blanche | Dresses: Topb Bridal | Linens : Mademoisellecotton | Planning : Spectrum Agency | Table top: le grenier de rosa