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Camp is Turned Gorgeous With This Cedar Lakes Estate Wedding

Imagine the rugged beauty of Hudson Valley paired with a breathtaking camp-like backdrop of Cedar Lakes Estate, plus a truly gorgeous wedding day and you get this gem planned by SociaLife. The layers upon layers of white florals by Faye + Renee are tucked inside Brklyn View‘s imagery. See the FULL GALLERY and be sure to carve out some time for the film by NST Pictures as well.

Cedar Lakes Estate is one of those dream venues because everywhere you look it’s picture perfect. From the mountain top views, to the outside amphitheater, gorgeous outside garden, adorable cabins and of course, the beautiful lake the venue sits on so when Megan and Sam reached out to me about capturing their wedding day I was beyond excited.

They are the most gracious, kindest and genuine couples I have every had the pleasure of working with and so honored they chose me to photograph their amazing wedding weekend at Cedar Lakes Estate. They put together a stellar collection of wedding vendors and created a true dream team. Socialife Events planned an coordinated the entire weekend and Faye and Renee Floral and Events created truly spectacular florals for the happy couple.

Megan wore a gorgeous lace wedding dress from Monique Lhuillier and crystal encrusted nude flats from Christian Louboutin. When the couple shared their first look on the mountain top, it was truly breathtaking. Sam could hardly speak after seeing his gorgeous bride! The weather was perfect for their mountain top ceremony and outdoor poolside cocktail hour.

Inside the reception space, Faye and Renee created the most amazing hanging floral installation over the couples head table. One of my favorite places at Cedar Lakes Estate is the dock sitting on the lake and I made sure to take Megan and Sam there for their bride and groom photos. Seriously, some of my all time favorite wedding photos for one of my all time favorite couples.

Megan and Sam met when they were teens, then again in college and then finally a few years later, they got together – FOREVER! They are the real deal and going to grow old together and I cannot wait to be part of their lives and capturing all the big milestones these newlyweds are going to create. Congratulations Newlyweds!

Photography: Jainé Kershner Photography | Videographer: NST Pictures | Wedding Planner: SociaLife Event Planning And Production | Floral Design: Faye and Renee Floral and Event Design | Wedding Cake: Wild Flour Bakery | Wedding Invitations: Art Paper Scissors | Reception Venue: Cedar Lakes Estate | Brides Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Hair & Makeup: Face Time Beauty Concierge | Groom's Attire: The Black Tux | Bridemaids Robes: Pretty Plum Sugar | Brides Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Photo Booth: PopShop Photobooth | Wedding Band: 45 Riots | Welcome Bag & Map: Susan Widdicombe

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High School Sweethearts Who Overcame Tragedy to Celebrate Pure Love

Taylor and Brenden’s anniversary session, and entire love story, fully embodies the ‘for better or worse‘ in ways most people could never imagine! From meeting in high school (seriously, it was meant to be), to a terrifying and grim cancer diagnosis, to truly experiencing a medical miracle and surviving… their story, captured by Brenden’s sister Mikaela Marie Photography, has my whole heart. You can feel their undeniable love in these photos and I adore their sweet and simple details celebrating a big move to the city. You HAVE to read Taylor’s recollection at the bottom of this post!

From Mikaela Marie PhotographyWhere to start with these two? Brenden is my brother and Taylor is my sister-in-law and I am just so proud of these two. When they moved to the NYC area for Brenden to attend law school I just knew that I needed to set up a shoot for them! It wasn’t long ago that we didn’t even know if Brenden would survive, let alone move to NYC to attend law school as a happily married, fully healthy 25 year old! Capturing Brenden and Taylors unwavering love for each other was a breeze. These two haven’t always had it easy but they handle life with grace, strength and a wonderful sense of humor. It rained the morning of our shoot and in true Brenden and Taylor fashion, they rolled with the punches with smiles!

From Taylor… Having someone who dreams your wildest dreams with you isn’t something you expect to find at 15, yet somehow here we are, almost a decade later living the dreams that provided a foundation for what we both thoughts was only going to be a ‘first love’. Brenden and I met each other for the first time, three different times.

When we first met as high school students in driver’s education, and that meeting didn’t go to well. I was a bubbly freshman and Brenden was a sophomore who frankly, would have rather been asleep. Long story short, we exchanged not so pleasantries without even introducing ourselves, and went our separate ways.

The next time we met, Brenden was surprising a friend and he jumped around a corner to surprise who he thought was his friend which Just happened to be me. Embarrassed, we ran separate ways, only to find out later that this was the second time we met. The third time we met was just a matter of days later. As a freshman, Our teacher partnered us up for a practice, round and by the end of class I felt so drawn to this dark haired and eyed boy, compared to my very blonde and blue eyes. But more than anything I was drawn in by his passion for debate, he was well read and he had a knack for masterfully articulating complex details.

From there we started talking nearly 24/7 and haven’t stopped, trust me if you know us you would agree. We bonded over our ambitions that felt too big for our little farm town, and our individual dreams of big city living. We entered our relationship responsibly, as all 15 year old’s obviously do. We agreed that when we were no longer having fun together we were done, no questions asked. Then one week became two, and that became a month, and then all the sudden we were racking up years of photos in the couple’s page of our high school year book.

Like any other Friday in late March, Brenden and I went out on our standing Sushi and dessert date. Brenden had a terrible toothache and we called the date short, so he could rest. The next day he was driving 13 hours to Georgia where his parents had just moved while he stayed behind to finish the last month of high school. Brenden’s pain became unbearable over the drive, and after arriving he went straight to an emergency dentist to see what was wrong. From there it kind of snow balled, the dentist sent him to the ER, the ER ran about every test under the sun and he was admitted to pediatrics for observation because while they still didn’t have any official diagnosis yet, they did know that he was that he was very sick.

On March 21, 2011 Brenden was diagnosed with advanced T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL for short. From there he started chemo and began his 4-year battle with cancer. Through the first year, and hardest part of Brenden’s chemo he lived in Georgia. His abrupt move to Georgia meant that he would not physically finish his senior year and that we would begin a long-distance relationship at 17 years old, which is a uniquely challenging situation before you even factor in his diagnosis.

During the beginning stages of treatment Brenden was in a clinical trial. Due to the combination of drugs they were using in the trial, he suffered an incredibly rare set of complications. Brenden was giver less than a 5% chance of survival in early June of 2011. We were told if he did survive, his quality of life would leave hi his severely handicapped. We were also told to prepare for the significant possibility that he would die and if he did indeed survive that he would spend the remainder of his life in a vegetative state and needing around the clock care. A major stroke, a craniotomy, and another brain surgery later I stood huddled over the virtually lifeless body of the boy that I had fallen in love with not so long ago.

As I was told after the fact, I stood unwavering and afraid for 3 days strait watching what we were told to assume were the final hours of life for this beautiful boy of mine who had given me his class ring and a promise ring just a few months earlier. In a miraculous act that rewrote medical books, we watched Brenden slowly get better. Over the course of a year he continued a high regimen of chemotherapy while learning to walk, talk and live again. While the summer of 2011 came crashing down around me far away from all of this at home in Kansas, I clung to the notes we had written each other and the promises we had made to one another. After the fact, Brenden and I would later come to find that summer, more than ever we would both loose ourselves in the dreams we had dreamed together. Our idealistic dreams as high school sweethearts like traveling the world and moving to the big city far, far away where we would live, Brenden as a lawyer and I as a child life specials. Dreams of one day having a beautiful home, 4 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, all which had pre-selected names, because that’s type of wanderlust dreams and ambitions you have at 16 before you give up on your dreams and settle for what comes easily.

On the night before his last chemotherapy appointment Brenden told me to dress up to celebrate his final appointment with a dinner at his favorite steakhouse. What he didn’t tell me, was that before dinner we were going to a rose garden and arboretum, and he just happened to have an engagement ring to replace my promise ring from years ago. After he was given a clean bill of health we packed up and moved to attend Missouri State University and being a new chapter of our lives together. Before we knew it, we were wrapping up our bachelor’s degrees and preparing to begin master’s degrees. We did take a break from our near contestant mounting to do lists and go back home and get married in Kansas.

On our wedding day, the majority of things that could go wrong did. It rained all day and night on June 24, 2016 accept for one golden hour that somehow lined up perfectly with our outdoor ceremony. I had dress issues, nearly half of our venders had major issues and our wedding ice cream cake melted before we could cut it. Yet somehow all of this chaos just fell into the background because we were finally, and blissfully living out the first of many dreams we had once clung so tightly too for hope.

When we got married, had you told me we would celebrate our second anniversary in NYC I would have laughed at you. Brenden applied to Seton Hall Law School along with nearly 20 other schools. Seton Hall has a unique program opportunity called the Legal Education Opportunity fellowship. When applying perspective student write an essay on hardships they have overcome in their life. Brenden of course submitted a summary of the last 7 years of his life and was fortunate enough to receive this scholarship. In June of 2018, the weekend of our second anniversary at that, we loaded all of our earthy belongings into our tiny car and a rental truck and then drove two days east to move into our tiny city loft sight unseen.

I truly believe our meeting not once, not twice but three times before it actually stuck and laid the groundwork for our relationship was an adventure that you only see in romantic comedies. I know that the way our lives and relationship changed in 2011as two scarred kids was an unlikely heart break with a hiding blessing at the end that we are still reaping benefits from. Now we are here, in the busiest city in the world, starting the life and living the dreams we dreamed nearly a decade ago. This leap of faith we are taking together in the fearless pursuit of what sets our soul on fire is our greatest adventure thus far, and little did we know that we were being prepared for this very adventure in what felt like the most hopeless time of our lives.

Photography: Mikaela Marie Photography | Floral Design: Mikaela Marie Photography | Dress: Morning Lavender | Film Lab: The Find Lab

A Lakeside Summer Soiree with a Serendipitous Beginning

I’d bet if we did a poll on the most romantic movies, The Notebook might just pop up as an all-time favorite. So when I saw this “Noah and Allie” moment, with the couple in a sweet row boat on a mossy waterbed, I knew our brides were going to love this one! Sabina and Michael’s storybook romance began in the most unconventional and sweep-you-off-your-feet way and the enchantment of their Monroe, NY wedding followed suit. In a sea of fresh greenery, delicate florals, and epic photos by Bashful Captures… enjoy!

From photographer Bashful Captures: “Sabina and Michael has such an awesome love story. Michael’s sister was reading Westchester Magazine’s “Beautiful People” issue and saw a girl that had many interests that were similar to her brother, Michael. 

Then she contacted one of the editors of the magazine, who agreed to pass along her brother’s contact information. Then she didn’t hear anything for two years and one day, Michael told her that he has been dating Sabina and the rest is history! Just like their love story, their wedding was so sweet and beautiful.

At a lakeside mansion, set in a tranquil forest setting made for a magical intimate evening with their family and friends. They started the evening with a garden ceremony followed by cocktail hour on the terrace of the 18th century mansion. Then the dinner was held in its courtyard under the stars, and dancing in the candlelit ballroom.”

From the bride… We joke around about how he picked me out of a magazine. In reality, it was a little more involved than that.

Michael had just started his medical internship in Connecticut, and the hospital was his life. Around that time, I was featured in a magazine for Westchester County, an issue his sister Samantha happened to flip through. Call it a sister’s sixth sense, divine intervention, or just savante-like intuition, somehow with her suggestion that magazine ended up in Michael’s hands.

I had never even entertained the idea of online dating. Blind dates to me were a joke. Yet, somehow, he reached out, and somehow I answered. After 4 years of being out of touch with reality in med school myself, life as I knew it had moved on without me. Friends got married, moved, started new jobs, had babies. So I said to myself, I’m coming back to NY, why not meet this guy? He was a doctor in training. He liked movies. His birthday was in September. We already had 3 things in common.

I wasn’t expecting too much. Even in the days before Tinder, I was always under the impression that these things hardly ever worked out for the long term. Yet after 3 hours of playful conversation and wine, they closed the bar on us on our first date. I was intrigued by how fast time flew that night.

More surprises came later – we discovered that although we went to different schools – I to private, him to public – we found out that we frequented the same Blockbuster video store in our teenage years with our own gaggles of friends. My friend’s dad coached a basketball team that his sister was on in elementary school. He went to high school with one of my best friends’ college roommates.

Oddly enough, our paths had always crossed without actually crossing.

After a few weeks of dating, one night when we parted ways he called me out of the blue. He just saw a shooting star, he said. The rarity of it somehow prompted a conversation about our relationship becoming exclusive. Now six years later on a hot and sunny summer day, July 28, 2018, our families and friends gathered in a garden ceremony at Arrow Park in Monroe, NY.

It was an intimate setting with cocktail hour on the ivy wrought terrace of the mansion overlooking the expansive lake, a mansion that once belonged to the Cooper Union founder and engineer, followed by dinner under the stars. Color scheme was pure and simple – green, white, hints of champagne.

Samantha, Michael’s sister and our fairy godmother/unicorn gave a speech about how we met. His best friends gifted me with his high school hockey jersey (Michael had been a captain of the local hockey team). Dinner was a family style Tuscan menu, beginning with mixed field greens with cucumber, red onion, tomato, olives with homemade balsamic dressing, rigatoni with fresh mozzarella, followed by oregano Chicken in fresh garlic and lemon wine sauce, and an assortment of vegetable side dishes such as saffron rice, herbed risotto, and roasted root vegetables.

Our first dance was in tune to “Girl from North Country” by Bob Dylan, featured in Silver Linings’ Playbook, our first movie date, and was a tribute to our mutual love for movies. Dance floor shenanigans culminated with a cake cutting ceremony to the tune of “Belly Full” by Dave Matthews Band, followed by dessert hour and a table full of Italian style desserts. The cake had 3 layers – elderflower, salted caramel and strawberry shortcake and the groom’s cake was funfetti (his fave), in the form on a giant hockey puck. The night ended with a bonfire after party and s’mores and sparklers on the beach by the lake…and stars.

Photography: Bashful Captures | Flowers: Green Cottage | Wedding Dress: Mon Cherie | Cake : Laurie - Cakes at 350 | Invitations: Minted | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Caterer: Love and Rosemary | Hair + Makeup: Melissa Scorfani | DJ: 74 Events | Wedding Venue: Arrow Park Lake & Lodge

Bohemian Black Tie Wedding At Oceanbleu for These High School Sweethearts

Take a look at this first photo from Kelsey Combe Photography …. see that shadow in the distance? What an awesome “before the first look” shot…….

Molly & Harry were sweethearts who made it official a mere 13 years after they met in high school! Their names, alone, are enough to make you know they were destined to share a lifetime together, right?

Harry and Molly grew up together near the ocean and knew that’s where they would someday be married. With the help of Kate & Co Events ~ Molly took her iconic “first look walk” toward her soon-to-be-betrothed wearing her dream gown by Karen Willis Holmes that, quite literally, billowed in the ocean breeze. The demure full skirt turned into a few brief moments of incredible fun as Molly and Harry exchanged “first looks” soon followed by a frolic on the beach with their besties.

More of their story from wedding planner,  Kate & Co Events
As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Sometimes planning and designing a wedding without the right help can be pretty ‘lemony’ … so when Molly reached out with just 4 months left until her big day, we clicked immediately and together, we made some really sweet, delicious (albeit, proverbial) lemonade.  Molly and Harry’s SoCal-inspired, bohemian, romantic day perfectly reflected their fun, original personalities and was infused with so many personalized touches! 

It was incredible to see everything come together so quickly and then have the immense joy of watching the hilarious yet tear-jerker ceremony culminating in endless dancing under magical lights and disco balls with a custom neon sign of lyrics from the first dance song glowing in the background.

From the Bride… Harry and I are high school sweethearts. You could say it was love at first sight: on my first day of Science Research (an embarrassingly unpopular program we were both enrolled in), I saw a picture of Harry and thought he was the cutest boy I’d ever seen. Fast forward 13 years and I still feel the same way! Since we’re from Long Beach, a small beach town on the South Shore of Long Island, we always knew we wanted to be married near the beach. We chose our venue (the Oceanbleu) because it felt like an incredibly beautiful “blank canvas” for us to infuse our own style and personalities. We opted to have our ceremony inside the venue’s attached tent and brought the outside in by incorporating tons of greenery and gorgeous, loose florals throughout the tent and ballroom.

We were so lucky to have my eloquent cousin officiate our ceremony – having him up there with us was so comforting and completely eased all of our nerves. Two weeks later, the roles were reversed when I spoke during his wedding ceremony! My favorite part of our ceremony was my grandma’s reading of the “Blessing of the Hands,” which was equal parts beautiful, emotional and humbling. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

One of my favorite details is our escort card display because it’s the perfect example of our blended styles: a gorgeous greenery wall with a custom “let all the children boogie” neon sign, lyrics from one of our favorite David Bowie songs, Starman. Discerning guests may have noticed Starman was our cake cutting song as well!

Both Harry and I work in creative industries (I’m an interior designer and Harry owns and runs a record label called Greenway Records) so it was super important to us that our personalities and passions to shine through on our wedding day. We also wanted our fairly large wedding to feel as intimate and personal as possible. In true Molly/Harry fashion, we walked down the aisle to Radiohead, created a disco ball dreamland and gave out quirky enamel pins of our faces and personalized vinyl records (hand-poured by Harry with love) as gifts.

The color palette for our wedding day was inspired by our custom wedding suite and paper goods from Smitten On Paper, with lots of greenery, blush and soft gray. I wanted the space to feel light, bright, happy and warm, so we incorporated pops of mauve, peach and mustard in the flowers, cake and lounge areas. We decided to keep our bridal party small and I let my bridesmaids choose their own dresses; the mix of different textures and muted metallics worked perfectly against the groomsmen’s black tuxes and Harry’s navy tux.

All of my wedding gown inspiration (gathered in the early days of our engagement) featured varying versions of a boho-style dress with beaded tops and full, tulle skirts. I thought – I was convinced – that was my dream dress until (dot dot dot…) a friend told me about a tiny, unassuming designer boutique in Soho called Karen Willis Holmes. I went by myself and immediately fell in love with the clean lines, style, shape and fabric of Karen’s Shelly top and Camille skirt. 

Though we were very hands-on with planning, we were also super trusting of our wildly talented dream team of vendors who created the most stunning, magical day for us!

Karen Willis Holmes’ DYG Series of wedding gowns is nothing short of brilliant! Here’s a couple of links to show you what we’re talking about:
Karen Willis Holmes DYG 
KWH ~ Camille
Real Brides Wearing KWH Designs

Our thanks to Kate & Co Events, Kelsey Combe Photography and Karen Willis Holmes ~ and of course Harry & Molly ~ for sharing their whimsical journey down memory lane the day Harry Married Molly!

Photography: Kelsey Combe Photography | Cinematography: Saltwater Studios | Event Planning: Kate & Co Events | Floral Design: Ava Floral | Cake: Nine Cakes | Invitations: Smitten on Paper | Reception: Oceanbleu | Hair and Makeup: Erica Does Makeup | Lighting: Fushion | Band: Hank Lane Music | Groom's Attire: Hugo Boss | Transportation: All Star Limo | Bride Dress: Karen Willis Holmes | Bride Shoes: Alexandre Birman | Custom Neon Sign: Vida Graphics Signs | Custom Save The Dates: Hoopla Love | Getting Ready Attire: Erin Casement | Linens: BBJ Linen | La Tavola Linen | Lounges: Gather and Lounge | Photobooth: Majestic Photobooth | Rentals: Party Rental LTD | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Silk Ribbons: Tono Co | Vinyl Record GIfts: Greenway Records

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This Coney Island Engagement is Guaranteed to Make You Smile

This Coney Island engagement complete with happiest yellow dress will give you life. Or, at the very last, plant a big, huge smile on your face. It has the carefree Summer vibes of a day spent by the sea, with a couple who’s happiness is contagious and a photographer who’s images capture that love and light so beautifully. Dive in to all of Kati Rosado‘s pretty pics right here.

Bill and Taeler met 8 years ago in NYC when their mutual friend invited Bill to a performance at the Bryant Park Dance Festival where Taeler would be performing. Following the performance, they greeted Taeler backstage where she was surrounded by friends that had come to view the performance. Bill remembers being “paralyzed” by her smile, her graciousness, and her sincerity, as she thanked everyone for coming.

They saw each other when out with friends a few times over the next few months, but Taeler was often between legs of her tour, and Bill was in a relationship. One day on a whim, Taeler sent a Facebook chat to Bill, while on tour. It read, “Hiya!” and Bill remembers instantly feeling like all of the butterflies in the known universe were besieging his stomach.

 He asked when she was returning, and for her number. She got a call on a rainy day a few weeks later. It was Bill. He said, he had a friend in town, and was wondering if she’d like to join them for dinner. At the end of the night, Bill asked if he could see her the next day, and she said, only if he wasn’t tired of her. Something must have clicked, because they’ve been together since that day! Their wedding will be next summer in New York City!

Photographer: Kati Rosado Photography | Dress: Reformation | Shoes: Aldo | Earrings: KT Collection, NYC

Southern Charm at this Blogger’s Oheka Castle Destination Wedding from NST Pictures

A year ago… almost to the day… fashion and life-style blogger Courtney Toliver married Timothy Ansley Guthrie in what can only be described as an utterly charming outdoor ceremony at New York’s fairy-tale OHEKA CASTLE. Courtney had dreamed of this venue for years, but never thought she’d be able to be married there. After a little research she found that if their wedding was on a weekday, her dream of being married there just might work out!

When Courtney’s mom showed them a wedding film shot at the very same venue by NST Pictures, they were sold on the idea of having a film from this, their once-in-a-lifetime, event. It’s a decision they will never regret! Before you watch the film, though, think about it… using a videographer who has filmed other weddings at your (same) venue can have a distinct advantage. With aerial coverage being so hot these days (hmmm… or should I say really cool!)… this add-on to a standard cinematography package provides that extra wow (!) factor to the finished film. OK – now… you can watch!

From NST Pictures: Courtney & Ansley’s OHEKA CASTLE Destination Wedding Trailer
[iframe 600 338]

Tell the truth… did you watch ’til the very end when Courtney sang? Didn’t she blow you away? I had already done a little research about Courtney and was really impressed with everything she’s doing on her blog. But when you see this couple on their film, you’ll fall in love with both of them and their families within the first minute. Plus, when you hear them repeat those time-honored, traditional vows (words spoken by millions of people through the years), don’t you still get goosebumps and a lump in your throat? I know I do.

Their film is a moving example of one couple with huge hearts, and a loving family supporting them in love… and in life.  Sharing their faith and their belief in the institution of marriage, itself. As NST Pictures says on their website, “A wedding film is a family heirloom that captures the true essence of the union of two families.” A precious… and priceless investment.

Did you see the stunning aerial views from NST Pictures of OHEKA CASTLE?… if not, don’t scroll a fraction of an inch forward until you go back and watch it (again)!

Cinematographers almost always offer a variety of options in their time availability and their finished product packages. If you’re not all that familiar with all of the terminology, or you just need a place to learn more about wedding videography, in general, NST Pictures’ website covers it all. And the best thing? They either ARE – or will GO – anywhere your heart wants to go!

Here are a few pages from NST Pictures’ website to get you started…

NST Pictures: What Is Custom Aerial Drone Coverage?

NST Pictures: What Is a Social Sneak Peek?

NST Pictures: What Is a Same Day Premier?

NST Pictures: What Is a Cinematic Montage?

Courtney‘s thoughts on the decision to hire a cinematographer… When we first started planning our wedding, we just weren’t sure if we wanted to spend the extra money for a wedding film. We knew that our photographs from Donny Zavala were going to be incredible… and we thought that might suffice. One day, my Mom, who has a special talent for finding things on social media, came across NST Pictures and told us that we should check them out. We did and could tell, instantly, that they were a team of incredibly talented people. We loved the style of each and every one of their videos. What stood out to us the most, though, was that NST had filmed at OHEKA many times! Watching those weddings, at our venue, helped us make the decision to sign on the dotted line! We finally realized that there are some moments that are just more special in cinematic form… NST was the perfect decision for us.




Photography: Donny Zavala | Cinematography: NST Pictures | Planner: Linen + Rust Event Design | Floral Design: Kelly Lenard | Wedding Dress: Chana Marelus | Cake: OHEKA CASTLE | Bridesmaids' Dresses: ASOS | Wedding Venue: OHEKA CASTLE | Bridal Shoes: J.Crew | Cellist: Cal Morris | Flower Girl Dresses: Simply Grey Life | Garter: Agata Maria Couture


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Metropolitan Building Engagement Session On The Vintage Prop Floor

We don’t feature a lot of engagement shoots, but when we do, they’re usually incredible. This one, sent to us by CLY BY MATTHEW Photography was seriously too charming not to share! Setting the scene among the vintage props on the third floor of the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City, New York, was pretty much pure genius. With towering 12-ft ceilings and soaring windows, not to mention all of the goodies strewn about, it was beyond perfect for this couple’s antique-loving hearts… which only served to bring out the best shots EVER.

From CLY BY MATHEWGlamorous antique style? You got it! The couple wanted an engagement session that would reflect their personality as well as set the same tone as their wedding concept… which will take place in a warehouse in Brooklyn. They couldn’t have chosen a better spot than the Metropolitan Building.  ~ It’s filled with antiques and rustic vibes, yet it carries an unmistakeable, underlying elegance.

Incredibly charming, right?! Want to see more recent work from CLY BY MATTHEW? Head on over to the blog {right here}.

Photography: CLY BY MATTHEW | Gown: Marchesa Notte | Gown: BCBGMAXAZRIA | Shoes: Badgely Mischka | Makeup: Kumi Craig | Makeup: Nicole Elle | Hair: Deluxe Williamsburg | Groom's Attire: Garrison Bespoke | Warehouse: Metropolitan Building

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Radiant Pops of Red For the Win With This Brooklyn Bash

I’m all for a good pop of color and these bursts of red are beyond perfect. With a vintage chic vibe, this Brooklyn wedding wows from start to finish with color and style, and Brklyn View Photography captured all the chic and sweet looks that make this a real winner. See it all here – and be prepared to start pinning pretty red bridesmaid dresses pronto (so good, right?!)!


From Brklyn View Photography… On a perfect day in Brooklyn, Jenna and Evan prepared to get married in front of their closest family and friends at 501 Union. Jenna is an artist by trade and designed the couples intricate and beautiful wedding invitations. The Bride wore a detailed lace wedding dress with a mix of vintage and modern flare adorned with her grandmother’s clutch, mother’s earrings and crystal encrusted headpiece. Jenna’s engagement ring is a stunner! The diamond and slightly ovaled shaped diamond is a family heirloom that Evan had created into her engagement ring – so romantic!!

The bridesmaids each picked our their own dress in similar vibrant hues of red and coral creating such a lovely pop of color among the bridal party. Stems Brooklyn constructed an incredible floral Chuppah that had a tropical twist.

For the couples first look, we walked over the Gowanus Canal to find a bit of greenery in Brooklyn which made for absolutely perfect portraits. Their Jewish wedding ceremony was filled with honored traditions, lots of love and even a few happy tears.

Simple and elegant touches decorated the reception space at 501 Union while guest enjoyed cocktail hour at the bar and danced the night away under the disco ball. It was truly a magical wedding day and I’m so honored to have been there with them to capture all the special and shared moments.



Photography: Jainé Kershner Photography | Coordination: Modern Kicks | Floral Design: Stems Brooklyn | Wedding Invitations: Jenna Stempel-Lobell | Bride's Shoes: Altuzarra | Catering: Purslane Catering | Hair + Makeup: Rouge NY | DJ: Love Junkies | Groom's Attire: Nordstrom | String Quartet: Lucy Music | Wedding Venue: 501 Union | Bridal Boutique: Lovely Bridal Shop | Bride's Headband: Lovely Bridal Shop | Rentals: Broadway Party Rentals

Harold Pratt House Wedding With Classic Vintage Details

There is something undeniably romantic about a winter wedding in New York City. It’s the stuff that movies are made of and with good reason. Enter, this celebration held at the Herald Pratt House layered with the most cozy and intimate vibes. Draped with elegant details planned by Classic Events and winter white blooms by Denise Fasanello, this duo gave their guests a classic, true New York experience—to which, Judy Pak beautifully snapped it all up. See it all here!

From the Bride… We started our planning knowing that we wanted a winter wedding in New York City (a dream of mine which Tony thankfully connected with). We also knew that we wanted our wedding to feel intimate, warm, and classic. Tony has two daughters, so an emphasis on family was really significant for us. The idea of welcoming our friends and families to celebrate with us as we became an official family unit was really special. A lot of our guests traveled in from out of town, so it was also important to us to give them a true New York experience.

I have always been drawn to the 1920’s, so my inspiration began with two photos of my Great-Grandmothers on their wedding days (photo has been uploaded). Working with a team of incredible vendors, we focused on modern interpretations of vintage-inspired details to create the timeless, romantic atmosphere that we had envisioned. Elements such as film photography, trailing love knots on my bouquet, and classic cocktails rooted our wedding in tradition, while welcome speeches given by my step-daughters, contemporary design elements, and our super fun DJ gave it that modern twist we wanted.

When it came to the actual day, we were prepared for it to fly by, but it almost seemed to move in slow-motion. Having complete faith in all of our vendors allowed us to relax into every individual moment. The weather was nice enough for us to take pictures outside before the ceremony began, both on our own in Central Park, and with our bridal party on Park Avenue. Looking through the pictures, we love the transition from the wintry outdoor shots to the warm candlelit images inside. Throughout the evening, it was amazing looking around at any given point and seeing all of our favorite people enjoying themselves as much as we were. It would be impossible to pinpoint a favorite part of the day, but ending the evening with everyone from ages 13 to 90 on the dance floor is a memory that we won’t soon forget.

Photography: Judy Pak Studio | Event Planning: Classic Events NYC | Florals: Denise Fasanello Floral Design | Cake: Nine Cakes | Food: Cobblestone Catering | Ceremony & Reception: Harold Pratt House & Peterson Hall | Hair & Make Up: Face Time Beauty Concierge

The Palm House at Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding That Barely Beat The Rain

From Jainé at Brklyn View PhotographyA week before Sue and Chris’s wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, the weather called for rain and heavy thunderstorms. We started to prepare for the worst. The happy couple purchased very cute clear umbrella’s from Kate Spade New York and went into their wedding day with positive attitudes hoping for the best. And guess, what happened? We beat the rain! As Sue began to put on her beautiful wedding dress from Rivini By Rita Vinieris at the Marriott Hotel at Brooklyn Bridge, the drizzle started to slow down. By the time we arrived at The Palm House, the rain had completely stopped! We were in luck!!

It was an emotional first look between Sue and Chris inside the stunning Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Afterwards, we walked the gardens making stops at Bluebell Wood, the Rose Garden and Magnolia Plaza during their bridal portraits. As I photographed the very last family photo, the rain started again. It was divine timing if I have ever seen it! Our two hour window for photos was absolutely rain-free!!

Sue and Chris held their wedding ceremony inside the breathtaking Palm House at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. They recently renovated the space and it’s so much lighter and brighter now which of course, I absolutely love. What an incredible wedding venue to say your vows and become husband and wife.

The newlyweds shared their first kiss and celebrated their marriage with their closest family and friends. Hank Lane’s Sugar Lane Band brought the house down as everyone danced the night away!

Sue and Chris are a perfect match and it was so incredible to be part of their wedding from their engagement session to capturing their wonderful wedding day. I cannot wait to see where these two go (they are always traveling!) and I hope to stay part of their lives capturing all their important moments as husband and wife! Congratulations Newlyweds!! Xo ~ Jainé

See more of Brklyn View’s fantastic work in their Style Me Pretty Portfolio and on their blog!

Photography: Jainé Kershner Photography | Floral Design: X-Quisite flowers & events, inc. | Invitations: Lion in the Sun | Reception: Brooklyn Botanic Garden | Brides Shoes: Badgely Mischka | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Catering: Patina Catering | Hair & Makeup : Mg Beauty | Band: Hank Lane Music | Groom's Attire: SRG Fashion | Groomsmen's Attire: SRG Fashion | Officiant: Christopher Frost Shelley | Brides Dress: Rivini | Getting Ready: Marriott Downtown Brooklyn

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Hudson Valley Wedding at Monteverde at Oldstone

From Bashful CapturesMonteverde at Oldstone is one of my favorite wedding venues because it’s such a serene and beautiful location. When I first found out that I was going back there to shoot Victoria & Kyle’s wedding, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the day to come! 

They both got ready at the venue and had their intimate, first look on the grand lawn of Monteverde at Oldstone over looking the Hudson River.

Victoria wore a beautiful Mira Zwillinger dress with delicate details with her sweet white bouquet made by Designs by Ahn

Designs by Ahn also created this gorgeous arch for the ceremony and their tented reception was decorated with modern, white, romantic center pieces

They were a sweet couple inside and out and I’m beyond honored that I got to be a part of their wedding day!

Photography: Bashful Captures | Event Planning: Cathys Elegant Events | Floral Design: DESIGNS BY AHN | Wedding Dress: Mira Zwillinger | Invitations: Bella Figura | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridesmaids' Dresses: JLM Couture | Catering: Tastefully Yours Catering | Band: Hank Lane Music | Venue: Monteverde At Oldstone | Make up Artist: Aga Make up

Brooklyn Rustic Chic Wedding at 26 Bridge

From the Bride… If I had to pick a word to describe our wedding it would be ‘true’. Right from the start, Jeremy and I wanted our wedding to be true to who we were and what we believed. We met in college and our relationship naturally grew from a wonderful and true friendship. This idea of authenticity and truth carried over into every thought that went into the wedding between our party, venue, ceremony, and all details in between. ~ Cynthia Chung Weddings

We chose to get married in New York City not only because it was more convenient for both of our families than Washington, D. C., but because Jeremy knew that it would be incredibly special for me to be home. New York is filled with so many beautiful venues, but it still took some time to find a venue that felt ‘true’ to us, until we stumbled upon 26Bridge!

Located a hop, skip, and a jump away from Brooklyn Bridge park, the historic metal factory, now an open event venue, was a perfect fit for us. Visually, we loved that the space spoke for itself. Going into the planning season, I was inspired less by colors and more by textures like brick, metal, glass, and greenery, which helped to organically develop the neutral color theme that we went perfectly with the space.

Another highlight of working with 26Bridge was that we weren’t limited to a preferred vendors list, which allowed us to choose who we wanted to work with. One of my favorite aspects of our wedding was that everyone seemed to be personally connected to us in one way or another. Between our floral designer from DC, my makeup artist, our photographer, and more, I was not only working with people whom I greatly respected, but people that I knew and appreciated on a deep level. Sarena Edenfield, my hair and makeup artist, perfectly nailed the natural look that I had wanted.

On the other hand, I had been following the work of Cynthia Chung, our photographer, for years so it was a dream to be able to have her capture moments throughout the day. In many ways, getting to work with these phenomenal, yet familiar people made the whole planning and day-of process feel so much more like a family event. In the same vein, while Jeremy and I didn’t do a lot of craft DIY decor, we still executed many things on our own.

Katy Gale, our floral designer, helped order our flowers and create “recipe cards” for me to use so that my dear friend, Chanhee, and I could arrange all bouquets and boutonnieres. This allowed us to order flowers through a wholesaler and do our own floral arranging, while getting Katy’s expertise and guidance in floral design.

Another favorite part of my wedding was our stationery. My dream job would be to have my own stationery store because I love all things paper, but most of my favorite stationery brands were incredibly expensive. One of my bridesmaids had a logo made for Jeremy and me by one of my favorite graphic designers, Jessie Schnall. We used this and a custom font from Minted to design our own invitation, program, seating chart, and table numbers. I have loved Jessie’s work for years now, so it was such a joy to be able to use something specifically designed for us in almost all of our stationery pieces. I particularly loved our wedding program because aside from the ceremony details and lyrics, we included a hand drawn map of the nearby DUMBO area that Jeremy drew so that our guests could explore the area during our cocktail hour.

Overall, the day was filled with so much joy and we felt so grateful to have shared it with so many people that we love.

Photography: Cynthia Chung Photography | Floral Design: Praiseworthy Petals | Wedding Dress: Mori Lee | Ceremony Venue: 26 Bridge | Reception Venue: 26 Bridge | Shoes : H&M | Rings: Brilliant Earth | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Azazie | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Vow To Be Chic | Catering : Delicious Moments | Makeup: Christine From Salon 718 | Groomsmen's Attire: H&M | Hotel: The Tillary Hotel | Graphic/Logo Design: Jessie Schnall | Stationery Font: Minted

From Texas to New York: Another SWIPE RIGHT Success Story

Jacob and I met on none other than TINDER when the app was in its infancy. We knew from the moment we ‘swiped right’ that something special was in the air and have been inseparable ever since we locked eyes! Jacob proposed to me at our home in Dallas in the most perfect, intimate, profession of love surrounded by our fur babies (and lots of wagging tails) – as I like to joke, who would have thought that TINDER could have sparked such a wildfire!! ~from the Bride

Photography: W Studios New York

Bedell Cellars Winery is such a fantastic location complete with vineyard, orchard and even cypress-like trees that make you feel like you have been transported to a piece of Italian country side. Alexandra and Jacob did an absolutely phenomenal job planning their destination wedding from Dallas, Texas. ~W Studios New York

Watch the day unfold in this film from AJ Ingoglia Films… and see even more from that first sip of champagne with the girls to the flaming goodnight kiss on W Studios NY Blog {right here!}[iframe 600 338]

From the Bride… Growing up on the North Shore of Long Island, having my immediate family still residing there and having guests traveling from Texas, Missouri and Florida to celebrate with us made New York an obvious destination for our intimate wedding. Planning such a momentous occasion from cross-country can certainly be challenging, but thankfully I had my wonderful mother, step father and sister ready to venue visit and taste test for us at a moments notice!

Bedell Cellars was one of the first places that met all of our search criteria and I knew right away from the feelings their website instilled upon me that this was “the one.” Upon first visit this was confirmed. We were all totally in love with everything about the beautiful vineyard- from the huge oak tree under which we would profess our vows, to the vines of gorgeous grapes that made the most memorable backdrop- everything about it was just picturesque and I could envision our big day exactly as I wanted it. The vineyard perfectly fit with the modern, boho-chic vibe I knew we were going for.

The day-of was so much more magical than I ever had imagined it would be, with each detail flowing together so perfectly. Our guests were taken on a whimsical journey as they walked underneath the ivy covered arbor, through the flower garden and into the apple orchard, where the ceremony would take place under a towering Oak (wrapped in a huge blanket of flowers.) Afterwards they were escorted to a breezy cocktail hour on the vines where the eye catching floral chalkboard bar, unbelievable hors d’oeuvres and a few games of bean bag toss made all of our guest feel right at home. Finally, into the veranda for dinner and dancing where tons of twinkling lights, long farm tables, flowers stretching as far as the eye could see and subtle shining gold details made my heart flutter.

My favorite flower, the tropical Protea, and soft pink locally grown Dahlias were the star of our floral arrangements– put together by the masterful Sag Harbor Florists. Guests danced the night away under the stars and dined on a delectable passed dinner of filet mignon and sushi tuna (which I have been dreaming about for months) until we were all about to pop! All of the food was curated by the absolutely wonderful Lexi and Louisa of Hamptons Aristocrat.

Then to top it all off Sag Harbor Baking Company tied it together with the most classy raspberry and lemon “naked cake” that I could have imagined! After tons of dancing, the Hora, limbo (which resulted in a few pairs of ripped pants) and lots of tear filled speeches, all of the guests were escorted out to the food truck in the parking lot and given gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and sparklers while they waited for Jacob and me to make an extra memorable exit!

Being a jewelry designer and the owner of Moon Haus Designs, I thought there would be no more special way to honor each of my bridesmaids than to hand make them each a one of a kind Moonstone ring! We are also big advocates of responsible beekeeping and decided to gift each of our guests with a small bottle of local Long Island honey (provided by Bedell Cellars) to take home – save the bees!

Our entire day was documented in the most magnificent way by the photographers at W Studios, Stephen and his wife Yuliya were a dream to work with and our final pictures are just more than we could’ve ever imagined. We also had a fabulous video created by AJ Ingoglia Films to relive each moment again and again! The whole day was one we will look back on for the rest of our lives and cherish, thank you to our wonderful parents and vendors who made this all possible!

Photography: W Studios New York | Cinematography: AJ Ingoglia Films | Floral Design: Sag Harbor Florist | Wedding Dress: Mikaella Bridal | Cake: Sag Harbor Bakery | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Favors: Bedell Cellars Winery | Groom's Attire: Generation Tux | Groomsmen's Attire: Generation Tux | Venue: Bedell Cellars Winery | Bridemaids' Rings: Moon Haus | Bridesmaids' Skirts: Dessy Collection By Vivian Diamond | Bridesmaids' Tops: Fishers Finery | Catering + Design: Hamptons Aristocrat | Chalk Art: Kara | Rentals: Party Rental LTD

NYC Destination Elopement for Two UK Foodies

Katy and Phil flew all the way from the UK to get married in NYC! They wanted the urban New York City as their backdrop and just have an small intimate yet exciting destination wedding. Their families also came to support their marriage. Katy is a florist from the UK so her florals and photography were an important part of the day. Along with getting that NYC grittiness with murals and graffiti, we also were able to luck out with a 2 -day pop up ice cream shop from MILK LA that was happening in Soho, and this UK couple got to enjoy ice cream from the opposite coast! ~ Cynthia Chung Photography

Love these or what!?! See so many more in a stop-action fun for all feature on Cynthia Chung’s Blog!

From the Bride… I love the style of Valentino and the quality is amazing! When we decided on New York I wanted a city style wedding dress. It was elegant and the lace detail was the perfect classic touch. I didn’t want a typical wedding shoe, I wanted it to be a stylish feature to compliment the dress. I chose the Rockstud patent leather heels in the colour Poudre from Valentino.

My husband, Phil, regularly shops at Ted Baker in the UK and it fits him perfectly. The waistcoat has a contrasting back panel which was a lovely feature to the mid blue suit. And his shoes are also from Ted Baker, we liked how the modern brogue shoe which complimented the style of the suit and location of NYC.

We wanted a relaxed, simple wedding without the planning overshadowing the whole event. We love New York, around every corner there is something cool so it felt the right place to invite our families to spend the week. We had our small reception at PJ Clarke’s since we are keen foodies. I do my research by trying some of the best culinary delights wherever we go. We looked into some lovely private function rooms but it didn’t feel as personal. We first visited PJ Clarke’s in Washington D. C and we were told the meat was sourced from the same place as the White House and it turned out it was the best steak we had ever eaten! Therefore, for sentimental reasons and the amazing location of the Lincoln centre at night we felt Pj Clarke’s Lincoln centre was a perfect choice for our guests for a New York City feel.

Flowers are very personal to me because I’m a florist in the UK and design for retail. I looked into wholesalers but decided to enjoy our week in NYC to the max. Elan flowers had the perfect style I was looking for so we completely trusted them. I carefully chose the range of flowers I wanted including peonies, stocks, jasmine and ranunculus, olive branches and eucalyptus. I wanted to use two ribbons with neutral colouring that I had bought myself; a velvet sage green ribbon and a crochet cotton ivory ribbon for the flowers and buttonholes.

We chose our photographer because we wanted photos which were arty and captured the style of New York including graffiti murals. They were absolutely perfect and exactly how we wanted to remember our day! Unfortunately my grandma wasn’t here to share memories of our special day, therefore my mum gave me her ring to carry with me on the day. We didn’t invite our closest friends so we celebrated with them when we returned to the UK and gave them a little wedding favour of a USB with a selection of our favourite wedding photos.

Photography: Cynthia Chung Photography | Floral Design: Elan Flowers | Wedding Dress: Valentino | Ceremony: NY City Hall | Wedding Shoes: Valentino | Hair: Christy Dylo, Spoke & Weal Salon | Grooms Suit: Ted Baker London | Hotel: NOMO SOHO Hotel | Bag: Mulberry | Earrings: Alex And Ani | Grooms Shoes: Ted Baker London | Wedding Rings: Tiffany & Co.

The Most Perfect Fall Day To Say “I Do”

I have a thing for fall weddings and this romantic Brooklyn bash is exactly why. A warm October day, with the leaves just beginning to change colors… is there any setting more suited for these two cuties to say “I do”!? Cassi Claire and NST Pictures captured the autumn allure and all the sweet details of their boathouse wedding, leaving us with a gallery of goodies to explore. Happy Friday indeed!

[iframe 600 338]


From the Bride… My fiancé and I always knew we wanted to get married locally (we live in Brooklyn), and when we stumbled on the historic Prospect Park Boathouse we knew it was the perfect venue for us. We fell in love with the building – the incredible green tiled vaulted ceilings, the chevron floors, and the stunning views of the lake and surrounding park. So we kept the rest simple to let the beauty of the boathouse shine, sticking to neutral white flowers with lots of greenery to play off the ceiling, and touches of rose gold as a nod to our weddings rings (also rose gold!). And when the day came, it was more incredible than I could have imagined – it was 78 degrees in October, the leaves had just starting changing, and we were married by my best friend right on lake, in front of our closest family and friends. It was the perfect beginning to a wonderful life with my new husband – I’ve never felt luckier.



Photography: Cassi Claire | Videography: NST Pictures | Event Planning: By Amanda Event Studio | Floral Design: Ashley Drago | Wedding Dress: Made With Love Bridal | Cake: Momofuku Milk Bar | Cake: Junior's | Bride's Shoes: Raye | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Catering: Bon Soir Caterers | Make Up: Gab Reyes | Hair: Emily Carcaramo | DJ: Jay McElfresh | Groom's Attire: Indochino | Groomsmen's Attire: The Black Tux | Venue: Prospect Park Boathouse

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Colorful Balloons, Dancing + Endless Love: This Is The Best!

How amazing, fun and fabulous is this wedding!? I’m at a loss for words to describe the joy that radiates from Cynthia Chung’s photos of this NYC celebration. Two families came together when Jess and Arc said “I do” and the result? Dancing, super personalized details, and endless amounts of love and laughter… evident in every one of these pics in our gallery! Dive in right this way!


From Cynthia Chung PhotographyEverything about this wedding was amazing! I loved how the families of both the bride and groom – two completely different cultures – were able to fuse together and throw one hell of a dance party! Jess and Arc are two people that love having a great time and bringing their communities together and it was SO very apparent throughout the entire wedding! Dance seemed to be a very special bond between the two, and my highlights of the day was when they spent some time dancing to the music of a street acapella group in the West Village, and when Arc (the groom)’s mother decided to initiate Jess into the ‘family’ with their special family traditional dance… It was AWESOME to see. Everyone had a great time that night, old and young!!

From the Bride… We wanted somewhere convenient where our family and friends could all gather to celebrate the journey the two of us have been on and were willing to commit to for the rest of our lives. After dating for seven years, we weren’t looking to make a huge fuss and didn’t really have much of a vision, which quickly led us to selecting a restaurant as a location. We had also been to over 12 weddings in 2016 and knew we wanted to personalize everything as much as possible as it wouldn’t be so “Insert Bride + Groom here”. From our hand-drawn portraits to the Brazilian bom boms (my favorite dessert) – we tried to infuse the wedding with “us”. I think the most sentimental thing about the whole day was the people who were there to share in our memory with us… And of course the groom :) Everything else could easily have been replaced or removed and I would have been equally as happy!



Photography: Cynthia Chung Photography | Floral Design: DESIGNS BY AHN | Wedding Dress: Amsale | Bride's Shoes: Steve Madden | DJ: Scratch Weddings | Groom's Suit: Enzo Custom | Hotel: Conrad New York City | Wedding Venue: City Winery | Groom's Watch: Tiffany & Co. | Illustration: Jessica Nam | Wedding Rings: Knoblach Jewlery

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Saturday Morning Movie: Creative + Personalized Fall Brooklyn Wedding

What do I have to do to get in on this tribe? The friends of this Bride and Groom came together to create an uber creative and personalized wedding, taking care of everything from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the ceremony music. But when it came time to capture the magic live, this couple chose wisely and had NST Pictures film their special day. And one viewing of their highlight film right here and it’s evident that they made the right choice. Don’t you agree!?

[iframe 600 338]


From the Bride… We have a very talented group of friends, so rather than hiring vendors, many of the people who made our day a reality were friend vendors “friendors” which made the day so personal and intimate. Our wedding signage and day-of coordination were completely done by friends. Two of our friends who are amazing musicians sang for our wedding ceremony, and our wedding band was comprised of friends as well. One of my bridesmaids went to college with me at FIT. She now works in fashion design and so graciously designed and custom created my nine mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses and stood by me as a bridesmaid on her birthday. Another bridesmaid did an amazing job on my hair and makeup while the rest of the bridesmaids did their own. I am so thankful for these amazing friends who came together to help make this day so perfect!

Our photographer is a good friend, and as a huge photo person, I originally thought those would be my priority and that the video would be secondary so I was so conflicted about having a wedding video. Nonetheless, I still wanted to get a trailer film made to look back on our day and discovered NST Pictures. The moment we received our trailer, it was like the day came rushing back. Obviously, pictures will bring back memories but NST did such a beautiful job editing and making the day come to life in those five minutes of captured moments. When we watch the video, it pours out the whole spirit and heart behind that day all over again. When it comes to picking a videographer, I would definitely say don’t skimp out or settle. You need to find someone who understands your vision and who will understand how you want to remember this day forever. Mariano and I knew for a fact we did not want a cookie-cutter video. We wanted something different that was more of a cinematic experience that told a story, and NST did such a great job at capturing us as a couple in those few moments!

We love warehouses and industrial spaces so we knew right away Brooklyn was where it would all take place. We like the raw and urban look of brick walls, metal beams, and open spaces. So when we walked into 26 Bridge for the first time, we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for. When it comes to colors, we are pretty minimalistic. We wanted to keep everything very earthy and neutral with small pops of color to tie in the fall season. I wanted our decor to revolve around more foliage than florals so we decided to incorporate a lot of greens into the bouquets, as well as, half-size eucalyptus garlands on our dinner tables – wooden farm tables to tie into the earthy tones – decorated with mix-and-match glass bottles which we collected (the bottles were actually our favorite sparkling water and cold brew coffees which we felt added a little quirk and personality to centerpieces!). The little flowers that we did have were white, blush, and nude mixed with the green foliage and I also had hanging burgundy pieces to match my wine-colored velvet heels that complemented my custom dress by Sarah Seven (Mariano wore an H&M suit with Saint Laurent shoes – the ultimate high/low combination!). My crown was actually my mom’s from her wedding – it was the perfect something borrowed that completed my look that day.

We are now blogging about married life on As high school sweethearts, we ended up getting married at the age of 23 and moving in together after the wedding which is not a scenario you hear about as often nowadays! We like to blog about what married life has been like and share our experience as two young people chasing our dreams as husband and wife!



Photography: Michael Tabuzo | Cinematography: NST Pictures | Floral Design: The Rosewood Girl | Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven | Cake: Dulce de Leche Bakery | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Dayra Galarza | Catering: Creative Foods Caterings | Band: Brian Beckford | Groom's Suit: H&M | Ceremony Music: Gabriella Chavez + Charlie Sztyk | Wedding Venue: 26 Bridge | Day-Of Coordination: Angelena Hreczny | Groom's Shoes: Saint Laurent | Hair + Makeup Artist: Courtney Androsiglio | Wedding Signage: Sabrina La Salle

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An Island Wedding Filled With Florals, Family + Fun

An island owned by the Groom’s family. The Bride and her merry maids arriving by boat. Hot pink florals galore. Oh, and an adorable pup. If these aren’t the makings of one magical wedding weekend, I don’t know what is. Erika Parker captured all the fun and festivities and this gallery is guaranteed to save you from any mid-week slump. Head right this way for never-ending smiles and sweetness!


From the Bride… In the early 1900’s Rob Roy was built and sat empty for 12 years. It came fully equipped with boats, a full staff, dishes and Stickley furniture to suit the home’s aesthetic. But because of the economy, no one was interested at the time. Eventually, an ad was run in a NY newspaper and Jonathan’s great grandpa saw it and made a trip to see the island, and bought it. At this time, the Thousand Islands and the Hamptons were gaining popularity as the summer playgrounds for New Yorkers, with fishing, boating, picnicking and entertaining as the main pleasures.

Jonathan’s grandma Beverly Wood told me the story of seeing Owatonna for the first time: newly married with two small toddlers, her and her husband were vacationing on Rob Roy with the many other family members who shared the island, when they caught wind of the neighboring island “Owatonna” going on the market for sale. They immediately requested a showing, and over whiskey, made an offer of $12,000 for the island and home, sharing it with another couple who also dreamed of spending summer days watching sunsets and great blue herons from the giant wrap around porch, gardening, and teaching young kids how to sail and man large wooden boats on the St Lawrence River. This was 1965, and it has been in the family ever since. Jonathan has many memories of growing up here, summering in an idilic unknown world and has always found great joy in sharing the surprise of such a majestic location with others. We were so happy to have the privilege of sharing the 1000 Islands with our closest friends and family for a weekend of fun, flowers, food, stories, boats, and the promise of our commitment to one another for our lifetimes.



Photography: Erika Parker Photography | Event Planning: Sarah Campo, Soiree NNY | Floral Design: Grown on island by the bride, and over 3000 blooms brought in by boat | Wedding Dress: BHLDN | Stationery: Shannon Roos (Bride) | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Rent The Runway | Catering: Marianne Wood, Margie Donaldson, Dan Roos | Calligraphy: Clare Roos | Groom's Attire: Angelo Rossi Tuxedo | Officiant: Pastor Sherwin Kwon | Boat Captains: Andrew Wood and Chris Wood | Boutonnieres: Kristyna Hulland | Calligraphy on Stone Markers: Amber Moore | Floral Curtain: Jessie Emery | Reception Attire: BHLDN

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Your Guidebook to a Chic Holiday Elopement

Calling all winter brides-to-be! This holiday elopement editorial at the New York Public Library, designed by Bespoke Only, is #goals. It’s at once minimalist and festive, exactly what you’d expect of a chic NYC couple, and don’t even get us started on the fashion. Two words: Red. Velvet. We’ll go ahead and let you discover that goodness all on your own as you scroll through Sally Pinera’s images.

From Sally PineraNYC lovers honor their elopement with a celebratory saxophone stroll through the city after sharing vows at the New York City Public Library. This editorial celebrates stylish elopements made to highlight a unique and urban, classy couple. Design by Bespoke Only and gorgeous Marchesa and Johanna Ortiz gowns – this voguish celebration is a true statement!



Photography: Sally Pinera | Event Design: Bespoke Only | Floral Design: Bespoke Only | Wedding Dress: Marchesa | Shoes: Johanna Ortiz | Makeup: Stacie Ford Weddings | Hair: Olivia Halpin Hair | Venue: New York Public Library | Bridal Boutique: Gabriella New York Bridal Salon | Red Gown: Johanna Ortiz

Indian Summer Days Are Officially the Best for Engagement Sessions

When first seeing the gorgeousness that is Pauline and Tim’s engagement session, I immediately thought, “I want to be best friends with them.” And as soon as you see it for yourself, you’ll be thinking the same thing, too. Their energy is so full of love and joy, and it radiates in every single photo. Add to that the gorgeous seaside backdrop and glow on this Indian Summer day captured by Audra Wrisely Photography, and you’ve got the stuff e-session dreams are made of.

From Audra Wrisley PhotographyPauline and Tim hoped to capture their sweet relationship in a way that felt uniquely them – outdoors in a beautiful setting, dancing around together in happiness! We were so thrilled to capture their session, and we found a deserted beach area on Long Island that made the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. We had an “Indian Summer” day for their shoot, and we loved capturing this couple in the afternoon glow of the setting sun. Pauline’s incredible Alex Veil gown had the most amazing detailing, echoing organic sea coral, and an effortless flow that caught the ocean breeze at every turn. Her gorgeous floral crown was crafted by Ava Florals and was such a beautiful complement to the white and blue tones they chose for wardrobe.



Photography: Audra Wrisley Photography | Floral Design: Ava Floral | Dress: Alex Veil | Hair + Makeup: Ombre By E.J. Makeup Studio