New York Wedding Film at The Metropolitan Building
August 22, 2014
Tri State
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I've heard my fair share of love stories, but when they start with a chance meeting at age 11, you know it's something special. Fast forward years later to a Central Park proposal and what follows is a classic New York wedding planned by DM Events that'll make you stop and swoon. Press play on the film from Unique Visions Studios and get started!
From The Bride & Groom...We met in a double-wide trailer classroom when we were eleven years old. Basically, we owe East Cobb Middle School's horrible planning a big 'thank you' for bringing us together.

Before you say, "awww" - we didn't know we were completely head over heels in love with each other until we both found ourselves in New York City. In fact, we were not even friends in high school and rarely saw each other outside of class. However, any acquaintance is a friend when you move to big bad New York, so I (Blair) got back in touch with Ron when I was looking for a place to live in the city. Ron sweetly offered to show me around town, but busy schedules kept it from happening. Finally, three months after my move to NYC, I took him up on his offer. Our connection was instant & it was clear I had either met my best friend or my soul mate. Turned out to be both! After running around town together for two straight nights, we decided to take our new friendship on a date. In particular, we went on a picnic in Central Park.

We went on a picnic for our first date in Central Park. Yes, it was awesome. I even turned down free tickets to a Yankee's game to hang out with my new crush. Fast forward five years, to Ron's 29th birthday. Since it fell on a Monday, we decided to keep it low key and re-do our picnic in the park. OBVIOUSLY, you can see where this is going. The thing is - I DIDN'T! Sunday night before his birthday, I couldn't sleep. It was just one of those crazy nights where sleep doesn't happen. Unfortunately for me, Ron woke up at 8:30 ready to go! He shot out of bed (very unlike him) and begged me to just get ready so we could go to the park. I kindly reminded him that you don't picnic before 11AM, but he couldn't calm down. So, FINE. Who am I to ruin a birthday? I got in the shower and slowly got dressed trying to slow down this train. While I showered, he packed our picnic and slipped the ring into the picnic bag. Lucky for him, I didn't question his work and just allowed him to pack as he pleased! As Ron will tell you, I'm not very good at letting anyone plan anything, so this was quite out of the ordinary. I must have been exhausted. Of course I said "yes" and the rest is history!
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