Old-Timey Romance in Long Island City
May 28, 2014
Tri State
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This couple's love story: 4 am shift change in Manhattan, waiting to hail a cab, meeting a perfect stranger in the lamplight — so romantic! With the help of Roey Mizrahi Events, they did a stellar job incorporating that same capricious whimsy into their wedding day. (Note the dress!) Gabriel Mellan was there to capture some stunning images from the enchanting event. You're probably going to need tissues for the video, too.
From the Bride... I first met Bradley at 4am on the desolate streets of Manhattan trying to get a cab. If you're a regular Manhattanite then you know about shift change. That's the one hour where it's nearly impossible to find an open cab. After the perfect meeting, 6 months of long distance east to west coast dating, and one year of living in the same state Bradley proposed to me in Sardegna, Italy.

Right away we knew exactly what we wanted out of a wedding, top hats and moustaches. First it needed to be in the city of blinding lights (especially since we met there). Second we wanted it to feel enchanted and old-timey. Thirdly we wanted to feel like it would never end for that unforgettable experience. Bradley and I are romantics and we love the style of the early 1900's.

The big day was Sunday September 4th. We choose the 2nd floor of the Metropolitan building to host our wedding. The room itself fit perfectly in with our 1900's romantic aesthetic. We choose to do the flower arrangements ourselves. Even though it was stressful, with the amazing help of friends and family it all came together flawlessly. My mother-in-law helped me find old milk glass vases on ebay to house the arrangements. I wanted every table to look completely different and not have one centerpiece, but instead let it be made up with myriad vases and candlesticks.

Bradley and I are huge JJ Abrams fans and we wanted to find a fun way to work JJ's theory of mystery boxes into our wedding. We created a mystery box that we placed on everyone's table. Inside was a disposable camera attached to an I-spy game. We put things like,"I-spy a drunken aunt getting her groove on the dance floor" in the game. It turned picture taking into a fun activity four our guests but we also got the type of pictures we were hoping for as well!

For the dessert bar we hired Nine Cakes to design our dessert buffet. We went for an enchanted forest theme cutting tree bark into cake platters and serving delicate treats on it. We also designed an old-timey photobooth run by Wet Paint with props like hand-made wooden moustaches, quote bubbles and top hats. My dress was just about my favorite part of the whole wedding process. I found a dress I loved but I didn't like the color and certain things about it so I took my idea to Esin of Sew Elegant where she personally made me my wedding gown from top to bottom in the exact fabric and color of my choice. She was my fairy godmother!! My husband also had his tux personally designed by AieVee to fit the early 1900's theme. With impeccable planning by Roey Mizrahi our wedding went off without a hitch and it was one truly unforgettable experience.

Side-note: Two days before the enchanted wedding of our dreams Clarissa's grandmother Teruko Shull passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. She was a mother to Clarissa and even though her passing was bittersweet it was the hardest thing we went through. Our wedding was dedicated to her amazing soul and without her we will never be the same but because of her we will grow much stronger. 

From Roey Mizrahi... Clarissa and Brad were referred to me by a common friend of ours (one of the bridesmaids). Upon our first meeting there was already an instant connection and understanding which as both a planner and a bride and groom you'd like to feel. I could already envision the type of wedding they wanted and the type of unforgettable celebration they had already begun creating. They were both so hands-on in the entire process and every detail and decision had a purpose. The wedding showcased perfectly how unique and creative they are. They were absolutely inspiring to work with and I am touched every time I look at the photos or watch the video and am reminded of the time spent working with them to execute the wedding of their dreams.