Step Inside a Fresh and Classic Tulsa Home
November 14, 2018
United States
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If you love fresh, fun fabrics, chinoiserie and the prettiest wallpaper ever, then you are in luck! Emily Davis Interiors designed a classic home in Tulsa that's all at once gorgeous, on trend and totally kid-friendly. <--- That is a magic combo.Take the full tour captured by Kacey Gilpin below!
Under the direction of Emily Davis Interiors, this south Tulsa Home was transformed from a dark and dated 1990s build into a fresh, classic home for a young family.
From Emily...What initially drew the homeowners to this house was the family feel of the neighborhood. It was perfect to begin with. The house itself, however, needed a bit more work.
The bones of this space were entirely classic, which suited the couple’s tastes perfectly. It just needed some stripping back of the dark color choices and varied flooring that had remained since the home was built. Luckily, these clients had great vision!
The goal was to create a beautiful, but livable, home for this family with 2 young children. Everyone who enters the space comments on the calm vibe of the home- it just feels good to spend time in!
For durability, performance fabrics and commercial grade carpets were used everywhere possible. But that definitely doesn’t mean sacrifices were made when it comes to style.
The homeowners were able to get their favorite, higher end patterns in the space by using wallpaper and throw pillows. They also splurged on light fixtures, which are less likely to be damaged by little hands than upholstery is.
The homeowners are thrilled with the final results, as am I! The most rewarding part of my job is helping to create a backdrop for where families do life together. And it’s even more rewarding when the backdrop is this beautiful!
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