Tips and Tricks for Wallpapering Like a Pro-ish
October 24, 2018
I have been chomping at the bit for this One Room Challenge update. It is WALLPAPER installation update time... woo hoo. And when I tell you that this paper completely and totally transformed my yellow dining room, that doesn't even do this magic justice. It is sooooo good! My mom and I decided to tackle installing ourselves and if I am being honest, I was completely terrified. BUT, we gathered our tools, watched endless amounts of youtube tutorials, loaded our podcast cue, made sure rosé was chilling in the fridge and got to work. Two full days later, we had ourselves one crazy good looking room. Here's our must-have tools and a few tricks we learned along the way.
I fell in love with the Vern Yip Collection wallpaper from Trend Fabrics. The pattern is 30002W in color: Medium Blue 03 and the ikat pattern fits right in with my cool coastal dining room vibes. What I didn't know before but am sooo thankful now is that the pattern is also incredibly forgiving and easy to match if you're a wallpaper installing novice like myself. Thank you wallpaper gods!

The Wallpaper Tools I Swear By

1. Seam Roller | 2. 23" Steel Straight Edge (for cutting edges) | 3. Smoothing Brush | 4. Drop Cloth | 5. Lots and Lots of Towels | 6. Seam Glue | 7. Wallpaper Spray Bottle ( to wet wallpaper and activate glue. can also use a water trough but this was a little less messy for us) | 8. Wallpaper Smoother and Straight Edge | 9. Utility Knife (be sure to buy a knife with an easy snap off blade so you can switch out quickly. We made the mistake of using different knives that required a screwdriver to switch out and it definitely slowed down the process) | 10. 4ft Level for plumb lines | 11. Smoothing Liner - if your walls are textured at all, this wallpaper liner will make for totally smooth wallpaper. It even works with paneling! | 12. Canvas Tool Belt - I laughed when my mom handed me my very own tool belt but let me say, that thing was a life saver! There's so many little tools you need along the way, that having them all in a tool belt is super convenient. | Also helpful - stools for reaching high spots, a measuring tape, sharp scissors, a bucket for water, a pencil and a large table or work surface.

Tips and Tricks I Learned Along the Way

  • A bucket of water, wet rags and spray bottles are key - keep that paper wet at all times

  • Switch your blades every 2 or 3 cuts - this is uber important for clean cuts and will help avoid tearing or jagged edges

  • When you are done putting up a piece, follow with seam glue and a mini roller to really make sure those seams are flat and secure

  • If you get an air bubble that won't smooth out, make a small prick with your utility knife and follow with the smoothing brush

  • Start in an inconspicuous area and plan out where you are going to end - and ultimately have to match the pattern.  We were so stinkin lucky that we ended up having a meet-up over our french doors where only 2" of wallpaper show so matching or fudging a match was crazy easy. If you can make that happen, your life will be way easier

  • Plumb lines, plumb lines - follow those plumb lines. Our little cape cottage is incredibly wonky making pattern matching an interesting task! Plumb lines definitely helped to keep us on track

  • Know that it is probably going to take double the time that you allotted. Plan accordingly and have celebratory cocktails on hand when you are FINALLY finished.

We are soooo close to the end and the fun part, a.k.a. adding in all the pretty layers is here. Next week, I'll give you a peek at all the fun accessories I am adding to really cozy up this space, like that corner of Couristan jute herringbone rug from Hayneedle in the last picture. Now excuse me while I go stare at those gorgeous ikat walls of mine. If you missed it, read my previous One Room Challenge updates Week 1 ,Week 2 and Week 3.

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