Turning an Outdated 80's Home Into a Little Slice of Heaven
September 24, 2018
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At first glance, you would never guess that Valerie Wheeler's home used to consist of popcorn ceilings, dark as can be interiors and a mishmash of different flooring. Fast forward to today and it's all sparkling white kitchen and more than one awesome wallpaper moment. There's even leopard print stairs(!!!) Step inside this stunning space captured by Krista Jones with even more tucked away in the gallery! Psst..shop Valerie's entire house right here.
This house was never meant to be a fixer upper, but when my love for interior design became a full blown obsession, this home became my first project.
My husband and I renovated the entire first floor while I was in my last semester of design school. There was no better way to just go for it, other than testing my skills on my own home first!
The rooms were dark and dated with six different types of flooring. But that pales in comparison to all the popcorn ceilings and red brick fireplace straight out of the 80's. Our so called kitchen renovation, quickly turned into a first floor flip. We took down walls, widened doorways and painted everything white to make the entire space feel bigger and brighter.
Knowing that this house was not going to be our forever home, I had to be very mindful of sticking to a budget. Pairing certain features like high end lighting and honed marble with more affordable cabinets and appliances gave our house that glam factor without breaking the bank!
I wanted our home to be pretty yet approachable, while staying true to my style. Selecting furniture that could actually hold up to life's everyday messes was huge. Yes, there are stains on my sofa and watermarks on my counters but that just shows that we actually live here.
With three kids and two businesses our lives can get pretty chaotic fast. Being able to come home to a bright, happy space really does something good for the soul. As we prepare to move into our next fixer upper, I will forever think of this house as our young, fun house.
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