Pizza Was the Guest of Honor at This Birthday Bash
September 19, 2018
First BirthdayPartyKids
First birthdays are a thing to be celebrated and so to is pizza. Combining the best ever food group with an Italian themed birthday, But First, Party! crafted the best shindig to celebrate numero uno. There's red gingham, a strong balloon game by Bonjour Fete, color palette approved florals by Earth Baby Flowers and the cutest ever leading man. What more could you want? Perhaps gelato? Yep, it has that too. See the full celebration captured by Tiffany Amber right here!
When Lincoln's parents, who adore the Sicilian coast, approached us about creating a 'Numero Uno' first birthday we couldn't help but shout, "That's Amore!" His mom, Laura, knew that she wanted to reference everything their family loves about Italy, including lots of pizza, but to do so without all the cheese. Well, cheese on the pizza, but no cheesy decor!
So, we centered our designs around Italian landmarks, incorporating them into the invitations and the cityscape cake, and subtle hints of classic Italia like the red gingham found throughout the party in the ribbon tied to favors, on the plates and with the bistro table moment.
The Vespa was another iconic Italian nod, that floated over the dessert table and sat atop the cake. The food was the star of the show here, Heirloom LA really brought the taste of Italy to Los Angeles with their gorgeous crostini stations, piled high with Italian meats and cheeses, as well as their bruschetta platters, grilled flatbreads, and tomato risotto.
But the real crowdpleaser was their signature lasagna cupcakes, they even made mac-and-cheese versions for the kiddos. Speaking of the kiddos, they couldn't get enough of the spaghetti and meatball cupcakes from Sweet and Saucy or the many flavors of gelato they had to choose from at Monaco Gelato's little cart! Ciao!
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