A Dark Unused Office Transformed Into a Bright, Colorful Space
August 15, 2018
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Having an extra all-purpose room in a home is sooo nice. Especially when you've got kiddos (big or small!). That's exactly what this stunning space, designed by Lindsey Brooke, serves as. Think: homework room, movie room, game room, and a place the kids can go to escape... genius! The best part—not only does it have the functionality factor, it's beautiful to boot. See every bit captured by Amy Bartlam, right here!
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From Lindsey Brooke Design... We turned a dark unused office, into a bright, colorful teenage hangout space the whole family can enjoy. Since the family loves the ocean (and lives so close), we used that as our inspiration and starting point. We pulled in lots of blues, warm blushes and whites and then mixed texture in the rug and other textiles. We really needed to make sure this space was comfortable and designed for two coed siblings. Since the room is small we started with a modular sofa that can be shifted in many different ways and designed the rest of the space around it. This space has been used as a homework room, movie room, game room, and a place the kids can go to escape. Blending in functionality with design was key here and we were able to accomplish that!