5 Things You Should Always Have on Hand Before Guests Arrive
August 9, 2018
We've talked about how to style your guest bedroom before, but making sure your guests have everything they need, is just as important. From extra toothbrushes to a glass of water before they turn in, make sure you check off this list before your visitors arrive!

Extra Toiletries

We've all done it. Forgotten our toothbrush! It's especially embarrassing when you're a guest in a home versus a hotel. Uhh, do you have an extra toothbrush I can use? Don't make your guests ask you that. Have a few extra toothbrushes and convenient toiletries like soap, tooth paste, mouthwash, q-tips, shampoo and conditioner, etc. in plain sight.

Fresh Towels

This is a no-brainer but absolutely something you should never forget to leave our for your house guests! Include wash cloths as well. I know people who don't use them but I personally do every single day to wash my face. Have them there for your guests to use if they wish.

Extra Blankets + Pillows

Being away from home in and of itself can disturb a good night's sleep. Make sure your guests have extra blankets and pillows so they don't get chilly or stiff necks. For pillows, make sure to have a medium fill, nothing too soft or too fluffy, to accommodate all types of guests.

Hair Dryer

I always like to keep an extra hair dryer in our guest bath. An inexpensive travel-size one is a great and does the trick, so guests don't have to pack theirs along! Let them know you've got one in advance so they don't have to bring theirs if they'd don't want to.

A Glass of Water

Don't make your guests sneak to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a glass of water. Offer them one before bed, or have bottled water already stocked up on their nightstand. It's the little details that they'll so appreciate!